hggdhmy pleasure00:04
bazhanglooks like ruwan00:37
bazhang<Mirodroid> bazhang, are you an op here?00:50
beaverI am French , I have a lousy English03:12
beaverI am here for this package03:12
beaverit has a problem , impossible to make a research library03:13
beaver!info lib32ncursesw5  precise03:14
ubottuPackage lib32ncursesw5 does not exist in precise03:14
beaver!info lib32ncursesw5  trusty03:15
ubottuPackage lib32ncursesw5 does not exist in trusty03:15
beaverI go to sleep , if you can answer before I kick my nickname , it would be nice03:19
valoriebeaver: why not write to Ubuntu-devel list?03:24
valoriethis is the wrong chan for your question03:25
tonyyarussovalorie: Look at the LP project in question - ubuntu-bots.03:26
Unit193One of the bots channels or filing a bug would maybe be better.03:27
beaverI go to the channel #ubuntu-bots ?03:29
valoriesorry for the wrong info, beaver03:29
beaverno problem03:29
beaverCommitter: Terence Simpson03:38
beaverRevision ID: tsimpson@ubuntu.com-20150404192113-faao1hs8b2nuonat03:39
beaveri can try to write it ?03:39
beaverI use this plugin for #ubuntu-fr, it is a hassle :)03:42
bazhangmust be frespech o'clock09:52
k1l_[x] need to troll before lunch09:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1491369 in Ubuntu IRC Bots "Not search for a library (PackageInfo Plugin)" [Undecided,New]12:13
jpdsOh, search library, not research library12:14
jpdsresearch is a completely different thing from search12:14
Unit193It does do libs, just not arch dependant ones.12:14
Unit193!info libssl-dev12:14
ubottulibssl-dev (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.1f-1ubuntu11.4 (vivid), package size 1048 kB, installed size 5091 kB12:14
beaverI have to write what?12:18
beaver!info libjpathwatch-java-jni12:18
ubottulibjpathwatch-java-jni (source: jpathwatch): Java library that monitors directories for changes (JNI). In component universe, is extra. Version 0.95-1 (vivid), package size 11 kB, installed size 65 kB12:18
Unit193jpds: Sure, you search then you research!12:18
Unit193beaver: You'll note on the page you linked, that package was amd64 only.12:19
beaverNot search for a library AMD64 (PackageInfo Plugin) ?12:21
beaverok,Not found lib32ncursesw5 AMD64 (PackageInfo Plugin)12:23
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
bazhang<jhutchins> ikonia: You weren't born knowing apt.17:28
ikoniahe wrong can one man be.....of course I was17:30
bazhangjust a fyi protn is a notorious timewaster17:30
ikonianever seen him before17:31
bazhangchat channel regular17:31
bazhanghuge PITA17:31
hggdhany ops on #u to kick or ban shazaum? He just got banned in -br20:11
hggdhikonia: un your debt, sir20:16
ikoniano problem20:16

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