Na3iLo/ volkovmqx00:48
Na3iLhows you!00:48
volkovmqxAwesome you ?00:49
Na3iLNothing much just bored x)00:49
Na3iLYou always here? I think your nickname is more familiar for me!00:50
volkovmqxyeah, just made the auto login for this channel a couple of days ago00:53
Na3iLCool :D00:54
Na3iLvolkovmqx, you don't think that you should hide your ip by applying a cloak?! You know for security purposes .. Showing your ip it's a really bad idea01:00
Na3iLHackers are EVERYWHERE xD01:00
volkovmqxhmm, right.01:00
volkovmqxi changed from xchat to pidgin week ago, so, yeah, need to handle these things01:01
volkovmqxthanks :)01:01
Na3iLYou welcome :) xchat is already dead, I dislike pidgin try hexchat01:02
* Na3iL is sleeping on the keyboard x)01:06
Na3iLGood night o/01:06
volkovmqxBye ^^01:08
volkovmqxGood morning guys08:39
elachechewassup guys!09:00
Dro__bjr elacheche09:07
SalahMessaoudgm channel o/09:08
elachechegm nabdev volkovmqx Dro__ SalahMessaoud09:14
Dro__kayfa el7al elacheche09:21
elachecheIt's Monday.. How do you think I feel -_-09:23
Dro__elacheche, i just feel like you :D09:25
Dro__en + mridh fi 7ala w ta7t el climatiseur :/09:25
elachecheMorning Na3iL :)10:15
Na3iLMorning elacheche :D hows you10:16
elachecheTired :) As every monday :)10:16
Na3iLGood luck bro10:18
elachechex) thx10:23
elachecheSalahMessaoud, :)10:24
elachecheSalahMessaoud, Can you say hi to the team next to you :)10:24
Dro__I hate mondays10:26
elachecheThx :)10:26
Dro__elacheche, quel est le meilleur logiciel equiv à outlook sous ubuntu ?10:53
elachecheI use Thunderbird.. It's great :)10:54
elachecheIf you're a minimalist you can try mutt or sup :D10:54
Dro__elacheche, il se lance automatiquement au démarrage ?10:54
elachecheDro__, if you want it to! :) You should set that :)10:55
Dro__minimalist !, :310:55
elachecheGoogle sup mail and mutt :D10:55
elachecheThunderbird is perfect Dro__ :)10:57
Dro__ok, just missing the minimalist wikipedia link :p10:57
elacheche:D :p10:57
Dro__elacheche, i'll try it, i never used it before but now i have to use something that keep me updated every sec :p10:58
elachecheYou're using Unity Dro__ ?10:59
Dro__elacheche, yes!10:59
elachecheNice.. It'll integrate it self with the unity notification :)10:59
Dro__elacheche, cool thats when i need exactly11:00
elachecheYo chaker :)11:02
elachecheTired :) As every monday :)11:03
chakerBored! As every day :p11:04
chakerWhat about you Dro__?11:09
Dro__chaker, i'm jsqh#{@#~[^jffjdsfh ~ as every hour11:09
chakerDro__: I feel you bro :p11:14
Dro__chaker, thanks for your feelings :D11:14
chaker Dro__: you're welcome bro :)11:22
chakerelacheche: Which email client you're using?11:23
elachecheRight now thunderbird..11:24
chakerYep it's my choice also for GUI client.11:27
AymenHi guys :)12:59
elachecheHey Aymen welcome to #ubuntu-tn :)13:00
elachecheYou didn't subscribe to the ML yet Aymen !13:00
elachecheI didn't saw a notification that we have a new membre :)13:00
Aymenyes i did and i recived a mail yesterday13:01
elachecheAh great → aymenmeknimp  ← :D13:01
elachecheGuys! Say hi to Aymen :) don't be shy :D13:02
Aymenyes that's it13:03
Aymenhi every body13:03
elachecheThey're probably AFK or busy :)13:04
elachecheWould you like to introduce yourself?13:04
Aymenlol it's okey :)13:04
Aymenyes I m aymen mekni an engineering student 23 years old and i'm a linux mint user13:05
nizarusAhla Aymen13:05
Aymenmar7ba bik nizar :)13:05
nizarusAymen: c'est toi qui a envoyé le message sur #Failbook ?13:06
elachecheWelcome aboard Aymen :)13:06
elachecheYes nizarus :D13:06
Aymenhhh ui c moi13:06
elachecheAymen, am elacheche, just a GNU/Linux user and community contributor :D13:06
Aymennice to meet you13:07
elachechenice to meet you too :)13:07
SalahMessaoudHi Aymen nice to meet you13:08
elachecheNchoufouk fil SFD Aymen ? → Just to tell you that I'm Tunisian not an alien :D13:08
elachecheAymen, SalahMessaoud is a Drupal Ninja :D13:08
SalahMessaouddoubt that elacheche13:08
SalahMessaoudyou are an alien sometimes13:09
elachechelool :D13:09
Aymennormalement nji13:09
elachecheGreat :) :D So don't be shy and introduce yourself when you see us there :D Don't be angry on me if I don't recognize you from the 1st chat, I have a bad memory x(13:10
Aymenno probem elachech13:12
elachecheAymen, you can use the TAB key to finish name :) just like when you use it for the commands in your terminal :) ;)13:13
Aymenok i get it13:18
Aymenso much easier elacheche13:21
elachecheyep :)13:22
* elacheche is going home.. See you later.. 13:41
Dro__bsr ubuntiste-msakni20:37
Dro__abrek tawa ? :p20:37
ubuntiste-msakni+- Dro__ :)20:55

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