knomewebsite got new code landed, so i updated it; see the "Releases" section in the blog: http://xubuntu.org/blog/09:02
knomeif somebody is feeling literary, we can drop descriptions for each release09:02
knomeá la http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/news/release/14-04/09:03
newform8|SM-G386nice 09:19
flocculantcan anyone remember back that far :)09:30
knomeuse wikipedia and the release notes :P09:31
knomeand would also be nice to mention LTS releases separately09:32
knomeit doesn't have to be long...09:32
flocculantnot "There was a version named after a goat" then :D09:32
knomelikely not that...09:32
flocculanthe he he 09:32
newform8|SM-G386I love Wikipedia 09:33
flocculantknome: I have some time while I procrastinate over my bp items ... 09:33
knomelol, please do them first ;)09:33
knomethis isn't by any means essential09:33
flocculantand it's a rainy bank holiday 09:33
knomesunny here - no holiday afaik09:34
knomeat least for me...09:34
knomeor the wife09:34
flocculantlast one till xmas here 09:34
knomehey slimy09:42
slickymasterWorkmorning knome 09:42
flocculantmorning slickymasterWork 09:44
slickymasterWorkmorning flocculant 09:44
knomeslickymasterWork, you just missed it, but here it is: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/08/31/%23xubuntu-devel.html09:48
slickymasterWorkthanks knome, as soon as I have some time to spare09:49
slickymasterWorkhell of a day over here, today09:50
knomethat part was cut off from logs (so far), but as i said to flocculant, it's far from essential09:50
knomeso if you happen to have work items for wily, do them first09:50
knomeso for you (and probably pleia2, since i need your insight on this):09:52
knome"Update debian/copyright for documentation"09:52
knomebasically, the copyright says "Ubuntu Documentation Team, The Xubuntu Team 2004-2009"09:53
knomeat least i know this is wrong...09:53
knomethe question is09:53
knomethe documentation itself says09:53
knomeCopyright © 2012, 2013, 2014 Canonical Ltd. and members of the Xubuntu Documentation team.09:53
knomeso... legally and otherwise, should we keep mentioning the ubuntu documentation team, even if the trace to using their material starts to be preety slim?09:54
knomei mean, the old documentation was partly adapted/modified from that09:54
knomeand the new documentation is partly adapted/modified from the old documentation09:54
knomealso, should canonical really even be in the copyright?09:55
slickymasterWorkI think that we've talked about this knome, and we decide that we should go solely with the Xubuntu Documentation Team09:55
knomesure, it owns the trademarks etc., but i don't think they own copyright to the documentation itself really (at least any more, with all the modifying...()09:55
knomeand bah, the credits and license page says the document is maintained by the Ubuntu documentation team09:56
knomehmm wait09:56
knomei'm looking at an old copy @ docs.xubuntu.org09:56
slickymasterWorkwe changed that knome, hadn't we?09:56
knomeyes, looks like we did09:57
knomeok, so the question remains09:57
knomein debian/copyright, should the copyrright be "2012-2015 The Xubuntu documentation team" to match the documentation?09:57
slickymasterWorkIMO, yes09:58
slickymasterWorkit won't make much sense otherwise09:58
slickymasterWorkthey should match09:58
knomealso, what about this:09:58
knomeThe documents in this package are based on the ones in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 09:58
knomeThey were debianized by Jani Monoses <jani@ubuntu.com> on Thu, 1 Dec 2005 09:58
knomeat least the first line is a bit meh09:59
slickymasterWorkthat was ten years ago, and the -docs have changed quite a lot since then09:59
knomeso drop the first line? what about the other one? i think that still stands true09:59
slickymasterWorkI agree, 10:00
knomeactually, the credits say10:00
knomeThis documentation is maintained by the Xubuntu documentation team and is partly adapted from the Ubuntu documentation.10:00
knomeso maybe we should use that wording to keep in lin10:00
slickymasterWorkwhich reflects perfectly the reality 10:00
knomeThis documentation is partly adapted from the Ubuntu documentation10:01
knomeThe documentation was debianized by Jani Monoses <jani@ubuntu.com>10:01
knomewhat about that?10:01
knomeone more question10:01
knomeif we say we're partly adapted, is it still ok to claim all ownership/copyright ?10:01
knome(also changed upstream authors to just the xubuntu documentation team, because, well...10:01
slickymasterWorkfrom a non legal point of view, yes10:02
knomeso shold we keep the old copyright lines10:02
knomethen just append with the new?10:02
slickymasterWorkI'm not sure if we'll be trespassing some sort of technical legal boundaries 10:03
slickymasterWorkmaybe pleia2 could shed some light on that aspect, before we commit ant changes on that10:03
knomecrap, need to do something right now10:04
knomeergghh :P10:05
knomenot my definition of fun this, but...10:05
bluesabrealways one more thing10:16
flocculantyea I know 10:16
flocculantif they actually get the image smoketesting working again that'll be really helpful10:18
flocculantcan actually get people to check specific things out 10:19
flocculantnot that checking specific package things seems to get much traction :p10:19
flocculantanyway - morning bluesabre :)10:20
bluesabremorning flocculant 10:20
slickymasterWorkmorinig bluesabre 10:20
bluesabreheya slickymasterWork 10:20
slickymasterWork* morning even10:20
flocculantbluesabre: I think we'll need to think carefully about package testing/tracker next cycle10:21
bluesabreflocculant: I'm open for any proposals for that... just let me know if there is anything I can do to help facilitate10:25
bluesabreknome, ochosi: what templates do we want to ship with xfpanel-switch? I can work on collection those this week and package them up10:27
flocculantbluesabre: yep will do, once we're done with this cycle I think the best thing would be to actually spend some time talking it over10:28
bluesabreknome: if the wallpaper is ready, we could have that for a nice september 1st upload if you want10:29
knomebluesabre, i'll prepare it for you today if i just have the time10:29
bluesabreknome: cool, no hurry ofc10:30
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bluesabreochosi, flocculant: uploaded a new xfce4-panel to xubuntu-staging.  If that works correctly, that's the patched version I'll upload to wily11:37
bluesabreit will still be building for a little bit ;)11:37
bluesabregotta run, bbl11:37
flocculantokey doke - shall watch for it - cya later, have fun11:38
flocculantknome: http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntureleases11:41
bluesabreflocculant: oh yeah, the only change is that it's a nicer patch for the xfpanel-switch integration, everything should continue to work the same11:44
flocculantbluesabre: ok11:44
knomebluesabre, ping!12:00
knomebluesabre, please review http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/wily/revision/42112:04
knomecool, we're about to go below the fold in the burndown soon :D12:07
pleia2the debianized line should remain, since putting all the right bits in the right place to create the debian package for it don't change a ton over time, the original author should still be credited for the work they did on it13:12
knomepleia2, it is in there13:13
pleia2what question did you have for me? :)13:13
knomewell, check the link i pasted for bluesabre to see the new file13:13
pleia2copyright statements typically are appending, unless you really think the old ones are wrong13:13
knomebasically "is this ok"13:13
knomeyou can also check the new file as is13:14
pleia2oh, we're relicensing too? :\13:17
pleia2or the text of the same version license changed..13:17
pleia2ah, improved formatting I guess13:18
pleia2I think that's ok13:18
pleia2knome: before I leave for the day, I have static and docs.x.o to update, yeah?13:21
pleia2I may have some time this eveing, but no promises13:22
knomeyes, formatting according to the new (standard) copyright format13:25
knomei should push the new static revision13:25
knomewe have new stuff at x.org, so some there can go13:25
knomebut yeah, both those to update13:26
knome...and the static branch is updated13:26
pleia2flocculant: put a think on G+/FB re: exploratory testing https://plus.google.com/b/112064450121097287690/+xubuntu/posts/U2QUt83Axkv13:27
pleia2couldn't think of something short enough for twitter :D13:27
flocculantpleia2: thanks and yea - not sure I would be able to either :D13:28
flocculantlol - thanks :)13:31
pleia2clever knome 13:32
* knome bows13:34
pleia2ok, heading out for a while13:34
knomeflocculant, doing some work on the releas pad13:34
flocculantjust made a start for us 13:35
flocculantif this effort to restart image smoketests fails - might be useful to set up a simple testcase for the tracker, so people can at least report if they just had time to boot the image to desktop and/or start install 14:03
knomesounds fair enough14:04
flocculantat least the current live test doesn't get reports that didn't happen that way14:05
flocculantanyway - bbiab14:05
knomegood evening17:30
flocculantand good evening to you17:31
knomewhat's up?17:31
flocculantnot much - making the most of last day of a week off :)17:32
knomewell, do well17:32
flocculantI'm trying :)17:38
slickymasterWorkknome, flocculant, ping17:49
flocculantslickymasterWork: pong17:50
slickymasterWorkgreat you're here17:50
slickymasterWorkso, something came up here at work at the last hour and I'll have to be travelling tomorrow17:50
knomethat isn't uncommon i see :P17:51
slickymasterWorkI won't be able to chair the meeting tomorrow17:51
slickymasterWorkwell, we had a chnage in the governance board last month17:51
slickymasterWorkand apparently the new board is convinced that people don't have to be asked if they're able to do stuff17:52
slickymasterWorkthey just decide for you withou asking17:52
slickymasterWork+ t17:52
flocculantnice ...17:52
knomewell, they also pay you...17:52
slickymasterWorkso, do you think it's better to postponed the meeting to Wednesday or will someone will chair it tomorrow instaed of me? 17:53
slickymasterWorkthey don't knome 17:53
flocculantoic 17:53
flocculantmove it slickymasterWork 17:53
knomeslickymasterWork, wait, are you working for free? :P17:53
slickymasterWorkbecause it's during working hours17:53
flocculantnot that it affects me as it's during working hours 17:54
knomeif you move it, announce it asap17:54
slickymasterWorkno, but as I'm not able to drive (still), it will be someone from work that will have to drive to Braga17:54
slickymasterWorkyou mean on the m/l flocculant?17:55
flocculantwell if you've not got time to reschedule - I would at least cancel tomorrow 17:55
knomeif people show up, they can have an impromptu meeting17:56
knomei might be around and available as well17:56
flocculantas normal for me when working - not around 17:56
slickymasterWorkI'll mail the m/l rescheduling yo Wednesday 17:57
slickymasterWorkok, reschedule it and mail sent18:11
slickymasterWorkupdating the wiki page18:11
knomedon't remember to update the gcal18:12
slickymasterWorkdoing that now, all done with the wiki18:13
slickymasterWorkgcal also done18:14
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=== janj is now known as two_jays
bluesabreknome: that looks fine to me... maybe convert tabs to spaces and line up copyright years :)21:52
knomei noticed that myself aswell21:54
knomeand thanks, just pushed that last tweak21:55
azzenovichi I tried xubuntu core for a couple of days and I noticed it's tailored more to advanced users . it"s true I had fun customizing it and adding stuff and I will not recommend it for total newbies with slow internet connection .. any thoughts guys ?22:07
ochosibluesabre: i'd go with some xubuntu releases that stand out and then DEs. e.g. gnome2 and windows could be nice to have. maybe elementary too. osx and gnome3 would need special plugins that we dont ship by default, so i'd leave those out22:30
ochosii'll try to test, but this week will be rather hard to find FOSS time...22:31
ochosianyway, will try to be back on the WE22:32
ochosihf eceryone and sorry for not being able to.make the meeting22:32
knomeochosi, the meeting is on wed22:33
bluesabreochosi: cool, will try to get those up tonight sometime22:39
* bluesabre is sleepy22:39
* knome dances the fish slapping dance to wake bluesabre up22:39
bluesabregoing to get dinner, bbiab22:40
knomebon appetit22:40

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