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holgerhi all08:47
holgeri have a config drive with a network_info.json08:48
holgerbut does not work08:48
holgerhow do i reference this file ?08:48
Odd_Blokeclaudiupopa: smoser: smatzek: harlowja: Meeting?14:00
smoserclaudiupopa, is not available.14:02
smoserOdd_Bloke, yeah.14:02
Odd_BlokeHere, I presume?14:05
smoserok. lets start.14:06
smoserclaudiupopa, had the only review open14:08
smoseri can respond there on the review14:08
smoseri'll try to justify what i was thinking, and see if i can teas a response / thought from odd_bloke14:09
smoserso my feeling was that if i'm loading a datasource, i quite likely am passing it some variables . rather than just NewDataSource()14:09
smoserie: NewDataSource(datasource_config=config, os=)14:10
smoserand if we ever change that signature, then i'd like to have given the thing returning classes the ability to say "well i can only do version 1 signature"14:11
smoserwe could definitely just change that from arguments to the class's __init__ to a 'set_config' or something14:11
smoserbut it seems that they are more properly in the __init__14:11
smosers/are more properly/fit more properly/14:12
smoserwhere as claudiupopa's solution woudl then have all the classes instantiated (for all possible versions) and then have to deal some other way with providing each class the datasource_config value14:12
smoseror the instance get that data somehow14:13
smoserthoughts ?14:13
Odd_BlokeI'm just reminding myself how the loading works. :)14:13
Odd_Blokesmoser: So it depends a little what we mean by "version", I think.14:18
Odd_BlokeIf we're talking about different internal-to-cloud-init versions of the DataSource implementation, then I think we can do either claudiupopa's way or your way.14:19
smoserthe point of the 'version' flag was to allow out-of-tree things14:19
smoser(which is also the point of the dyanmic loading :)14:19
Odd_BlokeVersion will have to be an attribute on the class of DataSource.14:19
Odd_BlokeAnd then DataSourceLoader could just do 'for data_source in data_sources: if data_source.version == 1: <instantiate one way> elif data_source.version == 2: <instantiate another> else: <throw hands in air>'14:21
Odd_Bloke(Where on line 97, at the moment, it just does 'data_sources = (data_source() for data_source in data_sources)')14:21
smoserOdd_Bloke, yeah, i hadnt thought of that.14:24
smoserany other thoughts? because other wise, i think either way is fine14:24
Odd_BlokeAnd we'd still have to do something like this, because the contract of module_providing_a_source.data_sources won't necessarily be static.14:25
smoseryou think ?14:25
Odd_BlokeWell, if we're talking about instantiating data sources differently, then the thing which instantiates them might need different information with which to instantiate them.14:26
smatzekI like Odd_Bloke's idea.  I think it handles smoser's concern and allows claudiupopa's code to be unchanged, right?14:26
Odd_BlokeFor now it wouldn't need to be changed, yeah.14:27
smoseri suppose..14:27
smoserthen is ther ea sane way that we an do something reasonably smart now14:28
smoserso that we can avoid14:28
smoserif hasattr(class, 'data_sources_v1'):14:28
smoser  data_sources_v1()14:28
smoserelif hasattr(class, 'data_sources_v2'):14:28
smoser  data_sources_v2(name1=value)14:28
smoseror just live with that.14:29
Odd_BlokeWell, we'd do:14:29
Odd_Blokeif cls.version == '1':14:29
Odd_Bloke  cls()14:29
Odd_Blokeelif cls.version == '2':14:29
Odd_Bloke  cls(name1=value)14:29
smoserbut then you said that 'data_sources' might be versioned14:30
smoserneed to be versioned14:30
Odd_BlokeI don't think it will need to be if it's just returning classes.14:31
Odd_BlokeIt was when it was potentially going to be instantiating them that it would need more info.14:31
Odd_BlokeIf all else fails, we can do:14:31
Odd_Blokemodule_version = getattr(mod, 'version', 1)14:32
Odd_Blokeif module_version == 1:14:32
Odd_Bloke  datasources()14:32
Odd_Blokeelif module_version == 2:14:32
Odd_Bloke  datasources(name1=value)14:32
Odd_BlokeWe can expect DataSources to have attributes, because they should inherit from an abstract class.14:33
Odd_BlokeBut the beauty of a dynamic language is that we can defer that until later.14:35
smoseroh. i read code wrong.14:36
smoserso i'm ok wi think with what is there.14:36
smoserOdd_Bloke, you ahve anything else ?14:36
Odd_BlokeI do not.14:36
smoseri still have some reporter/webhook changes to get back into 214:36
smosersmatzek, ?14:38
smoseranyting from you?14:38
smatzekI don't have anything else.14:38
Odd_BlokeMeeting ends?14:40
smosermeeting ends.14:44
Odd_BlokeThanks everyone. :)14:44
Odd_Blokesmoser: If you have time to cut a new wily release, that's be much appreciated; we're just about ready to push up the SRUs for that fix.15:18
Odd_BlokeAnd the SRU team get fussy if they aren't actual backports. ;)15:19
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/cloud-init: Add a version filtering strategy  https://review.openstack.org/21922018:18
natoriousweekly meeting anyone?19:02
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smoserzz_natorious, Wed, 14:00:00 +000019:33
smoserUTC 14:0019:34
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natorioussmoser: yep, missed the UTC part for some reason.  There is another dev from Rackspace, Ben Roble, who's been approved to work on the project as well.20:13
smoserwhat timezone are you?20:14
natoriousI'm CST and he's EST20:14
smoserthe zzz confused me20:14
smoserer.. zz20:14
natoriousyeah, thats znc doing its thing.  /me looks into how disable20:15
natoriousI'm gonna go thru the review backlog just to familiar myself w/ master a bit.  We have some req's from different product segments which I'll hold of on adding blueprints on till then.20:17
natoriouswith this being dual license, would Ben need to sign the Canonical license agreement?20:18
natoriousor just the Openstack dev agreement?20:18
smosernatorious, canonical license agreement.20:57
smoseropenstack dev agreement has nothing to do with it20:57
smoser(which is admittedly confusing due to using stackforge)20:57
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