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superflygood evening06:33
thatgraemeguygood aftermornoon07:01
mazalWow thatgraemeguy07:02
mazalMorning :)07:02
Kilosmorning all07:23
mazalMore oom07:24
Kiloshi mazal barrydk and superfly 07:25
Kilosoh and inetpro 07:25
Kilosohi thatgraemeguy 07:28
thatgraemeguyI wonder what the catch is?09:19
thatgraemeguyi.e. what stops me from just buying an ADSL capped account and using it on mobile, which would be cheaper09:19
MaNIit does explicitly say their *capped* data in the description09:27
MaNIunless thats just bad journalism09:27
thatgraemeguyyes of course09:27
thatgraemeguybut even so a 20GB capped adsl account is WAY cheaper than 20GB of regular mobile data09:28
MaNIahh sorry, thought you said uncapped account09:28
thatgraemeguyso there must be a catch of some sort09:28
MaNIhopefully nothing, it would be nice to finally stop being ripped off for mobile data, but there must be something09:28
thatgraemeguylike limited to 512kbps, or whatnot09:28
thatgraemeguykeen to see the Ts & Cs eventually09:28
MaNII suppose if it pushes lots of mobiles users who don't have ADSL to get ADSL it can be worth their while09:34
MaNIfixed monthly line rentals and whatnot instead of sporadic as needed data purchases09:35
thatgraemeguyI supposed they would validate whether you had an adsl line09:35
thatgraemeguyand if they're clever they only let the mobile work if you have an active adsl connection at the time09:36
thatgraemeguyotherwise i just buy a nice 20GB adsl account and use it on my telkom sim, all while still using ISP X on my adsl router09:36
MaNIprobably tied to the line rental is my guess09:38
MaNIpushes more people to return to renting lines from them and helps them make money that way (and win back the market)09:38
MaNIfrom there they can slowly increase data prices or upsell people in other ways on the ADSL09:38
thatgraemeguyyeah but there has to be some way to prevent someone with an already-existing line from just scoring cheap mobile data09:39
thatgraemeguyi've had adsl for 10 years, they aren't winning a new account with me, so what stops me from getting 10GB of mobile for R99 using this? mmmm09:40
thatgraemeguyguess i'll just wait and see09:40
MaNIor maybe they just don't care about the losses from existing ADSL users who also use lots of mobile09:40
MaNII've no t been following closely but we have crazy statistics where most of our 'broadband' is now mobile and stuff09:41
MaNIThe ADSL network is pretty much their only asset they have that their competitors don't - if they let trends continue it will become irrelevant and everything will be mobile - so growing the ADSL userbase might be worth it09:42
thatgraemeguygrowing ADSL is a temp measure at best, it's all about fibre nowadays09:43
MaNII'm an example - I don't have an ADSL line I just connect via wireless to the office and use the office internet - with this I would possibly be forced to at least consider going back to renting an ADSL line09:43
MaNIwell ADSL/fibre - growing the fixed line non wireless userbase09:43
thatgraemeguymaybe trying to boost adsl numbers because its essentially free money at this stage, then plough the free money into fibre09:43
MaNIbut yeah will be interesting to see the final t&c's09:44
MaNImaybe there will be a 'for up to 100Mb a day' limitation or something to keep it sane09:44
thatgraemeguyI wanted to use wireless to the office too but it isn't physically practical for me right now sadly09:44
thatgraemeguyso spolied with 100M fibre here and 2M adsl at home :'(09:45
thatgraemeguyI know, #firstworldproblems09:45
MaNImy office internet is sadly just ADSL no fancy fibre stuff, but still better than having my own09:45
MaNIplus I swore to never deal directly with telkom ever again09:46
MaNIafter they spent like 2 years harassing me for money that I didn't owe them :p (plus all the other torment I've had dealing with them over the years)09:47
MaNIif I couldn't connect to the office I'd probably just be on a wisp09:47
magespawngood morning10:30
pieter2627afternoon all10:32
inetprogood mornings12:02
inetproKilos: eh, and hi there as well12:02
inetproCryterion: you still be looking for me?12:03
thatgraemeguy[11:01:56]     <Cryterion> someone please tell inetpro I'm sick of waiting for him, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to throw myself off a cliff12:10
magespawnokay then12:10
thatgraemeguytoo much? :)12:11
* inetpro going to the edge of the cliff to go look for him12:12
kulelu88RIP Cryterion 12:31
mazalBye everyone , have a nice afternoon. God bless12:39
thatgraemeguyby.... oh12:40
Kiloshi inetpro 13:34
inetproKilos: ehlo13:34
Kiloslol at cr13:34
* inetpro failed to find him 13:35
inetproand now he's lost for ever?13:36
* pieter2627 rofl15:04
magespawnchat later home time16:05
nlsthznhi uncle Kilos ... how you feeling today?18:24
Kilosok ty nlsthzn , still sleepy but good ty18:24
Kilosand you?18:24
nlsthznfine thanks... also very sleepy, baby bear doesn't seem to need sleep >.< - and starting work again tomorrow :'(18:25
nlsthznwell I am also just about off... have a good evening all :)18:26
Kilosnight nlsthzn  sleep tight18:27
Kilosso clever peeps what do you all suggest as our alternative to flash that will work in any browser18:44
Kilosim not a chrome or firefox fan18:45
inetproKilos: the alternative is no flash18:45
Kilosoh my18:46
inetproit's either flash or it is no flash18:46
inetproflash must die!18:46
inetprogood evening btw18:47
Kilosbut adobe isnt supporting linux anymore18:47
Kiloshi my pro18:47
Kilosi saw gnash and light something18:47
Kilosalso saw html5 18:48
Kilosdo none of them work?18:48
Kiloshi Cryterion 18:50
Kilosinetpro ^^18:50
inetproFlash is not only unnecessary with today's streaming technology, but can open users up to major security vulnerabilities18:50
inetprohello Cryterion18:51
Cryterionsee ThatGraemeGuy been up to mischief18:51
Kilosoh my18:51
* inetpro happy to see he found his way up the cliffs again18:51
Cryterion<thatgraemeguy> [11:01:56]     <Cryterion> someone please tell inetpro I'm sick of waiting for him, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to throw myself off a cliff18:51
Cryterionanyway, sorry been out most of the day18:51
inetprono problemos18:51
inetproCryterion: I net you didn't say that ^^ ?18:52
inetproI bet*18:52
Cryterioninetpro and Kilos, got an update to that xls offgrid thing you should look at18:52
Cryteriondid some corrections and added a few extra calculations into it18:52
Kilosoh yes i remember something about that18:53
inetproxls offgrid thing? hmm...18:53
* inetpro forgot about loadshedding already18:53
inetproand all the alternative power ideas18:53
Cryterionthink I emailed it to you last time, if you interested, yeah loadshedding seems scarce atm18:54
inetprobeen way too busy with other stuffs18:54
inetproCryterion: I remember18:54
Kilosyes please Cryterion im interested18:54
CryterionI'm still looking into it anyway, savings at the end, costly now, but pays off at the end18:54
Cryterionhold on will try send in a moment18:55
Kilosno rush lad18:55
inetproCryterion: just email me the updates as well when you have a chance18:55
Kilosohi superfly hows you and family?18:55
Cryterionok, will do for both you and Kilos18:56
superflyKilos: we're OK thanks18:56
inetproKilos: Death of Flash inches closer as Mozilla blocks Firefox plugin http://mashable.com/2015/07/14/mozilla-disables-flash/18:58
CryterionThey already implemented by default18:59
inetproand then: Google's Chrome to start auto-pausing Flash ads on Sept. 1 http://mashable.com/2015/08/28/google-chrome-autopause-flash/18:59
CryterionI don't use google or their browser19:00
inetproCryterion: I know19:00
Cryterionprefer duckduckgo.com as a search engine19:00
CryterionCan't use google if they can't track you19:01
Kiloshaha i use it too19:01
Kilosand i notice when you install midori you get the option to open midori or midori private browser19:02
Kilosjust the flash thing is a prob19:03
inetproas much as you can not trust Google you can also not trust most other services out there19:03
Kilosya i agree but i want my site to work19:04
Kiloseven forgotten how to get to login there19:04
Kiloswho was the yola guy here?19:04
Kilosoh inetpro i havent asked for a while how you and the family are19:06
inetprogood, good thanks19:06
Kilosyou must be a bit better with it warming up19:06
inetprotoo hot for me now already19:06
Kilosoh my19:06
* inetpro prefers below 30°C19:07
inetproSaturday was 34°C when I checked at about 16:0019:08
Cryterion2hrs 52mins left of winter19:08
Cryterionnot that we really had a winter19:09
Kilosalways a late cold snap to come kill fruit19:09
Cryterionyeah like 2 weeks ago or somewhere around there19:09
Cryterioneven 319:10
Kilosyeah i think maybe another one or two might show up19:10
inetproKilos: I hope not19:10
inetprostrawberries are blooming nicely now19:10
Kiloslike last year all mulberries were wiped19:11
Kilosyeah i have some fruit showing as well19:11
Cryterionpossibly, never know what those Haarp antena's are planning19:11
kulelu88you can't avoid google if you use the internet19:12
kulelu88google analytics, google ads, google cdn, etc.19:12
* Cryterion will sort his pepper seeds out this week19:12
inetprokulelu88: hmm... 19:12
Kiloslost many of my plants by forgetting to water them19:12
inetprogoogle only knows the tip of the iceberg about the interwebs19:13
Cryterionkulelu88, I kill those ad's and report that they block the page (cause they normally do)19:13
Kilosi actually have 2 peppadew plant that didnt die to the roots and are sprouting again19:13
Cryterionkwl, want to get some of my Trinidad chilli's going, Hottest chilli out apparently19:14
Kiloshotter than habinero and 19:16
Kilospeppadews make nice pickles for peeps that cant handle the very hot stuff19:17
kulelu88you guys must be loading the masalas also19:17
CryterionArguments are it's hotter than the Trinidad Scorpion (Genius Records) as it's a mix of it and another19:18
kulelu88Kilos eating a hot hot bunny anol19:18
Kilosi just by masalas19:18
Cryteriontry a Trinidad 7-Pot /Pod 19:18
Cryteriongets the 7 from 1 being enough to spice up 7 pots of stew19:19
Kilosi will as soon as im fixed up19:19
Kilosno energy for gardning atm19:19
Cryteriongetting back into it19:19
kulelu88how'd your operasie gegaan? Kilos 19:21
Kilosi only go for that on the 22nd19:21
Kilosbut meantime meds keeping me lazy19:21
Kiloseither sleeping or with lappy on tummy19:22
Kilosthey have advantages19:22
superflyBunny show19:31
Kilosyummy food19:34
Kiloswbb reboot needed19:36
melodieevening greetings19:39
Kilossecurity upgrades all the time even with 14.04.319:41
superflyKilos: don't sigh. they're good.19:42
Kilosyes i agree superfly but it means that things are getting worse doesnt it19:43
melodieKilos no it doesn't19:45
Kiloshi melodie 19:45
melodiethey are as they always have been19:45
melodieevening greetings Kilos 19:45
melodieok, the new Malinux is mostly ready, I would like to find a graphist who can step in for a little work, to make the plymouth theme a custom, using the logos and wallpaper of the spin19:46
melodieis there any one here who could offer to do that?19:47
Kilosoh my is raffy busy19:47
melodieyes, as usual19:47
Kilosdont think we got grahics peeps here19:47
melodiehe did the header for bentovillage.me but instead of a few days it took him 2 weeks19:47
melodiehello peeps! Is there a graphist on this chan? :D19:48
Kilosmaybe you the one that needs to slow down19:48
melodiecertainly not19:48
melodieif I do that I'll miss the train when it comes by19:48
Kiloseven bees rest now and again19:48
melodieI need the job done for the day before yesterday ;)19:49
melodieyes, at night19:49
Kilosyou dont even rest at night19:49
melodienight is the best time to work without being disturbed by the noisy humans!19:50
Kilosnight all, sleep tight20:04
melodiegood night Kilos keep on well!20:04
Kilosty  you too20:04
Cryterionnight everyone20:49
inetprogood night 21:02
kulelu88yo superfly . I've made some major progress!21:37
superflykulelu88: you've decided to come for an intervie?21:38
kulelu88haha. Do you guys need a data scientist? 21:38
kulelu88I'd sure love to spend a little time in cpt21:38
kulelu88hire me from October to March <321:39
superflywe do have an internship programme21:39
kulelu88I'm planning on using nbconvert to make my ipython notebook into a nice slide presentation21:40
melodiehi kulelu88 superfly 21:40
kulelu88yo melodie 21:40
superflykulelu88: I'm keen to see it in action21:41
superflybut first, I need some sleep. night all!21:41
kulelu88Peace superfly o/21:42
melodiegn superfly 21:45
melodiegood night22:39

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