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dreamerczHello, has anyone experience with running redshift on two monitors?07:56
xubuntu15oI am using hp laptop and has rt3290 wifi card it keeps disconnecting everytime i cant find the issue09:10
xubuntu15oI read in forums its a known issue in ubuntu 14.04 and every forums suggesting to upgrade kernel to 3.18  how can i do that in xubuntu09:12
xubuntu15ois there any difference?09:12
knomein that regard, xubuntu and ubuntu are alike09:12
xubuntu15ookay i am currently running 3.16.0-46-generic version kernel and i am not receiving any update by apt command09:13
xubuntu15oI cant download anything now on wifi can only browse when the bandwidth increases it just disconnectes and have to reboot system to connect again :(09:15
xubuntu15oAny solution please provide some tutorials :(09:16
SPLENDIDhi! I got a problem here.10:26
SPLENDIDI installed the latest Xubuntu but I get a kernel panic upon boot10:26
SPLENDIDI found this olution and am trying it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2228437&page=2&s=d062815a1b72ebcd6007421570f9320310:26
SPLENDIDBut after the chroot my DNS doesnt work. Any ides?10:27
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fender_squiermay I ask a question relating to the latest .iso image of 15.04 64 Bit?12:16
fender_squierIS this iso-image intented to be used on USB Sticks as well by using the USB-Startup Disk Creator?12:17
knomeit should work, yes12:19
fender_squierhi :) i have the following message on the screen while attempting to boot:12:21
fender_squierMissing parameter in configuration file keyword: patch gfxboot.32 not a COM32R image12:22
fender_squierI tried two different USB-Creator versions, same result.12:22
fender_squierits acutally related to the 15.04 64-bit iso image, the older images work fine (like 14.04.03, which works great by the way)12:23
knomeif you press tab when that error appears, what do you get?12:23
fender_squierhmm... hold on12:24
knomethe usb creator has sometimes issues with some ISOs, and might not produce a bootable ISO (for all machines, or something - it's not completely clear why this happens)12:24
cfhowlettunetbootin is an option as is creating the usb from terminal12:24
knomethe other option is to use unetbootin to create the USB device12:24
flocculantyou should be able to use it - depends on what options you get after <tab>12:25
flocculantI think that 'live' will start it12:25
fender_squierafter TAB i get in one single line: "live live-install check memtest hd mainmenu help"12:26
flocculantlive - should carry on the boot and then you can install12:26
fender_squierill try now, hold on a sec12:27
fender_squierok, after typing "live" the system is going up, thnx for answering so quick!12:28
fender_squieri will give the option (with the unetbootin) a try in the later evening todayx12:29
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Abdullah-XubuntuHello all19:56
Abdullah-Xubuntuany one know what this erorr mean " intel_soc_dts_thermal: request_threaded_irq ret -22 " ?19:57
drcIs this a calibre error message?20:04
drcopps, s/he's gone20:05
dmzdaI'm trying to install xubuntu core using the ubuntu minimal cd, but it looks like it's stuck on "Cleaning up..." after installing all the packages20:40
dmzdaAnything I can do?20:41
xanguayou know, there is an unnoficial iso http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/05/xubuntu-core-new-minimal-iso-download20:50
dmzdaI see20:52
drcdmzda:  That doesn't solve your immediate problem, but it does sound like a reasonable alternative.20:53
drcAnd I know the unofficial iso works.20:54
Unit193Yeah but the person that makes it is utterly crazy.20:55
Unit193dmzda: You might be able to switch to tty1 and get more information.20:55
dmzdaI already restarted20:56
dmzdaGrub isn't installed, so I'm just gonna use that unofficial iso linked above20:56
dmzdaUnit193: Thanks for the iso, worked perfectly :)21:39
Unit193dmzda: Glad to hear, happy to help.21:39
azzenovic hi I tried xubuntu core for a couple of days and I noticed it's tailored more to advanced users . it"s true I had fun customizing it and adding stuff and I will not recommend it for total newbies with slow internet connection .. any thoughts guys ?22:35
knomesure, core is supposed to be a building ground, not a ready-to-use product22:37
azzenovicmy worries are concerning newbies with slow internet connection(some of my friends )22:55
Unit193azzenovic: Right, that's the idea.  The point is for those that know what they want, but generally like the basics of Xubuntu.  For people new to Xubuntu, I would of course highly recommend the desktop and would recommend they not use Core.22:56
knomegetting a ready-to-use OS will mean you will download more or less stuff at some point22:56
azzenovicah I see22:56

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