michirobru: ping02:32
robrumichi: pong02:33
michiWith the new requests page, how to I abandon (completely remove) a silo?02:33
robrumichi: is the silo assigned?02:33
michiYes, silo 1002:33
robrumichi: click 'Merge & Clean' and then check ONLY_FREE_SILO02:33
michiOK, cool, thanks. Might be good to update the doc page. It still talks about the “Abandon” link02:34
robrumichi: where? I went through and updated the docs recently02:34
michiUnder “Abandon a landing” on the LandingProcess page02:34
robrumichi: lol, the answer to your question was right there02:35
michi“The CI Train REquests page has alink on each landing request called ‘Abandon’"02:36
michiI don’t think that link still exists?02:36
michiOr am I blind?02:36
robrumichi: reload the page or something? you must be seeing something cached since last week02:36
michiYes, that’s what’s happened.02:36
michiSorry for the noise.02:36
robrumichi: no worries02:36
michi__robru: Not sure what to do with this one: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/6018/console02:43
robrumichi__: your request contains a branch, you need a merge.02:44
michi__Aargh, wrong URL.02:44
michi__Any chance of getting a more informative error message there?02:44
robrumichi__: also please file a bug against lp:cupstream2distro asking to make that error more understandable and assign it to me02:44
robrumichi__: can do, just have other priorities.02:44
michi__About to create the bug, NP!02:45
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robruinfinity: cjwatson: anybody around? I need help testing some train changes you'll like03:05
robru"CI Airline will be ready ~July 2014"04:09
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infinityrobru: Not really, no.  Heading to bed.06:22
infinityrobru: Also, that was hours ago, so I assume you're not around either. :P06:22
robruinfinity: just watching tv. I sent an email with details06:23
Mirvinfinity: still around? there'd be new binary packages at https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-024/+sourcepub/5314531/+listing-archive-extra - indicator-transfer-download-manager, libindicator-transfer-dev, libindicator-transfer007:00
Mirvprobably not as heading to bed 40mins ago. any other archive admin around?07:01
Mirvhmm, maybe RAOF or pitti could be awake?07:04
RAOF I could be.07:04
RAOFBut new binary packages aren't my thing; no AA hat here.07:04
MirvRAOF: oh, would there be a better list to use than https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+members ?07:05
pittiwhat about these?07:05
Mirvpitti: train bypasses binary NEW queue, so we need preNEW review07:05
RAOFMirv: Sadly, no. I'm there because I need a subset of those powers for SRU work.07:05
MirvRAOF: ah, ok, that explains it07:05
pittiit could really do with a symbols file07:09
pittiMirv: looks okay otherwise, but please add .symbols for tracking API07:12
MirvI'll file bugs about all comments and if they're a blocker, set it as critical priority07:12
Mirvpitti: ok. a blocker or not blocker?07:12
pittinot a blocker07:12
Mirvthank you, I filed a bug about it for the next release.07:14
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dokocurrently not accepting new binary library packages ...12:46
cjwatsondoko: Why not?  I would normally wave through mosquitto and sdformat12:54
dokocjwatson, ok, only one binNMU needed12:57
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slangasekarges: will fix lsvpd and reupload today, thanks.  fwiw procedurally, I recommend that when an SRU is rejected for cosmetic/mechanical issues that the SRU team member fix/reupload/accept15:23
infinityI certainly do that sometimes, depends on if I'm using the queue as a teaching tool, as well.15:24
infinityAnd, clearly, slangasek needs tutoring on packaging.15:25
argesslangasek: good point, I wasn't sure there needed to still be separation between uploading and accepting, but in the future for minor stuff like this I'll fix it15:25
infinityarges: IMO, if the issue you find is minor and, in your mind, 100% unlikely to be contested by the uploader, just fix and reupload.15:26
infinityarges: Things like version numbers or bug ref typos fit that, for instance.15:26
infinityarges: If it's a question of "I don't like how you fixed this bug", then a round-trip is saner.15:27
argesinfinity: Makes sense. and obviously the teaching bit is moot for steve15:27
cyphermoxarges: ^ if you feel like reviewing more SRUs. :)15:33
argescyphermox: i'll catch that later... gotta head out for a bit15:33
cyphermoxI'm about to head out to get lunch, too15:34
slangasekinfinity, arges: 'sright, I'm a manager and therefore unteachable ;P16:01
infinityslangasek: See, I was avoiding making that joke.16:05
robrucjwatson: do you know if there's been any changes to launchpad/the archive lately that would affect the way the train publishes NEW packages? I had thought there was some long standing issue that the train somehow bypassed the NEW queue but there's been a couple silos I've seen recently that went into NEW and I have no idea why. I sure haven't changed17:37
robruanything train-side regarding publishing NEW packages.17:37
coreycbarges, could I get you or another sru team member to review some openstack-related uploads when you get a chance?17:42
argescoreycb: i can handle it17:42
coreycbarges, great, thanks.  for trusty: software-properties, cinder, python-keystoneclient.  and for vivid: python-keystoneclient17:43
bregmais there a formal process for getting my NEW package (currently in the queue) accepted or is it now a matter a matter of patiently waiting for someone with the right rights to get around to it?18:14
infinitybregma: The latter.  Which package?18:19
infinitybregma: Ahh, libertine?18:21
bregmainfinity, yes, sorry, I'm a slow typer18:21
bregmawe're really targeting the vivid overlay for the phone, but want to avoid breaking anything on upgrades later18:22
infinitybregma: I'm unconvinced that backdooring the NEW process with the overlay is a sane workflow, but...18:23
bregmait's not in the overlay until it's in WIly first, and we'll be doing dual landings18:24
bregmathat's why I want it in Wily18:24
infinityOkay, if it's not allowed in the overlay until it's in wily, then I retract my backdoor comment.18:24
infinitybregma: I'm grabbing it to see if it looks like an easy review.  If it is, I'll knock it out, if it's not it might wait a bit, as I'm pretty busy right now.18:25
bregmasure, thanks18:25
infinitybregma: You missed a chance for silly naming here.  I'm disappointed.18:26
infinityAssuming you're upstream, I'm still downloading. :P18:26
bregmabelieve me, we discussed silly names18:26
bregmathere was a ted involved18:27
infinitySee, you could either be -lertine, thus libertine.so, or go the iberty route with -libertine and ibertine.so18:27
infinityliblibertine is so boring. ;)18:27
bregmahmmm, -latrine ....  I need a new project18:28
infinitybregma: PasswordHelper{.h,.cpp} are missing copyright headers, FWIW.18:30
infinity(Not a blocker, since the project as a whole has an obvious license, but you might want to fix upstream)18:31
infinitybregma: Also not a blocker, but line-wrapping in Description fields doesn't work the way you think it does.18:34
infinitybregma: The first line (up to the first \n) is the short description, the rest is the long description, so where you've wrapped a too-long short, you've dumped the end of it into the beginning of the long.18:35
* bregma kicks wrap-and-sort to see if it's still working18:35
infinitybregma: Even weirder, liblibertine1 starts the long description with a blank line. :)18:36
infinityDitto for a few of them, actually.18:36
infinityThat might get filtered out, but it's still silly regardless.18:37
infinitybregma: The only one that makes sense is libertine.  Short on 1 line, no blank '.' starting the long.18:37
bregmayeah, that's a bad habit I picked up years ago, adding the blank line18:38
infinitybregma: You probably want to fix the rest.  The wrapping issue in tools could be sorted by just s/command-line //18:38
infinitybregma: My only other complaint would be that /usr/bin/dbus-session-bridge is a super generic and namespace-pollutey name for a binary not shipped by dbus.18:42
infinitybregma: I might ask you to fix that one (or argue why it's a good idea) before you go writing other things that depend on that path.18:43
bregmawell, it's a replacement for the D-Bus stuff inside our little container so the actual name doesn't matter (just the socket passed at runtime)18:44
infinitybregma: Right, so libertine-session-bridge or something might be more appropriate.18:45
bregmawe can certainly change it, but wit the next upload if possible18:45
infinitybregma: I'd prefer to see it changed before I accept (or at least see a commit upstream), since I know how well everyone (me included) delivers on IOUs once the ACCEPT happens. :P18:46
infinitybregma: Fix the descriptions in VCS and, more importantly, that generic binary path, and I'm happy.18:47
infinitybregma: Point me at both, or just shove a new upload in the silo, and we're good to go.18:47
infinity(The new upload would be nicer)18:47
bregmawe'll want to go the new upload route18:48
bregmaOK, thanks for the review18:48
argescoreycb: software-properties, the .5 upload you have, does that fix the issues with the current .4 version in proposed?18:48
argescoreycb: bug 1381050 is verification failed18:48
ubot93bug 1381050 in software-properties (Ubuntu) ""Import Key File" fails when the path of the file has special characters" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138105018:48
coreycbarges, ah, yes I think I based off of that18:48
infinitybregma: Other than the nitpicks, though, nice clean packaging, so yay for that.18:48
infinitybregma: And kudos on the insanely simple public interface for the library.  I was questioning the -dev having a single .h until I read it.18:49
argescoreycb: perhaps we can pick up that change too since it looks like there was a MP with a fix for that18:49
coreycbarges, ok do I just need to include the bug # for that in the most recent changelog?18:50
infinitybregma: I'll reject that so no one else is tempted to re-review.  As soon as a fresh upload hits the silo, ping me directly, and I'll check the diff and give you a thumbs-up.18:50
bregmainfinity, thanks18:51
coreycbarges, ah... verification-failed on that one..18:52
coreycbbdmurray, I have a trusty sru for software-properties that I based off the version in -proposed.  do you know what the state of the -proposed version is?19:02
bdmurraycoreycb: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html one of the bugs failed to verify19:05
coreycbbdmurray, how would you recommend I go about my sru?19:06
bdmurrayslangasek: coreycb wants to SRU software-properties for Trusty and the previous SRU has a v-done and v-failed bug. I'd suggest just dropping the v-failed change and adding his fix. Does that seem reasonable?19:12
infinitybdmurray: Either fix the v-failed bug, or back it out, yeah.19:16
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, thanks19:18
bdmurraycoreycb: are you in a hurry? I'm looking at the v-failed bug but not making much progress19:18
coreycbbdmurray, yeah I think we should probably get it in.  it enables the cloud archive shortcut for add-apt-repository for liberty.19:19
coreycbwe need to start cranking on testing, and the charms need it19:19
bdmurraycoreycb: okay the parts to remove are the changelog entry for fix importing keys and readd the lines removed from "def add_key(" https://launchpadlibrarian.net/210981282/software-properties_0.92.37.3_0.92.37.4.diff.gz19:22
coreycbbdmurray, ok, so just to verify.  I assume I need to revert changes as part of my version.  sound right?19:23
coreycbrather than just upload a new
bdmurraycoreycb: yes, I'd be happy to review it (or sponsor it).19:27
coreycbbdmurray, thanks19:27
coreycbbdmurray, would you mind rejecting software-properties from the trusty review queue?19:37
coreycbbdmurray, thanks.  I uploaded a new one if you could review when you get a chance.19:54
infinitybregma: Diff in the PPA looks good to me.  Except for this (which I don't need another upload for, obviously):20:25
infinity+ and other software interacting wit hthe Libertine container, such as scopes20:25
infinitybregma: ^-- Yay, typo. ;)20:26
bregmaI feel I should boycott the word "the" it is my greatest nemesis20:26
infinitybregma: Add "with" to the list.  Really, I think it's the spacebar that hates you.20:26
bregmagrep -sr 'teh' *20:27
infinitybregma: Anyhow, publish away when the train is done choo-chooing or whatever.20:27
infinitybregma: I'll re-review in the queueue for sanity, but all looks good to me.20:27
bregmainfinity, yes, it needs a wizzard to ack it before it uploads to the queue20:28
infinityWow, how did my queue get an extra ue?20:28
infinityI guess my fingers got excited.20:28
bregmateh queueueue20:31
infinityrobru: bregma's silo is ready (27)20:34
robruinfinity: yeah I tried publishing it but apparently launchpadlib's checkUpload is horribly broken in python3, can you manually copy the package from the PPA for now? I'm working on a workaround20:35
infinityErm, yeah, can do.20:35
robruinfinity: thanks20:36
infinityrobru: Done (for ubuntu/wily, I'll leave the overlay bit to you to sort out after I let this through NEW)20:38
robruinfinity: oh right, thanks20:38
infinitybregma: ^--- Accepted, thanks for indulging my nitpicking.20:43
bregmapleased to receive constructive criticism20:43
cjwatsonrobru: Copies bypass binary NEW due to an LP bug, but not source NEW.  This hasn't changed in quite some time.22:15
slangasekbdmurray: yes, seems reasonable to me to back out the change to bug #1381050 for software-properties22:31
ubot93bug 1381050 in software-properties (Ubuntu) ""Import Key File" fails when the path of the file has special characters" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138105022:31
robrucjwatson: ah, I forgot binary NEW is different than source NEW22:33
cjwatsonThis is https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/993120, for which I once had half a fix but it's been overtaken by events and needs to be reworked22:34
ubot93Launchpad bug 993120 in Launchpad itself "Copy from PPA with binaries evades NEW and puts new packages in their default component" [High,In progress]22:35
robrucjwatson: you may enjoy: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-staging-area/+archive/ubuntu/landing-000/+sourcepub/5366429/+listing-archive-extra23:42
robru(scroll down a bit)23:44

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