TangurinHi! When my applikation is creating a row in the database it works fine, but when it edit a row in the database it crashes, I use Laravel on Ubuntu 14. Do you know why?00:08
ldcis it normal to have .sudo_as_admin_successful in my home00:38
ldcsince 15.04?00:39
RevertToTypedoes .xinit not work in a home directory anymore in 15.04?00:40
RevertToType.xinitrc rather same question though00:42
tarpmanldc: yes, it's normal00:49
tarpmanRevertToType: that depends very much on how you log in and how your session is launched00:50
RevertToTypenvm was too zoned to notice00:50
ldcok thanks00:50
RevertToTypetarpman:  i figured it out... stupid oversight on my part.00:50
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tanukiWhy does my kernel update every week?01:24
sarnoldthe kernel team works on roughly a three-week cadence where they integrate fixes, build, test, and deploy01:25
tanukiI just wasn't expecting to be told to reboot my server so frequently, especially since it's running Trusty01:25
sarnoldand some security issues are severe enough that waiting three or four weeks before deploying the fix would be irresponsible, so they get 'emergency kernels', prepared outside the cadence01:25
tanukiMakes sense, I guess01:26
sarnoldtanuki: you can investigate oracle's ksplice service; they have a hot-patch mechanism that reduces the needs for reboots while still deploying some fixes01:27
sarnoldI have no idea what they charge for this service, but if downtime is expensive, it might be enough to pay for itself01:27
tanukisarnold: Nah, not expensive at all. Just annoying.01:28
tanukiIt's a home server.01:28
sarnoldsuse and red hat are working on merging their hot-patching mechanisms together, and then merging them into the kernel; it's possible that some updates in the future from ubuntu will be prepared in a manner to take advantage of it, but that feels like perhaps two years or more in the future...01:28
sarnoldtanuki: don't tell anyone but I go months between reboots01:28
sarnoldonce in a while I'll see a fix that justifies a reboot..01:29
OerHeksas of kernel 4.x we don't need to reboot anymore, with hot patching.01:29
OerHekslike ksplice01:30
sarnoldOerHeks: am I out of date again? has that already been merged?01:30
sarnoldtanuki: wow, it actually looks like oracle may provide ksplice for free to ubuntu and fedora users http://www.ksplice.com/try/desktop01:31
OerHeksYes, sarnold, http://www.zdnet.com/article/no-reboot-patching-comes-to-linux-4-0/ known for some time now, waiting for wily01:31
sarnoldOerHeks: woo :)01:32
ianorlinalthough the jeos testcase for wily now seems to take 1.1 GB instead of the less than 800 MB it should according to testcase01:39
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lordievaderGood morning.07:00
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jamespagecoreycb, zul: I dropped init-system-helpers from liberty-staging - I could see no good reason for the backport - and it foobars everything that uses dh-systemd afterwards as its not compat with 14.0408:21
gnuoyjamespage, the ceph radosgw init.d script is broken on trusty if you use restart. It stops the service but doesn't start it up again. I would say that that is an SRU candidate? I cannot reproduce on wily, although on wily systemd is falling back to the init script the issue doesn't appear. I assume it's ok to target a SRU fix directly at trusty since it's not relevant   in the current development release?09:38
jamespagegnuoy, yes that's fine09:46
gnuoykk, thanks09:46
SlimGWhat does it mean I get no output from "cryptsetup status /dev/mapper/cryptswap1" ?09:47
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lightairhi! I configured FQDN to be server.lightair.com. Then I install iRedMail and on step "Enter first domain name" I enter lightair.com. After installation Web Mail is installed to URL: https://server.lightair.com . How do I make iRedMail install WebMail and all other services to URL https://lightair.com ?11:08
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siebjeeIs it true that 15.10 will be a LTS version ?11:43
siebjeenvm, read the article wrong :(11:45
andolsiebjee: That sounds very unlikely.11:45
andolWell, I guess the second statement does sound likely :-)11:45
lightairhi! I configured FQDN to be server.lightair.com. Then I install iRedMail and on step "Enter first domain name" I enter lightair.com. After installation Web Mail is installed to URL: https://server.lightair.com . How do I make iRedMail install WebMail and all other services to URL https://lightair.com ?11:49
lordievadersiebjee: The next LTS is 16.0411:50
lordievaderEvery even .04 is an LTS.11:50
VoyageIs there a GUI tool to do torture test and measure cpu/memory performance ?12:02
tewardVoyage: this is the server channel, probably not going to get the best help for that here (ubuntu server installs typically run headless, i.e. no gui)12:03
lordievaderVoyage: Guis and servers.... What's wrong with stress?12:04
Voyageok. tell about no gui12:04
coreycbjamespage, zul: can one of you rebuild openstack-trove when you get a chance?12:04
Voyageteward,  servers can also have gui12:04
tewardVoyage: true, but I said "typically"12:04
tewardnot "can they at all"12:04
Voyageteward,  but you are mostly correct saying as a trend12:04
tewardkeep that in mind12:04
Voyageteward,  yes12:04
acmehandleSo I guess 15 is out?12:37
acmehandleIs it gud?12:37
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sb_9How do I deal with a compromised server?13:05
jpdssb_9: Unplug from the internet13:05
sb_9my server is trying to attack another server. hacker is using it as proxy.13:06
jpdssb_9: Unplug from the internet13:06
jpdsFind out how they got in, go through the logs13:06
patdk-wkwell, unplug the power from it13:06
patdk-wkreplace it with a new server13:06
patdk-wkthen look into how they compromised it13:06
patdk-wkfix it issues on your current servers13:07
patdk-wkshred compromised server13:07
sb_9it was unplugged from internet. just i have digging into cause that compromised the system.13:08
jpdssb_9: Found and fix the cause, reinstall the server from 013:08
sb_9patdk-wk: i have gone through log's and new logins, open ports, any unknown process.13:08
patdk-wkit's rare for you to find a compromise that way13:09
jpdssb_9: Also, consider putting an outgoing firewall on the box and block all unneeded outbound access13:09
patdk-wknormally it's very very simple, vaunerable cgi13:09
sb_9patdk-wk: Good Idea. Agree we have rare situations to identify the cause, but i need more suggestions on this.13:12
sb_9can i have quick example of blocking all unneeded outbound access with firewall.13:14
patdk-wkyou need to be more specific13:14
sb_9patdk-wk: how can i analyse the cause.  if it is with any cgi script?13:16
patdk-wkask your cgi script13:16
jpdssb_9: We don't know what your server's running13:18
sb_9patdk-wk: understood.13:18
jpdssb_9: And if you don't know what it's running... you shouldn't be running it13:18
sb_9jpds: i will check it.13:18
sb_9jpds: okay. how can i idenitfy any offending files that was created in a specific time period?13:20
jpdssb_9: With find command and the mtime option13:20
sb_9jpds: thanks.13:20
patdk-wkjpds, no13:23
patdk-wkanyone can change the mtime of a file13:23
patdk-wkso that is not accurate13:23
patdk-wkand it wont tell you if it's is offending or not13:23
patdk-wkI have found ext to be horrible at this13:24
jpdspatdk-wk: http://is.gd/Emzzd513:24
patdk-wkpeople can't change the mtime?13:24
sysrexguys, is there anyway to see when a package in ubuntu trusty will be upgraded?13:24
jpdssysrex: upgraded how?13:24
patdk-wksysrex, sometime in the next 3.5years, or not at all13:25
jpdspatdk-wk: That's what I picture when people just say "no"13:25
patdk-wkyou should look at creation time :)13:25
patdk-wkand to get the creation time from ext is rather annoying13:25
jpdspatdk-wk: mtime might not be super accurate, but it's a good start13:25
jpdspatdk-wk: What if they didn't create a file?13:25
patdk-wkyes, I have found it to be about 50% accurate myself, using mtime13:26
patdk-wkjpds, you should never use just one thing :)13:26
patdk-wkbut most of the time they download a zip/tar/...13:26
patdk-wkand unpack it13:26
patdk-wkthe unpack normally restores the mtime13:26
patdk-wkyes, check mtime, but don't depend on it at all13:27
cyphermoxroaksoax: around? do you know if maas-enlist is still used? seems like this would do the device enlistment from the MAAS option on the ubuntu-server ISOs13:39
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cyphermoxsmoser: ^13:40
cyphermoxroaksoax: the problem is, maas-enlist-udeb depended on curl-udeb which apparently got dropped from curl because "it didn't work since before trusty"13:40
cyphermoxso either we should re-add curl-udeb to curl, or fix maas-enlist to say, use wget instead of curl13:40
rbasaksmb: your changes look fine, thanks. I've fixed the introductory paragraph and will send it now.13:45
smbrbasak, Awesome. :)13:45
sysrexpatdk-wk, I mean when will tomcat 7.0.64 be available for trusty13:50
sysrexto avoid buggy 7.0.5513:50
rbasakarges, smb, jamespage: email to upstream DPDK sent13:51
argesrbasak: good to hear13:51
smb\o/ :)14:00
samba35how do i check kvm machine type used on ubuntu14:08
argessamba35: 'kvm -M ?' will list the types14:09
samba35 it  show -m require argument14:11
acmehandleIs running a production server on 15 a good idea?14:14
acmehandleOr should I stick with 14?14:14
acmehandlethis is a new server.14:14
ogra_acmehandle, the non LTS releases go EOL after 9 months ... i would stick to LTS (unless you love upgrading to new releases in production)14:19
revolveHello there, I'm having a problem with redhat cluster manager in 12.04, it's producing this error: Starting cman... /usr/lib/lcrso/service_amf.lcrso: open failed: /usr/lib/lcrso/service_amf.lcrso: undefined symbol: logsys_rec_end14:21
revolveI've also built it and its dependencies from src, experienced the same thing, and replaced them with the version from the repos again14:21
acmehandleOk, so this might be a silly question.  How long when  LTS go EOL?14:21
rbasakacmehandle: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases has all the details14:21
revolveis anyone familiar with this issue with the ubuntu version of cman? I've got five debian nodes working perfectly fine :-/14:22
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revolve(generally thanks, though)14:23
roaksoaxcyphermox: it is still used for the ISO but not for maas anymore. For auto-enlistment in MAAS we ship our own14:32
cyphermoxroaksoax: so I've heard14:33
cyphermoxroaksoax: should still get fixed though, no?14:33
cyphermoxit would be really great if someone could spend the time to port it to use wget instead of curl, since that would mean not carrying extra delta on curl to ship a udeb.14:34
roaksoaxcyphermox: is there a bug for it?14:34
cyphermoxI don't know14:35
cyphermoxI think it's only on the NBS list: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html14:35
acmehandleHhm, so maybe I should just go with 14.04 or 14.04.114:51
Norbinwill installing nagios3 on the same server of already-running apache, make any changes to current sites/virtual hosts?15:20
revolveAnyone familiar with CLVM hanging as soon as it's started?15:28
PiciNorbin: It shouldn't. It may install a new file into /etc/apache2/conf-available/15:29
samba35my system is giveing missing operating system15:34
samba35how do i fix this15:34
lordievadersamba35: Install an operating system?15:35
revolveaccept missing operating system graciously15:35
samba35i  have ubuntu 14.04.3 server installed15:35
lordievadersamba35: If there should be an operating system then it is time yo check your disks.15:35
samba35on installed ubuntu i am getting this message15:36
revolvedon't tell it you want a found one15:36
lordievadersamba35: Boot a live disk and check your disks.15:36
ogra_samba35, "on installed ubuntu" ? you mean after booting ?15:36
samba35there was panic and after panic it give this message15:37
ogra_"missing operating system" is typically a BIOS message ...15:37
lordievadersamba35: Check your disks...15:37
samba35yes on ubuntu installed disk15:37
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jamespagecoreycb, hey - can you take a look at the software-properties stuff for add-apt-repository - I think I assigned you a bug for that16:06
jamespageits needs wily + trusty SRU's16:06
coreycbjamespage, ^16:07
jamespagecoreycb, ack16:09
jamespagecoreycb, I'll have to sponsor that for you I think16:09
jamespagecoreycb, btw why did we backport the wily init-system-helpers?16:12
coreycbjamespage, hmm, not sure.  did I do that?16:12
coreycbjamespage, which bug btw?  there are a few.16:12
coreycbjamespage, I saw that you were dropping init-system-helpers16:12
jamespagecoreycb, I'm not certain - it was done via jenkins16:13
jamespageit broken quite a few things16:13
jamespagezul, ^^ was it you?16:13
jamespageI have reverted and rebuilt impacted bits16:13
coreycbjamespage, ok thanks.  do you have a bug # for the software-properties bug?16:17
jamespagecoreycb, can't remember16:18
coreycbjamespage, what's it about?16:18
jamespagecoreycb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/147258616:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1472586 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Add support for liberty cloud-archive" [Undecided,New]16:18
coreycbjamespage, thanks16:18
coreycbjamespage, apparently I completely missed that one, I'll get on it16:19
jamespagecoreycb, backports to the staging ppa are trickling through - I had to work through a whole load of -S removals this morning16:23
coreycbjamespage, -S removals?16:23
jamespagecoreycb, yeah - dpkg-parsechangelog -S is not supported on 14.04 - a number of packages use it to determine OSLO_PACKAGE_VERSION16:24
jamespagebreaks and ftbfs for backports16:24
coreycbjamespage, ok16:24
zuljamespage: possibly16:52
jamespagezul, nm16:53
jamespagecoreycb, zul: requests/urllib3 are pretty bust right now16:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1487645 in python-glanceclient "glance image-show does not output correctly" [Critical,In progress]16:53
zuljamespage: what was the fix for the paresechangelog stuff?16:55
jamespagezul, revert to seding the Version field16:55
zuljamespage: ah i guess thats what happened for me for python-nose16:56
jamespagezul, coreycb: I've pushed commits to debian repos where I can - but not uploaded; that can happen with something else useful for debian as stable has the right dpkg version16:56
coreycbjamespage,zul, I've uploaded software-properties for trusty and wily with support for cloud-archive:liberty(-proposed)17:28
zulcoreycb: ack17:29
dinetHello. I have a little problem after an upgrade and mod_rewrite have stoped working in apache17:46
dinetand my googlefoo if failing misirably17:48
wiuempei want to configure this: http://help.ovh.co.uk/IpmiSol17:49
wiuempeon ubuntu 14.04, but i dont know how to do it17:50
tewardWilliamDotAT: that page is instructions17:50
tewardwiuempe: ^17:50
wiuempeteward: yes17:51
tewardwiuempe: that page also suggests that if you don't know what you're doing, don't make these changes17:51
wiuempeteward: i havent /etc/inittab17:51
wiuempeand i dont know to what file in /etc/init i should add configuration to new tty17:51
* genii notices references later in the document to LiLo and immediately loses interest17:54
tewardwiuempe: i would not be turning on ImpiSol unless you know what you're doing... :/17:55
wiuempeteward: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto17:55
wiuempethanks for help17:55
krizzoIs there any method of a kickstart for a unattended pxe boot full install of ubuntu server?18:13
samba35please correct me if i am wrong if you are using genric/default kernel and not using kernel from recompile in that case if you have  some configure is =y so that is load as a what and if it is load does that module show with lsmod command18:28
samba35  a /boot/config-3.x.x-generic18:29
sarnoldsamba35: kernel config options set =y are built-in to the kernel statically18:54
sarnoldkrizzo: investigate maas and fai18:54
samba35and how do i check them18:55
samba35so i dont have to add them manually with /etc/modules right ?18:56
samba35sarnold: please correct me18:56
sarnoldsamba35: /boot/config-`uname -r` usually knows18:56
sarnoldbut that's just by convention.. someone who self-compiled their kernel may not put their config in that location18:56
oalI installed UFW and ran ufw allow $mycustomsshport19:23
oalNow when I run ufw enable, I lose connection and can't reconnect. I lock myself out. Why is this?19:23
oal...until I reboot19:23
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RevertToTypeso this is gonna sound weird and maybe a bit on the daft side of things... but is there a way to set up a non-persistent or guest kind of account on ubuntu-server?23:22
sarnoldRevertToType: usual is to create a standard user account, let them use it, then prevent logins, go kill off any processes they may still have running, then delete their files again23:28
RevertToTypei was hoping i wouldn't have to work around with that much scripting23:29
sarnoldRevertToType: if you're inclined you could also create an apparmor profile for their shell to ensure they don't use setuid or setgid programs in an unexpected way23:29
RevertToTypeso basically i'm trying to build a kiosk :/23:30
RevertToTypeit's going... honestly i'd be happy as is but the webbrowser isn't playing well with one extension in incognito mode so i might need to pull that mode out23:30
RevertToTypewhich would then mean i'd need to make sure user data is utterly wiped23:31
sarnoldlightdm's guest mode may be a useful starting point23:31
RevertToTypei figured that only works if you have a full wm/de installed23:31
RevertToTypei'm just firing it off on x with no fancy stuff23:31
sarnoldI think it just starts sessions, it shouldn't place much requirement on what gets executed afterwards23:32
sarnoldbut I don't know if it'd be easy to get lightdm to just log directly into the guest mode at startup. that bit might be more work than it's worth. but hpefully it's a useful thing to steal ideals from either way :)23:33
* RevertToType nods23:33
RevertToTypei was thinking of ln the entire ~ to /tmp/whatever23:33
sarnoldor make /home a tmpfs?23:34
* RevertToType nods23:34
RevertToTypei just assume chrome throws a lot of noodly crap around outside of home23:34
tarpmanlightdm already has autologin-guest, no work involved there23:37
tarpmanRevertToType: as someone who has done both the lightdm and roll-your-own methods not long ago -- just use lightdm ;)23:37
tarpmandoesn't require using any particular session, or even any particular lightdm greeter, and the session setup/teardown scripts are right there for you to muck with23:38
sarnoldtarpman: sweet :)23:38
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tarpmanthe pam_mount/$HOME on tmpfs method is neat but needs a gnome-keyring patch, at least in trusty23:39
tarpman(don't have a bug # handy, sorry)23:39
tarpmanoh, and killing all the user's remaining processes on logout is a good idea -- there are a few situations where the logind session can remain open after logout so the cgroup doesn't get cleaned up23:41
sarnoldsadly there's no great way to do that; best you can do is probably run pkill -u foo  a few times23:43
RevertToTypethey'll either be powered off imporoperly or shutdown every session so that should be fine23:44
RevertToTypethey're teaching laptops for a classroom23:44
tarpmanbonus points if you run them on overlayfs off a read-only medium :)23:45
RevertToTypei was looking at porteus but the teachers are picky about some stuff23:47
sarnoldlooks kinda neat but re-written initscripts and "modules" instead feel like it'd be moderately large hurdles to keeping it updated and keeping slight customizations23:56
RevertToTypeit really lbegan to be23:57
RevertToTypei mean it's also why tiny core and others started to get obnoxious23:57
RevertToTypei like having a system23:57
RevertToTypenot a pile of zip files at best23:57
sarnoldwith what it sounds like you're building you still ought to be able to install unattended-upgrades and keep up to date with fixes..23:58
RevertToTypealready setup to do that23:58

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