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dholbachgood morning07:06
davidcallebzoltan_, ping07:30
bzoltan_davidcalle: yo07:30
davidcallebzoltan_, hey, very nice post on duc blog!07:30
davidcallebzoltan_, I'm wondering why there is no sdk-ide package for wily in the PPA, is it something we can expect soon-ish?07:31
bzoltan_davidcalle:  thanks :) have you tried the new SDK?07:31
bzoltan_davidcalle:  so you want the wily edition?07:31
bzoltan_davidcalle:  I can do that for you today ...07:32
davidcallebzoltan_, no rush, will there be an issue with the vivid package on wily?07:32
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didrockszsombi_: hey! I have a probably stupid question on QML and transitions07:34
didrockszsombi_: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-modelviewsdata-modelview.html#using-transitions sounds promising to tell that you can have "removal" animation even on Flow or Grid when you remove an item from a model07:34
didrockszsombi_: however, reading http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-flow.html, I only see add and move animation hooks, no removal07:35
didrocksI'm probably missing something very obvious07:35
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zsombi_didrocks: yes, there's no removal animation on Flow07:36
didrocksah, so that doc is a lie? :)07:36
didrocks(like the cake ;))07:36
zsombi_at least according to the doc07:36
zsombi_let me check the component07:37
didrocksyeah, I was thinking reading from http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-modelviewsdata-modelview.html#using-transitions that there were a generic thing for it, but couldn't find any example07:37
bzoltan_davidcalle:  I am creating the wily packages and dput them in a sec07:37
bzoltan_davidcalle:  there could be compatibility issues yes ... you know gcc07:38
zsombi_didrocks: indeed, the QQuickPositionerBase has no remove07:39
davidcallebzoltan_, thanks, also kudos for using the opportunity to rename to ubuntu-sdk-ide :)07:39
didrockszsombi_: ok, thanks for checking! I should maybe open a bug against Qt for the other doc to tell it's not available on each components using a model. Thanks!07:40
bzoltan_davidcalle: LOL :) that was a long pending issue07:40
zsombi_didrocks: sure!07:40
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popeybzoltan_: does your email which includes "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-ide ubuntu-sdk-api-tools ubuntu-sdk-api-15.04-armhf ubuntu-sdk-api-15.04-i386" - presume I'm on amd64 machine? (given the names of those packages) ?09:28
popeybzoltan_: also - [M#qRE: Unable to locate package ubuntu-sdk-ide09:30
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12251947/ bzoltan_09:30
davidcallepopey, wily?09:36
CaptainHeavyogra_: just posted a review for your KiwiIRC app, hopefully that should give you a few more downloads :)09:38
popeydavidcalle: yes09:38
davidcallepopey, building -> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/tools-development/+build/786987809:38
ogra_CaptainHeavy, wheee ! thanks !09:38
CaptainHeavyogra_: no problem, thanks for building the app in the first place!09:38
popeyeveryone is running wily, surely! :)09:38
ogra_popey, probably they switched from ide to sata, try ubuntu-sdk-sata :P09:38
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davidcallewily + xenial overlay09:39
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bzoltan_popey:  No, I put extra effort to support rare people who are on i38610:16
bzoltan_popey: and I assume that you are on wily. So the wily IDE package is being published right now ... so please wait for few ten minutes10:18
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nik90bzoltan_: wow I didnt notice that Qtcreator we used was stuck at 3.1. Happy to read about the next-generation SDK. aquarius will be really happy to hear about this.11:35
bzoltan_nik90: aquarius: Yes, this forwarda and backward porting was limiting us a lot.  I hope that this solution will help.11:39
aquariusI properly am happy to hear about it11:41
aquariusbeing able to test phone apps on my 14.04 desktop will make my life a lot, lot easier :)11:41
nik90aquarius: so this 500 MB package will contain the entire Ubuntu Toolkit APIs, Qt Libraries necessary for app development. Would we be able to run it on the desktop to test it since from the blog post I read it provides the armhf 15.04 chroot.11:43
nik90bah...that was supposed to be addressed to bzoltan_ ^^11:43
bzoltan_nik90: aquarius: to avoid misunderstanding :) the latest SDK runtime will come later to the LTS ... the UITK is already sneaked in ... if you look around the /usr/ubuntu-sdk-ide11:44
nik90ah ok11:46
aquariusbzoltan_, how will I know when it's beyond testing and ready to be used? Will this stuff all end up in the normal ubuntu sdk ppa?12:29
bzoltan_aquarius:  yes, that is the plan. You will know if you follow the phone ML. Right now it is testing time...12:32
bzoltan_For example i am pushing an update right now as the first itteration was not installing perfectly in some case12:32
aquariusbzoltan_, cool. I have enough to do testing the apps I build without testing the infrastructure as well, but I'll be a happy user of it once it's stable :)12:32
bzoltan_aquarius:  I mean it is rock stable ... the IDE code is way much better then the one from the PPA12:33
aquariusahem. "the first itteration was not installing perfectly in some case" and " it is rock stable" are directly contradictory ;)12:34
aquariusbut it's cool, whatever happens -- really looking forward to being able to run apps on my lts desktop!12:37
bzoltan_aquarius: two different beast ... the IDE package is complete and stable. it is the API package what can act up ... but that is just the chroot, can be disposed or recreated manually12:38
didrockskenvandine: hey! So, I'm using the ContentStore uri (I set the scope). This one isn't set before getting a transfer done (and the m_store being set)13:24
didrockskenvandine: as I have a databinding setting the uri to another object, I'm getting: Accessing ContentStore uri with NULL internal store13:24
didrocksis there any way I can know if an internal store have been instantiated? (or even better, getting the .uri even before, as this just depends on the scope that is set, isn't it?)13:24
kenvandinei don't think uri should be able to be null13:25
kenvandinethat should be set when instantiated13:25
kenvandineoh... you're binding to it13:25
kenvandineso the binding gets null before it's instantiated13:26
kenvandinei don't think there's anything you can do about that13:26
kenvandineit'll get set as soon as it's instantiated13:26
kenvandineit just makes noise in the logs :/13:26
kenvandinebut that's a qml thing13:26
kenvandineif you find away around that, i'd love to hear it :)13:27
didrocksyeah, I was wondering how to reduce this13:27
kenvandinewe have quite a few places in system-settings that suffers from this13:27
didrockskenvandine: I don't understand conceptually why you need a transfer to be instantiated to get the uri, doesn't it just depends on the scope?13:27
kenvandinenot the transfer13:27
kenvandinethe ContentStore13:27
kenvandinehas to be instantiated13:27
didrocksI have:13:27
didrocks    ContentStore {13:27
didrocks        id: appContentStore13:27
didrocks        scope: ContentScope.App13:27
didrocks    }13:27
didrocksappContentStore.uri returnts that warning13:28
kenvandinein the binding13:28
didrocksbefore I initiate a transfer with it13:28
didrocksyeah, but ContentStore is instantiated, isn't i?13:28
kenvandinebecause you are accessing it before it's instantiated13:28
kenvandinenot necessarily at startup13:28
kenvandineit is13:28
kenvandinebut briefly it isn't :)13:28
didrocksyou think it's even before that13:28
kenvandineit happens a lot in qml13:28
didrocksand appContentStore isn't null, just not init()13:29
didrocksI think I got it13:29
didrocksok, so in pure-qml I have some "ready" flags for this13:29
kenvandineso if you print appContentStore.uri in Component.onCompleted13:29
kenvandineyou'll get it13:29
didrocksI doubt you want to implement that in c++ :p13:29
didrockslet me check13:29
didrocksdoesn't seem to be the case13:30
didrocksI just added Component.onCompleted: console.log("uri now: " + uri)13:30
kenvandinenot sure how that could be13:30
didrocksand the print is "uri now: "13:30
kenvandinehang on... phone ;)13:31
kenvandinedidrocks, back13:34
kenvandinei'm still puzzled, the uri is set in the constructor13:34
kenvandineconsole.log("uri now: " + appContentStore.uri)13:35
kenvandineuri isn't in the same scope as the page or whatever13:35
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didrockskenvandine: I'm on the onCompleted for that component13:37
didrockslet me add the id, but I doubt that will change13:37
didrocksyep, that didn't change, still blank13:38
didrocksI just have http://paste.ubuntu.com/12253258/13:38
kenvandinetry doing it on your outer component13:38
didrocksthe uri isn't set on component's completion (from the C++ code, you only set the uri on when it has a setStore())13:38
kenvandinepage or whatever13:38
didrockssame on the page13:39
kenvandinethat's on the transfer though13:39
kenvandineok, let me check the source13:39
kenvandinedidrocks, in cpp, the store requires a uri for the constructor13:41
kenvandine    Store(const QString& uri, QObject* parent = nullptr);13:41
* kenvandine checks the qml bindings13:41
kenvandineweird, the qml bindings do something different13:43
didrocksin the opposite order, right? the store assign the uri13:43
kenvandinedidrocks, well ContentStore qml binding doesn't actually set a cuc::Store internally until it's used in the transfer13:44
kenvandineElleo, ^^ do you recall if that was intentional?13:44
kenvandineElleo, or was that maybe left over from the first version of the bindings :)13:45
kenvandinewhen the store is set on the transfer in qml, then the internal store is set on the ContentStore13:45
* kenvandine thinks that should happen in the constructor13:45
didrockskenvandine: you get now why I was telling "empty until I set a transfer ;)"13:45
kenvandinedidrocks, yeah, it doesn't make sense :)13:46
didrockskenvandine: I'm sure you know are really eager to get a bug on this! :)13:46
kenvandinedidrocks, i'm more familiar with the backend and cpp stuff :)13:46
didrocks(and at least, I understand why it didn't make sense to me to wait for a transfer to get the uri)13:46
didrocksthat forced me in some interesting "workarounds"13:46
kenvandineyeah, the ContentStore api should be more useful13:46
kenvandinedidrocks, please file a bug13:47
* didrocks walks/jumps/runs to file one :)13:47
didrocksthanks for confirming kenvandine :)13:47
Elleokenvandine: don't remember it being intentional, not sure much has changed in the ContentStore for quite a while though13:51
kenvandineElleo, ok, i'm going to look at refactoring that a bit to ensure it's set in the constructor13:52
didrocksElleo: kenvandine: bug #1491411 FYI13:52
ubot5bug 1491411 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "uri on ContentStore qml binding isn't set before getting the first transfer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149141113:52
kenvandineElleo, i suspect that is leftover from the first iteration of the bindings13:53
kenvandinelooks like gunther's code :)13:53
kenvandineElleo, didrocks: i see why... it needs the ContentType of the transfer14:01
kenvandineso this is intentional14:01
* kenvandine does want the ContentStore to be more generally useful14:01
kenvandinemaybe we should add a contentType property to the ContentStore14:02
kenvandinedidrocks, so basically not a bug, but could be made to be more generally useful for more than just transfers14:02
Elleokenvandine: when you get a chance could you take a look at: https://code.launchpad.net/~michael-sheldon/content-hub/fix-initial-peer-list/+merge/269917 it allows us to avoid making an extra look up when creating a contentpeermodel, and fixes the browser incorrectly showing up in the contentpeerpicker for unknown types14:02
kenvandineElleo, sure14:03
* nemo pokes mcphail again14:03
Elleokenvandine: I've added an "Undefined" type on the QML bindings to allow for the check, but I've only added it there and not also in the service, not sure if it's useful to add it everywhere or not14:03
didrockskenvandine: yeah, that would be good, I'm still leaving it opened then14:08
kenvandinei'm commenting14:08
Elleokenvandine: added a comment to that MR with info about the browser branch14:17
nik90ahayzen: Hey , can you request QA to start testing music-app since it has all the necessary translations ready. Unless you guys were planning for additional fixes to land. While it waits in the QA queue, in parallel it will get further translations.14:20
kenvandineElleo, how would you feel about adding that branch to silo 17?14:23
kenvandineit'll make it easier to test :)14:23
kenvandinethe code looks good14:23
kenvandinebut i haven't approved it yet14:24
Elleokenvandine: sure thing14:25
kenvandineElleo, cool, thanks!14:25
kenvandineElleo, i see 17 is building, but without content-hub14:43
kenvandinei think you forgot to reconfigure it14:43
Elleokenvandine: ah, will fix that now14:43
Elleokenvandine: thanks for spotting it14:43
Elleokenvandine: what do I need to do with the new system to get it to reconfigure? I'd thought just re-running assign would do it, but that doesn't seem to have worked15:04
kenvandineElleo, that's all you need to do15:30
kenvandineElleo, i'll look at it15:30
kenvandineElleo, i assigned again and building, looks like it's going to build content-hub15:33
kenvandinehad you specified the browser in the packages to rebuild before?15:33
Elleokenvandine: I'd just selected the generic force rebuild option, rather than specifying anything individually15:34
kenvandinei bet that meant rebuild existing packages15:34
kenvandinei didn't check anything15:34
kenvandineso it looks for changes to build15:34
Elleookay, cool; will know for next time :)15:34
kenvandineyou don't need to force when there are new revisions or new branches15:35
kenvandineit'll figure it out15:35
Elleoah, okay15:35
pmcgowanpopey, do you know if any progress was made on notifications for dekko mail17:08
pmcgowanor DanChapman,17:08
ahayzennik90, yup, was just about to ping popey :-)17:12
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popeypmcgowan: only updates from niklas updates, and some discussions with chipaca and rsalveti, no code17:57
pmcgowanpopey, ok17:59
mcphailIf anyone looks after http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/ , can you fix it please? Hard to hack with Mir when the API docs are missing :) . Tempted to give up for the evening and pour a whisky instead18:48
popeymcphail: might be better off asking in #ubuntu-mir - kgunn specifically18:57
mcphailpopey: kdub is helping there. Thanks18:57

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