a_beautiful_mimeI've logged into my user02:37
a_beautiful_mimebut the super user pass doesn't seem to be accepted02:37
a_beautiful_mimealso how can i view file permissons?02:37
cdoublejjany one know how to switch videos cards, or rather make one of the 2 video cards a primary display device05:58
ianorlincdoublejj, two video cards of what kind06:02
cdoublejj1 is a defualt VMware virtual card and the other is an AMD HD6570 that i pased through06:08
cdoublejji tired aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f and now i get blank screen on the vm both in console and the actial AMD card and monitor06:09
ianorlincdoublejj, I don't know about vmware06:09
cdoublejjmeh i'll just dump this vm and try another06:09

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