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anmoli am trying to flash on my nexus 4 mako04:25
anmolubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrap04:25
anmolusing this comman04:25
anmolit is stuck at 90 percent04:25
anmolin termical04:25
anmolshould i terminate it?04:25
anmoland try again?04:25
anmolanyone therE?04:26
Stanley00anmol: how long have it been stucked?04:27
anmol5 minutes04:29
anmoli killed it bdw04:29
anmoli ran the command again04:29
anmoland if it will stuck now then it will be like the 3rd time04:30
Stanley00anmol: well, maybe it need to download some file from internet, or maybe there's error while copying to devive (no space left on device, or something...), the whole screen log of the tool may have more details?04:33
anmolany offline way to flash ubuntu touch on nexus 4 mako ?05:11
anmoli get stuck very time while downloading05:12
anmolanyone there to help?05:13
Stanley00anmol: ubuntu-device-flash has an option to download the image to its cache before hand, you can try that05:21
Stanley00anmol: or, you can try get the meta json file, get the image files with stable downloader and move the image files to ubuntu-device-flash cache.05:22
Stanley00anmol: I don't have ubuntu machine atm, so I cannot tell you where exactly, just the general ideas.05:22
anmoldo we have a path to the files @stanley ?05:27
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dholbachgood morning06:56
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ThaurwylthGreetings, all. I'm right now pondering. I haven't bought anything yet, nor decided yet. Pondering. The thing is I plan to get a tablet with PC like harware, ie not ARM, but PC like as I said. And then I'd try to make it Ubuntu dual or Ubuntu exclusive. I sort of know that this is possible. Is it wiser to get a Windows tablet for this or Android?08:39
Stanley00Thaurwylth: You cannot flash ubuntu to device not running android, IIRC08:42
ThaurwylthIs that indeed the case? Like, no Ubuntu on Windows phones? Whoa!08:42
Stanley00Thaurwylth: to be correct, "you can not flash ubuntu touch", someone already flashed ubuntu desktop to surface08:44
ogra_Thaurwylth, you can try one of the desktop-next images ... but most of the backend stuff (i.e. everything talking to hardware) wont be able to make use of your hardware with that08:45
ThaurwylthYeah, I guess I get a rather big screen tablet with fast processor and lots of space etc, so running the desktop version wouldn't be an issue I guess. And I don't really like touch screens either. Although I think I hear there's a caveat...08:46
ogra_(wifi, sound and graphics might work, BT, GPS and sensors most likely wont)08:46
ThaurwylthI mean with booting and not having a touch screen available - can this always be surpassed by having a USB keyboard?08:48
ogra_if you use the desktop-next with keyboard and mouse it turns into a desktop UI (otherwise it is the same as on the phone and tablets)08:49
ThaurwylthYeah, and this wouldn't cause problems with GRUB or anything? I mean getting GRUB to respond to a USB keyboard. Or mouse, in case you ever need mouse for anything on GRUB.08:51
ThaurwylthBecause the idea of dual boot kind of doesn't work unless you can input choices in GRUB.08:51
ogra_nah, that works today ... how else would you manage grub on a PC ?08:51
ThaurwylthSounds fair.08:51
ThaurwylthSo, did I now understand / gather correctly that only Ubuntu Touch has features that support touch screen?08:53
ogra_Thaurwylth, well, given that it is the default interface on phones ... make a guess ;)08:58
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ThaurwylthFair enough.08:59
dhbikerogra_ what if i have asus transformer pad ? it should recognize the touchscreen right ?09:00
ogra_doesnt that use android ?09:00
ThaurwylthNow I found this http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/FAQ , is this still current, ie everything is up to date, right?09:00
dhbikerthe one i have is x8609:00
dhbikerwell... x64 but x86 bootloader... stupid09:01
ogra_and it runs windows ?09:01
ogra_well, i guess it should (no guarantees indeed)09:01
dhbikerbootloader.. EFI09:01
dhbikermy bad09:01
dhbikerit's pretty good device for portability and stuff but windows is not my fav os09:02
ThaurwylthSo, is it still true that there is no X11 for Touch?09:03
dhbikerMir afaik.. i asked that few weeks ago09:04
guest42315Thaurwylth, xmir09:08
dhbiker== xwayland ? :D09:09
ThaurwylthOK, I'll use Google for that.09:09
ThaurwylthOK then... If Ubuntu is run on Android device from chroot, does this cause the Android to, I don't know, somehow running 'around' it or whatever, in a virtual machine style thingamajik? Especially does this cause additional CPU or memory consumption or bottlenecks?09:13
ogra_Thaurwylth, no09:13
ogra_it is the other way round ... it boots a normal ubuntu and before it needs to access any hardware it fires up a minimal android install (just enough to run the needed drivers and configure them) in an lxc container09:14
ThaurwylthGee, thanks. This is sort of good news.09:15
ThaurwylthHm, I was pretty sure that I might get a Windows tablet and run desktop Ubuntu installation, but now I actually might have to think this over again.09:15
ogra_on x86 installs that container might not be needed (depending on your hardware) ... but services try to talk to the container by default currently ... which is why i said some HW will likely not work09:16
ThaurwylthHow light APPROXIMATELY is Touch compared to the desktop version? I know this sounds like Xubuntu vs Lubuntu question and that there are no easy answers to that question. But approximately.09:18
ogra_well, not many things work in the desktop mode yet ... dont expect being able to use it as a full blown  desktop setup09:18
ThaurwylthHm, OK, I'll make a mental note on that.09:19
ogra_(by default you wont be able to run libreoffice or other desktop apps yet, that requires a lot of tinkering )09:19
ThaurwylthI see.09:20
ThaurwylthWell, anyways, thanks a lot, this has been very helpful.09:20
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gihel_hi guys, does the new OTA6 fix the unity crashes ? I'm still waiting for it (bq 4.5)09:32
ogra_unity crashes ?09:40
gihel_yeah some freezes09:42
* ogra_ hasnt heard of that or seen it anywhere 09:42
gihel_ogra_: and need to restart the phone09:42
ogra_did you file a bug ?09:42
ogra_usually the reports get closed if a fix gets released09:42
popeygihel_: is there a crash file in /var/crash?09:43
gihel_didn't file a bug09:43
gihel_I'm checking the logs09:43
gihel_can't find anything, I will check again just after a freeze, it happens once every couple of days10:05
gihel_I only have crash files for messaging app, location serviced, webapp conti10:07
gihel_and scoperunner that I don't ever use10:08
gihel_when the bug occurs, the screen is frozen, touchscreen is not responding, and I can only turn off the screen or restart the device10:15
morphisgihel_: does it come back after a while when you leave the screen on?10:18
gihel_morphis: as long as I waited, no10:19
morphishow long did you wait?10:19
gihel_morphis: maybe 5 ou 10 minutes ? should I wait longer ?10:20
morphisthen it's not the bug I suspected10:20
gihel_(I'm afk for one hour, bbl)10:23
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nik90popey, ogra_: I experience the bug that gihel_ is talking about. Rarely, every few days where the phone just freezes. Can't do anything other than a phone reboot. (BQ E4.5). Waited for about 10-15 mins during which battery drops really fast.10:29
nik90the /var/crash folder doesnt have any unity8 crash logs10:30
popeynik90: i have seen similar on my retail bq, but not on my ota-6 one10:36
popeyso that's promising10:36
nik90popey: ah glad to hear that.10:37
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gihel_yes, good news, thanks11:28
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dhbikernik90 same here about that bug... but on arale i can lock it and few seconds after that unlock it with no problems12:33
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kenvandinerenatu, that content-hub hasPending branch has landed now13:14
renatukenvandine, nice, thanks13:15
kenvandinejgdx, you have a merge conflict now in your hwKeyboardPrototype branch13:23
kenvandinejgdx, it's the depends in debian/control that caused that13:23
kenvandinejgdx, just merge from my mouse_panel branch again and you'll be good13:24
jgdxkenvandine, ack13:30
didrocksthanks for the content-hub fixes kenvandine!13:35
kenvandinedidrocks, thanks for reporting the bugs!13:36
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kenvandinejgdx, please kick a rebuild of silo 36 when you fix the conflict13:55
jgdxkenvandine, kicked13:56
mterryjgdx, do you know much about the hotspot work?14:01
jgdxmterry, what do you need?14:01
mterryjgdx, :)14:02
mterryjgdx, I discovered today that there is a bug about how it shouldn't be enabled on mako'14:02
mterryjgdx, but I had already played with it on my mako over the weekend14:02
mterryjgdx, and I got into a state where I can't use wifi anymore14:02
mterryjgdx, all I ever see when enabling wifi is the name of my hotspot network14:02
mterryjgdx, even though it doesn't seem to be broadcasting14:02
jgdxmterry, that's new.14:03
mterryjgdx, maybe it's mako specific, in which case it's not so bad...14:03
mterryjgdx, how can I give you logs to help figure this out / help me reset state14:04
mterryjgdx, (because I can't figure out how to get out of this state via the UI)14:04
jgdxmterry, you can't turn off hotspot at all?14:05
mterryjgdx, well... the hotspot isn't running (as far as the UI goes).  But when I turn on wifi, the only item in the list is the name of the hotspot network I had set up14:06
mterryjgdx, and selecting it turns on hotspot functionality14:06
jgdxmterry, okay. Maybe PM me the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<hotspot> file as well as the indicator network log (.cache/upstart/indicator…)14:07
jgdx(if sensitive)14:08
* mterry gets that14:09
jgdxmterry, this might very well be mako specific, since we know that wpa supplicant spins out of control at times. Might put the system in a weird state? Idk14:09
jgdxmterry, might need your syslog too. I wonder why urfkill wasn't running14:16
awe_jgdx, don't we prevent hotspot from being used on mako, or did we let that slide?14:21
jgdxawe_, it slid14:21
awe_jgdx, also re: wpa_supplicant spinning out of control, the bug actually says this occurs on krillin, not mako.  As such, I re-assigned back to you14:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1429314 in wpasupplicant (Ubuntu) "Setting interface firmware on krillin causes wpa_supplicant process to freeze device" [High,Incomplete]14:22
jgdxawe_, re: that, I always have this one in mind: bug 143459114:23
ubot5bug 1434591 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "[mako] Cannot connect to a secure, shared "ap" hotspot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143459114:23
awe_mterry, if you're just lookinvg to restore your WiFi functionality, you should be able to just delete the hotspot connection from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections14:24
awe_jgdx, k.  Can you close out the other bug then?14:24
jgdxawe_, done14:25
mterryawe_, OK, cool.  Not sure if I should get out of this state though, since maybe it's useful for debugging -- eh, jgdx?14:25
awe_mterry, well... in theory, the UI should never have let you enable hotspot14:26
jgdxmterry, I'll save it. Just delete the config files in system-connections for the hotspot and reboot14:26
jgdx(or using any other nm method)14:26
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TonyBostonare we going to see an ubuntu touch update in the near future?14:44
mterryjgdx, deleting the connection files and rebooting did the trick -- I'm not stuck on the hotspot anymore14:45
pmcgowanTonyBoston, yes, it is being validated for BQ right now14:45
jgdxmterry, great14:46
TonyBostonpmcgowan, thanks, thats good since I own a bq14:46
pmcgowanTonyBoston, should see it Wed if all goes well14:47
TonyBostonpmcgowan, its kind of hard to get into developing with ubuntu touch, where can I start?14:47
TonyBostonat least with bug reporting14:47
TonyBostonplus, I don't have an Ubuntu machine14:47
TonyBostonfedora or freebsd here14:47
pmcgowanyeah developing mostly requires ubuntu although some have done so on fedora14:48
pmcgowanthere is http://developer.ubuntu.com/14:48
TonyBostonpmcgowan, can I read about changes in the next version? as its almost unusable sometimes14:49
pmcgowanTonyBoston, there is also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute14:50
TonyBostonone can't even open a scope/app whatever14:50
pmcgowanhmm thats bad14:50
pmcgowanthat has planned features14:50
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pmcgowanTonyBoston, the planned bugs are at https://launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+milestone/ww40-201514:51
TonyBostonpmcgowan, alright, gonna put that all into browser favourites14:53
TonyBostonits hard to get into it, was even easier to get into bsd stuff14:53
pmcgowanTonyBoston, be good to know why you feel that is the case, perhaps send a note to the mailing list14:54
kenvandinemandel, bug 1489403 for click-package-index is still unassigned, who can we pester about that?14:55
ubot5bug 1489403 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "The click-metadata page returns a 200 instead of an error when using a signed token" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148940314:55
ogra_TonyBoston, use a VM to run an ubuntu inside for development  ;)14:56
TonyBostonpmcgowan, I guess you just have the problem here14:56
TonyBostonlike you gave me like 4 links with different addresses14:56
TonyBostonif the whole thing would be at one place, be much easier I guess14:56
pmcgowanTonyBoston, fair point14:56
TonyBostonthats what I always felt bad about14:56
mandelkenvandine, nessita in #u1-internal should be looking into that14:57
kenvandinei'd just feel better if the bug was assigned :)14:57
kenvandinemandel, so i tested those fixes again and i'm still annoyed that we even present the app updates14:58
kenvandineso on friday i hacked it to clear them out of the model14:58
TonyBostonpmcgowan, one big issue is when I leave home wifi, it renders the phone almost unusable since I guess its searching for the wifi. takes like 2mins to get back to normal and realise that wifi is gone14:58
TonyBostondunno if that has already been reported14:58
kenvandinemandel, which works, but the UI is wonky14:58
kenvandinemandel, like if there are a bunch of app updates, the login button is off screen14:59
mandelkenvandine, can I see the changes, what did you do?14:59
mandelugh.. feo14:59
kenvandinethat's why i removed them14:59
mandelkenvandine, we need to get that 401, lets bully them14:59
kenvandinethere's no better solution14:59
kenvandinemandel, basically i'd like to push to just land it without my hack to clear them out of the model15:01
kenvandinebecause at least then we know we're doing the right thing15:01
kenvandinei just want the 401 before ota7 ships15:01
celliowas wondering if using apt could break the OS during an update?15:37
beunocellio, indeed, once you use apt system updates will likely break15:38
dhbikeri installed htop15:38
celliothanks beuno i guess i will not use it for the time being untill i get more experience15:38
dhbikerstill works :D15:39
cellioalso trying to find out of the ubuntu edition of the meizu mx4 is unlocked?15:39
beunodhbiker, hence the "likely", not "for sure"  :)15:40
dhbikeryeah ofc15:40
dhbikerdepends on what you install too15:40
beunocellio, not sure, I would assume it is. What do you mean by unlocked, though?15:40
dhbikerprobably root15:40
celliowell if something breaks i want to know if i would be able to reinstall the OS15:41
ogra_cellio, it is fully hackable and you can re-flash it at any time15:41
dhbikerogra_ but do you approve hacks ? :D15:41
ogra_(ubuntu that is, android would need a different partitioning scheme and a different flash tool)15:41
celliothanks ogra, thats good news!15:41
ogra_dhbiker, for people that are aware that they might need to re-flash after breaking everything (and that know how) i surely approve it :)15:42
dhbikeralso ogra_ i have a ton of crash reports in /var/crash ...15:43
dhbikerdo i report them or not ? :D15:43
ogra_well, your system should have reported them for you already15:43
cellioawaiting my meizu mx4 with ubuntu that i ordered last week, will get it tommorow :)15:43
ogra_there is an option in the privacy settings of system-settings that allows you to look at them ("former reports" or some such)15:43
dhbikerjust wanted to say that... depends on the settings15:44
ogra_if you can actually nail such a crash to a certain packag you should file a bug and link to the crash report15:44
dhbikercellio i'm from slovenia so i got it super quick from italy15:44
dhbikeryep all reported15:45
cellionice dhbiker15:45
celliomine comes from italy too15:45
dhbikeri think they all come from italy15:45
dhbikerbeen thinking about getting a second meizu15:46
cellioany work around to install whatsapp?15:46
dhbikerone for daily use and one for hacking xD15:46
cellioget the bq for hacking its cheaper :)15:46
dhbikerit's not that cheaper compared to meizu15:47
cellio100euros less i think15:47
dhbikerone day at work :P15:47
celliowell the meizu seems much more value for money15:48
dhbikeri'm very interested in ubuntu camera hacking15:49
dhbikerto get the true 20MP out of it15:49
cellioseen the bq with android in Spain look outdated15:49
celliodesign looks crappy and old15:50
celliohow much MP to u get now biker15:51
cellioeventually an update will fix that, hopefully15:52
dhbiker1440p iirc15:52
cellioi can live with that :)15:53
dhbikerstraight from the phone15:54
dhbikerno editing15:54
mcphailIs OTA6 expected to appear for krillin today?15:54
cellioOTA 6 released for arale, mako, flo and generic! Krillin and vegetah.15:55
mcphailcellio: you put a full stop there which doesn't exist in the /topic. Krillin isn't out yet, afaik. Heard it was supposed to be beginning of this week15:56
dhbikercopy pasted from topic15:57
celliotopic sounds confusing then :)15:57
mcphaildhbiker: Yes. But the "Krillin and vegetah" sentence has been rusely truncated by the /topic fairies15:57
kenvandinebfiller, i confirmed that swiping to close the camera-app after changing to video mode, restarts in video mode17:13
kenvandineso it's still restoring the state17:14
kenvandinerenatu, https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtubuntu/window-close-support/+merge/24957917:14
kenvandinerenatu, that should have fixed the close on swipe to work properly17:14
kenvandinebut i don't know for sure that it did17:14
kenvandinerenatu, how were you determining that they weren't get quit properly?17:14
kenvandinejust adding some output on quit?17:14
bfillerkenvandine: ok, that is wrong17:18
bfillerkenvandine: zsombi_ that shouldn't be the intended beahvior17:18
kenvandinebfiller, right17:18
kenvandinei want to confirm that the qtmir bug was really fixed, it should be triggering quit to be called when swiped away17:19
kenvandineit wasn't before, but that branch i linked about should have fixed that and it was merged17:19
kenvandineactually it was in qtubuntu17:19
kenvandinebasically it's the window manager closing the widnow17:20
kenvandinewhich qt should ensure quit is called for17:20
kenvandinebefore it was killing the process17:20
kenvandinezsombi_, so state should always be getting saved on deactivate, but only restored when the app was killed by the OOM killer17:21
kenvandinenot if the app was closed properly17:21
kenvandinebfiller, ^^ right?17:21
kenvandinebefore we couldn't tell the difference, but now it should be quit gracefully, so that should wipe out the state17:22
bfillerkenvandine: I just know that it should only be restored if it was killed by OOM killer, when and where it's actually saved I don't know17:23
kenvandinei think the only way to handle that is to clear the saved state on quit17:23
kenvandineso if the app closes gracefully, wipe out the state17:23
bfillerkenvandine: makes sense17:23
kenvandineotherwise you can assume it was killed17:24
* kenvandine files a bug17:24
kenvandinebfiller, bug 149065117:29
ubot5bug 1490651 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "StateSaver shouldn't restore state when it was quit gracefully" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149065117:29
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hevyhomiehello anybody there?21:52
k1lhevyhomie: some are21:59
hevyhomieI am having a little problem with porting touch on Moto E: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12241255/22:00
nik90anybody know if BQ approved OTA-6 update?22:06
mcphailI wish they would hurry up. Feel as if I'm in an OTA-5 ghetto22:18
hevyhomiethis is my lunch build for 13. cm_condor-userdebug  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12241413/22:19
naveeni want to install on xolo q23:46
naveeni want to install ubuntu touch on xolo q300023:46
naveenany help23:47
naveeni want to install ubuntu touch on xolo q300023:49
naveenres 1080 x 192023:51
naveenmtk 658923:51

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