TJ_on_WilyNot impressed with systemd - it replace cryptsetup scripts but refuses to use the crypttab keyscript= parameter - meaning any volume requiring unlocking via  script and usually some key-file device, is now broken00:56
lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:45
daftykinsyou had me check the clock then01:45
daftykins"surely it's not that bad!"01:45
lotuspsychjedaftykins: im very early thats why01:46
TJ_on_WilyYikes! it's late01:46
lotuspsychje3h46 here01:46
daftykinsTJ_on_Wily: i hope you fed the dogs!01:46
daftykinselse they'll be the ones getting Wily ;)01:46
* lotuspsychje hides the meat01:47
* TJ_on_Wily rolls eyes01:49
TJ_on_WilyI wonder who actually came up with the release codename that didn't know it is spelt "Wiley"01:50
ubot5Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+101:51
lotuspsychjei hope they choose more wisely on LTS01:52
lotuspsychjea more stable codename :p01:52
TJ_on_WilyLet's hope  16.04 LTS is a improved over all the regressions in 15.1001:52
daftykinsX will be quite funky indeed01:52
TJ_on_WilyI'm quite annoyed right now; systemd-cryptsetup broke keyscripts since 2011, someone eventually proposed patches to fix it, Poettering refused them and wants a massive generic framework building.01:57
TJ_on_WilyWe need a rule, enforced by firing squad, that if you replace existing functionality with something new, to be accepted into a distro it *must* implement all existing functionality first01:58
TJ_on_WilyI've hit similar serious regressions in Bluetooth Bluez 5.3 ... it can't pair devices using PIN codes, it can't do headset profiles (functionality ripped out that was in Bluez 4.x)01:59
lotuspsychje!info bluez willy02:00
ubot5'willy' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed02:00
lotuspsychje!info bluez02:00
ubot5bluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.101-0ubuntu25 (vivid), package size 625 kB, installed size 2647 kB02:00
TJ_on_Wily!info bluez wily02:00
ubot5bluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.101-0ubuntu25 (wily), package size 625 kB, installed size 2647 kB02:00
TJ_on_WilyThat's wrong!02:00
TJ_on_Wilyapt-cache policy bluez ==> bluez:  Installed: 5.33-0ubuntu402:00
TJ_on_Wilythe bot's mostly useless these days02:01
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: morning :p02:01
OerHeks4 am02:01
lotuspsychjeor still awake?02:01
OerHeks3 dogs on the couch with one eye open02:02
lotuspsychjejust tested out pypar2 and nice lil tool :p02:10
lotuspsychje!info pypar202:10
ubot5pypar2 (source: pypar2): graphical frontend for the par2 utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4-7 (vivid), package size 37 kB, installed size 288 kB02:10
TJ_on_WilyDo you ever wonder how it is so many clients join #ubuntu but only about 1% speak?02:33
daftykinsyeah :S02:34
daftykinschampion idlers02:34
pauljwjudging by what that 1% say, it's best that the rest keep quiet...02:35
pauljwmyself, i learn alot by listening02:36
daftykinsyeah i picked up a fair chunk, hell i don't even use desktop ubuntu and yet solve peoples graphics issues02:41
TJ_on_WilyBut do those silent clients actually have users looking at the channel?02:41
daftykinsmaybe they're all Microsoft employees ;)02:42
pauljwthat's a good question TJ_on_Wily02:42
pauljwi admire you guys, you do a great job and have waaaay more patience than i do02:43
TJ_on_Wilyhope Ops are watching "~root@ec2-54-152-74-3.compute-1.amazonaws.com"02:48
lordievaderGood morning.05:45
lotuspsychjeTJ_on_Wily: good day sir12:53
lotuspsychje_grrr hexchat lags13:01
ubot5For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:04
* daftykins climbs off Bashing-om's toes19:39
lotuspsychjeso far for the serious quality ubuntu discussions...19:39
lotuspsychjedaftykins joined tha house :p19:39
* OerHeks bites daftykins bicycle tyres19:39
Bashing-omdaftykins: Don;t hurt a bit for you to stand on my toes, sometimes I need all the help I can get .19:40
daftykins:) nah you're doing just fine!19:40
daftykinsOerHeks: hey i need those for my trip this coming weekend :D19:40
daftykinsyou lot will have to put up with me being gone for a week or so :P19:41
OerHeksYes, we all are going offline because of you.19:41
lotuspsychjeboycot irc!19:41
OerHekseven when Ubuntu wants to pay us per Q, we won't ..19:42
daftykinsi think if we did i'd be deducted every time i'm grumpy and so earn nothing ;)19:42
lotuspsychjeif you have nothing, you cant loose nothing19:43
OerHeksmaybe, or it is JanC's fault.19:43
lotuspsychjelets blame it all on him19:43
daftykinssounds like a plan19:43
daftykinslast one in, first out ;)19:43
OerHeksthen wileee, then Bashing-om ... then you, lotuspsychje ;-D19:44
lotuspsychjeyou cant beat me with a stick im staying!19:45
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: you scared JanC_ away19:45
daftykinsor perhaps the hatred of a thousand help seekers vanquished him/her19:47
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
lotuspsychjewho needs a kick :p19:49
* lotuspsychje slaps JanC with a ping timeout19:50
daftykins#ubuntu-ops-bullying gets started19:51
Bashing-omdaftykins: Help ! As " lspci' does not tell us the Nvidia chip set ( ralph4100_ ), what other means is there to make sure of what driver should be installed ? Faster than reading th log file .19:57
TJ-"lspci -nn" gives the PCI Vendor:Product ID the driver matches to19:58
daftykinsBashing-om: oh yeah didn't spot the output didn't even know the name for it - i guess we were lucky this guy knew what he had19:58
daftykinsnot used to lspci being so vague, i wonder if that's a hint at being an older kernel for the card19:59
Bashing-omdaftykins: I was real perturbed not to get the info I expected, and began scrambling to find an alternate . I have to assume the GEforce 750TI - sure would be nice to have confirmation. Assuming has bit me bad more than once.20:01
lotuspsychjedoes that 750ti not need that edgers ppa?20:02
daftykinsnot for a while no20:02
daftykinstrusty has 346 now20:02
lotuspsychjeah cool20:02
daftykinswell the 750 Ti is maxwell version 1 as well as the Titan X, so it's a similar generation20:02
lotuspsychjeive seen the nvidia binary page has improved for ubuntu20:02
daftykinsi think they're both maxwell 1 anyway, definitely both maxwell20:02
daftykinslol at the wording on there20:04
daftykinsBashing-om: mmm i never caught which ubuntu that user was on20:05
lordievaderDid the Fgrlx driver under 4.x kernels break in Ubuntu land? Does anyone know?20:05
daftykinshrmm does anything even use a 4.x yet? or is that just with mainlines?20:06
lordievaderFor background: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=54811820:07
ubot5bugs.gentoo.org bug 548118 in Unspecified "x11-drivers/ati-drivers-15.1 fails to build with kernel 4.0.0 - kcl_str.o failed" [Normal,Confirmed]20:07
lordievaderThere seems to be some licensing issue.20:07
lordievaderWily uses 4.1.20:07
lotuspsychjenite nite all20:08
daftykinsi'm sure they'll sort themselves out after release20:08
daftykinslotuspsychje: o/20:08
daftykinsaww lotus is out of date! trusty .2 :)20:08
TJ-Bashing-om, Is that for ralph4100's device (10de:17c2) ?20:09
TJ-Usually the pciids file will tell you, as in: grep "[[:space:]]17c2" /usr/share/misc/pci.ids ===>     17c2  GM200 [GeForce GTX TITAN X]20:09
daftykinsmmm, GM confirms M for Maxwell20:10
daftykinswhilst you'd get GK for the prior generation, Kepler20:10
Bashing-omTJ-: Afirmed. And yeah I do have to learn to read the PCI id .. Researchimg now from your advise.20:11
daftykinshmm handy file that one indeed!20:13
TJ-That's what lspci uses20:20
TJ-You can update even older systems with the latest entries with "sudo update-pciids"20:20
daftykinsso since that users pastebin didn't show it, it must've been an outdated file20:21
daftykinsah neat :D20:21
TJ-Yes, older kernel/pciutils releases and newer hardware need that updating (its just a download)20:21
daftykinsthis capitanooo is a handful already20:22
guntbertdaftykins: +120:22
Bashing-omTJ-: daftykins  !! As I live and learn . seems that Ralph's card would be real happy with 355 version driver . - http://www.geforce.com/drivers . To match the GPU/driver .20:25
daftykinsBashing-om: yep, 346 should be ok too? hmm actually the Titan X is the second one isn't it, must be Maxwell 220:26
daftykinsTitan, Titan X, think there's a Titan Z too20:26
Bashing-omdaftykins: Yeah the 346 "should" work . Nvidia do suggest the 355 version .20:27
daftykinsmmm just usual 'stick to the latest' though i guess20:27
daftykinswell, that guy never came back :D20:27
Bashing-omdaftykins: When YOU are good he is good .20:28
daftykinsgo team!20:29
Bashing-omdaftykins: "The latest" I often think of as "testing" see if it works or breaks !20:30
daftykinsindeed :)20:31
daftykinsdear customer, please test this for us20:31
Bashing-omexactly :) . Back in the day I used customers many times to troubleshoot a networking issue . Made my job so much easier, and they may not even know the difference.20:34
daftykinsTJ-: 8 and 10 (Windows) can grab everything required from windows update now, so a default install is impressively functional out of the box :)20:58
TJ-Yes, but those drivers still have to be provided by the chipset manufacturers, they aren't written by Microsoft - MS are just distributing the WHQL apprpved drivers to make finding them easier/safer now20:59
TJ-The Ms drivers are generic ones for things like AHCI, USB functions and the common x86 hardware. MS don't write wifi chipset drivers for example21:00
daftykinsyip, but it does mean the old model of needing to find and install everything isn't accurate21:00
TJ-It is. Try installing Windows offline from a DVD and getting the drivers installed without networking ... if the networking drivers are needed to make the connection you're screwed21:01
daftykinsit's not far off how ubuntu is for most folk :)21:01
daftykinsbut given the hardware support in the newer releases is better, it's less likely you'll have non working connectivity out of the box21:02
TJ-Yeah, caused by companies like Broadcom not allowing redistribution of their firmware.21:12
daftykinswhat's Realtek's excuse? same deal?21:24
TJ-Realtek are like Broadcom but in another respect; they refuse to provide the technical documentation required to write a comprehensive driver for many chipsets, meaning what we do get is re-implemented from their out-of-tree driver releases, and by reverse-engineering the Windows drivers21:28
daftykinsah so they're distributed but just work really badly21:29
TJ-I've always thought it seems like these companies really don't want to sell anything. Take the RasPi example with Broadcom. Originally they kept the bootloader code proprietary since its in the GPU code, but after the RasPi did so well they finally relented and opened up the code for that, even though the chipset is a really old one anyhow21:29
TJ-I usually picture the realtek drivers as written by press-ganged goblins in caves given about a week per driver :)21:29
* TJ- wonders if EriC^^ brought him a much-needed coffee :)21:39
* EriC^^ gives TJ- a coffee21:40
* TJ- slurps noisily21:40
daftykinsooh that's a good plan21:43
daftykinsi may go throw one on, but that might burn so i'll prepare it instead21:44

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