shaunoit should help though, I guess?  I know launchd has an ExitTimeOut value to kill processes that are too slow.  and from what I gather, that's basically what systemd is trying to be00:00
ali1234systemd knows if the previous run is still running and won't run another one00:01
shaunosadly most people just stick to cron on osx too though.  which is a shame, because it's terrible00:01
shaunoit still can't do basic tasks like run a job every n days00:02
diddledanI find it interesting that all the things that were moaned about when launchd was first introduced as reasons not to use it in linux are the very same things that systemd is being lauded about as reasons to include it00:02
shaunowell, the primary reason not to use it on linux is that it has a very heavy dependency on mach00:02
diddledanthere is that00:02
shaunoit does several things in kernel-space that were traditionally done in userland00:03
shaunoeg, if you have sshd enabled on osx, you'll notice that sshd isn't actually in the process tree.  it's launched inetd-style00:03
shaunobut if you look at netstat, you'll see nothing's listening on 22 either00:04
shaunoinetd would listen on 22 and hand connections off.  launchd watches the connections get built up in the kernel and jumps in there00:04
diddledanthat's funky00:05
shaunoit is.  I'm still not sure what the benefit is either.  but it's a good example of launchd groping just a little deeper than we'd be used to00:06
diddledanI wonder why they do that00:08
shaunoa lot of the time it feels like 'why' isn't the question00:08
shaunoa lot of it just seems to be a side effect of having the launchd guys and the kernel guys sat in the same room00:09
shaunoinstead of adding layers just because that's how the interface is meant to work, you can just ask jeff if you can mess with his sh...baby00:09
penguin42well is it even the kernel needing to have that added or was it just a natural part of mach00:10
shaunohonestly, no idea.  I can rarely tell the difference between the two.  my only other exposure to mach was hurd, which is by now a strongly repressed memory00:11
shaunoalthough I'm curious to try launchd on freebsd now that that's most-working, just to see how much of it translates00:12
shauno(freenas is apparently using it already, which is my value of 'mostly working')00:12
diddledanfreebsd is moving to launchd?00:14
diddledanalso, is hurd still a thing?00:14
shaunobut overall I like it.  mostly because launchd is actually capable of things like "every 5 hours" or "every 2 days"00:15
shaunofreebsd proper using it is a fun topic.  much like "should linux use systemd".  no easy answer.00:15
shaunoand hurd is as much a thing as it ever was.  which is both a yes and a no00:16
shaunohm, they were talking about adding leap years and moon phases to launchd, but it seems it never happened.  bummer.00:20
shaunoI like the idea of scheduling stuff to run on a full moon.  just to make people cry00:21
diddledanI would expect a nice job to implement is the "howl" program which every night between sundown and sunup on full-moons makes the computer randomly moan like a wolf00:23
penguin42oh god; that could take someone years to find00:24
shaunoexactly.  it'd be worth it just for that moment when they eventually figure out the pattern00:25
penguin42can you imagine an entire data centre doing that?00:25
penguin42stood there and suddenly a few thousand machines start howling00:26
shaunosomething like https://vine.co/v/eIXejbQ2utM  ?  (sorry, sound is required for this)00:26
penguin42yes, but happening to someone alone in a datacentre at the dead of night00:27
shaunolittle touches like turning all the blue LEDs red could destroy a person :|00:28
penguin42hehe; I'm not sure if that's possible? The blue ones are normally special for the ID/hotpull?00:29
shaunoah, here it is;00:29
shaunoI've occasionally wanted, just for giggles, to have launchd to support other time intervals such as "only during leap years" or the ability to schedule jobs based on the phase of the moon, or the solstices/equinoxes. I've even considered adding planetary alignment to the schema.00:29
shaunothat was actually from the guy who wrote it, which made me happy.  but it either never happened, or isn't documented00:30
penguin42maybe he has to wait for a suitable planetary alignment to test it?00:31
mapshi all05:22
mapsbeen up all night?:P05:41
diddledanI need choccylate06:10
mapsquite a lot of decent shows on netflix...and a lot ive not seen06:13
mapspeaky blinders sounds good06:13
diddledanI keep seeing that. I have no idea what the concept is tho06:23
maps Big stars (Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill, Tom Hardy) anchor this stylish '20s-era gangster series set to a moody rock soundtrack. At its best, this Brit crime drama surpasses Boardwalk Empire. At its worst, it's just as good.06:27
mapssounds good to me06:27
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:37
czajkowskiFYI folks https://plus.google.com/u/0/+TheNationalMuseumofComputing/posts/6JVAQPxNXs408:41
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:50
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:47
MooDoohowdy bigcalm09:47
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diddledanallo folks09:54
foobarryhow can i remove apps from "my apps" list in play store?09:55
diddledanno idea09:55
diddledanyou might be able to hide them09:55
diddledanbut I don't know how09:55
foobarryseems i can do it from android phone, not from desktop09:59
czajkowskiaye you can add from the desktop10:14
czajkowskibut only remove from the handset device10:14
foobarryin other news privacy guard looks amazing10:16
foobarrynot sure if it will cause unstable behaviour but i like seeing how many times each permission has been used by each app10:17
DJonesHeh, have to love the BBC news page "Pakistan has executed more than 200 people since December, almost all of them this year"  If its since December 2014, surely all of them would be would be this year11:33
penguin42that's logic11:38
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foobarrygot my new driving lincence in 3 days, that was quick12:06
foobarrythe letter said 3 weeks12:06
DJonesDon't know if this is of any interest to to anybody, job advert that I saw mentioned http://www.christianitytoday.org/careers/opportunities/front-end-developer.html12:58
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diddledanquiet in here todya20:47
diddledanis "todya" a russian word?20:47
penguin42shhhh, you might wake us20:47
diddledanoh dear. don't you feel a fool when you are on your own with nobody within earshot and you exclaim out loud?20:48
penguin42but then I work at home20:49
diddledanand there I go again with the sniggering out loud with nobody within earshot20:49
daftykinsdiddledan: i vote todyaski20:52
daftykinsthat guy in the next flat over is nuts21:03
daftykinsin the above line i pretend i'm your neighbour21:04
* Myrtti throws cookies at popey to make an alert system for when Moto 360 for Women are in UK stock21:33
penguin42hmm, what makes a Moto 360 for Women different from a Moto 360 for men?21:52
shaunoa narrowed band apparently21:56
Myrttithinner strap21:56
shaunohttps://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-360 has 16mm band for women, 20 & 22 for men21:57
* popey wonders why Myrtti thinks popey has such skills22:15
popeyI used to have a script which checked for nexus devices22:15
popeybut that was from nigelb I think and it broke22:15
Myrttiwell, boo.22:15
popeybut now you have me curious :)22:15
nigelbwho? me?22:16
popeymaybe I am misremembering22:16
nigelbI don't remember writing such a script, but I may have and forgotten about it :P22:16
popeyso basically watch https://store.google.com/product/moto_360_for_women for changes22:17
nigelbOoh. I have a script to watch a page for changes.22:17
nigelbif the hash changes, it alerts you.22:18
nigelbwhich I use for something else (assignments at my uni), but it'll work for this too.22:18
nigelbMyrtti: if you'd like that, I can dig it out for you22:18
popey<p class="out-of-stock-text">Coming soon.</p>22:19
popeycheck for that in the page22:19
Myrttiyes please. no hurry tho, I'm already in my jammies waiting for the clock strike midnight for my penicillin22:19
nigelbI only check the page hash22:20
nigelbif it changed, it alerts :)22:20
popeyurlwatch is in the repo22:21
popeythat might be enough22:21
Myrttiok, will have a look tomorrow, four tablets later22:22
nigelbHere's what I have http://dpaste.com/07HX4CF22:22
popeyuseful tool that22:22
nigelbha, urlwatch is great. I should just switch to it instead.22:23
* nigelb goes back to bed.22:24
nigelbI'm not entirely sure why I'm at 3:50 am.22:24
penguin42Myrtti: Oh those very time locked antibiotics are very annoying22:25
MyrttiI still don't recommend bacterial tonsillitis to anyone22:26
penguin42ooh that doesn't sound fun22:27
Myrttieapecially 10 hour flight away from home. luckily our trip was nearly over so we didn't miss much, but flight home wasnt the most enjoyable even in premium economy22:28
directhex_i recommend not having the flu when going to a 3-day conference in california!23:06
penguin42yeh that sounds like a bad idea, but there again, did you end up having to listen to all the confrence speaches?23:06
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shaunodiddledan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12258457/23:50
diddledanshauno: looks like maybe bzcat isn't finishing?23:52
shaunolots of things aren't finishing :/  but they do if I run them at the prompt23:53
shaunoI mean, they fail, but they fail properly23:53
diddledanpoke it with a pokey stick23:53
shaunowell, I'm away next week, so I'll likely just stick reboot in cron too23:53
diddledansmall nail.. meet nuclear weapons!23:54
shaunoeh, it's a nas, I can bounce it at 4am without anyone noticing23:55
shaunoglad I stuffed 16GB in it though, else it wouldn't be lasting a day23:55
diddledanas long as it's a `reboot` command and not something along the lines of "hello, UPS, please turn me off"23:56
diddledanor maybe "hello IPMI, hit reset button plz"23:56

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