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sarnoldhey pitti :)03:17
pittihey sarnold, how are you?03:19
sarnoldpitti: pretty good, just got back from dinner :)03:20
sarnoldpitti: how's your day going so far?03:21
pittisarnold: it shouldn't even have begun yet, but I can't sleep any more :)03:21
sarnoldpitti: completely agreed :)03:21
pittistarted as usual, wading through -proposed mess; due to the uninstallable kernel we got tons of failures at night03:21
didrocksgood morning05:39
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larsugood morning!07:22
pittihey larsu07:25
larsuhi pitti! Wie gehts?07:25
pittilarsu: ganz okay, war nur viel zu frueh wach07:26
pittilarsu: how is your new flat?07:26
larsupitti, amazing! Loved waking up there this morning :)07:26
larsubut no internet yet07:26
larsuworking at dholbach's office with him and desrt07:26
didrockshey larsu! desrt07:31
didrockshey pitti, /me se sentait seul ce matin :)07:31
larsubonjour didrocks! ça va?07:31
didrockslarsu: ça va, and you?07:31
didrocksslept for the night in your new accomodation?07:31
larsuça va tres bien07:31
desrtdidrocks: yup.  it's sleepy.07:31
desrtlarsu tried to wake me at 7... then at 7:30, then at 8....07:32
pittididrocks: ah, désolé -- j'ai me léve déjà à 5h, mais j'ai perdu à dire bonjour07:32
larsuthen dholbach came to pick us up :)07:32
didrockslarsu has the repeat function :p07:32
didrockshandy feature07:32
desrtthe "get up now, daniel is here" worked07:32
didrocksheh, that was like "no other way now"07:32
didrockspitti: pas de problème ;)07:32
desrtthere was also promise of coffee and a chocolatine07:32
pittihey desrt, kiel vi fartas?07:33
desrtpitti: bonege, dankon :)07:33
desrtni estas ĉe daniel :)07:33
dholbachhi guys07:34
desrtya.  this one :)07:34
dholbachcan somebody take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-control-center/non-gnome-unity-ibus-support/+merge/238293 and https://code.launchpad.net/~brunonova/software-properties/lp1381050_2/+merge/264634 and https://code.launchpad.net/~binli/unity-settings-daemon/dont-scale-out-of-screen/+merge/268881?07:34
didrocksdholbach: even if that's not really my role, but I'll patch pilot this afternoon, so I can have a look07:36
* dholbach hugs didrocks07:36
* didrocks hugs dholbach back07:36
* didrocks would have like a "pain au chocolat", but it seems it's only for people in Berlin :p07:37
dholbachdidrocks, it's a "Schokoladencroissant" over here :-P07:39
dholbachdidrocks, or "Schokocroissant" rather07:39
desrtdholbach: we don't need to add more friction to this particular argument...07:39
desrtalso, disappointed that there is no ¨ in there somewhere07:39
pittidesrt: so you want an Überraschungsei ?07:40
* didrocks lalalalala, "croissant" and "chocolate" in the same line07:41
didrockslarsu: https://code.launchpad.net/~binli/unity-settings-daemon/dont-scale-out-of-screen/+merge/268881 sounds like a hack, do you know if there is a better fix upstream?07:41
desrtdidrocks: love you too :)07:42
larsudidrocks, this is ridiculous...07:43
didrockslarsu: mind commenting? :)07:44
didrockslarsu: of course, using same exact words :p07:44
willcookemorning all07:58
didrockshey willcooke08:00
desrtdidrocks: hey.  i just met someone who looks just like you08:02
desrtmaybe a brother?08:02
desrtLaney: hi!08:03
Sweet5harkMorning all, today is Setting Orange, the 26th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3181!08:04
Laneyhey desrt08:06
Laneygood moving yesterday?08:07
desrtslept well :)08:08
desrt(although i didn't do that much, really)08:08
Sweet5harkdesrt: arent you canadians supposed to only move on July, 1st? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moving_Day_%28Quebec%29)08:12
desrtSweet5hark: canada exists outside of quebec08:12
desrtSweet5hark: furthermore, i'm moving in berlin...08:12
Sweet5harkdesrt: oh, cool!08:12
desrtnot me.08:12
desrthelping larsu08:12
desrthe needed some extra hands, so i flew over08:13
Laneyhe had to leave the country to move outside of the designated day08:14
larsudidrocks, finally commented08:14
Sweet5harkLaney: so all Canada is just Quebec? Thought so!08:14
* Sweet5hark should be careful not to troll _everyone_ today who has rights to sponsor his package.08:18
larsudidrocks, commented on the bug as well. Probably we want to raise the dpi limit instead of hard coding a minimal resolution08:20
larsu192 is *not* hidpi imo08:20
larsubut that's what u-s-d uses as a limit now08:20
* larsu can prepare a patch if needed08:21
larsuLaney, is there something like `apt-get build-dep` for `apt`?08:21
Laneydon't think so08:22
* dholbach hugs didrocks08:23
larsuLaney, I don't understand your comment about blocking the constructor08:23
* didrocks hugs dholbach back08:23
Laneywhat comment?08:23
didrockslarsu: no harcoding? so sad :p08:24
Laneymore context please :P08:24
didrockslarsu: agreed btw :)08:24
didrocksLaney: hey!08:24
didrocksLaney: //code.launchpad.net/~binli/unity-settings-daemon/dont-scale-out-of-screen/+merge/268881?08:24
didrocksah sorry, didn't backlog fully08:24
Laneylarsu: we need to know the initial value for the property before giving an object08:24
larsuLaney, indicator-datetime MR08:24
larsuyou block monitor_timezone_property(), not the constructor, right08:25
Laneyyeah, that's only called from the constructor08:25
Laneyso it essentially is it08:25
larsuah, right, sorry08:25
didrockslarsu: I'm going to smooth a little bit your answer :)08:25
LaneyI kept the structure of the original code08:25
larsuyeah this is very weird08:26
larsudon't do that08:26
larsuthere is another main loop still running as well, right?08:26
larsudesrt, did you ever write a blog post "recursive main loops considered evil"?08:27
larsuif not, please do and give Laney the link :D08:27
larsuLaney, gotta run for ~30 mins. Delivery to the new place08:27
larsuwill have a further look after08:28
Laneytell me how to do it better08:28
didrocksLaney: ah, if you piloting before me (I'll probably do tomorrow then, as I'm sure it will empty), do you mind looking at Daniel's request ~1h ago? (larsu commented on one already)08:32
didrocksif not, I'll handle them in my shift08:32
Laneydidrocks: I looked at the attente one and the other seems to have been reviewed by bdmurray 8 hours ago?08:45
Laneyah, my  new keyboard just came08:54
Laneyblank keycaps08:54
willcookeLaney, wot?  On purpose?08:55
LaneyI thought it would look cool08:55
Laneyand actually it does08:56
Laneyalso it's got clicky keys \o/08:56
LaneyWFH benefits08:56
didrocksI guess not that WFH: http://www.wfh.org/08:57
Laneysorry about your blood but have this neat keyboard08:57
* didrocks likes the definition08:58
didrocks"Working from home - when your slacking off and not wanting to do any work."08:58
Laneysounds right08:58
Laneymight have to move IRC onto the desktop now so that I can click clack more08:59
Laneyor set up synergy09:00
didrocksor develop a robot answering for you09:00
Laneyschnap it09:00
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larsuLaney, do you need to fetch the value on startup? Can't you signal that it's ready after the result comes back?09:56
larsuit was ok before because local file io is generally considered ok to do blocking09:56
larsunot so for d-bus calls (imo, desrt thinks otherwise)09:56
larsuotherwise it looks good to me09:57
larsuwill give it a spin now and then comment. Thanks for working on this!09:57
Laneylarsu: I think the object should be ready from the start (also not having it so makes one of the old testcases fail)10:04
larsuLaney, yeah ideally it would be, but it's slowing down the rest of the program10:05
larsuand might cause issues with the other main loop (which uses the same main context)10:05
Laneyit's weird to start up in (say) UTC and then reconfigure later10:06
Laneycould I make a new main context?10:06
larsuin a new thread...10:07
larsuand it's a bit overkill...10:08
larsuis it just a test case that fails or does the real program depend on this too?10:08
desrtOH MY GOD STOP10:09
desrt(sorry -- larsu just told me) :)10:09
larsuI did not!10:09
larsuI simply explained the problem to you10:09
desrti'm actually okay with the sync dbus call10:10
desrtjust don't recurse the global mainloop -- ever10:10
Laneyit's just slightly more annoying to write all that shit again10:10
desrtit's not optimal10:10
desrtbut in your situation it's probably something like the optimal solution10:10
Laneywhen I just want to say hey, wait here until you get the value10:10
* larsu gives in becasue it's probably not that big of a deal10:11
desrtbut keep in mind that datetimed is not normally running10:11
desrtso this sync call is going to be blocking on a dbus activation10:11
desrtwhich is sort of a good point10:11
desrtwhy are you using dbus for this?10:11
Laneyinstead of what?10:11
desrtread /etc/localtime?10:11
Laneysomeone broke gfilemonitor10:12
larsuthis is what he was trying to get rid of10:12
desrtso use dbus to watch for the change signal10:12
Laneyand then someone else said you should use timedated instead10:12
desrtbut read the file10:12
desrtuse timedated but only for the signal10:12
desrtdo the reading locally10:12
Laneyjesus christ10:12
desrtthis is how it's "supposed" to work with dconf-like services10:12
desrtwhich is more or less everything these days10:12
desrtwriting and change monitoring = dbus10:12
desrtreading = do it directly yourself10:12
larsumeh, this is overkill10:13
Laneywhat is propertieschanged for then10:13
larsuyou'd still use that10:13
desrtthere are all kinds of dbus services....10:13
Laneybut then ignore the value that it gives you10:13
Laneyand go read it off the FS10:13
Laneythat is some kind of bullshit10:13
* desrt shrugs10:13
* larsu shrugs harder and is hungry10:13
desrtactivating a dbus service for no good reason is some kind of bullshit10:13
desrtuse the filesystem10:14
desrtadding a matchrule doesn't activate the service10:14
* ricotz isn't really following, but gfilemonitor is really broken currently10:16
desrtLaney: do you have a specific bug for this case i can look at?10:16
desrtiirc you only sent trash ones yesterday10:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1485659 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Date/time indicator doesn't update after changing time zone" [Low,In progress]10:16
desrtwe're going to lunch now.  i'll look at this as soon as i'm back10:17
LaneyI could maybe get behind reading for the initial value10:17
desrtbut ya in general -- i agree with larsu about watching dbus for the change10:17
desrtbut please use the disk for reading10:17
desrtsince activating the service is really expensive10:17
Laneybut if we get a new one in PropertiesChanged10:17
desrtthis does make sense10:17
desrti mean, why read the disk again if you just got told, right?10:17
Laneythat is the "bullshit" I mentioned earlier10:17
desrti'm 100% neutral on this point10:18
desrti'd probably read the disk just because this tends to be how i structure my code10:18
desrt(and since the read is almost free)10:18
desrtbut no harm in using the info from the signal, either10:18
Laneyand luckily the original code had a function to read this /etc/timezone thing10:18
desrtbut on startup.... ya... please don't activate the service10:18
Laneyso can probably just bring that back10:18
Laneythis makes sense to me10:18
desrtalso: watch for the obnoxious race10:18
desrtgdbus doesn't make this easy :(10:19
desrt(honestly, it's probably safe to ignore it)10:19
Laneywhich is?10:19
desrt1) send AddMatch via worker thread10:20
desrt2) read from disk10:20
desrt3) timezone is changed, signal is sent, match rule wasn't handled by dbus-daemon yet, you miss the change10:20
desrt4) AddMatch is delivered and processed10:20
desrtgdbus actually kinda makes this situation shitty10:21
desrtbut again, it's unlikely to hit you10:21
desrtyou can work around it if you must by pinging the daemon10:21
desrtas a sync call, after adding the matchrule10:21
LaneyI need to do what I am supposed to be doing instead of this bug10:22
Laneywill look later10:22
desrtG_DBUS_SIGNAL_FLAGS_NO_MATCH_RULE got added for exactly this reason10:22
desrtsince dconf wants to send its own match rules so it knows when the match is actually active10:22
desrt→ food10:22
Laneyyou can fix GFileMonitor too if you want :)10:23
desrtthat comes after food :)10:23
* desrt kicks larsu away from irc10:23
LaneyBinLi: hi, I hope you're the right BinLi. Can you look to fix wily for https://code.launchpad.net/~binli/ubuntu/trusty/modemmanager/lp1441095/+merge/255935 per seb128's comment please?10:56
LaneyIf it's cherry-picks from upstream this can probably go via Debian and maybe cyphermox can help you there10:57
desrtLaney: i think this bug was the atomic replacement bug, already fixed11:38
Laneyfixed where?11:39
desrtgvfs-monitor-file /etc/localtime out of jhbuild works11:39
desrtcan you test it with the version you have?11:39
Laneyoh yeah, this works now11:48
Laneylarsu: https://code.launchpad.net/~octoquad/software-center/899878-hardcoded-colors-dark-theme/+merge/268849 is this sane?11:50
larsuLaney, why does software center care at all about the theme it's running under11:51
didrockslarsu: it uses css (and it's gtk2, so no upstream support), no?11:52
larsudidrocks, it can't be gtk2 and use css11:52
larsuor is that for the web view?11:52
didrocksweb view11:52
Laneynah it is gtk311:52
didrocks(some parts are)11:52
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didrocksbut yeah, Laney is right, it's gtk3 now11:53
larsuclearly this is gtk css11:53
Laneyit does have its own css though11:53
larsuso if I run my desktop in a theme that software-center doesn't know about, it looks like shit?11:53
larsuanyway: fine by me if that's what it's doing. Lacking rationale for the transparency adjustment and includes whitespace fixes which should be a separate commit11:54
larsu(or just remove them, it's not that important)11:54
didrockslarsu: I think I know looking at the code11:57
didrocksas it has its own widgets, using cairo surfaces to render11:57
larsuah. weird11:57
didrocksI guess it tries to grab the value from the theme + additional properties11:57
didrockslike in softwarecenter/ui/gtk3/widgets/buttons.py11:57
larsumakes sense11:58
Laneydidrocks: you want to handle the upload? :) :)11:59
didrocksLaney: that would be tomorrow for me, but sure11:59
Laneyaren't you PPing? :P11:59
didrocksLaney: when I saw your name this morning, I think I'll be better to handle that tomorrow, as there are too many times there is no-one12:00
larsudholbach's mail really helped, eh? Now everyones PPing12:00
LaneyI always pee pee12:00
didrocksso better at least to have at least one dude every day than 2 one day and then no-one12:00
Laneyis it?12:00
Laneythere's still 99999 items12:00
didrocksI guess it's better for online presence12:01
* Laney shrugs12:03
Laneyup to you man, you do it when you think is best12:05
didrocksyep, hence tomorrow ;)12:07
* didrocks opens moaarrrr sdk bugs meanwhile12:07
didrocksthen, I'll consider my example app "done"12:07
didrockswith nice margin for Laney :)12:07
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desrtMacSlow|lunch: enjoying your meal?13:26
attenteLaney: the conflicts on that branch should be resolved now13:52
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* qengho afk a bit.14:25
Laneyattente: nice14:26
Laneyyou're my favourite!14:26
attenteLaney: wait a second. can i check something before you approve14:30
Laneythis is going to take a bit of getting used to14:35
* Laney got a trackball maus14:35
larsugit bzr push lp:~/notify-osd/crisper-on-hidpi14:37
Laneymmm crisps14:37
Laneyalso ++ for using bzr-git-bzr-git14:37
Laneyget someone who knows this shit to review that14:38
larsuLaney, who would that be?14:39
larsucan you give it a try?14:39
larsunot reviewing, just seeing how it works for you14:39
Laneydezrt? :)14:39
Laneyor MacZlow himzelf? :P14:40
larsushe's spelled with an s14:40
larsulike so: desrt14:40
* Laney iz avoiding highlighting people14:40
* larsu is destroying Laney's plan14:40
Laneyat least I avoid the blame14:40
* didrocks is destroying larsu's plan to destroy Laney's one14:40
Laneyyes I will try this14:40
larsuuh oh14:40
larsuthis is getting meta14:40
larsuLaney, thanks :)14:41
larsuMR is up https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/crisper-on-hidpi/+merge/26993014:41
didrocksand with this last bug opened, I consider my example app done!14:43
attenteLaney: yeah... should be ok :o14:43
Laneydidrocks: get it in ze store!14:47
didrocksand make $$$$$14:51
Laneylarsu: it sure looks crisp to me14:51
larsuglad to hear :)14:52
larsuthanks for testing!14:52
Laneythanks for fixing!14:53
larsuwas a bit annoying indeed14:53
* larsu sat on a particular issue all morning14:53
larsuwe should redo this code to use proper widgets and gtk css (which wasn't available back then)14:53
ogra_and i thought you sat next to dh14:53
larsuI did, and still do14:54
* larsu hugs dholbach14:54
larsuman, he's not even in here anymore14:54
ogra_snappy ate him14:54
ogra_</french accent>14:54
* Laney puts away the second keyboard14:57
* Laney is getting into good habits14:57
Laneythis file thing fucks up the testsuite15:43
* qengho back15:44
larsube strong Laney15:44
Laneyit calls a mocked SetTimezone15:44
Laneywhich doesn't write to /etc/timezone of course15:44
larsubut should emit the signal now?15:45
Laneywe don't wait for that any more15:45
Laneyit's like oh hi I got an object15:45
Laneyoh it's Europe/London not the thing I just set it to15:45
Laneythis is annoying15:45
Laneygood thing is that the old testsuite had some shit for this15:46
LaneyI'm basicaly undoing half of my work15:46
LaneyI got the tests to pass again17:04
Laneynot sure if some shit is weird or not17:04
Laneyready for more abuse tomorrow :)17:05

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