dammanWhere can I find a good tutorial for GIMP using it like Photoshop?14:36
cfhowlettdamman, gimp.org14:37
dammancfhowlett: ohh, you were here also. But the way, are you a designer?14:38
dammanI mean a graphical designer?14:38
cfhowlettdamman, I'm not14:38
dammancfhowlett, I really to look for alternative tools for designing. I need it for my thesis.14:40
dammanI just want to install a linux into this laptop for avoiding the laggy atmosphere with the Windows14:41
dammanspecially for a school/work laptops14:41
cfhowlettconsider installing ubuntustudio-graphics | http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12238641/14:41
dammanOMG, thank you very much!14:42
cfhowlettdamman, /blender and /gimp on reddit14:43
dammanthank cfhowlett14:43
dammanI owe alot. It's too much of support from this IRC14:44
dammanI bit of stigmatism affect my brains14:44
cfhowlettwww.ubuntustudio.org           for the win14:45
dammanokay, gotta go now. I will not forget about you.14:45
dammanhaha by the way, Can I use the ubuntu studio for web developing? :D14:46
dammanlike using lampp14:46
cfhowlettof course.  ubuntustudio = ubuntu + all kinds of cool multimedia stuff.  adding the web building stuff from repos is the same as in plain vanilla ubuntu14:47
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neet_hello there,i got problem at ubuntu studio. may i ask some question?19:31
neet_In ubuntu,i can type ctrl+alt+T to open terminal. so...what is the shortcut at stdio? i have found several hours but still have no ans19:34
neet_hope to hear the good news,i will really thankful for your help.19:39
zequenceneet_: Try Super + T19:42
zequenceNot sure it will work, but Ubuntu Studio uses XFCE, and in Xubuntu Super Key + T is supposed to work19:43
zequenceNot on the system myself right now, so I can't test it19:43
pikurasaneet_, I think I can help!!!19:45
pikurasaI am happy because I am usually the one who needs it.19:45
neet_zequence_: thank for your answer! but it did not work19:45
pikurasaWhat you wanna' do is...19:46
pikurasaSearch for the application (term emulator in this case) in the application finder (should be at bottom of desktop)19:47
pikurasaRight click on it and select "edit"19:47
pikurasaShould show you that its command is "xo-open --launch TerminalEmulator"19:47
pikurasaThen go to "settings manager" also in bottom panel by default19:48
pikurasaclick the "application shortcut" tab19:48
pikurasaclick "add" (plus sign)19:48
pikurasainput the "xo-open --launch TerminalEmulator" as the command.19:49
pikurasaclick "ok"19:49
pikurasathen input the keys you wanna' use19:49
pikurasactrl alt t19:49
neet_ohhhhhhh!!! thank you very much! im going to try this!19:50
pikurasaPlease let me know if that works for you neet_19:50
pikurasaThis whole system of creating shortcuts works with anything you want to create a shortcut for, so its nice to go through the whole process at least once.19:51
neet_pikurasa_: sorry i got the problem...in settings manager,click "application shortcut" means the icon named "Preferred Applications"?20:00
neet_i did not see the "add" button to input "xo-open --launch"...20:04
pikurasaClick "keyboard" first in settings manager...20:09
pikurasaThen click "Applications Shortcuts"20:09
pikurasa"Preferred Applications" is different.20:10
neet_oh!!!! i got it20:13
neet_omg......i have a big trouble........now i can not open the terminal Emulator20:18
holsteinyou can always launch it with alt+f2.. or use tty20:19
neet_the warring is "Failed to execute default Terminal Emulator."....20:19
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:19
holsteinyou are just not "executing default term.."20:19
holsteinno big deal. check your default settings.. consider setting a keyboard shortcut for the terminal you want to use, if you prefer that20:20
pikurasaneet_, what do you mean "now i can not open the terminal Emulator"?20:22
pikurasaYou cannot open it any more at all?20:22
holsteinthats the error20:22
neet_well......i reset to defaults at "Keyboard",but still get warring......20:22
holsteinwhen issuing the command, for the default.. the keyboard shortcut20:22
pikurasaDid you "cut and paste" instead of COPY and paste?20:22
holsteininstead of the terminal launching, that error message happens ^20:22
pikurasaBecause you shouldn't change the command in the "Application finder"20:23
holsteinwhy? i would start with, *double* check the default terminal settings, via the terminal, or gui..20:23
pikurasaSimply put it back20:23
pikurasa...by editing it like you did above.20:23
pikurasaIt should have been this:20:23
neet_ok...i try20:23
pikurasaxo-open --launch TerminalEmulator20:24
pikurasaIf that isn't there, it won't know what to do!20:24
pikurasaIt will be like "I don't know what you are asking... duh"20:25
holsteinwell, one can always reset defaults.. or, take this from live iso, or fresh install .. or another user..20:25
pikurasaLike computers do all the time.20:25
pikurasaNo, I wouldn't reset anything.20:25
pikurasaI think that putting the command back should do it.20:25
holsteini agree20:25
pikurasaSo, how's it going _neet?20:26
pikurasaMission accomplished (fingers crossed)?20:27
neet_i try "exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator" and "xo-open --launch TerminalEmulator",but either can not work...20:27
holsteinneet_: you can use a pastebin to share the entire input and output.. exactly what is happening20:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:28
pikurasaShould be the first one "exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator"20:29
pikurasaand you chose "save" after changing?20:29
neet_i have try both of two command......thank you every one, i will try hard20:31
holsteinneet_: after you try the commands, share the error ouput20:31
pikurasaWell, on the bright side you will learn more about your OS and how it works. :)20:34
neet_TURELY...http://imgur.com/Nq2kYVY   http://imgur.com/aTfIuno  the first pic is about the command,second one is the error20:38
holsteinneet_: the first message.. it means, you dont have a valid command there for the default terminal. no big deal, since, you broke that, before20:41
pikurasaI am confused because in the picture I see the terminal emulator open...20:42
holsteinneet_: you can "attack" this a few different ways.. one easy thing is, share what terminal you want to use.. is it gnome-terminal? if so, use the command "gnome-terminal" there..20:42
neet_oh! the terminal has already open a long time20:42
neet_now i close,then.......i can not open anymore....20:43
holsteinneet_: please, share what terminal you want to be using..20:43
neet_well......i have no idea about what kind of terminal i should use...20:44
holsteinneet_: there is no "should".. i mean, if you are looking for a suggestion, just use the default, so you dont break anything20:44
pikurasaThe command that you put into the "application finder" seems be correct... I am puzzled.20:46
neet_oh.......i can't understand.....orz20:47
holsteinneet_: what terminal are you trying to start?20:47
holsteinneet_: is it gnome-terminal? terminator? xfce4-terminal?20:48
holsteinneet_: which?20:48
holsteinneet_: so, you put that exact command there.. in that box.. "xfce4-terminal"..20:48
holsteinthen, when you use the shortcut, it will launch that command..20:48
neet_it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20:50
neet_oh..........i really can't understand how it work20:50
holsteinit launches the command you input there..20:51
neet_but....before the problem the command is "exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator"20:52
pikurasaDid you also change the terminal in "Preferred Applications". I remember that you changed some things there. That might have introduced a problem.20:52
pikurasaBecause it might have caused it to look elsewhere for the "TerminalEmulator" (the default TerminalEmulator)20:53
neet_umm......i forgot what i edit......20:53
pikurasaWell, happy that you are back on track. Does ctr alt t work for you?20:54
neet_i try again20:54
neet_oh no.....the problem still there...http://imgur.com/6zppcoG...it still have error if i open terminal by this way..21:11
holsteinneet_: sure.. you have broken those settings, friend21:11
holsteinneet_: you'll have to address what you have broken. you can always just reset the entire session. this is nothing to be too worried about21:11
neet_well...it's thankful that i install ubuntu studio few hours age,so i think this is a good class for me21:13
holsteinneet_: you can always, since its a fresh install, just reset the config.. you can then experiment with the live iso, and the guest account21:14
pikurasaGood Luck!21:14
holsteinyou really dont need to change the terminal settings, if you are not trying to change the terminal21:14
pikurasaneet_ was just trying to make a keyboard shortcut.21:15
neet_yes......i just want to add the shortcut like ubuntu for convenience,haha...21:15
pikurasaMy instructions should work--well they worked many times for me. Please remember to copy and not cut.21:15
holsteinsure, but, you dont need to change the default terminal to do that21:15
holsteinneet_: this is ubuntu.. ubuntustudio is ubuntu21:16
pikurasaSorry for leading you down wrong direction.21:16
holsteinneet_: you just have to say what you want.. you want what? a terminal to open when running super+t? not control+alt+t ?21:16
neet_yes,i really have mistake orzzz21:16
pikurasaneet_ just wanted ctl alt t to work like it does on standard distro.21:16
holsteinneet_: you can simply add a new shortcut to xfce4-terminal and link it to super+t21:16
neet_super+T did not work neither@@21:17
holsteinneet_: sure.. i understand that. its still broken21:17
holsteinneet_: what do i suggest? open the file manager.. press control+h. you will see the hidden files.. .config will be there, in the users home.. you can remove .config.. delete, or rename it to .configBAK21:18
neet_ohoh,ok. i want to use ctrl+alt+t just because i used it before haha21:18
holsteinthen, logout, and back in... then, edit the keyboard shortcuts, and add a *new* one.. map xfce4-terminal to control+t21:18
holsteinor, use unity if you prefer it.. you can use main ubuntu, and add all the ubuntustudio tools to it21:18
holsteinno need to relearn xfce, or, fight with it to make it something its not,when, you can easily just add the ubuntustudio software to any flavor you want21:20
neet_using apt-get?21:20
holsteinneet_: using whatever package manager you want21:21
neet_wow,ok....i will reconsider that!21:23
neet_i am really thank for pikurasa & holstein!21:24
neet_sorry i'm taiwaness,so my english is not very well21:25
holsteinneet_: no worries.. welcome21:26
neet_thank you for your helping!!!21:26
holsteinsure.. good luck21:26
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw21:26
holstein^ if that is helpful..21:26
pikurasaOkay, goodbye!21:37
pikurasaHave fun, neet_!21:37

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