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marcoceppipmatulis: the difference is how juju models it, juju deploy ubuntu will create a machine with the ubuntu charm on it and the service ubuntu in your topology, juju add-machine will simply provoison a machine with no services deployed to it making it available for services to be deployed to it.02:02
pmatulismarcoceppi: yeah i'm starting to see it better now. thanks for the description02:13
firlif anyone could help with my vivid-kilo, maas set up that would be awesome. I am running into a ceph issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/668320/ceph-cannot-reformat-because-disk-is-mounted03:50
coreycbjamespage, looks like we need something like SWIFT_CODENAMES in charm-helpers for all the projects in liberty.  I can start on that if you haven't.12:55
jamespagecoreycb, that should already be covered I think13:05
jamespagebut maybe not13:05
coreycbjamespage, I think get_os_version_codename() and openstack_upgrade_available() need some updates13:08
jamespagebeisner, are you ware of any trusty/kilo issues?  seeing a instance boot error on a mp I'm reviewing?13:54
beisnerhi jamespage - t-k next mojo spec from yesterday fired up and connected to a new instance ok.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12253397/   or
jamespagebeisner, this is the MP - https://code.launchpad.net/~bbaqar/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/next/+merge/26989713:58
beisnerjamespage, digging into the logs collected on that run, nova-compute log shows MessagingTimeout and nova conductor woes.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12253431/14:01
beisnerjamespage, fyi Aug23:  n-c-c/next most recent time-triggered, successfully completed run.  (the Aug30 runs were sabotaged by undercloud storms.)14:05
beisnerjamespage, Aug23 for reference:
beisnerjamespage, i've re-triggered a new n-c-c/next amulet run now.14:05
lazyPowerbeisner: did any of those MP's come in lastnight?14:11
lazyPowerbeisner: i didn't get notice... or i did and they were filtered so i had no idea i had stuff to do14:11
jamespagegnuoy, hey - could you give https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charm-helpers/plumgrid/+merge/269920 a quick +1 (its for the plumgrid SDN stuff - managed to miss they have not proposed to ch's)14:12
gnuoyjamespage, sur14:13
gnuoy* sure14:13
beisnerhi lazyPower - apologies if i kept ya hanging - that train is delayed, but could be arriving soon.14:25
firlany openstack charmers on?14:33
lazyPowerbeisner: no stress. Just wanted to circle back and make sure I didn't leave you hangin lastnight :)14:34
marcoceppifirl: do you have a question?14:34
firlmarcoceppi: Yeah, someone helped me get a config ready for vivid-kilo, and I am running into an issue with ceph, and wanted to know if it was me doing something wrong or something else14:34
marcoceppibeisner jamespage gnuoy coreycb ^ ?14:35
marcoceppifirl: thanks for opening an Ask Ubuntu question on it14:36
firlnp, yeah it was early morning, and didn’t know if it should be a bug or a question14:36
jamespagefirl, hmm14:36
marcoceppifirl: question is always a good start, it allows a medium to track history and gives people who arent' always online the ability to readback from there it might be a bug or just a fix to your environment14:37
firlmarcoceppi: good to know, thanks14:37
jamespagefirl, is this a re-deployment?14:38
jamespagei.e. have you managed to deploy once, and you're now re-deploying on the same hardware?14:38
firlI am redeploying on same hard ware14:39
firlbut I am using mass to juju destroy-environment14:39
firlI thought that the osd-reformat would take care of the designation on the newly deployed os ( on the same old hardware )14:39
jamespagefirl: its possible that something systemd-ish is causing a race on the redeployed system14:40
jamespagei.e. a udev rule fires and mounts the volume at about the same time this process is running14:40
firlof where it is mounting the drive before ceph allocates it?14:40
jamespagemaybe - tricky to etll14:40
jamespagefirl, ceph used udev rules to mount and start osd on reboot - its possible this is the cause14:41
jamespagealthough I've not seen this one before14:41
firlI have reproduced it 3 times14:41
firlI try to test before asking haha14:41
jamespagefirl, did you mean to deploy on vivid btw?14:41
jamespageor was kilo the main requirement?14:41
firlKilo is the main14:41
firlvivid-kilo was for LXD possibility14:41
jamespagefirl, ah!14:42
jamespageI see14:42
firlI can do trusty-kilo and see if it reproduces it14:42
jamespagemakes sense14:42
firlMakes me feel a little less crazy then haha14:42
jamespagefirl, I would probably bet its fine on trusty/kilo - that gets alot of redeployment exercise on hardware in test labs and at customer deployments14:42
jamespagevivid - less so - so this type of thing can bite.14:43
firlso trusty/kilo is more along the lines of trusted / stable ?14:43
jamespagefirl: absolutely - but we don't provide LXD back to trusty ...14:43
jamespageso I can see why vivid was making sense for you14:44
firlyeah, yeah the LXD was just for fun testing14:44
firlnot an immediate need so to speak14:44
jamespagefirl, that said its probably worth highlighting that block device support is not yet implemented in LXD/nc-lxd14:44
jamespageso cinder/ceph + LXD == ERRNOTSUPPORTED right not14:44
firlah that is good to know14:44
firlyeah I use cinder/ceph so that makes sense14:44
firlok off to trusty-kilo14:45
jamespagethat is being worked on - but there are a number fo security concerns with work through in the kernel todo with fs integrity14:45
firlvery true14:46
firlDo you know of any other customer type example config.yaml for the OS world to compare my set up against by any chance?14:47
jamespagefirl, it looks like you pulled yours from openstack-charm-testing right?14:49
jamespagefirl, it you wanted something a little more concise to work from - https://jujucharms.com/openstack-base/14:50
jamespagethat uses charm-store rather than branches and could easily be adapted14:50
firlthanks man, I appreciate it14:50
jamespagefirl, that also uses the new bundle format which expresses everything about the environment including the physical machines14:52
jamespagegnuoy, sorry to nag on that review - pretty please :-)14:52
gnuoyjamespage, sorry, it's just possible I got distracted by something shiny14:54
lazyPowershiny? where?!14:55
jamespageddellav, hey - I see you glance upgrade action stuff got landed - nice work14:57
jamespagegnuoy, ta14:57
firljamespage, the format that I am using? or the openstack-base does?15:00
jamespagefirl, the openstack-base bundle uses the new format15:01
firlgotcha, yeah I will convert over to the new format and try to specify it15:01
firlthanks again15:01
jamespagefirl, its worth noting that by using the charm-store for the charms, you can fix charm revisions for repeatable deployments15:04
jamespagefirl, worth doing to avoid an unexpected re-deployment change15:04
jamespagesay a new feature or suchlike15:04
jamespagelazyPower, plumgrid changes for openstack charms all landed now15:07
jamespagelazyPower, well into next at least15:07
lazyPowerawesome, I'll clean up the technical debt i left behind before EOW and cc you when i get the bundle corrected.15:08
lazyPowerthanks for the update jamespage15:08
jamespagelazyPower, thanks for the final reviews whilst i was away - appreciated!15:10
lazyPowerjamespage: np, happy to see them land their charms. :)15:11
marcoceppirbasak: I've got a debian packaing question, you got a min?16:10
ddellavjamespage, thanks :) I've also landed the cinder changes as well. Working on ceilometer now.16:25
ddellavjamespage, https://code.launchpad.net/~ddellav/charms/trusty/cinder/upgrade-action/+merge/26924716:26
ddellavfeel free to take a look and comment.16:26
jamespageddellav, good-oh!16:26
rbasakmarcoceppi: sure. Also you just reminded me that I should have something on my todo for you I think. Do you remember what it is?16:33
marcoceppirbasak: I think I just found out what I did wrong, let me get back to you in a few mins16:33
marcoceppirbasak: so I cleaned up the charm-tools packaging. We left the discussion at "I need to do a 1.6.0 release so we can propose for archive)16:34
rbasakmarcoceppi: ah OK. So no action for me right now?16:34
marcoceppihowever, 1.6.0 added a bunch of deps not packaged that I just wrapped up packaging16:34
marcoceppirbasak: so I think after i finish testing/uploading to the PPA we should take another spin through the package to make sure everything is in place16:34
marcoceppiI'll ping you tomorrow to chat more about16:35
rbasakmarcoceppi: OK. Let me know when you're ready.16:35
rbasakack, thanks16:35
marcoceppirbasak: okay, i actually do still have a packaging question16:52
rbasakmarcoceppi: shoot :)16:52
* rbasak EODs soon16:52
marcoceppirbasak: so there was a  source package, jujubundlelib and it installed jujubundlelib package. I wanted to create a python-jujubundlelib and python3-jujubundlelib package while making sure to maintain backwards compatibility with jujubundlelib package because others packages still depend on it16:53
marcoceppirbasak: so I created the following control file16:53
marcoceppijujubundlelib depends on the python-jujubundlelib which replaces it, python-jujubundlelib breaks jujubundlelib 0.1.9-1 (this is now 0.1.9-2) and replaces jujubundlelib16:54
marcoceppihowever, if I isntall 0.1.9-1 and perform an upgrade I get this error16:55
marcoceppirbasak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12254887/16:55
marcoceppiI have to run sudo apt-get install -f after the upgrade to have the package install properly16:55
marcoceppiso I figured it was because I was dong << I patched to do <= but the same error occurs16:56
rbasak0.1.9-1 > 0.1.9-1~16:56
marcoceppiright so the control file is now16:57
marcoceppijujubundlelib (<= 0.1.9-1)16:57
marcoceppioh, so should i have done jujubundlelib (<< 0.1.9-2~) >16:57
rbasakYeah, jujubundlelib (<< 0.1.9-2~) is right16:57
marcoceppidamnit, okay let me patch taht and try again16:58
marcoceppithe ~ was throwing me off, I tried googling it but that's pretty ahrd16:58
rbasakIt's fixed in 0.1.9-2, so anything older than that is what it replaces. Suffixing ~ allows for backports and PPAs16:58
marcoceppirbasak: thanks, I'll give this a go17:00
rbasakSince if someone backports or PPAs 0.1.9-2 then it'll be in 0.1.9-2~, and that should also be treated as one where the transition has occurred.17:00
rbasakNo problem.17:00
* marcoceppi adds a little more packaging knowledge to the tree17:00
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skylerbergHow do I make a failed hook as resolved? I am looking for an equivalent to `juju resolved` for a failed hook instead of a failed charm.18:59
lazyPowerskylerberg: juju resolved unit/# resolves just that hook19:38
lazyPowerif a follow up hook fails, the charm re-enters a failed state19:38
skylerberglazyPower: Thanks. I got it working a bit ago, but I had tried several things, so I still wasn't sure what actually fixed it.19:40
skylerbergwolsen: I resubmitted my patch for nova-compute with the changes we discussed: https://code.launchpad.net/~sberg-l/charms/trusty/nova-compute/tintri-interface/+merge/269972.19:47
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wolsenskylerberg, ack - thanks - I'll take a look at it a bit later19:49
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beisnerwolsen, ping-o20:43
wolsenbeisner, pong-o20:51
beisnerwolsen, just touching base re: email (1c-h + 4 charm) review20:54
beisnerwolsen, ah i think we left off with https://code.launchpad.net/~1chb1n/charm-helpers/amulet-svc-restart-race/+merge/269098  <-- rev pushed following review20:56
wolsenbeisner, yep I hadn't gotten back to your updated push on it20:57
* wolsen looks now20:57
beisnerwolsen, np.  we had to let the tests run for the charms that i sync'd it into to confirm.20:59
beisnerie. those in your email consume these c-h changes20:59
wolsenbeisner, yep20:59
beisnerwolsen, thx man21:00
wolsenbeisner, approved - added yet another comment, but its more of a follow up todo action21:04
beisnerwolsen, replied fyi.  another great question.21:09
wolsenbeisner, oh hah - my comment was misstated - heh, its ambiguous if len(pid_list) > 1 not 021:11
wolsenbeisner, but let me look at that method21:11
beisnerwolsen, yes indeed, we are ignoring cases where there are multiple pids (as did the ancestor).   which is a good to-do to further examine.21:11
wolsenbeisner, right - that was the crux of my comment - my mistake on the typo there - we both agree though ;)21:12
wolsenbeisner k, I don't have rights to merge that - but its got my blessing fwiw21:12
beisnerwolsen, ack & thank you sir21:13
wolsenbeisner, thank you!21:13
* wolsen turns towards ackk's proposal then to skylerberg's21:14
firlanyone able to help me diagnose my bundle parse errors ?21:16
firlnevermind, I needed to use “juju quickstart” instead of “juju-deployer"21:27
marcoceppifirl: huh, quickstart and deployer should both work, what were teh errors?21:27
firlnevermind the quickstart just failed more gracefully21:28
marcoceppifirl: heh :D21:28
marcoceppiwhat version of deployer do you have installed?21:28
marcoceppiit seems to be an issue with parsing constraints21:30
firlyeah, worked on my old bundle file21:30
marcoceppiwhat changed in this bundle file?21:30
firlswitching from v3 to v4? I think? I mimic’ed the openstack-base charm21:31
firland then added in my constraints21:31
marcoceppilet me check something21:31
firland the quick start might have worked? still waiting for the gui to come up21:31
marcoceppifirl: it's possible21:32
marcoceppiit seems that "cannon unmarshal string into Go value type []string" means that the API is expecting a list of strings and not just a string21:32
marcoceppifirl: lets wait for quick start to succeed or fail21:32
marcoceppiand go from there, I have some ideas21:32
firlthat constraints only has 1 as well21:33
marcoceppifirl: yeah, I've not used the v4 bundle format as much as I should21:34
firlor maybe it’s thinking tags=[“tag1”,”tag2”]21:34
marcoceppiI don't think so, but it's possible21:34
marcoceppirick_h_: ^21:34
firljuju gui timing out to install, I will blow away and re bootstrap with dragging the yaml file to the gui. I don’t think the gui has a place for maas tags though21:40
marcoceppifirl: it may not expose it explicitly, but it should respect it21:40
marcoceppifirl: for what it's worth juju will soon be gaining the ability to just do `juju deploy <bundle>` so it'll be a lot more cohesive and we can finally drop things like deployer and quickstart for bundles21:43
marcoceppithat's why we're transitioning to the v4 bundle format21:43
firlsweet; yeah I’ve really enjoyed everything I have encountered when it comes to juju21:43
firlbringing a co worker with me to the summit too21:44
marcoceppifirl: \o/ aweseome, see you there21:46
ntpttrHi, I'm having some trouble deploying juju-gui to my bootstrapped environment. I run "juju deploy --to 0 --repository=/srv/charmstore local:trusty/juju-gui" and then "juju expose juju-gui", and for a while the service-status is maintenance and the agent-status is running the install hook and the start hook, and then eventually the service-status changes to 'unknown' and the agent-status changes to 'idle', and even though the agent-state is started, going to the21:46
marcoceppintpttr: hey, so since 1.24 juju introduced a new extended status. a service status of unknown and agent-state of idle is for charms not yet using extended status. So that means the juju-gui should be deployed21:47
marcoceppintpttr: are you having issues loading it in your browser?21:47
ntpttrmarcoceppi: Yeah, the browser is showing a spinning wheel under "Connecting to the Juju environment"21:47
marcoceppintpttr: hum, what provider are you using? local, maas, openstack?21:48
ntpttrmarcoceppi: maas21:48
ntpttrmarcoceppi: I have a corporate proxy I'm working behind, but I did configure that in environments.yaml21:48
marcoceppintpttr: ah, that might be the issue21:49
marcoceppintpttr: so the juju-gui uses websockets to communicate with the juju environment21:49
marcoceppintpttr: what browser are you using?21:49
ntpttrmarcoceppi: Firefox21:49
marcoceppintpttr: if you open the developers tool console in firefox and hard refresh the juju-gui I imagine you'll probably see a connection error pop up21:50
ntpttrmarcoceppi: Yeah it's saying can't establish a connection to the server at wss://node0vm0.maas/ws. It was working yesterday for me, but then I updated my juju by adding the stable ppa21:51
marcoceppintpttr: so what version were you on before? 1.22?21:51
ntpttrmarcoceppi: It's also saying the connection was interrupted while the page was loading21:51
ntpttrmarcoceppi: I'm honestly not sure, whichever one comes with the orange box build21:52
marcoceppintpttr: are you doing this on an orangebox right now?21:52
ntpttrmarcoceppi: yes21:52
marcoceppintpttr: what does `env | grep "proxy"` produce on the machine you're trying to access the GUI from21:53
ntpttrmarcoceppi: It produces all of my proxy urls for http_proxy https_proxy ftp_proxy and no_proxy. Yesterday I was having a connection issue as well and I fixed it by adding ".maas," to no_proxy21:54
ntpttrmarcoceppi: Is there an easy way to downgrade juju to what I had before?21:54
marcoceppiyeah, you're going to have to do that again21:54
marcoceppintpttr: you could remove the stable ppa21:54
firlmarcoceppi: drag to juju-gui seems to work  so far.21:55
ntpttrmarcoceppi: and after I do that if I update it will downgrade?21:55
marcoceppintpttr: you'll have to either apt-get remove juju-core and re-install or do `apt-get install juju-core=1.XX*` whatever the version is21:56
marcoceppintpttr: I suggest the former21:56
marcoceppifirl: nice! glad to hear the drag and drop is working so far21:56

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