veebersbarry: are you still around perchance?04:42
veebersheh, probably not, just looked up localtime :-)04:42
veebersbarry: at any rate, I got the FTBFS fix landed (landing :-)), I'm going to utilise your MP to improve on what I did to make it work (which was supposed to be a quick release :-P)05:09
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veebersbarry: ping?21:21
barryveebers: hi.  i'm still seeing test failures for autopilot in the py35 ppa, which is odd because it builds in the archive21:21
veebersbarry: ah 35asdefault is the py35 ppa? Was going to ask that :-)21:22
veebersbarry: yeah it's _really_ odd. I have no idea why that is happening. Are the versions of testtools different or something21:22
barryveebers: let me check21:23
barryveebers: maybe that's it.  python-testtools 1.4.0-0ubuntu1 also ftbfs in the ppa21:24
barryveebers: let me see what's going on there21:24
veebersbarry: ack21:24
barrylooks like twisted failures21:24
veebersbarry: huh, I presume that it builds fine in wily?21:26
barryautopilot does, yes21:28
barrytesttools ftbfs in the ppa in py2.7!  yay21:28
veebersbarry: d'oh :-P21:31
barryfun.  okay, thanks.  sorry to bother you.21:32
veebersbarry: heh, no worries, hopefully it's not to painful to sort out. Good luck :-)21:33
barrywell, i bet if we rebuilt testtools in wily, it would fail there too21:39
* barry looks at the latest pypi version21:40

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