TJ-Would we expect a system hang when iwl4965 (iwlegacy/4965-mac.c) reports 'BUG_ON idx doesn't match seq control'. I couldn't fully track the IL_ERR macro (dev_err) back to its final expansion10:00
TJ-This is with 15.10 amd64 low-latency kernel. May have happened a couple of times in the last 24 hours but this is the first time the log has shown anything10:02
apwTJ-, any bug_on can be fatal or not depending on circumstances, but i' dmore commonly expect you to lose wireless 10:16
apwTJ-, anyhow you hsould file a bug with the backtrace10:17
TJ-apw: Not possible. System hung. If that is the cause of all the hangs I've seen - this is the only logged clue currently. Always happens when the system has been left idle with no-one using it10:18
apwthen that might be power management perhaps ?10:18
apwmight be worth seeing if there is a way to turn that off as a test10:18
apwTJ-, and which kernel are you running10:18
TJ-I somehow think it is unrelated, I've been using a build of 4.1 with PCI IOMEM fixes in for a long time on 14.04, and not been hit. I think this is something unique to the Ubuntu 4.1 build.10:19
TJ-apw: amd64 4.1.0-3-lowlatency10:19
TJ-There's no ASPM enabled10:20
apwTJ-, so wily, has the 4.2 migrated yet ?10:20
TJ-I've not see it yet. Not been able to use the mainline 4.2 without manually fixing the workqueue GPL symbol, due to requiring nvidia10:26
TJ-I've been having to carry fixes for PCI IOMEM since 3.15 which *should* finally reach mainline in 4.3, so it gets quite involved trying to chase down these issues :)10:27
apwTJ-, its in -proposed10:28
TJ-OK, I'll enable it and see how it goes. I hate it when there are 0 clues10:28
rtgarges, what ever happened with bug #1370352 in trusty ?13:37
ubot5bug 1370352 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Trusty) "[Feature] Intel new CPU microcode 20140913 " [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137035213:37
argesrtg: looking13:45
argesrtg: the bug in the last comment should have been bug 139897513:48
ubot5bug 1398975 in glibc (Ubuntu Utopic) "hardware-assisted lock elision hazardous on x86" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139897513:48
rtgarges, yeah, it was circular13:49
cmaginaI am porting an upstream driver to arm64 and it requires a kernel config update so i ran the updateconfigs target. It made changes to the common config but the new driver is only needed for a specific arch. should i move these changes to that arch's config or leave it how updateconfigs left it?14:24
cmaginaback porting an upstream arm64 driver14:24
* cmagina needs stronger coffee14:25
rtgcmagina, if the config option is unique to arm64 then it will appear in common since it is the only instance 14:29
cmaginartg: ah, ok, so just leave it since updateconfigs did the right thing14:30
MikeCamelHi, folks - anyone having any joy with 4.2?  No problems compiling, but it hangs at initramfs boot.  Using config files pretty much unchanged from 4.1...15:10
apwMikeCamel, boots ok for me here15:13
apwcat /proc/version_signature 15:14
apwUbuntu 4.2.0-5.5~masternext201508181139-generic 4.2.0-rc715:14
apwrunning a slightly older one than the -7.7 in -proposed, but it boots for sure15:14
rtgapw, tsk, tsk. you should be booting -7.715:14
apwrtg, i am supprised to find i am not15:15
rtgapt-add-repository ?15:15
MikeCamelI've just been taking the .xz from kernel.org, and compiling my own.  Old style, but it's what I'm used to.15:16
MikeCamelI'm taking debs from ~kernel-ppa: I'll see if those boot.  If they do, I'll try the .config from /boot there, and use that as the starting point.15:17
apwrtg, oh how it gets on isn't the issue, lack of care is15:19
apwMikeCamel, sound plan15:19
MikeCamelbeen compiling kernels since ~'96.  Recently got back into it.  :-)15:20
MikeCamelThese days it's just for fun.  In those days, you _had_ to, if you wanted your new h/w to work.15:21
MikeCamelright.  biab.  reboot time.15:22
MikeCamelwell, that booted, at least.  no wifi, but it booted.15:25
MikeCamelwonder what the diff was.  Time to do some playing...15:25

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