ricotzmamarley, I am currently pushing 304.12817:56
mamarleyricotz: Where did you find out about that?  I normally check the Linux part of the devtalk.nvidia.com forum and I haven't seen anything there.17:57
mamarleyMaybe they don't post legacy drivers there?17:58
ricotzmamarley, I guess aaron didn't noticed yet17:59
ricotzthe ftp server lists ist18:00
mamarleyAh, OK.  I will start checking that daily as well.18:00
mamarleyOr maybe I will be an overachiever and write a script that checks it automatically...18:01
ricotz355.11 ;)18:01
mamarleyMaybe I should handle this one?  I don't want you to have to do all the work...18:01
ricotzplease do18:02
ricotzmamarley, please use the ppa packaging for now18:04
mamarleyYep, that is what I am doing.18:05
ricotznot the git one18:05
ricotzvivid/wily are the same, trusty has a different substvars18:05
ricotzfeel free to upload it is somewhere else for review if you are unsure18:06
mamarleyricotz: Is nvidia-settings any different across the distro versions?18:12
mamarleyThanks, that's what I thought.18:12
mamarleyricotz: I uploaded nvidia-settings to https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages.  Vivid and Trusty are failing but that is just because I forgot to put the libvdpau update in there as well.18:28
ricotzmamarley, ok, no, use a common orig-tarball18:39
mamarleyThat's what I was trying to do.  I used "debuild -S".18:39
ricotztry harder then ;)18:40
ricotz"dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa" and "dpkg-buildpackage -S -sd"18:40
mamarleyOK, I will do that.  Just a sec...18:41
ricotzyou used "uupdate"?18:41
mamarleyI'm not sure what that means.18:41
ricotzman uupdate18:41
ricotzmamarley, want me to upload nvidia-settings?18:45
mamarleyNo, I want to figure out how to do it correctly.18:46
mamarleyDangit, even when I use debuild -S -sd it still uploads the orig tarball.18:47
mamarleyI will try again from scratch.18:49
ricotzmamarley, any luck?18:56
mamarleyricotz: Uh, maybe.  Just a minute.18:56
mamarleyHere goes nothing.18:58
mamarleyricotz: I think it worked that time!18:59
mamarleyYep, all the uploads were accepted even though only the first had the orig.tar.bz2.19:00
mamarleyNow for the driver itself.19:01
ricotzmamarley, btw you don't need to upload things to check if a source package as wanted19:03
ricotzmamarley, ok19:03
ricotzplease create new ones for the gpu ppa19:03
ricotzmamarley, I have the driver ready for upload19:04
mamarleyricotz: Do you want any more changes other than just the version number?19:04
mamarleyIf you have the driver ready, don't wait for me.  I can practice on my staging PPA so next time I won't need any help.19:05
ricotzmamarley, should I upload everything then?19:06
mamarleyricotz: Sure, but can you please check my driver upload to my staging PPA once I get that done?19:06
ricotzmamarley, feel free to ask though, but in my experience it sometimes helps to figure out things yourself19:07
ricotzmamarley, ok19:08
mamarleyricotz: I did figure it out myself before, but as you can see, I figured it out all wrong. :/19:10
ricotzmamarley, the fundamental problem with nvidia-settings it isnt debsrc-3.0 and only supported *.tar.gz tarballs therefore the original tar.bz2 gets repacked19:11
mamarleyAh, OK.19:11
mamarleyI didn't realize that before, so I downloaded the .tar.bz2 files because they are smaller.19:12
ricotzthere are *only* official bz2 versions19:13
* mamarley beats himself with the clue-by-four.19:13
mamarleyricotz: I know I appear as a complete n00b right now, but I promise you I can be helpful.19:16
ricotzmamarley, don't worry19:17
mamarleyI just need to get accustomed to the correct way of doing things after doing it wrong for so long.19:17
ricotzmamarley, you are familiar with the dkms patching stuff in the driver packagign though?19:18
mamarleyYes, I have added patches to fix compiling against new kernels a few times.19:19
mamarleyI am uploading my practice driver now, but it takes a long time because I have a ridiculously slow Internet connection right now.19:28
ricotzmamarley, same here ;)19:34
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
mamarleyricotz: Woohoo, it looks like all of my driver builds were successful in https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages !19:49

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