ricotzmamarley, are you going to look at 346.96?13:45
mamarleyricotz: Sure.13:45
mamarleyDid you ever look to see if the packaging I did of 355.11 was acceptable?13:45
ricotzmamarley, alright, push it to your staging ppa, I will look at it then13:45
mamarley355.11 is already in the staging PPA.13:46
mamarleyricotz: I know the packaging for Wily and Vivid is the same, but is there any difference between Trusty and Precise?13:54
ricotzmamarley, yes, huge ones!13:56
mamarleyOK, thanks!13:56
ricotzbetter grab all packages13:56
mamarleyOK, will do.  Still working on Wily right now.13:57
mamarleyI got it packaged for Wily, now I am testing to make sure the kernel module will compile before I upload it.14:07
mamarleyIt compiled successfully, so I will upload to my staging PPA now.14:15
mamarleyricotz: OK, everything is uploaded to https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages now.  They aren't done building yet, but I am going to be gone for a few minutes.14:47
mamarleyricotz: They are compiled successfully now. :)15:46
ricotzmamarley, great, I will take a look later and copy them over if everything is fine15:49
mamarleyricotz: Is there any reason why nvidia-settings is still at 346 for Precise?  Is there a dependency missing or something?16:21
mamarleyOh wait, I see it.  Drivers above 346 were never packaged for Precise, so updating nvidia-settings to a higher major version would be pointless.16:58
jcastroricotz: mamarley: at some point we should discuss how to get these into distro if appropriate17:13

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