mhall119ahoneybun_: what's the status on your Kubuntu DVD art, is Tom waiting for a reply from you about the origami design?20:01
mhall119Bryanstein: ping me when you're around, got a question about FOSSETCON20:02
ahoneybunmhall119: I did....20:09
ahoneybun"Geometric is the KDE artstyle I believe and we are pure KDE so we should stick with that. I like the Japanese designs concept but that is Ubuntu related and we are still part of Ubuntu but we should have a design that is a mix of our own and KDE. Also I moved the text and logo on the front from feedback from our community which is very important to me and us as a whole."20:10
ahoneybunI've sent the email again mhall11920:14
DammitJimsince upstart is the preferred way of managing services, how do I start a service?21:27

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