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mapscool tv night04:28
mapsfear the walking dead:d and the strain04:28
mapsu dont watch either?04:30
* zmoylan-pi reads pages on xmodmap to work out how to add page up down to a blue tooth kyboard without04:30
zmoylan-piit seems more and more keyboars don't have such keys anymore.  have a look at chromebooks for example and a fair few laptops04:33
daftykinsExtant is the only thing i have current, it's terrible too04:38
daftykinsooh i need to get Mr. Robot now04:38
zmoylan-pii thought this weeks episode was delayed04:39
daftykinsoh yeah04:39
mapshahah you still watch it yet its terrible?:P04:39
daftykinsfor some reason i thought it'd already been a week XD04:39
zmoylan-pias season finale had a shooting like the one last week04:39
daftykinsmaps: yeah it's become more of a testament to my dedication XD04:39
daftykinsme and some mates have a collective cringe about it04:39
daftykinsi'm definitely not getting a season 3 though04:39
daftykinsit's so pants04:39
zmoylan-pipeople watch bad movies, why not bad tv?04:40
mapsi looked at dominion/dark matter and a few others..ight picku some more but i watch a lot of seasons as it ls; major cries..murder in the first..the strain..complications...the brink...fear the walking dead.walking dead...scream..izombie...graceland..american oddyssey..its always sunny in philly..the league..mr robot.criminal minds.....marriedotive..kevin from work..suits..ray donovan..true detective04:41
mapssome are on a break atm04:42
mapsgonna start vikings soon04:42
zmoylan-pithey look for extras for that every year here04:43
mapswhres it filmed04:44
zmoylan-pidown in wicklow i think, a few miles south04:45
zmoylan-pii usually see fliers on shop counters04:53
mapswhy dont u aply:)’04:55
zmoylan-pinot my thing04:58
maps nyone watched san andrea? started watching it earlier;D05:22
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:04
zmoylan-pitis a bank holiday in uk so everyone will be out sitting in traffic as is the custom there, no? :-)09:32
popeyeveryone staying at home I imagine, given it's pissing down09:39
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NokajiIt's the monsoon season here in Blighty10:53
NokajiMad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun however currently there ain't none10:54
popeyhttps://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/3iykdi/are_farts_stored_as_compressed_gas_whats_the/  important questions which must be asked11:03
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OhThatsWhyAfternoon happy campers.12:56
OhThatsWhyWho's going to badvoltage in Germany here ?12:58
OhThatsWhyno-body about.13:02
OhThatsWhyJono's doing Mycroft. Are you ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZujfUHIaAXM13:07
OhThatsWhystill no-body about.14:19
zmoylan-pibank holiday means fewer people about14:22
bashrctumbleweeds roll by14:25
m0nkey_sadly not a holiday in the great white north14:27
zmoylan-pino tumbleweed in dublin city centre.  lashing rain did clear the streets of tourists though.14:30
brobostigonrain here as well in the cotswolds.14:41
penguin42started raining here in Manc as well - I walked about 3 miles and it only rained in the last 0.516:47
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