Bashing-omkadiro: Great. now your nick is "YOUR" mick .00:00
kadirohaha ;)00:00
kadirothat help my internet speed i thing the download from wget is up, before that is between 5ko/s and 18 and now he come on 40 and more00:02
* kadiro I think i said something wrong now O_o :x00:05
ubuntu331hi guys00:13
ubuntu331i need help00:13
ubuntu331anyone turkish?00:13
k1l_!tr | ubuntu33100:13
ubottuubuntu331: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.00:13
ubuntu331yeah ubuntu-tr everybody offline00:14
ubuntu331i will put out my computer case from wişndow00:14
ubuntu331i have nvidia 9600 gt card00:15
ubuntu331in dual screen it is tearind00:15
ubuntu331not only video all things in computer00:15
ubuntu331i am working on it for 5 hours but no response00:16
ubuntu331anyone will help;?00:17
ubuntu331i am using nvidia-34000:17
ubuntu331i tried everything like rate,resolution etc.00:17
ubuntu331but in dual screen it is tearing00:17
ubuntu331one is led monitor one is led tv00:18
bazhangubuntu331, dont use enter like that its impossible to read00:18
TJ-ubuntu331: check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" to being with, in case there are clues. Also check "$HOME/.xsession-errors"00:18
Bashing-omubuntu331: A conflict in drivers ? What does ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' show ?00:18
ubuntu331@Bashing-om :D00:21
Bashing-omubuntu331: Looks like a conflict might be - nvidia-304-updates and nvidia-current-updates " installed. What is the exact card ID ' lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12 ' Let's verify what the driver should be .00:22
RandomNamesHello World!00:23
ubuntu331sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*00:24
ubuntu331and i will install 34000:24
ubuntu331but result is same :D :(00:25
lordofcinderare you trying to install nvidia  gpu drivers ubuntu331?00:25
ubuntu331i installed00:26
kadiroI heard the same problem on nvidia 304 especially on 15.04 and i think if i remember it's not supported00:26
ubuntu331but no result (sorry for enter using) :D00:26
Bashing-omubuntu331: Confirmed that 340 is the correct version . What release are you running ?  In later releases are better tools to install a proprietary driver .00:26
ubuntu331i am using linux lite 2.6 and tried on ubuntu,linux mint00:26
bazhangwhat is linux lite ubuntu33100:27
lordofcinderi've done it on centos7, not sure how similar it would be on ubuntu/.deb ...00:27
lordofcinderbut it worked great00:27
ubuntu331linux lite os ubuntu based distro00:27
Bashing-omubuntu331: They are not official ubuntu . not supported here. All I know is ubuntu. I can offer no further guidance .00:27
bazhangtry their support channel then ubuntu33100:28
ubuntu331ok i will use ubuntu but it will same00:28
ubuntu331i will be here tomorrow00:28
ubuntu331thnx anyway00:28
Bashing-omubuntu331: Takes 30 minutes - with a fast internet connection - to install ubuntu . Install ubuntu and we can troubleshoot, as then we can know what we are doing .00:29
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usermehi how do u defrag on linux00:31
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Jordan_U!defrag | userme00:33
ubottuuserme: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.00:33
bazhangno need userme00:33
usermeok thank u dont i have to on linux unlike windows 700:34
Jordan_Uuserme: I don't know if that was a question, a statement, or something else. Please use complete english sentences with spelled out words and proper punctuation so that we can understand you.00:35
usermeu on wind up jordan00:36
bazhanguserme, take the chit chat elsewhere please, this is support only00:36
usermelol erm yeah00:37
Mirodroidthere are defrag tools out there but by the time you need to defrag an EXT partition likely the drive is close to death anyways00:37
kadiroany one help me to boot puppy from ubuntu grub2 ?00:40
bazhang!grub2 | have a read kadiro00:40
ubottuhave a read kadiro: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:40
Mirodroidkadiro, try #puppylinux00:41
kadirobazhang: my question is not how to restore it but how to boot puppy linux from grub2 or how to detect it00:41
kadiroI tring this but no success : http://puppylinux.org/wikka/Grub2tut00:41
RandomNamesCan someone recommend a well supported motherboard for running a linux box?00:42
wydhrySorry for oot, but  which irc server to use that never ban user?00:42
Mirodroidwydhry, none... dont uise irc if you fear the banhammer00:43
devslashI have an Intel compute stick running Ubuntu 14.10 but the Wi-Fi so so damned slow. Can anyone recommend a usb based wifi adapter thats hopefully isnt too expensive00:43
Jordan_Uwydhry: That is offtopic, so rather than apologizing please simply don't ask offtopic questions in #ubuntu.00:43
Mirodroiddevslash, yes i can gimme a moment to pull it out00:44
wydhryMirodroid - i dont mean channel ban, but server ban00:44
kadiroI'm banned from offtopic too so the answer is no channel is safe wydhry00:44
Mirodroiddevslash, it is a TP-link bts that sales for about 9-14 us stinky dollars00:44
wydhryNot channel ban00:44
wydhryI dont have to join channel00:44
Jordan_Uwydhry: Please stop the offtopic discussion unless you would like to be removed from this channel. This channel is for Ubuntu related support discussion *only*.00:44
Mirodroiddevslash,  tplink tl-wn722n00:45
Mirodroidit works wonderfully on kubuntu 14.04 .2 LTS00:45
devslashDo you need to install drivers00:45
Mirodroidarm and X86_6400:45
kadiroyes true i have the same Tp-link it's not bad00:46
Mirodroidshould be in the kernel00:46
devslashGreat. Im sick of this wireless adapter00:46
Mirodroidalso has a wonderful monitor mode00:46
* kadiro my secrete ^^00:46
devslashThis wifi adapter is a Bluetooth/wifi combo chip00:46
Mirodroiddevslash, look at wikidevi and find something atheros based00:46
Bashing-omkadiro: You might find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot much easier to implement .00:47
devslashMirodroid does that mean you can do packet sniffing with it ?00:47
kadirooh thank you Bashing-om always you help me00:47
bazhanglets take the hardware elsewhere please devslash00:47
bazhangMirodroid, you too00:48
devslashBazhang my question is about wireless adapters for ubuntu00:49
Bashing-omkadiro: 5 commands @ the grub > propmt to boot an .iso .00:49
bazhangdevslash, packet sniffing is not on topic here00:49
RandomNamesWhat about packet sniffing in ubuntu?00:50
Mirodroidbazhang, are you an op here?00:50
k1l_RandomNames: its not in the focus of this channel00:50
bazhangtime to return to ubuntu support00:50
kadirook Bashing-om i will try that, i extracted iso for puppy i will remove it and place it with the iso00:51
RandomNamesSo nobody knows a well supported motherboard (Intel 1155) I can use for a linux box?01:02
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kadiroRandomNames: Try lubuntu to see01:03
bazhangRandomNames, try ##hardware01:05
bazhang!hcl | RandomNames01:05
ubottuRandomNames: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:05
CAPITANOOOacer aspire  no solution   unable to find medium containing live file system01:07
RandomNamesThanks ubottu, thats just what I was looking for.01:07
Jordan_UCAPITANOOO: Please use complete sentences and explain your exact situation.01:13
CAPITANOOOJordan_U:  o heve acer aspire m1641 and get this error  unable to find medium containing live file system01:14
CAPITANOOOitried 3 differnt lts 14   and 1201:14
CAPITANOOOi tried usb install and dvd install01:14
CAPITANOOOand nomodeset  noapc  aal combination01:14
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: unetbootin usb thumb drive01:15
CAPITANOOOtried 2 different usb stick   in2.0 slot01:15
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: did you verify that your download is good?01:16
jmaderoand how are you creating the USB's01:16
jmaderoyou can't just copy the ISO to it01:16
CAPITANOOOyep ever whit md5 check01:16
CAPITANOOOi created i 3 different unetbootin   Universal USB Installer01:18
jmaderobummer - sounds like you've got an issue01:18
jmaderodid you google it ?01:18
Jordan_UCAPITANOOO: Have you tried the minimal install CD? Note that it requires you to be connected to the internet, preferably via ethernet, during installation and is a little more complex (and much uglier) than the normal Ubuntu installer.01:18
OerHeksNvidia GF 7050, very old gpu of that aspire01:19
OerHeksJordan_U +101:19
CAPITANOOOi cant   connected to the internet, via ethernet,01:19
CAPITANOOOiv tried minimal Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS (Precise Pangolin)01:21
CAPITANOOOit seems that pc stop reading evrithing01:21
CAPITANOOOat installatin start01:22
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196738201:22
tmcapecodderCan you run off a live cd at all?01:22
jmaderoif that works next time I suggest a 2 second google search01:22
jmaderothat is your model computer with the exact same error01:22
alejandroalguien tiene idea de como resolver una x roja que aparece en mi tarjeta de sonido al entrar en configuracion?01:23
alejandroantes no aparecia01:23
CAPITANOOOm bios dont have this option01:23
OerHeks!es | alejandro01:24
ubottualejandro: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:24
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/54387501:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 543875 in casper (Ubuntu) "unable to find a medium containing a live file system" [Medium,Confirmed]01:24
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: are you using a USB 3.0 flash? some say that 2.0 works when 3.0 fails01:24
alejandrogracias ubottu01:25
alejandrodonde lo escribo?01:25
CAPITANOOOi tried 2 different stick b01:25
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: that did not answer my question01:25
jmaderoare they 3.0 or 2.0 USB thumbdrives01:25
CAPITANOOOi dont know01:25
CAPITANOOObut 1 its old probabli its 201:25
CAPITANOOOhow can know that01:26
CAPITANOOOif its 3 or01:26
TJ-CAPITANOOO: The problem isn't with the media; there is a BUG in the PC BIOS01:28
CAPITANOOOi tried upgrade the bios but get  id error01:28
TJ-CAPITANOOO: A BIOS upgrade isn't going to magically fix all bugs. On older hardware this used to be quite common.01:29
CAPITANOOOi tried whit this01:29
CAPITANOOOTJ-: so there is no solution01:29
TJ-CAPITANOOO: The problem is caused by the BIOS telling the boot-loader the wrong device ID for the device being booted from, so when the boot-loader tries to read additional files it cannot find anything because the device doesn't exist01:30
CAPITANOOOand there is no whay for sai at bios to search in right device01:31
TJ-CAPITANOOO: There is a possibility of a work-around for this; I wrote some code that is in syslinux/isolinux that allows you to tell the boot-loader to change the way it interprets what the BIOS tells it01:31
CAPITANOOOthe edit whit —uuid01:33
CAPITANOOOi tried01:33
TJ-CAPITANOOO: It isn't guaranteed to fix all issues, but what you need to do is press and HOLD DOWN the Ctrl key from the point the system Power On Self Test messages appear until after the boot-loader has started.01:33
CAPITANOOOand what happen if press and HOLD DOWN the Ctrl key01:34
TJ-CAPITANOOO: If the BIOS is telling the boot-loader the incorrect device number, the boot-loader will try to guess the correct device instead01:36
CAPITANOOOwhit  the Ctrl key press and HOLD DOWN01:37
Bashing-om^^ sorry ' bout that - cat learning to type .01:39
WalkerdineI cant get my screen to look right01:39
WalkerdineAnd as soon as I hit apply to these screen settings all the windows I have up are going to go away01:39
Jordan_UTJ-: The message that CAPITANOOO is seeing is from the initramfs, not from the bootloader.01:40
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CAPITANOOOim desperate01:43
TJ-Jordan_U: Hmmm, yes, but that is related and often caused by the same underlying issue. The BIOS lies about which device was booted from and that gets propagated01:43
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: are you making the live cd from the same computer as the one you're trying to install to?01:44
TJ-I remember there's another workaround, but you have to do it in the busybox shell when it fails01:45
CAPITANOOObut maibe i can tri this01:46
Jordan_UTJ-: There is no device number information passed between the bootloader and the Ubuntu live initramfs, it just looks for the appropriate path on all devices.01:46
CAPITANOOOi can install aperistent ubuntu in an hd01:46
ubuntu726ok guys01:46
ubuntu726i use ubuntu now01:47
CAPITANOOOand after put the hd in the pc01:47
ubuntu726my problem is my nvidia 9600 gt card01:47
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: my father in law had this issue too or something that sounds like the same01:47
ubuntu726i have led tv and led monitor01:47
ubuntu726when i wanna use 2 of them everthing slow abit01:47
CAPITANOOOjmadero: but maibe whit other hardware there is solution01:48
ubuntu726and it is bad for watching videos flash and vlc or something else01:48
CAPITANOOOwhit my hardwere all tentative in the forum fail01:48
TJ-CAPITANOOO: the issue is related to these: bug #124260   and  bug #14395801:48
ubottubug 124260 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu) "Feisty LiveCD: Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12426001:48
ubottubug 143958 in udev (Ubuntu) "Gutsy Alternate fails: cannot detect and mount CD-ROM" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14395801:48
ubuntu726i am using nvidia-340 driver01:48
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: why can't you connect it to an ethernet cord?01:48
jmaderothat is the next obvious thing to try - the minimal install01:49
CAPITANOOOits in far room01:49
ubuntu726i tried it linux mint,linux lite os but in this channels friends say use ubuntu01:49
ubuntu726i use ubuntu now and problem not solved01:49
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: well, move the computer01:49
ubuntu726say the commands and i will send you outputs you want01:50
jmaderoif you're so desperate that seems like a minor inconvenience01:50
jmaderoor buy a longer ethernet cord01:50
Jordan_Uubuntu726: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg".01:50
CAPITANOOOjmadero: but install dosent  start01:50
Jordan_Uubuntu726: Specifically, please try to run it in whatever configuration is slow for you.01:51
CAPITANOOOafter i chose  tri live or install01:51
CAPITANOOOsemms like evrithing stop01:51
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: you'd be installing with a different iso - it's a minimal install01:51
jmaderoand it can resolve some problems sometimes01:52
CAPITANOOOiv etried  4 different iso01:52
jmaderonot the freaking minimal01:52
CAPITANOOO2   14 4    14  3 lts01:52
jmaderonvm - good luck01:52
CAPITANOOOx86  and 6601:52
CAPITANOOOand 12 lts01:52
jmaderoyes that ignores what I'm saying completely01:52
jmaderowhich you are good at doing and I don't have the patience for01:52
jmaderoif you're so desperate see if there is a local computer guy who knows linux, pay him a bit to install it for you01:52
jmaderotake care01:53
CAPITANOOOnobadi know here01:53
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: you new to Linux?01:53
jmaderoit's largely about problem solving01:53
ubuntu726i am waiting Jordan01:53
TJ-CAPITANOOO: have you tried changing the boot-device order in the BIOS Setup?01:53
Jordan_Uubuntu726: Please pastebin the output of "cat /proc/cmdline".01:54
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: out of curiosity have you tried a different distro?01:54
jmadero....why not?01:54
jmaderoI mean at least then you narrow the issue down01:54
CAPITANOOOi want ubunt i used ever ubuntu01:54
jmaderowell....clearly that's not working right now01:54
jmaderoand it would be for diagnostic purposes01:54
CAPITANOOOjmadero: okok and if other distro work    so01:55
jmaderosee if Fedora or OpenSuse will boot up for you - if it does, you know it's something wonky with Ubuntu, if it doesn't, then you can eliminate distro as an issue01:55
CAPITANOOOthe problem sta01:55
jmaderoat least then you know and have more info01:55
Jordan_Uubuntu726: That's nice, but please remember that we are all volunteers. We don't owe you an answer, and certainly not a timely one. Please be respectfull, and if you want support from someone whose job it is to give you a timely answer, there are many places that sell such services.01:55
jmaderoagain...you seem very new to Linux01:55
CAPITANOOOim not expert01:56
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: diagnosing a problem requires guessing and checking01:56
jmaderowhich is both time consuming and frustrating ;)01:56
CAPITANOOOto solve problem m just user01:56
TJ-A common cause was missing udevd bits in the installer udeb dependencies, failing to correctly identify the boot device01:56
jmaderoCAPITANOOO: try installing OpenSuse or Fedora with unetbootin on one of those thumb drives01:56
ubuntu726Jordan sorry but you understand me wrong :D when i said "i am waiting" i mean i am still here :D01:56
Jordan_Uubuntu726: OK, sorry for the miscommunication then.01:56
ubuntu726thnx for giving your time01:56
WalkerdineJk turns out the screen I was trying to use was only 720p01:56
jmaderolol hate when you find that out :)01:57
ubuntu726if you wanna other outputs i can give immediatly :D01:58
Viehi, zhe li you zhong guo ren me ?01:59
keannewhat's with the squid package of ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. i am getting "squid3 : Depends: squid3-common (= 3.3.8-1ubuntu6.2) but 3.3.8-1ubuntu6.3 is installed" when doing an apt-get upgrade02:01
ubuntu726Jordan_U i search the problem everywhere but no response :D If you will solved this problem i will sent you a gift :D02:01
ubuntu726:( i hate windows but i need dual screen with no tearing :D02:08
TJ-keanne: "apt-get update" to refresh the package lists02:08
keanneTJ-: done that. apt-get -f install, apt-get autoclean, even manually removing /var/lib/apt/lists/*02:10
TJ-keanne: where did you get  3.3.8-1ubuntu6.3 from: "apt-cache policy squid3-common"02:12
royubuntu suppert02:12
TJ-keanne: according to package.ubuntu.com 6.3 comes from trusty-updates02:13
royubuntu suppert two screen , check synergys soft02:13
keanneTJ-: http://pastebin.com/7ZxngZdT02:14
TJ-keanne: now do the same check for 'squid3' ... they should be identical02:15
keanneTJ-: yes i see this now. how this became possible?02:15
royI use 14.04.3 LTS  and install squid3 no problem02:15
TJ-keanne: you'd need to look through the apt history in /var/log/apt/ to figure that out :)02:17
keanneTJ-: this is for the squid only http://pastebin.com/fWEGbupY02:17
keannesquid3 i mean02:17
TJ-keanne: fixing it should be "sudo apt-get install squid3=3.3.8-1ubuntu6.3"02:17
btorchhi anyone know why during a kickstart the network needs to be reconfigured when the system has already booted over PXE and already has a DHCP ip assigned ?02:18
btorchthe system basically looses the ip or it gets removed by the install02:19
=== kyle_ is now known as Guest48708
btorchand then it fails to get another one and therfore the network configuration step fails :(02:19
keanneTJ-: thanks, ill that02:20
keanneTJ-: dpkg returned an error, looking for a squi3.pid, but what's there is squid.pid. fixed that, and apt-get installed installed the correct squid version. thanks!!!02:22
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SachiruQuery: anyone have any good tutorial on how to move /var/log and /var/cache to another partition?02:31
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a_beautiful_mimeeveryone quits02:40
nicomachushi, I've having issues installing vdrift due to unmet dependencies, but it lists them as uninstallable. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12250494/02:42
nicomachuss/uninstallable/not installable02:42
nicomachusinstall -f does not resolve anything.02:43
TJ-Sachiru: assuming you're moving /var/ to another file-system: prepare the partition and file-system, reboot in Recovery mode, go to root shell, "mount -o remount,rw /", "mkdir -p /mnt/var", "mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/var" "mv /var/* /mnt/var/", "umount /mnt/var", add an entry in "/etc/fstab" for /var that points to the UUID of the new file-system, reboot and test02:44
TJ-!info vdrift02:45
ubottuPackage vdrift does not exist in vivid02:45
TJ-nicomachus: That package doesn't exist in the archive02:45
SachiruTJ-, thanks for the info.02:45
SachiruLooks like I have to adapt that since I'm planning to move /var/logs to a zfs dataset.02:46
OerHeksTJ-,  it is a getdeb package http://www.playdeb.net/app/VDrift02:46
nicomachusTJ-: OerHeks has it right. I have the deb.02:46
OerHeksso not so multi platform as they claim02:46
TJ-Sachiru: Yes, I have separate LVs for /var/ /var/cache/ /var/logs/ and /var/cache/apt/archives and some other02:47
nicomachusOerHeks: it's the most recommended racing sim for linux. :/02:47
TJ-nicomachus: check what "apt-get -f install" reports, that usually explains whats needed02:47
nicomachusTJ-: no output. 0 upgraded, 0 installed, yada02:48
nicomachussomewhat similar result for supertuxkart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12250537/02:51
sadi cant install clam av in my xubuntu 14.04.3. please help ?02:51
OerHeksnicomachus, after installing that deb package > sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install -y vdrift ( works fine here on vivid)02:51
SachiruTJ-, I assume by LV you mean LVM/BTRFS "logical volumes"?02:52
OerHekssad why not? what error do you get? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV02:52
TJ-Sachiru: Yes02:52
SachiruSadly ZFS has weird ways of mounting things, but yeah, I'll have to do more research on this.02:53
SachiruBTW, what happens if /var/logs and /var/cache cannot be found/mounted by the system on boot?02:53
sadi did but after all i dont see it on panel02:53
SachiruI assume that it boots but logging and functions reliant on logging will fail?02:53
OerHekssad, read that wiki, clamav does not come with a gui standard.02:54
sadwich wiki?02:54
sadi see, thanks oerheks!02:56
nicomachusOerHeks: I manually added the deb to sources.list and then installed, and it worked. odd.02:57
TJ-Sachiru: the mount-points are there on the rootfs will receive new files; anything that is expected to be pre-existing may well cause issues02:57
fombunkHey friends, I just installed 15.04. On previous installs i had to remove the amazon scopes junk, do i still have to do that in 15.04?02:58
SachiruThanks for the info, TJ-02:58
OerHeksfombunk, see systemsettings > security/privacy03:00
OerHekseasy to disable though03:00
fombunkOerHeks: thanks, friend!03:01
OerHekshave fun!03:02
btorchis there a way to find out if there is an error on a kickstart .seed file  ?03:14
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btorchthis dman thing keeps on trying to configure the network via dhcp even though I told it not to in the seed03:15
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davido_Is there a way to control the zoom-step distance that results from ctrl-shift-plus, and ctrl-minus in the Terminal application?03:30
stangelandhow do i capture all streams from a command and send it to a file? LIke stderr, stdout and what else there might be ?03:39
Bashing-omstangeland: Something like : <command> > <path/file_name> 2>&1 .03:42
TJ-stangeland: If you want to pipe, then <command-1> |& <command-2>03:43
davido_Hm, if there was a response to my previous question, I apologize -- missed it.03:44
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btorchanyone here can help on kickstart 14.04 ?03:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:56
kandinskihi, can one turn off animations per screen? I ask because I have a DisplayLink second screen that hates any special effect04:06
anton02are these drinks any good https://i.4cdn.org/g/1441155327758.jpg04:14
Fakssomebody there?04:21
cfhowlettFaks, ask your ubuntu question04:21
FaksIt's not that kind of question, I'm just looking for a good irc client with good ui04:22
cfhowlett!irc | Faks04:22
ubottuFaks: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:22
cfhowletterrrrrrrrr, nope04:23
WaffleManCan someone help me with this graphics driver issue im having, I recorded a video of what it does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZkhkoe4-Bo04:23
Faksirissi is a terminal based irc? thats intresting04:23
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vexati0nquestion - since Ubuntu refuses to included modern versions of OpenConnect, I have compiled from source and installed that way. Now, how do I tell Ubuntu to install packages that depend on openconnect (like say network-manager-openconnect) without overwriting my manually installed program?04:54
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xrenবাঙ্গালী আছেন গা?05:27
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aldnavleech /msg nickserv drop __aldnav__ navarroclanz1606:13
xrfanghello, how can I suppress this kind of message:06:47
xrfangBroadcast message from systemd-journald@Desktop (Wed 2015-09-02 14:44:19 CST):06:47
xrfangI tried mesg n, but didn't work.06:47
BuzzardBuzzIn /etc/systemd/journald.conf I have set ForwardToConsole=no07:05
baizonxrfang: <BuzzardBuzz> In /etc/systemd/journald.conf I have set ForwardToConsole=no07:06
xrfangbaizon, thanks, but it is ForwardToWall=no, setting ForwardToConsole=no does not have any effect.07:12
vijaybHi, can I upgrade from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS offline through using an 14.04LTS iso07:17
baizonvijayb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/474793/is-there-any-way-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-14-04-through-its-iso07:18
vijaybthank you baizon07:18
baizonxrfang: did you restart?07:20
gshmu`which scp` is `/usr/bin/scp` but using scp: `/bin/bash: scp: command not found`07:24
amitprakashHi, how do I create users that can are jailed to a certain directory on ssh ?07:25
yar|gshmu, echo $PATH ?07:25
gshmuyar|: scp --help is ok too07:26
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Parlaneis old-releases down for a long time ro a short time ?07:29
Parlaneis this a normal downtime ?07:29
yar|gshmu, my question was stupid, which searches using PATH.07:30
gshmuyar|: I change to an other server scp it's ,07:31
gshmuyar|: i have no idea...07:34
gshmuyar|: other server scp it's ok, ssh ok too07:34
yar|Did you tried to execute scp with -v option ?07:36
gshmuyar|: type ~ show: -bash: type: /tmp: not found07:39
yar|hmmm, do you have /tmp ?07:40
yar|(I don't really get that line)07:41
gshmuyar|: http://fpaste.org/262360/07:41
gshmuyar|: -v at paste, ~ mean /tmp ...07:42
Parlaneis old-releases.ubuntu.com being dossed or something?07:45
yar|gshmu, I don't get the first and last or your 3 last messages.. anyway, stupid question : you have scp on the other side?07:48
Parlanedo-release_upgrade - everytime i try old-releases.ubuntu.com suddenly goes down >:(07:50
gshmuParlane: do you say upgrade to me?07:51
auronandaceParlane: you'll need to contact whoever is in charge of that, it isn't part of official ubuntu support07:51
Parlaneits up again, hopefully it gets far enough not to need old-releases domain soon...07:52
Parlanegshmu nope07:52
gshmuParlane: I want but I can't07:53
cart_manHey if someone can please help me with my question on the forum -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/668096/service-xxx-start-runs-in-background-only   That would be awesome !07:55
gshmucart_man: nohup &>/dev/null & etc07:57
cart_mangshmu:  ok soo  "  nohup &> /home/tcomp/xxx/executable & etc   ?07:58
gshmucart_man: google it07:59
pragomer1hi. ubuntu server 14.04 always loses nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf...  how can I fix this?08:02
zaggynlpragomer1: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/12822308:05
lirikklim_hello, everybody!08:09
Parlanehi dr nick!08:10
spotthi guys08:11
spotti configured a ubuntu webserver to send mail trough gmail with sendmail a few ago08:11
spottbut suddenly google decided that my webserver was not trusty enough08:12
lirikklim_what do you like most in ubuntu? I am newbie in linux and want to know it better08:12
lotuspsychje!manual | lirikklim08:12
ubottulirikklim: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:12
spottso, do you know if my mail are somewhere on my webserver ?08:12
lotuspsychjelirikklim: this channel is used for ubuntu related questions mate08:12
Seveasspott: depends on how google decided you were not trustworthy. If it rejected the mail outright, it'll be gone and you'll have a bounce message somewhere.08:13
spottand do you know where that bounce message should be ?08:13
pragomer1zaggynl: perfect... thank you so much... such easy ;-)08:15
zaggynlno problem08:15
zaggynlpragomer1: don't be afraid to use a search engine, like duckduckgo.com08:16
zaggynlquery I used: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+14.04+set+dns+server&ia=answer08:16
lotuspsychjebalance: welcome, what can we do for you?08:20
balanceI just noticed that ubuntu got this mac styled top bar - can I turn that off and integrate it into the programs window?08:21
NindustriesHi, I don't get my workspaces to work. I am using desktop wall, and unity tweak tools reports 4x4 workspaces. But I cant switch. workspace manager shows just my two screens. Suggestions?08:21
joekershmg /NickServ identify 21Raddl308:22
lotuspsychjejoekersh: better change your password now08:22
joekershyep lol08:22
balanceor at least, can someone tell me how this top bar feature is called?08:23
lotuspsychjebalance: gnome-panel?08:23
lotuspsychjebalance: you cant get rid op gnome-panel in unity i think08:24
lotuspsychjebalance: its possible to make that bar transparant though..08:24
balancelotuspsychje, I have no idea since I never ever used any linux dist with a gui. But I'll google these keywords.08:25
lotuspsychje!flavors | balance08:25
ubottubalance: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.08:25
balancelotuspsychje, ah, I just found the setting08:26
NindustriesI also see no workspace thingy in my launcher08:29
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depphätte nicht gedacht, dass es heutzutage noch irc chats gibt bzw, dass noch welche diese benutzen^08:34
zaggynlIRC still lives depp :)08:36
zaggynlthough I wonder what the average age of the IRC user is08:36
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:41
agent_whiteThat was not aimed at anyone -- just checked ubottu's response.08:42
Nindustries No workspace techies here? :/08:43
berto_hi im new to ubuntu and i want to install popcorntime and dont know how to as it is not in the software centre, any ideas?08:43
BaNzounetHey guys, when I installed ubuntu server, I didn't distribute the space correctly : https://gist.github.com/AlexGaspar/b2a3b5edafcccf542698 is there something that I can do to change that?08:47
EriC^^BaNzounet: type df -h08:48
BaNzounetI've updated the gist08:50
EriC^^how would you like it partitioned?08:51
balancehi, I'm confused wit hall these ubuntu gui stuff. I just want a gui which basically works like windows. A clean taskbar at the bottom, local window menu bar, control elements on the right, win-button to search programms. that's all. what should I install?08:52
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ImpactIndustriesbalance: look at lubuntu08:53
BaNzounetEriC^^: I'd way 1T each08:53
EriC^^balance: xubuntu or lubuntu or ubuntu-mate08:53
k1l_balance: look at xubuntu or ubuntu mate08:53
EriC^^balance: lubuntu is more minimal08:53
ImpactIndustriesi use lubuntu its very lightweight08:53
ImpactIndustriesused Cinnamon before and it kept crashing08:54
EriC^^BaNzounet: i think it would be easier to just reinstall08:55
balanceEriC^^, ImpactIndustries I don't want to change the whoel dist just because of a gui.08:55
ImpactIndustriesyou can install lubuntu on top of ubuntu08:56
EriC^^or use a live usb to resize the partitions08:56
ImpactIndustriesor lxde on top of lubuntu08:56
k1l_balance: you can install the meta-packages. like "xubuntu-desktop" or the "mate-desktop"08:56
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EriC^^k1l_: mate-desktop is mate? i thought it was just a library08:57
balancek1l_, what's the proper keyword for this so I can google an overview?08:57
k1l_EriC^^: balance ah yes, its mate-desktop-environment for mate desktop(since 14.10 in the official ubuntu repo)08:58
ImpactIndustriessudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop08:58
ImpactIndustriesor sudo apt-get install lxde08:58
k1l_ImpactIndustries: lubuntu will not satisfy that user. he is more on the xubuntu or mate path08:58
balanceI'll look at them, thanks k1l_ ImpactIndustries EriC^^08:59
ImpactIndustriesTo be honest i might switch over to Win1008:59
ImpactIndustriesfor my work PC08:59
ImpactIndustriesblasphemy in here i know08:59
k1l_balance: if you install the named packages they will bring you all the needed packages as depencies so it makes sure you have all you need, like you did a new install09:00
balanceImpactIndustries, I don't like all the anti-privacy stuff in there, but at least, they have a decent gui :p  k1l_ thanks, Im currently installing and trying them09:02
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LonelyCoder_Hello. I'm using PuTTY to connect to my ubuntu server, but I'm curious about remote ssh over the internet.09:03
ImpactIndustriesbalance, i know but you can configure most of that away i think09:03
ImpactIndustriesLonelyCoder, why?09:03
somsipLonelyCoder_: that's more a statement than a question. What are you curious about?09:03
balanceImpactIndustries, oh, maybe.09:04
LonelyCoder_Basically, is there a way to connect to my ubuntu server at home from my school's internet. They aren't the same network.09:04
ImpactIndustriesLonelyCoder_, Yeah, does your server have an internet facing IP?09:05
LonelyCoder_ImpactIndustries: Internet facing? It's got a public IP address.09:05
k1l_LonelyCoder_: does your home have a dynamic or static ip?09:05
ImpactIndustriesa static one?09:05
somsipLonelyCoder_: through NAT or direct, dynamic or static?09:05
ImpactIndustriesand your router allows ssh traffic through to the server?09:05
ImpactIndustriesif so just punch the IP into putty09:06
LonelyCoder_I think I port forwarded the proper port09:06
LonelyCoder_It's static09:06
LonelyCoder_I think, my ubuntu's IP Address has been the same for a while :P09:06
ImpactIndustriesIf youve correctly forwarded the traffic there shouldnt be a problem, have you tried?09:07
ImpactIndustriesto connect from school09:07
LonelyCoder_ImpactIndustries: Not yet, I'm gonna try tomorrow.09:07
berto_hi guys im new to linux and could do with some help please09:07
balancehmm "E: Unable to locate package mate-desktop-environment" but according to their page, mate-desktop-environment is the right name.09:07
ImpactIndustriesYeah, should work09:07
LonelyCoder_ImpactIndustries: Thanks a lot man :D09:08
LonelyCoder_-UUU:**--F1  #ubuntu@freenode    Bot L315    [i] (ERC) ---------------------------------------------09:08
LonelyCoder_File to save in: ~/09:08
ImpactIndustriesLet me know the IP if you want ill see if i get an ssh connection09:08
EriC^^balance: which ubuntu do you have?09:08
k1l_balance: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?09:09
balanceEriC^^, 14.04.3 lts desktop (I installed it a few hours ago)09:09
k1l_balance: mate-desktop-enviroment is available since 14.10. so you cant install that from the official repo on 14.04. but there should be a PPA if you want09:10
balancek1l I'm back in a minute09:10
berto_I can do basic istalling from the software centre but dont know how to install other software09:11
berto_can anyone help please09:11
ImpactIndustriesberto_, research apt-get09:11
somsipberto_: what other software re you trying to install?09:12
balancek1l_, what was the command u wanted me to check?09:12
k1l_balance: lsb_release -d09:12
k1l_but since you already said its 14.04 you will need a PPA for mate09:12
somsipberto_: you need to get help from the popcorntime people. Not supported here09:13
k1l_balance: see: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/08/install-mate-desktop-ubuntu-14-04-lts09:13
balancek1l_, thanks09:13
berto_somsip: cheers mate09:13
ImpactIndustriesberto_, you have a pm09:14
arku31hi, may someone help me with preseed? "ubiquity ubiquity/success_command string" is not working for me, here is config https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e141c01380472033ae2009:14
balanceanother little question: If I install lamp on ubuntu desktop, is it conifgured the same as on ubuntu server? (the default settings)09:15
32NAAA22M@babine : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bh3GeG5CQAAvBg4.jpg09:16
agent_whitebalance: Yep!09:16
ImpactIndustriesbalance, get nginx its better :)09:16
k1l_balance: there is no difference between the packages on server or desktop version09:17
balanceImpactIndustries, maybe - but I won't host a web server myself, never ever. It only would get hacked haha :)09:19
ImpactIndustriesbalance, to be honest, the default server settings on anything are pretty secure09:22
ImpactIndustriesits insecure applications installed on those servers and user error with permissions/firewalls and the like that opens up vulnerabilities09:22
ImpactIndustriesdefault firewall and default apache/nginx setup you will be pretty rock solid09:23
ostrichello everyone, does anyone have experience with yandex  browser on ubuntu?09:23
ImpactIndustriesbalance, also unless youre high profile youre only going to get automated bots trying to get you anyway09:24
ImpactIndustriesunless you piss somebody off09:24
balanceImpactIndustries, maybe - sure, but I'm probably to o"scared" to configure somethign wrong and not noticing it or whatever.09:24
agent_whiteAye. Can be quite a few. I spun-up an instance on DigitalOcean, not at all configured in anyway, forgot about it for a few months, had 12,000+ login attempts.09:25
ImpactIndustriesbest way to learn :)09:25
ImpactIndustriesyeah i get thousands a day, scanning normally for vulnerbailites in old versions of software09:25
ImpactIndustriesjust stay updated and youre all good09:25
ImpactIndustriesits always the chinese09:26
ImpactIndustries90% of the time09:26
agent_whiteAnd go install fail2ban if you want to keep the repeaters from coming back.09:26
ImpactIndustriesyeah love fail2ban09:26
balanceImpactIndustries, absolutely - but still, I wouldn't have the time anyway. but it would be a nice thing to do though.09:26
ostricehm, sorry, does anyone have experience with yandex  browser on ubuntu?09:26
agent_whiteImpactIndustries: The amount of folks who try to grab "/var/www/php*"... is ridiculous :P09:26
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ImpactIndustriesYou can do cool stuff with your own local server, build your own homepage with all your favourites, a task manager and a calendar09:27
agent_whitebalance: There's not much to do. Disable password logins via SSH, and configure iptables appropriately.09:27
ImpactIndustriesagent_white, hahaha yeah, i wonder if they ever get a hit09:28
agent_whiteWhich is a start, and which will avoid majority of complications.09:28
ImpactIndustriesa worthwhile hit09:28
agent_whiteI know right?!09:28
balance_afkImpactIndustries, I only do simple hompages from time to time - I don't have time to manage my own server. anyway. But security is a very interesting topic though. lunc time now :)09:30
ImpactIndustriesI think the VAST majority of breaches are targeted jobs/inside jobs/outdated software09:31
ImpactIndustriesyoure not going to get targeted, you have no inside men and your software will auto-update09:32
BBLLCCdo you know marble?09:32
marusafter updating chrome-stable on my ubuntu i can't open vsphere web client, can i downgrade google-chrome web browser?09:35
bazhangmarus, gotten from where09:35
CarpediembabyHello, I updated my 14.04 install last night and now unity fails to load. The login screen appears normal (with the top panel) but after login, I don't see it and neither do I see the launcher. No keyboard shortcuts work either. Any clues on how to fix it?09:35
marusbazhang: wht do you mean?09:36
bazhangmarus, is chrome a google product09:36
CarpediembabyI already tried the first two solutions on this answer:http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears09:36
marusbazhang: google-chrome-stable is the package name09:37
CarpediembabyThey don't work and it is exactly the same.09:37
bazhang!info google-chrome-stable09:37
ubottuPackage google-chrome-stable does not exist in vivid09:37
bazhangmarus, how is than an ubuntu issue, contact/dl from google09:37
CarpediembabyWhen I do "setsid unity" I get an error in tty: x10: fatal io error 11 (resource temporarily unavailable) on X ":0"09:39
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marusbazhang: okay other question, how can  i open Vsphere web client in ubuntu09:39
bazhangwhat is vsphere marus gotten / installed from where09:40
bazhang!find vsphere09:40
ubottuPackage/file vsphere does not exist in vivid09:40
jpdsbazhang: It's the vmware stuff09:40
marusbazhang: thanks for you help..09:40
jpdsBetter off installing OpenStack09:40
bazhangjpds, so #vmware to halp?09:40
marusbazhang: here is there anwser for my formal question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/138284/how-to-downgrade-a-package-via-apt-get09:42
ostricehm, sorry, does anyone have experience with yandex  browser on ubuntu?09:44
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Desuostric: 1. doesn't support gnu/linx09:45
Desuostric: 2. is not open source, so don't use it09:45
Desujust use chromium instead09:46
arku31Desu, they have linux version but actually you're right :)09:46
Desuarku31: their homepage clearly states that linux is not supported09:46
ostricDesu, oh, I thought it supported and yes, had a linux version09:46
Desu"We're working on it09:46
DesuUnfortunately, the version for your operating system09:46
Desuis still not ready."09:46
arku31desu https://browser.yandex.ru/beta/?linux=109:47
ostricbut there are a few yandex packages in software center09:47
Desutaht is not a release though09:47
ostricthough not browser09:47
Desujust a beta09:47
Desuanyway, just use chromium09:47
ostric(how much) is chromium controlled by google?09:48
Desudefine controlled09:48
DalekSecLess so than Chrome?09:48
Desuyandex uses the blink rendering engine too anyway so...09:48
ostriccontrolled as in 'android controlled by google'09:48
Desuand is based on chromium code09:48
bazhangostric, thats getting waaaaay offtopic09:49
Desubut unlike chromium doesn't actually let you view the code09:49
Desuso you have no idea if they actually respect your privacy or not09:49
bazhangthis is not the channel for chit chat09:49
ostricit is not chit chat. I cannot switch to ubuntu-offtopic just because the conversation about choosing a browser needs this kind of information09:50
bazhangostric, yeah you can09:50
ostricok, whatever..I am not here to be trolled..09:51
AlexFani will come back if have any question09:51
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blelajyour oversensitivity in stopping legitimate conversations slightly touching at google hints at that you must be one of those devs who love google's übercool (!) dick..am I right, bazhang?09:56
=== blelaj is now known as ostrix
ostrixgoodbye, my ass09:56
balancecan't I integrate the top bar of unity into the sidebar and just align that taskbar on the bottom?09:56
erdalhi guys10:05
erdalanyone knows nvidia drivers and dual screen in ubuntu well10:05
ImpactIndustrieserdal, nvidia drivers can be dicks10:07
erdali have tearing in my computer in dual monitor10:07
ImpactIndustriesbut they have releases on their site for different cards10:07
erdalimpact web site driver and ubuntu driver same10:08
k1l_ImpactIndustries: please watch your language. we want it family friendly in here.10:08
erdalin one monitor no problem10:08
k1l_erdal: what card is it exactly? and what driver is installed? we can only support the ubuntu drivers. for issues with the nvidia website driver talk to nvidia10:08
TJ-erdal: Is it using an Optimus chipset?10:09
erdalbut with the  second monitor led tv problem10:09
erdalno only one card i have10:09
erdalwant me outputs10:09
k1l_erdal: can you pastebinit the "lsb_release -a"?10:09
TJ-erdal: "pastebinit <( lspci -nn )"10:09
erdali have GeForce 9600 GT10:11
erdallast driver version is 204.7610:12
erdal304.76 D:10:12
erdal340.76 finally correct :D10:12
TJ-erdal: I have a system using the same driver, with an 8600 GT, LVDS + HDMI, no problems.10:13
TJ-erdal: Have you used nvidia-settings to check the vsync option is correct?10:14
erdalsync to v-blanck?10:14
TJ-erdal: "X Screen 0" > "X Server Xvideo Settings" > "Sync to this display"10:15
erdalimage settings-high performance-allow flipping10:15
TJ-erdal: And those, yes, from "OpenGL Settings"10:15
TJ-erdal: How much dedicated memory does the GPU have, and what resolution are you operating the monitors at?10:16
erdali can give you output10:16
erdalit is 1024 mb i think10:16
StrangerHi to everyone10:17
=== Stranger is now known as Guest14163
Guest14163Can anybode help me?10:17
erdalone monitor is led monitor 22"10:18
erdaland the other is the led tv 106 screen :D10:18
erdali wanna watch th shows and films :D10:19
erdalbut when i use 2 monitor system slow and tearing not only video10:19
agent_white!ask | Guest1416310:19
ubottuGuest14163: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:19
erdalTJ i will reboot and i will be here10:20
TJ-erdal: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" *may* contain some clues, as may "/var/log/kern.log"10:21
k1l_erdal: what is "lsb_release -a" and what is "uname -a"?10:23
erdalTJ i am here i have 2 screen but led tv shows only wallpaper :D10:23
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=== Kip is now known as Loopeth
erdalkll: sent them bro10:26
balancehi, I know have ubuntu installed with xubuntu desktop. I want to add win key => opens application menu but somehow I can't find the proper command. does someone know it?10:27
SopaXTFor me, ifconfig wlan0 sets hardblock on rfkill10:28
SopaXTAnd I can't just rfkill unblock it10:28
erdalany output you want =?10:28
SopaXTIt just leaves it hardblocked10:29
SopaXTGoogle solutions didn't help10:29
TJ-erdal: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" *may* contain some clues, as may "/var/log/kern.log"10:31
manhHi, I get no sound output after starting jack server, anyone knows why is that?10:34
TJ-erdal: how about "xrandr -q" ?10:35
TJ-SopaXT: that may be an ACPI issue; ensure the PC has the latest firmware/BIOS, and check "/var/log/syslog" for clues10:39
TJ-erdal: That xrandr output doesn't match the system that the Xorg.0.log came from10:40
erdalwhat i will do?10:41
manhhi, my ubuntu gets no sound after I start Jack server, does someone know the cause?10:41
TJ-erdal: I think the internal SUN AAA LCD panel is lying about the modes and frequencies it supports10:41
erdaluse low resolution?10:42
TJ-erdal: what does this report? "grep DMI /var/log/dmesg"10:42
erdal[    0.000000] DMI: System manufacturer P5Q SE/P5Q SE, BIOS 1005    07/10/200910:43
balanceWhat's the difference between ubuntu + xubuntu-desktop and xubuntu? (xubuntu just as an example)10:44
k1l_balance: the desktop. xubuntu install and a xubuntu-desktop install afterwards are the same10:45
TJ-erdal: The video adapter is in the PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard?10:46
balancek1l_, so what does the term desktop include? if I use xubuntu desktop, I have to us arandr to have mutliple desktop whereas I don't need that when using unity.10:47
erdalno i have onlt 9600 gt and i have no see output from mainboard10:47
erdal2 dvi output from 9600 gt one is normal one is hdmi10:48
TJ-erdal: What? I asked "is the video adapter in the PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard?"10:48
baizonbalance: ubuntu + xubuntu-desktop, you will have both default apps and pkgs. With only xubuntu you dont have ubuntu stuff (for example unity packages)10:48
erdalPCIe x16 i dont know :D but it is on mainboard :D10:49
erdalexternaly not onboard10:49
TJ-erdal: Well, it is very important to know. That motherboard has 3 PCIe slots; 2 are only x1. The video adapter should be in the x16 slot10:49
balancebaizon okay thanks10:50
TJ-erdal: Look at the photo from Asus; the x16 slot is the BLUE one.  https://www.asus.com/media/global/products/BxdaHYTJECBvPJ3k/yN6UXtBkmWwlAxWF_500.jpg10:51
erdal2 dvi and 1 little circle thing (i dont know its name ) :D10:51
is_mwhi guys.. I have a problem with my wlan.. i suddenly disappeared.. I have a parallel installation of windows but if I boot windows everything is working, so it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem. If I plug in a usb wlan stick that doen't work either. Here is my environment: http://pastebin.com/cP7gCYWF10:51
is_mwI have no idea why iwconfig doenst list my wlan adapter anymore10:51
k1l_balance: its about the gui. ubuntu uses unity. xubuntu uses xfce. that is the difference10:52
baizonis_mw: is your wifi adapter on?10:52
erdalit is on dark blue think :D10:52
SopaXTUrfkill disappeared from the bus10:52
is_mwbaizon, yes it is10:52
TJ-erdal: OK, make sure it is because if it is in one of the x1 short white slots, that would explain all your issues10:52
baizonis_mw: are you sure? what does dmesg say?10:52
SopaXTBios is UTD10:53
is_mwanother strange thing: rfkill doesn't list it10:53
baizonis_mw: maybe its blocked by modprobe10:53
balancek1l_, ok thanks10:53
erdalno it is on blue slot :D10:53
is_mwbaizon how to figure out?10:53
TJ-is_mw: "01:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142" - I wonder if a kernel upgrade has not built the driver for that?10:53
baizonis_mw: run dmesg and check msg10:53
SopaXTWifi is disabled by hardware switch10:54
is_mwno its definitely not10:54
baizoni pretty sure it is to be honest is_mw10:54
TJ-erdal: Good :)  What does this report: "nvidia-settings -tq PCIEMaxLinkWidth"10:54
is_mwbefore if it was turned off, the device was listed in rfkill with hard blocked: yes10:55
is_mwbut now the device even doen't get listed10:55
TJ-is_mw: I suspect there is no driver. Try "lspci -nnk -s 01:00.0"10:57
is_mw01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4365] (rev 01)10:57
is_mwSubsystem: Dell Wireless 1704 802.11n + BT 4.0 [1028:0016]10:57
TJ-SopaXT: Right, so use the hardware switch on the PC to enable it and check what rfkill says10:57
is_mwTJ- see above10:57
TJ-is_mw: OK, so that explains - you should have a line "kernel driver in use: XXXXX"10:58
TJ-is_mw: So you need to re-install the Broadcom driver10:58
TJ-SopaXT: If the device 'disappears from the bus' that is almost always a hardware problem.10:59
is_mwTJ-, ok will try that..10:59
SopaXTTJ-, that is the problem!  On my TP E330 there is no switch!10:59
is_mwTJ-, thank you10:59
SopaXTThe keyboard only toggles softblock10:59
TJ-SopaXT: There will be a hot-key combination10:59
SopaXT-> it toggles softblock10:59
TJ-SopaXT: Right... and that is probably because of an ACPI bug in the PC firmware, becoming a common problem unfortunately11:00
SopaXTTJ-, that was after I upgraded the bios11:01
SopaXTOn win8 with old bios, it was fine11:01
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TJ-SopaXT: I thought as much :(   I'm getting annoyed with the poor ACPI implementations we're seeing especially with cheaper devices; they're aimed only at Windows and disable many features if that is not the OS that is running11:02
SopaXTThe fun thing: the update also broke windows :D11:03
TJ-SopaXT: One possible solution is to extract the firmware's ACPI DSDT table, disassemble it, and look at the _OSI strings it matches, and try to figure out which string ?????? enables the full features. You can then add "acpi_osi=?????" to the kernel command-line11:04
TJ-SopaXT: And I bet it doesn't support downgrading the version11:05
erdalTj i change the resolution both 1280x1024 still problem :D11:05
is_mwTJ-, got error while installing driver: http://pastebin.com/SDMVrZbY11:05
TJ-erdal: Without being able to see it in action I can't really help you further; We've checked all the obvious things and there are no log entries hinting at a problem.11:05
erdalcan i use other drivers except nvidia and mesa11:06
TangurinHi! My server crash when I send a http request via ajax to my laravel application, I have no idea what's wrong can you please help me11:06
TJ-is_mw The problem: "Module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed."11:06
k1l_erdal: imho, that card is not powerfull enough11:06
erdalin windows 7-8-10 no problem11:07
TJ-k1l_: It should be! I have an 8600GT with the same driver and it doesn't have any issues11:07
lightairhi! I configured FQDN to be server.lightair.com. Then I install iRedMail and on step "Enter first domain name" I enter lightair.com. After installation Web Mail is installed to URL: https://server.lightair.com . How do I make iRedMail install WebMail and all other services to URL https://lightair.com ?11:07
erdalbut in ubuntu-linux mint-linux lite all same problem11:07
TJ-erdal: did you say the desktop 'tears' as well as when playing videos?11:07
erdalnot absolute tears it is like little sudden stop11:08
erdalit is like limping man11:09
is_mwTJ-, how would I install it?11:09
k1l_erdal: that is called v-sync issue11:10
TJ-erdal: what does this report? "grep VDPAU /var/log/Xorg.0.log"11:10
TJ-k1l_: the vsync settings are correct, we checked earlier11:10
erdal[    15.688] (II) NVIDIA(0): [DRI2]   VDPAU driver: nvidia11:10
k1l_erdal: any adapters involved?11:10
erdali dont understand you k1l11:11
erdali am turkish man and my english is not good :D11:12
TJ-erdal: For the video playback, I can imagine a problem if the video is not encoded with H.264 or MPEG1/2, since I think it is only those that are supported by VDPAU on that chipset. But if the desktop is having problems too that suggests the compositor is the issue. Have you customised the Compiz settings/plugins?11:12
erdalin ubuntu no11:12
TJ-erdal: I'm not sure what else to suggest then; We've checked the adapter is in the PCIe x16 slot, nvidia-settings confirms its using 16 PCIe lanes, the nvidia driver is correctly loaded, 2D acceleration and VDPAU are confirmed, there are no log errors.11:14
TJ-erdal: If you use only 1 monitor does the issue go away?11:14
erdalyeah go away11:14
dzejmshow can i remap escape to capslock11:14
dzejmsI'm ussing i311:14
TJ-k1l_: erdal's logs: Xorg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12252291/  xrandr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12252325/11:16
SopaXTTJ-, windows 2001-2012, linux11:16
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TJ-SopaXT: OK, you've disassembled the DSDT I take it?11:17
erdali will reboot machine11:18
erdali will be here in 2 min11:18
SopaXTTJ-, yes11:19
TJ-SopaXT: Good :) This is where you employ intelligence than. Look at the OSI method where those strings occur. You should see a series of If...Else If clauses matching those strings, and probably doing a Store() operation to the same location of a different value for each11:21
SopaXTTJ-, it even has Linux, setting osi of which fixed the bug11:22
TJ-SopaXT: Look at those stored values. The value is a set of feature bits, and usually the value increases as more features are enabled. Typically I see "Windows 2012" having the largest value. What you do is identify the string that sets the largest value, and then use that string with acpi_osi= on the kernel command line11:22
NetworkingProhey everyone, i have this huge issue... can you guys help?11:22
TJ-SopaXT: Is the Linux Store() value significantly different to the largest value?11:22
SopaXTTJ-, you mean the largest constant11:22
TJ-SopaXT: Yes11:22
NetworkingProsudo make ./breakfast11:23
NetworkingProbreakfast: command not found11:23
NetworkingProhow can I resolve this?11:23
TJ-SopaXT: The "Linux" setting is the default used by the kernel so that should be used by default, so it doesn't make sense if setting that on the command-line with acpi_osi= actually fixes the bug :s11:23
SopaXTTJ-, Windows 2012 sets the largest11:23
SopaXTBut it also sets OSW8 = one11:24
TJ-SopaXT: Right ... since you have it disassembled can you pastebin that entire OSI Method() for me?11:24
SopaXTTJ-, hang on11:25
TJ-SopaXT: I have to do a kernel test with a reboot. I'll be back11:27
* TJ- hits the brakes just in time11:27
SopaXTpastebin.com/jmcT7iSk **11:28
SopaXTTJ-, -11:28
k1l_NetworkingPro: are you trying to build a cyanogenmod or android?11:29
protnhey folks for some reason lubuntu 14.04 is yet to install chrome token signing11:29
protnsomething to do with QT511:29
TJ-SopaXT: yeah, you can see that Linux isn't getting the 0x0400 flag set, along with several others11:29
protnhow can I fix it?11:29
NetworkingProk1l_: nah, i was just being silly man.11:29
k1l_NetworkingPro: ok, please keep this channel clear for real support issues11:29
SopaXTTJ-, pm me please11:30
protnk1`any ideas?11:30
undertaskerHi. Does anybody know if there's an Ubuntu phone app for viewing offline maps, that can use the compass sensor?11:30
protnI have read someone recommends to run sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-lts-utopic libqt5gui5 libgles1-mesa-lts-utopic libgles2-mesa-lts-utopic libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-utopic libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-utopic:i386 libglapi-mesa-lts-utopic:i386 libegl1-mesa-drivers-lts-utopic11:30
protnbut I am not sure what it does11:30
NetworkingProk1l_: I am curious how you derived CM or Android from that?11:30
k1l_undertasker: best ask in #ubuntu-touch11:30
k1l_NetworkingPro: see the building instructions for cm11:30
TJ-SopaXT: If acpi_osi=linux works for you, great. I'd have hoped "Windows 2009" or "Windows 2012" would work and enable a few more advanced features. You'd have to scan/read the rest of the DSDT to determine what is enabled though. Often it is advanced power management features (better battery life)11:31
undertaskerthanks, didn't see that chan11:31
k1l_undertasker: no problem11:31
SopaXTTJ- the linux one works11:31
NetworkingProk1l_: it mentions breakfast?  :|11:31
TJ-SopaXT: OK, well if you don't notice any other regressions go with it, but as I said earlier the kernel already passes "linux" as the OSI so I can't see how setting it manually is changing anything11:32
TJ-SopaXT: "dmesg | grep _OSI" will usually show what setting the kernel used11:33
pragomerhi. I want to use duckduckgo als startpage in Firefox.. but keep the Firefox setting "keep cookies until I close Firefox"... but language and settings of duckduckgo are stored in cookies.. how could I do that?11:33
k1l_pragomer: change the starter to load the webpage? or talk to the firefox guys if they know a better method11:34
NetworkingPropragomer: set permissions on your duck duck go cookies to allow them to be read by firefox, but not deleted by firefox?11:35
NetworkingProWhen firefox closes it would nuke all cookies except those.11:36
SopaXTTJ-, without any osi set, glitches start11:38
TJ-SopaXT: Very strange; anyhow, glad we found the solution. Buggy ACPI DSDT is becoming a major pain11:39
SopaXTTJ-, also, I had terrible backlight flicker11:39
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NetworkingProk1l_: is there still an ubuntu off topic chan somewhere?11:40
erdalkll_ TJ i tried compiz settings but v-syn problem has not gone :(11:40
SopaXTacpi_osi Linux and acpi_backlight vendor stop it11:40
EriC^^NetworkingPro: #ubuntu-offtopic11:40
allizompragomer: visit https://duckduckgo.com/settings edit to your liking and then use the Bookmarklet URL as your home page11:40
SopaXTBut then the backlight control is broken, because it uses thinkpad_screen instead of intel_backlight11:40
pragomerI made the settings.. but when restarting firefox they are gone allizom11:41
allizompragomer: what is the exact url of your Firefox homepage? it should be something https://duckduckgo.com/?kp=-1&kz=-1&kn=111:43
pragomerno its just   https://duckduckgo.com11:43
allizomthen, after you edit your settings, you should set the Bookmarklet url as your home page. You can find it on the right in https://duckduckgo.com/settings11:44
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=== joepie_91 is now known as Nindustries
pragomerok... on https://duckduckgo.com/params   I found some parameters11:47
pragomerthis as startpage works: https://duckduckgo.com/?kp=-1&kz=-1&kn=1&kl=de-de&kae=d11:48
SopaXTTJ-, PM11:48
pragomeralso a dark theme is used ... but the kl=de-de   to have it in german does not work11:48
Abehey pragomer deutscher? was geht ^^ ?11:49
lightairhi! I configured FQDN to be server.lightair.com. Then I install iRedMail and on step "Enter first domain name" I enter lightair.com. After installation Web Mail is installed to URL: https://server.lightair.com . How do I make iRedMail install WebMail and all other services to URL https://lightair.com ?11:49
VoyageIs there a GUI tool to do torture test and measure cpu/memory performance ?11:51
pdc2How to install an ubuntu program in a different partition(other than the root)?11:51
allizompragomer: it is kad=de_DE for the language, kl is for region-specific results11:51
pragomerwow allizom.. perfect.. where did you find this information? because I did not on https://duckduckgo.com/params11:52
allizomI just selected German as language in the page I linked to and observed the URL. It's hidden, you have to click on bookmarklet to show it11:54
pragomeraaaaah... allizom.. you mean I have to HOVER over the url, right?11:55
allizomno, just open https://duckduckgo.com/settings, set language to german, show the bookmarket url and read its parameters11:57
pragomernow I really found in duckduck my favorite startpage... the only thing that is sub-optimal at the moment is, that I have to click in the search field.. as it is not focused automatically...11:57
BernzelI need to install drivers for my Wacom pad I belive, the software can't find mine when plugged in. How do I install the drivers on linux?11:57
_dreamerI would like to install ubuntu along side my windows 7, however scince I am using a custom windows 7 loader the "automatic" part of the installation picks the wrong partition when im trying to install alongside. So I need to make custom partitions on the drive I want it to install to.11:58
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_dreamerI have a hard time understanding the guides. How do I go about this? Do I only need to create a swap partition and then another partition with the size of my choice and the rest will be automatic, or do I need to defina how large root, home and so on partitions should be??=12:00
k1l__dreamer: you can make the partitions before and just assign them in the installer to the needed ubuntu partitions12:00
k1l_!partitions | _dreamer12:00
ubottu_dreamer: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap12:00
_dreamerubottu: how do I do this in windows?12:01
ubottu_dreamer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:01
auronandace_dreamer: from windows you don't12:01
auronandace_dreamer: just boot a livecd with gparted on it12:01
VoyageIs there a GUI tool to do torture test and measure cpu/memory performance ?12:02
_dreamerand then what? will the install make swap space and everything else needed on its own?12:02
_dreamerauronandace: and then what? will the install make swap space and everything else needed on its own?12:02
EriC^^_dreamer: you can shrink the partition in windows, leaving unallocated space, and in the installer choose to install alongside windows, it'll create the root partition and swap partition by itself using that free space12:03
EriC^^_dreamer: or you can use the installer's Something else option to create the root partition and set the mountpoint as "/" and the swap partition as well and install12:03
_dreamerEriC^^: ok ill try that, it sounds like the least hassle12:04
EriC^^_dreamer: use windows to shrink the partition though as it's better, and also boot into windows a couple times so it picks up on the changes before installing ubuntu too12:04
revolveis anyone familiar with a buggy build of cman in 14.04?12:04
pdc2how do I install ubuntu programs in different partitons?12:04
revolvehas been causing us great pain over the last couple of days12:04
_dreamerthanks for help, im gonna try again12:04
EriC^^_dreamer: no problem :)12:05
revolvewell not pain, frustration12:05
auronandacepdc2: essentially you don't12:05
auronandace!fhs | pdc212:05
ubottupdc2: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier12:05
pdc2auronandace, I am running low on space in / folder, I need to install it in different partition12:06
revolveare you using lvm?12:06
VoyageIs there a GUI tool to do torture test and measure cpu/memory performance ?12:07
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ikonia /win 712:09
Abego away :D12:10
cry5t41any tool for create playlist (m3u) ?12:11
ikoniatext editor ?12:11
Abemusic playlist?12:11
geirhafind, perhaps12:11
Abecry5t41: music playlist ? ikonia any text editor you have on you system ??12:12
geirhafind . ! -path $'*\n*' \( -iname "*.mp3" -o -iname "*.ogg" \) -print > playlist.m3u12:12
ikoniayou can use any text editor, or find as shown above, a playlist is just a text file12:13
cry5t41yes I know I can use Vim but I'm little lazy :)12:13
geirhawith one filename per line (hence why I filter out pathnames containing newlines with that find)12:13
cry5t41thank you all12:14
pdc2If I manually compile an ubuntu program with  --prefix=/opt/symlink-to-folder-on-another-partition, is it going to work?12:21
ikoniawhat ?12:21
pdc2I need to install an ubuntu program in another drive12:22
pdc2ikonia, *12:22
TJ-pdc2: Yes;12:22
BernzelI can't make my wacom software recognize my tablet. Terminal shows that the system see's the tablet. I've installed the drivers and restarted.12:22
ikoniaan ubuntu program?12:22
ikoniayou should get any software from the ubuntu package manager12:22
ikoniawhich case you don't use configure12:22
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SquarismDoes anyone know what is up with unity-panel-ser? It constantly grovs uncontrolably.. leaking like a hand net12:22
TJ-pdc2: assuming you're editing the debian/rules Makefile to add --prefix to the configure entry, and reconfigure the package12:22
jasperrI have a new corporate notebook with Win 8.1 and secure boot...12:23
jasperrI had an external USB drive to boot for own purposes, which does not work12:23
pdc2ikonia, what if I'm running low on space in / folder and I need to install a bigger program in another partition, what am I going to do then12:23
auronandacepdc2: you need to free more space or add more space12:23
ikoniapdc2: adjust your partrition sizes12:23
jasperris there a way to create UEFI linux on my old, legacy PC ?12:23
ikoniajasperr: no12:24
jasperrI dont want to mess with the corporate windows...12:24
pdc2TJ-, ok12:24
jasperrikonia: so I need a secure boot enabled machine to re-install linux for UEFI?12:24
ikoniauefi is nothing to do with secure boot12:25
pdc2TJ-, it is not an ext4 partition though, it is NTFS12:25
EriC^^jasperr: what are you trying to do?12:25
jasperrwell, in laptop BIOS they seem to be connected12:25
jasperrto boot from USB drive12:25
jasperron my corporate laptop, without disabling secure boot there12:25
jasperrI have instructions for installing linux on this machine, with things I dont want to execute12:26
TJ-pdc2: You'd be better off simply creating an additional file-system and moving say /var/ out of the root file-system - that will usually free up a lot of space. I have a separate file-system for /usr/local/ which is where locally-built packages should generally install to, so you could install it into the root dir of that file-system using a chroot, and it will map into /usr/local/ directories correctly12:26
jasperrI would like to install UEFI linux on my old legacy desktop PC on the USB drive so I was able to boot it on my laptop12:26
TJ-pdc2: NTFS is no good; the *nix permissions won't map.12:27
TJ-jasperr: There is no such thing as "UEFI Linux" - UEFI is a system firmware alternative to BIOS12:27
jasperrI mean a linux installation that is UEFI compatible12:27
TJ-jasperr: Ubuntu can install in UEFI mode, or in Legacy BIOS mode, on a UEFI PC12:27
pdc2TJ-, thanks12:28
jasperrand can installation than be moved to another UEFI PC at least? (USB drive still)12:28
TJ-jasperr: Yes12:28
jasperrso I will check my desktop PC, if it was UEFI... and then12:28
jasperrif not, I will need to find a friend with a new enough computer...12:29
TJ-jasperr: There is one issue however; if you want the image to be portable AND bootable on different UEFI PCs, you'll need to copy /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI  - that is the UEFI 'simple media' default boot-loader path12:29
EriC^^jasperr: you need to let it have it's own efi partition on the usb so it can boot from it on any pc12:30
jasperrTJ-: thanks for the hint -- I would like to do exactly that12:30
TJ-jasperr: A permanent UEFI install adds an entry for the installed OS into the system firmware's boot menu on the motherboard. For removable media the firmware looks for the boot-loader in the EFI System Partition at /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI on a 64-bit system12:30
jasperrI dont want to hack with firmware boot menu on the target computer...12:31
jasperrif necessary I can play around with another computer more...12:31
TJ-jasperr: techically, that path is actually built from "/EFI/BOOT/BOOT${ARCHITECTURE}.EFI" but ARCHITECTURE usually is "x64"12:32
EriC^^jasperr: sometimes the pc has a boot menu you can access by pressing esc then boot options and you can select which efi file to boot12:32
EriC^^jasperr: which laptop do you have?12:32
jasperrLenovo X1 Carbon12:32
TJ-jasperr: This is how DVD images are bootable on UEFI, using the Simple Media path12:32
EriC^^jasperr: try pressing esc as soon as you turn the pc on and see if you can get a boot menu12:33
jasperrI can get a boot menu...12:33
jasperrhowever I have no BIOS password as the computer is a corporate one12:33
jasperrso I cannot access some parts of the BIOS options (on the target computer)12:34
EriC^^jasperr: the boot menu says something like os manager and windows is there? and maybe boot from efi file at the bottom?12:34
jasperrI guess I am not allowed to enter the boot manager. Windows is there for sure12:34
TJ-jasperr: If secure boot is enabled, you'll need to use the grub-efi-amd64-signed package, not the standard grub-efi-amd6412:34
EriC^^^ and need to copy shimx64.efi instead of grubx64.efi12:35
TJ-jasperr: The manual boot menu will usually allow you to choose a removable device to boot from, if one is found and has an EFI System Partition on it12:35
jasperrI have Intel processors on the target computer12:36
jasperrTJ-: I will try, thanks12:36
TJ-jasperr: Yes - 'amd64' are the 64-bit builds. AMD introduced 64-bit extensions to the x86 architecture12:36
jasperrTJ- is amd64 working for intel processors as well?12:36
jasperror do I need this package if my source PC is amd64?12:37
TJ-jasperr: Originally Intel didn't want to do that an created the new incompatible IA64 Itanium 64-bit instruction set, but AMD's extensions won the market, so Intel had to follow their lead12:37
TJ-jasperr: So Intel 64 bit processors are amd64 compatible12:37
jasperrok, I was not following the news then...12:38
arku31yeah, you are late for 5+ years;)12:38
jasperrI just have some crazy memories from several years ago..12:38
Jordy_Hi everyone - i'm looking for an opensource proxy tool to forward requests XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080 to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9090 etc. It must be possible to add my own ssl certificate to the end-point-route. Does anyone a tool where i'm looking for?12:39
ikoniasquid ?12:40
ikoniaapache ?12:40
TJ-5+ ... and the rest! 2003 it was12:40
Jordy_ikonia: Which one do you prefer? It must be easy and fast to setup? Thanks12:41
arku31emm right im too old :/12:41
ikoniaall are easy, pick what you like12:41
Jordy_apache http webserver? I have no experience.12:42
Matt_teniGuys, I have an I3 processor and I'm not sure if I'm using integrated graphic card drive from Intel. Only Nvidia is in use. Do I need to get bumblebee? I really want to use Intel only because of much better hardware acceleration support12:44
ikoniathe intel has better hardware acceleration support ???12:45
=== ainTcent is now known as samsn
BluesKajHi all12:49
jonascjHi all. How come openjdk-7-jre-headless downloads at 40kB/s when I can download the ubuntu iso at 3mB/s ? In my /etc/apt/sources.list I have the "mirror" options at the top, like this instructs http://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me-or-choose-a-faster-mirror/37754#3775413:03
pbxi disconnected my external monitor while my laptop was suspended, now the internal won't respond to backlight controls (xbacklight says it's at 100% but it's not).  any ideas for fix short of a reboot?13:04
erasmuswhy does Linus hate Ubuntu?13:09
erasmuswhy are arch uses such nerds?13:09
TomyWorkwhy are you such a troll?13:09
erasmuswhat is the point of having drives capable of holding so much data when it takes systems so long to fix them?13:10
* anyoneuno lol13:10
erasmusI'm not trolling.13:10
erasmusjust keeping it real13:10
Matt_teniikonia, yeah from the sources and chats here13:10
Matt_teniintel hd graphics13:10
TomyWorkyou're asking loaded questions, erasmus. dont expect answers from smart people13:10
Matt_teniI just want to use it. dont know where to begin with13:10
ikonianvidia has solid hardware acceleration support13:10
TomyWorknever mind :)13:10
k1l_!guidelines > erasmus13:11
ubottuerasmus, please see my private message13:11
erasmusI blocked it.13:11
erasmussay in channel please.13:11
ikonia!guidelines | erasmus13:11
ubottuerasmus: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:11
ikoniaerasmus: please read them before speaking again13:11
k1l_erasmus: make sure you read and follow the guidelines if you want to stay in here13:11
erasmusI'm on topic.13:11
erasmussorry you don't like what I'm saying.13:12
erasmussince when is it bad to be called a nerd?13:12
Picierasmus: This is a support channel.13:12
pbxerasmus, what's your support question?13:12
Matt_teniMy Windows 8.1 runs so smooth as in websites and all.13:12
Matt_teniall because of hardware acceleration13:13
Matt_tenii dont have such on ubuntu :(13:13
Matt_teniI need to get intel hd graphics running13:13
ikoniawhy ?13:13
ikoniahow do you know you're not using intel ?13:13
ikoniawhat have you done to work this through ?13:14
TomyWorki moved to a new computer with the same OS (kubuntu 14.04). I took my home directory with me, yet some fonts are not the same. I'm trying to find the font i had before. all i can remember is that the font i used in Kate (and probably elswhere too) had a musical note signs at the end of lines when i pasted CRLF-laden text from some windows VM13:15
TomyWorkso, any idea how i can find a font which has a musical note sign as the CR character? :)13:16
PiciTomyWork: are you sure that it was an actual font, and not just an option in Kate?13:17
TomyWorkthe font i'm using now has boxes13:17
Matt_teniikonia, you lspci | grep VGA gives me only Nvidia13:17
TomyWorkthose are actual characters i can manipulate, btw, not virtual characters past the end of line13:17
TomyWorkMatt_teni so you're on optimus?13:18
Matt_tenino idea13:18
Matt_tenirunning novouea13:18
Matt_teniubuntu 14.04. intel i3 2330m? intel hd grapic 2000 i think13:18
Matt_tenibut its definitely using Nvidia card for display13:18
ira_nouvea is bad for nvidia. get nvidia driver13:19
ikoniaMatt_teni: tht doesn't mean you're using nvidia or intel13:20
TomyWorkhere's what worked for me: log out of your graphical session, go to a terminal, stop your display manager, lsmod, look for nouveau and nvidia stuff, rmmod it all, start your display manager, see if everything works nicely (secondary monitors and such)13:20
ikoniayour xorg log/config shows what you're using13:20
meadhikariI can not even kill process due to fork: Cannot allocate memory, is there any way out13:20
TomyWork(i assume you want to disable your nvidia entirely)13:20
TomyWork(if you dont want to do that, disregard what i said)13:20
kamil___1how can i open monitors settings from command line?13:20
kamil___1because i have broken display in laptop and i want disable it13:21
kamil___1but menu is on this broken creen13:21
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makudesu /part #ubvuntu13:24
=== zengine_ is now known as zengine
TJ-kamil___1: if you know the X output name of the broken display, you can do "xrandr --output NAME --off"13:32
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
TomyWorkmeadhikari which shell are you using?14:00
TomyWorkbash should have an integrated kill command14:00
TomyWorki think that means no forking14:00
TomyWorkwhat are you typing to kill?14:00
TomyWorkyeah, killall isnt an integrated command14:01
TomyWorkalso, dont use killall. pkill is much better14:01
meadhikarithanks, I resorted to reboot14:01
curiousxthere is also xkill (just sayin') :p14:01
TomyWorkyeah, not that helpful though :)14:02
ubuntu613Hallo da drausen14:02
claudio_alguien paa conversar un poco14:02
curiousx!es | claudio_14:02
ubottuclaudio_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:02
ubuntu613Kann hier jemand deutsch und hat ne Ahnung von Ubuntu und Windows 10?14:04
Pici!de | ubuntu61314:04
ubottuubuntu613: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:04
vasgoradhello, can I to chat with other person with IRC?14:11
revolveis there an ubuntu developers channel?14:11
roryvasgorad: you can /msg User hello14:12
roryvasgorad: but (a) This is Ubuntu support channel, and (b) some people find it poor courtesy to recieve a PM out of the blue14:12
karl_revolve: #ubuntu-devel14:12
vasgoradsorry but in other channels nobody answer my cuestion. I want this information to chat with a friend, I dont want to bother14:15
superwizardi can't install opera14:15
tekkkzHello! I have a problem with openbox: at on-autostart, i set up a proram which should autostart when i launch my openbox-session, but it wont start .. why could this be?14:17
BernzelIf I want to run photoshop on ubuntu, should I still get the windows version of it? And then use Wine? Or is there some other version?14:18
baizonBernzel: there is no linux version, so yes14:19
Bernzelbaizon ok thanks.14:19
auronandaceBernzel: the other option is to use a vm14:19
superwizardyes you should14:19
curiousxBernzel: and as a suggestion try portable one, cuz sometimes instalables does crash14:20
superwizardhow can i load opera in linux14:20
pbxre my earlier question about brightness not adjusting after i hot-unplugged my external monitor, found a way to force it: echo 95 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness14:20
pbxsuperwizard, http://www.opera.com/computer/linux14:21
curiousxsuperwizard: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser14:21
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=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
=== ytixdecaf is now known as lelzxor
pooyahow are you?14:44
pooyaim arain14:44
somsippooya: do you have a support question?14:45
TJ-!support | Hello pooya14:45
ubottuHello pooya: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com14:45
pooyaaha ok14:45
pooyaoh no14:45
TJ-!ot | pooya14:45
ubottupooya: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:45
somsippooya: well, you're welcome but if you just want to chat join #ubuntu-offtopic14:45
pooyaim want to install irc server ! how to do?14:45
baizonpooya: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+irc+server14:47
auronandace!google | baizon14:47
ubottubaizon: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:47
TJ-pooya: To identify irc daemons in the Ubuntu archive do "apt-cache search -n 'ircd'  "14:48
derek01im trying to switch to kde from gnome on 15.04, i purged gnome, and installed kde, but it just hangs at boot, I had it boot once, and i was able to log in, but it just kept crashing, and wanting me to use a dif env14:53
Powersourcederek01, just guessing here, but what provides the login screen? did you see it after purging gnome?14:55
derek01powersource: I dont see it anymore, after the restart, but when I did it looked like the standard greeter14:55
hualetwhere does unity put my trayicons?14:56
auronandacehualet: top right14:56
hualetauronandace: there isn't any tray icon showing there14:56
hualetfor example, kupfer14:57
BernzelThanks I got photoshop working! But Im still experiencing massive graphics leaks. Or it seems atleast. Streaming films, playing games and generally doing anything heavy on graphics causes lag. When I run with win7 I maxed out BF4 so my hardware is decent. I suspect drivers are messing with things?15:02
codedmartI am trying to use xmonad with ubuntu. I have set theme/icons/etc with lxappearance. I have a ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file with the proper info in it. All apps that I have used so for use the right theme except nautilus.15:02
codedmartNautilus is not following the chosen theme / icons.15:03
codedmartAny thoughts on why?15:03
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YokoBRhi guys15:08
Powersourcehi dude15:09
YokoBRplease, i have a sftp server that is returning "Permission denied (publickey)"15:09
YokoBRit's on amazon ec215:09
roryYokoBR: You need to put your public key in the file /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote server15:09
roryYokoBR: where "username" is the actual username15:10
roryYokoBR: your public key is in /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa.pub or if it's not, you can generate one with ssh-keygen15:10
somsipYokoBR: on AWS you need to use the keypair that you specified when you created the instance.15:11
roryYokoBR: On AWS they give you a private key to use for logging in. You can SSH onto the server initially with: ssh -i /path/to/your/ssh_key.pem username@ec2-x-x-x-x.amazonaws.com15:11
roryYokoBR: and then once you're on there, put whatever public keys into whatever authorized_keys files15:12
YokoBRrory: i can login with ssh15:12
cristian_cI've to put bluetooth initialization command in runlevel15:12
YokoBRbut i can't with sftp15:12
YokoBRthere are two different keys for those15:12
roryYokoBR: Are you sure your SFTP client is using the correct SSH private key?15:12
YokoBRtwo different users15:12
cristian_cexactly, what steps have I to do to create an init script?15:12
roryYokoBR: If there are separate keys, separate users, you need to put the public half of the key you're using for SFTP into /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote server15:13
cristian_cAny ideas?15:13
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Icef32I'm upgrading Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 using do-release-upgrade, and the keyboard has stopped working during the upgrade. Is there something I can do (with the mouse) to recover it? The terminal is asking for input to finish the upgrade15:17
IvoahIcef32: what kind of keyboard?15:18
Ivoah(usb, bluetooth, magic...)15:18
Icef32USB, but the server is in a VM15:18
Icef32It stopped working half-way through the procedure15:19
roryIcef32: do you still have access to the menu?15:20
roryIcef32: system -> Preferences -> Assistive Technologies15:20
roryIcef32: select "enable assistive technologies"15:20
roryIcef32: Preferred Applications -> Mobility -> onBoard15:20
roryIcef32: It's a bit convuluted in 10.04 haha15:20
SopaXT-[WEB]On Ubuntu 15.04, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E330, I can't use WLAN becuase RFKill reports it as hardblocked.15:21
Icef32rory: Thanks, trying to get to that. The terminal window is partially covering that part of the menu and can't get to it15:21
SopaXT-[WEB]The radio key just toggles the soft block15:21
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: I thought the acpi_osi=Linux change fixed that?15:22
Icef32THe entire OS has partially broken during the upgrade15:22
SopaXT-[WEB]TJ-: I have been using this before, no result :(15:22
=== coy is now known as Guest20434
Icef32rory: Thanks working15:23
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: Well, from our earlier investigation the fault does seem to be with the PC firmware, and its interaction with Linux, so that's where you need to focus15:23
SopaXT-[WEB]I updated the BIOS a week ago15:24
roryIcef32: You can move windows by holding the Alt key and...15:24
roryIcef32: no keyboard. lol.15:24
SopaXT-[WEB]Win stopped working 5 days ago15:24
SopaXT-[WEB]Ubuntu 4 days ago15:24
captainunicorni need openssl on ubuntu anyone can help me plz??15:26
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: I meant, earlier when we looking at the DSDT, you said that acpi_osi=Linux fixed the issue. If 'Linux' isn't working have you tried 'Windows 2012' or 'Windows 2009' ?15:26
SopaXT-[WEB]'Windows 2012' neither15:26
auronandacecaptainunicorn: sudo apt-get install openssl15:26
cfhowlettcaptainunicorn, open a terminal: apt-cache policy openssl15:27
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: probably it also requires functionality that is in the Windows-only platform driver15:27
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: if the firmware update broke it, contact the manufacturer's support15:28
SopaXT-[WEB]TJ-: Can you suggest me anything, please?15:28
captainunicornthanks chow but it hasnt opened yet15:28
cfhowlettSopaXT-[WEB], windows faile?  ubuntu failed?  hardware issue not an ubuntu issue.  consider replacement15:28
captainunicornhow can i open it15:28
cfhowlettcaptainunicorn, man openssl for instructions15:29
SopaXT-[WEB]Windows has broken the driver15:29
SopaXT-[WEB]Updating gave 'Incorrect platform'15:30
cfhowlettSopaXT-[WEB], updating WHAT?15:30
YokoBRguys, i'm getting permission denied on sftp after chmod 777 /home/user/15:30
derek01so on trying to switch to KDE from GNOME, booting up, I am halted up. Its stuck at "A start job is running for Wait for...n to Quit" going for 30+ min with no limi15:30
SopaXT-[WEB]cfhowlett: in this case, updating the Windows driver15:30
SopaXT-[WEB]Sorry, English isn't my native15:30
cfhowlettSopaXT-[WEB], updating windows will not effect ubuntu15:31
SopaXT-[WEB]cfhowlett: You seem to to get it right. Look: I was using Win8.1. After plugging an USB device and rebooting, it said that the driver was not working properly. When I tried to update the driver on win, it failed. So I returned to Linux hoping no bugs will occur. I was wrong.15:33
SopaXT-[WEB]*not to get it righgt15:33
YokoBRnow i'm getting echo 60 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_time15:33
YokoBRnow im getting Write failed: Broken pipe Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer15:33
cfhowlettSopaXT-[WEB], if both windows and linux OS are failing, that suggests a hardware issue15:34
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: When you did the firmware upgrade, did you reload the factory defaults? sometimes there internal changes between firmware revisions that require that. Firmware changelog/install instructions usually suggest that15:36
SopaXT-[WEB]TJ-: yep, I have resetted the bios to defaults15:36
SopaXT-[WEB]didn't try CMOS yet15:36
SopaXT-[WEB]I mean, the battery15:36
TJ-SopaXT-[WEB]: best to contact manufacturer support then, the issue isn't Ubuntu or Windows from what you have described15:37
SopaXT-[WEB]TJ-: now doing this15:37
mustmodifySO I'm using an ubuntu machine as a dashboard but I can't seem to figure out how to completely disable the screen saver... surely there's a way?15:40
daftykinsunity? should be easy enough, power save settings - screensaver too15:41
derek01Anyone got KDE experience15:44
derek01I attmpted to switch to KDE from GNOME on 15.04, and now im stuck on booting15:44
daftykinsdefine stuck on booting?15:45
auronandacederek01: you should also mention you attempted to remove gnome15:45
daftykinsyeah that is a key piece of information :P15:46
=== user is now known as Guest31421
TJ-derek01: *how* did you remove the Gnome/Unity/Ubuntu-Desktop packages?15:47
derek01I purged gnome15:48
derek01yea I meant to mention that I purged as well15:48
daftykinsderek01: you're being asked to state specifically what you purged15:49
TJ-derek01: And how did you install KDE?15:49
auronandacederek01: removing a whole desktop environment can remove some key dependencies too15:49
derek01oh sorry, I used sudo apt-get purge gnome*15:50
ileonici mjus used the ubuntu mini iso to install  but i am a noob and did not know hot to install the necesary sofware15:50
derek01tj_: I used sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop15:50
ileoniccall it the grafical enveriment15:50
TJ-derek01: OK, did you install kubuntu-desktop before or after purging the gnome packages?15:50
derek01TJ-: after15:50
ileonichelp o at least a guide i want  to instal the mate destokp15:50
CaptonjamasonWhats the Problem15:50
TJ-derek01: In that case the system should be in a sane state. What *exactly* happens ?15:51
zaggynlI how can I find out what causes "device eth0 entered promiscuous mode" in dmesg -T ?15:51
daftykinsileonic: don't have another system to look it up with huh?15:51
cfhowlettderek01, that is NOT kde.  that's the entire kubuntu apps and kde.  kde-plasma-desktop = de only15:51
daftykinszaggynl: why are you worried?15:52
bazhang!info mate-desktop | ileonic15:52
ubottuileonic: mate-desktop (source: mate-desktop): Library with common API for various MATE modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2+dfsg1-2 (vivid), package size 17 kB, installed size 85 kB15:52
zaggynldaftykins: promiscuous mode means listening to ALL traffic, could be someone sniffing15:52
bazhanguse the package manager to install it ileonic15:52
CaptonjamasonIts not too hard15:53
ileonicyeah i have but i will have o reboot15:53
bazhangileonic, just logout15:53
CaptonjamasonYou dont need to reboot15:53
Captonjamasonyou just need to logout15:53
ioriaileonic, take a look at this , you can retrieve some info : https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/2014-08-ubuntu-mate-14-04-from-scratch/15:53
daftykinszaggynl: i know what it means :) via your own machine? you share it?15:54
TJ-zaggynl: if eth0 is connected to a switch, all that will be seen is the packets destined for the host plus broadcasts and IP traffic for ARP/STP etc15:54
zaggynldaftykins: my personal desktop, don't share it15:54
daftykinsunless they're also ARP poisoning :)15:54
derek01cfhowlet: I love getting conflicting information :), I dont remember where, but someone told me thats hte package to get.15:54
AbeI know it sounds a little odd... but I need an Antivirus for ubuntu to check my System.. I use a lot of Files directly from the internet and not from the repository for linux. It's a huge amount of data that I gathered over time and I want to check them... I decided to get sophos to do a system check. I know how to install it but I don't know how to remove it properly :/... I am looking at this website right now. It tells me how to install but not how to remove i15:54
cfhowlett!kde | derek01,15:54
ubottuderek01,: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.15:54
zaggynlalright, so it might not be malicious or not15:55
zaggynlhow do I find out what causes it?15:55
daftykinszaggynl: contact the driver writer for your NIC maybe :)15:55
cfhowlettderek01, yeah even the bot factoid is wrong or outdated.  easy to get confused.15:55
PiciFeel free to submit an updated factoid.15:56
derek01cfhowlett: suggestions? should I purge kubuntu-desktop and start over?15:56
cfhowlettderek01, worth trying but may I suggest you install the DE only for now?15:56
derek01cfhowlett: Absolutley, what would the package be15:57
cfhowlettderek01, at this point, I must urge you to ... read the wiki >>> http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE15:57
cfhowletthint: iii15:57
SopaXT-[WEB]done: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-11e-Windows-E-and-Edge/TP-Edge-E330-WiFi-not-working-on-Ubuntu-15-04/15:58
TJ-zaggynl: check syslog; it's probably triggered by NetworkManager, and to do with IPv6 SLAAC looking for RAs15:58
derek01cfhowlett: I actually tried that first, i remember now. It says its not a package15:59
AbeAnybody used Sophos for Linux?15:59
zaggynlhuh, apparently it's virtualbox15:59
cfhowlettderek01, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12254459/16:00
zaggynlmore specifically, bridged mode16:00
zaggynlwhich makes sense16:00
TJ-derek01: Unless you tell us *exactly* how the system is failing, what error messages you see, the behaviour, what happens when trying Recovery mode, we can't provide you with useful recommendations.16:00
derek01TJ-: apt-get isntall kde-plasma-desktop Unable to locate package kde-plasma-desktop16:02
Abederek01: kubuntu-desktop16:02
TheNumbAbe: he desn't want kubuntu branding16:02
TheNumbhe wants plasma desktop16:02
cfhowlettderek01, lsb-release -a | nc termbin.com 999916:02
TJ-derek01: Maybe you're on a later release where it is just "plasma-desktop"16:03
derek01cfhowlett: lsb-release command not found16:03
AbeTheNumb: aehm isn't that kde? oh you mean that it doesn't say kubuntu when booting with "branding"16:03
auronandacederek01: cat /etc/issue16:04
TheNumbAbe: yes.16:04
bazhang!info plasma-desktop16:04
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: plasma-desktop): Tools and widgets for the desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.2.2-0ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 1548 kB, installed size 7819 kB16:04
Abehmm no clue16:04
ileonic thks brb16:04
TheNumbIn vivid the package name is 'plasma-desktop'16:04
derek01auronadance: Ubuntu 15.05 \n \l16:04
cfhowlettthere it is.  i'm on 14.04 so ... a bit different16:05
auronandacederek01: you can use tab complete for nicks16:05
derek01auronandace: Oh snap, didnt know that!16:05
TJ-derek01: It is 'plasma-desktop' on Vivid because it's Plasma 5.2, whereas Plasma 4 had 'kde-plasma-desktop'16:06
derek01TJ-: so it did find plasma-desktop, but it is complaining about dependencies, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225451316:07
derek01TJ-: I tried to install the dependencies manually, got this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225452216:08
auronandacederek01: have you tried sudo apt-get -f install?16:08
derek01auronandace: same result as manual attempt16:09
TJ-derek01: Was that output the result of doing "sudo apt-get -f install" ?16:11
auronandacederek01: my guess would be to remove (rename may be safer) /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini16:11
TJ-derek01: "dpkg --purge libgtk-3.0" then try "apt-get -f install" again?16:12
TheNumbderek01: did you add any ppas with updated gnome or gtk?16:12
derek01TheNumb: No i didnt.16:12
=== wolfy is now known as Guest99326
derek01TJ-: it wont purge. Dependency problems. libscim8c2a depends, and libgtk-3-bin depends16:15
derek01Id pastebin it but I cant16:15
TJ-derek01: OK, try "apt-get install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" libgtk-3.0"16:19
derek01TJ-: I renamed settings.ini and it processed.16:19
TJ-derek01: OK, that's just as good :)16:19
derek01with apt-get -f install16:19
TJ-derek01: Make sure to put the file back though16:20
auronandacederek01: if it generated a new settings.ini you may want to open both of them up to see what the differences are16:21
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
derek01tj: auronandace: So now that ive purged kubuntu, and I try to install plasma-desktop, its saying nothing needs to be installed16:22
derek01How can I check its the default DE16:22
auronandacederek01: f you didn't remove your login manager you should be able to select it from there16:23
auronandacederek01: lightdm is the default login manager for ubuntu16:23
derek01auronandace: lets see if it actually boots. I was having an issue with NM halting everything up.16:24
akikon kubuntu 15.04 that says /usr/bin/sddm16:25
derek01I think I might shoot the machine. Now its got USB failures. and wont boot.16:30
derek01its just stuck at "starting version 219"16:31
topi`_help needed with upstart: I built the SIGSTOP mechanism to my custom daemon, and then used "expect stop" keyword in the upstart conf file. However, my daemon is only run once, despite the "restart" keyword. Why?16:33
topi`_it is run multiple times if I omit "expect stop"16:33
TJ-derek01: That message just happens to the be last one written to the console (it's the systemd version number)... try switching to other VTs with Alt+F1 through Alt+F7 to see other messages. Also, pressing Esc on the current VT *may* help get more info16:34
derek01TJ-: Yea I can switch to other VTs, but nothing shows on any, and pressing esc leads nowhere unfortunatley. I dropped myself to a root shell to investigate further.16:35
lrs_Im trying to run steam with optirun and it gives me this16:35
lrs_And i cant open it regurarly becuase then it says it needs libGL.so.116:36
lrs_Any ideas?16:36
bazhanglrs_, #ubuntu-steam16:36
dlamwat do i do if my "Ethernet Network" always says disconected?  (despite it not being so)16:38
TJ-derek01: OK... if the system is alive you should have logs.16:38
derek01TJ-: looking into the boot logs, It says its waiting for Screen to quit. At boot?? Not sure why there is a screen running16:39
derek01TJ-: But I think I know the culprit, its a minecraft server control service that starts at boot, and I think it uses a screen session.16:39
daftykinsdlam: and you have a cable connected?16:40
dlamyes and i know it works16:40
TJ-derek01: In boot.log - those are 'friendly' init service names. 'grep Screen /etc/init/* /etc/init.d/*"16:40
derek01TJ-: no result16:41
derek01TJ-: im starting to suspect drive failure, ata12: irq_stat 0x00000040 connection status changed16:45
loahello, how i can get source package for ffmpeg?16:45
loai want enable nvenc there... and install package back/16:45
pbxstatus bar has become unresponsive. how do i restart it?16:45
rinoroshello there, someone can help on configure the xchat to...chat? can't simple connect it, time out and infinite loading16:49
daftykinsuse hexchat16:49
daftykinslikely you have the wrong address and port # for the IRC server you're trying to use16:49
SCHAAP137anyone else have Qjackctl in autostartup, but no icon appears initially in the indicator tray?16:49
SCHAAP137only after quitting, starting it again, an icon appears16:50
SCHAAP137wondering how i can change it to have an icon directly there after startup16:50
=== wook is now known as Guest28911
derek01TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225486716:54
cfhowlettderek01, you're running this as root??16:55
derek01cfhowlett: running what? Im dropped to a root shell, on my machine atm, Im using chat on a seperate machine16:56
cfhowlettderek01, ah!  got it.16:56
android6011I have a script that I want to append a line to the end of a file. however, not the actually end but insert it as the 3rd to last line17:00
android6011any ideas on a command I can use?17:00
rinorosdaftykins : still trying here17:02
cristian_candroid6011: I don't know your situation, but I could suggest echo "string" >> fulename17:03
android6011cristian_c: that puts it at the end. The last line of the file is "COMMIT" so I need anything I "append" to be before that line17:03
cristian_candroid6011: maybe, you could experiment with regex either awk17:04
protnhey folks17:05
cristian_cbut I'm not very expert, I've only tiried these tools sometimes17:05
cristian_cI don't remembernthe other tools17:06
cristian_candroid6011: you could find more info in bash documenation17:06
daftykinsrinoros: would you care to give maybe a fraction of a clue, such as which IRC network you're trying to connect to?17:06
|aarondoes anyone here use xming? im having a really weird problem. anytime i switch out of the xming window, when i return the blinking cursor is missing and i cant type anything. but i CAN move the "missing" cursor around with the arrows keys (i can see the active line in my text editor change) or even shift+select text. but any letters, etc. i try to type just do nothing. but then if i just open the "File" menu with the mouse, as soon as i close it the cursor17:07
|aaronis back and everything ins normal. this happens every single time i switch out of the xming window. anyone have any idea?? im on a ubuntu host, windows 8 client17:07
rinorosdaftykins: sure! i'm trying to connect to freenode, but seeing online there could be some issues with firewall or irc ports being blocked by the router17:08
OcniosAnyone know what the default user/pass for this might be https://susestudio.com/a/TadMax/owncloud-in-a-box17:09
derek01auronandace: cfhowlett: still stuck at boot, ACPI pcc probe failed, starting version 219. cant hit esc to check where its at, but can switch to other VTs. just nothign on any of them17:09
daftykinsrinoros: xchat is so old it's more likely you've got the wrong address or port entered. check the website - and ask further questions in #freenode for help connecting17:09
cfhowlettderek01, sorry, but this one is too far outside my limited experience.17:09
rinorosdaftykins: oh yeah, srry, already get the hexchat17:10
derek01cfhowlett: no worries, thanks for the effort!17:10
derek01So im stuck at boot, cant do anything, but drop to a root shell. Anyone able to help? I was attempting to switch from GNOME to KDE, now when I try to boot im stuck at "starting version 219". Ill drop myself to a root shell, and get whatever logs are needed.17:14
protnthere is issue  with qt5 libs17:15
protnfor some reasons they dont want to install yet on lubuntu 14.0417:16
ikoniais that really the best description you can offer ?17:16
protniconia http://pastebin.com/0XYgfarT17:17
ikoniaprotn: so there is no "some reason" it's clear why - it can't find the dependencies it wants / conflicts the dependencies17:18
protnikonia: so where do I get those deps?17:19
balanceI want to install kubuntu on my thinkpad yoga. If I boot from usb stick, dual screen + ethernet works. If I boot from SSD ethernet and dual screen doesn't work. What I noticed is that I get some ethernet loading thing which I don't know what it actually does: http://pastie.org/10392296 - dual screen works on the login screen, also ethernet works after installation (breaks if I restart), any hints?17:19
=== tcpman is now known as Guest29978
protncompile from source?17:19
ikoniaprotn: look at where you are getting the packages - then look at if the dependencies are in that same repo, if not why not, if they are there, try to install them and see if you get a clearer error17:19
ikoniano - never compile from source, a package is not aware of source installs17:19
protnthey are not there17:20
ikoniaprotn: how do you know ?17:20
protncause then they would install17:20
ikoniano thats not true17:20
ikoniaREAD what I said, I said CHECK17:20
ikonianot assume/guess17:20
arusselon 15.04/gnome, is there a way to have a keyboard shortcut for: put window on left half/right half ?17:20
protnook at where you are getting the packages  how?17:20
arussel(same as what sizeup does in mac)17:20
ikoniaprotn: look at what repo these packages come from17:21
protnworks now17:25
protnwhen I installed missing packages via synaptic17:25
=== MattTS_ is now known as MattTS
jhutchinsikonia: If you actually take the extra step of building a package, the package manger is aware of the install.  It's easy if the packages are Ubuntu packages, they'll have a .deb target.  Third party software takes some extra work,17:25
ikoniajhutchins: what ?17:26
jhutchinsikonia: Working with source is appropriate, it's not a "never build from source" thing, it's a "know what you're doing" thing.17:26
ikoniajhutchins: the guy can't handle the package manager - I think he should "never build from source"17:27
jhutchinsikonia: I think he should learn how to do what he's trying to do.17:27
ikoniainstall a package.....17:27
ikoniawhich already exists in the repo17:28
jhutchinsikonia: You weren't born knowing apt.17:28
ikoniano, but I learnt how to use it before trying to build debs17:28
derek01So im stuck at boot, cant do anything, but drop to a root shell. Anyone able to help? I was attempting to switch from GNOME to KDE, now when I try to boot im stuck at "starting version 219". Ill drop myself to a root shell, and get whatever logs are needed.17:29
jhutchinsderek01: First off, try aptitude -f install (fix).17:31
=== zaz is now known as Guest2672
jhutchinsderek01: What was the last thing you did before it failed?17:31
derek01jhutchins: I already did try that. and we left off after installing plasma-desktop17:31
ToyaComputer extremely slow with anything to do with graphics, like switching browser tabs or scrolling fast17:32
daftykinsToya: graphics hardware + driver?17:33
jhutchinsderek01: So you're not getting a greeter/login/display manger, right?  Did you install kdm?17:33
jhutchins!install kde17:33
ToyaNot sure what's the problem, it used to be fine weeks ago.17:34
jhutchinsToya: So what changed?17:34
derek01jhutchins: actually its not even starting the boot process, but I think I just fixed that. I had my RAID array unplugged, and it was halting looking for it. Now it booted, but im at a black screen, Im gonna give it a few min, then drop back to the root shell, and see what the boot log says. Now I think its a DM issue17:35
derek01wont even let me switch VTs17:35
ToyaI don't know, I just noticed that anything with graphics such as switching windows is slow and sometimes freezes my computer17:36
ToyaIt used be really normal17:36
jhutchinsderek01: Do you get the grub boot menu?  (you may need to hold shift while booting)17:37
TheNumbjhutchins: there's no kdm in 15.0417:37
BluesKajderek01, did you try installing the graphics driver for your card17:37
jhutchinsToya: Is it swapping?17:37
derek01jhutchins: Yes I get the grub menu.17:37
ToyaWhat do you mean by swapping?17:38
derek01BluesKaj: Yes I have the nvidia drivers17:38
jhutchinsToya: If your system runs out of ram and starts using the swap space on the hard drive a lot it will slow everything down.17:38
ToyaOh, no. Swap is 0%17:39
jhutchinsToya: You can see this with top, or with the sysstat package's iostat.17:39
jhutchinsToya: Is CPU usage high when trying to do these actions?17:39
ToyaI noticed that CPU is much much spikey than it used to be, like it would go up ~ 40% of cores17:40
ToyaBefore it only went that high if I played a game on wine17:41
derek01jhutchins: is there something you wanted me to do from GRUB?17:41
cristian_ca further question17:45
cristian_cwhat application does manage init scripts?17:45
cristian_csysvinit, upstart either systemd?17:45
cristian_cin 14.0417:45
jhutchinsderek01: No, it shows that it's at least starting the boot process, and you've probably got a video problem.  You might check /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:47
=== jack is now known as Guest21921
jhutchinsderek01: Also check dmesg | less and look for errors, particularly at the end.17:48
jhutchinscristian_c: Yes.17:48
jhutchinscristian_c: I believe 15.04 is systemd.17:48
BernzelI downloaded Sublime Text 2 software, got pressed the file from chrome and get's to Archive manager. Nothing runnable in the folder. How do I install?17:50
dna113pjesus... you can tab to autocomplete names :O17:52
daftykinsdna113p: i don't think jesus is online right now17:53
dna113pdaftykins: daftykins daftykins17:53
dna113pSometimes, I feel as though I may not be fit to use computers17:54
daftykins!ot | dna113p please take the chat elsewhere17:54
ubottudna113p please take the chat elsewhere: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:54
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=== kpease is now known as kpease__
kirillпривет всем18:00
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:00
oaulakhhow to mount drives automatically in ubuntu, i have fstab file output if anyone can help for http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255416/18:04
daftykinsoaulakh: you have a typo in there, /media/windows not media/windows18:05
daftykinsand the last one you have "auto" and "rw" which should be "auto,rw" though you might not even need to specify read/write18:05
daftykins"ntfs-3g" hasn't been necessary vs. "ntfs" for a very long time18:05
oaulakhso i should write onlt ntfs right18:07
oaulakhand on read write mode ?18:07
derek01hm it might help if the greeter was installed18:07
oaulakhauto,rw right?18:07
loacan somebody explain me, what mean "rc" in this listing? it is dpkg -l https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25725476/screenshot-2015.09.02-21%3A07%3A07.png18:07
oaulakhwhat is greeter?18:07
daftykinsyou're also missing a file system from the FAT entry at the end18:07
derek01oaulakh: sorry not meant to your situation18:07
EriC^^oaulakh: you have auto on the first one too, replace it with ext4    errors=remount-ro18:07
=== zaz is now known as gueeest1212
daftykinsoh yeah it's all been creatively written :)18:08
oaulakhEriC^^, but my ext4 is working fine18:08
oaulakhproblem is with ntfs and vfat mounting drives :(18:09
EriC^^oaulakh: it's better in case it ever gets an error to trouble shoot it, it's what i have, it's default18:09
EriC^^( it'll mount ro )18:09
Bashing-omloa: dpkg status flags 'rc' ->> files (R)emoved (C)onfig files remain .18:10
loaBashing-om, thx18:10
vividdo you guys just tell people to go to #ubuntu-steam if they mention steam or something?18:10
=== rolf is now known as Guest50626
oaulakhEriC^^, i dont want to mess with fstab can you correct it little plz http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255416/18:10
vividbecause there's zero support staff there18:10
=== owner_ is now known as Guest33580
vividand problems with optimus really have nothing to do with steam, but rather simply exposes underlying issues within ubuntu18:11
cfhowlettvivid, irc is not the only support option for ubuntu /steam or other programs.  if no one is home at irc, they should go to forums18:11
vividwell people are clearly "home" because they're sending them to that channel18:11
cimbakahnI am going to install a fresh operating system.  I was wondering if there is a file for Hexchat that saves all my chatrooms.  A file i can save on my external hard drive so i don't have to search for them and put them in all over again, when i install the new OS?18:11
cimbakahnI found:  /home/MY NAME/.config/hexchat/18:11
cimbakahnWhich file is it?18:11
krizzoIs there any method of a kickstart for a unattended pxe boot full install of ubuntu server?18:12
cfhowlettkrizzo, I bet #ubuntu-server would know more about that18:12
krizzocfhowlett: Thanks didn't know about that channel.18:12
cfhowlettkrizzo, happy2help!!18:13
vividhalf the people in #ubuntu-steam say go to #steamlug for help18:13
daftykinscimbakahn: that's a folder18:13
vividthey go there, people say "dont use ubuntu"18:13
Bashing-omloa: While there is no built in way to remove all of your configuration information from your removed packages you can remove all configuration data from every removed package with the following command. ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge '18:13
cimbakahnI know.  Which file is it in that folder?18:13
oaulakhEriC^^, solved but now last problem is how to show this mounted drives in file manager list?18:13
TheNumbvivid: they really say that?18:13
vividall the time18:13
TheNumbthat sucks18:14
pablokbsHello, I'm trying to automate the installation of landscape clients with Chef. Is there a way to check if the machine is already registered?18:14
oaulakhhow to show this mounted drives in file manager list? like some drive under /mnt/windows/?18:14
wileeevivid, this is support not your soapbox based on subjectivity in all your connections.18:14
EriC^^bookmark maybe18:14
vividwileee: then support yeah? dont fumble people around your channels until they give up18:14
lrs_I cant use optirun.... it says it cant find secondary gpu. Anyone know?18:15
daftykinsvivid: drop the attitude.18:15
wileeevivid, you are an idiot.18:15
vividim responding to wileee with the same attitude he provided daftykins18:15
cfhowlettlet's all chill out, yes?18:15
daftykinsvivid: i'm saying don't :) we often point out the existence of other channels in case a reply isn't given here, don't come complaining that those say other things.18:16
pdc2cfhowlett, how do I install an ubuntu program on an NTFS drive?18:16
vividim not complaining that people "say things"18:16
daftykinspdc2: you don't.18:16
cfhowlettpdc2, dont18:16
pdc2cfhowlett, I need to. I'm running low on space in / folder18:17
cfhowlettdefault filesystem for ubuntu is ext4.  there is no sane reason to use ntfs18:17
lrs_I think vivid is complaining someone sent me to ubuntu-steam?18:17
lrs_Or am I wrong.18:17
lrs_Basically my problem is as stated above18:17
cfhowlettpdc2, then clean out some space18:17
Bashing-omlrs_: optirun is BumbleBee, no ? Might consider purging BumbleBee and using nvidia-prime ; IF this is optimus technology .18:17
vividi would like to help him, but i simply dont have enough knowledge on bumblebee18:17
lrs_Bashing-om, Well. ive purged them multiple times18:17
lrs_BUt i thought bumblebee and primus need both?18:17
lrs_primusrun / optirun is the command i use18:18
wileeelrs_, lighten the enter and use full sentences.18:18
lrs_Ok... i installed bumblebee-nvidia18:19
lrs_That was missing, now i cna open firefox18:19
lrs_With optirun firefox. But i have the same old problem with steam again18:20
Bashing-omlrs_: From what I can gather ' optirun ' is a function of BumbleBee . Not within nvidia-prime.18:20
lrs_Bashing-om, bumblebee uses primus18:20
lrs_primus is nvidias tool, bumblebee is opensource thing that uses nvidias cards18:21
lrs_You can use bumblebee and nouveau but its complete horse manure18:21
ubottualessandro_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:21
=== mint_ is now known as jack
lrs_Bashing-om, wileee http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255578/ thats my problem18:22
lrs_Installed : bumblee, primus, nvidia-current,18:22
daftykinsprimus != nvidia-prime18:22
daftykinsyou cannot have bumblebee installed at the same time as prime18:22
lrs_are you sure?18:23
wileeelrs_, No idea here I don;t game, just commented so the channel could follow you easier. ;)18:23
derek01so im trying to purge kde from the system to start over. I got back to my greeter, and was able to log in, but now 2 of my three screens are stuck on a DE selector, mirroring the mouse on my 3rd screens desktop. Its quite odd. would apt-get purge kde* be a bad idea?18:23
daftykinslrs_: given i've helped over 20 people set it up i think i have a slight hint or two on it by now, yes18:23
wileeederek01, Any other desktop installed? What is the end goal?18:24
vividdaftykins: thats exactly why i wanted to get him back into this channel, thanks :D18:24
lrs_daftykins, so i  should remove bumblebee?18:24
lrs_purge bumblebee?18:24
lrs_and keep primus?18:24
derek01wileee: End goal is to use KDE as me DE, Im currently using gnome.18:24
daftykinsi just said it's not called primus.18:24
derek01wileee: but its all messed up, and I think starting from begining is the best choice18:24
jhutchinsderek01: Yeah, I believe I asked about kdm.18:25
oaulakhhow to make read and write permission to drive in fstab file http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255604/ now my drives are mounting perfectly but i duuno hopw to make read and write ?18:25
wileeederek01, gnome what? you can have both, purging a de is not a beginners move is all.18:25
lrs_daftykins, Im confused. Is optirun bumblee and primusrun nvidia-prime or primus or whatever?18:25
oaulakhdaftykins, how to make drive read and write now http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255604/18:26
derek01jhutchins: sorry, i got lost in the trying to get my greeter working, then my default DM was set wrong. So now im logged in, but Its super buggy. Ill attempt to take a screenshot to show you what i mean18:26
jhutchinsderek01: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE18:26
derek01jhutchins: yea im past that, I am attempting to purge all of kde from my system to start over. So i want to make sure purging kde* is ok, or if it will remove anything I shouldnt18:27
pablokbsHello, I'm trying to automate the installation of landscape clients with Chef. Is there a way to check if the machine is already registered?18:27
derek01jhutchins: Ive already purged plasma18:27
oaulakhhow to make read and write permission to drive in fstab file http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255604/ now my drives are mounting perfectly but i duuno how to make read and write ?18:27
derek01jhutchins: Its going to purge roughly 500mb of data18:27
cfhowlettderek01, apt-get -s  commandgoeshere                    -s will "sandbox" the command, i.e. give you a preview only18:28
derek01cfhowlett: Im aware of whats going to be purged, just dont know if its relevant to my current system. As Im looking im seeing pulseaudio is included. So I just answered my own question lol18:29
lrs_Ok, so i uninstalled primus.18:29
lrs_Seems like i can still use optirun18:29
lrs_But primusrun is not working. So primusrun is for primus and optirun for bumblebee18:30
vividwileee: btw, where's the subjectivity? im pretty sure these channels are logged18:30
Bashing-omlrs_: Homework time . Start at termianl command 'apt-cache show nvidia-prime ' .18:31
lrs_now i removed bumblebee too18:31
lrs_Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12255652/18:31
lrs_I installed that now.18:32
lrs_Should I install primus too? Or should i jkust stick with nvidia-prime?18:32
samba35please correct me if i am wrong if you are using genric/default kernel and not using kernel from recompile in that case if you have  some configure is =y so that is load as a what and if it is load does that module show with lsmod command18:32
samba35  a /boot/config-3.x.x-generic18:32
lrs_Bashing-om, If I install primus, it wants me to install bumblebee too and vice versa. Dont get this.18:33
quartersis there a recommended version of ubuntu that can run fairly decently on 1 gb of RAM?18:34
lrs_"For nvidia-prime to work, remove bumblebee and bumblebee-nvidia with a --purge first. Reinstall nvidia driver with nvidia prime. nvidia-prime uses the implementation of Nvidia's Optimus technology but in this case, the nvidia driver always stays on regardless of system load and the intel driver is only used as a sink."18:34
cfhowlettlubuntu or xubuntu quarters18:34
Bashing-omlrs_: Your goal is to get steam functional with optimus technology ? The current recomendation is to use nvidia-prime to control the graphics sets . Now, what sdo you gather from the 'apt-cache' output ?18:35
lrs_Bashing-om, Well, i can now start steam reguralry18:35
lrs_Cant start games, it says..18:35
darkxploithello does anyone knows what does this mean in the ntp log please 28 Aug 03:42:08 ntpd[44374]: c012 02 freq_set kernel 56.888 PPM18:36
darkxploithelp me please18:36
jhutchinsdarkxploit: Did you try dropping it into google?18:36
lrs_http://askubuntu.com/questions/475756/could-not-find-required-opengl-entry-point-glgeterror Bashing-om18:36
lrs_Got this problem earlier too18:36
lrs_I think im gonna change nvidia version18:36
quarterscfhowlett: thank you. I'll check out lubuntu. I'm hoping to run it on vmware18:37
darkxploitjhutchins, i do not get enough hint. thats why i choose IRC to get an interactive discussion18:37
Bashing-omlrs_: I am not a gamer. can not advise anything about games .18:37
lrs_Question is which version18:37
tertiaryim using iotop to monitor disk activity. Disk read is always 0 bytes/sec, never budges. I have many services running, including a python script to continually read a file 20mb at a time, but still nothing. I do have a gluster nfs running. Would that matter? Am I missing something here?18:37
lrs_Bashing-om, YEah. But what nvidia version is the best, stable? nvidia-current is god damn ancient18:37
lrs_Bashing-om, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/08/ubuntu-nvidia-graphics-drivers-ppa-is-ready-for-action what about this..?18:38
Bashing-omlrs_: Again, what nvidia graphics card . ' sudo ubuntu-drivers devices ; sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' . And match the chip set to the proper driver .18:39
derek01so im finally booted, in a gnome environment. The main reason i wanted to switch to KDE, was nautilus was messing up. Whenever I drag something more than a pixel, it crashes nautilus18:39
lrs_Bashing-om, Well... the driver version is obviously old. 304 is the "current" one. They have released dozens up to 35518:39
lrs_Im going with 35518:40
lrs_Or hmmm18:40
Bashing-omlrs_: Old card and new version driver, DOES not mean that the new version supports the old hardware .18:41
Bashing-omlrs_: What does Nvidia recommend : http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html for the driver ?18:42
Mirodroidlrs_, what gpu agian?18:45
Mirodroidlrs_, i ask as i know a bit about the nvidia driver(s)18:45
Mirodroidespecialy with another distrobutions stupid naming convention for their official drivers18:45
lrs_Bashing-om, Its not there18:49
oalHow can I see the ports open with UFW without enabling it?18:49
lrs_Mirodroid, NVIDIA NVS 5400M18:49
oalAnd isn't it enough to do ufw allow 1234 to open a port?18:49
oalI've locked myself out twice now... :p18:49
Bashing-omlrs_: That card Nvidia recommneds the 352 version ! http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/90279/en-us18:51
lrs_Bashing-om, Ok, done18:52
=== wook is now known as Guest34187
tnkhanhhi I have packagekit in /usr and /usr/local, the one in /usr is from distro and older version, how to force use the one in /usr/local?18:53
BernzelIm trying to install Sublime Text 2. I tried running this in terminal http://askubuntu.com/questions/172698/how-do-i-install-sublime-text-2-3 and it started installing and seemed fine, but I can't find the software installed anywhere?18:55
jhutchinsBernzel: See http://www.sublimetext.com/support for sublime support.  It is not an ubuntu package, we do not know how to support it.18:56
derek01so now my issue is this, Moving any file more than a pixel crashes nautilus. Even when I try to just re-arrange my desktop, by moving a folder, everything disapears, and I have to start nautilus to get them back.18:57
demhlyrBernzel: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/07/sublime-text-3-ubuntu-ppa-now-available.html you can add a ppa for sublime18:58
tnkhanhhi I have packagekit in /usr and /usr/local, the one in /usr is from distro and older version, how to force use the one in /usr/local?19:00
lrs_heh. seems its working19:03
lrs_I had to install bumblebee...19:03
lrs_But if i use steam... it works19:03
lrs_So strange19:03
Bashing-omlrs_: Use what works .19:03
Mirodroidyea the 5400M will utilize the 35x.x series nvidia driver19:03
lrs_Bashing-om, Yeah well. I need it to use the 5400.. because the other gfx is slow as heck19:04
lrs_but when i start with just steam, im not really sure19:04
Mirodroidon another channel i had someone come in saying the Nvidia 3400 series driver wasnt working on their 4200 TI19:04
Bashing-omlrs_: What is the on-die graphics chip set ?19:05
Mirodroidthe latest driver iirc just added support for the GTX95019:05
lrs_But i picked primusrun as launchoption in steam. So i think it works...?19:05
lrs_So.. i start steam normal, and it *Should*start primusrun when i start a game19:05
lrs_Bashing-om, on-die?19:06
MirodroidBashing-om, pretty sure lrs said Nvidia 5400M which is a quadro gpu19:06
lrs_NVIDIA NVS 5400M is the gfx cards used for performance, Intel HD Graphics 4000 is the gfx in the mb19:07
lrs_Yeah Thinkpad T53019:07
Bashing-omMirodroid: If this is not a hybrid graphics situation, then a means to switch graphics sets is not even in the equation .19:07
lrs_Thinkpad is good. But fucking nvidia on linux is hell19:07
lrs_Oh nice19:07
lrs_Thats the best of the best19:08
Mirodroidwell 27 thinkpads but agian tyhis is leading to offtopic19:08
daftykins!language | lrs_19:08
ubottulrs_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:08
lrs_I kinda like the frankenpad stuff19:08
Mirodroidtake thinkpad discussion to ##ibmthinkpad19:08
daftykinslets take the chat away to #ubuntu-offtopic thanks19:08
wellola bot19:08
lrs_I actually used to be a bit in that channel19:08
lrs_But anyways, thx for help! Now i know 352 is the way to go19:08
wellmeus ovo19:08
daftykinswell: ask a question in english.19:08
wellmeu ovo19:08
wellquero saber como se comi um cu19:09
derek01anyone have any ideas relating to my nautilus errors? Im fairly certain this pertains to it : http://pastebin.com/TY6bUDsp19:10
fancyfetusHey guys19:12
fancyfetusI'm having a lot of difficulty installing ubuntu in uefi mode19:12
fancyfetusI guess i tried to install it alongsite windows 10 a while back and gave up. I returned to try again, but I think my EFI partition is really messed up. In my bios boot options there is like... 7 ubuntu boot options19:13
fancyfetusnone of which boot to ubuntu19:14
fancyfetusI can't even boot to a usb containing ubuntu in UEFI mode.19:14
daftykinsbut you did to install19:14
fancyfetusI must have, yeah19:15
fancyfetusBut to be honest I'd forgotten that I even tried earlier.19:15
fancyfetusSo I have no idea what I did...19:15
tnkhanhI think I just uninstalled ubuntu-desktop and everything is still running ok.19:16
fancyfetusI've already deleted the ubuntu storage partition I created. How do I... reset my EFI partition19:16
EriC^^fancyfetus: when you boot ubuntu what happens?19:16
EriC^^tnkhanh: what's the command you used?19:16
fancyfetusEriC^^, which one do I boot to? :P There is one partition that is a part of my ssd called ubuntu.19:17
fancyfetusThen there are 7 other partitions that are 476GB in size (which doesn't make sense...)19:17
fancyfetusall called ubuntu19:17
fancyfetusWhen I boot to the main one that is part of my ssd, it just boots into windows19:17
EriC^^fancyfetus: do you have a live usb?19:19
tnkhanhEriC^^: check this out. It seems I uninstalled ubuntu-desktop http://paste.ubuntu.com/12256040/19:19
fancyfetusoh, I just tried booting to the main ssd partition called Ubuntu19:19
fancyfetusand It took me to GNU GRUB19:19
EriC^^tnkhanh: why are you removing that package?19:20
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok19:20
tnkhanhEriC^^: it seems to be "conflicting package", with another package. I'm not sure what that means, I'm just trying stuff19:21
fancyfetusEriC^^, It's just the grub command line though. I do have a live usb. Do I boot to it in UEFI or normal mode?19:21
EriC^^tnkhanh: what other package?19:21
EriC^^fancyfetus: grub prompt is fine19:21
tnkhanhEriC^^: the other is packagekit19:21
EriC^^fancyfetus: type ls -l19:22
fancyfetusThat's an L right?19:22
tnkhanhEriC^^: it seems everything is still fine and even better, packagekit not conflicting anymore!19:22
fancyfetus"error: file --l' not found."19:22
fancyfetusls works though.19:23
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, try ls (hdx,gptY)/19:23
=== Rez__ is now known as LoRez
EriC^^fancyfetus: pick one that looks like the ubuntu partition19:24
fancyfetusdisk -hdx,gptY not found19:24
EriC^^tnkhanh: i think you need that python package though19:24
fancyfetus(hd0) (hd1) (hd1, msdos1) (hd2) (hd2, msdos1) (hd3) (hd3, gpt3) (hd3,gpt2) (hd3,gpt1) (hd4) (hd4,msdos1)19:25
fancyfetusthat's what ls prints19:25
EriC^^tnkhanh: why are you installing packagekit anyways?19:25
tnkhanhEriC^^: its a dependency to build plasma-desktop which is what I'm trying to do19:26
fancyfetusalso, to be clear, I want to remove all traces of ubuntu from my efi and start fresh19:26
EriC^^tnkhanh: oh, ok19:26
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, can you boot the live usb?19:27
fancyfetusin uefi or normal mode?19:27
fancyfetusokay, launched in uefi mode, EriC^^19:29
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, type sudo parted -l19:30
EriC^^paste it in paste.ubuntu.com19:31
fancyfetuspaste.ubuntu.com/12256185/ EriC^^19:32
EriC^^fancyfetus: where do you want to install ubuntu?19:34
derek01anyone have any ideas relating to my nautilus errors? Im fairly certain this pertains to it : http://pastebin.com/TY6bUDsp19:34
fancyfetuson the 500GB SSD19:34
fancyfetusEriC^^, the samsung drive.19:35
j2daoshhello all. This is probably not the appropriate place for this, but i had a VM with kali on it that started failing when it did a disk check because the vml file was full19:35
j2daoshanyway, I loaded up a bigger drive for the kali install and now i am trying to recover the data. I loaded the disk to the new installation but according to diskmanager and partitionmanager, it doesn't have a partition table now (i think it must have gotten corrupted from the failed fsck). what are my recovery options?19:36
MonkeyDustj2daosh  idd, kali is not supported here19:36
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, i think you have 34gb at the end free space19:36
j2daoshMonkeyDust: i know but kali was dead and since it is has a ubuntu base, uses a ubuntu gui, recovery should be similiar19:37
BenLubarapt-get just gets stuck on "0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::17)]" when I try to `sudo apt-get install ghc`19:37
fancyfetusEriC^^, what about my currently messed up EFI partition?19:37
daftykinsj2daosh: still off topic i'm afraid, you can go nuts with 'testdisk' though - but you'll get no more input in here.19:37
OerHeksj2daosh, wrong,kali 2 has debian as base, good luck in #debian19:37
EriC^^fancyfetus: type sudo efibootmgr -v19:37
OerHekskali failing, lolz19:37
fancyfetusEriC^^, command not found19:38
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, type sudo apt-get install efibootmgr19:38
fancyfetuslol, that doesn't look right at all19:40
EriC^^fancyfetus: try sudo efibootmgr -B 000F19:42
lauriHi, is there anyone working with Ubuntu Certified program?19:42
fancyfetusEriC^^, I deleted the partition that had storage for my past installation of ubuntu19:42
fancyfetusthat's why I have so much free space.19:42
fancyfetusit says, "You must specify a boot entry to delete (see the -b option)19:43
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, try sudo efibootmgr -b 000F -B19:43
fancyfetusalright, it's gone19:44
fancyfetusEriC^^, why does 000B exist? It's just a removable drive, nothing to boot from.19:44
EriC^^fancyfetus: i dunno, it probably just lists it19:45
EriC^^fancyfetus: try for i in {0001..9}; do sudo efibootmgr -b $i -B; done19:46
EriC^^fancyfetus: try for i in {0003..9}; do sudo efibootmgr -b $i -B; done19:46
fancyfetusI'd like to keep my windows partition :P19:47
fancyfetusThere are still a few ubuntu partitions19:48
fancyfetus000A, 000C and 000E. Remove those as well?19:49
fancyfetusokay done19:49
EriC^^ok, start the installer19:50
fancyfetusIs the 3rd party software any good? Or is it bloaty?19:51
EriC^^it's ok, you need it for lots of stuff like mp3 codecs19:51
EriC^^i think19:52
fancyfetusInstall Ubuntu alongside WIndows Boot Manager?19:52
MonkeyDustEriC^^  FYI: with the command 'batch', you can also type the different script lines one by one and execute immediately19:53
ash_workis this how you would move all files except hidden ones? mv [^.]* /dir/ ?19:53
EriC^^MonkeyDust: cool, i will check it out19:53
EriC^^ty :)19:53
fancyfetusEriC^^, it says that some partition tables will be changed.19:53
fancyfetusSCSI1 (0, 0, 0) (sda)19:53
expedionHey guys, got a question on connecting to a sftp server through nautilus. Basically I have a .ppk file that I need to use. How should I go about doing this?19:54
fancyfetuspartition #4 and 5 specifically.19:54
EriC^^fancyfetus: no problem19:54
fancyfetuswill this be filling the 135 GB of unallocated space or will this be taking from my windows installation19:54
expedionIt's driving me nuts haha, been trying to get it to work for days now.19:54
EriC^^fancyfetus: it will use the unallocated space19:55
fancyfetusCan gnome be run ontop of ubuntu without having to install ubuntu gnome separately?19:56
EriC^^sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop19:57
expedionRunning Gnome on top of Ubuntu, wouldn't that make things slower?19:57
expedionSince you'll have Unity AND Gnome running :/,19:57
auronandaceunity uses gnome 3 as it's base19:57
fancyfetusDon't think it would be noticeable for me :P19:58
MonkeyDustunity is a compiz plugin for gnome319:58
expedionStill, 2 instances though. Unity and Gnome running at the same time.19:58
fancyfetusOh man... I hated Unity with a passion when it was first released.19:58
expedionWhy fancyfetus?19:58
EriC^^expedion: they don't run together, you can choose either one at the login screen19:59
fancyfetusNot sure. I can't remember my reasoning. It's fine.19:59
juan_Hi guys19:59
EriC^^unity is just a de too19:59
MonkeyDustexpedion  you mean gnome-shell19:59
expedionEriC^^ nice didn't know :).19:59
fancyfetusIt's fine now*19:59
expedionAnd how can you switch back to Unity from Gnome?19:59
fancyfetusexpedion, by logging off and on again19:59
MonkeyDustexpedion  logout, switch, login19:59
fancyfetusYou can choose it from the log in page :)19:59
expedionLogout as in, logout account yea?19:59
juan_i have a question20:00
fancyfetusyes sir.20:00
expedionThat's awesome man.20:00
Jarvis007expedion: I'm hling you just for testing's sake k?20:00
juan_impact in some if i disable IPv6 in Ubuntu?20:00
expedionThe thing with Gnome that I just find the top panel... wtf, looks so ugly. Well atleast the stuff on the top left does.20:00
fancyfetusexpedion, you can have others too! Plasma looked nice but was super ganky20:00
fancyfetusexpedion, ohhh but you can skin it to look OH SO GOOD20:00
expedionAnd like the active tabs on Gnome.... my god. Just plain texts :/ chaotic.20:01
Jarvis007k done testing20:01
expedionFancyfetus, got a link to a nice skin for it?20:01
fancyfetusThanks EriC^^! :) I was under the assumption that install ubuntu UEFI was a black magic task. Thanks for the walk through!20:01
fancyfetusexpedion, I combined two skins to make my own :)20:02
juan_make the diference disabling IPv6 in Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS?20:02
expedionI did the sudo apt-get to get gnome, I'm prompted to an installed now where it asks me to configure gdm, I can choose between gdm and lightdm, which one should i chooose?20:02
fancyfetusexpedion, i combined iris light and yellowstone for elementary OS.20:03
MonkeyDustfancyfetus  are you on elementary now?20:03
EriC^^fancyfetus: no problem :)20:03
fancyfetusMonkeyDust, I never was. I really just took the images and spliced them into iris light20:04
expedionI picked GDM, guess I can't go wrong there haha.20:04
coy_one sec20:04
fancyfetusEriC^^, I heard that if you install ubuntu gnome desktop ontop of an existing ubuntu installation you could run into some package conflicts.20:04
fancyfetusThis was 2 years ago though.20:04
juan_anyone answer my questin :(20:04
MonkeyDust!patience | juan_20:05
ubottujuan_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:05
expedionTime to logout and login to see what gnome is like :) brb.20:05
fancyfetusexpedion, vanilla gnome is fairly ugly :( Prepare to be disappointed.20:05
juan_oks, thanks MonkeyDust20:05
coy_joining call now20:05
EriC^^fancyfetus: hmm, i've no idea20:06
fancyfetusoooo installation done. lets see if it worked!20:06
EriC^^fancyfetus: i tried installing lubuntu once with unity, and it changed the pop ups i got in unity and other stuff, and i ended up removing it20:07
fancyfetusI booted straight into windows :( No dual boot picker thing20:07
EriC^^fancyfetus: try the boot menu20:07
fancyfetusYeah, I might have windows set as first priority20:08
fancyfetusAll is well :) EriC^^ I have another random 476GB ubuntu partition though.20:10
shazaumhggdh: que feio hein...20:10
EriC^^does it boot to the grub menu when you boot the pc?20:11
shazaumhggdh: mesmo assim, nao vou ficar bravo, quer mais uma piada?20:11
gruntzHi. What's wrong with ubuntu and ugly looking tray icons? Like here https://i.imgur.com/YunP4ls.png (second from left) - it's spideroak (qt application)20:11
MonkeyDustshazaum  yes20:11
fancyfetusI need to set ubuntu as the 1st priority boot to bring up the grub menu, EriC^^20:11
hggdhshazaum: you will also get banned here20:11
EriC^^fancyfetus: oh, ok20:12
expedionOk back, how do I uninstall gnome? I used this command to install it: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop20:12
MonkeyDustgruntz  firstly, try a different !theme20:12
expedionI logged in back to unity and it seems to have taken on the font of Gnome :/20:12
fancyfetusYeah, that's the sort of stuff I meant about installing one ontop of the other. EriC^^20:13
expedionPlus Gnome takes considerably more resources to run I noticed.20:13
expedionAnyone an idea?20:14
EriC^^expedion: type cat /var/log/apt/history.log and get the packages it installed newly20:14
gruntzMonkeyDust: what's wrong with theme? it's just icon that doesn't look like native spideroak's one20:14
expedionOk done, EriC^^, what's the next step?20:15
EriC^^paste them in gedit and save20:15
expedionI just want to uninstall Gnome.20:15
EriC^^if you just uninstall the package ubuntu-gnome-desktop you'll have other packages leftover20:16
fancyfetusthe package manager that fedora uses is actually pretty nice. It lets you rollback actions20:16
expedionHehe EriC^^, moments like these makes me say to people who say this: Linux, really easy to use... as Bullshit haha20:16
expedionJust a sec, I'll make the file :).20:17
MonkeyDustgruntz  i was thinking, with a different theme comes a different icon set20:17
fancyfetusOh man, there are a lot of things that hardcore linux users will say that I disagree with :P20:17
jhutchinsfancyfetus: In order to do that, the RPM repos have to keep every version of every package, plus metadata.20:17
fancyfetusI think that Microsoft Word is hands down a better word editor than libre or openoffice20:17
jhutchinsfancyfetus: It's really nice if an update breaks your system, but a pain to maintain.20:18
gruntzMonkeyDust: spideroak have client in qt, so change of gtk icon theme will not help20:18
jhutchinsfancyfetus: Also makes the local package lists on your machine much bigger.20:18
fancyfetusjhutchins, ahh. I didn't think it would be so tough to maintain :( They use a different package manager now, right? Man or something.20:18
jhutchinsfancyfetus: It's like dpkg vs. aptitude, rpm is the package manager, they use yum now as the user tool/wrapper.20:19
daftykinsi hear even yum is being deprecated20:19
jhutchinsdaftykins: It's still in EL7, which came out last year.20:20
expedionI liked Fedora ALOT, just the support that Ubuntu was lacking in Fedora.20:20
daftykinsyeah but things often remain for transitional purposes, anywho wrong distro so i shall be silent20:21
expedionOnly thing with unity that I kind of have to get used to is the pretentious window controls on the left and the launcher always being on the left.20:21
expedionThey just... wanted to have it their way and put things to the left.20:21
Aqui1aHello, is this the official suopport channel for Ubuntu?20:22
MonkeyDustexpedion  it's because, in time, desktop and phone interface will be the same: everything on the left20:23
EriC^^expedion: open gedit, delete the lines that say Install: ... and leave only the package names20:23
fancyfetusexpedion, yeah I don't like the thing on the left either.20:24
daftykinsAqui1a: yes.20:25
daftykinsAqui1a: the clue is in the topic20:25
mossdpkg: error processing package libapache2-mod-wsgi (--configure):20:25
expedionSec EriC^^20:25
moss subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 120:25
Aqui1aCould somebody please help. Ubuntu will not load up for me. Firstly, GRUB has stopped counting down from 10 (the autoboot thing), and when I manually hit enter on Ubuntu, it looks like it will load, but only a flashing cursor appears and remains on the screen20:25
mossI have uninstalled this module and tried to reinstall it and there are _NO ERROR MESSAGES_20:25
EriC^^!nomodeset | Aqui1a , also try an older kernel20:25
ubottuAqui1a , also try an older kernel: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:25
expedionEriC^^ I sent you a link to the log.20:25
fancyfetusi also don't like how ubuntu and fedora have inconsistent windowy things. For Fedora it has metacity and gtx20:25
expedionThere's install: only 1 time in the file.20:26
fancyfetusI wish there would just be one so that theming could be consistent.20:26
tgm4883moss: have you tried 'dpkg-reconfigure libapache2-mod-wsgi'20:26
EriC^^expedion: ok, delete whatever is before the packages, and leave only package ..(...) package (.....20:26
MonkeyDustfancyfetus  there are over 300 active distro's, they all look different20:26
fancyfetusMonkeyDust, but fedora uses both at the same time!20:27
fancyfetussome windows applications use gtx and others use metacity20:27
Aqui1aEric, would this still apply if it had been working for a long time prior to this issue?20:27
MonkeyDustfancyfetus  ok, but how big is the fedora .iso?20:28
expedionEriC^^.... I have no idea what I should do.20:28
Aqui1aEric, I started getting this problem seemingly out of nowhere, after months of using Ubuntu just fine20:28
expedionCould you check the log I sent you? I'm really not that sophisticated with Ubuntu yet.20:28
EriC^^Aqui1a: yes, a newer kernel or graphics driver does this sometimes20:28
fancyfetusMonkeyDust, larger than the ubuntu one if I'm not mistaken20:28
Aqui1aEric, ok thanks. I'll try to do this20:28
expedionLet me reboot, maybe that will help put the fonts back into perspective20:29
fancyfetusI can't access tty from my new installation. I just see a black screen.20:29
EriC^^Aqui1a: np20:29
derek01anyone have any ideas relating to my nautilus errors? Im fairly certain this pertains to it : http://pastebin.com/TY6bUDsp20:29
bristotthanks hggdh o.20:30
daftykinsderek01: test another user20:31
auronandacederek01: didn't you switch to kde? why are you using nautilus instead of dolphin?20:32
OerHeksauronandace, he removed kde .. i just read back20:32
derek01daftykins: same thing under guest session20:33
derek01auronandace: I gave up on KDE, the only reason I wanted to switch was because of this issue im attempting to resolve now haha20:33
daftykinsah well, i reckon you nerfed your install.20:33
daftykinsno idea what you've done to that thing.20:33
OerHeksjust reinstall ubuntu-dekstop, should do.20:33
derek01daftykins: this was happening before I attempted to get KDE working20:33
daftykinsso yeah, your whole install is funky :)20:34
Aqui1aEric, do you happen to have a clearer, easier-to-understand set of instructions you could link me too?20:34
derek01daftykins: un funky it!20:34
derek01haha jk20:34
auronandacederek01: you've had quite a few issues, i'd recommend reinstalling from scratch20:34
mosstgm4883: libapache2-mod-wsgi is broken or not fully installed it says20:34
daftykinsderek01: sure, go reinstall after stability testing :P20:34
wexhello friends can one of you please suggest a good alternative to pinnacle studio for linux?20:34
fancyfetusEriC^^, my efi is borked on second boot!!!20:35
auronandacederek01: though if you really want to persist and you are not too attached to nautilus you could try another file manager (thunar is my favourite, but pcmanfm is also good)20:35
derek01daftykins: hahaha you wun20:35
fancyfetusthere is no more good ubuntu boot option. I only have two of the weird ubuntu 476GB boot options. EriC^^  :(20:35
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Ubuntu for bug #476 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/476). The error has been logged20:35
mosslike wtf20:36
derek01OerHeks: when i run apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, its attempting to download 293mb of packages, so im guessing it might be related20:36
EriC^^Aqui1a: as soon as the pc boots, hold shift to get grub, then press e over ubuntu, then go to the line that says linux /vmlinuz ...... quiet splash , and add nomodeset after quiet splash, then press ctrl+x to boot20:36
Aqui1aEric, thanks20:36
fancyfetusit;s back again.. I'm so confused D:20:36
EriC^^Aqui1a: to try an older kernel, go to advanced in grub20:36
EriC^^fancyfetus: that happens a lot20:37
fancyfetusa new ubuntu boot option is created every time I try to boot into ubuntu...20:38
fancyfetusis that right?!20:38
EriC^^fancyfetus: the bios might be hard coded to do that, you can switch the efi files20:38
EriC^^no, that's odd20:38
EriC^^if you switch the efi files the bios will think you're booting windows and it will play nice20:39
EriC^^it's common practice, i've done the same20:39
Aqui1anomodeset didn't work. It's not a completely black screen, it has a flashing white cursor thing in the top left. It stays like this until I have to manually reboot.20:40
gruntzHi. What's wrong with ubuntu and ugly looking tray icons? Like here https://i.imgur.com/YunP4ls.png (second from left) - it's spideroak (qt application)20:40
daftykinsAqui1a: i reckon you want to try an older kernel20:40
EriC^^Aqui1a: ^20:40
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
EriC^^fancyfetus: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi.backup20:41
curiousxgruntz: may be that could be solved with another icon theme20:42
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
fancyfetusEriC^^, done20:43
EriC^^fancyfetus: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi.backup20:44
EriC^^type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi20:45
mossWill someone please help me? http://dpaste.com/0ES0W1J20:46
mossThis does not make _any_ sense and is very frustrating because there are no valuable logs.20:46
fancyfetusdone, EriC^^20:47
MonkeyDustmoss  that's a wall of text, it's easier if you described it a bit20:47
mossMonkeyDust: I installed libapache2-mod-wsgi - then i uninstalled it by mistake, when i try to reinstall it, it FAILS.20:48
daftykinsit's pretty easy, it's a package going on - failing, being removed - erroring (not a problem) then going back on again because the user is unfamiliar with the definition of insanity20:48
daftykinsmoss: no it failed to go on the first time20:48
mossdaftykins: I can't find any error logs to correct whatever mistake is being made20:48
EriC^^fancyfetus: type sudo /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi20:49
mossdaftykins: the dpaste is just what is going on now20:49
mossdaftykins: any valuable insight is appreciated.20:49
fancyfetusdone, EriC^^20:49
Bashing-ommoss: "dpkg: warning: while removing libapache2-mod-wsgi, directory '/etc/apache2/mods-available' not empty so not removed " // So what is in that directory ?20:50
EriC^^fancyfetus: type sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/grubx64.efi20:50
mossBashing-om: um.. the rest of my mods for apache?!20:51
daftykinsmoss: #1, is it disabled in apache? #2 is apache stopped? once you meet those two requirements try again20:51
Bashing-ommoss: I bet, any if them pertain to libapache2-mod-wsgi ?20:52
mossBashing-om: Nope.20:52
greenberet123I have a 5TB partition and I want to repartition it as /boot, /home and scratch ... what is the smoothest way to achieve this?20:52
daftykinsgreenberet123: this your RAID mess again?20:52
mossdaftykins: yes it is disabled.20:53
daftykinsmoss: that is only one of the parts i mentioned =|20:53
mossand yes apache is stopped20:53
mossautoremove still doesnt remove it20:53
greenberet123daftykins: Yes. I got it to boot thanks to this IRC room :) . Now I want to fix everything, so that it doesnt get screwed again.20:53
EriC^^fancyfetus: ?20:54
beakyhow do i add more workspaces20:54
daftykinsmoss: since it's tripping up on the mods path, back it up - then delete it yourself and try removal again- then it'll pass the check.20:54
mossdaftykins: a2dismod wsgi (ERROR module doesn't exist!) && service apache2 stop && sudo apt-get autoremove (still produces error)20:54
fancyfetussorry, done EriC^^20:54
mossdaftykins: okay.20:54
daftykinsmoss: you shouldn't mix sudo use with non-sudo use - a good example of why being root is a bad move when you're new20:55
EriC^^fancyfetus: np, type sudo nano /usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/efi/20microsoft20:55
EriC^^fancyfetus: replace bootmgfw.efi with bootmgfw.efi.backup in the line in the middle20:57
mossdaftykins: None of this is helping.20:57
mossI'll try removing apache220:57
mossand everything associated with it20:57
gnu_lennuxmoss try with: whereis apache220:58
fancyfetusEriC^^, the line that starts with: bootmgfw=$(item_in_dir bootmgfw.efi ... ?20:58
EriC^^fancyfetus: if the os-prober package gets updated, you'll have to edit again as you are now20:58
mossgnu_lennux: i am trying to properly install libapache2-mod-wsgi20:58
daftykinsmoss: i don't think that's wise, i wonder if "dpkg -r <package>" will give any different output20:59
EriC^^fancyfetus: no, type sudo update-grub20:59
mossdpkg: error processing archive libapache2-mod-wsgi (--install):21:00
moss cannot access archive: No such file or directory21:00
daftykinssounds like the package is not in your cache folder o021:00
=== jack is now known as Guest40246
fancyfetus2EriC^^. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12257029/21:01
=== fancyfetus2 is now known as fancyfetus
niilosHi all !21:03
niilosI got a network issue21:03
EriC^^fancyfetus: looks good21:03
daftykinsniilos: oh?21:03
daftykinsis it one for us or one for ##networking ?21:03
niilosyeah I guess21:04
EriC^^fancyfetus: try to restart21:04
niilosI'll try :)21:04
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fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, "An operating system wasn't found Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system."21:05
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: try turning secureboot off21:05
mossdaftykins: i was able to successfully remove it using "sudo apt-get purge libapache2-mod-wsgi"  and reinstalling21:07
mossnow it works21:07
mosswhat a _crap_ package manager.21:07
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, Turned off21:08
daftykinsmoss: i think it's great, i suspect you might have a PPA there doing something funky.21:08
daftykinsmoss: but yeah, you were using remove --purge which is a bit pants21:09
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: ok, is it working now?21:09
mossdaftykins: what is the main difference?21:09
daftykinspass :D21:09
daftykinslets dial back the caps21:09
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, i think so. Can I delete all the ubuntu bot entries now??21:09
mossi am an angry young man.21:09
fancyfetus_laptoAlso, any idea how to enable tty virtual terminals?21:11
awktionwhen you're ready i'll leave this here https://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu21:11
fancyfetus_laptoI need to install something that i have to disable X for.21:11
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: yeah21:11
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: no idea21:11
EriC^^is windows booting?21:11
Aqui1aHello again, quick question... It's booted me into tty, how to I get to the .... normal interface?21:12
MonkeyDustAqui1a  ctrl alt f721:12
mossdaftykins: thank you regardless, just for making me think :)21:12
Aqui1aI have, MonkeyDust. It takes me to some boot information, with the last one being 'Restoring resolver state'21:13
MonkeyDustAqui1a  ctrl alt f8 maybe21:14
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, not fixed :/ Back to operating system not found21:14
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: did it boot without using the menu after turning secureboot off?21:14
Aqui1aAnything above F6 does nothing lol MonkeyDust21:14
EriC^^Aqui1a: try sudo service lightdm restart21:14
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: did you boot into windows before that error?21:14
fancyfetus_laptoI boot into ubuntu and the error happened on restart21:15
EriC^^what laptop do you have?21:15
Aqui1aunrecognized service, Eric21:15
EriC^^Aqui1a: are you using unity?21:15
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: yeah21:15
MonkeyDustAqui1a  then ctrl-arrow left, maybe, until you get there21:16
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, I'm on a desktop I build21:16
Aqui1aOh I uninstalled it, I didn't reinstall it. I think I'm using Chrome21:16
EriC^^Aqui1a: try sudo service gdm restart21:16
fancyfetus_laptoMan... what benefits does UEFI mode even give?!?! How hard would it be for me to just install it in regular mode??21:16
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: see if secureboot turned on again maybe21:17
fancyfetus_laptostill off21:17
EriC^^uefi is just the new standard, and it boots faster too21:17
fancyfetus_laptoI also disabled Fast Boot21:18
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EriC^^ok try booting into ubuntu using the menu and maybe we can see what happened21:18
fancyfetus_laptoThose weird ubuntu boot entries are still showing up... there are like... 6 or 7 now21:18
NGC3982Is there any good alternative to nethogs, that does not hog the cpu instead?21:19
NGC3982With a ten second delay, it uses 15% of my cpu.21:19
fancyfetus_laptoEvery time I boot into ubuntu using the menu, the entry turns into one of the weird ubuntu entries and I can't boot again21:19
EriC^^try booting using the windows entry21:19
MonkeyDust!find nethogs21:19
ubottuFound: nethogs, W:, W:, W:21:19
MonkeyDustNGC3982  what's nethogs?21:20
fhfnyone has a clue how to test Ubuntu Desktop Next since ISOs are no longer built at cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop-next/daily-live/21:20
NGC3982It's a CLI based program that measures bandwith usage for processes.21:20
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, I'm in ubuntu now. Should I go into windows?21:20
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: no21:20
EriC^^type sudo efibootmgr -v21:20
EriC^^and ls -lR /boot/efi/EFI21:21
NGC3982MonkeyDust: ^21:21
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, keyboard wasn't being detected. This is disheartening :(21:22
auronandace!ubuntu+1 | fhf21:22
ubottufhf: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+121:22
maxflaxHow to fix a shutdown that instead of shutdown only logs me out?21:22
Aqui1aBah, nothing works... I don't know why it won't start :(21:22
EriC^^Aqui1a: does it say anything in the terminal after sudo service gdm restart?21:22
MonkeyDustNGC3982  is this usefull (iptraf) http://www.slashroot.in/find-network-traffic-and-bandwidth-usage-process-linux21:22
Aqui1aI reinstalled lightdm21:23
Aqui1aand.. then it went straight to that black screen with the flashing white cursor21:23
EriC^^Aqui1a: try reinstalling gdm21:23
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, my keyboard is no longer being detected in Ubuntu21:24
fancyfetus_laptooh nvm21:24
EriC^^Aqui1a: did gdm used to work?21:24
Aqui1aI don't know, I've had lightdm and gdm installed. I don't know which one I've been using21:24
fancyfetusEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=a6qcH7QG21:25
Aqui1aHoly moly!21:26
Aqui1aHoly moly it's working!21:26
fancyfetusEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=rgbRTqRU21:26
Aqui1aI messed about with lightdm, purged nvidia drivers.. and some other little things I've already forgotten. Booting into Ubuntu normally has worked!21:26
NGC3982MonkeyDust: I don't think the other alternatives measure processes21:27
Aqui1aNow that I'm in, Eric^^, is there any way I can do like... a big search for errors or something21:27
Aqui1aor clean broken files or w/e21:27
Aqui1aDamnit. I knew it was too good to be true lol...21:28
Aqui1aAs soon as I enter password, I get a little box saying something about report a systme program error21:28
Aqui1aand now all I have is a desktop21:28
Aqui1abut... it's progress21:28
cuqa_hello, just been to your fellas in #debian also21:29
EriC^^fancyfetus: try sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi21:29
EriC^^fancyfetus: and sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grubx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi21:29
cuqa_i have to demand that lines 120+121 are being removed from here http://pastie.org/private/smcbd4htzkg6wz9ewvflma#1321:29
cuqa_its /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server21:29
EriC^^Aqui1a: you can try sudo apt-get -f install21:29
fancyfetusEriC^^, done21:30
EriC^^fancyfetus: try sudo efibootmgr -o 0000,0012,0001,000D,000E,000F,0010,0011,0013,001421:30
auronandacecuqa_: demand all you want, this is just a support channel, we are not the developers21:30
cuqa_this is pretty disgusting  because you do not expect your nfs to break sooner or later if you dont explicitly allow localhost in rpcbind or portmap21:30
cuqa_np, maybe someone is bored and will push a new version to the ubuntu repo21:31
MonkeyDustcuqa_  you're in the wrong channel21:31
Aqui1aEric^^, do you know why my desktop is just blank?21:32
cuqa_which one is the correct one MonkeyDust21:32
Aqui1aThere's no menus, no icons. Just the default background image and the mouse cursor21:32
EriC^^Aqui1a: no, you could try apt-cache depends ubuntu-gnome-desktop | awk '/Depends/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall21:33
fancyfetusEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=V7DT4vYY21:33
OerHekscuqa_, goto launchpad for those issues, file a bureport?21:34
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, you can try deleting the boot menu's that have ubuntu, leave 0014 though21:34
EriC^^fancyfetus: ok, try restarting21:35
Aqui1aAlight Eric^^, I don't know what that means but I'll give it a quick Google21:36
Aqui1aI'm just updating/upgrading atm21:36
fancyfetusrestarting into BIOS,  windows or ubuntu?21:36
EriC^^choose the windows one21:36
nomicbios is the pc bios21:36
nomicnot = windows or ubuntu21:37
fancyfetusnomic, I know. I should have but an oxford comma.21:37
fancyfetusBIOS, Windows, or Ubuntu*21:37
fancyfetusEriC^^, no update-grub?21:37
EriC^^fancyfetus: no21:38
nomici had a nasty traumatic experience last time I blew away the microsoft tax / brand new copy of windows -- last time I wrote to dell there was no reply .. had to go through windows 8 to turn EUFI was it, off .. had to look @ the crap21:38
nomicit was horrible21:38
* nomic was traumatised for weeks21:38
nomicsaw adware, everything21:38
EriC^^Aqui1a: it will reinstall some of the packages that ubuntu-gnome depends on21:39
Aqui1aHow do you do that, nomic?21:39
nomic dunno it was complex21:39
nomicthings hidden in window s821:40
Aqui1aIs it everything after apt-cache? The entire line, Eric^^?21:40
EriC^^Aqui1a: yes21:40
Aqui1aThanks, Eric^^ I'll try that once this update finishes... Currently at about 3 minutes lol21:40
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, it worked, but I'm STILL getting those stupid ubuntu boot entries :/21:41
fancyfetus_laptoOne is created everytime I boot into ubuntu21:41
fancyfetus_laptois there a way to disable writing to the file or something?21:42
EriC^^you could add efibootmgr -b $(efibootmgr | awk '$2 ~ /ubuntu/ {print$1}' | cut -c 5-8) -B21:45
EriC^^to /etc/rc.local21:45
fancyfetus_laptowill that work 100%?21:46
MonkeyDustEriC^^  what's the -B ?21:46
EriC^^MonkeyDust: delete21:46
fancyfetus_laptoMonkeyDust, every time I boot into ubuntu, my ubuntu boot entry is changed to a useless entry named ubuntu and a new real ubuntu entry is created.21:47
fancyfetus_laptoI'm on Boot0015 now for the proper ubuntu partition :(21:48
fancyfetus_laptouh wait...21:48
fancyfetusEriC^^, why does it say current is 0000?21:48
fancyfetusBootCurrent: 0000 Timeout: 1 seconds BootOrder: 0000,0001,000D,0014,0015 Boot0000* Windows Boot ManagerHD(2,e1800,32000,87e5b27a-8e4e-4e06-b44f-ca97ebccc18b)File(\EFI\MICROSOFT\BOOT\BOOTMGFW.EFI)WINDOWS.........x...B.C.D.O.B.J.E.C.T.=.{.9.d.e.a.8.6.2.c.-.5.c.d.d.-.4.e.7.0.-.a.c.c.1.-.f.3.2.b.3.4.4.d.}................... Boot0001* Hard Drive BIOS(2,0,00)..GO..NO........O.S.a.m.s.u.n.g. .S.S.D. .8.5.0. .E.V.O. .5.0.0.G.B.21:48
fancyfetus0000 is Windows Boot Manager. Shouldn't I be 0014 or 0015?21:49
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: hmm it won't work if there's more than 1 entry at a time i think21:49
EriC^^you could add for i in $(efibootmgr | grep "ubuntu.*ACPI" | cut -c 5-8); do efibootmgr -b $i -B; done21:50
EriC^^that should delete them all and leave the real ubuntu one21:50
Aqui1aEric^^, I did that, and I still got the error 'System Program Problem Detected' after the login screen :(21:50
EriC^^Aqui1a: that happens sometimes21:52
EriC^^fancyfetus: no 0000 is the windows one21:52
fancyfetus_laptoyeah, so when it says BootCurrent: 0000 what does that mean?21:52
meLonI'm reverting `fglrx` to the open source drivers and I'm getting a weird unmet dependencies error:  http://pastie.org/private/q7sevpdyvuqvusp6kqsq  Any suggestions?21:52
Aqui1aEric^^, yes but I still keep getting a blank, non-resonsive desktop21:53
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: it means it's booted21:53
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, wont this continuously increase the number of the entry? I'm on 15 right now.21:53
fancyfetus_laptocouldn't it reach like... FFFF one day?21:53
OerHeksmeLon, i have seen these weird errors before, elementary ?21:55
EriC^^Aqui1a: try the guest account21:55
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: i dunno21:55
fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, can I like.. disable ACPI in bios or something like that?21:56
EriC^^who knows :D21:56
meLonSorry, I'm not sure what you're asking OerHeks21:56
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: not sure21:56
MonkeyDustmeLon  what's the output of  cat /etc/issue21:57
OerHeks= elementary desktop21:57
Aqui1aOk Eric^^, I did that, and the same thing except without the error... No desktop icons/menu, just the default bg image along with the mouse cursor. And, just like with my own account, it logs me out after about 5 seconds.21:57
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: i've no idea about it21:57
Aqui1aEric^^, that last bit is new... dunno why it's doing that. D:21:57
meLonUbuntu 14.04.3  Interesting, MonkeyDust.  Could have sworn I was on 14.04.221:58
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: don't you need acpi?21:58
tgm4883meLon: you've done updates21:58
meLonAny suggestions, MonkeyDust tgm4883 ?21:59
DF3D2hi, my ubuntu boots straight to grub, I followed the steps here, but then I end up on an busy box shell where I can't even type https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/776643-how-to-rescue-a-non-booting-grub-2-on-linux/22:01
tgm4883Isn't reverting to radeon from fglrx just uninstalling fglrx and rebooting?22:01
RevertToTypei have two wifi-related issues, one is that this kiosk-like-machine i set up is actually booting into the kiosk sometimes a bit before the systemd dhclient service i created has run, additionally on a wpa2 personal hidden network my connection drops sporadically22:02
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fancyfetus_laptoEriC^^, hm... it seems to be working alright right now.22:03
EriC^^fancyfetus_lapto: great22:04
_7oshigood morning all, it my first time Im running Linux..22:04
fancyfetus_laptoDoes anyone know why my tty is just a black screen?22:04
Aqui1aDoes anyone have any advice? :(22:04
critical1If anyone can point me to the right channel/forum to get help for this, id greatly appreciate it (https://goo.gl/CSVVzx)22:06
MonkeyDustcritical1  in short, what does it say?22:07
Aqui1aCould someone please help? Or, let me know where I can get help?22:09
critical1@MonkeyDust is it hard to summarize. Using aptitude I am unable to apt-get download packages from repositories on the fly (using Dir::Etc::SourceList) because when I have the package installed aptitude wants to find the one I have installed, instead of the latest one in the repo (specified by Dir::Etc::SourceList)22:10
fancyfetus_laptoOkay... that's it...22:11
Aqui1aI'm going to go and come back another time22:11
Aqui1aThanks for the help anyway22:11
fancyfetus_laptoI'm running ubuntu in a Virtual machine.22:11
MonkeyDustcritical1  use either aptitude or apt-get ... why do you still use or require aptitude *after* the package was installed?22:12
critical1im using apt-get download, i dont want to install it, I want the physical .deb package.22:13
critical1I want to point my sources at => http://myrepo1 testing main, `apt-get download somepackage`, then point to a different source => http://ftp.another testing updates, and get a different package `apt-get download somepackage-dev`.22:14
MonkeyDustcritical1  what are you trying to achieve?22:15
critical1however when I have any of these packages installed (somepackage, somepackage-dev) on my local machine, apt-get download will not retrieve the file22:15
critical1I want to download a package by version/architecture from any repository I want22:15
critical1just point my sources at it22:15
critical1but without modifying my local machines /etc/apt/sources.list files22:16
critical1that is why I am using the -o Dir::Etc::SourceList override22:16
Bashing-ommeLon: Before purring and re-installing the dependencies, there is " this may be caused by held packages. " . What results ' sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ' ?22:16
geniicritical1: If it won't install the package with same name over the other package, odds are it's due to the versioning scheme, so it thinks the installed one is newer22:18
critical1I dont want to install @genii, just download22:18
borismy machine performed 2 unexpected reboots today. what log can i  check to see what may have caused it22:18
critical1my link (https://goo.gl/CSVVzx) shows you how to reproduce22:20
Bashing-omboris: Log files ar in /var/log/ directory. Might pay attention to kern.log and syslog files .22:22
boristy Bashing-om22:23
geniicritical1: Try setting APT::Archives::MaxAge "30";  value to 2 and APT::Archives::MinAge "2"; value to 1  in /etc/apt/apt.conf22:23
genii( or specify manually with -o flag of apt-get )22:24
critical1do I need that on the apt-get update as well? or just the apt-get download?22:25
fancyfetus_laptoWhat's the very best virtual machine application?22:25
geniicritical1: Just the update22:26
geniicritical1: Or make it universal by putting the values inthe apt.conf22:26
critical1that did not work22:28
critical1`E: Can't find a source to download version`22:30
fancyfetus_laptowow, there really aren't a lot of good VM applications for windows22:33
fancyfetus_laptoparallels and fusion are both mac exclusive?22:34
reisiofor windows?22:34
fancyfetus_laptoI want to run the VM in windows and virtualize linux in it22:35
reisiofancyfetus_lapto: VirtualBox22:35
OerHeksor hyperV Azure, http://blog.canonical.com/2012/06/07/official-ubuntu-images-now-available-on-windows-azure/22:36
reisiono, that will make your life a hell22:37
critical1If using virtualbox on W10, use the latest nightly.22:37
reisiowhen you're looking for software worth using, try to avoid that which was made available only after it was found out the authors violated a license22:37
UmeaboyInstalling Bumblebee in 15.04 completely freezes my brand new laptop.22:38
UmeaboyAsus N550JK.22:38
UmeaboyHybrid graphics22:38
UmeaboyNvidia Optimus.22:39
OerHeksisn't nvidia-prime current ?22:39
UmeaboyAny kernel I've tried lower than 4.22:39
UmeaboyOerHeks: Doesn't that get installed during the installation of Ubuntu?22:39
OerHeksUmeaboy, yes, i just read it to check. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics22:40
k1lUmeaboy: bumblebee is deprecated. nvidia now ships official linux drivers. nvidia-prime that is and it works with the nvidia-current packages22:40
OerHeksGF GTX 850M ?22:41
UmeaboyThat's what happens before Bumblebeen is installed.22:41
UmeaboyOerHeks: Yes.22:41
Umeaboyk1l: I prefer using xorg's nouveau driver.22:42
k1lUmeaboy: did you install bumblebee?22:42
k1land i mean especial "bumblebee".22:42
Umeaboyk1l: Yes. That's what killed my entire session.22:42
UmeaboyIt froze completely.-22:42
k1lUmeaboy: bumblebee is deprecated. it was a interim as long as nividia didnt bring official support with their nvidia driver22:43
changnesiaHey guys, I changed my graphics card driver and I can only access tty. How can I salvage the situation?22:43
Umeaboyk1l: Shouldn't bumblebee get removed from the repos then?22:43
k1lso i would use the nvidia drivers shipped by ubuntu22:43
Umeaboyk1l: That's what caused the kernel-bug in the movie.22:44
k1lUmeaboy: you said bumblebee did caus it22:44
gulag2014I'm trying to add space to my root partition?22:44
Umeaboyk1l: No. Bumblebee caused my computer to freeze entirely.22:44
UmeaboyWhen installing it.22:45
UmeaboyI had to remove the quiet and splash flags from kernel boot line in GRUB to be able to get X working.22:45
k1lUmeaboy: so with nvidia driver it works but brings a delay at boot?22:46
Umeaboyk1l: Yeah.22:46
UmeaboyWith the open source driver version of nouveau.22:46
k1lUmeaboy: can you show a dmesg or syslog from that boot with nvidia in a pastebin?22:46
UmeaboyThe proprietary version of it works fine.22:46
k1lUmeaboy: what?22:46
DF3D2I really need help, did some updates on my ubuntu and now it won't boot, it goes to a grub screen and if I tell it where to find the linux/initrd image it boots to a initramfs screen and I have 0 keyboard control at all22:47
DF3D2I have no idea what is going on22:47
k1lUmeaboy: you are mixing all sorts of drivers. so what happens with nvidia driver from ubuntu repo?22:47
Umeaboyk1l: Well, the installer chooses xorg-driver-video-nouveau as driver.22:47
k1lUmeaboy: no22:47
k1lUmeaboy: simple question. simple answer22:47
k1lUmeaboy: what happens when you use the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repo?22:48
UmeaboyIf I check in System Settings and the Driver tab it IS using it.22:48
UmeaboyIf I choose to use the proprietary driver of nouveau I'm able to start X.22:48
=== hugegree_ is now known as hugegreenbug
UmeaboyAnd then get to the login screen.22:49
=== amar is now known as Guest83602
k1lUmeaboy: i still dont understand what the issue is right now exactly22:50
Umeaboyk1l: Well, if I let the installer choose driver for me (xorg nouveau driver) I get a delayed boot with thoose messages spewing out.22:51
UmeaboyIf I change to use the proprietary version of the nouveau driver all works fine.22:51
UmeaboyAt least to what I can see.22:52
k1lplease call it "nividia driver". it got nothing to do with nouveau. its kind of confusing22:52
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k1lUmeaboy: ok, so the prop. nvidia driver works. what is the issue then when you use that driver?22:53
changnesiaCan you help me with my driver issue? Lightdm won't start, it says unable to connect to upstart22:54
Umeaboyk1l: http://pastebin.com/1h7bvn3W22:55
UmeaboySo you see it has problem with nouveau.22:55
arceteraI manually updated (through the kernel ppa) to kenel 4.2 final22:56
arceteraI previously had 4.2rc822:56
arceteraThe system is still using rc8, how do I switch to final?22:56
k1lUmeaboy: is that prop. nvidia driver installed when that log was taken?22:56
k1larcetera: reboot and choose the new kernel in grub?22:57
Umeaboyarcetera: Press ESC at bootup.22:58
UmeaboyThen choose advanced flags.22:58
arceteraI have GRUB set to start at boot22:58
Umeaboyarcetera: Yes, then use it.22:58
OerHeksshift @ boot22:58
arceteraGrub just shows "Ubuntu" "Advanced Options" and some other thing I can't remember22:59
arceteraAdvanced Options?22:59
Umeaboyk1l: No.22:59
Umeaboyarcetera: Yes.22:59
arceteraok rebooting22:59
Tex_NickOerHeks: where is the @ boot key ?22:59
k1lUmeaboy: i dont see an issue in that log, except its not finding the prop. nvidia driver22:59
UmeaboyWill faillog help you somehow, k1l?23:00
OerHeksTex_Nick, next to 'any'23:00
Johnny_Linuxhe he23:01
k1lUmeaboy: i would just use the prop. nvidia driver23:01
Umeaboyk1l: So, uninstalling bumblebee and rebooting then.23:01
UmeaboyI have to. The choices in the tab are gone.23:02
OerHeksi agree with k1l, use the nvidia driver, or disable intel in your bios and use nvidia solely.23:02
k1lUmeaboy: where did bumblebee now come from?23:02
Umeaboyk1l: I installed it to see if that fixed the delay issue.23:02
OerHeksbumblebee is EOL, nvidia-prime is current ( but not for the nouveaudriver)23:03
k1lUmeaboy: read that: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FAQ/#index15h323:03
k1lUmeaboy: dont use bumblebee. use nouveau (with most probaply disabling the intel video card in bios) or use the prop. nvidia which works like intended.23:04
UmeaboyOerHeks: I think I have to reinstall AND then switch to the proprietary driver (I dislike proprietary stuff).23:04
arceteraI am now in Kubuntu with kernel 4.2 final booted23:04
arceteraHow do I set kernel 4.2 final as default rather than 4.2rc823:04
Umeaboyarcetera: Think you should comment the kernels not to use in /boot/grub/grub.cfg23:05
OerHeksarcetera, update your grub maybe?23:05
UmeaboyOr as OerHeks says.23:05
arceteraUmeaboy "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE"23:05
arceteraalso I ran update-grub23:05
Umeaboyos-prober && update-grub23:06
k1lUmeaboy: that will be overridden when the scripts are run again. so that is not the right way23:06
changnesiaGuys, can I use recovery mode somehow to change my graphics driver to ubuntu's?23:06
Umeaboyk1l: OK.23:06
UmeaboyGotta go.23:06
k1lchangnesia: what driver, what video card23:06
k1lchangnesia: what ubuntu23:07
changnesiaI changed the driver to proprietary and it doesn't want to boot up23:08
changnesiaIt's an amd card23:08
arceteraIt still listed rc8 as first when running os-prober && update-grub as root23:09
k1l!nomodeset | changnesia23:09
ubottuchangnesia: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:09
arceteraalso I had to enable the root user for that wow23:09
k1lchangnesia: try this. some cards need that kernel setting, you can try the "one time" solution to test23:09
OerHeksarcetera, good luck testing :-P23:09
k1larcetera: enabling root user is quite the wrong path23:10
changnesiak1l: thanks will try23:10
k1larcetera: fiddeling with unsupported kernels is neither our job in here.23:10
arceteraselected "Ubuntu"23:14
arceterabrought me back to 4.2rc823:14
arceteraYAY KERNELS23:14
Johnny_Linuxdelete it23:14
TJ-arcetera: I have a patch for GRUB that provides a custom sort order, which I implemented specifically to put -RC kernels at the end of the boot list23:14
arceteraTJ-: can you send that to me23:15
changnesiak1l: can I change the drivers from terminal? I can log into i3 but I tried unity before and it didn't let me23:17
arceteraI moved from Ubuntu to Arch a few weeks ago and surprisingly I am not looking back23:17
TJ-arcetera: See https://iam.tj/projects/misc/grub2-custom-sort-order.tar.gz23:18
arcetera*Arch to Ubuntu23:18
arceteralow-maintainance systems praise23:18
k1lchangnesia: yes. but i would try the nomodeset kernel option first. if that works you get a working prop. driver which will be better afterwards23:19
arceteraoverwrite 10_linux TJ-23:19
k1larcetera: so thats not a ubuntu at all there?23:19
arceterait is23:19
arceteraI typo'd23:19
arceteraArch -> Ubuntu23:19
arceteranot Ubuntu -> Arch23:19
TJ-arcetera: Yes, it adds some code to pick up the function grub_custom_linux_menu_sort from 10_custom_linux_menu_sort23:20
TJ-arcetera: If you want a diff instead so you can apply a patch, let me know23:21
changnesiak1l: I'm kind confused, I don't know what to edit23:23
changnesiaIs that in grub or tty?23:23
k1lchangnesia: on the grub booting screen press e to edit the line that grub will start then23:24
k1lah, the pictures are gone in that howto. but the text is still valid23:25
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arceteraThank you TJ-23:25
arceteraalso btw that was Ubuntu23:26
arceteraI typo'd23:26
changnesiak1l: I actually don't have any acpi_osi line there. Do i simply add it?23:27
k1lchangnesia: there should be a "splash" or "plymouth" at the end of the line. there you add that nomodeset23:28
changnesiaSo i add it after thesplash? I have $vt_handoff there, doileave it or delete it?23:29
k1lkeep it there23:30
changnesiaOr i replace the ro that's in front of it now?23:30
k1lif that doesnt work with that setup. try to rmeove the vt_handoff and boot that. and if that doesnt work too, try to remove vt_handoff and use nomodeset instead.23:32
changnesiaHow do I save it? Ideleted it, but it didn't work soichecked again and the handoff is still there. Iused ctrl x to exit23:36
changnesiaThere are no instructions about how to save it on the screen23:36
changnesiaIs this really my problem? Ican get to tty, but my lightdm doesn't want to start23:37
k1lchangnesia: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132   start with the How to temporarily set kernel boot options on an installed OS (not wubi)23:37
k1lctrl+x after editing the right way (its explained very detailed in that howto).23:38
k1lchangnesia: i dont have your pc, i dont have a amd card. i dont know what the issue is on your pc. so i suggest a common issue and you to test it. its very detailed instructions.23:38
TJ-changnesia: If you use the 'text' mode boot (adding 'text' to the kernel command-line) you'll start at the console. From there you can manually test starting the lightdm service, and look at the logs to find out why it fails, with full control (rather than switching VTs at start-up when lightdm has laready failed)23:39
k1lso again: follow the howto and add nomodeset. if that doesnt work try to remove vt_handoff and boot that. if that doesnt work too try to remove vt_handoff and use nomodeset instead.23:40
k1lif one of those options work we can make that permanent and have a easy solution and a working pc.23:40
changnesiaOk, thanks. Nomodeset lets me enter to the greeter and log into i3, but still not unity. Can't I change it back to ubuntu drivers from the terminal for now and get back to it later? Idon't have too much time to pros around right now23:43
derek01Im ready to shoot my computer in the face lol23:44
k1lchangnesia: sudo apt-get purge fglrx23:44
derek01Still having an issue with getting anything to drag, ie a folder on the desktop being moved a pixel and it crashes23:45
derek01and then I have to restart nautilus for icons to come back23:45
klunkymuttHey guys, I am having alot of trouble with my laptop. Everything works fine, however when I open any terminal and try to press d, i just get a beep. any thoughts?23:45
derek01klunkymutt: is d the other button for the arrow? maybe youre attempting to move the cursor to the right and it cant move so it beeps?23:46
klunkymuttarrow? no, I have a standard keyboard.23:46
derek01klunkymutt: just my first thought, I know older laptops used the WASD keys as a secondary "numpad"23:46
felixddAny suggestions how to work around this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libtool/+bug/1313958?comments=all23:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1313958 in libtool (Ubuntu) "Can't install i386 version of libltdl-dev package, Makefile.in file can't be overwrited" [High,Confirmed]23:49
klunkymutt_sorry guys, had to re run my irc23:50
klunkymutt_so basically i cant use the d button in any terminal application23:50
klunkymutt_i tried terminal, roxterm, and terminator23:50
klunkymutt_i just get a beep when i press d23:51
padgalanddang so you cant even sudo, have you ried hooking up a usb keyboard?23:51
klunkymutt_no, i dont have one handy right now23:51
derek01what about using an on screen keyboard, does ubuntu have that available?23:51
klunkymutt_but i tried unpluigging the ribbon cable and replugging it23:51
CarlFKklunkymutt_: all other a-z work?23:51
derek01yea ubuntu has an on screen keyboard, what about that23:52
k1lklunkymutt_: any shortcuts on that letter?23:52
klunkymutt_to answer everyone's question, no. no shortcuts for d23:52
padgalandcopy and paste the d?23:52
derek01klunkymutt_: What version of ubuntu are you running23:52
klunkymutt_im running 15.04 with gnome23:53
klunkymutt_tried copy+paste, no dice23:53
derek01klunkymutt_: im on the same version, go to applications, then universal access, then Onboard23:53
derek01does the d key on that work?23:53
CarlFKhow do I find what package contains pyversions ?23:54
klunkymutt_tried onboard, still wont let me press d23:54
klunkymutt_just beeps23:54
derek01klunkymutt_: so its for sure software problem. And there are no alias' set up? Quite odd. Sorry cant help much more than that23:54
derek01I cant that is23:55
klunkymutt_not sure where i can find those settings23:55
derek01klunkymutt_: go to terminal23:55
klunkymutt_did it23:55
derek01klunkymutt_: wait im sorry, You cant type d to see if its alias'd23:56
klunkymutt_by that i mean i am in terminal23:56
derek01you would need to type "type d"23:56
derek01you cant paste that from here even?23:56
k1llook into the .bashrc in the home23:56
klunkymutt_no i cant23:56
klunkymutt_im in bashrc23:57
klunkymutt_now what23:57
k1lsee if there is an alias23:57
k1ldid you reboot inbetween?23:57
klunkymutt_no alias23:58
k1lyou could check with "alias" in terminal too23:58
EriC^^if you get a beep on just pressing it i dont think it would be an alias23:58
klunkymutt_yeah no alias23:58
derek01klunkymutt_: "bind -p | less" will show you if its bound to a key also. Can you press "shift - d"  to key a capital letter?23:58
EriC^^do you get a beep after pressing enter or just on pressing?23:59
klunkymutt_just when i press it23:59
klunkymutt_shift + d works23:59
EriC^^try the bind derek01 is suggesting23:59
klunkymutt_i cant press d23:59
CarlFKklunkymutt_: what about caps lock then shift d?23:59
EriC^^copy and paste it23:59

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