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dholbachgood morning07:06
svijmoin dholbach 07:12
dholbachhey svij07:12
svijdholbach: forgot to mention yesterday that dpm s Portugal Holidays sounds like more fun that Meck-Pomm :P07:13
dholbachsvij, right :)07:14
dholbachI'll be back to more exciting travels at some stage again :)07:14
svijsure ;) you're india travel photos from a few years back looked more interesting! ;)07:15
* dholbach hugs svij07:16
dpmI see, it's holiday competition season ;-)07:17
* dpm hugs svij and dholbach07:17
* svij rehugs dpm and dholbach07:17
svijmy summer holidays were actually back in January07:18
svijdpm: btw, can you please submit your Ubuntu Phone Talk for ubucon.de asap? The deadline was on monday and yours is missing, we're nearly finished with the first draft of the program schedule :)07:20
* dholbach hugs dpm back :)07:23
dholbachsvij, do you have enough submissions?07:23
svijdholbach: yep07:23
svijwe had ~13 before monday (the last day) and another ~13 on the last day :)07:24
svijdholbach: oh btw, do you may have any suggestion for a place where we could do the second social event on saturday? We're in "Route 66" on Friday, but we don't have a restaurant (or sth similar) for saturday…07:25
dholbachhow many folks do you expect?07:26
svijor more like 30-40 I think07:28
dholbachlet me ping doko07:29
dholbachMatthias doko Klose07:29
svijwe have 25 registrations for the ubucon so far, 14 ticked the "social event" for saturday07:29
svijoh I don't know him07:30
dholbachhe lives in Berlin too07:30
svijis he also coming? :)07:30
dholbachhe should :)07:30
svijgreat :)07:30
dholbachhey hey07:30
dholbachthanks doko07:30
svijhi doko 07:30
dholbachdoko, svij is organising ubucon in Berlin later this year07:30
dholbachand was trying to think of a place for 30-50 to meet up for drinks and dinner as a social event on the saturday07:31
dholbachdoko, and svij also asked if you were going to come to ubucon as well ;-)07:31
svijdholbach: I also had the idea to have a "bug triage" talk/workshop, on how to report and triage bugs on launchpad correctly, what do you think?07:43
dholbachsure, sounds like a good idea07:43
svijcan you do that? :)07:44
dholbachI'm not sure07:44
svijI'm not really familiar with that topic, that's why I want a talk about that07:45
svij"I'm not sure" is the wrong answer.  :D07:45
dholbachyeah, I think I'm going to have a few other things on my plate until then07:46
dholbachdoko, do you have an idea where we could meet up?07:56
dokodholbach, I'll be in Hamburg this weekend07:57
svijsad, if you still have a recommendation for us, that'll be great07:59
dholbachyou could try to ping larsu about it08:01
joseargcapfedhola a todos hay alguien...21:50

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