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balloonsping DanChapman16:46
flocculantput it in a cron script balloons :p16:57
balloonshowdy flocculant16:57
flocculanthi :)16:57
flocculantballoons: do you know what's going on with the jenkins stuff? or is that the reason for the pings ;)16:58
balloonsflocculant, indeed it's the reason17:02
balloonsI have some updates, but I've not had a chance to play or write them down yet17:02
flocculantnot seeing this being done in time for the last beta17:04
balloonsif the tests are fixed, it's totally possible17:11
flocculantit'd be nice obviously17:14
balloonsflocculant, do you happen to have a ubuntu touch device?17:30
flocculantballoons: have a nexus 7 I could install it to - but not immediately, would need to backup etc first before installing it18:31
brendandballoons, is there a particular test set you wanted me to use?21:17
balloonsbrendand, mm.. I don't care persay. I've been using 522 which is only 3 tests21:18
balloonsprobably useful to do the same for demo purposes I guess21:18
brendandballoons, although you might want to get a feel for what some different tests are like to run on the device21:19
balloonsbrendand, the interesting bit is although on the device you could semi-automate, none of the tests will be eh.21:23
balloonsSo I'm not sure what you mean21:24
brendandballoons, well as jibel pointed out some tests are specified in such a way that the process of checking the steps in the app could interfere, so having a wider variety of cases would make it easier to see how bad that is21:25
brendandballoons, if we use a sanity testset that should be a happy medium i think21:25
balloonsbrendand, gotcha. The set I'm using now is really just 3 tests, so it's probably not too representative. That said, I don't see us shipping something with 500 tests. Do you?21:26
brendandballoons, no, i wasn't thinking about the quantity of tests more just the definitions of specific tests being a problem21:27
brendandballoons, a sanity test set is about 40 test cases with a good bit of variety in there so i think that should do21:28
balloonsveebers, btw, we didn't talk about reporting yesterday. Is there a way to display some test stats of the uploads so folks could publically see what's happening?21:28
balloonsbrendand, ack. That sounds good, and yes we should use what we expect, so folks can see what it would mean to do 40 tests on the device21:29
brendandballoons, btw iahmad was asking me if you were able to do a succesful upload21:29
balloonsveebers, even just displaying a running log to start of the last few uploads. Obviously making a nice display would be nice but :-)21:29
balloonsbrendand, yes I did the whole thing start to finish.21:29
balloonsI created set 522, tested it, and results are in PT21:30
veebersballoons: yep it's possible, as we're storing the upload each time (the full thing)21:30
brendandballoons, great21:30
balloonsI also started adding to the bug list :-)21:30
flocculantballoons: just a fyi - didn't wait - backed up and just finishing install of touch to it21:31
veebersballoons: did you want to email or document something outlining what would be useful as a report?21:31
balloonsveebers, I can do that. It would be helpful to talk about what would be easy to do right now. I'm flexible21:33
balloonsEssentially I would like to be able to point everyone at the results if you will of the testing. It should display everyone's results publically. I don't see a need to associate or authenticate as someone specificaly21:33
balloonsas far as what to display, maybe just the pass / fail percentage by suite, and perhaps later showing pass/fail percentage for an individual test21:35
veebersballoons: ok, that makes sense. Should be able to do that easily enough. Would you like me to iterate over this (i.e. produce something simple and go from there)21:35
balloonsthe primary thing atm is to allow people to 'see' there tests get aggregated21:35
balloonsveebers, yea, let's iterate. If in doubt, choose simple :-)21:35
veebersballoons: sounds good. I should be able to take a look today. I'm off tomorrow at a conference21:36
tsimonq2ping balloons23:06
balloonstsimonq2, pong23:23
tsimonq2balloons: Hey, we have had conversations in the past about the Package QA tracker...has anything changed or are we still with the weird tracker(IMO :P)?23:26
balloonsI've cahnged nothing. you mean with how one build for all cycle?23:26
balloonsaka, the mailing list conversation?23:26
tsimonq2balloons: Yes23:26
tsimonq2balloons: I just wanted to follow up because we were still in the Alpha stages when I did a lot of Package QA for Lubuntu, and it is now in the Beta stages and it has not done anything23:28
tsimonq2It meaning (L)Ubuntu23:28
tsimonq2And the second time the Package tracker23:28
balloonsI see some runs in there for lubuntu23:31
tsimonq2balloons: Yeah, at one point my nick in the tracker was sqawesome99(I didn't change it from initial creation for a while)23:32
tsimonq2balloons: (or rather Launchpad) but I did the majority of the Package QA this round for Lubuntu XD23:33
balloonsthis will show you what's been found and linked:23:35
balloonsso when you say 'not done anything', what do you mean? That the bugs haven't been fixed or ?23:36

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