OvenWerksAfter much searching, it appears that ladspa is dead. All of the good plugins seem to have moved to lv2, some by the original authors and others have been ported by people who just want them around. There are a number of devs who just don't like lv2, but the tools for developing ladspa plugins seem to be vanishing too.01:58
OvenWerksladspa.org is gone01:58
OvenWerksladspa plugins will probably continue to just work as they have no GUI.04:34
zequenceOvenWerks: So, should be pretty simple to create a unified plugin launcher, but one that only launches a single plugin.16:41
OvenWerkszequence: yes, that is what I see at least for dssi/lv2.22:23
OvenWerksLooking closer at Carla. If it was to be packaged for debian, the parts that need Linux Sampler would have to not be configured to be added at least. It sure works nice though. I DL the tarball binary version which works just fine in 14.04 anyway.22:25
OvenWerksThe email Falk* wrote to LAU gives a pretty good idea as to what can be opted for or not. It seems a stripped version would have almost no depends.22:27

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