dsmythiespmatulis: Do you know how to modify the reucrring doc team meeting booking in the fridge calender? If yes, could you change it?00:04
pmatulisdsmythies: i'll look at it, yes00:05
pmatulisdsmythies: so one hour earlier right?00:06
pmatulisdsmythies: anyway, i put it an hour earlier, lemme know if it looks ok00:10
dsmythiespmatulis: 1 hour later. we are changing to 17:00 UTC from 16:00 UTC.00:53
pmatulisoh later dsmythies00:54
ahoneybundamn still to earily for me01:00
* ahoneybun still needs to read the log from todays meeting01:00
pmatulisahoneybun: where do you live again?01:03
ahoneybunus florida01:03
ahoneybunthat is 1pm for me01:03
ahoneybunnew time wise01:03
pmatulisahoneybun: so you cannot participate during working hours. is that it?01:04
ahoneybunI'm not in a tech job01:04
ahoneybunon my feet in the kitchen all the time01:04
* ahoneybun needs to start getting ready for the 15.10 release docs wise01:06
pmatulisahoneybun: gotcha01:08
ahoneybunnew features in the latest KDE, screenshots, getting the docs hooked in the new website,01:09
dsmythiespmatulis: It seems only September 1st time was changed. October November ... appear unchanged.06:30
pmatulisdsmythies: grrr11:25
pmatulisdsmythies: it *should* be ok now11:34
dsmythiespmatulis: I see that the time seems to change by an hour based on daylight saving or standard time. However our meeting is based on UTC time. I also see that  the Tech board meeting does the same change, and so we end up in conflict again.14:42
pmatulisdsmythies: damn15:16

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