Daemoenhey guys, had to switch from ntpd to openntpd (bsd's fork), as we require non privileged port usage...00:00
Daemoenunfortunately, there doesnt seem to be an ntpq with openntpd;  but openntpd and ntpd conflict00:00
Daemoenany alternative ?00:00
MonkeyDustDaemoen  sounds like you require an alternative for an alternative00:03
DaemoenMonkeyDust, we use cloud providers in other countries, and several of them block ntp on restricted ports (downright stupid);  unfortunately ntpd itself cannot run on unprivileged ports, but openntpd can00:03
Daemoenso i need to be able to run ntpd (obviously), but i also need to be able to troubleshoot and make sure that it is working...00:04
MonkeyDustDaemoen  is that on a server scale?00:04
Daemoenclient and server00:04
Daemoenthe only way i could get ntpd working (standard ntpd) was using ntpdate -d (debug mode), which is essentially using the -u mode (unprivileged);  you cant do that with the daemon, so the servers that we try to connect to are permanently stuck in INIT00:05
Daemoenand stratum 1600:05
Daemoenwhich essentially means, we cannot connect to them00:05
MonkeyDustDaemoen  if you don't get an answer here, try #ubuntu-server00:07
Daemoenahh, didnt realize there was a separate server channel, graci00:08
MonkeyDustDaemoen  yes, that's why I asked, hope you find a solution00:08
Daemoenme too;  its not a normal issue, so hoping someone knows something00:10
Daemoenhonestly, it almost seems like openntpd works better than the normal ntpd, lol00:11
Daemoenthe downside is that the config is vastly different than standard linux ntpd00:12
geedorahhello! I am new to ubuntu am running it as the sole OS on my old laptop00:12
geedorahIs it possible for me to use my old laptop as a VPN server for my primary computer?00:13
TheRealSolgeedorah, yes it is possible00:19
prometdaftykins, thought about this actually. I'm, probably mistakenly I guess, if I understand your suggestion, but if I have my own openvpn server on my ubuntu machine, is not my "exit ip" still associated with my machine, i.e. my "domicile" ip, and therefore moot?00:20
daftykinspromet: yeah you get one on a VPS, like digitalocean.com00:21
geedorahheRealSol how so?00:21
TheRealSolhave a look at openvpn00:21
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TheRealSolpromet: I think the suggestion was to use Ubuntu but on a cloud server00:22
geedorahis there a free option for digital ocean?00:22
geedorahIs there any way I can get rid of this quit reports and other mess00:22
prometdaftykins, TheRealSol, thank you very much; I'm a little unclear on that though. Could you point me to some reading?00:25
prometOh, doh, TheRealSol, see that; thanks!00:25
TheRealSolsame link for promet & geedorah00:26
daftykinspromet: like what? google "ubuntu 14.04 openvpn" and you'll get digitalocean.com's guide which works great on their VPSs.00:26
prometdaftykins, again; mille grazie00:27
daftykinspromet: np, DO lets you place servers in many countries across the world so you can have your traffic endpoint be where you like00:28
keithtooHey folks. New 15.04 install on a brand new box - can't get sound to work (and the speakers aren't muted)00:31
keithtooany ideas?00:32
daftykinsyou could try a newer mainline kernel00:32
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds00:32
daftykinshow new is the build? skylake or some such?00:32
daftykinsactually before that identify the hardware00:32
keithtoolspci gives me a curious response on the sound card'00:34
keithtooUnassigned class [ff00]: Intel Corporation C610/X99 series chipset SPSR (rev 05)00:35
keithtoosound settings don't show all the outputs either00:35
keithtoo2 audio devices found: the one I want is Audio device: Intel Corporation C610/X99 series chipset HD Audio Controller (rev 05)00:37
daftykinscan you pastebin the whole output? http://paste.ubuntu.com00:37
daftykinsoh right00:37
daftykinsis this one of the Haswell-E setups? :)00:38
keithtoonot sure - it's an alienware x51 R2 box...00:38
prometAnd now for something completely different. My most recent 15.04 update (I know) has somehow disabled sudo access (bumped me out of sudoers group somehow?) anyone grock this?00:38
daftykinspromet: pastebin "groups"00:39
prometBy most recent I mean, like, two hours ago, by my update reckoning, which could literally be any amount of time by yours ;)00:39
prometI'm pretty attentive, to that at least, though...00:39
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daftykinsyeah so the intel one is the onboard, then the nvidia one is just the HDMI audio support (were it plugged into a TV)00:45
keithtooYep - there's 3 outputs for a 5.1 set up. All the speakers work - tested in Windows.00:46
daftykinsi'd google ubuntu with your machine if you haven't already then00:47
keithtoolol - been there all day doing just that00:47
prometdaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12235778/00:49
keithtoosound settings don't show any of the output channels - S/PDIF and headphones in some configs, or just headphones in others.00:49
prometdaftykins, I see "sudo", but not "sudoers", which why those would be exclusive groups I'll never know...00:50
prometadolf_titler; that...is hilarious sort of...00:51
daftykinspromet: i can't remember whether it used to be admin or used to be sudo, then changed to the other :D00:51
daftykinslets see00:51
daftykinsah yeah it's 'sudo' on my 14.0400:52
daftykinskeithtoo: yeah SPDIF is optical or coaxial, so no use to you there00:52
daftykinskeithtoo: here we go, try this00:53
daftykinssudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:53
daftykinsat the end of the script add this line:00:53
daftykinsoptions snd-hda-intel00:53
keithtoodaftykins: none at all - even my Klipsch speakers don't take that input00:53
alyssavanceHi - on the Unity desktop, doing Ctrl + Alt on the keyboard brings up the file browser00:54
alyssavanceThis is super annoying on Emacs, how can I disable it?00:54
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daftykinsalyssavance: check settings -> keyboard shortcuts00:55
alyssavancedaftykins: Looked there, but I don't see a Ctrl + Alt shortcut listed00:56
daftykinsok, no idea - confirm in the guest session maybe?00:56
keithtoodaftykins: no value for index?00:56
daftykinsthat'll confirm whether it's your users config00:56
daftykinskeithtoo: i don't follow you there00:56
alyssavancedaftykins: Aha - for some reason a shortcut was listed as "Ctrl+Alt L" instead of "Ctrl+Alt+L"00:57
alyssavanceNot sure why, but removing that fixed it00:57
keithtoothe other entries end in index=-2.... just checking00:57
prometdaftykins, I'm, now, in retrospect, maybe foolishly, on 15.04 (blame it on my "youth"), do you think I should add myself to "admin"?01:15
prometAlso, has anyone else noticed this "sudo issue" in 15.04? Was working a treat yesterday...01:16
daftykinspromet: so just to confirm, if you open a terminal and "sudo -i" it doesn't prompt for password?01:19
TJ_on_WilyAny ideas how to figure out how an application was auto-started at X session log-in? Nothing obvious in any autostart settings. What is unexpected is the Parent PID is 1 (the init daemon)01:22
OneM_IndustriesHow would I find out what speed memory I have in a box without opening the case or being able to look it up?01:29
OneM_IndustriesIs there some command to find that out?01:29
TJ_on_WilyOneM_Industries, "sudo dmidecode -t memory"01:30
OneM_IndustriesThank you!01:30
deaglehello hello!01:33
deagleDoes anyone know how to get a script to run when you resume from suspend mode? Every explanation I've found won't work :(01:33
marjoryjoin #chat01:38
prometdaftykins, "sudo -i" does give me root access; which is why I'm confused by this: sudo gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz > /etc/openvpn/server.conf bash: /etc/openvpn/server.conf: Permission denied01:41
prometdaftykins, forgive the paste, pastebinit seemed not toaccept this one...01:42
daftykinscan you show that in a proper pastebin so it doesn't confuse formatting?01:42
deagletry su -c "<yourcommand>"01:42
TJ_on_Wilypromet, what is confusing? You run gunzip as root, but the shell redirect is done as your user, not root01:42
daftykinsmmm i had a feeling that was going on, isn't this one of those situations where 'tee' is handy? i don't know how to use it mind :>01:43
TJ_on_Wilypromet, "gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz | sudo dd of=/etc/openvpn/server.conf"01:43
prometdaftykins, result:  su -c gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz > /etc/openvpn/server.conf01:44
prometbash: /etc/openvpn/server.conf: Permission denied01:44
deagleyou need the quotes01:45
prometTJ_on_Wily, I will try this.01:45
daftykinspromet: wasn't me that advised that one :>01:46
prometTJ_on_Wily, though I'll hav eto beg your pardon on "what is confusing", as that is clearly a point of confusion01:46
prometdaftykins, duly noted01:47
TJ_on_Wilypromet, The shell that receives your typed command also parses it. It finds the ">" I/O redirection and splits the command into 2, piping the output of the first half to the file in the 2nd half. Any privilege escalation only applies to the half it is in01:48
TJ_on_Wilypromet, You need privilege escalation for writing to "/etc/openvpn/server.conf"  -- not for reading from "/usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz"01:49
prometTJ_on_Wily, roger that. So, how to pass privilege escalation "through" a pipe, I guess then, is what I'm asking01:50
prometOr maybe I should just go in there and edit it, no?01:51
deagleby surrounding the command with quotes, and putting  su -c in front of it ;) (you can't)01:51
TJ_on_Wilypromet, You don't. You apply on the 'receiving' side that has to write. The command I gave you does that, using 'dd' to read from stdin and write to the file (specified by of=)01:51
prometTJ_on_Wily, thank you, and that is the "simplest" way of doing this?01:52
TJ_on_Wilypromet, using the | pipe makes it simpler especially if you have more complex commands either side that use shell variables, or quote marks, since wrapping those with additional quotes to pass them to, e.g., "su -c '...' " gets messy01:54
prometTJ_on_Wily, roger that, thank you again01:55
TJ_on_Wilypromet, Instead of dd, if you want to display the output as well as write it to the file, you could use "gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/sample-config-files/server.conf.gz | sudo tee /etc/openvpn/server.conf"01:55
TJ_on_Wilypromet, and with 'tee' you can use its 'tee -a ...' option to *append* the output to an existing file... useful if you don't want to over-write any existing content that might be there01:56
prometTJ_on_Wily, gotcha; thanks01:56
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monty_halllike to know files in a package02:01
monty_hallhow to query this?02:01
lotuspsychje!info rar | monty_hall02:02
ubottumonty_hall: rar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:5.2.1b2-1 (vivid), package size 547 kB, installed size 1486 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:02
monty_hallsorry, I mean pacakge from apt-get02:02
monty_hallor whatever you call it02:02
lotuspsychjemonty_hall: explain a bit what you want mate?02:03
monty_hallapt-get install mercurial-keyring02:03
deaglefile-roller will open it and show you what's in it (aka Archive Manager)02:03
monty_hallwould like to know where ubuntu installed it02:03
monty_halland what it installed02:03
lotuspsychjemonty_hall: you can use the 'whereis' command in terminal02:03
zykotick9monty_hall: "dpkg -L mercurial-keyring" perhaps02:03
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monty_hallyeah, whereis only tells me the file02:03
monty_hallI don't know what it is :P02:04
monty_hallzykotick9: i'll try it.  I think that's what I want02:04
dingderpHey guys, I bought a dell inspiron 3000 that had Ubuntu preinstalled on it.  I decided to just wipe the dell oem Ubuntu and install the latest Ubuntu 14.04.3.  When I did that the touchpad didn't work and the only way I figured out how to fix it was to use the legacy BIOS boot instead of UEFI, it works but now my laptop doesn't shutdown02:04
monty_hallzykotick9: you rock02:04
deagleAnyone know how to get a script to run when you resume from suspend mode?02:04
dingderpit's driving me nuts tonight, I hate this laptop already02:05
linx_001you can't shut it down with commands as well?02:05
lotuspsychjedingderp: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog while you trying shutdown02:05
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, /etc/pm/sleep.d/02:06
lotuspsychjedingderp: we had users with systemd issue on shutdown lately02:06
dingderplotuspsychje: ok02:06
lotuspsychjeoh wait its trusty02:06
lotuspsychjenvm last one02:06
dingderpyeah, no systemd here02:06
TJ_on_Wilydingderp, When you wiped the Dell install you probably deleted some ACPI-specific code/settings that handle shutdown02:06
dingderplinx_001: I can't shut it down with commands either, the problem is the machine just doesn't shutdown, it stops at halt02:07
deagleTJ_on_Wily: the script I put there won't run at all :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/12235953/02:07
dingderpTJ_on_Wily: I assume that might be the issue...02:07
dingderpbut I'm not sure what I can do02:07
TJ_on_Wilydingderp, firstly, you don't 'sudo' since those scripts run as root02:07
deaglei'm sure you meant me02:08
deagleyeah, I was just going to type that the         sudo -u me env DISPLAY=:0 bit was a last ditch effort02:08
deagleperms on it are 755, and the owner is root:root (like the other files there)02:09
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, Yes, sorry, tab-complete was incomplete :)02:09
deagleat least you -have- tab-complete :P02:10
OerHeksdingderp, check for bios update02:10
lotuspsychjedingderp: and investigate your logs for relevant errors02:11
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, also, you don't need to use the "&" to put it background since you've got the "--daemon" option for that02:14
dingderpWait a second, I found out just now that there seems to be a way for me to fix my touchpad while using UEFI mode.  I can blacklist i2c_hid02:15
dingderpNow.... I don't know what that module is for02:15
daftykinsseems a tad drastic02:16
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, try "su -c 'env DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/bin/inputattach --daemon -w8801 /dev/ttyS4' me"  <<-- notice "me" is the username02:16
TJ_on_Wilydingderp, IIC bus for Human Interface Devices02:16
dingderpalso there does not seem to be any bios updates I can use :/02:17
daftykinsdingderp: why would you try and update a new machine?02:17
daftykinsi suggest you contact Dell support for further efforts, since you know - you paid them for a machine02:17
dingderpdaftykins: it was a suggestion on here to check for a bios update02:17
deagleTJ_on_Wily: there's no "a2enmod" type of step for pm scripts, right?02:17
dingderpdaftykins: yeah I may end up having to do that02:17
TJ_on_Wilydingderp, Can you get hold of the original Dell image? I wouldn't be surprised if it had customised kernel command-line options for ACPI, e.g. "acpi_osi=Windows 2012"02:17
daftykinsi'd have made a backup ;)02:18
deaglelike modprobe, or such02:18
dingderpI'll look for that image now02:18
dingderpyeah i should've made an image backup, I never would have thought this would be an issue02:18
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, correct; drop the script/executable in the directory and chmod u+x; chown root:root02:19
deaglek let me close my lid and try it.02:19
deagle:( nothing02:19
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TJ_on_Wilydeagle, first thing is to confirm the script executes. Add a line after 'su' with "echo "$(/bin/date) inputattach returned $?" >> /var/log/inputattach.log02:21
deaglegood idea! one question though... what will the $? do? shouldn't I take out the daemon, and redirect output?02:23
zqim from CHINA02:23
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, actually, that'll always report 0 return. It should be "RESULT=$?; echo "$(date) inputattach returned $RESULT" >> /var/log/inputattach.log"02:24
Ben64zq: this is the ubuntu support channel. if you have a question, ask it02:24
dingderpI'm getting tired tonight, I may as well mess with this laptop tomorrow.  I'm gonna try reinstalling in UEFI mode and blacklisting i2c_hid since that seems to be the only solution that is popping up02:25
dingderpif that doesn't work I'm just gonna contact dell02:26
dingderpnext time I'm paying more for a not so cheapy laptop LOL02:26
deagleTJ_on_Wily: k, testing...02:26
dingderpanyway goodnight all02:26
deagle:( nuthin'02:27
deaglelet me check the log02:28
deagleno such file or directory -_-02:28
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TJ_on_Wilydeagle, OK, that suggests the script isn't running02:29
* TJ_on_Wily drops a shebang on deagle's head!02:30
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, There should *not* be a space in the shebang line, it should be "#!/bin/bash"02:30
deaglescripting while drunk :P02:31
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, You can use /bin/sh there - nothing bash-specific in use02:31
deaglelet's try that all over again...02:31
deaglemeh... force of habit02:31
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deaglenothing :(02:33
TJ_on_WilyI wonder if it is because of the way the suspend/resume is running02:34
LonelyDanboHow do I run a command that uses multiple arguments, and also runs files with foreign language characters or spaces in them? I have a script that blocks internet access, then runs Wine with a bunch of arguments surrounded by double-quotes, but it's not recognizing the filename I type in. I can't use double-quotes for the filename.02:34
deagleHow do you mean?02:35
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, try from the command-line: "sudo pm-suspend"02:35
deaglecommand not found >_>02:35
deagleit totally suspends when I close the lid, though!02:35
deagleI mean... apm?02:36
happyfr0ggThe shred cli command is not working. Files still reside on a flash stick.02:36
deagleI originally had it in the scripts dir, ln'd to resume.d02:36
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, If you have the /etc/pm/sleep.d/ directory, that is part of the "pm-utils" package, which also contains "/usr/sbin/pm-suspend"02:37
deagleoddly enough, I don't even have pm-hibernate02:37
deaglewhich I used to have... I'm running eOS Freya, if that makes a difference02:37
happyfr0ggBleachbit does not "see" the files in question but I can bring them up via the terminal. Please help. Thanks.02:37
TJ_on_Wilyhappyfr0gg, are you using "shred --remove ..." ?02:37
deagleI'll go ahead and install pm-utils02:37
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, Check if it is installed first "apt-cache policy pm-utils"02:38
happyfr0ggTJ_on_Wily - I will try that. Give me a second.02:38
TJ_on_Wilydeagle, you can find out which package(s) created the directory with "dpkg -S /etc/pm/sleep.d"02:39
deagle:O oooh noise!02:39
LonelyDanboI've got like: nointernet "WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_test1 wine [].exe" and the exe filename is in foreign language characters. I have the language support installed, but it's not liking my command. I guess double-quotes around the exe wouldn't change anything, huh?02:39
TJ_on_WilyLonelyDanbo, try "...wine \"[].exe\""02:40
LonelyDanboTJ_on_Wily thanks, will try.02:41
LonelyDanboHm. Nope. Perhaps it's a Wine problem. The filename ends in ! and it's skipping all the foreign language characters before that and can't find !.exe02:42
myrosi have a problem with a tutorial02:43
TJ_on_WilyLonelyDanbo, You may need to 'escape' those characters - maybe some are illegal02:43
happyfr0ggTJ_on_Wily - Thanks for your input - it worked!02:43
myrosNo protocol specified02:44
myros** (dconf-editor:3368): WARNING **: Could not open X display02:44
myrosNo protocol specified02:44
myrosFailed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden02:44
myrosUnable to init server: Verbindung ist gescheitert: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt02:44
LonelyDanboTJ_on_Wily is there an easy way to convert the filename into escape codes?02:52
LonelyDanbooh he's gone.02:54
_dreamerHello, just a quick question for anyone who play CS:GO. I would like to copy the game fromm windows to ubuntu, how would I go about doing that? I read that its possible, however I did not find a guide03:15
daftykins_dreamer: Steam? copy the cache dir03:16
_dreamerI want the whole game from windows moved to my ubuntu03:17
_dreamerI have mobile broadband and cant afford to download it again03:17
daftykinssurely copy, not move03:17
daftykinssorry this is more of a steam query.03:17
_dreamerdo I just copy the whole thing to ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps03:17
daftykinsread up where Steam stores games :)03:18
daftykins#ubuntu-steam exists i believe03:18
_dreameryea but what am I supposed to copy?03:19
_dreamerthe whole thing?03:19
_dreamerand just paste it?03:19
star_hey my linux isnt working can anybod helo out03:22
_dreamerdaftykins: where do I find the large files on window?03:23
_dreamerdaftykins: windows03:23
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu star_03:23
bazhangwhat is 'not working ' star_03:23
star_im using kali linux 2.003:23
bazhangstar_, thats not supported here03:23
daftykins_dreamer: it has its' own folder for the game in the Steam path03:24
daftykins!kali | star_03:24
ubottustar_: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:24
star_the other gut said to join this channel03:24
bazhangno matter star_ its not03:24
_dreamerdaftykins: oh, there we go :P03:24
_dreamerdaftykins: found it03:24
daftykinswell done03:25
daftykinsstar_: nope.03:25
star_it said could not send to that channel03:25
bazhang /join #kali-linux star_03:25
_dreamerdaftykins: now I can just steal the largest files and "recover" it later in ubuntu right?03:25
bazhangnot our issue star_03:25
daftykins_dreamer: no copy the entire game folder03:25
daftykinsmatch it up against the cache size reported in Steam03:25
_dreamerdaftykins: thx man03:25
daftykinsit'll probably still have to download some, but it may not be as much03:26
_dreamerdaftykins: of to installing ubuntu, have a good one03:26
daftykinsi sense we'll be seeing that user again03:26
thei0173star_: write /join #Kali-linux it will send you the right place.03:26
daftykinsstar_: you might have to register, ask how to do that in #freenode03:26
zerothisHow can I install Splashtop streamer on Vivid? the Precise package provided gives an error wanting an outdated version of  libavcodec (which in turn requires an outdated libavutil)03:37
daftykinsyeah you can't use packages from older versions...03:38
daftykinszerothis: find a PPA or compile03:38
daftykins!info splashtop03:38
ubottuPackage splashtop does not exist in vivid03:38
zerothiscompile it is then, there is a source download provided03:39
deserteagleTJ_on_Wiley: apparently at some point the script disconnected my network card LOL04:05
t2mknany one help me. i dont see any apps in drawer search, also there is no menu bar for any app running.04:10
star_is anybody there04:14
gioantrekminhi think only me04:15
gioantrekminhhello star04:15
gioantrekminhi am a new ubuntu04:15
t2mknme too04:16
t2mkngioantrekminh: u a new ubuntu! u not working for me :P i have issue.04:16
gioantrekminhi am feeling happy, when i uses ubuntu04:17
gioantrekminht2mkn: i don'think that04:17
gioantrekminhnow u can make freind with me04:17
t2mknit works, but i have done it in a different way, so its not working04:17
t2mknneed expert help to fix04:18
gioantrekminhwhat your problem ?04:19
gioantrekminhif i can, i ready help you now04:20
t2mknmenu bar is not visible04:20
t2mknalso i cant see any installed app in dash04:20
dabdabhi guys, i cant access shared folders on windows pc in my homegroup.. i already installed samba server and tried to share an empty folder but still no luck.. im running ubuntu 14.04 lts04:20
t2mknits ubuntu server 14.0404:21
t2mkninstalled ubuntu-desktop with no recommendas app installed04:22
bazhangt2mkn, server with a dash?04:22
gioantrekminht2mkn: press mouse right, and chose Change Desktop Background04:22
bazhangt2mkn, thats desktop then04:22
t2mknok then04:23
t2mknok now04:23
gioantrekminhand autou-hide the laucher04:23
gioantrekminhchange it: on or off04:24
gioantrekminhshow the menus for a Window04:24
t2mknok i did, off and on back again04:24
t2mkndid that too, but no window menu is shown04:24
gioantrekminhcheck: in the menu bar04:25
gioantrekminhif didn't work: restore Behavior settings04:25
gioantrekminhok ?04:25
t2mknno its not working even after restore04:26
gioantrekminhnow you try restart your computer04:27
Rhombixhi, came earlier about an issue i'm suddenly getting with external hdds. every time i try to use Safely Remove Drive, the drive auto mounts itself after a few seconds. removing it from within Disk Utility gives me an error "Device is busy", unless i unmount it and then remove it, which just makes it remount again.04:28
Rhombixno amount of rebooting has helped. i'm doing some major achiving right now, and running into a mounting error is not helping...04:28
t2mkngioantrekminh: restared several times now04:29
gioantrekminhopen terminal and input : sudo -i04:30
gioantrekminhpress your password04:30
gioantrekminhand press: reboot now04:30
t2mkndone but no as usual04:34
Rhombixre: i've read a lot of online comments that simply unmounting the drive is enough to be able to unplug without any damage, but with an HDD, with the LED still switched on, is that really true? i have to be sure here.04:43
gbellIf the drive is indicating activity (via the LED), and those are writes,  you don't know if they've gone to the physical disk yet.  They could be in cache.  Unplugging then would lead to data loss, and possibly filesystem corruption.  Always unmount :)04:45
t2mknsudo apt-get install indicator-applet-appmenu indicator-applet-session04:47
t2mknsolved the menubar issue04:47
t2mknbut still i am unable to see any installed apps while searching for04:47
AvatarARhombix, if the unmount succeeded then the writes should have been flushed to the partition04:48
Rhombixgbell, AvatarA: thanks. so if i unmount and wait a little bit, i can be sure that i won't cause any damage?04:49
oats_Python repl breaks my terminal04:49
=== root is now known as Guest42725
twankjust in here to say thanks for Linux04:50
AvatarAas soon as it shows success you should be OK04:50
twankthanks to you all it has come so far04:50
oats_Should I file a bug report somewhere?04:50
AvatarAbut that is for a partition04:50
AvatarAdon't know what you mean about unmounting a drive04:50
AvatarAwhat did you write to unmount the whole drive?04:50
gbellRhombix: By the time the unmount command comes back to the prompt, you should be OK.  Reading through the chat history, it seems that something was automatically mounting the drive.  So you have a tougher problem.  But something automatically mounting the drive shouldn't be writing to it right away...04:50
Rhombixgbell: is was all fine until a few days ago. i'm archiving, so doing a lot of writing, switching drives, checking for errors etc. it looks like i've changed a setting somewhere, so external drives remount themselves after being Safely Removed04:52
Rhombix^it was04:52
gbellCan you switch out of Unity/Nautilus to something simpler that won't try to do a bunch of user-friendly stuff behind the scenes?  Like fluxbox?04:53
Rhombixgbell: well, on the advice i'm getting online i've tried using commands like udisk, but getting the same problems04:54
AvatarAi would drop to a root shell and use the even simpler mount and umount commands if I would want to be 100% sure04:55
=== gms is now known as Guest17904
RhombixAvatarA: i can unmount a drive, but i'm prevented from doing a safe removal. since i'm handling my backup disks i can't afford to let anything get damaged, so i don't want to just unplug. i need to find out what is making the drive remount itself automatically.04:58
AvatarAare you trying to backup the drive where you're booting from?04:59
stepvenstonhi i just bought a vps, how can i connect to the SSH through tor?05:01
RhombixAvatarA: i'm using USB hard drives. usually, i can unmount them, but i can also use Safely Remove to power them down properly. but now, if i try to use Safely Remove, the drive mounts itself again after a few seconds.05:02
momentusstepvenston: google it, there's lots of guides on there05:03
stepvenstonI have been and I have meet alot of dead end ive read a guide for putty and it doesnt work05:04
=== NGC_6205_1 is now known as NGC_6205
stepvenstoni dont really want the ssh over webservice those seem sketchy05:05
momentusyou will need to in order to setup ssh as hidden service05:05
olligobberI'm trying to make a startup disk of xubuntu using an ubuntu machine and got this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236366/05:06
momentusyou need tor to listen on localhost:2205:06
AvatarARhombix, try to look in /var/log and maybe you will find what is causing the remounts05:07
stepvenstoni have tor listening and i route all my requests through it, but i cant figure out how to route ssh through it05:07
stepvenstonmy tor listens on like 9365 or something :p05:08
AvatarAshould be 915005:08
stepvenstonmight be it, been a while since i visited the config05:08
stepvenstonis their software i should be looking for?05:08
momentusyes and you need to have vps tor listening on the sshd port05:08
RhombixAvatarA: thanks, i'm try that05:09
AvatarAif your version of Ubuntu is using systemd, you could "journalctl -f"05:10
t2mknis their any way to fix all broken .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/05:10
olligobbert2mkn, what do you mean by broken?05:10
t2mkndesktop-file-validate /usr/share/applications/*.desktop05:10
t2mknshows a lot of error05:10
t2mkni am unable to see any app listing Unity dash05:11
olligobbert2mkn, reinstalling is always a good option :P05:11
t2mknwhat to reinstall ?05:11
olligobbert2mkn, everything, try one thing first though05:11
t2mknu mean the whole OS ?05:12
olligobbert2mkn, open one of the .desktop files in a text editor and have a look05:12
olligobbert2mkn, is cheese.desktop there?05:13
olligobbert2mkn, actually, open gedit.desktop05:13
olligobbert2mkn, then paste the contents onto paste.ubuntu.com05:14
t2mknolligobber: its a 14.04 server installation05:16
t2mknwith minimal ubuntu-desktop install05:16
t2mknnothing else05:16
t2mknall seems to be broken this way05:16
olligobbert2mkn, ok, what .dekstop files are there?05:17
=== user is now known as Guest48461
OneM_IndustriesHey, does Ubuntu 14.04 support UEFI?05:22
olligobberOneM_Industries, yes05:22
olligobberOneM_Industries, not by default, you have to set it up05:23
daftykinsolligobber: that's total rubbish, you just boot in EFI mode and you're good to go05:23
daftykinsthere's no 'setup' required.05:23
daftykinsOneM_Industries: ^05:23
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:23
daftykinssee there for more.05:23
OneM_IndustriesHm, so say I had installed without UEFI, and I am upgrading to a mobo with UEFI.05:23
OneM_IndustriesWould that work?05:24
daftykinswell it's gonna keep booting legacy if it's installed as such05:24
J3ll0W /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER J3ll0W nackgaafgxbt05:24
daftykinsEFI systems are capable of legacy boot for the most part05:24
olligobberdaftykins, I thought you had to tell ubuntu where the uefi partition was05:24
daftykinsolligobber: no05:24
olligobberJ3ll0W, password change time \o/05:24
J3ll0Wlol just fukn round05:25
daftykinsOneM_Industries: you could convert the installation, as in the link above, but there's no benefit to changing anything - it'll just work05:25
OneM_IndustriesOk, thank you.05:25
daftykinsJ3ll0W: inappropriate language for here :)05:25
J3ll0Wfukn != inappropriate language05:25
OneM_IndustriesI am doing a kid in a candy store type thing with newegg mobos.05:25
olligobberdaftykins, well thanks for correcting me I guess05:25
daftykinsOneM_Industries: why are you changing board?05:26
OneM_IndustriesJust looking right now.05:26
OneM_IndustriesTrying to be prepared for an upgrade.05:26
OneM_IndustriesAlso, I have my eye on this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1681315735805:27
OneM_IndustriesFor the future.05:27
t2mknolligobber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236398/05:27
OneM_IndustriesI like thinking about 10 steps ahead with my computer stuff, saves time in the long run.05:27
daftykinsthat is a foolish statement05:28
daftykinsi don't touch AMD - so you'll have to entertain ##hardware with that one :)05:28
OneM_IndustriesI am not upgrading right now, if that is what you mean.05:28
olligobbert2mkn, can you show me python3.4.desktop please?05:28
OneM_IndustriesI only use AMD, but the manufacturer doesn't matter so much as the specs.05:29
OneM_IndustriesAnyway, I have to go.05:29
OneM_IndustriesSee you!05:29
Kirito_Can someone please tell me what in gods name Ubuntu's horribly broken package manager is doing here? https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884450105:30
daftykinsKirito_: you might want to dial back the distro hate05:30
nimblethe same package manager debian uses?05:30
daftykinsit's fine for most other folk, so likely the issue lies with the person feeding it instructions :) bear that in mind05:30
t2mknolligobber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236408/05:30
daftykinsand you're using aptitude which isn't standard05:31
Kirito_I'm sorry. Ubuntu / debian / apt / aptitude05:31
Kirito_I've spent the last 15 minutes trying to get a simple Apache installation working using either. This is clearly a packaging issue.05:32
olligobbert2mkn, it appears to be identical to my copy... maybe try one that you know doesn't work?05:32
daftykinsno, it's a you issue05:32
Kirito_Sure it is.05:32
daftykinsyou tried to run "aptitude <package>" :)05:32
daftykinsalso still using precise is a bit of an odd choice05:32
nimbleKirito_, it looks like libapache2-mod-xsendfile requires 2.2 but you installed 2.005:32
atralheaven_Hi, Something is wrong with my system :| its acting weired sometimes, sometimes ubuntu becomes slow, that I can't even close programs,05:33
atralheaven_and when I try to go to terminals beside gui with alt+f2-3 etc sometimes it doesn't go, and sometimes login is so slow that before asking me to type password I pressed ctr+alt+del to restart,05:33
nimbleand unfortunately it's flagged as an error now so you might need to clear it first05:33
gshmupssh mussh etc which better for you?05:33
atralheaven_one time, I was watching movie (with vlc), and at one second everything freezed, I couldn't even go to terminals, I had to power off my laptop manually! my hardware is fine, I have lenovo z500 6gig ram, core i5, why should this happen?05:33
atralheaven_ I'm not running anything heavy on my system, I hadn't this problem before on ubuntu, or with arch, sometimes when I try to find something (ctr+f) on gedit, if the text is "a little" long (not more that 10kb) it freezes,05:33
atralheaven_ it can be because of gedit itself, but what about whole system slow downs? btw I think my laptop battery is still being used much more than it should be when I put it on sleep.05:33
Kirito_nimble, thank you, I didn't notice it wasn't registering apache2.2 above.05:34
daftykinsatralheaven_: "free -m | pastebinit"05:34
nimbleKirito_, np05:34
atralheaven_sorry I had to split my pm into several pms05:34
=== asianetplus is now known as partrob
atralheaven_ok I will put it on pastebin05:34
daftykinsKirito_: so remember, a good workperson never blames their tools.05:34
nimblewell, it is actually a bug05:35
nimblefor some reason when he installs the generic 2.0 package the libapache-mod-xsendfile package requires 2.205:35
nimblethe issue is he can't resolve it without first sorting out the issue with dpkg05:35
=== hippy is now known as Bear___
olligobberat what point is it acceptable to restate my question?05:36
daftykinsdid you find a bug?05:36
nimbledaftykins, look at his log05:36
nimblehe installs apache2 and the version of libphp* that it selects requires 2.205:37
nimblethe part where he got caught up is when he went to install apache2.205:37
daftykinsolligobber: ah, waste of time - use 'dd' to put the ISO on the flash drive instead.05:37
nimbleit's already flagged the libphp package05:37
t2mknolligobber: check this with all error files, and one .desktop context as in their. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236421/05:37
olligobberdaftykins, never used dd before05:37
daftykinsnimble: we don't know what's coming from a PPA though do we05:37
daftykinsanyway too late to read that log in detail :)05:38
daftykinsolligobber: know your flash drives device name? e.g. /dev/sdx05:38
olligobberdaftykins, yes, /dev/sdd05:38
daftykinsolligobber: sudo dd if=/path/to/.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=2M05:38
olligobberdaftykins, ty05:38
nimblewell, that's possible05:39
olligobbert2mkn, unfortunately I don't have a copy of that .desktop file, but nothing appears to be wrong with it...05:39
nimbleKirito_, do you have any PPAs installed?05:40
olligobbert2mkn, have you recently upgraded the machine or something?05:40
t2mknyes it is05:41
t2mknnot maching, its a virtual machin installation05:41
t2mknfresh one05:41
Kirito_ppa:ondrej/php5-5 on this box apparently, I didn't realize that was enabled05:41
daftykinsyep so PPAs trash all standards05:41
daftykinsa release as old as precise, is gonna work05:41
LaughingMan01a la verga05:42
t2mknthen what else can be a reason for the issue. "no app display in unity search"05:42
LaughingMan01TE quieres reir ferny05:42
daftykinsLaughingMan01: English only thanks.05:42
olligobbert2mkn, you could manually correct all of those error messages05:42
olligobbert2mkn, a lot of them aren't actual errors, just warnings05:43
t2mknlet me do one thing. remove all those .desktop files who have error. well i will move them to somewhere else05:44
olligobbert2mkn, I suggest rebooting if you haven't already05:44
t2mkni have rebooted a lot of time now05:45
t2mknevon just now i did.05:45
olligobbert2mkn, always worth checking05:45
olligobbernow I'm getting an error when unmounting a drive...05:45
olligobberoh...fixed it XD05:46
olligobberdaftykins, that worked by the way, thanks <305:49
jak2000when i try: apt-get update i get this error, how to fix? "E: Unable to synchronize mmap - msync (5: Input/output error)"05:55
daftykinsjak2000: is this a VM or VPS of any kind?05:56
* onepolar hello everyone05:59
onepolaris there any suggestion to run twitter for terminal?06:00
onepolarnow im use twidge06:00
onepolaris there any opninion?06:01
onepolarim newbie here06:01
daftykinsnever touched it06:01
t2mknolligobber: just to inform moving .desktop who have errors did not worked06:02
olligobbert2mkn, I didn't think it would06:02
olligobbert2mkn, none of the errors in that list should cause those symptoms afaik06:03
t2mknhow can i let unity to remove all its catch and try to build a fresh now list of installed apps?06:04
Asta666heeey is it possible to install the liquorix kernel and nvidia drivers 304 on ubuntu 14.04?06:04
daftykinsalternative kernel, never heard of it - so that one's on you06:04
daftykinsonce you put on a modded kernel it ceases to be ubuntu06:04
olligobbert2mkn, I think your best option is a reinstall06:05
t2mknreinstall is not a fix. before i reinstall i should know, why its happening.06:06
olligobbert2mkn, something is wrong with your .desktop files, reinstalling should put in the correct .desktop files06:07
t2mkni did moved all .desktop files who have error to else where. but06:08
t2mknthat did not fixed06:08
t2mknso problem is else where06:08
olligobbert2mkn, the issue is that broken or missing .desktop files won't show up in the panel06:08
t2mknmissing .disktop files dont show in panel fine, but those who has no error and are there, they should apear. after all i removed all error files06:10
olligobbert2mkn, which ones don't have errors?06:10
t2mknif no error it should show up something right06:10
t2mkni had shown u a list06:10
t2mknall those06:10
=== vexyde is now known as vexoon
t2mknand now while ching it gives no errors except some worning06:11
olligobbert2mkn, ok, so I'm wrong, chromium should atleast show up...06:11
olligobbert2mkn, does typing stuff in the search bar help?06:12
t2mknevon i should be able to find gedit, terminal and alike06:12
t2mknno thats the issue, it dont display anything, its not evon searching06:12
olligobbert2mkn, gedit had a warning06:12
t2mknexcept online stuff from wikipedia06:12
t2mknya worning not error so it should be ok06:13
olligobbert2mkn, something along these lines? https://askubuntu.com/questions/103708/ubuntu-dash-is-blank-how-do-i-get-the-apps-back06:13
olligobbert2mkn, maybe this https://askubuntu.com/questions/125843/dash-search-gives-no-result?lq=106:14
penosis ubuntu gnu?06:15
daftykinsa distribution consists of the Linux kernel and lots of GNU tools - so most distributions can be said to be GNU + Linux06:16
=== thomas is now known as evilthomas
t2mknolligobber: wala i fixed06:22
t2mknunity-leans-applications was missing06:23
t2mknalso unity-leans-files06:23
t2mknya lens06:23
daftykinsdid you maybe remove them all for the paranoia angle about the amazon stuff?06:23
t2mknthey are their06:25
daftykinswell someone removed 'em ;)06:26
atralheaven_anyone has any suggestion on my problem?06:31
=== cyphase_ is now known as cyphase
t2mknatralheaven_: whats your problem. i missed may be06:35
atralheaven_its here: http://pastebin.com/03pVPCEZ06:36
atralheaven_t2mkn: maybe not having a swap partition is causing the problem, but it shouldn't be causing things like this! 6gig ram is enough for what I do with my laptop, I don't use any "heavy" program06:38
geirhaatralheaven_: I don't know, but my main suspect would be the graphics card driver06:38
atralheaven_when I switched to terminal (alt+f2 I think)06:38
olligobbert2mkn, never would have thought of that, good work06:38
atralheaven_there was something repeating06:39
atralheaven_I don't remember its name, but it could be something about graphic card, like nvidia06:39
atralheaven_I see now, its still there!06:40
t2mknolligobber: thanks :) i liked the issue, and i learned something. :)06:40
geirhathat's the open source driver for nvidia graphics cards06:40
daftykinsatralheaven_: asked for "free -m" ages ago06:40
t2mknatralheaven_: what exectly is happening? when u open terminal whats happening.06:41
t2mknrepeated key strokes ?06:41
atralheaven_oh I have a bad memory about changing graphic card driver, I switched to nvidia tested! driver, and everything broke06:41
t2mkneverything broke, but what broke ?06:42
t2mknsystem not starting ?06:42
t2mknnot booting06:42
t2mknbad resolution06:42
t2mknor anything else06:43
daftykinsatralheaven_: ...06:43
daftykinst2mkn: read the paste06:43
t2mknooo i had missed that. ok reading. lets see.06:44
daftykinsatralheaven_: and in the meantime, can you pastebin "free -m" like i asked? :)06:44
daftykinsover 1 hour ago in fact.06:44
olligobberdaftykins, probably read what you said as "paste bin your question" rather than "run this command"06:45
=== aryan__ is now known as arunpyasi
daftykinsolligobber: no06:46
t2mknatralheaven_: have u tried to change tty when it hungup. and see the running process which is may be using 100% cup ?06:46
atralheaven_sorry I had to restart :|06:46
atralheaven_I missed your pms06:46
daftykinsatralheaven_: and in the meantime, can you pastebin "free -m" like i asked an hour ago? :)06:46
atralheaven_I sure06:46
atralheaven_I went to tty to see the text that was repeating, and I was locked there06:47
daftykinsso you're getting kernel errors huh?06:47
atralheaven_let me show you06:48
t2mknya lets see06:48
daftykinsi want the output of what i asked for first.06:48
daftykinsbefore you drag this out for another hour :)06:48
atralheaven_sure, just a second06:48
atralheaven_I responded that time, in a pm06:49
daftykinsto who o006:49
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.06:52
atralheaven_it seems that I've disconnected, if anyone has respond after my pm, please send it again to me07:12
HalelujahWhy i get these errors? I have NO SOUND07:16
Halelujah[   14.304044] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: Codec #0 probe error; disabling it... [   14.407563] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: CORB reset timeout#1, CORBRP = 0 [   15.412033] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: Codec #1 probe error; disabling it... [   15.515421] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: CORB reset timeout#1, CORBRP = 0 [   15.515440] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:14.2: no codecs initialized07:16
HalelujahnothinG WORKING07:19
HalelujahMy sound is not WORKING07:21
HalelujahMy stupid sound is not working07:25
megamaaaanhey guys, question. does this mean i dont have access to the trash folder? http://i.imgur.com/HLRl85x.png07:28
atralheaven_Halelujah: I don't know very much, im not an expert, but I try my best to help, there are things to try, was it like this when you installed ubuntu? or this happened later?07:28
Halelujahclean instsall no sound, atralheaven_07:29
atralheaven_megamaaaan: open an terminal and try this: cd /home/megm/.local/share/Trash/files/07:31
momentusHalelujah: do you know the name of your audio device? does it show up when you type <lspci>07:31
Halelujahmomentus: 00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)07:32
atralheaven_Halelujah: open terminal, type alsamixer07:32
atralheaven_see if master is muted?07:32
Halelujahatralheaven_: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory07:32
atralheaven_what's your ubuntu version?07:33
atralheaven_I don't know if ubuntu uses alsa as default, im on 14.04 and I have it by default07:34
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
atralheaven_you're using kde right? I don't have kde now, have you checked the sound settings? found out any useful information there?07:35
Halelujahatralheaven_:  no Lubuntu07:37
atralheaven_Halelujah: what about this: pulseaudio --start07:38
atralheaven_enter in terminal07:38
HalelujahN: [pulseaudio] main.c: User-configured server at {4058b9552bd24a11ac9287cfbc7edc11}unix:/run/user/1000/pulse/native, which appears to be local. Probing deeper.07:39
zzo38I installed the Amoebax package at first I could not figure out how to set control of both players to the same keys, but now I figured it out!07:40
dookie69Anybody know of the ebook channel?07:42
Halelujahatralheaven_:  ok im done with ubuntu on this pc07:42
atralheaven_Halelujah: im not expert in linux at all, when I installed arch linux, I learned that there are several sound systems in linux, I've worked with alsa, I think we should frist find out what is your sound system now, and check the settings, it seems its not alsa, and its pulseaudio07:43
megamaaaanatralheaven_, worked07:43
zzo38(How you do it is you can edit the ~/.config/amoebax/options.conf to edit it, you can also edit the high-scores in this way, and delete high scores)07:43
atralheaven_don't give up! it can be solved easily07:43
atralheaven_megamaaaan: so you can go to that directory in terminal? without sudo?07:44
atralheaven_is your home directory in a different partition?07:45
atralheaven_Halelujah: I can't send respond to you, it seems you left, if you're here tell me, we can try somethings07:46
megamaaaanatralheaven_, yes. the error only comes when i try to delete a file from the file explorer: dolphin07:48
megamaaaanrm command works fine07:49
atralheaven_can you check the permissions that are set to the trash folder?07:51
gshmuhow to stop the xrdp startup with boot?07:51
=== dmk is now known as Guest40154
gshmuget it $ update-rc.d xrdp.sh remove07:52
motaubuntu 15.04 feels extremely slow under hyper-v on windows. Can anyone suggest best practice to make it more responsive?07:54
atralheaven_gshmu: I don't know what is it, but it maybe configured with systemd07:54
atralheaven_mota: I think you should install htop (or use top) and check what makes it slow07:55
TomyWorkmota might just be missing paravirtualization drivers. have you checked that?07:57
TomyWorki can only help you with the theory, but google "hyper-v linux paravirtualization drivers" or something like that07:57
TomyWorkI have a laptop with a screen attached via a DVI port on a docking station. For some reason if i maximize a window that's entirely on the laptop screen, it ends up maximized on the DVI screen. here's my xrandr output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236751/ - I notice there is a VIRTUAL1 display that I can't identify.07:58
motaatralheaven_: it is fresh installed, all defaults07:58
motaTomyWork: my understanding was that they are part of the kernel now, no need for manual installation?07:58
TomyWorkthis is an nvidia binary driver. i tried nouveau first, but that crashed the display server right when i attached the monitor07:59
TomyWorkmota maybe not the hyper-v ones07:59
TomyWorkthere used to be a -virtual kernel08:00
TomyWorksee if you got that08:00
TomyWorkuname -a or something08:00
atralheaven_mota: it shouldn't actually happen, so something is wrong, Im just trying to check things that can be causing it, but of course its only the things that I know, problem can be because of something that I don't know08:01
bishopsanyone knows why tombox (on android) synchronizes only read-only notes from tomboy files stored in dropbox?08:02
atralheaven_you can try "ls -l"  or "stat -c "%a %n" /yourdirectory" to check if the permissions are fine08:03
atralheaven_mota: sorry I mentioned you wrong!08:04
atralheaven_megamaaaan: it shouldn't actually happen, so something is wrong, Im just trying to check things that can be causing it, but of course its only the things that I know, problem can be because of something that I don't know08:04
atralheaven_megamaaaan: you can try "ls -l"  or "stat -c "%a %n" /yourdirectory" to check if the permissions are fine08:04
mi11k1hey, i just switched to ubuntu, well kodibunu actually, can somebody look at this dmsg and tell me what i should resolve? http://pastebin.com/vG3xbpLU08:05
motauname -a reports the generic kernel08:06
atralheaven_megamaaaan: and this may help too: http://askubuntu.com/questions/124554/how-to-resolve-permission-denied-when-emptying-the-trash  - the last respond on the page08:08
mi11k1i always used debian, is firmware-atheros and ralink included?08:10
motaOK. seems that I need to apt-get install linux-virtual  ...and reboot after? does this seem correct?08:13
jackhumso i posted my question on SO , but no one have yet cared to answer it , please help http://askubuntu.com/questions/667465/acpi-call-command-in-rc-local-is-not-being-executed-in-14-0408:15
=== carlo_ is now known as Guest52495
matthewhey guys08:18
jackhumi want to run a command as root as soon as possible of startup of system08:19
=== matthew is now known as Guest44222
Guest44222what the08:19
motahow can I force apt-get to use ipv4? right now it is failing via ipv6 and I don't want to troubleshoot that; I just want to work around it08:20
vonsyd0wmota, google is your friend http://unix.stackexchange.com/q/9940/3339608:21
vonsyd0walso since 12.04, there is no difference between the virtual and standard kernel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq#What_are_the_differences_between_the_server_and_virtual_kernels.3F08:23
motavonsyd0w: tried the accepted solution there and it is still using ipv608:23
motaproof: http://i.imgur.com/7DHAkub.png08:26
megamaaaanatralheaven_, thanks ill try, its not a huge deal anyways08:26
motaoh, ha. typo on my part. working now08:27
megamaaaanatralheaven_, just to let you know, deleting all files in ~/.local/share/Trash solved the problem08:30
atralheaven_megamaaaan: there is a terminal tool for emptying trash, you can use it too,08:31
atralheaven_thats good08:31
atralheaven_I'm glad you solved it!08:31
=== max_ is now known as Guest17517
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
megamaaaanatralheaven_ thanks for the help08:36
=== Guest17517 is now known as TortueGenial
MikeLahey room08:50
dw1how do you do08:50
MikeLahas anyone had that encryption, ransom ware08:50
MikeLaany great tools for that08:50
dw1no, because don't open dumb stuff :]08:50
MikeLaa customer has it08:51
MikeLajust saying08:51
MikeLahelping out08:51
dw1if it's done right i don't think you can break it08:51
vonsyd0whope you have backups08:51
MikeLayes have backups08:51
dw1format C:08:51
vonsyd0wrestore from backups, problem solved08:52
MikeLalooks like that is the next option08:52
MikeLa4bit coin to get decrypt they say08:53
MikeLalol, a little funny this08:53
MikeLawhat anti virus do you guys use on ubuntu08:55
vonsyd0wnever have, probably never will08:55
dw1jus don't open dumb stuff :D08:55
MikeLalol, again with the dumb stuff08:56
dw1AV only catches viruses that have already been found :/08:56
dw1i'm sure a good haxor can fly under the radar :p08:56
dw1false sense of security, no substitute for not opening dumb stuff :D08:57
rick_Hi All, I want install ubuntu 14.04 server edition on a emmc based system. How do I make ubuntu 14.04 support EMMC storage?09:05
ikoniaemmc ?09:05
rick_I know I need to build driver into kernel or as module, but don't know how to make it work with the install disc.09:05
rick_ikonia,  yes, emmc, such sdhci driver09:05
ikoniaahhh the chip stuff09:06
ikoniasorry - I had EMC in my head conflicting09:06
ikoniathere is the option to load additional "drivers" in the installer,09:06
ikoniahowever I've not used that for a LONG time, so I'm not sure how it's accessed these days09:07
ikoniarick_: ahhh you do it as part of an OEM install09:08
aaaaaa 09:08
ikoniathey have changed the layout/process on the server install09:08
ikoniahang on, let me dig out an example09:08
FuraiI know it's kind of pointless to ask here but I need to run VM with windows on my ubuntu desktop. I need it only for one specific programme. Is there some lightweight distro of windows and software to run vm? (I imagine that virtual box would be the best choice.)09:08
ikoniaFurai: ##windows is the correct channel09:08
ikoniarick_: use this http://askubuntu.com/questions/6499/provide-driver-on-removable-media-during-installation an the OEM install manual, and you should be able to put something together09:09
Furaiikonia, ok.09:10
rick_ikonia, Thank you! I miss the OEM guide...09:13
ikoniarick_: I didn't think that's where it would be, but it is, seems a bit of a long way of doing, it, but that's how it works now09:13
akikFurai: you can check wine hq if wine is able to run your application in linux09:14
akikFurai: https://appdb.winehq.org/09:15
ikoniaaaaaaa: what do you want ?09:20
ikoniaaaaaaa: you keep saying random things, either state what you want or please stop09:20
MrElendigFurai: what program?09:20
FuraiMrElendig, really obscure one.09:21
MrElendig"software protection"....09:21
MrElendigaka "trow away your money and get nothing back"09:22
MrElendigstrange that people have not realised that tools like that doesn't actually work09:23
MrElendigthe only way to actually protect your code is not not give it to anyone in the first place, aka run it as a service instead09:24
FuraiMrElendig, I got on mature game project which was using it for registration.09:24
FuraiSo yeah, it's not perfect solution but it works.09:24
MrElendigFurai: too bad it takes <2 mins to break it09:24
MrElendigusing off the shelf tools09:25
MrElendigasprotect was broken over a decade ago :D09:26
FuraiGame is from over a decade ago.09:27
erkulesahoi is there a repo with actual systemd pakages? (15.04)09:28
ikoniaerkules: main09:28
ikoniait's in main, it's the default init system now09:28
erkulesikonia: in main it is v119. I was looking for v22509:29
ikoniaerkules: then no09:30
erkulesikonia: ok09:30
ikoniaerkules: changing the systemd version would be a huge risk,09:30
erkulesikonia: agree09:30
MrElendigerkules: if you want to play with 225, spin up arch or exherbo in a vm or dualboot09:37
MrElendigerkules: both have vanilla 225 (not patched to hell)09:37
motavonsyd0w: fyi. I did read that link you gave; to me it seems to say that there *are differences between virtual and generic kernels09:45
erkulesMrElendig: thx09:48
atralheaven_guys! what should I do? what is causing this problem?09:49
MrElendigerkules: due to patching and sillyness it might be non-trivial to bump systemd to 225 yourself in ubuntu09:49
erkulesMrElendig: good point. thx09:50
tnkhanhcan I pause when running a command in terminal?10:18
isagarwhich file is responsible for disabling usb port ?10:18
auronandacetnkhanh: most likely no, unless the command specifically supports it in some way10:21
SPLENDIDIm having trouble installing the latest XUbuntu.10:24
SPLENDIDI installed it all fine but it doesnt boot. Says Kernel Panic.10:24
cfhowlettSPLENDID, details --> answers10:24
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
SPLENDIDI found this topic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2228437&page=2&s=d062815a1b72ebcd6007421570f9320310:24
SPLENDIDSo Im trying to solve it this way right now.10:24
SPLENDIDI chrooted my HD but after the chroot, my DNS doesnt work and I dont know how to fix it. Any ideas?10:25
atralheaven_does anyone have any idea about my problem??10:26
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
auronandaceatralheaven_: maybe you should restate your issue10:28
atralheaven_this is what was repeating on tty10:30
auronandaceatralheaven_: tried using the nvidia driver instead of nouveau?10:31
atralheaven_I've tried it before the problem, it broke up my system, I don't want it happen again!10:32
atralheaven_if I use intel graphic card, will this be solved? my laptop has two graphic cards, intel and nvidia,10:34
gogereaverdont you need bumblebee for dual ggpu10:34
cfhowlettatralheaven_, worth trying.10:34
atralheaven_guys sorry I have to go please write what you think I should do, I read them when I was back, I will be back soon10:34
cfhowlettgogereaver, bumblebee is for AMD is it not?10:35
gogereavercfhowlett, nivida as well10:36
gogereavercfhowlett, nivida optmious on the offical driver should work to10:39
gogereavercfhowlett, problem with these is they dont support efi10:39
cfhowlettgogereaver, I've been very happy with nvidia-prime thus far10:39
gogereavercfhowlett, waent atralheaven_ asking10:40
TomyWorkI have a laptop with a screen attached via a DVI port on a docking station. For some reason if i maximize a window that's entirely on the laptop screen, it ends up maximized on the DVI screen. here's my xrandr output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12236751/ - I notice there is a VIRTUAL1 display that I can't identify.10:43
TomyWorkthis is an nvidia binary driver. i tried nouveau first, but that crashed the display server right when i attached the monitor10:43
SPLENDIDcfhowlett: lies.10:43
gogereaverTomyWork, sounds like you have display mirror on10:45
TomyWorkgogereaver hmm there was display mirroring at the login prompt10:46
TomyWorkbut it went into this broken state when i logged in10:46
gogereaverTomyWork, just set display 2 as a extended with the diffrent rez10:46
gogereaverTomyWork, should fix you10:47
TomyWorkwhich tool would you use to do that?10:47
gogereaverTomyWork, i dont run unity si i cant walk you threw that but simopply display settings10:47
TomyWorki dont run unity either :)10:47
TomyWorkthis is kubuntu 14.0410:48
gogereaverTomyWork, xfce?10:48
TomyWorkKDE's display configuration tool is crap now since a couple of versions ago10:48
gogereaverTomyWork, well in whereever kde has display settings you should see both monoters10:48
TomyWorkit's all drag-and-droppy10:48
TomyWorki already tried fixing it with that. didnt work10:49
gogereaverTomyWork, just change the second ones rez10:49
TomyWorkdragged the monitors alongside each other and it stayed like this10:49
TomyWorkthey have different resolutions10:50
gogereaverTomyWork, you wanna mirror or exend10:50
TomyWorki want 2 screens on which i can each maximize a different application10:50
gogereaverTomyWork, found it uncheck unify outputs10:56
gogereaverTomyWork, that should give you a extended second rather then clone10:57
TomyWorkthat's the old KDE display configuration panel10:58
TomyWorkthe one that was useful10:58
gogereaverTomyWork, go figure10:58
TomyWorkthis new one is just rubbish10:58
TomyWorkhttp://i.stack.imgur.com/D6tLL.png that's what it looks like10:59
TomyWorkxrandr --output eDP1 --auto --output DP-0 --auto --right-of eDP1 <-- this should do what i want, but it doesnt. it just leads back to the broken mode i described in my original question11:02
gogereaverTomyWork, i think you click that box11:02
TomyWorkthere is no checkbox11:02
TomyWorkwhat's xfce's display configuration utility called?11:03
gogereaverTomyWork, you running a amd card catlyst can do it11:03
gogereaverTomyWork, nivida as well11:03
gogereaverTomyWork, just use the nivida contole panel the change the mode11:04
TomyWorkoh, there is such a thing :D11:04
gogereaverTomyWork, :)11:04
TomyWorkhmm, it doesnt detect the laptop display11:05
vbotkaTomyWork, xfce4-display-settings11:06
ren0v0Hey, i have a .deb file that is meant to be a plugin for firefox, what would/should one do to install it? I mean i know how to install the package, but would there be additional steps?  http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Software/02%20%20%20Web%20Components/Multi-brower%20web%20video%20componet%20for%20linux%20v3.0.3.9%20build120630_en/ubuntu%2010.04/11:06
cfhowlett!packaging | ren0v011:06
ubotturen0v0: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring11:06
gogereavervbotka, hes running kde and trying to switch his  externel display to extended11:06
arusselhow do I disable Ctrl-Alt-Fx keybing in 15.04 ?11:06
gogereavervbotka, they changed things as always11:07
ren0v0cfhowlett, does that really answer my question?11:07
cfhowlettren0v0, you coded this package???11:07
ren0v0cfhowlett, no, its supplied by Hikvision, a very large camera manufacturer11:08
ren0v0as seen in the link above11:08
cfhowlettren0v0, my mistake.11:08
cfhowlettren0v0, dpkg -i foo.deb       is the normal install method11:08
ren0v0just not sure what i'm supposed to see if you know what i mean, i've installed it, but nothing changed in firefox, it still says "cannot find plugin"11:08
EriC^^ren0v0: dpkg -L <package name> lists the files it has (package name not filename)11:09
cfhowlettren0v0, might want to ask the packager for support.  sorry.11:09
ren0v0EriC^^, dpkg-query: package 'webcomponents-' is not installed11:09
EriC^^try webcomponents11:10
EriC^^(not the filename)11:10
saihow to use my gmail calendar handle using python language ?11:10
cfhowlettsai, ask ##python?11:11
ren0v0EriC^^, http://pastebin.com/if1hNc7P    Any idea if firefox should be picking these files up or anything, or should i be telling firefox to see them ?11:11
EriC^^ren0v0: they look like libraries11:12
ren0v0EriC^^, i know this isn't totally ontopic, but the "developer" is next to useless!11:12
ren0v0and there are no docs, just wondering if someone experienced could spot how i should be "installing"11:13
gogereaverTomyWork, you can install kde-workspace-randr and get the old config back11:13
EriC^^ren0v0: did you try restarting firefox? worth a shot11:14
gogereaverTomyWork, seem the one there using now is still a ealy version11:15
ren0v0EriC^^, yea. Just wondering should firefox be finding these libs or should i be telling it how to find them?11:15
EriC^^no idea11:15
EriC^^try dpkg -i webcomponents...deb11:16
EriC^^maybe it explains about it11:16
TomyWorkyay that's the old display properties dialog11:16
EriC^^ren0v0: dpkg -I not -i11:16
gogereaverTomyWork, :)11:17
ren0v0EriC^^, Linux i386   this could be an issue11:17
ren0v0Ok so, 32bit VM to test it i guess11:18
gogereaverTomyWork, seems kde still uses the old one but kubuntu decided to be diffrent and use a early replacment11:21
TomyWorkhmm, no luck with kde-workspace-randr either. still this broken state11:21
gogereaverTomyWork, /11:21
subhojithow to download a youtube video using the terminal?11:21
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
TomyWorkrefer to their terms and services about whether you are allowed to do that, first of all11:22
=== beaver is now known as uBOTu\packages
gogereaversubhojit, look up cli youtube11:22
=== uBOTu\packages is now known as beaver
EriC^^subhojit: youtube-dl <link>11:22
EriC^^youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 128K <link> if you just want the mp311:23
cfhowlettEriC^^, l33t skillz!!11:23
gogereaverTomyWork, i muse be old to be stumped by such a issue lol11:23
=== jones_ is now known as NicholasCage
NicholasCageHas anyone encountered a problem with one of the latest updates for 14.04 that Banshee opens itself and the crashes? .. I've been trying to solve this problem all day and I've asked forums and consulted ye ole google for it as well11:27
NicholasCagebut no dice I'm afraid11:27
AmozNicholasCage, tried open it from the shell to catch the crash?11:29
MrElendigNicholasCage: run from a terminal, optionally in gdb11:32
MrElendigworks best with debug symbols installed11:32
tnkhanh.title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_nvWreIhg11:34
tnkhanh!title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_nvWreIhg11:35
subhojitwell thanks for the help11:35
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest36038
arusselhow do I disable Ctrl-Alt-Fx in 15.04 ?11:42
TomyWork(didnt read it)11:42
TomyWorkarussel  this may be what you want11:42
karl_hey is someone running 15.04 with a r8168 ethernet modul?11:44
arusselI can't find where it says how to disable the keybinding11:44
dzejmsGot a pure symlink for dotfiles that can run on mac & ubuntu ?11:45
lotuspsychjekarl_: best to ask your issue on it11:45
lotuspsychjekarl_: check your syslog and dmesg perhaps11:48
NicholasCageMrElendig: sure, can make the ehr.. output verbose or like .. debug it somehow?11:50
MrElendigstrace, gdb11:50
MrElendigrequires debug symbols to be useful11:51
MrElendigarussel: man xorg.conf11:51
MrElendigarussel: man -P "less -p DontVTSwitch" 5 xorg.conf  to be exact11:52
Azure-DimensionIs there a channel related to shell-scripting?11:53
cfhowlettAzure-Dimension, #bash perhaps?11:54
Azure-DimensionThank you sir.11:54
NicholasCageMrElendig: How would I go about to debug Banshee through terminal?11:54
oosaiofwnofiwneHi There. I try to install ubuntu on the new macbook 2015. Since the hardware is quite new, I need the kernel 4.2 R8. I have tried to update my usb stick to that kernel on another system, but than it does not boot anymore :( can anyone tell me how to upgrade the kernel on the usb stick? (i have tried ubuntu 15.10 beta 1....11:55
lotuspsychje!kernel | oosaiofwnofiwne11:55
ubottuoosaiofwnofiwne: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)11:55
cfhowlettbeta?  BETA?  and you expect it to work?11:55
oosaiofwnofiwneActually the beta works perfect :)11:56
oosaiofwnofiwneI know that there is a fix for the keyboard issue on 4.2 R8. Since the keyboard is not working, you can not fix the issue on the computer. you need to fix it already on the boot stick  .....11:57
NicholasCageBanshee keeps giving me this error http://sprunge.us/WRUL12:06
lotuspsychjeNicholasCage: upgrade your system to 14.04.3 first12:06
lotuspsychje!info banshee12:07
ubottubanshee (source: banshee): Media Management and Playback application. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.0+really2.6.2-2ubuntu5 (vivid), package size 2668 kB, installed size 13838 kB12:07
lotuspsychje!info banshee trusty12:07
ubottubanshee (source: banshee): Media Management and Playback application. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.9.0+really2.6.2-2ubuntu2.1 (trusty), package size 2657 kB, installed size 13826 kB12:07
e01how can i make a new device that will be mounted somewhere from RAM as ramdisk, and after restart to remember what is saved on it12:08
e01i need it just to move the LAMP stack + the IDE and maybe browser on it12:08
arusselMrElendig: is 15.04 using xorg ? I don't have a xorg.con12:11
root____8im arian12:12
root____8how are you?12:12
lotuspsychjeroot____8: you have joined an ubuntu channel, only support questions here12:12
root____8ok hello all12:13
root____8im arian how are you?12:13
lotuspsychje!ot | root____812:13
ubotturoot____8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:13
root____8are you robot?12:14
bazhangroot____8, no chat here12:14
bazhangroot____8, whats your ubuntu support issue12:14
bazhangroot____8, if none take chat elsehwere please12:15
root____8oh im have create irc server! how to do?12:15
bazhangask in #freenode root____812:15
bazhang /join #freenode root____812:15
root____8ok thank12:16
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mijkhi, I upgraded to wily from vivid and on boot up it stays on "A start job for Network Manager Wait Online" indefinitely12:21
=== Tyras is now known as Tyras[Away]
lotuspsychjemijk: #ubuntu+1 for wily issues12:22
bodie_Does anyone know of a really nice Pomodoro timer compatible with Unity?  I adore the Gnome pomodoro timer but it's not compatible with Unity (obviously) and the only Unity ones I've found are pretty lousy12:31
BernzelIs there a way to correct the keyboard input when vnc controlling a mac? Every key is in a different place..12:32
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
k1l_bodie_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/158261/is-there-a-pomodoro-app-available12:33
lotuspsychjeBernzel: be carefull with vnc, use vnc over ssh instead12:33
Bernzellotuspsychje why?12:34
bodie_k1l_, sadly the only good one on that list imo is the first answer, but: > You can use this extension in GNOME shell12:34
lotuspsychjeBernzel: vnc is a security flaw12:34
lotuspsychje!vnc | Bernzel12:35
ubottuBernzel: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX12:35
k1l_bodie_: i used one with unity and it was ok. so if you want a better solution you might need to make that or help others to do it.12:35
lotuspsychjeChaTlaieX: welcome, what can we do for you?12:35
Bernzelubottu , thanks! I have no clue on how to set up a SSH server though12:36
ubottuBernzel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:36
ChaTlaieXWhat GUI you can recommend me ? What is better gnome,kde ,unity ? What you like the most ?12:36
lotuspsychje!ssh | Bernzel12:37
ubottuBernzel: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:37
k1l_ChaTlaieX: different users different opinions. just use them and see what is best for you12:37
lotuspsychje!flavors | ChaTlaieX your choice really12:37
ubottuChaTlaieX your choice really: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.12:37
=== thegeoman_ is now known as thegeoman
ChaTlaieXSome people say that if i learn qt i should start from KDE12:39
k1l_ChaTlaieX: that is not related to the desktop you use12:39
mrtakdenizhey there12:40
olligobberany idea where I'd ask for network printing issues on ubuntu?12:40
mrtakdenizi cut files from my computer to flash drive12:40
mrtakdenizand saw the files12:40
lotuspsychjeChaTlaieX: ask yourself if you need a lightweight or full desktop all the rest is a flavor choice12:40
mrtakdenizthen i eject drive and plug again12:40
mrtakdenizbut there were no files12:40
mrtakdenizon flash drive, and neither on my computer12:41
mrtakdenizwhere are these files?!12:41
lotuspsychjeolligobber: ask your issue here in the channel please for more luck on solving12:41
olligobbermrtakdeniz, it might not have ejected properly12:41
olligobbermrtakdeniz, try using file restore services12:41
mrtakdenizi just plug out12:41
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: try ctrl+h for hidden files maybe?12:41
=== root is now known as Guest82474
mrtakdenizi tried file restore, 2 months ssd but restoration didn't work12:42
mrtakdenizi mean, not any of flash drive's file..12:42
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: with wich tool?12:42
mrtakdeniztried file restore on hard drive12:42
olligobberok, I'm trying to connect to a hp printer that is pluggend into a tplink router from my ubuntu machine12:42
mrtakdeniza script lotuspsychje12:42
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | mrtakdeniz sudo photorec after install for restore12:42
ubottumrtakdeniz sudo photorec after install for restore: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB12:42
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, yeah, photorec and testdisk12:42
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: if photorec cant find your data is gone mate :p12:43
mrtakdenizgone to where?!12:43
olligobbermrtakdeniz, do it on the drive you cut the files from as well12:43
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: could be usb malfunctioning hardware12:43
mrtakdenizi did on ssd olligobber12:43
mrtakdenizbut as i told, none of files appear12:43
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: wich brand of ssd?12:43
mrtakdenizi can see at least images on flash recovery12:43
mrtakdenizsamsung lotuspsychje12:43
mrtakdenizbut none of them on ssd recovery12:44
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: wich type?12:44
olligobbermrtakdeniz, then they're gone12:44
mrtakdenizevo lotuspsychje12:44
mrtakdenizolligobber, ok i got it, they gone, but to wherE?!12:44
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: wich evo number12:44
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, 25012:44
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: 840 or 850?12:44
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, sorry, 85012:44
=== adolf_titler is now known as the8thbit
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: data loss on ssd is very rare, you sure you scanned whole ssd with photorec?12:45
mrtakdeniznot whole ssd lotuspsychje , just ubuntu part12:45
mrtakdenizi mean home folder12:45
mrtakdenizhome folder part-12:45
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: you need to scan full12:45
olligobbermrtakdeniz, might I recommend, when ejecting a flash drive on ubuntu, make sure the eject button disappears before physically removing the device, to avoid future data loss12:45
mrtakdenizolligobber, yeah, i will next time :\12:46
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, let me try it..12:46
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, i want to ask that12:46
mrtakdenizi did not removed files, just moved12:46
mrtakdenizwill they come back on rescue?12:46
olligobbermrtakdeniz, moving files is the same as copying and then deleting more or less12:46
mrtakdenizoh ok olligobber :)12:47
mrtakdenizone of my friend suggested gparted recovery, i'm waitin for it now12:47
mrtakdenizafter that, i'll use same script on whole ssd12:47
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: script?12:47
mrtakdeniztestdisk and photorec lotuspsychje12:48
ePiratI am having a problem with my bluray drive using ubuntu, the status always says it has no disk, even if it has one12:48
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: just do a manual photorec full hd scan12:48
mrtakdenizno need for testdisk?12:48
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: no testdisk will test the drive12:48
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: photorec for the data recovery12:49
mrtakdenizdo you know the full disk scan command for photorec?12:49
mrtakdenizphotorec /d ?12:49
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: you need to browse after sudo photorec from terminal12:49
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: and select the whole partition/hd12:50
TomyWorki have an nvidia optimus problem i think. nouveau crashes if i connect an external monitor, nvidia driver doesnt even show the monitor if in intel mode. in nvidia mode i get some strange kind of extended desktop where everything goes to the external monitor when maximized12:50
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: i recovered data from far away ages with photorec12:50
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: ubuntu version?12:50
TomyWorkkubuntu 14.0412:51
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: you installed nvidia-prime right?12:51
TomyWorkthe "driver manager" thingy did, yes12:51
mrtakdenizlotuspsychje, thanks, it is on work12:51
mrtakdenizwaiting for it12:51
TomyWorki dont even need 3d acceleration12:51
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: did you try other drivers on the list12:51
TomyWorklotuspsychje 4 of 512:52
lotuspsychjemrtakdeniz: it will restore file.00645 files on your /home now12:52
blindHey, when updating my kernel to 3.13.0-62-generic, I see a message: "Unable to find an initial ram disk that I know how to handle. Will not try to make an initrd." -- that sounds bad, what should I do here...?12:53
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: can you tell wich drivers show in additional driver list?12:53
TomyWork4 nvidia drivers and nouveau12:53
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: wich numbers of nvidia plz12:53
TomyWork340, 340-updates, 346, 346-updates12:53
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: try the 340 + nvidia-prime enabled to performance mode perhaps12:54
TomyWorkok i cant get out of intel mode anymore12:54
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: did you uninstall nouveau?12:54
TomyWorkit displays a dialog box with an ok button but without text if i try12:54
TomyWorklotuspsychje nope12:54
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: try uninstall that first12:55
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: or select the 340 in your list + reboot12:55
TomyWorkdoing that now12:55
TomyWork340 non-update right?12:55
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: well its a test, whatever driver works best for your system12:56
TomyWorki do remember blacklisting nouveau at some point a few years ago12:57
TomyWorknot on this machine though12:57
lotuspsychjeTomyWork: yeah optimus cards are bit searching for best layout12:57
OhThatsWhyWhats happening in Ubuntu at the moment ?12:57
=== coy is now known as Guest71956
lotuspsychje!details | OhThatsWhy12:58
ubottuOhThatsWhy: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:58
k1l_OhThatsWhy: a lot. next question please12:58
TomyWorkin your ubuntu? several millions of bits are probably being pushed around each second12:58
root____8im back13:04
cfhowlettroot____8, stop hitting the <enter> key.13:05
blindHey, when updating my kernel to 3.13.0-62-generic, this broke my system. Not sure exactly what happened, but when grub updated, it put /dev/loop2p1 in for the root fs. I didn't have a /dev/loop2 when i was updating the kernel.13:05
root____8i want to install irc server13:05
cfhowlett!enter | root____813:05
blindI'm able to fix it myself, but this seems bad13:05
k1l_root____8: start with not using irc as root :)13:05
TomyWorkhmm how do i figure out which video driver i'm using?13:05
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: sudo lshw -C video13:06
TomyWorklotuspsychje_ everything not marked as "unclaimed" i guess?13:07
root____8i want to install irc server! how to do ?13:07
root____8please guid me!13:07
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: should show something behind driver=13:07
k1l_!irc | root____813:07
ubotturoot____8: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:07
TomyWorkroot____8 https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/irc-server.html13:07
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia13:08
TomyWorklotuspsychje_ do you think i can make 2 monitors work with just the intel chip?13:08
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: if your card is optimus, you should use the power of it13:09
TomyWorkbecause i'm kinda fed up with nvidia's drivers right now and i dont even need 3d acceleration13:09
TomyWorki'm not playing any games, not rendering any videos13:09
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: you can try xrandr both screens on intel, but i would use the nvidia for sure13:09
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barqWhen doing apt-get dist-upgrade I get Could not connect to localhost:3128 ( - connect (111: Connection refused. How can I fix this?13:21
TomyWorklotuspsychje_ the screen didnt show up via dvi or display port13:21
TomyWorkVGA worked, for some reason *shrug*13:21
TomyWorki'm keeping that now... wasted enough time on this problem now :)13:21
TomyWorkthanks a lot for the help13:22
lotuspsychje_TomyWork: no sweat13:22
AvatarAbarq, did you edit your apt sources.list ?13:28
AvatarAor are did you change your network settings to use a proxy?13:28
AvatarA*without the "are" :)13:29
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lotuspsychje_faucon: welcome, what can we do for you?13:48
justatechis there any command relevant to newview like in windows13:50
fauconI have a windows tablet can i install ubuntu i it?13:51
cfhowlett!touch | faucon, possibly13:51
ubottufaucon, possibly: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:51
k1l_justatech: depends on what newview does on windows13:51
cfhowlettjustatech, assume for simplicity that we have no idea what newnview is/does.  explain13:52
justatechk1l sorry netview13:52
fauconok thanks, will do13:52
k1l_justatech: http://askubuntu.com/questions/194642/which-command-is-linuxs-netview13:52
justatechcfhowlett command that work like netview in linux do you know13:52
cfhowlettjustatech, you want the windows command?  ask ##windows13:53
justatechcfhowlett i want relevant command like that in linux13:54
TJ_on_Wilyjustatech, "man smbclient"13:55
cfhowlettjustatech, so we've come full circle/  NO IDEA what the command does in windows so can't advise you in linux.  details ---> answers13:55
sjbunparhello, I have a program /usr/local/.../bin/ sudo sh mdce [start | stop | restart] .. how can I install it to start when I powerup the computer? (xubuntu 15.04)14:01
whitehathi group. running U 15.04.  trying to install chef.  complaining about deps for package chef-server-api which doesn't exist.  help.  ideas?  thank you.14:01
Knight80Hello everyone14:09
Knight80Can anybody explain to me what is Git and what it is used for?14:10
cfhowlettKnight80, wikipedia : git14:10
Knight80cfhowlett Thank you14:10
ChaTlaieXReally xD knight80 xD14:11
ChaTlaieXCould you give me some information about qt cloud, how does it work? Do i need premium account ? Can i send there my projects ? If yes how can i do it14:11
Knight80chatlaiex I don't know what it's used for, I'm new on linux14:12
Knight80All I can use is apt-get14:13
k1l_ChaTlaieX: you might want to ask that the qt cloud guys?14:14
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dammanCan I run 15.04 64-bit with my Acer One 14 Z1401-C9JN with a quad core 1.83Ghz processor and with a 2gb ram?14:14
ChaTlaieXIs there are any ?14:14
thei0173damman: you should be able to yes14:14
lacrymologysince the update to kernel 3.13.0-58 my computer doesn't boot correctly. With some kernels I get just a black screen, with some I get an X error message, but no input (keyboard or mouse). I've got .13.0-46~62 installed, and the latest one I'm able to run is -5714:14
lacrymologyno clue how to troubleshoot what's going on14:15
dammanthei0173: Sir, I'm also planning to extend 2gb more of ram, but Im also looking for reasons why these manufacturers release a quad core product with 2gb ram.14:17
cfhowlettdamman, with 2 gb of ram, you might lubuntu/xubuntu speedier14:17
dammancfhowlett: how about a MATE distro sir? I used Ubuntu MATE distro for my other laptop here.14:18
Knight80My computer runs Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 and it works fine...14:18
reisio!ops Tau join spam14:18
ubottureisio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
Knight80With 2GB of ram14:18
reisiono chance of that14:18
dammanKnight80: How many cores do you have?14:18
Knight80damman Two14:19
cfhowlettdamman, I've never MATE'd, but you can try.  easiest way, install one buntu and then install the desktop environment (DE) ONLY of the other flavors.  e.g. sudo apt install xfce4 kde-plasma lxde14:19
cfhowlettthen logout, choose a flavor, login14:19
Knight80It also depends on what the user demands, of course14:19
dammanKnight80: do you use 32bit or 64bit? I prefer 64 bit14:20
Knight80damman 64 bit14:20
dammancfhowlett: Thank you. I'll try that later.14:20
dammanKnight80: does it runs comfortable?14:21
krizoekwhy is microsoft rdp faster than xrdp, thinlinc, chrome rdp, vnc.. for ubuntu?14:21
dammanhaha. M$14:22
Knight80damman Yes, indeed14:22
sjbunparI'm trying to run an app on startup.. manually I do "sudo sh /usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Production_Server/R2013a/toolbox/distcomp/bin/mdce start" (or stop).. I've created /lib/systemd/system/mdce.service with "ExecStart=/usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Production_Server/R2013a/toolbox/distcomp/bin/mdce" and "ExecStop=/usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Production_Serve14:22
sjbunparr/R2013a/toolbox/distcomp/bin/mdce".. is that ok? Do I have to add start to ExecStart and stop to ExecStop ?14:22
reisiokrizoek: I don't accept your premise14:22
krizoekit was a serious question, we can all affort both ubuntu or windows. one just cost a little money, and the other more time14:23
reisioif you compare a protocol that duplicates GUI constructs, though, instead of just streaming them in their entirety as images, you're going to get some different speeds14:23
dammanKnight80: Do you swear? :D Just kiddin. Thanks for the help sir.14:23
reisiokrizoek: just more time IME14:23
Knight80damman No problem :)14:24
dammanKnight80: It saves my money and gave me more confidence to change this M$ Windows 8 installed OS right now. :)14:24
Knight80damman I can understand that14:25
reisioy'know you sound like a chat bot? :p14:25
dammanIt's super duppperr slow, laggy with an 8 open browser windows using I.E :D14:25
Knight80reisio Who, me?14:26
reisioyou need a colon14:26
Knight80I'm not a bot14:27
krizoekwhy is it slow damman ? in windows you can check up historical performance, ... in ubuntu you have to use time through logs...14:27
dammanKnight80: Can you run Oracle Vbox with Windows XP OS VM for something like Photoshop or any Adobe Products?14:27
reisioin Windows you have to check more, 'cause it's so non-performant :p14:28
Knight80damman I don't use Windoze14:28
krizoekmost performance monitors i had a hard time finding io usage and such... in windows you can browse through which uses what...14:28
dammankrizoek: I check my Performance table and It's already using 1.7Gb of ram14:28
cfhowlettgraphics intensive stuff cannot be faked in vbox damman14:28
reisiokrizoek: so use Windows :p14:28
Knight80damman I prefer The GImp, rather than Photoshop14:28
cfhowlettthis ^^^14:28
krizoekim looking for ubuntu eqvivalents, not windows. i just use it to express what i look for14:29
reisioGIMP does everything Photoshop does anyway14:29
Knight80reisio Exactly14:29
reisiokrizoek: ah, sounded like you were just whining :) what is it you want? io performance?14:29
dammanKnight80: Which channel can I talk about Graphics Designer with Linux Distros? Maybe if I ask about that here, I can get ban.14:29
krizoekim looking for rdp eqvivalent firstly14:29
cfhowlettdamman, #ubuntustudio14:29
reisiodamman: GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, done14:29
reisiofontforge nom nom14:30
cfhowlettdamman, or Fedora Design spin14:30
Knight80damman There you have it14:30
dammanreisio: Having hard time with GIMP. I used Windows 7 with PS for a very long time.14:31
Knight80damman It's the same14:31
Knight80damman Actually, GIMP is better I would say14:31
krizoekwhat about paint.net ?14:32
marzedHello all14:32
krizoekand pinta14:32
dammanKnight80: Im having hard time specially for resizing the images14:33
marzedЕсть русские?14:33
reisiodamman: in what way?14:33
Knight80damman You mean you can't resize them?14:33
krizoekthats easy, just goto image->scale image or something14:34
dammanhaha. anyway, Gonna try it later in serious way of learning :D14:34
reisiomarzed: not really, but maybe some English?14:34
cfhowlett!ru | marzed14:34
ubottumarzed: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:34
reisiothere's nobody in -ru14:34
reisiooh nevermind14:34
reisioit's just +s or some nonsense14:34
dammanThanks everyone. I really love Linux, specially Ubuntu. It gives more supports than Windows.14:35
reisiodamman: what's the trouble with resizing?14:35
krizoeki find it good for most things, just not troubleshooting and rdp14:36
reisiowhat is it you even want rdp for?14:36
krizoeki have a giant computer that make allot of noise in another room, and i have a tiny barely usable in another as a client14:36
e01how can i make a new device that will be mounted somewhere from RAM as ramdisk, and after restart to remember what is saved on it14:36
ChaTlaieXIt is strange but on qt channel there is noone to speak with14:37
reisiokrizoek: just over a local network... anything including vnc should be plenty fast14:37
krizoekim on a local network, with cables yes14:37
reisioChaTlaieX: /msg alis list *qt*14:37
reisiomaybe the hardware is slow with rendering14:37
krizoekbut still it lags when i scroll webpages14:37
ChaTlaieXHow can i do it ?14:37
reisioany webpage?14:37
reisiomight disable smooth scrolling14:38
krizoekyes, even small websites14:38
krizoekthats a good idea, let me see if i find a option for that14:38
root____8hello all14:40
krizoekis there a smooth scrolling for xrdp?14:41
reisiobe in your browser prefs14:41
reisiohi root14:41
root____8i want install irc server! hoe to do?14:41
reisioroot____8: inspircd14:41
reisioin universe14:42
krizoekthat didnt work reisio, i think maybe the refresh-rate is slow, the images just get chopped up while i scroll14:42
reisiotry VNC14:43
reisioor X forwarding14:43
root____8thank for your help14:44
krizoeki tried vnc too yes, i found it mostly the same14:44
lmatOn https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick , it shows how to create such a USB stick14:44
lmaton Microsoft Windows, on Apple Macintosh, on Ubunut, but not on "other GNU/Linux", which is surprising to me.14:45
lmatIs it possible to 'dd' an ISO to a flash drive?14:45
cfhowlettlmat, yes14:45
lmatcfhowlett: Thanks, my friend!14:45
zykotick9lmat: yes, dd will work.  cat and cp are also options...14:45
lmatzykotick9: cat? cp?14:45
nb-bencat iso > drive14:46
k1llmat: depends on the iso. for ubuntu isos it works14:46
lmatoh my14:46
nb-benjust d14:46
lmatI guess cat makes sense (it's the same as dd, just without the drive management)14:46
lmatbut cp?14:46
lmatcp requires a file system rather than a device, no?14:46
TJ-lmat, Everything in linux is a file :)14:47
zykotick9lmat: don't cp to a file system!  cp to the device.14:47
TJ-lmat, even when it isn't14:47
publioAfter resizing a fs, and shrinking it's RAID partition, do you also need to run resize2fs on sda2/sdb2 to shrink them, or is it something else?14:48
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mindbender1How do I set the locale so that unity session sees it and overrides any other locale setting from any other place?15:14
mindbender1I don't know why locale is returning something else when I have locale set up in /etc/default/locale15:16
MrElendigarussel: create a xorg.conf or add it to whateveryoulike.conf in xorg.conf.d15:17
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celliois there a channel for the ubuntu phone?15:35
popeycellio: #ubuntu-touch15:36
IvoahIf I have ubuntu installed on my HD, can I just partition it, install windows on the partition, and expect things to work?15:37
=== coy is now known as Guest83428
ChaTlaieXIvoah first you should install windows then ubuntu15:44
ChaTlaieXSory :(15:45
beaver!info lib32stdc++-4.8-dev trusty15:48
ubottuPackage lib32stdc++-4.8-dev does not exist in trusty15:48
beaver!info lib32objc-4.8-dev trusty15:49
ubottuPackage lib32objc-4.8-dev does not exist in trusty15:49
beaverdafuq :)15:49
tewardbeaver: can we help you with something?15:49
beavernope, thank you teward15:49
tewardthen please use #ubuntu-bots if you want to pick at ubottu's knowledge base.  Or PM with Ubottu rather than add unneeded noise in the channel.  Thank you!15:50
ICantLinuxGuys, I need help.15:52
ICantLinuxMy mouse doesn't work15:52
ICantLinuxAlso how do I stop a tty from fucking up whilst nobody's logged in15:52
reisiohow doesn't it work?15:52
reisiofucking up?15:52
NetworkingProSup everyone?15:53
NetworkingProHey everyone.. Im running an openvpn server and im finding that a lot of the hosts are sending a ton of broadcast traffic which is then getting sent back to all of the other hosts.15:56
NetworkingProIs there  way to drop certain ones?15:57
NetworkingProwould it be in "in" chain rule in iptables?15:57
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NetworkingProor the forward?15:59
herrkinhi, I have an issue with permissions on php and ubuntu, I have a project in which all of the files are chmod 755 I noticed php wrote a file with fwrite perfectly before, I made some changes, now it wont fopen the same file it did before. if I chmod 777 the project then it works, what can be wrong?16:02
herrkinchown www-data all of the files16:02
MadcapJakeI have all these `NO_PUBKEY` errors when I run `apt-get update` but when I try to fix it with `sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 3B4FE6ACC0B21F32` it just says, "key unchanged" but there are all these lines of `keyblock resource /etc/apt/trusted.gpd.d/key_name.gpg: resource limit`16:05
ubuntu297can someone tell how to perform a base system only install (without gui) from the live iso? or is there some special stripped down iso that can be used? thanks in advance...16:06
vvbinstall the Ubuntu server.. the default ISO does not come with gui16:07
ubuntuisawesomeIs it OK to dual-boot Ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 10?16:09
ubuntu297@vvb: thanks....but server has some pre installed packages... i want a bare minimum system from which i can build on... like only the minimal root file system... do u know any other such means?16:09
mcphailubuntu297: you can run debootstrap from the live cd, but it isn'tstraightforward16:10
ubuntu297@mcphail: thx a lot...that's excatly what i was looking for...16:12
mcphailubuntu297: you need to create your partition and filesystem, debootstrap the base system, bind mount /dev/ /proc/ etc, chroot in, install grub and your kernel of choice, reboot and set up you users etc. Not for the faint hearted16:13
ubuntuisawesomeIs it OK to dual-boot Ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 10?16:15
ubuntu297mcphail: haha..been there...have installed arch linux without internet connection..16:15
amarjeet4131any1 tell me best media player for ubuntu plzzz16:16
mcphailubuntu297: well, enjoy! :)16:16
ubuntu297mcphail: thx a lot...have been searching this for days...16:17
reisioamarjeet4131: what're you used to?16:17
reisioubuntuisawesome: sure16:17
reisioif not a bit silly—how many OSes do you need16:18
amarjeet4131m using ubuntu mate as my OS16:18
amarjeet4131so plz sugest one good media player that support all format16:19
beakyhow do i bridge wifi under ubuntu16:19
ubuntu297amarjeet4131: u could try smplayer16:19
amarjeet4131ok thanks16:20
ubuntuisawesomeSo, you want me to upgrade to Windows 10, and then install Ubuntu 15.04 alongside it?16:23
danrikdoes Ubuntu 15.04 have 4k support?16:24
ubuntuisawesomedanrik: That depends on your graphics driver16:24
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: you don't need to do that16:24
danrikubuntuisawesome, um - I have dell M3800.16:24
ubuntuisawesomeBut I want Ubuntu on my system without losing Windows in any way16:25
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: what version of windows do you have?16:25
danrikubuntuisawesome, if I enable 3-rd party drivers - that should enable 4k right?16:25
SopaXTFor some reasons I want to remove acpi_video0 from /sys/class/backlight16:25
ubuntuisawesomeMurfjir: I have Windows 8.1 right now, but I am planning to upgrade to Windows 10 later16:25
SopaXTHow do I do it?16:25
ubuntuisawesomeSopaXT: Sounds a little bit dangerous16:26
ubuntuisawesomeDon't do it16:26
SopaXTacpi_backlight=vendor does not work16:26
ubuntuisawesomeComment that line out then16:26
SopaXTubuntuisawesome, I want to use intel_backlight as default16:26
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: I'd upgrade to windows 10, and then install ubuntu alongside it. windows10 install may wipe ubuntu, so install it first16:26
SopaXTBut it uses acpi_video0 and causes glitches, determined16:26
Murfjralso disable secureboot16:26
SopaXTSo, how to make ubuntu use intel backlight16:27
ubuntuisawesomeMurfjr: I have an ASUS K53E, which does not have UEFI16:28
SopaXTIt uses the acpi one16:28
seanh_Anyone know why my keyboard shortcuts might have stopped working? All my custom shortcuts seemed to suddenly stop working16:28
SopaXTPlease help16:28
seanh_Runnung Unity, 15.0416:28
ubuntuisawesomeseanh_: Your OEM keyboard driver most likely needs to be updated, it wiped out during the installation16:28
seanh_System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Custom shortcuts, they all seem to hae stopped working16:29
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: alright, then install windows 10, and then install ubuntu. Ubuntu has a dual-boot option in Ubiquity (the ubuntu installer)16:29
vonsyd0wubuntuisawesome, i'd backup my hdd w/ clonezilla before starting anything16:29
ubuntuisawesomeI don't use any cloning software16:29
ubuntuisawesomeAnd I am doing an in-place upgrade to Windows 10 from 8.1 using the media creation tool, not a clean install16:30
vvbI successfully installed win 10 + Ubuntu 15.04 2 days ago.. only word of advice, if you have UEFI bios, then do not use anything <15.0416:30
vonsyd0wwell you should ;)16:30
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: better safe than sorry16:30
ubuntuisawesomeAnd my BIOS version is 2.2116:30
Matt_teniGuys I need a bit help with gtk-pod. it's like i have all the modules closed and i have no idea hwo to restore it16:31
BedManQuestion: what's the best hypervisor on Ubuntu for hosting RHEL guests?16:31
ubuntuisawesomevonsyd0w: Why would Mozilla make their own HDD cloning software?16:31
vonsyd0wlook it up16:31
Murfjrubuntuisawesome: The Mozilla Foundation is not affiliated with Clonezilla16:31
Murfjrnor is it affiliated with Filezilla16:31
vonsyd0wgodzilla maybe?16:32
Murfjrvonsyd0w: I prefer mothra16:32
vonsyd0wha! awesome16:32
tompskuMy raid crash and now everything else is ok except one dir is shown as file. Is there way to fix this fsck claim that everything is ok.16:34
ubuntuisawesomeWhat other problems would I have dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.04 besides issues with losing WIndows?16:37
ubuntuisawesomeAnd Ubuntu 15.10 beta finally offers the "Plasma" desktop by default, not the Unity desktop16:38
SopaXTHow do I force ubuntu to use intel backlight16:38
ubuntuisawesometompsku: Reformat your hard drive16:39
ubuntuisawesomeSopaXT: reinstall your intel chipset drivers16:39
SopaXTubuntuisawesome, how do I16:39
tompsku"Reformat your hard drive" heh. want to save data16:39
ubuntuisawesomeShould be an option to16:39
BluesKajyou won't lose windows if you install uibuntu to a separate ext4 partition. you may have some boot issues with uefi boot, but I'm sure someone here can help you with that16:40
ubuntuisawesometompsku: Then backup as much data as possible. Sounds like your hard drive may be faling16:40
ubuntuisawesomeBluesKaj: My computer was made before UEFI16:40
tompskuit was mdadm that crash or actual didn't like that disks went sleep16:41
seanh_ubuntuisawesome: Really? (I need to update my keyboard driver?) Typing is working fine, as are the standard Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts, it's just the custom shortcuts seem to be ignore all of a sudden16:41
ubuntuisawesomeIt's a problem with your keyboard16:42
ubuntuisawesomeMaybe Ubuntu doesn't support custom keyboard buttons by default16:42
SopaXTSo, how do I force the the intel_backlight?16:42
SopaXTPlease help16:42
seanh_I'm not using custom buttons16:42
ubuntuisawesomeAnd Ubuntu always gets installed as an ext4 partition16:42
ubuntuisawesomeSopaXT: There should be a file relating to the backlight prefixed with ASUS16:43
seanh_Anyone else heard of this problem? Custom keyboard shortcuts stopped working16:43
SopaXTI use a Lenovo TP Edge E33016:44
ubuntuisawesomeseanh_: ubuntu.launchpad.net16:44
SopaXTIt has two backlight devices: intel and acpi16:44
SopaXTAcpi causes glitches, so I need to disable it16:44
ubuntuisawesomeseanh_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/16:45
SopaXTacpi=0 solves the problem, but disables acpi16:45
ubuntuisawesomeGo report your problem there16:45
FuraiAm I doing something wrong? I'm doing "chmod 644 foldername" and then the foldername becomes inaccessible.16:45
FuraiCannot cd into it.16:45
Ben64Furai: directories need to have the executable bit in order to traverse16:45
FuraiThat seems...wrong...16:46
ubuntuisawesome644 = (rw- r-- r--): same as 444 except the owner can write to it.16:46
ubuntuisawesomeFurai: No it does not16:46
ubuntuisawesomeGood afternoon sir or ma'm16:46
SopaXTSo, how do I force intel backlight in Ubuntu 15.0416:46
ubuntuisawesomeMy location: Clio, MI16:46
FuraiSo, how to set the executable bit only for directories recursively without adding it to all files?16:47
ubuntuisawesomeFurai: chmod +x without checking the apply recursive option16:47
ubuntuisawesomeOr chmod 77716:47
Ben64Furai: find /path/to/base/dir -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +16:48
ubuntuisawesomeBut chmod +x is more "direct"16:48
Ben64ubuntuisawesome: please stop answering things you don't know16:48
FuraiBen64, thanks, find indeed seems the way to go.16:49
ubuntuisawesomeWell, gotta go16:50
Ben64Furai: make sure you type it properly and use it on the right directory so you don't start changing the wrong things16:50
BinaryMasterQuestion: anyone have an idea on how to fix an audio problem? I can hear system sounds but nothing when trying to play audio from other sources for example the web, or totem movie player16:51
FuraiBen64, yeah sure. Anyway, it seems that you have stronger google powers than me. :D16:52
herrkincan anybody help me with permisions?16:52
herrkinI trully dont know what I am doing wrong16:52
herrkinphp says I dont have a permission to write on a file16:52
herrkinall of the files are 75516:53
herrkinand the owner of those files is www-data:www-data16:53
BinaryMasteradd www-data to the group of the file16:53
herrkinI dont know why its saying permission denied16:53
herrkinBinaryMaster, the owner is www-data:www-data16:54
herrkinso It still says permission denied16:54
herrkinif I type groups I get this16:55
herrkinroot adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev sambashare lpadmin16:55
herrkinso there is no www-data group16:55
herrkinshould I create it_16:55
BinaryMasterthat is just the list of groups you are in16:55
herrkinok what should I do?16:55
BinaryMastercheck that the web server you are using is running as www-data16:56
BinaryMasterif its apache it should be in the config file16:56
BinaryMasterthats the one16:56
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
BinaryMasterQuestion: anyone have an idea on how to fix an audio problem? I can hear system sounds but nothing when trying to play audio from other sources for example the web, or totem movie player16:57
SCHAAP137BinaryMaster, try using the PulseAudio Mixer16:57
herrkinin env vars it has my user16:57
herrkinsaecosoft also the group saecosoft16:58
herrkinis that weird? I didnt ever touch that16:58
SCHAAP137it allows you to define the preferred output on a per-app basis16:58
herrkinBinaryMaster, did you see? it had my username also it was the group17:00
BinaryMastersearch the file for www-data17:02
SopaXTI just need to disable acpi_video0 backlight in my ubuntu17:05
krabadorSopaXT, sudo gedit /etc/default/grub17:10
krabadorSopaXT, later , sudo update-grub17:11
FuraiWhat's the best way to store mercurial repo password for http/https auth?17:11
demhlyranyone have experience with rescuing data off of hdds? i have an ntfs formated external hdd, that got corrupted somehow. running ntfsfix doesnt work and chkdsk on windows wont do anything because it thinks it is a RAW filesystem. i get input/output error everytime trying to automount. or superblock read error sometimes in the terminal17:13
SopaXTkrab, why?17:13
SopaXTI jsut cid it17:13
D4CHHello. I installed ubuntu mate, and then installed ubuntu tweak. Now ubuntu tweak is frozen on my screen. How do I end the process like on windows, or how do I stop it?17:15
monty_hall1how to have proxy ignore certain addrs?17:24
=== monty_hall1 is now known as TheMontyChrist
KxTwoHey guys, I am hoping I won't get reamed too much for this considering it is not during peak traffic times.  I am looking for opinions on a solid laptop that will run ubuntu.  I have an HP with an i3 right now that has ben nothing but problems with Ubuntu.  The wireless is constantly disconnecting and I really don't like the mouse touchpad as it is intermittent.  I have been to the support page that lists known laptops that work but it is al17:32
KxTwol done by model numbers so if I want to find the laptop with specs I like I have to click on every one.  Was hoping some one might have some suggestions?17:32
=== tcpman is now known as Guest38361
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=== SmOkE_RU_off is now known as SmOkE_RU
KxTwothat was faster than I thought lol17:43
KxTwoHey guys, I am hoping I won't get reamed too much for this considering it is not during peak traffic times.  I am looking for opinions on a solid laptop that will run ubuntu.  I have an HP with an i3 right now that has ben nothing but problems with Ubuntu.  The wireless is constantly disconnecting and I really don't like the mouse touchpad as it is intermittent.  I have been to the support page that lists known laptops that work but it is al17:43
KxTwol done by model numbers so if I want to find the laptop with specs I like I have to click on every one.  Was hoping some one might have some suggestions?17:43
HexTqamalek u do dis17:43
BenMcLean_I updated my laptop's BIOS today and afterwards, Ubuntu won't boot! So I burned an Ubuntu live DVD and tried to run boot-repair17:46
BenMcLean_But it says "The current session is in Legacy mode. Please reboot the computer, and use this software in an EFI session. This will enable this feature."17:46
BenMcLean_What is "Legacy Mode"? How do I start an "EFI session" ?17:47
=== BenMcLean_ is now known as BenMcLean
KxTwoBenMcLean_, it should be a setting inside your bios, it sounds like you have an EFI bios but have legacy turned on.17:47
KxTwogo through the settings and see if anything sticks out17:47
BenMcLeanOh I see17:47
BenMcLeanSo set it to UEFI17:48
BenMcLeanRight. Thanks! :D17:48
KxTwoI believe so17:48
danrikadjusting screen for hi DPI - all I have to do is adjust scaling factor - correct?17:48
BenMcLeaner ... anything else I should know before I try this KxTwo ?17:48
KxTwoBenMcLean, I am no expert and only speaking from personal experience but I do not believe you need to know anything else.  You said you updated your bios and maybe the default is set to legacy mode17:49
KxTwoIf it does not work simply come back and put the question out again and some one with more knowledge will eventually respond.17:49
BenMcLeanNo, actually I changed it away from UEFI17:49
BenMcLeanIt didn't say "Legacy Mode" though. it said something that started with a "C"17:49
KxTwoEFI is supported and as far as  I know there is no reason not to use it17:50
BenMcLeanwill switch it. thanks. I'll be back if it doesn't work :)17:50
jak2000how to know if port 4848 is used?17:53
KxTwo"used", or "open"?17:53
jak2000glasfish use a port 4848 when i try start it say me this error: There is a process already using the admin port 4848 -- it probably is another instance of a GlassFish server. then i want to know which program is ussing this prot17:54
KxTwoCan you change the port that your program uses?17:55
EriC^^jak2000: try lsof i :484817:55
EriC^^jak2000: try lsof -i :484817:55
jak2000EriC^^ empty17:56
jak2000netstat -anp | grep :4848 say: tcp6       0      0 :::4848                 :::*                    LISTEN17:57
wimpogdoes Ubuntu have some kind of a default firewall enabled out of the box?18:02
wimpogUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS18:02
baizonwimpog: ufw18:02
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:02
baizonwimpog: its disabled by default, you can enable it18:02
wimpogbaizon: I'm trying to figure out what's blocking port 3306 (mysql)...18:02
ash_workokay, I'm a little confused as to what I just did18:06
whologingood morning18:06
ash_workI did sed '2372486,2375848d' relative/path/to/enourmouse_file18:07
ash_workwhich looks like it read the whole file and printed: 73337 directories, 2822246 files18:07
ash_workwhat the heck?18:07
whologinis there a multi-arch installer for ubuntu?18:07
ash_workthat's just the output from the operation18:10
zh1how can i make ubuntu icon bar horizontal?18:11
lotuspsychjezh1: you can autohide leftbar and install docky18:11
lotuspsychje!info docky | zh118:11
ubottuzh1: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-2 (vivid), package size 591 kB, installed size 3594 kB18:11
ash_workOoo, sed will just output to another file18:12
ash_workrather the screen, and you have to point it to a file18:12
reisiozh1: there are some solutions to that in the comments of the launchpad bug on the issue18:13
zh1reisio, what would be the specific link?18:14
reisioI don't have it handy18:14
jost__Why does (X)Ubuntu always ask me for my password in order to change my user account details after I have de-locked my screen? Happens on multiple machines....18:18
jost__Sometimes there are 5-6 password prompts open18:18
=== tristan is now known as Guest78778
MonkeyDustjost__  because you havent set not to do that18:18
jost__MonkeyDust: what do I need to change? Why is this enabled by default? What is the reason for changing my user data?18:19
zh1lotuspsychje, on a default ubuntu the menu bar never moves on any option?18:19
MonkeyDustjost__  system settings > user accounts > unlock18:20
lotuspsychjezh1: what do you mean mate?18:20
zh1lotuspsychje, if i can move it horizontal without anything else installed? just by ubuntu options18:21
lotuspsychjezh1: there is a ppa somewhere to make unity left bar to bottom, but i would not suggest it18:21
zh1lotuspsychje, guess i always have to install something not a core option18:22
lotuspsychjezh1: once you get used to unity sidebar, it all makes sense and easy to use18:23
zh1lotuspsychje, dont know why but i never liked the bar on the left18:24
lotuspsychjezh1: you can always install something else: lubuntu/xubuntu/kde or gnome18:24
syntropyjoin #ubuntuforums18:24
MonkeyDustzh1  then don't use it, install a differnet DE, logout, switch, login18:24
NicholasHello, I have marvell raid. My friend did something and it doesnt boot to ubuntu. I go to marvell bios setups it says configure SATA as : IDE eventhough it should be raid. but I am unable to change anything in Marvell bios. What to do?18:25
arusselI'm on 15.04 and I've got a sound (bit) every 5 minutes, can't find where it comes from. How can I find out ?18:25
lotuspsychjearussel: check your syslog or dmesg logs18:25
D4CHE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)18:26
D4CHE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?18:26
D4CHYes I am!18:26
D4CHWhy does it do that?18:26
lotuspsychjeD4CH: did you add ppa's?18:26
D4CHI think I added one18:26
D4CHWhere do I see that?18:26
zh1MonkeyDust, thats true but this environment here looks the easiest to use besides this it aint the lightest but... i think ubuntu dev team could add some code to the menu bar move18:26
NicholasHello, I have marvell raid. My" friend" did something and it doesnt boot to ubuntu. I go to marvell bios setups it says configure SATA as : IDE eventhough it should be raid. but I am unable to change anything in Marvell bios. What to do?. I suspect he erased raid config data. Is there anyway to retrive my data?18:26
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | D4CH18:26
ubottuD4CH: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html18:26
lotuspsychjezh1: that might never happen on unity18:27
zh1lotuspsychje, any specific reason?18:27
lotuspsychjezh1: there's a logic behind it, not sure wich you can ask in #ubuntu-devel perhaps18:27
zh1lotuspsychje, most DE let you move bars, i normally use xfce or lxde and they do that, almost all do18:27
D4CHbut i cannot remember which ppa it is18:28
lotuspsychje!sources | D4CH18:29
ubottuD4CH: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.18:29
=== Nah is now known as Guest27127
arussellotuspsychje: can't find anything in dmesg, and no new line are added in message when the bip occurs18:29
lotuspsychjearussel: how about syslog?18:30
EriC^^D4CH: open software & sources > second tab18:30
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: evening mate :p18:30
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje18:30
arussellotuspsychje: nothing, just some wlan stuff18:31
D4CHI have keepass, dropbox and chrome as ppa18:31
MonkeyDustD4CH  all that is in the repos, no need for a ppa18:32
arussellotuspsychje: and no app running apart from emacs18:32
EriC^^D4CH: are you sure everything related to apt-get or software center is closed?18:33
[Aura]MaelStromHi, i was wondering: I'm running ubuntu server on a VM, and there I am running a web server, I want to access it via my host: Is it possible to create port forwarding in ubuntu, so requests to the VM's IP will be forwarded to the webserver's IP18:33
lotuspsychjearussel: its a system sound or motherboard sound?18:33
EriC^^D4CH: type ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/lock18:33
arusselit comes from the speaker/headphone18:33
D4CH-rw-r----- 1 root root 0 Aug 31 20:27 /var/lib/dpkg/lock18:34
lotuspsychjearussel: maybe browse more logs in /var18:35
lotuspsychjearussel: /var/log/..18:35
lotuspsychjearussel: can you tell us what kind of sound it is?18:36
KxTwoHey guys, I am hoping I won't get reamed too much for this considering it is not during peak traffic times.  I am looking for opinions on a solid laptop that will run ubuntu.  I have an HP with an i3 right now that has ben nothing but problems with Ubuntu.  The wireless is constantly disconnecting and I really don't like the mouse touchpad as it is intermittent.  I have been to the support page that lists known laptops that work but it is al18:39
KxTwol done by model numbers so if I want to find the laptop with specs I like I have to click on every one.  Was hoping some one might have some suggestions?18:39
MonkeyDustKxTwo  this is not the right place for opinions18:40
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: wich ubuntu version did you try?18:40
akiki'm really happy with a 4 year old acer aspire timeline-x. ymmv18:41
KxTwolotuspsychje, 14.04 lts, First time I had a problem with a laptop running ubuntu, for th emost part it is ok but I just don't like the touchpad and the wireless has given me a lot of troubles.  Fixes tend to only be temporary18:41
crow-botdell is very good option18:41
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: what kind of wifi chipset?18:42
akikyou will get as many opinions as people replying :)18:42
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: ubuntu should work fine on hp's18:43
KxTworealtek RTL8188EE , known issue with them I guess, I just wasn't aware and must ghave been lucky with all my previous laptops.18:43
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: realtek chipsets need firmware update in some cases18:43
KxTwolotuspsychje, it is not as simple as always working with a specific brand, it is all about the hardware.  Ubuntu has a list of units it works no problem with18:43
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: i would be a little more stubborn and test a second time your hp with ubuntu18:44
KxTwolotuspsychje, I have done all that, there is an issue with this particular adapter, it loses it's signal, trust me I have done all the support side of things, even put a ticket in.  I have tried every fix that has been recommended18:44
KxTwooi vey18:44
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: and come back here until you get it fixxed18:44
KxTwoYou aren't hearing me :)18:44
akiki've had nothing but problems with realtek wifi devices18:45
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: do you know how many users we get here with realtek chipsets and broadcom, most get solved18:45
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: if your happy about wifi you can always buy a small usb wifi adapter that performs better on your hp18:46
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: but i would test realtek latest linux drivers first18:46
akikthe thing i always need to do is disable the power management on wifi device18:46
KxTwoakik, most people have had issues.  I actually was working directly with one of the ubuntu guys there who just happened to be in here one night.  We went back and forth for am onth, I kept thinking the problem was solved but it came back each time.  Trust me I would not arbitrarily decide to buy a new laptop based on a minor problem I hadn't exhaustively tried to fix.  The combination of having to constantly have to reset my wifi adapter and18:47
KxTwo my dislike for this touchpad(not sure if it is a hardware issue or just a bad design) makes me think I will just get another laptop.18:47
KxTwotrust me all of the support options that you guys are saying have been done lol18:47
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: tryed bios update for your hp yet?18:47
KxTwomother of god18:48
ioriaKxTwo   sorry, what kernel do you have ?18:49
agbakateso I'm trying to setup autologin. I've enabled it for my account in System Settings/User Accounts (and I looked in /etc/lightdm/ligthdm.conf.d to verify it matches this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin). when the computer starts up, I can see my desktop appear, but then it flashes and logs out. is there anywhere I can find a log of what happened?18:50
KxTwo3.16.0.-46, and yes I tried other versions.  No I didn't try every single one as it got exhausting but that was one of the support options given to m.18:50
ioriaKxTwo   seems that under 3.18 it's not going to work well....18:51
agbakatealso, this used to work before a recent update18:51
akikKxTwo: did you try disabling power management on the device?18:51
KxTwoit hasn't worked well under any18:51
ioriaKxTwo  and you'll anyway a custom driver18:51
ioriaKxTwo  my humble advice is to upgrade the kernel above 18 and try this git clone http://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new.git18:52
KxTwoioria, I have tried all the various drivers/fixes offered on the support pages.18:53
wileeeagbakate, The two autologin and a bad login should not be tied, can you explain a little more.18:53
KxTwoI have literally tried about 10 different "fixes".18:53
agbakatewileee: I'm watching the computer start up, I see my desktop appear for about half a second, then it flashes back to the login screen (and I verified by SSH that nobody is logged in)18:53
agbakatebut when I enter my password and log in normally, it works fine18:54
brunosthi! I'm trying to recover a broken system running ubuntu server with recovery mode on a live CD and I'm kinda stuck at the root FS selection, like what device should I use as the root FS?18:54
wileeeagbakate, I'm not up on ssh, strange behavior, cold it be that a desktop needs more in this circumstance?18:54
cristian_cKxTwo: realtek drivers are often buggy18:55
agbakateneeds more what18:55
cristian_cmy 8821ae wifi card (released in 2013) can't work today yet (2015)18:55
wileeeagbakate, If you login normally do you get a desktop, is this a ssh always?18:55
KxTwocristian_c, yes hence why I figured to just buy a better laptop lol.  Sometimes it's not worth to keep fighting the problem.18:55
=== xnr is now known as o
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: why buy a whole new laptop if there are cheap wifi usb's out there18:56
KxTwocristian_c, I think with my previous laptops, I just got lucky, and I made the terrible assumption that ubuntu works perfectly on everything.  In the end it is my fault for not doing research.18:56
agbakatewileee: yeah I can log in normally18:56
cristian_cKxTwo: it's also a matter of luckiness :)18:56
TJ-agbakate, logs in "/var/log/lightdm/" may help18:56
agbakateso I'm trying to figure out what conflicts with the autologin but now with a normal login, I suspected something in my .profile but seems like that would conflict with both18:56
KxTwolotuspsychje, because I have other things about this laptop that I don't like, I really don't understand why that bothers you so much?  I can use this laptop as a windows machine, give it to some one, there are a million other things I can use it for.  I am not against buying a more powerful laptop with a better touchpad and hardware.  This thing is only an i3.18:57
wileeeagbakate, To a desktop? Is this always a ssh?18:57
agbakatewileee: it's a desktop right now, though it is used headless sometimes18:57
agbakateTJ-: will look there18:57
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: 'only a i3' lol18:57
ioriaKxTwo   Pentium418:58
wileeeagbakate, You're not actually answering the questions, that is all right though, maybe others can help.18:58
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: you come back here tomorrow asking wich hardware is reccomended for ubuntu they will say hp and dell..18:58
cristian_clotuspsychje: different scenarios, different purposes18:58
KxTwoThe outchpad either has software issues or is just not built well.  Every so often it starts scrolling or won't respond at all.  I have scrolling turned off so it might be software, not really sure.  either that or it is moisture on my fingers.  I just don't like it.18:58
agbakatewileee: I'm really trying, sorry. I guess I didn't understand the question, can you rephrase it?18:59
KxTwolotuspsychje,  you just don't give up do you?  Not ALL hp or ALL dells will work with ubuntu.  There is an entire freaking page about all this.  The only reason I came here is to get specific model recommendations.  You have made your suggestions, why do you keep beating a dead horse?18:59
TJ-KxTwo, the touchpad issue sounds like an i8042 multiplexing issue that is known for touchpads connected via PS/2 rather than USB internal interfaces18:59
ioriaKxTwo   for that maybe a kernel boot parameter19:00
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: its your perception its dead, give the box to me and ill make it work19:00
KxTwoTJ-, is the problem intermittent?  I have clammy hands so wasn't sure if it was that or something else19:00
agbakateI don't know what "is this always a ssh" is supposed to mean19:00
=== elysium^away is now known as elysium
KxTwolotuspsychje, due you are borderline harassing me.. I have been in here dozens of time, I even had a ticket it and for a month tried working with the ubuntu guys, just let it go dude.19:01
KxTwoThough I will say if the mouse problem can be fixed I probably would just buy a usb wifi adapter.19:01
TJ-KxTwo, The problem is there is no well-kept up-to-date authoritative list of models with no issues, outside of the Canonical certified list, and even that can be wrong due to changes in the actual chipsets inside them19:01
akikKxTwo: when you go shopping for a new laptop (in mostly windows shops) you can use devmgmt.msc to check out the hw19:01
TJ-KxTwo, the internal WiFi adapters are usually mini-PCI-Express (mini-PCIe) and can be swapped out easily - once the laptop itself is opened of course!19:02
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: its a free country, do what you wish but that doesnt mean your machine cantg be fixxed19:02
D4CHI have a Lenovo Laptop with a 24 gb SSD harddrive which, on my windows partition, uses it for cache. Is it possible to set up in ubuntu or does it do that automatically?19:02
KxTwoTJ-, is a hardware swap the only known fix?19:03
TJ-KxTwo, Atheros chipsets are currently regarded as the best-supported in the Linux kernel, so a replacement mini-PCIe adapter with Atheros chipset would be a good choice if you got hat route19:03
cristian_cTJ-: I confirm19:03
wileeeD4CH, ubuntu uses a swap beyond ram uses, that much ram will be used.19:03
ioriaKxTwo   why not a usb adapter ?19:03
TJ-KxTwo, No... at some point a driver/firmware fix will become available but it rather depends on how many people are affected and how many persist in trying to get it fixed, and whether kernel dev's get involved19:03
agbakateoy, it's worse than I thought... autologin only fails _intermittently_ :(19:04
KxTwoif I am going to start messing with hardware, might as well just buy a new laptop19:04
wileeeD4CH, When needed used that is.19:04
cristian_cworking , are working, apart led managing19:04
MonkeyDustagbakate   system settings > user accounts > unlock19:04
KxTwoI really thought it was just a bad touchbad design and it didn't like clammy finger tips.  Every so often my mouse just gets a mind of it's own then I have to wait it out lol19:04
TJ-agbakate, is any application set to auto-start (maybe through session state saving) that requires the password (maybe the key store agent needs unlocking to get a WiFi key out)19:05
KxTwoioria, for my wifi?  Because of the second problem that is my mouse.  This is <300 dollar laptop I bought on a whim.19:05
TJ-KxTwo, if the troublesome PC is available, I'd love a look at it's kernel log. "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg)"19:05
agbakateit starts up and creates its own wifi network, so that shouldn't be an issue19:06
=== IdleOne- is now known as io
agbakateit does start a thing in ~/.profile, but I commented that out and it was still failing19:06
ioriaagbakate, yes for wifi.... for touchpad , as i said, a kernel parameter19:06
TJ-agbakate, "starts its own wifi network" - you mean it is manage mode and runs hostapd to be an Access Point?19:06
KxTwoTJ-, I am on it right now.  I was keeping los for the longest time for my wifi but I gave up on that a month or so ago.  I'll grab you what you asked for though19:06
KxTwolotuspsychje could be right and it can be fixec but keep in mind this will now be the 5th or 6th time some one like you guys have asked to try your hand at it.19:07
agbakateTJ-: it's in AP mode, yes, but it is set up through Network Manager. I don't actually see hostapd running19:07
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: never give up mate, thats the beauty of ubuntu to make a machine get a second life19:08
mlvmhnwhy does my system hang sometimes?19:08
agbakatebut as soon as I decided to take a look at /var/log/lightdm, LightDM read my mind and stopped reproducing the problem :/19:08
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: when does it hang? ubuntu version?19:08
KxTwolotuspsychje, you have no idea how frsutrating it has been though, I have to constatly just stop using my mouse and reset my wifi.  Trust me I was not giving up easily19:08
Sedkoif your system ubuntu 14,04 i had the same issue19:09
mlvmhnyup, i has 4 gb ram, 64-bit dual core 3 .16 ghz processor19:09
KxTwoTJ-, http://pastebin.com/WXfeZrnv19:09
mlvmhnubuntu 14.04 lts19:09
KxTwobut I admit I would just keep this if the mouse and wifi would stop acting up.  The mouse I was wrong about, I didn't know was something that might be fixable.19:10
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: when does it hang?19:10
KxTwoI just feel in general that this laptop should be running better, my older machiens seemed faster to be honest.19:10
TJ-KxTwo, I've just looked at the commits to the kernel's drivers/net/wireless/rtlwifi/rtl8188ee up to present and there are a lot - which might suggest that using a current mainline kernel build of v4.2 would be an excellent test of whether the issue has been resolved.19:10
mlvmhni was watching a movie in vlc when the system frooze. nothing to do just push the power button19:10
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: theres always xubuntu/lubuntu for your needs19:10
backboxhello every one19:11
lotuspsychjemlvmhn:  installed your graphics drivers?19:11
agbakateMonkeyDust: http://alexburka.com/tmp/autologin.png19:11
KxTwoTJ-, I lost all my documentation from a couple of months ago so if you want me to try something you will have to point me to directions.  I do remember when trying new kernels it was quite a process.19:11
superkuhI've tried 3 times in as many days and each time the download of the latest firefox from us.archive.ubuntu.com has been incredibly slow. Everything else from that repo mirror is fast. It is only that package. Literally 3 seconds ago I saw  progress on it literally go backwards. It hits 30% (~15 MB) then goes backwards multiple times down to 27% (~14 MB) then forward again. Something is a bit messed up.19:11
mlvmhnnope just from the box, but all works fine but it just freezes sometimes19:11
superkuhI'm just using the normal 14.04 software updater.19:11
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: can you start vlc from terminal until it freezes?19:11
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: maybe itl show relevant errors19:12
TJ-KxTwo, OK, well I must go to dinner now but I shall look at the dmesg some more when I return. Is there a bug report number on Launchpad I can refer to?19:12
mlvmhncould do, can i restore my system then without pushing the power button?19:12
KxTwoTJ-, It has been more than 30 days so I think it is closed?  Is it still useful to you?  And if so where can I find it?  I will look through my email real quick to see if I still have the email from the last guy who tried to help me19:13
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: try recoverymode or failsafe19:13
backboxi want some frish email list19:13
TJ-KxTwo, Re Wifi - I notice the dmesg shows the wifi only looks to operate 802.11n (40MHz wide channels @ 2.4GHz) - if the AP isn't also 802.11n *only* that could cause dropped connections19:13
mlvmhnwell i want a stable system, perhaps i shall install something else?19:13
TJ-KxTwo, Any bug report with info attached is useful, and I can reopen bug reports19:14
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: LTS is stable mate19:14
backboxwaht the fuck19:14
lotuspsychjemlvmhn:  we have to investigate whats freezing your system19:14
KxTwoTJ-, hold On I think I found it, I have a ton of emails but assumeall that info will be in the bug report, but if not can forward it to you, the number is: 143798819:14
mlvmhnvery welcome, super annoying19:14
ioriaKxTwo   do you have the bug link ?19:14
TJ-KxTwo, and, the touchpad is using PS/2 connection, so the multiplex could be an issue: "psmouse serio1: synaptics: Touchpad model: 1, fw: 7.5, id: 0x1c0b1,"19:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1437988 in linux (Ubuntu) "10ec:8179 wireless network and browser issues" [Medium,Expired]19:15
mlvmhndoes chrome eat up all the ram memory?19:15
TJ-bug #143798819:15
agbakatenow autologin is working, but the mouse is frozen... wtf19:15
KxTwoTJ-, so is there a software fix for these problems?19:15
lotuspsychjemlvmhn: check your logs mate, syslog,dmesg19:15
backboxyou think you are a hachers19:15
TJ-KxTwo, keep an eye on your email, I've re-opened that bug report and assigned it to myself19:15
backboxfuuuck youuu19:16
TJ-KxTwo, There's an easy kernel parameter fix for the common Ps/2 touchpad issues19:16
mlvmhnwell, what do i look for?19:16
KxTwook I will stay logged in here and try to pay attention, I am taking the day off from work cuz im lazy19:16
Bashing-ombrunost: I take it that you are booted to a liveDVD, and you want to mount the install's 'root' directory in order to copy files off the install ? One can find the partitions from the pit put of ' sudo fdisk -lu ' . Under the 'boot' heading the root directory has an asterisk .19:16
KxTwooh wow, if we can fix all of this then I guess lotuspsychje was right to push me not to buy a new laptop lol19:16
lotuspsychje!ops | backbox19:16
ubottubackbox: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:16
TJ-KxTwo, ioria might be able to help you with the i8042.XXXX parameters to try19:16
KxTwowhoa what just happened?19:17
* TJ- is gone for 1/2 hour19:17
tonyyarusso!language | backbox19:17
ubottubackbox: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:17
=== voronwe is now known as Guest38754
KxTwothis whole time I thought the problem was the touchpad itself, a bad design that needed finger tips to be 100 percent dry.19:17
backboxfuck all of you ..19:18
agbakatemy /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log says "DEBUG: User /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User1000 changed" at +1.56s and again at +95.20s. in between those times, the mouse and keyboard were not working. what?19:18
KxTwoWow two trolls in one day.19:18
ioriaKxTwo   you can try one of all of this parameters i8042.reset i8042.nomux i8042.nopnp i8042.noloop , you can set them at boot , in grub, or you can edit /etc/default/grub    and sudo update-grub19:19
KxTwoioria, so just add i8042.* to the grub file?19:20
K4kI have an Ubuntu client that authenticates against active directory using samba. I followed the Ubuntu docs for how to do this and it works well but my local user account is locked out and I'm not sure what utility to use to unlock the account. The account is unlocked in Active Directory but the Ubuntu client still says it's locked out. Neither usermode nor passwd recognize the remote username, so unlocking19:21
K4kwith those tools fails.19:21
ioriaKxTwo  first try at boot , before "quite splash" if it work you change grub .... another one   i8042.notimeout19:22
austin6598kubuntu, i installed this and when i try to start the dameon with start onedrive-d it wont run: https://github.com/xybu/onedrive-d19:23
austin6598start: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist19:23
KxTwoioria, sorry I do not mean to be obtuse but not entirely sure wha tyou are saying?19:23
KxTwodo you want me to do a command line boot from the grub menu and individually try each one of those i8042.* commands?  The problem with my mouse is intermittent, doing one at a time would be a very slow process.19:24
ioriaKxTwo  when you boot, you can change  the kernel parameters ... like nomodeset ...19:24
ioriaKxTwo  yes...19:25
akikKxTwo: it's a cheap price to pay if you get your laptop working19:25
KxTwoioria, I can go hours, sometimes a day or two with no problem, would it be bad to simply add all of thos eto the grub file?19:25
ioriaKxTwo  well, changing grub is permanent...19:26
ioriaKxTwo  modify the line, no19:26
KxTwoioria, I can't remove them from the file?19:26
ioriaKxTwo  sure ... if it boots again  :-)19:27
KxTwoioria, oh you are worrying about bricking it19:27
neet_hello there,may i ask some question about ubuntu studio?19:27
Okitainaustin6598: you use the latest ubuntu, right? It has systemd instead of upstart. Try to find a way to migrate the daemon.19:27
lotuspsychje!studio | neet_19:27
ubottuneet_: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org19:27
austin6598Okitain> sorry im not that experienced so i dont really know what that means19:27
ioriaKxTwo  something like that19:28
KxTwowhat do I press to get to the grub screen again?19:28
KxTwoI remember having problems getting it to show up before19:28
neet_ok,i see. sorry for that!19:28
ioriaKxTwo  shift, or esc19:28
Okitainaustin6598: in that case, write a bugreport to the developer saying "software doesn't support systemd"19:28
Okitainaustin6598: if they are still actively working on this, you will probably get your fix.19:28
KxTwois there one of those that you recommend starting with?  the mos tlikely culprit?19:29
austin6598Okitain> what does this tell you:19:29
ralph4100_I just installed a new gpu and two new case fans and my keyboard seems to be doing strange things. random key presses seem to open the Rythmbox music player and up arrow minimizes Guake instead of finding an old command. has anyone had anything like this?19:29
ralph4100_I did see aux device failure in boot messages19:29
ioriaKxTwo  try this "quiet splash i8042.reset i8042.nomux i8042.nopnp i8042.noloop"19:30
Bashing-ombrunost: Did You miss my response ?19:30
pepeelooks like this bug is back:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/135976619:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1359766 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel fails to execute code for killing OOM task if oom_kill_allocating_task = 0" [Medium,Fix released]19:31
agbakatebleh, now I am running into this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219809319:31
Okitainaustin6598: what are you trying to do?19:31
pepeeI don't have swap file/partition, and when OOM happens, my system simply keeps the HDD spinning19:31
austin6598Okitain> just start the dameon. i looked at systemd --help19:32
Bashing-omralph4100_: Did you purge the old driver prior to installing the new GPU and install the proper driver for the new GPU ?19:33
Okitainaustin6598: the daemon is written for a different init system named upstart. This one is named systemd and requires different configs.19:33
Okitainaustin6598: so ask the developer if they can support you19:33
=== NetworkingPro is now known as NetworkingNovice
ralph4100_I did install a new proprietary driver but don't think I purged the old one19:34
ralph4100_Bashing-om: how do I purge the old one?19:34
=== o is now known as xnr
daftykinsralph4100_: what card?19:36
Bashing-omralph4100_: Depends on what the old GPU was and how that driver for the old GPU was installed. We can look at what is now . ' lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ; sudo lshw -C display ' . Maybe take a look at the log files and see what is going on ?19:37
ralph4100_daftykins: Titan X19:37
KxTwosorry stepped away for a second19:38
KxTwoioria, wish me luck19:38
daftykinsralph4100_: Bashing-om started helping you so i think you should continue :) nvidia card then for completeness19:39
ralph4100_Bashing-om: here is output of my lspci http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240445/19:39
Bashing-omralph4100_: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240445/ .19:40
ralph4100_Bashing-om: also here is nvidia-smi if you want http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240462/19:41
daftykinsralph4100_: can i ask what you use it for? quite the expensive card that :)19:41
ralph4100_daftykins: math19:42
ralph4100_daftykins: machine learning stuff19:42
daftykinsah ok, CUDA?19:42
ralph4100_daftykins: yes exactly - actually my theano install broke too19:43
ralph4100_w/ the new card19:43
daftykinsnot familiar with that19:43
KxTwook I apparently have no idea what I am doing19:43
KxTwoI hit c to go to the command line and it said it couldn't find the commands19:44
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: you need to add them manually parameters19:44
ioriaKxTwo  don't remember well... i think 'e'19:44
KxTwoI'm following ioria's instructions19:44
KxTwoso Iw as in the right area at least?19:45
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: <ioria> KxTwo  try this "quiet splash i8042.reset i8042.nomux i8042.nopnp i8042.noloop"19:45
KxTwolotuspsychje, yes and at the grub menu I hit c to drop to grub command line and typed that in there, minus "19:45
ralph4100_Bashing-om: also found this line in /var/log/dmesg "4.471143] nvidia: module verification failed: signature and/or  required key missing - tainting kernel"19:46
ioriaKxTwo  i think is 'e' not 'c'19:46
geirhaKxTwo: 'e' to edit the current entry, and change "quiet splash" to that string19:46
ioriaKxTwo  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters19:47
daftykinsralph4100_: i'd probably check which packages you have on right now, "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit"19:47
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: or try the grub way: http://askubuntu.com/questions/525629/touchpad-is-not-recognized19:47
lotuspsychje!test | Souse19:47
ubottuSouse: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )19:47
ioriaseems it's recognized ... but not working well....19:48
KxTwolotuspsychje, I think ioria was worried the system might not boot but that was what I was going to originally try19:48
Brody1Is anyone dual booting Windows XP on MSi wind u10019:48
lotuspsychjeBrody1: ask your real question mate19:48
daftykinsif anyone is still using XP they need to be shot19:48
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
Brody1I'm not sure if the bluetooth isnt working or if there isnt any on it19:49
Brody1there is a bluetooth light tho19:49
daftykinscheck with lspci and lsusb19:49
Brody1one sec19:49
lotuspsychje!bluetooth | Brody119:49
ubottuBrody1: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup19:49
daftykinsthat means nothing, hardware can be not included19:49
ralph4100_daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240517/19:49
daftykins(could be the same shell of the machine made for other models)19:49
durka42how do I set the default wi-fi netwrk for NetworkManager to connect on startup?19:50
NikeshSo.. On my new machine `pass` doesn't use colour highlighting in it's output, but otherwise I have colour terminal enabled. Any ideas to address this?19:50
wileeeBrody1, Has bluetooth, http://www.pcworld.com/product/31948/wind-u100-869us-netbook.html19:50
lotuspsychjeNikesh: what kind of file you want color highlighted?19:51
daftykinsralph4100_: mmm lots of mismatched packages, i would "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* " (note the * there) then "sudo apt-get install nvidia-346" and reboot19:51
ralph4100_k - will try19:51
ioriaKxTwo  sorry mate have to go... i wish you luck ...19:51
ralph4100_daftykins: if it works won't be back - if not see you in a few. either way thanks for your help19:51
daftykinsnp ;)19:52
KxTwoioria, I am just going to try it through editing grub, if this works then the wireless is next, thank you!19:52
ioriaKxTwo  you are welcome19:52
Nikeshlotuspsychje: I use the program `pass` to manage passwords. When I type `$ pass` it lists all of the password entries. On my old machine the entries were blue, but on this new machine they are just regular (white). I have otherwise enabled colours in my .bashrc, because `$ ls` and my propmpt `eir@anu ~/ $` show colours19:52
wileeeBrody1, One gig memory however I would run a light desktop.19:52
KxTwook I just updated grub19:52
KxTwonow I guess I just wit19:52
Brody1What am I looking for in lspci and lsusb19:52
KxTwolotuspsychje, any more suggestions while we wait for TJ- on the wifi?19:52
daftykinsBrody1: something bluetooth related19:53
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: reboot after update grub mate19:53
akikKxTwo: did you see my suggestion on the wifi power management?19:53
KxTwoakik, turning off powermanagement was one of the first things I did but thank you19:53
KxTwolotuspsychje, ok I will reboot but what is the "update grub" do if you still need to reboot?19:54
KxTwoalso I hope this doesn't brick my machine lol19:54
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: update-grub updates your grub changes19:54
lotuspsychjeKxTwo: then after reboot gets active19:54
wileeeBrody1, Take a look at the bots bluetooth info, there is a manual lsusb listed there.19:54
KxTwook lotuspsychje I will brb if my machine is not a brick.  If it is I will use my phone to find out how to fix a broken grub edit19:54
lotuspsychje!recovery | KxTwo if things go wrong19:55
ubottuKxTwo if things go wrong: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode19:55
ash_workcan you make commands where something like ~$ cmd $(prefix_*) would expand to ~$ cmd prefix_a prefix_b prefix_c19:56
ash_work ?19:56
KxTwoOk I am back19:57
=== frodopwns2 is now known as frodopwns
KxTwoI hae been getting internal errors on reboot though, apportcheckresume19:57
daftykinsash_work: perhaps you should be in #bash :)19:57
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
ash_workdaftykins: really? I thought that might not be technical enough of a question for #bash19:58
KxTwolotuspsychje, it might have worked but time will tell.  All of my problems are intermittent which makes diagnosing and fixing harder lol19:59
frodopwnshey guys, i have a Dockerfile installing percona to a  ubuntu base and am getting this all of a sudden: "W: Failed to fetch http://repo.percona.com/apt/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  403  Forbidden"19:59
TJ-KxTwo, I've updated the bug report with recommendations on how to proceed with testing the RTL8188EE. I've noted as an intro the other problems you report together suggest there may be a fault RAM module and to do a memtest80+ run on it19:59
daftykinsash_work: doesn't hurt to ask there too.19:59
frodopwnscan someone point me in a direction to troubleshoot this?19:59
ash_workdaftykins: yeah :P19:59
KxTwoTJ-, oh boy19:59
daftykinsfrodopwns: contact them, their repo has issues - nothing to do with Ubuntu.19:59
Brody1Does this have anything to due with bluetooth:20:00
frodopwnsdaftykins:  not pointing blame just seekign direction, thanks20:00
KxTwoI think I did a memtest80 before and the HP memory test and there was no problems there.20:00
Brody1one sec20:00
daftykinsfrodopwns: well i am... :)20:00
Brody102:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8187SE Wireless LAN Controller (rev 22)20:00
lotuspsychje!realtek | Brody120:00
ubottuBrody1: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b20:00
wileeeBrody1, No that is the wifi, have you read the bots message?20:00
daftykinsKxTwo: hope you did at least two passes with memtest86+20:01
Brody1wileee, no what is that20:01
wileee!bluetooth | Brody120:01
ubottuBrody1: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup20:01
KxTwodaftykins, it was a couple of months ago but I believe i did it overnight twice.  I really don't think there is a memory issue, just a buggy wifi adapter20:01
Brody1wileee, that only goes up to 11.04 and seems to be for external bluetooth connectors.  I'm on 14.0420:02
wileeeBrody1, Yes, but that is a generally good wiki, there is lots of info there.20:02
Brody1Ok. I'll keep looking. Thanks20:03
daftykinsKxTwo: well it doesn't hurt to check these things.20:03
daftykinsi'd rather someone run something overnight once than waste my time giving support :)20:03
KxTwodaftykins, you are right of course20:03
KxTwodaftykins, I will run memtest again tonight I have 6gb so it will take a while20:03
KxTwoit is a brand new laptop and I did do it before is the only reason I say that it is most likely not the case20:04
KxTwoI have been getting an internal error with apportcheckresume if that is meangingful20:04
daftykinsi haven't followed your main issue to be honest, just saw the memtest bit :)20:05
daftykinsso i don't know what's going wrong20:05
Brody1using hcitool dev returns no devices20:05
KxTwodaftykins, you have helped me in the past, it all stems from a realtek wireless adapter that intermittently drops, I have tried a bazillion fixes and the only thing I have accomplished is reducing the frequency.  Oddly enough since I have been on here today though it has not dropped20:06
=== Rudench is now known as Shnaw
KxTwoTJ just gave me something new to try though20:08
daftykinswas that the one i once suggested changing router wireless channel?20:08
KxTwodaftykins, that is quite possible yes, I do remember doing that.  I actually found multiple fixes in the ubuntu support pages and thought I had fixed it but then it came back20:09
KxTwoTJ- was just looking at one of my logs and made a comment about "only n" but his email to me doesn't mention that so not sure on that one20:09
daftykinsi'd have switched the card out long ago :)20:10
Guest23456900hi all20:10
Guest23456900where to find /boot/grub/menu.lst to password protect grub20:10
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KxTwodaftykins, I came in here with the intent of buying a new laptop beause I also had mouse problems but got talked into trying to fix things lol20:10
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:11
daftykinsKxTwo: heh ^_^20:11
KxTwostill waiting to see if the mouse fix is working as that was also intermittent20:11
KxTwoI thought the touchppad was a bad design and that the problem was that I have clammy hands but TJ-  caught that it was somethingt to do with how it was connected and had me edit my grub file.20:11
TJ-KxTwo, If the client connects and works with the AP to start will that indicates if the network is n-only, that isn't the issue. However, it could be something like when the client comes to re-key it might have changed its CRDA config to use 20MHz 802.11g channels... far-fetched, but still possible. syslog/kern.log will reveal that though20:12
guntbertGuest23456900: you are very probably on grub2 - no menu.lst any more -- see what ubottu told you20:12
KxTwoTJ-, do you still want me to try what you said in your email, I am rereading it a couple of times to get the last part but it doesn't sound too crazy20:12
KxTwooddly enough I have NOT had any problems while on here today so waiting for a disconnect might take a while20:13
CAPITANOOOi m still lock to intall ubuntu on acer aspire m1641   and get this error acpi pcc probe failed20:13
TJ-KxTwo, If power is the issue then those tests are a very quick way to find out and fix it20:13
CAPITANOOOi ve tried mani combination of acpi=off20:13
KxTwoso you just want me to set both those options to 0?20:13
TJ-CAPITANOOO, "acpi pcc probe failed" is NOT a problem, the kernel dev that added the PCC support forgot to remove a debugging log message. It has since been removed. Just ignore it.20:14
KxTwoalso just want to point out again I have been getting the apportcheckresume internal error, if that is indicative of anything20:14
TJ-KxTwo, Yes... you have 3 tests you can do. Each option separate, then both together.20:14
CAPITANOOOTJ-: but the intallaton dosent work20:14
daftykinsmust be something else then :)20:15
TJ-KxTwo, apport is the crash capture and reporting too. It is worth letting it post a bug report... and added the bug number it creates to the existing bug report about the RTL, in case it is related.20:15
CAPITANOOOstill locked on screeen whit dots20:15
KxTwoI might have another symptom20:15
TJ-CAPITANOOO, that won't have anything to do with ACPI PCC - that is just happens to be the last message displayed20:15
KxTwoon a hunch I just did a speed test on my laptop and then on my desktop server20:15
CAPITANOOOok and how i can found the problem20:15
KxTwoI have 30Mbps down which I hit on my server but my laptop got less than 1020:16
CAPITANOOOmaide is a nvidia driver but im not sure20:16
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CAPITANOOOhow i can found the rela problem TJ-20:16
TJ-KxTwo, in case the RTL is having Tx/Rx problems, you can check the Excessive Retries count with "iwconfig"20:16
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: which version are you trying to boot? can you link us to that system's spec?20:16
KxTwoTJ-, that is set to 020:17
KxTworetested and got 6.7120:17
KxTwodesktop server is holding steady at >3020:17
CAPITANOOOUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS20:17
TJ-CAPITANOOO, If the installer is failing, the first thing to do is used the installer boot menu, Advanced options section, and remove the "quiet splash" entries and replce them with "debug" then boot... that will output the maximum amount of kernel messages and should help to indicate where the system gets stuck20:17
KxTwoaand now I am suddenly getting 20, which is still slow but faster than what it was a few minutes ago20:19
KxTwoso random20:19
CAPITANOOObut i tink the installatione dont rreach to splash screen20:19
TJ-KxTwo, What Bit Rate does 'iwconfig' report, and what Frequency?20:19
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: so where's that spec?20:19
CAPITANOOOwhat spec20:19
TJ-KxTwo, was the speedtest running at the same time on both server and laptop? :)20:20
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CAPITANOOOspec abaut20:20
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: the system you're trying to install to, the specification... link us please20:20
KxTwoTJ-, no, I am not that dumb :)20:20
CAPITANOOObut what system  Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS im tring to intall this20:20
guntbertKxTwo: are you certain that it is not a problem of the access point?20:21
CAPITANOOOi never had this problem before20:21
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: THE LAPTOP. link us to its' spec please.20:21
KxTwoTJ-, I just captured iwconfig output for you20:21
KxTwoguntbert, yes I have no problems with any other device except this laptop when running linux.20:21
CAPITANOOOi sai before acer aspire m164120:21
TJ-KxTwo, pastebin ?20:21
KxTwoTJ-, http://pastebin.com/t2Txcrhk20:22
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: that's a model, not a page with the full spec. look it up and link me20:22
CAPITANOOOits old model not esy to find i try20:23
TJ-KxTwo, I'm wondering if your issues might be caused by an ACPI OSI name mismatch. That is a common theme where the BIOS/Firmware is customised for Windows versions and doesn't enable all functionality for Linux. We often work around it using kernel's acpi_osi="XXX" where XXX is a BIOS and model-specific string such as "Windows 2012"20:23
Guest23456900in some of videos , especially editing in /etc/fstab, i found relatime20:23
Guest23456900what is relatime ? it should be realtime or relative ? isn't it?20:23
KxTwoTJ-, ok.. I'm all ears lol20:24
CAPITANOOOi tink its not much relevant20:24
TJ-KxTwo, iwconfig looks good - strong signal, *but* the Bit Rate I'd have expected to be up around 144Mbps or more20:24
Johnny_Linuxi tink so too20:24
poppeSuggestion of good pdf tool (like adobe acrobat) that can open multiple instances of a document and export a document to a odt or something else document related. :)20:24
TJ-KxTwo, We'll worry about acpi_osi= at a later stage if the current tests don't solve it :)20:24
CAPITANOOOmaibe its nivida driver problem but its just a supposition20:24
KxTwoTJ-, something is stopping me from hitting 30Mbps down too20:25
KxTwoTJ-, I just want to make sure you have all the symptoms20:25
Guest23456900what is relatime ? it should be realtime or relative ? isn't it?20:25
KxTwoTJ-, so now we know that even when I am connected it still isn't up to speed20:25
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: i suspect either your download was corrupt or your flash drive / media wasn't made up correctly, try remaking it20:25
CAPITANOOOi triend from usb and from dvd20:25
CAPITANOOO itried  x86 and 64 b version of iso20:26
KxTwoTJ-, not sure if that also shows that the power managment theory is not longer valid20:26
TJ-KxTwo, That would be expected given the carrier is only 72.2Mbps ... that equates to a real maximum user throughout of around 10 Megabytes per second20:26
CAPITANOOOi do md5 cechk20:26
KxTwoTJ-, so are you saying I can't get the 30Mbps down on this laptop?20:26
TJ-KxTwo, power saving theory is for causing the link to drop totally, it won't affect the bandwidth. You've getting the expected bandwidth for 72Mbps20:27
KxTwoTJ-, well my bandwidth keeps jumping \anywhere from 6ish to 20ish it's all over the place every time I do it.  That doesn't make sense to me.20:27
jawatioHas anyone here use the "switch.ch" APT repo's before. Im trying to figure out if they are trusty worthy20:27
CAPITANOOOim desperate20:28
TJ-KxTwo, It should, yes, or at least get close to 30Mbps, but in the 802.11 band (2.4GHz) are usually a lot of other devices all arguing over the limited bandwidth, and interfering with each other.20:28
TJ-KxTwo, Are you in an urban area/location with lots of other APs visible to the PC?20:28
KxTwoTJ-, ok so where are we at to get this adapter working at 100%?20:29
guntbertGuest23456900: it relly is relatime -- denoting the updates on the atime of inodes (access time) should be written not all the time20:29
KxTwoThere are a few other signals around where I live yes20:29
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: time to try 14.04.1 then i would say.20:29
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CAPITANOOOi will20:30
KxTwoon the advice of some one else from #ubuntu, I have my wireless set to 20mhz only and channel 920:30
TJ-KxTwo, Let's see how many other APs are near you. "sudo iwlist scan | tee /dev/stderr | pastebinit"20:30
OerHeksCAPITANOOO, that GeForce 7050 onboard is too old for nvidia driver, but should work with the opendriver.20:31
daftykinsCAPITANOOO: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04.0/20:31
KxTwoTJ-, I didn't have that pastebinit but glab I grabbed it!  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240802/20:32
KxTwoThis is going to suck if none of my wireless devices can get 30Mbps down, I just upgraded my internet to that from 1020:34
TJ-KxTwo, that really explains it! You've got other APs on very close channels. If at all possible, in your Wifi Router control panel, set the channel to "auto" and the AP should find a clearer channel.  In the 2.4 GHz band the only fully non-overlapping channels are 1, 6, 11. You're on 9 and have other strong signals on 6 and 11, so if there is no 'auto' setting choose '1'20:34
TJ-KxTwo, that means 3 networks are all overlapping and interfering with each other20:35
KxTwoTJ-, I originally had that but some one else told me to change it, should I leave it at 20mhz only?20:35
KxTwoTJ- should I auto the width too?20:36
CAPITANOOOjust tring20:36
TJ-KxTwo, No, if that has auto, use it. To get faster than 72Mb/s you'll need 40Mhz channels, but that reduces the choice of channels even more so 'auto' or channel 1 (at this moment in time) would be the better choice20:36
KxTwoI have a WRT120N if that matters20:36
KxTwook so I am going to leave it at 20Mhz and auto?20:37
guntbertTJ-: did you see that   0dBm  on cell 05? I've never seen that20:37
TJ-KxTwo, actually, wait 1. I just realised I didn't read the full report - skipped a section. You also have devices on channels 1 and 2.20:38
KxTwoTJ-, Ok...20:38
poppeAnyone have a suggestion of good pdf tool (like adobe acrobat) that can open multiple instances of a document and export a document to a odt or something else document related?20:39
TJ-KxTwo, So, your problem really is congested radio spectrum. Can your AP and all PCs/devices operate in the 802.11a 5GHz band ? If so, try using it instead, it is very often quieter20:39
[Aura]MaelStromHi, i was wondering: I'm running ubuntu server on a VM, and there I am running a web server, I want to access it via my host: Is it possible to create port forwarding in ubuntu, so requests to the VM's IP will be forwarded to the webserver's IP20:39
KxTwoTJ-, there are only a few around me, if that is such a problem what the heck do people do who live in bigger cities?20:39
guntbert[Aura]MaelStrom: depends on your virtualization product20:40
daftykins[Aura]MaelStrom: hard to follow given we don't know your network setup20:40
KxTwoas for the a 5ghz questions I actually have no idea lol20:40
TJ-guntbert, yes, I assumed it was an error :)20:40
guntbertTJ-: or someone with much to high power on his transmitter ?20:41
TJ-KxTwo, As I said, there are only 3 non-overlapping choices for 20MHz channels on 802.11bgn (2.4GHZ). With 40MHz channels only 2 channels (1 and 11)20:41
daftykins[Aura]MaelStrom: i suspect you mean you have this VM configured with host only networking, you should change it to bridged so it's on the same physical network as your host PC.20:42
TJ-KxTwo, Any idea who operates the network "DavidHome" ?20:42
KxTwoTJ-, well I changed it to auto for everything and the laptop is up to 25mbps now20:42
[Aura]MaelStromI'm running ubuntu server on virtual box, its eth0 IP is x configured by DHCP (interfaces), using NAT (virtualbox). on the host (windows) the Virtual box has its IP y. I want to do port forwarding so connection to y from host will be forwarded to x inside ubuntu20:43
KxTwoTJ-, it is my closest neighbor and is maintained by time warner cable20:43
TJ-KxTwo, guntbert pointed out its signal to noise ratio (SNR) is extremely high (suggested it may be using an amplified or highly directional antenna pointed in your direction)20:43
KxTwoTJ-, his router is only a few feet from mine, I live in a multie family unit he is my neighbor20:43
TJ-KxTwo, Staying away from that AP on whatever channel it chooses (currently 11) is your number 1 improvement20:43
MonkeyDust[Aura]MaelStrom what are you planning to do with that?20:43
guntbert[Aura]MaelStrom: for virtualbox support please visit #virtualbox  and/or read the handbook20:43
weloveciscoMy location: Clio, United States20:44
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[Aura]MaelStromwell, I wonder can I create port forwarding INSIDE ubuntu. So requests to X will go to Y20:44
KxTwoTJ-, well I have it set to auto right now and it seems to be working so leave it?  Also inproved my speed though I doubt any of this was causing my disconnects as that only happened on this machine20:44
TJ-KxTwo, because in 'auto' mode the APs can change channels it means you constantly need to check the channels in use with a 'iwlist scan' if you get problems, to see if another AP is operating in your APs range of channels20:45
KxTwoTJ-, ok this is new to me, I have never had issues before.  I have never had to worrya bout crosstalk and have had the same neighbors all running wifi for upwards of 8 years20:45
TJ-KxTwo, the disconnects could be caused by your PC being so close to DavidHome that it was overwhelmed and couldn't contact your own AP20:45
daftykins[Aura]MaelStrom: you're doing virtualisation wrong, you should be using *BRIDGED* networking on the VM - that's what's wrong, your idea is crazy :)20:45
KxTwowhat the heck would some one do in an apartment building in NYC?20:45
TJ-KxTwo, new devices, different locations, different antennas all contribute to this kind of issue20:46
TJ-KxTwo, Cry20:46
TJ-KxTwo, Use a wire... it's always more reliable20:46
KxTwoTJ-, then why does it only happens on this laptop when running ubuntu?  It doesn't happen when running windows, and none of my other wireless devices, or that of friends, have had problems?20:46
daftykinsi can tell you what i'd do anywhere in the world, buy more network cables ;)20:46
KxTwoTJ-, it's a laptop lol20:46
[Aura]MaelStromdaftykins, I've been getting trouble with bridged networking on the ubuntu server, it fails to configure the networking20:47
daftykinsKxTwo: nice big long one20:47
daftykins[Aura]MaelStrom: then you need to fix that.20:47
TJ-KxTwo, maybe the driver/firmware don't react in the best way possible to interference, and instead of trying to work around it, drop the connection. This is the problem with chipsets from manufacturers who don't fully support open-source development20:47
KxTwoIm sorry but this doesn't make sense to me, I have college friends who are living in manhatten surrounded by countless wireless signals and their speeds are fine.20:47
TJ-KxTwo, So? I have both wireless and ethernet wired in use on my laptop when it's on the desk20:48
KxTwoOk so we are basically back to saying that it is not a software fix but now it is because I have neighbors who also have wifi...20:48
TJ-KxTwo, I've been working with deploying WiFi networks for back-haul and on-premises since for 15 years; this is NOT an unusual issue at all.20:48
lacrymologysince the update to kernel 3.13.0-58 my computer doesn't boot correctly. With some kernels I get just a black screen, with some I get an X error message, but no input (keyboard or mouse). I've got .13.0-46~62 installed, and the latest one I'm able to run is -5720:48
KxTwoTJ-, I do not use a desk, I use a couche, a chair, a back porch, a kitchen table, a bed.  I am not going to install ethernet at every possible location I use my laptop.20:49
MonkeyDustlacrymology  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue20:49
lacrymologyUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l20:49
KxTwoTJ-, well it is new to me.  you obviously are more experienced than me but I just visited my  friend over the weeken and he had more wireless signanls than I could count and zero problems  I do not even live in a city I live in the suburbs.20:49
TJ-KxTwo, It is possibly a combination of the 2 - other APs very close, poor signal isolation, possibly a poor Wifi antenna design in the laptop (may be directional), possibly poor firmware/driver behaviour.20:49
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lacrymologyMonkeyDust: ^^20:50
KxTwoI just feel i that were the case I would have problems on all wireless devices and operating systems but I guess I will take your word for it.20:50
MonkeyDustlacrymology  can you restart, in GRUB choose a differenrt kernel20:51
KxTwohaha and it doesn't look like the mouse fix worked either lol20:51
KxTwough I give up20:51
TJ-KxTwo, sometimes the positioning of the wifi antennas in the laptop (usually around the screen) can make then directional. I've seen several instances where poor signal was caused by 1 of the antenna connectors internally not being connected to the card and simply reconnecting it fixed all issues with poor performance. There are SO MANY possibilities20:51
Johnny_Linuxtrade it in for a hp KxTwo20:51
tableshow do i completely remove a package and it's files and config files and whatever files?20:51
lacrymologyMonkeyDust: if I choose a newer kernel, what I described happens, I can't even get to a tty to login20:51
KxTwoJohnny_Linux, kudos on jumping in without knowing what is up.  This IS an HP :)20:52
TJ-KxTwo, if the mouse just failed, grab the logs as per the bug report - they may reveal why it is failing20:52
MonkeyDustlacrymology  i mean, an older kernel20:52
guntberttables: sudo apt-get purge <packagename>20:52
Johnny_Linuxooo, i thought you said it was an acer, my bad20:52
tablesisn't there a better one with dpkg?20:52
TJ-Johnny_Linux, the Acer was CAPITANOOO20:52
Johnny_Linuxi c20:52
MonkeyDusttables  sudo aptitude purge ~c    <-- yes, that's a tilde20:52
lacrymologyMonkeyDust: I'm currently running -57, which is the newest kernel that's working for me. Isn't that what you're recommending?20:52
KxTwoTJ-, well unfortunately at this point the on ly issue is this laptop when running ubuntu. so it is either get a new laptop or switch back to windows, switchin back to windows is where I am leaning at this point.20:53
MonkeyDustlacrymology  ok, good20:53
lacrymologyMonkeyDust: the latest one I've got installed is -6220:53
akikKxTwo: you forgot the acpi_osi change20:53
MonkeyDustlacrymology  that's newer than mine, i've got -4620:53
TJ-KxTwo, Yes, if HP don't provide support for Linux then Windows is probably the best thing for it. This is always a problem for Linux users20:53
tablesMonkeyDust, isn't there a better command?20:54
KxTwoakik, well it sounds like TJ is saying it is because I have neighbors with wireless routers.20:54
MonkeyDusttables  define "better"?20:54
akikKxTwo: "leave no stone unturned"20:54
KxTwoI have had zero problems with internet in my house in 8 years, until I get this laptop and installed linux on it.20:54
MonkeyDusttables  you could try deleting the folder from ~/.config20:55
KxTwoI've switched everything to auto on my router and am hoping that does something but now that I see my mouse fix didn't work either I am just about to my wits end20:55
TJ-KxTwo, You'd have even more problems with a default Windows installs - every device needs a driver, and you'd have to find and fetch and install each one. However, HP does that for you, because Windows has a virtual monopoly over x86 PCs still and chipset manufacturers don't feel it necessary to support Linux drivers the same way they do for Windows - without Windows driver they'd not sell chipsets.20:56
TJ-KxTwo, In the Linux/Android device market it is the opposite way around... If they want to sell chipsets for Smartphones they have to have Linux drivers20:57
lacrymologyKxTwo: get youself a TP-Link Wr710? they're cheap and it'll fix your issue ;)20:57
KxTwolacrymology, it might not though according to what the current working theory is20:57
akikKxTwo: try that suggestion by Tj- acpi_osi="Windows 2012" i had to enter acpi_osi=Linux on my machine to get the display backlight working20:57
KxTwolacrymology, but also I am having a mouse issue that isn't fixed either. I was about ready to buy a new laptop but if it comes down to it I will just switch back to windows20:57
daftykinsTJ-: that's not true these days :)20:57
TJ-KxTwo, it's worth testing with an external WiFi adapter... different chipset, different antenna location, different drivers/firmware20:58
no_bill_gatezis there a application on ubuntu that will connect to iphone?20:58
daftykinsno_bill_gatez: not really20:58
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod20:58
KxTwolacrymology, also not sure why you would tell me to get a new router, I suggested that months ago and everyone said that wouldn't do anything20:59
KxTwoTJ-, I have multiple wireless devices, again it is only this machine and only when running linux I have a problem20:59
daftykinsreturn/sell/stick to Windows? :)21:00
lacrymologyKxTwo: it was KIND of a joke, and I wasn't proposing to use it as a router, you'd carry it around with your laptop, have it connect to your wifi, and to the laptop via ethernet.21:00
lacrymologyKxTwo: silly question, but do other devices connect?21:00
KxTwolacrymology, oh lol sorry.  Not that I would have gotten it but I am a little frustrated right now too21:00
KxTwoyes I ONLY have this problem with THIS laptop and when running it with linux21:00
lacrymologyKxTwo: yes, I can imagine, sorry for trying to be funny, not appropriate21:01
KxTwoI had zero problems with windows but am not a fan, though 10 came ou so maybe that is nicer.21:01
BenMcLeanAnyone know how to install large cursors so that they apply everywhere?21:01
BenMcLeani am using Ubuntu with GNOME21:01
TJ-KxTwo, As I said earlier, try another chipset in the laptop; it may be the particular device/driver/firmware combo. RTL don't support Linux like Atheros do, for example21:02
KxTwoI have also been in here on multiple occassions with people offering different theories/fixes.  This time I came in just for laptop suggestions as I was going to buy another one but got talked into trying to fix everything again and now the working theory is because I have neighbors with wireless which quite frankly blows my mind.21:02
KxTwooddly enough I have had no drops today, just slower than 30Mbps speeds21:02
KxTwoand I dont' think the mouse fix worked either21:02
lrs_Hi, I have a problem21:03
lrs_Im trying to install a game on s team21:03
lrs_But it says I have 0 mb left21:03
lrs_And I cant seem to access the folder21:03
lrs_Anyone have any idea what the problem is?21:03
k1llrs_: please pastebin "df -h"21:03
lacrymologyKxTwo: if you have an android cell phone you can try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_GB to see if your channel is getting a lot of interference.21:04
TJ-KxTwo, the theory is that congested spectrum *may* be causing a problem for the chipset/firmware/driver combo... that is not unusual. For a long time (years) Intel drivers had terrible problems such that most users had to disable 802.11n entirely to have working devices. That finally got fixed in the upstream kernel about 1 1/2 years ago.21:04
lrs_k1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240982/21:04
lrs_When i pick the library folder in steam21:05
lrs_I can choose / and /boot21:05
lrs_If I pick / and then create steam in home21:05
x_roothello, is possible to resize a dynamic partition?21:05
lrs_Doesnt work21:05
lrs_Ive reinstalled steam21:05
k1llrs_: hmm, dont know then.21:06
x_rooti'm at dual boot (using linux right now) and will resize the partition of linux to expand (and wipe the windows partition..)21:06
x_rootor is better to just format?21:06
KxTwolacrymology, I think TJ-  just tested that using another method21:06
KxTwoat this point I just put everything on auto and we will see what happens, I am getting better speeds at least21:06
TJ-KxTwo, the i8042.XXX options may not be correct ones. There are several combinations. Without seeing the logs when the touchpad fails there's no way to be sure what combination of options might fix it, or even if that is the correct approach - it is just the most common cause for Ps/2 Touchpads21:06
Fjorgynni've got a problem with audio21:07
Ner0lrs_ --> Did you open steam with root permission?21:07
x_rootFjorgynn, which problem?21:07
TJ-lacrymology, we used 'iwlist scan' to check the local radio spectrum see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12240802/21:07
Fjorgynnx_root: I must open alsamixer to unmute headphones and raise the volume to get sound from the speakers, everytime I reboot21:08
Fjorgynnwhich is a bit annoying21:08
Fjorgynndoesn't work in gui xfce21:08
lrs_Ner0, Yeah21:08
lrs_Ner0, I run it with optirun21:08
x_rootdon't know how to fix Fjorgynn.. is possible to change to pulseaudio?21:09
lrs_if i do sudo steam it says cant run as root user21:09
x_rootmaybe it works.. idk.. :s21:09
Fjorgynnx_root: I don't know it must be pulseaudio?21:09
Fjorgynnbut I can't see  it in the gui21:09
x_roothm.. there's a way to see/try that from terminal..21:10
x_rooti can't remember the command though.. =/21:10
Fjorgynntried alsactl store as root now x_root21:10
KxTwoyah this is turning into a nihtmare with way too many possible combinations of issues.  Im just going to se how things go for the next day or so and either switch back to windows or get another laptop21:11
BenMcLeanHey KxTwo, thanks for your help earlier today. Starting in UEFI mode and running boot-repair fixed my laptop right up :)21:14
BenMcLeanI see some chatting has gone on but nobody responded to my question about changing mouse cursors21:15
BenMcLeanAnyone know about that?21:15
KxTwoBenMcLean, you are welcome!  I got totally lucky on that.  Too bad I can't get my machine running perfectly21:15
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pentrixhi all, I'm so frustrated. I wanted to change from win8 to ubuntu...but when I try to install this error occurs: The installer encountered an error copying file to the hard disk: [Errno 5] Input/Output error. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?21:21
pentrixIt's an ASUS VIVOPC-VC6021:21
EriC^^pentrix: yes its very easy21:22
daftykinshave you made your backup discs so you can reinstall windows if you break it?21:22
KxTwopentrix, is it a cd or usb install?21:22
pentrixEriC^^, ok?21:22
pentrixdaftykins, cd21:23
pentrixKxTwo, cd21:23
pentrixdaftykins, no backup..I was feeling lucky21:23
KxTwopentrix, it's possible you have a bad image.  you should use a USB instead and check your image with md5sum21:23
daftykinsthat was very unwise21:23
daftykinspentrix: ok so they're definitely made? good stuff. is Ubuntu to be the only OS, or do you want to dual boot?21:23
daftykinser ignore the first bit :P21:23
pentrixKxTwo, I'll try that then.. usb installer here we go21:23
KxTwocheck your iso, md5sum ubuntioXXX.iso21:24
TJ-pentrix, bug #245794 has useful explanations and advice21:24
ubottubug 245794 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[Errno 5] Input/Output Error during Live CD Installation " [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24579421:24
KxTwocompare with: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes21:24
pentrixdaftykins, only ubuntu, erase the whole disk21:24
simonepspI'm trying to reorder columns in midnight commander (single panel view). I've checked on the manual but I can't figure  out how to do it. Someone could help me? Thanks21:25
pentrixTJ-, ok, I'll check that21:25
pentrixubuntu3, thanks..I'll check21:25
pentrixKxTwo, Thanks I'll check...21:25
daftykinsubottu is a bot :>21:26
ubottudaftykins: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:26
daftykinsoh i know ubottu, i know only too well.21:26
pentrixthank you guys for your support... I'll write again when it works... or not.. hehe21:26
simonepspno one uses mc? :)21:27
KxTwopentrix, listen to him he is a guru, definitely use usb though, much easier to deal with if there is an issue21:27
KxTwoif you only have a windows machine to create it I believe the program is called "live usb creator" just google it and you'll find it21:27
BenMcLeanSomeone who is having problems with the ubuntu installer may want to try the alternative ubuntu installer. I don't know if that's been brought up but it can be very helpful, especially for older systems21:28
daftykinsSimon1245: i thought it was more a Windows prog. but obviously not given no replies ;)21:28
BenMcLeanCourse, last time I used it was in 2012. So I don't even know if it's still maintained21:28
daftykinsBenMcLean: hasn't existed for years, so no :)21:28
BenMcLeanThat's too bad. It was excellent.21:28
BenMcLeanWhy'd they get rid of it?21:29
daftykinsit's not necessary21:29
Simon1245daftykins, You wrote to the wrong person, I think you meant simonepsp21:29
Simon1245But he left anyway so..21:29
daftykinsSimon1245: ah my apologies21:29
Simon1245No problem :21:29
daftykinsBenMcLean: there's mini.iso which serves the same purpose, server media and desktop media - so yeah, doesn't really matter.21:30
pentrixKxTwo, I'll try usb installer...21:30
BenMcLeandaftykins, oh I see. Well, then use the mini iso :)21:30
BenMcLeanrelatively new computers are so cheap and so abundant in first world countries these days that I can understand starting to remove some legacy supports nowadays21:32
orfeoHello folks!21:32
BenMcLeanalthough, on the other hand, things like the raspberry pi show that there is still gonna be a need for desktop operating systems that run on limited hardware for the forseeable future :)21:32
daftykinsBenMcLean: also no, i think you interpreted the issue incorrectly21:32
BenMcLeanOK nvm :)21:33
daftykins!ot | BenMcLean21:33
ubottuBenMcLean: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:33
orfeoI am trying to set a second github account on my machine but it insists to keep pushing with the previews ssh account. Could someone help me please?21:33
BenMcLeanI posted my question here, since nobody seemed to have any ideas on it in either this channel or #gnome https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/3j4wb8/how_to_get_universal_moderately_bigger_mouse/21:33
TJ-orfeo, you probably need a specific Host section in the user's ssh config "man ssh_config"21:34
orfeoTJ-: ok, thank you!21:35
TJ-orfeo, I generate seperate SSH keys for each user/service, and add them to the config, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12241157/21:36
yecril71plHi there, what does LTS mean in practice?21:38
TJ-yecril71pl, security and bug-fixes for the term of the support21:38
yecril71plCan I expect obsolete packages to be upgraded?21:38
MonkeyDust!lts | yecril71pl21:38
ubottuyecril71pl: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)21:38
lrs_k1l, https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/359621:39
yecril71ple.g. system monitor is obsolete21:39
lrs_This guy has the same problem21:39
lrs_I seriously dont know wth to do21:39
TJ-yecril71pl, generally, only bug-fixes are backported. Although the HardWare Enablement stack brings newer kernel and Xorg X server21:40
yecril71plsystem monitor has been updated for 15.04 but not for 14.04 LTS21:40
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  i have 14.04, opened system monitor... what do you expect from it?21:41
TJ-yecril71pl, do you mean "gnome-system-monitor"21:41
orfeoTJ-: that is exactly what I am trying but somehow when I push with the second user it just uses the first and ignores the host/user.21:41
yecril71plI expect from it not to be obsolete.21:41
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  did you have a support question too?21:41
yecril71plThe documentation does not match the application.21:42
TJ-orfeo, You need to do "git push <Host entry name>:... " as in "git push gitub:/path/to/repo"21:42
PORIGwhat is the newer version of kernel?21:42
daftykinsvivid is currently sporting 3.19.0-26 i believe21:43
yecril71plMonkeyDust: my support question is: where is the Edit menu?21:43
daftykinsPORIG: is that what you wanted to know?21:43
TJ-!info gnome-system-monitor trusty21:43
ubottugnome-system-monitor (source: gnome-system-monitor): Process viewer and system resource monitor for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 346 kB, installed size 1544 kB21:43
orfeoTJ-: and that is what I am doing. It just work if I set git config user.name and user.password locally.21:43
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  you mean Preferences?21:44
yecril71plMonkeyDust: See the screen shot in the bundled handbook.21:44
TJ-orfeo, Yes, I set those per-repo if they differ.21:44
yecril71plMonkeyDust: The screen shot shows an Edit menu, where is it?21:44
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  not sure what you mean by the bundled hadbook... what is your end goal?21:45
PORIGdaftykins:i guess. i'm having drive problems with the kernel and i thought was the version but i using this version of kernel21:45
daftykinsPORIG: drive problems?21:45
orfeoTJ-: I thought it would choose the account based on host/user from ssh/config file.21:45
yecril71plMonkeyDust: In order to learn how to use the system monitor, I read the handbook that appears when you ask the system monitor for help.21:46
orfeoTJ-: the one you've pasted before.21:46
yecril71plMonkeyDust: And the handbook makes a fool of me because it is different from what I can see in the application.21:46
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  system monitor is not the most important tool in ubuntu... focus on other tools, first21:46
PORIGdaftykins:the system only boot with the default driver of ubuntu. if i install any proprietary driver, after the grub(when booting) appears "ACPI PCC Probe Failed"21:47
TJ-orfeo, the user.name/email are for commit authorship, if they differ for the different repos. The SSH key from a Host entry will need the IdentitiesOnly in order for the ssh client to *NOT* try all your SSH keys... which if you are using 2 github accounts, is probably what is happening21:47
yecril71plMonkeyDust: It is important to know things about processes.21:47
daftykinsPORIG: are you the one with the old acer desktop from earlier?21:47
TJ-yecril71pl, the rule not the exception in open-source is: expect the documentation to be out of date :)21:48
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  ok, but the 'ps' is more versatile then the gui21:48
PORIGdaftykins: So if i want to run with the proprietary driver, i have to go advanced setting and use the generic recovery option of the 3.19.0-2621:48
MonkeyDust'ps' command*21:48
TJ-yecril71pl, and the further away from the source-code the creation of the docs are, the worse it is21:48
PORIGdaftykins: i dont think so21:48
yecril71plTJ-: But I am told that the handbook has been fixed.21:48
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  explore the 'ps' command if you want to learn about processes21:49
yecril71plThe fix is not available for LTS though.21:49
daftykinsPORIG: what card?21:49
PORIGdaftykins: i mean, my monitor is acer but think its nothing to do with the problem xd21:49
PORIGdaftykins: nvidia gtx 65021:50
PORIGdaftykins: and the version of driver is 352.41. the newest21:50
orfeoTJ-: Ok, I am using two different github accounts (work/personal) how to solve it then ?21:50
yecril71plAnd I think it should be, because it fixes a bug in the documentation.21:50
TJ-yecril71pl, maybe the bug for the issue didn't have an SRU (Stable Release Update) request, or 1 was refused for some reason. There are lots of similar problems in a distro with 30,000+ packages21:50
yecril71plWho can issue an SRU?21:51
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  you could report it as a !bug, if you like21:51
TJ-orfeo, Make sure the 2 github accounts are using different SSH keys, and in the 'config' file use "IdentitiesOnly Yes" so the ssh client only tries to use the key associated with the Host entry21:51
yecril71plSo I have, but it has been fixed only for 15.04.21:51
daftykinsPORIG: try -25 if you still have it installed21:51
yecril71plMonkeyDust: Which is exactly what bothers me.21:52
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  maybe it's not considered important and nobody ever noticed it before21:53
PORIGdaftykins: i already tried, but i'll try it again21:53
TJ-yecril71pl, first identify the package the documentation is contained in, then search the Launchpad bug tracker for an existing report about the issue. If there isn't a report, create one. Point to the fixes being in 15.04 and then request an SRU if appropriate. SRU rules at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates21:53
yecril71plTJ-: That looks promising, thanks!21:54
=== elysium is now known as elysium^away
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  if it's fixed, then we know it was thanks to you21:57
yecril71plBut I cannot benefit from the fix.21:58
yecril71pl(until the next LTS, that is)21:59
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  i'm still not getting what's so important about it21:59
yecril71plIt is important to be able to diagnose problems with applications.22:02
KxTwo 22:02
yecril71plSometimes I have to decide whether an application is doing something useful or locked.22:02
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  the CLI is better for diagnosing22:03
samthewildoneis there a way to learn bash scripting via man pages?22:03
TJ-samthewildone, "man bash" ?22:03
samthewildoneTJ-: did that but, nothing22:03
k1l!bash | samthewildone22:03
ubottusamthewildone: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:03
k1lsamthewildone: see http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/22:04
orfeoTJ-: now when I try to push this error is showing : ".ssh/config line 6: Bad yes/no argument." at the new line IdentitiesOnly yes.22:04
yecril71plMonkeyDust: I am not sure I am able to efficiently use the CLI.22:04
TJ-samthewildone, also, the package "abs-guide" is The Advanced BASH-Scripting Guide22:05
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  e.g., in a terminal, type    'ps -e' (simple)   and then   ps aux22:05
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  then now is the time to learn!22:05
TJ-orfeo, can you show me the config via pastebin?22:05
orfeoTJ-: sure, just a sec please.22:06
aeden__dwhy are some packages "kept back" after performing an upgrade?22:09
orfeoTJ-: Here it goes : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12241363/22:09
samthewildonek1l: thanks for the website brother.22:10
=== gms is now known as Guest78619
mamedhello . how can nautilus show mp3 cover art on the mp3 files ?22:13
PORIGdaftykins: i guess i deleted -25 when i was trying to solve this22:13
aeden__dshould I wait for the the package's dependencies to catch up with them before I try a dist-upgrade? Running 14.04 LTS and want to stay22:14
MonkeyDustaeden__d  many people have asked the same question, here's one answer http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/why-are-packages-kept-back-782013/22:14
=== jak2016 is now known as jak2000
TJ-orfeo, "HostName github.com-orfeo" ?!?22:14
TJ-orfeo, The "Host" statement is the unique local name for the following entries; "Hostname" is the actual FQDN of the target host22:15
aeden__dMonkeyDust, I'm cautious of doing the dist-upgrade, it's left my system broken before, dist-upgrade It will install all pending updates, with their new dependencies. It could delete packages22:15
MonkeyDustaeden__d  yes, that's what it does: delete obsolete packages22:16
daftykinsPORIG: sudo apt install linux-image-3.19.0-29-generic22:16
MonkeyDustaeden__d  if you don't want that, use 'upgrade', not 'dist-upgrade'22:16
orfeoTJ-: I took it from a tutorial. Where can I find this information?22:16
daftykinsPORIG: er -25-generic22:16
orfeoTJ-: perhaps https://github.com/0rf30 ?22:17
TJ-orfeo, As I said originally:  "man ssh_config"22:17
aeden__dMonkeyDust, using 'ugrade' holds back the packages.22:18
TJ-I also gave you my own configs as working examples at see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12241157/22:18
MonkeyDustaeden__d  yes, use the option that best suits you22:19
aeden__dMonkeyDust, I need to clarify, using 'upgrade' in my case holds back the packages... ok, thanks for responding22:20
=== gyaresu_ is now known as gyaresu
mamedhow can nautilus show mp3 cover art on the mp3 files ?22:21
=== J3llAtInG is now known as J3Ll0W
aeden__dI'm just curious why it would hold back these on a 'apt-get upgrade' linux-generic-lts-utopic linux-headers-generic-lts-utopic linux-image-generic-lts-utopic22:21
mamedthe problem is nautilus is not showing album arts. even though i deleted ~/.config/thumbnails folder22:21
edistois ther ea beta version of kernel 4.3 yet?22:21
pentrixhi, I tried installing Ubunut, Linux Mint, Debian on my ASUS Vivo, nothing worked. Installing now Fedora and hopefully it'll work...:)22:22
orfeoTJ-: the problem both HostNames are the same.22:22
aeden__dpentrix, good luck!22:22
J3Ll0Wwhat's goin on am late to the party.22:23
TJ-orfeo, HostName doesn't have to be unique, it's just the FQDN of the SSH server being connected to22:23
pentrixaeden__d, thanks.. I would have prefered debian-based OS, but at least it's linux and not win8 or even worse win10...hahaha22:23
yecril71plTJ-: I have no idea what it means to Upload the fixed package to release-proposed with the patch in the bug report.22:23
MonkeyDustpentrix  this is the ubuntu support channel, stick to support questions22:24
orfeoTJ-: ok, then what is the problem of one be github.com and the oder be github.com-orfeo?22:24
yecril71plTJ-: There is no patch, an upgrade is needed.22:24
TJ-yecril71pl, That's for Ubuntu developers guidance only22:24
pentrixMonkeyDust, sorry.22:24
TJ-yecril71pl As I said earlier, and as the SRU guidance says, releases don't get feature updates, only bug-fixes.22:25
J3Ll0WSo Ubuntu huh? What the hell does Ubuntu mean in english anyways?22:25
MonkeyDustJ3Ll0W  "I am because we are"22:25
orfeoTJ-: in your case you config file uses three different servers.22:25
HexTqa quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. J3L22:26
aeden__d    a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity. Origin Xhosa and Zulu.22:26
k1lJ3Ll0W: for general chat we have a seperate channnel. we try to keep this channel technical support only22:26
k1l!ot | J3Ll0W22:26
ubottuJ3Ll0W: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:26
yecril71plTJ-: So a bug fix by means of upgrading an obsolete version is not acceptable, right?22:26
J3Ll0WWhat is the handle for the general chatting channel?22:26
J3Ll0WI'm feeling chatty right now.22:26
TJ-orfeo, I have other configurations that use identical FQDNs too22:27
MonkeyDustJ3Ll0W  type /j #ubuntu-offtopic22:27
aeden__dJ3Ll0W, #ubuntu-offtopic22:27
J3Ll0WThank you MonkeyDust22:27
TJ-yecril71pl, if the package works by definition it is not obsolete22:27
orfeoTJ-: would you mind showing me that also please?22:27
TJ-J3Ll0W, see http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/22:27
yecril71plTJ-: The definition of obsolete is unsupported by upstream.22:27
MonkeyDustyecril71pl  we get the point, now stop the subject22:28
TJ-orfeo, see https://gist.github.com/jexchan/2351996/22:28
k1l!sru | yecril71pl22:29
ubottuyecril71pl: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates22:29
TJ-yecril71pl, If you want upstream support use a rolling release distro; Ubuntu releases are fixed on the day of release and newer upstream packages go into the next development release.22:29
PORIGdaftykins: i have problems to boot with -25 too22:31
yecril71plTJ-: I think that means there is no way to get it fixed in LTS.  Thanks.22:31
PORIGdaftykins: i'll try other versions of kernel to find out if anyone is compatible with driver22:32
PORIGdaftykins: also, i tried other versions of my board driver and get same error22:33
k1lyecril71pl: did you file a bug for that package?22:35
yecril71plk1l: it is fixed in 15.0422:35
k1lyecril71pl: that is not what i asked22:36
yecril71plk1l: Yes, I did.22:36
k1lyecril71pl: and did you make clear there is no patch/fix for 14.04 and a sru would be needed?22:37
yecril71plNo, I did not.22:37
Umeaboydebconf: (Can't locate Gtk2.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Gtk2 module) (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.20.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.20.2 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.20 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.20 /usr/share/perl/5.20 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Gnome.pm line 91.)22:38
UmeaboyHow can I fix that?22:38
UmeaboyInstall libgtk2-dev?22:38
UmeaboyNo using any Backports or Proposed-medias.22:39
UmeaboyInstalling it now to see what happens.22:40
aeden__dMonkeyDust, don't mean to intrude, just need to clarify something. I'm running 14.04.3 LTS. 'upgrade' holds back (linux-generic-lts-utopic linux-headers-generic-lts-utopic linux-image-generic-lts-utopic).22:40
yecril71plUmeaboy: libgtk2-perl?22:40
aeden__dI just want to make sure that dist-upgrade will _not_ release upgrade to utopic22:40
bekksaeden__d: It will not.22:41
bekksaeden__d: For doing so, you would have to call do-release-upgrade.22:41
bekksI am using dist-upgrade all the time, on multiple machine, all running 14.04.x22:41
aeden__dbekks, thank you.22:41
TJ-aeden__d, those packages with 'utopic' in their names are the hardware enablement stack kernel releases, to support newer hardware on LTS releases22:41
k1laeden__d: ubuntu doesnt use apt-get for release upgrades.22:42
Umeaboyyecril71pl: Thanks. I'll see if it appears the next time I do an update via terminal.22:42
aeden__dk1l, ok, I wasn't sure, thank you22:43
aeden__dTJ-, thanks for the info22:43
kevivConfused as to why rc.local either isn't running or I'm just doing something really stupid http://paste.pound-python.org/show/DwCOXHc3ZYHmL586T1La/22:46
nemith/etc/rc.local?  you mean /etc/init.d/rc.local right?22:47
kevivnemith: what's /etc/rc.local then?22:47
nemithoh nevermind22:47
nemithinit.d/rc.local calls /etc/rc.local22:47
kevivoh lol22:47
nemithare you sure cwd init is /etc?22:49
=== SmOkE_RU is now known as SmOkE_RU_off
k1l!away > SmOkE_RU_off22:49
ubottuSmOkE_RU_off, please see my private message22:49
kevivgood point22:50
technocfAfter setting up my new Ubuntu installation with full disk encrption, when I first booted the computer and made sure I typed in the password exactly as I set it then it just says it was wrong.22:51
reisiotechnocf: capslock?22:51
technocfTried that22:51
reisiotry typing very slowly, one char at a time22:51
reisioa keyboard that costs less than $75 is very unreliable22:52
* reisio wishes that wasn't a joke22:52
technocfHere's where I consider I mistyped it during the setup D: :'(22:52
reisioyeah or didn't store it properly in your head22:53
technocfI wrote it down to be sure22:53
OneM_IndustriesHow would I turn on VM support without having to go into the BIOS?22:53
reisiosounds like you chose a goofy password of the @#$AFsdf sort22:53
reisiotechnocf: this is the only xkcd I link to, but it's for you: https://xkcd.com/936/22:53
technocf18 character: letters, numbers, and specials.22:53
reisioOneM_Industries: if you mean vt-x/amd-v, and it's off in the bios, you wouldn't22:54
reisiotechnocf: yeah, that's not a good password, see link22:54
OneM_IndustriesNow I have to break uptime....22:54
reisioOneM_Industries: you'd have to eventually anyway22:54
reisiothat's what fallover boxes are for22:54
reisio100% uptime22:54
technocfreisio, you suggest I choose a sentence?22:55
reisiotechnocf: yup22:55
technocfWell, I need to setup again... so here goes.22:55
reisiofor example: Once in the land of kerpow, I ate the best muffin!22:55
reisiolittle story things are very easy to remember22:56
reisioThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.22:56
reisio^ only don't use that, as it's heavily indexed22:56
technocfreisio, I'd never thought of that but it's an amazing idea!22:56
reisiowell, it's a good idea22:56
TJ-technocf, When you were using the installer, was it using US English as the input language, or some other?22:57
technocfTJ-, I made sure it was set to UK english.22:57
reisioit's not perfect, but it'll get you a password that's both harder to brute force than an 18 char one, and far easier to remember than a random char one22:57
reisionot to mention far easier to type22:57
technocfreisio, and people will look at me like... how long is that guys password!? :D22:57
TJ-technocf, did you use any UK-specific characters such as £@" that are mapped to different keys on a US keyboard?22:57
technocfTJ-, I did not22:57
reisiotechnocf: heh22:57
reisiotechnocf: or they'll say "omfg that guy can type fast, and I bet his computer is unhackable!"22:58
reisiothey'll be wrong, of course, but _they_ always are :p22:58
TJ-technocf, my LUKs passphrases are so long I can only type them correctly with muscle-memory ... soon as I think about them, I get them wrong22:58
* reisio splits for a while22:58
reisioTJ-: or have to use your phone's touch keyboard suddenly, heh22:58
reisiothen, the brain hurt22:58
reisiostilly, you can use muscle memory to remember a password's actual chars, it's just annoying :p22:59
TJ-reisio, I wouldn't use touchscreens for such stuff, too painful22:59
reisiosometimes :p22:59
* reisio splits frealz22:59
TJ-technocf, Has the system dropped you into the initrd.img's busybox shell due to this?22:59
technocfTJ-, it did, then I started to install again.23:00
=== SmOkE_RU_off is now known as SmOkE_RU
TJ-technocf, OK, because once at the shell you can retry manually with "cryptsetup /dev/sdXY cryptroot" to unlock the device23:01
TJ-technocf, grrr typo! "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdXY cryptroot"23:01
technocfTJ-, ah, okay.  I'll remember that one23:01
yecril71plSo how can Firefox be updated in LTS?23:01
yecril71plIt is a major upgrade each time.23:01
TJ-technocf, that would create a node /dev/mapper/cryptroot ... so 'cryptroot' needs to match whatever the installer determined it should be. You can discover that by doing "cat /conf/conf.d/cryptroot"23:02
k1lthe browsers are updated by the maintainers since there are no patches but only the updated versions23:02
k1lyecril71pl: ^23:02
TJ-technocf, that file is put in the initrd.img by the cryptsetup hook scripts whenever the initrd.img is generated or updated23:02
k1lyecril71pl: file the bug for 14.04. talk to the maintainers about that in that bug report23:03
technocfhttps://howsecureismypassword.net/ says that the new sentence password is as good as my old random one23:03
yecril71plk1l: I did, but it got fixed in 15.04 only.23:03
k1lthen mark 14.04 as still effected23:03
technocfI'm sticking with the old one but I've typed it char by char in the installer.23:04
TJ-yecril71pl, re Firefox see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Firefox#Important_Security_Note23:04
TJ-technocf, before you reboot, after the installer is finished, you can use a terminal to test the passphrase does unlock the device.23:05
technocfHow so?23:06
TJ-technocf, if you used the installer's "Try Ubuntu" option and ran the installer from the desktop, then you have a fully working Ubuntu install to work from, so once the installer completes you can do anything you want, including using the terminal to explore the system, test the installed system, modify it, etc.23:07
technocfI have that, but how can I test it using the Terminal>23:07
yecril71plTJ-: So in general, to get anything to LTS, I have to examine the difference between the LTS version and the upstream version, and apply only those differences that actually fix the bug?23:07
TJ-technocf, Once the installer has finished it should have unmounted the file-system it installed to and done luksClose on the device.23:08
yecril71plAnd then it will be a patch?23:08
technocfAlso, I want a name for my netbook (the machine I'm installing) that could look suspicious :)23:09
TJ-technocf, so the first thing you can do is "ls /dev/mapper/" to see if there is anything there other than the 'control' node. If so, then use the name to determine if the node is a crypt device, or maybe a LVM Volume Group. If those exist, then deactivate them first, then you can test with cryptsetup luksOpen.23:09
TJ-technocf, If you want to do this, tell me when you're at that stage and I'll guide you23:09
yecril71plk1l: How do I mark 14.04 as affected?23:10
k1lyecril71pl: at the top of the bug report in launchpad.net23:10
technocfIt's fine, I'll just see if it worked after the reboot, at that stage it doesn't matter where I try it23:10
TJ-yecril71pl, Yes, that's why it is Stable (where Stable means there are no behavioural changes since the release, except for fixing bugs) - -backports allows newer versions of packages but doesn't get security support23:11
yecril71plk1l: there is no version to choose from in Also affects distribution/package23:11
k1lcan you link the bug report?23:12
yecril71plIs Bug #139191723:13
ubottubug 1391917 in gnome-system-monitor (Ubuntu) "gnome-system-monitor is obsolete" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139191723:13
k1lyecril71pl: i dont see a bug or security issue in there. just because a version is "old" doesnt mean it should be updated.23:14
yecril71plSee [Test case] section.23:15
k1lyecril71pl: LTS and stable means, that not all the packages get updated all the time, so you can rely on a stable base. like new version drop or inlcude new behavior which will break the old behaviour wich is expected with that ubuntu release23:15
yecril71plI do not want the application to be updated, but the documentation is wrong.23:16
nidhalslt a ts j un probleme avec fdisk// fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found23:19
TJ-nidhal, what kind of device is sdb? A memory-card reader, a CD/DVD device?23:20
MrElendigsms language and french in one, what will be the next?23:20
* yecril71pl reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports23:20
yecril71plIt says open Software Sources in the Dash23:20
yecril71plbut it is not installed23:21
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yecril71plShould I install it or is the page obsolete?23:21
nidhalj vient de cree une partion sur mon disque23:21
k1lyecril71pl: oh i see. maybe it was another bugtracker i had in mind, sorry. then make a comment there that this is still not fixed.23:21
TJ-yecril71pl, are you sure the documentation containing the error is part of the application package? How are you viewing that documentation, as a man-page, as HTML (if so, what is the URL), etc?23:21
k1lnidhal: this channel is english only. but you could try #ubuntu-fr23:22
yecril71plTJ-: Help command in the application menu.23:22
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TJ-yecril71pl, Ahhh. The thing is, in Gnome, the Help menu links often open documentation from a totally separate package that isn't linked to the application. As I said earlier, it isn't unusual for that documentation to be very out of date.23:23
yecril71plSo how can I know what it opens?23:25
yecril71plThe argument is help:gnome-system-monitor23:25
TJ-yecril71pl, For installed packages I usually do "dpkg -L <package-name>" to list all the files in it, and then review the list looking for clues. I sometimes will pipe that output through 'grep' to find specific terms23:27
yecril71plThe documentation is bundled with the package.23:28
TJ-yecril71pl, Right, I see that on packages.ubuntu.com23:28
TJ-yecril71pl, so the cause is that upstream released a package with out-of-date documentation, which was packaged by Debian and imported to Ubuntu23:29
Em096I need help installing Ubuntu 14.4 internet :(23:29
yecril71plTJ-: Sure it is.23:29
k1lyes, i think the motivation to sort that error in the 14.04 release is not high enough to do all the work to patch that package and do a SRU.23:30
gnomishWhat's the L stand for in TTL. Live like "a live broadcast", or "you only live once"?23:31
yecril71plShould I install Software Sources?  The help page is written as if it were a given.23:31
TJ-yecril71pl, remind me - which Ubuntu release contains the correct documentation?23:32
daftykinsgnomish: time to live - for the packet before it dies. it's a field that decrements before it's discarded.23:33
yecril71plThe help page is at help.ubuntu.com, it is not part of a release.23:33
gnomishThank you :D23:33
TJ-yecril71pl, what is the exact URL?23:34
TJ-yecril71pl, I thought you were on about the system-monitor documentation page! That is what I was asking about.23:36
yecril71plI am asking about Software Sources now.23:36
yecril71plThe help page looks like I should have it but I do not.23:36
TJ-yecril71pl, Software Sources is a sub-component of the Software Centre, and provides a GUI configuration tool for selecting the archive to use for packages, as well as which Components (main, universe, multiverse, restricted, partner) and -updates,-proposed,-backports and so on23:37
yecril71plSo you do not open it from Dash, do you?23:38
k1lyecril71pl: software sources (gtk) is the menu thing that pops up when you click in system settings -> updates&software23:38
RocketeerSo I have an interesting problem23:38
TJ-yecril71pl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Ubuntu_Software_Tab23:39
RocketeerI have a laptop with a dock and external monitor23:39
daftykinsRocketeer: can you put it all on one line please? reduce the spam.23:39
Rocketeersystem settings > Display detects both my laptop screen and my monitor23:39
yecril71plk1l: Nothing happens when I click that23:39
yecril71plk1l: I see, it is a separate window and it is already open.  So the help page is wrong.23:40
k1lyecril71pl: which help page exactly?23:40
RocketeerTL;DR then: Ubuntu settings detects my external monitor, but the external monitor says no signal from displayport. Furthermore, when ubuntu is booting up, the external monitor gets a signal, but upon logging in, the signal disappears.23:41
yecril71plIt says: On Ubuntu 11.04 and later, search for Software Sources in the Dash.23:41
daftykinsRocketeer: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:41
yecril71plk1l: When I search for that in the Dash, I get an application that I can install.23:42
TJ-Rocketeer, check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for clues23:42
k1lyecril71pl: that still should open it. the exact program name is software-properties-gtk but since the dash works with tags that should still open it.23:42
k1lyecril71pl: what ubuntu exactly? what desktop? is it a standard install or a minimal install?23:42
Rocketeerdaftykins: It's long but here it is: http://pastebin.com/RuTkzPAU23:42
daftykinsRocketeer: ok you're not using a proper kernel.23:43
yecril71plIs 14.04 LTS standard.  I am trying to figure out what the other thing is that Dash shows I do not have.23:43
daftykinsRocketeer: resolve that then we can see23:43
Rocketeerdaftykins: ok lemme try that23:44
yecril71plk1l: it is software-properties-kde, certainly not.23:44
k1lyecril71pl: so you are on kde?23:45
Rocketeerdaftykins: Which kernel do I want? Should I just upgrade to 4.2?23:45
daftykinsRocketeer: no, that's mainline - run vivid official. 3.19.0-26 i believe it's at - install linux-generic23:46
daftykinswhy are you using an obscure one to begin with?23:46
yecril71plk1l: I am on Unity, but the only thing that Dash finds for Software Sources is software-properties-kde.23:46
Rocketeerdaftykins: installing linux-generic now, thanks23:47
technocfI swear to God that cryptsetup is broken.  I typed the password char for char during the installation and boot and it did not accept the password.  None of the chars that I used are in a different place on a US keyboard from the UK one.  I'm going to just have to rely on the home folder encryption.23:47
TJ-Rocketeer, No obvious problems there  - both outputs are enabled with 1920x108@60Hz ... I'd strongly suspect a DP cabling issue... has this worked at any time previously, or does it work with Windows for example?23:47
RocketeerTJ: It worked before I logged in, so the cable is good.23:48
daftykinsRocketeer: should try your guest session then ;)23:48
daftykinsthat'd rule out user config23:48
yecril71plk1l: and the thing that opens from settings is called Software and Updates, not Software Sources.23:48
Rocketeerdaftykins: Will give that a shot as well23:48
k1lyecril71pl: the dash works with tags. so it still should find it23:48
TJ-Rocketeer, Sorry, I've got the memory of a goldfish this evening! The greeter shows up on both monitors is a good sign... in the user session what does "xrandr -q" report?23:49
k1lyecril71pl: i cant check that since i am not on a ubuntu right now23:49
k1lyecril71pl: make sure the package software-properties-gtk is installed23:49
yecril71pldpkg says it is, Software Centre cannot find it.23:51
Rocketeer_Well, I ran apt-get install linux-generic, but still no luck with the external display. Furthermore, it does work with a guest session, so it's probably a user config issue.23:52
k1lyecril71pl: apt-cache policy software-properties-gtk23:52
technocfUbuntu MATE does not spy on you as the Unity variant does am I correct in saying?23:53
aZz7eChif i install ubuntu 14.04.01 64bit, and then do an update ... will it bring me up to 14.04.03 or whatever is latest23:53
k1ltechnocf: neither do spy on you.23:53
Rocketeer_technocf: A lot of privacy concerns with Unity were very overblown23:53
technocfThe Amazon integration?23:54
k1lyecril71pl: is it installed or not?23:54
k1ltechnocf: see privacy settings in the system settings if you dont want that23:54
yecril71plIt is installed.23:54
technocfUnity is too heavy for my netbook anyway, i was just wondering.23:54
Rocketeer_technocf: There's an option in setting that lets you search amazon from the dash, that's it.23:54
aZz7eChalso - is it easy to install gnome2 instead of ... unity?23:55
daftykinstechnocf: usual comment of misinformation and FUD yours, really.23:55
k1laZz7eCh: gnome2 is dead and not supported anymore.23:55
Rocketeer_aZz7eCh: You're better off with MATE or Cinammon23:55
aZz7eChcan you scroll up to my first question pls guys :)23:55
Rocketeer_MATE is exactly the same user interface wise23:55
aZz7eChMATE okay i'll re-review it23:56
k1laZz7eCh: an update will bring it to 14.04.323:56
TJ-Rocketeer: in the user session what does "xrandr -q" report?23:56
technocfDoes anyone know of the Elementary OS IRC channel name, I have a bone to pick with them.23:56
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.23:57
Rocketeer_TJ: that reports this: http://pastebin.com/R1NjfJ22 which seems right23:58
aZz7eCheOS is ... dreamy.23:58

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