crutchcornIs it possible to port Ubuntu Touch using AOSP 5.1.1 as a base? If so, how?00:27
RAOFcrutchcorn: Not quite yet, I think. Last I saw we were still in the process of adapting libhybris to 5.x, although mostly done.00:30
crutchcornGood to know. Is there a newsletter or something that I can keep up to date with?00:33
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dholbachgood morning07:06
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oSoMoNmandel, hey, what’s up with bug #1411866, is it on your radar?08:08
ubot5bug 1411866 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "Unconstrained download to a directory w/o permission crashes udm" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141186608:09
oSoMoN(I’m asking wrt the MIR, it would be good to push this forward [bug #1488425])08:09
ubot5bug 1488425 in ubuntu-download-manager (Ubuntu) "[MIR] ubuntu-download-manager" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148842508:09
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TonyBostontoday should be THE day08:20
mandeloSoMoN, ups, I missed that one, let me take a look09:17
mandeloSoMoN, weird09:17
mandeloSoMoN, but it used not to be an issue09:18
oSoMoNmandel, if it’s not an issue, that’s even better, can you please update the bug status?09:20
mandeloSoMoN, ack09:20
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TonyBostonhow is OTA6 with BQ?10:01
jgdxTonyBoston, it's only noon in Spain!10:07
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA 6 phasing for final platforms in progress!
TonyBostonjgdx, thought that the ubuntu touch stuff doesn't come from spain10:14
TonyBostonor are the BQ guys still investigating?10:14
popeyit was just released10:14
sil2100It's in phased updates mode yet though10:16
Laneywho is maintaining nuntium?10:16
jgdxLaney, abeato :)10:16
jgdxTonyBoston, comes from all around the world! :)10:17
jgdxabeato, s/maintaining/has last commit :p10:17
abeatojgdx, hehe, currently it is the best way of determining the maintainer indeed :p10:18
abeatoLaney, what's up?10:19
Laneyhi abeato10:19
LaneyJust asking for a review/ack/upload of https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/nuntium/drop-sys-events/+merge/24604910:19
Laneyit's a really old thing on the sponsor queue10:19
Laneyand blocks the eventual upstart->systemd move10:19
abeatoLaney, k, taking a look10:20
Laneyit looks okay to me10:20
TonyBostonpopey, not for BQ10:22
Richis there a way to change the dns of the network connection on ubuntu touch mobile10:23
Richlike switching to opendns10:24
ogra_Rich, while you surely can edit the resolvconf config files, mobile providers might require you to use their own DNS10:25
RichI know that is why I want to switch to opendns10:26
ogra_sure, but that wont help if the provider blocks DNS to the outside world10:26
Richmore secure and faster for surfing using my mobile provider10:27
ogra_in any case you should be able to add additional config to resolvconf ...10:27
Richwell when I had my android unrooted I changed thebdns without problem10:27
ogra_i guess the rest is a matter of trying :)10:27
Richand it was the same provider10:28
RichOK how do I acces the resolve config from the ubuntu touch bq hand set10:28
Richsorry newbie here10:29
ogra_same way as on any other ubuntu ... it uses resolvconf for setting it up10:29
ogra_so read the resolvconf documentation10:29
RichOK that is good advice but how do I acces the resolveconf file from my handset10:30
Richdo I need to install anything10:30
ogra_you either need developer mode enabled and access it via phablet-shell or adb from your PC or you install the terminal app10:31
ogra_(if you like tiny on screen keyboards :) )10:31
ogra_and you can enable ssh access too if you want ... (but that also only works from commandline and needs your ssh key copied to the device)10:32
Richgreat is there a guide to do that. because I do not have a clue10:32
ogra_installing the terminal app from the store should work without any howto ;)10:32
ogra_just search for terminal10:32
RichOK hold on10:33
ogra_to enable the developer mode look in system-settings under "about this device"10:33
RichOK it is install10:33
Richgreat devwloper mode enable10:34
Richnow next step10:35
ogra_well, use either of them to log in to the deviice ... read up about resolvconf and make the changes ... not different to any other ubuntu10:35
Richyes but what isbthe comand line to bring up the resolveconf file10:36
Richalso do you know how to install whatsapp on the ubuntu touch mobile10:37
abeatoLaney, the MP proposal for nuntum must go to lp:nuntium/packaging10:38
Laneyabeato: can you resubmit it?10:39
Laneyyou should have a link to do that10:39
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abeatoLaney, hmm, that creates a huge diff10:42
abeatolp:nuntium is quite outdated10:43
LaneyI think going back to the contributor for this will be bad10:43
abeatoI'll create a new MP10:45
Laneythanks! :)10:46
undertaskerHi. Does anybody know if there's an Ubuntu phone app for viewing offline maps, that can use the compass sensor?11:31
nik90undertasker: OSMScout comes close by providing offline maps, but not sure about the compass sensor part.11:36
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undertaskernik90: Looks promising, but no word about compass12:22
ogra_undertasker, i dont think the compass is hooked up yet ... install the senasorstatus app ... that should tell you12:24
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undertaskerI don't even have an Ubuntu phone yet. I'm thinking of buying one.12:30
undertaskerWhat keeps me from buying one is the fact that they all have fixed batteries. I don't like that at all.12:31
mcphailundertasker: I wouldn't use the Ubuntu phone if you plan on using it as a walking GPS12:32
mcphailundertasker: It isn't ready for that yet12:32
mcphailundertasker: I love my phone, but I know it would send me over a cliff at the first opportunity12:34
undertaskerWell, in fact I use my phone mostly for calling and texting, mail and web here and there. So I could live with the lacking navigation capability. But I need an SD card and a removable battery.12:34
abeatoLaney, mind approving https://code.launchpad.net/~alfonsosanchezbeato/nuntium/drop-sys-events/+merge/269901 ? (top too)12:36
mcphailundertasker: the bq4.5 can take an SD card, and the battery (although fixed) lasts forever12:37
Laneyabeato: done, thanks12:37
undertaskermcphail: I'm often in a situation where I need mail and web the whole day (and night), but are far away from a mains socket, so I always carry some replacement batteries in my pocket. I don't want to run around with a bulky power bank and a USB cable.12:39
ogra_mcphail, it will only send you over a cliff if your fitbit indicates that it is time for swimming12:41
undertaskerAlso, I had several occasions where my phone insisted in making noise, although it was switched off, and I could only mute it by removing the battery.12:41
undertaskerA phone with a fixed battery is like a PC without the big red switch.12:41
mcphailundertasker: don't worry - holding the power button always seems to work on the bq!12:45
mcphailogra_: if you ever meet me, you'll see that I'm not a man who possesses a fitbit :)12:46
* mcphail could have an app which logs how many hours he spends eating cakes12:47
ogra_mcphail, i heard you can share your fat with your friends with them ...12:48
Paddy_NIBit of an ignorant question here - why exactly does ubuntu touch (phone) use a new web browser?12:48
Paddy_NIAs opposed to using say chromium or Firefox?12:49
mcphailPaddy_NI: I suspect it will be cause Mozilla or Google haven't made a browser which can run on Mir. But the browser rendering engine comes from chromium lineage12:50
Paddy_NImcphail, Oh of course I had forgotten about Mir12:50
Paddy_NIIt would be great to see firefox on Ubuntu Touch12:51
mcphailPaddy_NI: given how long Mozilla took to get a useful version of Firefox for Android, I wouldn't hold your breath12:51
Paddy_NII actually prefer Firefox on android now to Chrome12:52
mcphailPaddy_NI: at least the Ubuntu browser renders very well. It is missing some important features but it does work well as a browser12:52
Paddy_NImcphail, true12:53
Paddy_NIIt's much better than the nonsense stock browser that comes with most samsung devices12:53
jgdxpitti, hi, remember that hotspot debug? I wonder, have you ever tried connecting to another Wi-Fi AP called “Ubuntu”?12:53
Paddy_NIwhich I suspect might also be chromium based12:53
Paddy_NIAlan Pope has mentioned that developer.ubuntu.com (I think) has an area on the site for creating click packages from URLs12:54
undertaskermcphail: About  the bq 4.5, can I use the 2nd sim card and the SD card at the same time?12:54
Paddy_NIWould any of you happen to know what that might be?12:54
Paddy_NIWhere rather12:55
mcphailundertasker: well, they are separate slots so I would think so. I don't have 2 sim cards, though12:55
Paddy_NIundertasker, Of course12:55
mcphailPaddy_NI: popey should be on here and I'm sure he can answer ^^^12:55
Paddy_NIAh that would be cool12:56
undertaskerAnother thing: Is there a working SIP or IAX2 client?12:56
undertaskerAnd mumble would be nice.12:56
mcphailundertasker: don't think so. Never tried, but we have someone who comes on this channel a lot complaining about SIP12:56
undertaskerIt's not absolutely necessary to have SIP, but it's sometimes useful when I'm in a foreign country, to avoid the high roaming fees.12:58
mcphailundertasker: I'm hoping the browser will be capable of Web-RTC soon12:58
undertaskerWeb RTC doesn't help me much when I'm trying to dial a landline number.12:58
undertaskerCurrently I use a SIP provider for that.12:59
ogra_the point is that you need integration with the account system on the phone to make such stuff work properly12:59
ogra_since the UI of apps gets suspended when they are not focused12:59
ogra_so you want your SIP account be handled on system level12:59
undertaskerNot necessarily. Just a simple SIP client that can connect to my provider, or my asterisk, and manual dialing would be enough13:00
ogra_well, if you want to recieve calls through it an app wont be enough13:01
undertaskerBTW: Can I install an asterisk locally?13:01
ogra_i would do it in a chroot (teh system is readonly by default) but yeah, indeed13:02
ogra_surely requires some hackery though13:02
undertaskerThis would possibly solve some problems.13:02
ogra_if you suspend the phone it would be suspended too thouogh13:03
ogra_would only work while the device is awake13:03
undertaskerIsn't there a sort of a inetd?13:04
nclshello all13:05
ogra_undertasker, nope13:11
undertaskerBad, really bad.13:13
undertaskerI'll end up using a raspberry pi as a smartphone.13:14
ogra_undertasker, well, having a "listen on all ports" daemon on a phone isnt actually the most secure thing, so there is none by default :)13:15
ogra_the general ubuntu rule of "no open ports by default" applies here too :)13:16
* dobey still doesn't understand why people want their phone to be a beefy server OS13:16
nclsI've been using my Ubuntu Phone again for two weeks and I must admit it's better than I previously thought ! Good work ! And good luck for further devs !13:16
ogra_well, once the phone is on snappy that will actually be possible :)13:16
ogra_i.e. building a snap that runs an astersik server locally and also ships a UI app in the same snap13:18
dobeyrunning asterisk on the phone is so the wrong way to implement a SIP client13:21
undertaskerWe're all hackers in some way, so why would we want closed ports?13:21
dobeyyou're free to build your phone image containing alternate things installed by default which will compromise the security of the phone, if you wish13:22
dobeyyou will have to support it yourself though, of course13:22
undertaskerIf only I had more time... I already have so many devices that need my attention.13:23
ogra_undertasker, my mom isnt a hacker13:23
ogra_and she makes calls using the phone :)13:23
undertaskerThen why does she need an Ubuntu phone?13:24
ogra_(and i guess she likes that nobody can remotely connect and get her addressbook )13:24
ogra_what else should she use ?13:24
undertaskerA feature phone.13:24
ogra_well, the ubuntu phone is built for my mom ... and people like her13:25
undertaskerIs there also one for electronics engineers with some software knowledge?13:25
ogra_while you *can* hack it and while it *is* just ubuntu the forcus arent hackers at all13:25
ogra_you said it ... "also"13:25
ogra_thats an extra feature :)13:25
undertaskerI want a phone that runs OpenWRT. Lots of features, incredibly reliable, but ugly interface :-)13:26
ogra_well, its opensource ... grab it, modify it ... roll your own :)13:27
ogra_the actual product is just for smartphone users though13:27
undertaskerYeah, sure. With binary blobs for the graphics and rf.13:27
ogra_well, the only way to make the hardware work13:27
undertaskerIs kodi working?13:28
ogra_(also GPS, sensors and bluetooth btw)13:28
ogra_nobody packaged it yet ...13:28
ogra_it should work (using GLES or SDL2 output.. there was also a Mir patch, but not sure that still works )13:29
undertaskerMaybe I should get a CM phone instead.13:29
mcphailundertasker: get both ;)13:31
undertaskerNot enough money, and not enough time.13:31
mcphailundertasker: the Ubuntu phone is a lot more hackable than a cyanogenmod device, but a CM phone will dominate in terms of apps13:32
undertaskerI'm not concerned about the apps, more about essential things like SIP.13:33
ogra_undertasker, well, patches accepted :)13:34
mcphailundertasker: if SIP is essential for you, the Ubuntu phone isn't ready for you yet13:34
undertaskerIf I were sure that this would be added later, I'd buy one. But currently, it's too much money for a maybe.13:35
ogra_mcphail, he claims he's a hacker :) ... so it is exactly for him to send patches ;)13:35
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ogra_as i said in the beginning, just needs account integration (and some client service attached to it)13:36
mcphailogra_: it is hard to realise just how hackable an Ubuntu phone can be until you get one in your hands. We've all been conditioned by Symbian, iOS and Android to stay away from the guts of a device13:37
nclsmcphail: so what kind of hacks did you use once you had it ?13:37
mcphailncls: I've got lots of my old scripts I use for work running on the device. Saves me having to PuTTy in to my Linux box at home13:39
mcphailncls: the beauty is there is no constraint on the languages supported etc. You basically have whatever Ubuntu can do13:39
mcphailncls: I'm also working on a game engine so we can use these devices for our 3d visualisations. We currently rely on the Blender game engine on laptops, which is a bit clunky13:41
nclsmcphail: how do you install stuff like python, etc ?13:41
mcphailncls: python is there13:41
mcphailncls: anything more complex and you just wrap it up in a chroot or a .click package13:41
undertaskerHow good is USB OTG?13:42
nclsmcphail: I get "python: command not found" ... I don't know about chroot or .click package, I should take a look13:42
nclsundertasker: what is OTG ?13:43
mcphailncls: use "python3"13:43
nclsmcphail: ok thanks13:44
undertaskeron the go13:44
nclsundertasker: ok thanks too13:44
undertaskerenables the USB interface of your phone to also work as host13:45
nclsok, haven't tested this, but I couldn't either plug the phone to my computer to get data from the SD card ... any idea how to enable this ?13:46
mcphailncls: just have the screen switched on when you plug in13:47
mcphailncls: (and unlocked)13:47
nclsmcphail: ok thanks will try this13:52
nclsmcphail : should work on every OS, right ? or just with an Ubuntu computer ?13:53
nclsdo you know if devs plan to offer an SDK for Mac ?13:53
ogra_just use a VM :)13:54
jgdxpete-woods, do you have an arale or krillin at hand?13:56
nclsogra_: well ... yeah, I could, but I hope they will deliver an SDK on other platforms13:57
ogra_not sure if there are plans for that13:57
pete-woodsjgdx: not an up to date one, but yet13:59
jgdxpete-woods, okay, could you test something? Wifi OFF, Hotspot ON, Hotspot OFF and then wait for Wi-Fi to reconnect?13:59
jgdxme and ken are seeing it on mako14:00
jgdxpete-woods, mako, but with an insecure hotspot, which doesn't involve wpa_supplicant.14:01
nclsnext version brings hotspots ?!14:01
jgdxncls, OTA6 brings hotspot, yes. Released today!14:01
nclsjgdx: cool ! congratulations14:02
jgdxncls, ty! Won't work well on N4, sadly, but OTA7 will bring a fix.14:02
nclsis there a "ticket" list somewhere to see which problems have been submitted and which ones are currently being fixed ?14:02
nclsI couldn't import my contacts from my sim card, but I guess this is already known14:03
ogra_ncls, ^^^14:04
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nclsogra_: thanks14:06
nclsogra_: anyone can register and submit bugs here ?14:07
nclsok cool14:08
ogra_assignment to canonical-system-image or to a specific milestone is done by the product team though14:08
ogra_since they need to manage the development resources14:08
nclsyou're an ubuntu-touch dev ? have you heard about the sim card import problem or should I submit it ?14:08
ogra_i used to be ... now i'm working on snappy14:09
jgdxncls, what's the issue?14:17
nclsjgdx: when I try to import contacts from the SIM I get "loading" then an "unlocking" then "no contacts found" then "loading" again, etc.14:19
jgdxncls, could you take a look at bug 1450252?14:19
ubot5bug 1450252 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) "Import from SIM disconnects from mobile networks and hangs forever" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145025214:19
nclsjgdx: oh ok cool, thanks14:21
jgdxncls, was that it?14:21
nclsyes, I think14:22
nclsjgdx on which page can I see the list of the all the sub projects like "address-book-app" from ubuntu (or ubuntu touch) ?14:28
jgdxncls, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers14:29
jgdxthat's not exhaustive though14:29
nclsjdgx thanks, looks fine14:33
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CaptainHeavyHello everyone :)  Just wondering if there are any plans to implement functionality to allow users to block certain numbers?14:56
dobeyisn't that normally done via carrier features/apps?14:58
mcphaildobey: not on my cyanogenmodded S315:02
dobeymcphail: keyword "normally"15:03
mcphaildobey: think it was on stock samsung stuff as well15:03
mcphaildobey: don't know if it is an AOSP feature15:03
CaptainHeavydobey: I don't think it was on iOS7, I have the same mobile provider on my MX4 as I did on the iPhone 5 and there doesn't appear to be a "Block number" option anywhere on the Ubuntu Touch OS15:04
CaptainHeavyI could probably try and do something about that but I'll need to read up on the OS first.  I'm guessing there's a way of grabbing a caller's number before a call is triggered and then blocking the call if its in a "blocked" database somewhere15:05
mcphailThe "block number" thing had been quite useful on the S3. Blocked calls and texts15:05
CaptainHeavyTexts too, of course, thanks mcphail15:06
CaptainHeavyWhat would be nice is if the Telegram app also consulted the database too to stop unwanted calls/texts through that app.15:07
dobeyi don't see a way to do it on stock android 515:07
mcphaildobey: Can you long press a number on the call log?15:07
ogra_it is surely not hard to implement a db that hooks into the dialer and ofono15:07
* mcphail can't remember how he did it15:07
* ogra_ bets the UI work would actually take more time then the actual backend plumbing15:08
dobeymcphail: no15:08
CaptainHeavymcphail: you can long press a number but it just selects the number15:08
mcphailmaybe it was a cyanogenmod addition. I'll have a look at the S3 when I get home15:09
CaptainHeavyyou can swipe right and get information about the number15:09
dobeymcphail: and surely there'd be some palce to manage that list outside of the call log itself15:09
CaptainHeavyon iOS7 the "Block Number" feature was in the information about the number15:09
mcphaildobey: don't know. The call log was a useful place to find it15:09
dobeymcphail: right, and i don't see anything under the phone app settings, or in the settings app itself, either15:10
mcphaildobey: Some random facebook person had posted something about running away from home, and a phone number (which was actually my number). I got about 100 calls and texts from weeping teenage girls. I hearlessly blocked 'em all15:11
dobeymcphail: that's great. tells me absolutely nothing about how the feature works though :)15:12
mcphaildobey: was pointing out why it was helpful to be able to block from a call log :)15:13
dobeymcphail: i know why the feature is useful. i'm just suggesting you can still be DoSed if it's not implemented on carrier side15:14
mcphailhow would the DoS work?15:14
dobeyjust keep dialing your number over and over15:15
mcphaildobey: yeah, but there is always a pause before you can redial anyway. You'd really need a DDoS :)15:16
CaptainHeavyMaybe Apple could implement it in that way since they grab incoming communication and analyse it before forwarding it on to the service provider15:16
CaptainHeavyI know that's how iMessage works...15:16
dobeymcphail: DDoS would be even more effective, because it'd also force you to keep looking at the screen and blocking all the new numbers15:17
CaptainHeavy...and why I still get texts to my old phone from other Apple users...15:17
dobeyso not only would it prevent you from receiving actual calls you care to receive, but frustrate you enough to throw your phone in a lake as well :)15:18
mcphaildobey: Cyanogenmod had built in protection against that anyway15:19
mcphaildobey: it would randomly drop 33% of calls15:19
mcphailProblem solved :)15:20
* mcphail quite liked CM, apart from the bit where it was supposed to be a phone15:20
dobeyclearly, the solution to that problem is to just make larger devices that you can't operate with one hand15:21
dobeybecause who needs phones anyway15:21
CaptainHeavyHahahaha, that's amazing!15:21
tsdgeosdo we ship mir libs 0.13 and 0.14 because we want to keep supporting old .clicks?15:24
dobeyanyway, need to eat15:24
CaptainHeavyOut of curiosity, are phone DoS attacks common?15:24
mcphailCaptainHeavy: seriously doubt it.15:25
CaptainHeavymcphail: never heard of them and from past phone experience, most of the "big players" in the carrier world don't offer number blocking15:26
CaptainHeavymcphail: its usually a handset feature15:26
mcphailCaptainHeavy: My first phone had carrier-level blocking. That was with whatever T-mobile was before it was T-mobile in the UK15:27
CaptainHeavymcphail: their name is on the tip of my tongue and now its driving me crazy not being able to place it...15:27
CaptainHeavy*their previous name15:27
mcphailCaptainHeavy: yes. I'm having a mental blank too. Probably due to the trauma15:28
CaptainHeavymcphail: hahaha!  One 2 One?15:28
mcphailwas that really it? Can't remember...15:29
* mcphail probably shouldn't google for "one 2 one mobile phone" from work...15:29
mcphailCaptainHeavy: that must have been it, then. Seems unfamiliar. All I remember was you couldn't get any service on a Friday.15:30
CaptainHeavymcphail: hahaha, I was only a wee lad then so I can't remember the service dropouts.  Didn't have many friends either *worlds smallest violin plays*15:31
TonyBostonany news for BQ?15:37
mcphailTonyBoston: the /topic suggests updates are getting rolled out15:37
ogra_yeah, since a few hours15:38
popeyTonyBoston: got mine 2 hours ago -> https://twitter.com/popey/status/63910072454731776015:42
mcphailTonyBoston: I only get an eternal spinny thing if I check for updates when not on WiFi15:46
mcphailTonyBoston: hoping for some OTA goodness when I get home15:46
TonyBostonmcphail, I guess phasing doesn't meaning roll out15:55
mcphailTonyBoston: I think it is offered at different times to different phones15:56
popeyit just means not everyone gets it at once15:56
popeybut we spread the load over a period - in this case 24 hours15:56
popeyso we can stop it if we hear early on that there are issues15:56
TonyBostonalthough I do not expect the many changes15:59
TonyBostonits just sad that its sometimes just not usable15:59
TonyBostonalso, why no webdav implementation?15:59
TonyBostonuhh update coming in right now16:44
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mcphailpopey: your twitter pics have shown me I can work out a bq phone's MAC address from the serial number, and vice versa. Surely that can't be a good thing?17:01
mcphailShould it be randomised for privacy?17:02
JanCand risk duplicate ones?  :)17:04
popeymcphail: dunno?17:06
mcphailpopey: the serial number is leaked by adb, as well. I can't actually _think_ of a non-dumb attack vector, but...17:07
m0n5t3rooh, new OTA for aquaris... unity seems kinda crashy17:09
mcphailm0n5t3r: I've just updated. What issues are you having and I'll see if I get them too17:09
m0n5t3runity restart if U try to use it17:10
mcphailm0n5t3r: what do you mean by Unity? The shell?17:10
m0n5t3rthe GUI17:10
JanCyou _always_ "use" Unity  :)17:11
JanCm0n5t3r: what part of the GUI exactly?17:12
mcphailHaven't had any restart yet...17:12
m0n5t3rimage disappears, I see the Ubuntu moving dots, then the lock screen, so it's very much a Unity / underlying stack crash; I'll see if I can get some logs when I get home17:12
m0n5t3r... if it happens again, that is17:13
mcphailAah. Haven't seen that yet17:13
m0n5t3rit did that 3 times (first one a full reboot, 2nd and 3rd when using the settings and starting the terminal, respectively)17:15
m0n5t3ryay for hotspot, btw :D17:16
argon18m0n5t3r: i wait for the hotspot since i have the phone :)17:18
argon18is it normal to restart twice, so that the sim is detected?17:19
Elleomandel: heya, is there a branch for the download manager app restart reconnection stuff anywhere yet that I could play with while it's being developed?17:32
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nclsI just updated my phone! It's really cool, thank you guys!18:07
m0n5t3rall righty, I'm home; the phone was stable for the last half an hour, after it rebooted by itself for the 2nd time after the update (no trace of this in syslog, btw)18:21
m0n5t3r.xsession-errors.old contains this: http://paste.lug.ro/13148218:21
m0n5t3rso unity8 crashed in a few ways at first18:22
m0n5t3rI'll see if it does it again18:22
m0n5t3raaand, reboot18:24
m0n5t3ris there any way to find out why it does this?18:24
haky86hi guysm i am porting ubuntu touch on galaxy s2 plus, seems installed on /data/ubuntu, the device is boot but no ui, should remove console to fix?thanks18:26
m0n5t3rremove console?18:27
haky86yep i google it, seems solve the problem18:28
haky86because after installing, i have only 100mb on internal storage, some time reboot into android..18:29
m0n5t3rwhat console? the kernel command line thing (that looks like console=ttyMT0,921600n1)? that will depend on the device (if it has one at all), look at the android kernel command line for the correct value18:32
m0n5t3r(the one I gave is from bq aquaris - someone went nuts with the baud rate)18:32
haky86the stock value is console=ttyS0,115200n8, and the actual one is like this for ubuntu mem=832M@0xA2000000 androidboot.hardware=capri vc-cma-mem=0/176M@0xCB000000 console=tty1 androidboot.selinux=permissive  datapart=/dev/block/mmcblk0p2118:34
kevieCan anybody tell me if purchases made through the music/7digital scope benefit Canonical/Ubuntu?18:42
m0n5t3rhaky86: use the stock value for console, I doubt you have a tty :)18:47
kevieLost connection :( sorry if I missed a response18:47
m0n5t3ryou didn't miss anything (I, for one, have no idea)18:48
dobeykevie: i think they are with the affiliate id for ubuntu, so very likely18:48
kevieI've been purchasing my music through the scope since i got the phone, so I'd like to think I'm helping out the project18:49
nik90I don't get it....the OTA-6 is 60% phased and I still haven't got the update. Am I that unlucky :P ?18:59
mcphailnik90: someone has to be last ;)19:03
nik90mcphail: you did not just say that :(19:03
nik90I fear my phone is being last on every single OTA19:04
mcphailnik90: lets everyone else try it out and hit the problems first. It will be perfect by the time it comes to you19:04
nik90mcphail: true19:04
mcphailnik90: but you're still last19:05
nik90yup the harsh truth indeed. I got to stop looking at g+ where everyone posts that they got it.19:05
mcphailnik90: my dad got it and he uses _android_ :) Can't believe you don't have it yet :p19:06
nik90mcphail: ok now you're just messing with me ;)19:06
m0n5t3rreboot again (just using twitter + following links found there)19:06
mcphailm0n5t3r: something sounds badly wrong there19:07
mcphailm0n5t3r: I've been using it for a wee while now and no crashes19:07
m0n5t3rthe worst part is, nothing gets logged19:08
mcphailm0n5t3r: might it be worth a reflash?19:08
m0n5t3rI switched to this phone full time now19:08
m0n5t3rI'd hate to lose my data19:09
nik90m0n5t3r: when did this start?19:09
m0n5t3rafter the latest OTA19:09
nik90m0n5t3r: also you can reflash without losing data19:09
mcphailm0n5t3r: you can reflash and keep your data19:09
m0n5t3r2-3 hours ago19:10
m0n5t3r*4 hours ago19:10
m0n5t3rtime flies19:10
m0n5t3rnope, I'm just tired, slightly more than 2h ago19:10
mcphailm0n5t3r: was this on a pristine root partition, or had you made any changes?19:11
Danny__When is the ota6 being released?19:12
mcphailDanny__: now19:12
m0n5t3rthe only change I made was to move /etc/hosts to /etc/writabe and replace it with a symlink (because there is no other way to adblock)19:12
mcphailDanny__: should be coming to your phone within the next few hours19:12
m0n5t3rOTA didn't touch that19:12
Danny__Cool thanks19:13
mcphailm0n5t3r: do you want to try my /etc/hosts file and see if there is a difference?19:13
m0n5t3rI got one generated by adaway on my old android, but I can try others if needed19:14
m0n5t3rI doubt it is to blame (unless there is some spyware baked into the system)19:14
mcphailm0n5t3r: try http://termbin.com/uvoq19:15
mcphailm0n5t3r: I always try to preserve the original hosts file before making additions. Don't know if it helps or not19:18
m0n5t3rmcphail: I did that, of course19:20
mcphailm0n5t3r: :) - doubt mine will help then19:20
mcphailm0n5t3r: I suspect you'll need someone like ogra_ who knows the phone platform very well to help you out19:22
m0n5t3rI should be getting my pogo pins from China these days, maybe I'll manage to make a stable connector for the serial port and see if it says something there when it reboots19:24
m0n5t3rI guess it has some kind of watchdog that gets tripped19:24
* m0n5t3r changes hostname back to ubuntu-phablet just in case something is hardcoded19:26
mcphailm0n5t3r: any luck?19:52
m0n5t3rno reboot yet19:54
m0n5t3rteh twitter app is maddening to use, but this is not ubuntu's fault (the sooner a Twidere equivalent appears, the better - same for osmand, osmscout is not exactly polished yet)19:56
dobeyjdstrand: ping. if i want to add an apparmor rule for the phone to allow access to a dbus path endpoint matching the package name, where would be the best place to put it? in a template file somewhere?20:09
m0n5t3raaand, reboot again... I should time it, and maybe monitor ram usage, it seems to happen after a certain amount of uninterrupted use20:29
m0n5t3rmeh, no screen20:30
m0n5t3roh well, a ssh  session should do20:30
dobeym0n5t3r: try just doing "restart unity8-dash" next time, or checking top to see what's going on, before rebooting20:33
m0n5t3rdobey: I don't get to do that, it reboots by itself :) (otherwise I'd be poking around to see what's crashed, provided ssh or adb still worked)20:43
dobeyyour hardware just automatically does a full reboot?20:44
m0n5t3ratop would be really useful here, but someone decided this isn't to be treated like a computer, and knowledgeable people get all touchy when they hear about base FS mods20:44
dobeythe way to install additional debs is to use a chroot20:45
dobeythat sounds like a kernel/driver/hardware issue20:45
dobeyor you're confusing the behavior of unity8 crashing as to be a reboot20:46
m0n5t3ryeah, I did that for tor (which isn't running atm, to take it out of the equation)20:46
m0n5t3rnope, it's a full reboot, I see the BQ logo, syslog records a reboot...20:46
m0n5t3rI had some unity crashes right after the OTA20:47
m0n5t3rbut now it doesn't crash any more20:47
m0n5t3ranyhow... i'm logging memory usage in a ssh session, I'll use it some more and see if it's some OOM related thing20:49
* m0n5t3r starts while /bin/true; do free -m | awk 'BEGIN {OFS=","}; /Mem/{ ram=$2; ram_used=$3; ram_free=$4; }; /Swap/{swp=$2; swp_used=$3; swp_free=$4;}; END{print ram, ram_used, ram_free, swp, swp_used, swp_free;}' >> mem_usage.csv; sleep 5; done20:49
jdstranddobey: it depends on the rule. you can file a bug against apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu and give the path along with a description of the service and what the service is used for20:49
jdstranddobey: if you just want to unblock yourself, add it to the ubuntu-sdk template20:50
argon18dobey: i think i found out, why my phone doesnt save the u1 account tokens: the connection i have to the internet is some kind of encrypted (an currently i have no other connection available)20:50
dobeyargon18: that would be odd20:50
argon18ill google it20:51
dobeyargon18: are you going through some sort of transparent proxy that breaks SSL?20:51
mcphailm0n5t3r: won't your script be killed by the OOM murderer before Unity gets killed?20:57
m0n5t3ryes, but this isn't Unity being killed, it's a hard reboot20:59
m0n5t3rI may get a glimpse into what happens before it reboots21:00
dobeyjdstrand: ok, thanks21:02
m0n5t3runtil I get to make a connector for the serial thing, so I see what the kernel prints over there, if anything21:03
dobeyjdstrand: should i make an MP to add it to the 1.3 profile? or do we need a new version to add new things (i know we'll need a new framework version)?21:06
argon18dobey: the wlan is WPAWPA2-TKIP/AES encypted, ssl works fine with my browser (i cant tell any details)21:07
jdstranddobey: is this only for whily or for stable-phone-overlay?21:08
dobeyjdstrand: a feature we'll be shipping in ota7, so for the overlay21:08
jdstrandright, so add it to 1.3 (at least). if 1.2 and earlier could use it to, feel free to add it there21:09
dobeyargon18: ok, the wireless isn't the issue21:09
dobeyjdstrand: ok21:09
jdstranddobey: note, ubuntu-webapp is for webapps (liek facebook) and ubuntu-scope-network for scopes. not sure who should use it, but giving you that in case they need. we can discuss further in the MP21:10
dobeyjdstrand: ok, sure21:12
dobeythanks again21:12
argon18dobey: ok, i still hope it has something to do with the connection, at home everything worked, since i was abroad21:14
dobeyargon18: well it works fine on everyone else's WPA2 access points afaik, so i'm pretty certain that's not an issue21:15
Sausage_hello :)22:20
Sausage_my friend has a version of lubuntu he's trying to get on a toshiba encore 2. i was wondering if theres a way to get something different on it?22:21
Sausage_i'd like any ubuntu based os to run on the tablet with touch.22:22
dobey!devices | Sausage_22:25
ubot5Sausage_: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices22:25
Sausage_yes it wasn't on the list but i keep finding 1/2 A** tutorials with people running it22:27
Sausage_ubuntu live runs perfectly. i'm just having trouble getting a solid efi boot loader on the internal memory22:28
Sausage_i'd like to use grub2 or clover22:28
Sausage_could anyone maybe help me get grub2 on it at least? then i can just start using live os's to pick a solid one while trying to get ubuntu touch running on it?22:29
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