ahoneybunRiddell: we(I) need to update the slideshow to remove 15.04 and such from vivid01:46
soeegood morning06:23
valoriemorning soee06:25
lordievaderGood morning.07:00
dokositter, removing the files wont't help alone. is there another package where you remove the conflicts?07:20
sitterdoko: I don't see another conflict between the two07:21
sitteralas, I am not sure why the migration is still stuck07:21
sitterdoko: nevermind. I am sleepy. upload of kdepimlibs is going up momentarily xD07:22
dokoinstall calligra-libs libakonadi-kde407:22
dokoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:22
doko libakonadi-kde4 : Depends: libakonadiprotocolinternals1 (>= 1.12.0) but it is not installable07:22
* valorie sends tea to sitter07:22
dokolibakonadi-kde4 is an old package, but apparently referenced by something which wants to migrate07:23
sitterdoko: n07:23
sitterdoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12251497/07:24
sitterlibakonadiprotocolinternals1 is from akonadi source07:24
sitterso unless we kill libakonadi-kde4 we also need a transitional source for that \o/07:25
dokoright, but something seems to conflict with it07:25
sitterdoko: do I have to set some apt preferences to simluate that properly? I can't reproduce and from looking at controls I see no new conflicts (also I don't remember having introduced any but on the -dev)07:31
sitteronly obvious thing is that libakonadiprotocolinternals1 is an outdated package now. as akonadi source is no longer producing it07:32
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murthyI like to use openssl with zlib to unpack the android backup file, but I get an error message zlib as an unknown command, may be I am missing the zlib. I dont know  which package I have to install to get zlib for openssl08:11
RiddellTm_T: please add thelionroars to testers call08:16
Riddellthelionroars: would you be able to test a vivid to wily upgrade using ubuntu-release-upgrader from vivid-proposed for bug 1488843 ?08:17
ubottubug 1488843 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Vivid) "SRU: upgrader kde frontend fails to start" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148884308:17
sitter_Riddell, shadeslayer, yofel: someone please review git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/krap/akonadi1.git kubuntu_wily_archive branch08:20
sitter_yet another compat source to aid the transition08:20
sitter_build rdeps: baloo, korundum, perlkde, smokekde08:21
yofelah right, that protocol thing08:21
Riddellfolks my head isn't right today, I'm going out for a wander this morning to see if that helps08:25
dokositter_, could you wait with this upload until we get a britney run with the current uploads finished?08:25
sitter_doko: sure08:25
dokositter_, btw, which changes do you propose for akonadi?08:30
yofeldoko: we need libakonadiprotocolinternals from akonadi 1 for kde4pimlibs08:31
murthyopenssl zlib package?08:32
yofelmurthy: I'm not quite sure what you're asking?08:32
murthyyofel: I like to use openssl with zlib to unpack the android backup file, but I get an error message zlib as an unknown command, may be I am missing the zlib. I dont know  which package I have to install to get zlib for openssl08:33
sitter_doko: same deal as with kde4pimlibs. we get a second source akoandi1 (fork of the qt4 based source version) providing what is needed to build and run legacy applications. all rdeps of libakoandi-dev that are qt4 then need moving to libakonadi1-dev08:34
murthywhen i run this command "dd if=backup.ab bs=24 skip=1|openssl zlib -d > mybackup.tar" I get this error message "openssl:Error: 'zlib' is an invalid command."08:34
dokositter: let's wait for the next britney run, will be in about 30min. hope the packages are then published08:37
sitter_doko: yeah I am heading out for a hair cut anyway ^^08:38
murthysitter_: debit or ordinary? :)08:38
sitter_wouldn't ya like to know :P08:39
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sitter_we really need to get KCI to do autopkgtests so we can more tightly maintain the deps of the testuites09:40
sitter_the tests take way too long to run IMO09:40
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ClaymoreAnyone know when kde pim compiled with gcc5 will appear in the Wily repos?11:14
Claymoreok, cheers <sitter>, thought it might be imminent, as I heard it was in debian unstable11:19
yofelit's in wily-proposed11:20
yofelgetting it out of that will probably take a while11:20
ClaymoreThanks for the detail <yofel>11:24
ScottKClaymore: In Debian we've got an older KDE4 based pim, so it's easier that the Plasma 5 based one Kubuntu has.11:31
ClaymoreCheers <ScottK>. I assumed it was a simple rebuild exercise, so I'll reset my patience :)11:39
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sitterakregator patch introduces i18n but I don't think we have l10n enabled there >.<11:45
sitterdoko:  zanshin resolved but we still have libakonadi-kde4 : Depends: libakonadiprotocolinternals1 (>= 1.12.0) but it is not installable12:03
dokositter, we have to wait until the kdepimlibs tests are finished. a solution without kdepimlibs won't work12:05
sitterah uh12:11
sitter<sitter> Riddell, shadeslayer, yofel: review plz http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kactivities.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable_module_rename&id=65ab8ab9db82a68d40917f611c518c923f41d20b12:11
sittershould I just stop asking for reviews or am I eventually going to get one?12:12
shadeslayersitter: I recall acking that12:13
sitterI see nothing of the sort12:13
sitterlet's merge then12:13
dokositter, could you paste you akonadi debdiff?12:21
sitterdoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12252842/12:23
sitterRiddell: networkmanager-qt needs a kubuntu_unstable_vivid branch I think (what with needing different build deps?)12:24
dokositter, and how many packages need the b-d change?12:25
sitterdoko: [10:21] <sitter_> build rdeps: baloo, korundum, perlkde, smokekde12:25
dokositter: ok, can you upload akonadi then? kdepimlibs autopkg tests wil timeout, needing some time ...12:26
sitterdoko: we could leave the -dev name as apparently I was feeling fancy and renamed it in the new akonadi12:26
sitterso 0 transition12:27
dokoeven better12:27
* sitter twiddles12:27
sitterneeds a conflict though. there's file overlap12:32
dokositter, conflict with what?12:41
ejatis it ok to do dist-upgrade in wily ? 12:42
ejatat the current state? 12:42
sitterdoko: libkf5akonadiserver-dev (dev package of new akonadi)12:44
sitterthey both install dbus interface files with the same name12:44
ejathttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12252948/ <-- 35 to be removed ? 12:44
soeeejat: nope12:44
sitterdoko: akonadi1 should be in source new for your reviewing pleasure12:44
ejatsoee: just do normal upgrade right ? 12:45
soeeejat: it will remove some apps etc. better wait for pim to be released that causes this from what i heard12:45
soeeejat: yes install those packages that don't remove some usefull stuff :)12:45
dokositter please join #ubuntu-devel for a moment12:47
BluesKajHi all12:49
BluesKaj'Morning ricktimmis13:10
sitterdoko: update-output-helper seems content with what we have in proposed now. let's hope all candidates are still valid :)14:07
dokositter, yeah, akonadi1 triggerd autopkg tests need still finishing14:08
murthy_Any one know how to extract an android backup file .ab14:46
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joseovidiu-florin: hey, let's open another ticket for plugins whenever we need them to install a plugin. IS works with a new ticket for each thing. also, google analytics, lmk when you've got some time and I'll walk you through the priocess.15:04
ovidiu-florinjose: after the podcast, today, is that ok?16:07
josewhich podcast?16:08
ovidiu-florinjose: the Kubuntu podcast16:31
ovidiu-florinKubuntu podcast #4 is now live http://youtu.be/RGC-Cg-Yy1s19:01
ovidiu-florinjose: ^19:01
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clivejoanyone on wily, plasma 5.4 and apps 15.08 can you get thumbnail/preview for images at the minute in dolphin?19:34
mamarleyclivejo: Yeah, works for me (with PNG images, anyway).19:44
clivejomine has stopped working :(19:44
yofelfun, my laptop refuses to suspend because kded5 went mental19:47
clivejohow did it go mental?19:47
yofelpermanently uses 100% CPU19:48
clivejoyofel: when Im in pbuilder, how to I edit the control and .install files?20:16
ahoneybunwhat valorie?20:18
yofelclivejo: with any CLI editor. But the data in there will be deleted on exit, so either only do quick fixes, or copy the data out of the build dir20:19
yofelnot sure what that is for pbuilder-dist20:19
clivejobut where is it located?20:19
clivejoI get dumped into a root terminal20:20
clivejoits taking 3 hours to build calligra and there are missing files, would be so much easier to fix them inside pbuild and rerun dh_install20:22
yofelclivejo: not in the buildd folder in the chroot?20:23
yofelshould be /tmp/buildd/ if you're somewhere else..20:23
clivejoIll have to wait, its currently 28% built20:23
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Riddellawooga, kdepim is in!20:26
Riddellgo go sitter and others20:26
clivejoRiddell: is in?20:26
Riddellin wily20:27
clivejoproposed or main?20:27
Riddellout of -proposed20:27
dokoRiddell, and next time transition trackers please ...20:27
yofeldoko: why aren't you guys using the debian auto-transitioner?20:28
yofelI set that up for us and it works rather well: http://yofel.net/kubuntu/transitions/20:28
yofelat least sitter used the data recently20:29
dokoyofel, because this one is soo incomplete ...20:29
yofelit's not perfect, sure..20:30
dokoshows nothing for kdepim, akonadi for example. 20:30
dokoyofel ;-P20:30
dokohow does it help then? 20:30
dokoyofel, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/20:32
yofelit usually at least gives some readable hints. Not sure why it's not showing anything for kdepim, but e.g. akoandi was quite accurate until akonadi1 appeared20:33
yofelyeah, I know that, but that's purely manual20:33

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