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ChALkeRHi all.04:41
ChALkeRCan I get the source svg behind http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/47Eeknz.png?04:41
ChALkeRI'm assuming that's based on Vibrant?04:45
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ChALkeRCould someone please tell me the offsets in the original file?04:52
ChALkeRI will re-render that image, it makes my eyes bleed.04:52
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FHnklsyjoin #linux05:39
lordievaderGood morning.06:59
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Guest27395Sysinfo for 'ubuntu': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.4.90 on Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) powered by Linux 4.1.0-3-generic, CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ at 2600/3000 MHz, RAM: 1386/3951 MB, Storage: 2/2 GB, 255 procs, 0.12h up08:07
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ClaymoreAnyone know when kde pim compiled with gcc5 will appear in the Wily repos?09:41
lordievaderThat question is more suited for #kubuntu-devel I think.09:45
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ejayafter upgrading to 5.4 there are two sound icons (new one and old one) in sys tray. one is more then enough and my question is - how to disable one of em?10:11
soeeejay: remove kmix10:19
soeeif you don't want old icon (widget) and what it offers10:20
ejaysoee: what if i want the old one?10:21
soeehide plamsa-pa widget in systray ?10:21
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ejaysoee: it's not working. I can hide this icon from sys tray but when changing volume via shortcuts it still shows two volume bars.10:42
soeeejay: oh, hard to say than. i didn't test it much as i removed kmix :)10:54
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ClaymoreThanks <lordievader>11:13
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BluesKajHi all12:49
EvilRoeyhello BluesKaj :)12:54
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balancehow can I install plasma 5.2 on kubuntu 14?13:34
balanceI cant run sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next-backports getting Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next-backports'.13:38
balancePlease check that the PPA name or format is correct.13:38
BluesKajbalance, dunno if this site is still relevant http://sourcedigit.com/14871-install-kde-plasma-5-2-ubuntu-14-04-ubuntu-14-10/13:44
balanceBluesKaj: thanks Ill take a look - also, how can I right align the system tray and make open tools shown in my panel?13:45
balanceah nevermind13:46
soeei doubt plasma 5 is supported on 14.0413:47
soee14.10 was the first version where we tried it and 15.05 where we released it13:47
balancesoee so I should install kubuntu 15.**?13:48
BluesKajsoee, yeah I wondered about that too13:48
soeeBluesKaj: that depends if you prefere LTS = 14.04 or wan't to try Plasma 513:48
soeebalance: ^13:48
balanceI'm just looking for a nice gui, most gui's are so terrible and the plasma 5.2 looked quiet okay. but I downloaded 14.04 because of lts.13:48
soeewell balance, download ISO with 15.05 or 15.10-dev and try live session13:49
soeei suggest this way so you can check if you like it and how it works for you13:49
soeebtw. BluesKaj, balance: https://twitter.com/andradesandro/status/638800330017390592 :)13:51
balancesoee sure thanks13:52
BluesKajI actually prefer KDE4/Plasma4 over the 5, plasma 5 does nothing for me at all ...only testing 15.10 to help out, but I have to admit I haven't filed any bugs because I don't know where to start13:52
tnetennbahi all kubunticists! =D13:53
BluesKajthinking of dropping 15.10 altogether13:53
BluesKajeveryone tells me to wait for plasma 5.4 , well it's here and I still don't see much difference13:54
tnetennbaBluesKaj: why? What's wrong with 15.10? sorry I just joined13:54
BluesKajtnetennba, it's a mtter of taste and personal prefernce ...a lot of ppl like plasma5 , I don't13:55
BluesKajto me it's a regression13:56
tnetennbaBluesKaj: oh ok, I though you meant there was something wrong with the OS, bugs and such13:56
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derek01Im trying to switch to kubuntu from gnome on 15.04, got it installed but now it just hangs at boot.14:52
lordievaderHangs at what exactly?14:53
derek01kubuntu 15.04 with the 4 dots underneath14:54
lordievaderderek01: Hit escape to see what it is actually doing.14:54
derek01lordievader: Ill have to reboot and see, i dropped myself to a shell to get in here. be back in a moment14:56
balancehow can I move the panel from one screen to another? 15.1015:13
balance15.04 not 1015:13
derek01and im back. So it seems to be slowly going through the motions of starting, however, something is holding it up. "A Start job is running for Wait for...en to quit" Going on 17 mintues, says no limit15:14
lordievaderbalance: Go to the options of the panel and click and drag the screen edge button.15:14
lordievaderderek01: Hmm, any network mounts?15:14
balancelordievader: ah thanks15:14
derek01lordievador: I seeing it started15:15
balancelordievader: can I make it span over both screens and the task manager always shows the apps on the current screen?15:15
derek01lordievador: It says Network Manager Wait online, and its OK'd15:15
lordievaderbalance: No idea, never tried it.15:15
balancelordievader: okay thanks15:16
lordievaderderek01: Ethernet or wifi?15:16
derek01lordievador: ethernet15:16
lordievaderderek01: Correct network settings?15:16
derek01lordievador: yup, it should all be good. Nothing has changed.15:17
lordievaderNot really sure what nm is waiting for.15:18
derek01lordivador: so that Wait job its holding on is network related?15:18
lordievaderderek01: If I remember correctly, yes.15:18
lordievaderYou should look it up if you want to know for sure.15:19
madmouser1hi all what is the beast / easiest way to make a full backup of my kubuntu laptop for the purposes of bare metal restore ( incase the hard drive crash and I need to replace it and restore my complete pc)15:20
madmouser1** beast = best15:21
derek01well I unplugged Ethernet, and I did something. But didnt continue boot.15:33
lordievaderderek01: http://askubuntu.com/questions/615006/ubuntu-15-04-network-manager-causing-slow-boot15:34
derek01ill give it a shot15:40
derek01nope still waiting for something15:42
lordievaderderek01: To what did you set the timeout?15:42
derek01now its also failing to start network manager wait online service at all15:42
lordievaderDoes it continue after 10 seconds?15:42
derek01nope, im at 2 min waiting time now15:42
derek01and it still says no limit15:42
lordievaderI'm not sure what the issue is, to be honest.15:43
derek01yea im stumped too15:44
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Guest84699Hi there. I had a question related to a kubuntu install, but I'm not entirely sure if it belongs here. I have a grub rescue issue that I can't seem to make progress against, and I was wondering if someone could hear me out and provide suggestions?16:25
pascal_i have a thinkpad yoga with kubuntu and a pro dock. I never installed drivers for the pro dock, I think there are none for unix. anyway, it worked all day quiet well. both my screen were working and the wlan. then I tried using lan, which didn't work. now, the external screen turns off after login. also: everything works just fine if I boot from my usb. so, why does it work on the live version but not on the installed one?16:30
pascal_I didn't expect it to work out of box, I just wonder why it works if I boot from the usb16:32
pascal_hmm, back in 5min16:38
pascal_back, anyone has an idea? Im currently reinstalling it16:45
BluesKajpascal_, you asked a couple of questions, which issue are you referring to?16:53
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ovidiu-florinKubuntu podcast #4 is now live http://youtu.be/RGC-Cg-Yy1s19:01
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pascal_hi, how do I assign a script to a keyboard shortcut in kubuntu?19:25
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