NemoVanybody active in here tonight?01:42
NemoVAny how I'll drop by again Signing off from Gaylord MI01:44
brouschNo patience01:48
_stink_you were watching the whole time weren't you brousch01:50
_stink_just testing him/her01:50
_stink_for patience01:50
cscheibyea, 2 minutes isn't a particularly long span, especially for someone in Grayling01:54
cscheibeverything moves slower there01:54
cmaloneyhanging out in the er02:01
cmaloneybecause its the thing to do tonight02:01
brouschThose are always wonderful night02:16
rick_h_cmaloney: :( hope tings go ok03:55
cmaloneyat the very least they are admitting him04:12
_stink_get home?12:20
cmaloneyYeah, we got home around 2am12:22
cmaloneyMostly because we cut bait while waiting for a bed for dad-in-law12:22
_stink_he get admitted?12:26
cmaloneyYeah, was just waiting on a bed when we left.12:29
greg-gbrousch: is that because of my post strawbale house building photo? :)14:42
greg-gcmaloney: ugh, at least you were with him for a while14:43
cmaloneyYeah, joDee is with him now14:47
brouschgreg-g: Yes15:20
greg-gthere was this image of 4 programmers, in a sequence, one extreme being this hairy/dirty dude hunched over his laptop, the other extreme was a well dressed guy, clean shaven, etc.15:22
greg-gthe dirty one was "gainfully employed programmer" the clean one was "unemployed for 6 months still looking for a job"15:22
greg-g(or something, i can't find the image)15:22
brouschheh, you get cleaner the longer you are out of a job?15:24
greg-gI just kind of fluxtuate a lot15:25
jcastrorick_h_: do you have any hardfloor roombas or just the carpet kind?16:34
cscheibjcastro: I'd be afraid a roomba would f up my dog's world a bit too much, he's not a fan of vacuums to begin with16:48
jcastroI was kind of hoping for dog/vacuum entertainment to begin with16:51
rick_h_jcastro: I use my roomba on hard floors?17:04
rick_h_jcastro: I use the vacuum one17:04
jcastrodon't they make one that's basically a floor mop though?17:18
jcastrolike, i was thinking for the basement floor17:18
greg-gDivert your entire AdWords budget to only target users within 10 miles of 40°45’13.83″N, 119°16’37.20″W. Paid search and display not targeted at the Nevada desert next week is money wasted.19:06
jcastrorick_h_: man nevermind these things are like $35019:20
jcastroI was expecting like 15019:20
cmaloneyjcastro: You're kidding right? :)19:21
jcastrothey make a cheap one actually19:21
cmaloneyYeah, we looked at that one19:22
cmaloneyYou have dogs, right? :)19:23
jcastroone dog19:23
cmaloneyWe have one cat and a Scotch-Brite version of that (not the automated one)19:23
cmaloney(Sorry, got distracted)19:26
cmaloneyJust one "swiff" of the place and that thing would have all sorts of hair caught under it19:27
cmaloneyThat's also just the dry version. You'll need extra $$ for a wet version19:28
_stink_i know some businesses like that19:40

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