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Hawk_trying to port ubuntu touch03:27
Hawk_the system reboot if I use gralloc from CM but work well if using xperia gralloc binary03:28
Hawk_any help is appreciated03:28
Hawk_this url seem to be dead : http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/md__h_a_c_k_i_n_g.html03:29
dufluHawk_: That site is unfortunately not updated very often. To access the latest (source) docs you can browse: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/files/head:/doc/03:37
dufluOr access them in the doc/ directory of the Mir source code03:38
dufluHawk_: Also  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/view/head:/HACKING.md03:38
Hawk_ok, thanks03:51
Hawk_duflu, any tip on where to start looking? :)03:52
dufluHawk_: It can only be src/platforms/android/ really03:53
Hawk_can the vivid arm source work without mir?03:59
Hawk_for touch03:59
dufluHawk_: In theory yes. ubuntu-device-flash touch --developer-mode should give you an image that you can "adb shell" into without graphics. Although I've never tried myself04:08
Hawk_mir is required to boot into graphic mode?04:08
dufluHawk_: Yes, every single pixel is Mir04:10
Hawk_perhaps i should try out wily first04:14
Hawk_maybe the mir has been patched somehow04:14
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RAOFYou know, this would be much easier if I could just send an event to the client on surface creation.06:15
dufluOh fun. My kernel decided it can't VT switch any more. Either by keyboard or by other.06:41
dufluHad to reboot06:41
RAOFYeah, VT_ACK is problematic :)06:56
dufluRAOF: At least after receiving SIGTERM Mir tells me what it was waiting for06:58
dufluRAOF: So does that mean it might have been X refusing to reply/give it up?07:02
dufluThat would be better than a kernel bug07:02
RAOFCould have been.07:02
dufluGood news. My MHL adapter has finally shipped07:04
anpok_duflu: now only a mhl capable device is missing!07:20
dufluanpok_: Oh?07:20
dufluanpok_: Yes07:23
anpok_it is a pitty..07:24
anpok_n4 n7 are slimport..07:24
dufluanpok_: Do our devices have fake MHL?07:24
dufluanpok_: Yay. Another purchase07:24
anpok_and the others might have mhl enoder chips as part of the soc.. but they might not be wired.. or be deactivated07:24
anpok_at least noone managed to get the mtk kernel with mhl to boot07:25
anpok_and looking at the code you probably dont want to have that do something on your device .. i found hard coded resolutions and display timings in there..07:28
dufluAlso yay. I can't buy Slimport adapters locally07:28
dufluThis will take more time07:28
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dufluCan't find Slimport things locally, but can find: http://www.jaycar.com.au/General-Consumer/Toys-%26-Games/15%2Byrs/Useless-Box-/p/GT370607:59
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Guest86043i have mir demo server on vt1 but i can't switch the vt (alt fn doesn't work)10:52
Guest86043is it normal?10:52
Guest86043on wily10:53
anpok_on intel?11:00
Guest86043anpok_: nvidia11:02
anpok_i think we dont have a bug yet..11:07
Guest86043anpok_: from unity8.log failed to load module server-mesa-x11.so.4 and QMirServer - mir failed to start11:28
Guest86043so.. blame mesa?11:30
anpok_it depends ..11:30
anpok_but file a bug report..11:30
anpok_i mean older nvidia cards lack gl-2.0 or gles-2.0 support, which will make qt initialization fail..11:33
anpok_which mir version do you have installed?11:33
Guest86043nvidia 860011:33
Guest86043mir worked before with mir 0.14.x11:34
Guest86043with a diff mesa?11:34
Guest86043anpok_: uh... i can change VTs if i sudo mir_demo_server11:37
Guest86043anpok_: and mir works just fine11:38
Guest86043anpok_: opengl gallion 0.4 v84 opengl es gles 3.011:39
Guest86043mesa 10.6.311:40
Guest86043anpok_: i'm playing with gedit on mir demo server11:41
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guest42315anpok_, oh :)) maybe i'm not on 0.15.0 :/ https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/149036711:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1490367 in Mir 0.15 "Mir 0.15.1 reports itself as "0.15.0"" [Medium,Fix committed]11:55
guest42315ok.. so  0.15.1+15.10.20150825-0ubuntu111:57
guest42315not 0.15.011:57
guest42315anpok_, https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/149137212:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1491372 in Mir " mircommon: Failed to load module" [Undecided,New]12:10
anpok_guest42315: please attach the full logs12:14
guest42315anpok_, done12:19
guest42315anpok_, if you need other logs i can upload them12:20
anpok_the complaint about mesa-x11 is ok.. unless of course you intended to run usc/unity8 from within X1112:22
anpok_did unity8 manage to start?12:24
anpok_guest42315: which nv generation do you use, and could you also attach unity8-dash.log?12:32
guest42315anpok_, GeForce 8600 GT, and i've uploaded unity8-dash.log12:36
guest42315after the lightdm.. screen i get a black screen but i can see the mouse cursor12:37
guest42315thanks alan_g :>> i'll try to uninstall mir-platform-graphics-mesa12:43
Guest55614same :( still doesn't load13:07
Guest55614anpok_: in kern.log o_O MirServerThread and ibus-ui-gtk3 segfaults13:16
Guest55614what is libX11-xcb13:17
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mcphailhttp://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/ is giving me a "not found" error. Is something broken?18:40
kdubmcphail, it appears so18:51
mcphailkdub: do you know who looks after the API docs? Was hoping to do a bit of hacking this evening18:52
kdubmcphail, that site is generated from mir's doc/ folder18:53
kdubmake doc i think18:53
kdubbut in the meantime, i can figure out how to get it back18:53
mcphailkdub: many thanks18:53
kdubmcphail, out of curiousity, planning on working on something?18:53
mcphailkdub: just trying to get a game engine running on the phone18:54
mcphailkdub: feeling out of my depth :)18:54
kdubmcphail, ah, cool, examples/ should have some examples of how to get a gl context going18:56
mcphailkdub: Yes - they look really helpful18:57
kdubgood luck!18:59

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