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philipballewnhaines, I used a blog post you wrote a few days ago to get Hulu working on my laptop17:33
philipballewIt was the one of the first google results when I searched my probem17:33
philipballewso thanks!17:33
RoguehorseIn-laws are on a roll .... blocked me from The Linux Foundation site and Linux.com18:24
RoguehorseDivorce is getting *interesting* ... starting to move stuff out of the house18:25
RoguehorseI can still get to the Foundation website ... but only through Tor18:28
philipballewRoguehorse, seems like an odd site to block19:10
Roguehorseyeah well19:15
nhainesphilipballew: glad to hear it!  :)21:36
philipballewyeah. now I can waste even more time.21:36
nhainesHaha, yeah, I was more productive for that week when Hulu wasn't working.  But now I can watch during lunch and stuff which boosts my effiency a little afterward.21:38

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