Kiloshi mazal en ander mense05:39
mazalMôre oom05:39
GnikLlortGood morning everyone05:47
Kiloshi GnikLlort 05:47
Symmetriamorning :)05:51
Symmetriawho here has strong regex foo ;p05:51
thatgraemeguySymmetria: not sure if mine is "strong" but lets give it a try06:07
Symmetrialol got it sorted06:34
* Symmetria is about to do something interesting :P06:34
SymmetriaIm turning on v6 for 2 and a half thousand corporate customers06:34
lindaHi kl06:55
lindaKilos, 06:55
Kiloshi linda 06:55
Kilosreal linda or jan?06:56
lindaIts the imposter again, visiting Lind. Shes on ADSL now!06:56
Kilosim just switching to lappy06:57
lindaIs there a way to set the touchpad to remain off? It keeps on coming on again after restart06:57
Kilos-im here now06:57
Kilos-yes in settings somewhere06:57
Kilos-i have mine auto off when i plug in a usb mouse06:58
Kilos-but im on kde so not sure what you look for in unity06:58
Kilos-mine says turn noff touchpad when pluggin in usb mouse06:59
Kilos-just needed to tick one little block06:59
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lindaIs that on your system settings?07:00
lindaLet me Google a bit07:01
lindaOK Kilos  ill love and leave you for now07:05
mazalSjoe maar dis stil08:03
mazalGaan alles so goed en niks breek nie ?08:03
Symmetriahows this for a bash command line:08:15
SymmetriaPTP=0; CLIENT=4096; for i in `cat dia-clients |awk -F "CID" '{print $2}'|grep [0-9] |sed s/://g |awk '{print $1}' |sed 's/\r//g' |sed 's/\n//g'`; do PTP=`expr $PTP + 1`; CLIENT=`expr $CLIENT + 1`; printf "Allocation for CID %s: 2c0f:fe40:%X::/48 PTP: 2c0f:fe40:4000:%X::/64\n" $i $CLIENT $PTP; done |more08:15
magespawngood morning08:21
Kiloshi magespawn pieter2627 inetpro and others08:42
pieter2627hi Kilos, how are you?08:44
Kilosok ty and you?08:44
pieter2627good thanks08:45
pieter2627hello qwebirc38860, welcome to the ubuntu za channel08:48
qwebirc38860Hello pieter262708:58
magespawnhi qwebirc38860 09:00
qwebirc38860Hi magespawn09:01
magespawnqwebirc38860: welcome to ubuntu-za, is there something we can help you with, or are you just here for a casual chat?09:13
pieter2627ken enige van julle n boeresport aktiwiteit wat nie vreeslik bekend is nie maar wat wel lekker en maklik is?11:00
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grembleEvening folks15:21
Kiloshi gremble 17:47
Kilosand everyone else17:47
melodiehi Kilos 17:57
melodiehave you read the news on the #ubuntu-africa chan?17:57
Kiloshi melodie lemme go see17:58
Kilosnight all, sleep tight18:39
inetproguten Abend meine Damen und Herren19:07
Cryterioninetpro Kermit und Uwe?20:27
inetproCryterion: ?20:28
Cryterion<inetpro> guten Abend meine Damen und Herren20:28
inetprooh my goodness, you mean there's a song with that title?20:29
Cryterionyep, in german too, guess you talking the news side20:30
* inetpro just meant to say a friendly hi to everyone :-)20:31
inetprosounds like a nice song that20:32
Cryterionyeah, midnight show ;)20:32
inetproand I even like the Kermit guy as well 20:33
inetprodon't know the Uwe guy though20:34
CryterionDon't know them either, sounded very much like Falco though20:36
Cryterionbut anyway, Gute Nacht, ich werde schlafen20:36
kulelu88are there a lot of germans in SA?20:44

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