* woo6 was finally able to install xub 14.04 on win10....HyperV created some challenges00:06
micahgknome: I'll try to take a look this week00:31
knomemicahg, thanks - and please tell us if it looks like you have no time, because then we'll have more time to track down other people who can do stuff09:34
knomehello slickymasterWork 09:34
slickymasterWorkhey knome 09:35
akxwi-daveMorning All09:39
knomeslickymasterWork, did you see how the PDF files are linked in the documentation yet?09:40
=== qwebirc639844 is now known as slickymasterWork
dkessel!team | 8-minutes-before-meeting-ping09:53
ubottu8-minutes-before-meeting-ping: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19309:53
knomedkessel, but that was 7 minutes...09:57
dkesselnot in my own timezone09:58
knomewait, what?09:58
knomeis your timezone misaligned by one minute? that's very silly..09:58
slickymasterWork!team | meeting time!09:59
ubottumeeting time!: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19309:59
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Sep  2 10:00:08 2015 UTC.  The chair is slickymasterWork. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.10:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick10:00
slickymasterWorkSo, who's here for the meeting?10:00
slickymasterWorkhmmm wondering where Unit193 and knome might be hiding?10:01
Unit193I am not here.10:01
bluesabreoh, actually made it10:01
slickymasterWorkapparently not Unit193 :P10:02
knomeof course i'm hiding10:02
slickymasterWork#chair bluesabre, knome10:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: bluesabre knome slickymasterWork10:02
slickymasterWork#topic Open action items10:02
slickymasterWorkthere doesn't seems to be none 10:02
slickymasterWorkanyone has anything?10:03
bluesabrenothing here10:05
bluesabrestill collecting myself10:05
knomeof course not, if there aren't any, there aren't any... ;)10:06
slickymasterWorkknome, I believe the update of the debian/copyright for the documentation is done, right?10:06
slickymasterWorkok, moving along then10:07
slickymasterWork#topic Team updates10:07
slickymasterWorkgentlemen, the floor is your's10:07
slickymasterWorkplease use #info for your items10:07
knomeslickymasterWork, yes10:07
bluesabre#info xfpanel-switch and patched xfce4-panel now available in wily and included on daily image10:07
* knome refers to tracker.xubuntu.org10:08
slickymasterWorkcan you please #info that knome 10:08
knome#info knome updated debian/copyright for documentation10:08
knome#info knome made the "Official Documentation" part on the startpage more prominent10:08
knome#info knome created a timeline of finished work items in the status tracker10:08
knome#info flocculant sent exploratory testing information to testers via ML10:09
knome#info pleia2 got first batch of flyers printed10:09
slickymasterWorkdkessel, anything new in the use of jenkins for automated image testing front?10:09
dkesselslickymasterWork: no, now news10:09
dkesselargh. no news10:09
slickymasterWorkok, thanks10:09
slickymasterWorkanything else bluesabre?10:10
knomei think we might want to stop doing these updates at some point if the tracker serves us them anyway10:10
knome(just use work items to notify about important things)10:10
bluesabreslickymasterWork: nothing noteworthy yet, just a lot of things in progress (see tracker)10:10
slickymasterWorkoki doke10:11
slickymasterWorkapparently I'm going to set a new record time for a team meeting10:11
slickymasterWorkbeating Unit193's record :P10:11
knomei've had short ones too10:11
bluesabregood luck, I think ochosi might have set that pretty low once10:12
slickymasterWork#topic Team updates10:12
knomeslickymasterWork, we did that already...10:12
* bluesabre can info his items again10:12
slickymasterWorksorry my bad (multitasking with some work stuff) :P10:13
slickymasterWork#topic Discussion10:13
slickymasterWorkthere's noting set in the wiki, so does anyone has any last minute items?10:13
knomei guess i could start this here10:14
bluesabreany questions or anything needed from me (uploads, patches, etc?)10:14
slickymasterWorkgo ahead knome, please10:14
knome#subtopic Stop doing team updates on meetings10:14
knomeso, as i just said, since the tracker gives us most of that information already, i think this might be more or less useless10:14
bluesabreas long as people link bugs and document work items thoroughly, yeah10:15
knomeespecially since it means people have to wait until the meeting to see the updates - the tracker serves them more or less live10:15
slickymasterWorkfair point knome 10:15
knomethe original reason for doing the updates on the meetings was to help gathering the monthly team report10:15
knomebut we haven't been doing that since april10:16
knomeand still, the tracker is much more reliable10:16
knomebut of course, it requires that people add work items for anything worth mentioning10:16
bluesabreknome: the tracker is excellent, thanks for getting it together and being responsive with requests and updates ;)10:17
knomebut since it's one less task to do (to remember the work items for the meeting), and you already need to work with the work items...10:17
* knome bows10:17
knomei'll send a mail about this to the ML10:17
knome#action knome to send a mail to the mailing list about phasing out "Team updates" in the meetings10:17
meetingologyACTION: knome to send a mail to the mailing list about phasing out "Team updates" in the meetings10:17
slickymasterWorkthanks also for that knome 10:18
knomei think i might have had something else10:18
knomegive me 5 minutes to think about it10:18
slickymasterWorktake your time10:18
knomeor 2...10:18
knomenah, i don't think it was anything for the meeting :)10:19
knomewe do have a few things to discuss about docs together though10:21
slickymasterWorkyeah, but I was thinking on this evening knome 10:21
knomesure, finish the meeting first10:21
slickymasterWork#action pleia2 to schedule the next meeting10:22
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to schedule the next meeting10:22
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Sep  2 10:22:32 2015 UTC.  10:22
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-09-02-10.00.moin.txt10:22
knomethanks david10:22
slickymasterWorksure, np10:22
knomeso, the few things, just that you know what to expect:10:22
knome- did you look how the pdf is linked from in the documentation?10:23
knome- installer slideshow stuff10:23
Unit193Team updates are a nice thing if it wasn't on the blueprint, just something out of the blue that got done.  Also a nice dumping grounds.10:23
knome- installer slideshow translations10:23
Unit193bluesabre: xfdesktop, the new point release?10:23
knome- faq stuff for website?10:23
slickymasterWorkok knome 10:23
knomeslickymasterWork, what time would work for you?10:24
slickymasterWork21:00 UTC10:24
knomeUnit193, if it wasn't on the blueprint but is something that would be worth mentioning and of interest generally, then it can be added to  blueprint10:24
slickymasterWorktoday is going to be very busy dirung the day10:24
slickymasterWork* during10:24
slickymasterWorkdoes that work for you knome?10:25
knomeUnit193, but sure, we can still do updates about general tasks that aren't really important enough to put on the blueprints10:25
knomeslickymasterWork, should do, i'll let you know in advance if it doesn't10:25
slickymasterWorkok, thanks10:25
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, that sounds like a nice release. Want to add it to the -dev bp?10:28
bluesabreotherwise I'll just keep forgetting about it10:28
slickymasterWorkMinutes are up10:28
knomethanks slickymasterWork 10:29
bluesabrethanks for hosting the meeting slickymasterWork!10:30
sidiAnybody here running 14.04 or 15.04, who wants to make a bit of money in exchange for letting me log stuff on their computer? It's for science! You can get up to ~£50 / €68... Ideally UK based, or EU based15:22
sidihttps://study.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multitasking/web/hello (haven't updated but I dumped Unity in favour of Xfce for my study, because reasons)15:23
krytarikSorry for being AWOL for so long, but I finally just got my internet back! \o/  And picked up with stuff a bit already, but now it's time for dinner.18:46
knomebon appetit :)18:47
krytarikWell. :)18:47
krytarikknome: Btw, did you notice the rather excessive margin below the translation links on  https://unit193.net/xubuntu/docs/  after your recent changes?18:54
knomei did, it's ok18:55
knomethere's a dotted line there18:55
knomeand padding and stuff18:55
krytarikI think the bottom padding of '#documentation' could be set to zero or something like that.18:57
knomeoh gosh no18:58
knomedon't you see it has a different bg color?18:58
krytarikNope, not here.18:58
knomeit's likely not easy to see on lousier monitors, but there it is18:58
knomeit does18:58
knomeit is #fff while the rest is something else18:59
knome#fafafa or #f1f1f1 iirc18:59
krytarikYeah, lousy, old CRT here. :P18:59
knomesure, it's slight18:59
knomebut it's there18:59
krytarikThe first, yes.18:59
flocculantwelcome back krytarik :)19:02
krytarikThanks! \o/19:02
flocculantso it seems the way to get people to disappear is add them to Xubuntu Team :D19:03
krytarikYep, at least that works for me. :P19:03
flocculantha ha 19:03
Unit193Didn't work for me, sorry.19:05
krytarikknome: Hah, on switching it off and on, I can see it here now! :P19:10
krytarikknome: PDF links are still 'DONE', btw - unless you disapprove, of course.19:14
knomekrytarik, well, i don't think they are perfect...19:27
knomekrytarik, but we're seeing with slickymaster in 1,5 hours, let's see what he says (and feel free to join the docs sprint)19:27
Unit193Oh, and do the thingy where it doesn't tell you about every rendered page.19:28
knomeUnit193, like?19:28
knomei need the 10 minutes though20:50
slickymasterwant to kick things os, knome?20:50
slickymasterok, we'll wait20:50
slickymasterwith both eyes on the TV20:50
knomewell, feel free to start with things you don't need me for20:50
knomehah :P20:50
slickymasterhey ochosi 20:56
ochosihey slickymaster 20:57
slickymasterhow's everything?20:57
ochosibuuuuusy :)20:58
ochosiand tired tired tired20:58
ochosiknome, bluesabre, flocculant: i pinged satya about numix and gtk3.16 support today, since UIF is creeping up. i haven't tested how bad it currently is - if you can, please take a look so we can decide whether we can continue shipping it as is21:02
ochosii would take a look myself, but i'm too tired, sry21:02
knomei don't know numix well at all, but i could probably look at obvious bugs21:03
ochosiyeah, this is about visual regressions in gtk3 apps21:03
ochosiif there are none, then we shouldn't care too much21:04
knomewho cares about gtk3 apps anyway?21:04
* knome hides21:04
ochosii know i had to fix many things for greybird to work ok21:04
ochosieg. try an app with CSD but with xfwm4 compositing disabled21:04
knomeslickymaster, more or less ready now, eating a night snack on the side ;)21:04
knomeslickymaster, did you check the PDF linking krytarik made?21:05
slickymastershall we start with how the pdfs are linked from in the documentation, knome?21:05
knomeyep :P21:05
slickymasternopes, not yet21:06
knomewell do that21:06
slickymasteropening LP21:06
knomehuh, this is going to take forever21:06
ochosibluesabre: also, how's it going with the parole and mugshot bugs?21:06
slickymasterknome, that was by rev. 408, right?21:08
knomejust pick the latest revision...21:08
slickymasteralready doing that21:09
slickymasterwas just asking if that was the one21:09
knomei don't know, probably21:09
slickymasterthe it takes to build them now is huge21:12
slickymaster* time21:12
knomemake startpage html21:12
knomedoesn't do the translations...21:12
slickymasterhmm, where are the pdfs stored?21:13
knomewho cares?21:14
knomejust go see how the documentation shows them21:14
knomeactually, you'll likely need "make startpage html pdf"21:14
knomebut if you built all, you'll have it21:14
slickymasterahah getting page not found from either a4 and us letter links21:15
slickymasterthat's why I was asking21:15
knomeshould be in the same dir as the html files21:15
knomedo you have all the build-deps?21:15
slickymasterkrytarik: this is was I got:21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh de es fi fr pt21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 5: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 7: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 5: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 7: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 5: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:15
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 7: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:16
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 5: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:16
knomeslickymaster, sudo apt-get install fop21:16
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 7: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:16
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 5: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not found21:16
knomeslickymaster, awwwh, you should know better21:16
slickymaster../scripts/pdf-create.sh: 7: ../scripts/pdf-create.sh: fop: not foundnow he tells me :P21:16
knomeyou might want to make sure you also have fonts-droid21:16
knomebut you likely do..21:16
slickymasterI think I have21:16
knomethe question is the way the PDFs are linked to21:17
slickymasterwow 32.2 MB of additional disk space will be used21:17
knomewell, it's a small amount to be able to... fop21:17
knomeyou know. :P21:17
ochosinight all21:17
knomenighty ochosi :)21:17
slickymasternight ochosi 21:18
slickymasterbulding 21:18
knomeslickymaster, make startpage html pdf21:18
knomeslickymaster, then it's a lot quicker21:18
slickymasterjust about finishing21:18
slickymasternow it's naging about java21:20
knomekrytarik, forgot something from the build-deps?21:21
slickymaster/usr/bin/fop: 304: exec: /usr/local/java/jdk1.7.0_51/bin/java: not found21:21
slickymasterand I do have java21:21
krytarikknome: Nope.21:22
slickymasterwhat do you think it might be then, krytarik?21:22
slickymasterknome, I'll build them tomorrow at work in my VB box, so we can move on now21:23
knomeyeah, the question was about the linking anyway21:24
knomenot the PDFs21:24
krytarikslickymaster: What *Ubuntu version are you on then? Should be Wily, of course.21:24
slickymasterwhat about it?, their placement21:24
knomekrytarik, works for me in vivid21:24
knomeslickymaster, yes, that, and potentially the appearance21:24
slickymasternopes, this one is still 14.04 krytarik 21:24
knomethe current place isn't my favorite - it's a bit disrupting21:24
slickymasterhaven't update my laptop yet :P21:24
slickymasterI don't particulary like where they are now21:25
slickymaster* particularly21:25
knomeideally, as i see it, they'd only appear on the front page of the documentation21:25
knome(eg. NOT the startpage, but the docs main page with ToC)21:26
knomeprobably before "welcome"21:26
knome"Would you rather like to read this documentation in PDF? ..."21:26
knomeor sth21:26
slickymasterI would place them between the last paragraph ant the ToC21:26
knomethat works for me as well21:27
knomethe only question with that is "should/how do we check if the files exist"21:27
slickymasterand I would prefer a sentence rather then a dry PDF: A$ US Letter21:27
knomeit would be nice if that paragraph wasn't there when the PDF files weren't around21:27
knomebut meh21:27
knomeit would have to be a build-time thing21:28
knomelike the languages on the startpage21:28
slickymasterwell it will be a trade of, unless krytarik manages to script something21:28
knomebut i really don't want to split up the xml...21:28
knomeso the question is:21:28
knomeby default, do we always commit to build the PDFs for all languages?21:28
slickymastermy opinion is yes, we do21:29
knomei don't care if james from jamaica does "make html" and then has a broken link21:29
knome(but of course it would be nice if he didn't)21:29
slickymasterof course, but the way I see it if we're shipping it why wouldn't commit to build the pdf's in all shipped languages?21:30
slickymasters/wouldn't/wouldn't we21:30
slickymasterput it like this, if we weren't to commit the build for all languages, to which ones would we build?21:31
slickymasterwhat would be the criteria?21:31
knomeslickymaster, none, i guess21:32
* slickymaster opens the link21:32
knomethough that doesn't totally fix the issue21:32
knomewe should probably use that mechanism for the translators though21:33
knomekrytarik, you listening?21:33
slickymasterbut does provides some margin knome 21:33
krytarikknome: Yep.21:33
slickymaster+ us21:33
slickymasterwhat's your opinion krytarik?21:33
knomeslickymaster, yes, at least we can build the xml file to be included dynamically only when pdf files exist21:34
knomethe problem is...21:34
knomehow are the translations handled?21:34
slickymasterat build time?21:34
knomestrings we want to translate should be in the templates21:34
knomeLP can't pick up something we land with a script21:34
knomeunless we figure out some other way to translate those strings21:35
knomeor add them to the translation template21:35
slickymasterthe last would be the fast and easier one21:35
slickymasterthing is we start the all process and there's a lot of work done21:36
slickymasterwhat in both your opinions is the best scenario??21:37
krytarikknome: If you want to include an elaborate sentence that'll have to be translated, it'll have to be in an XML file that's not just generated at build time.21:37
krytarikLike the translators one.21:37
knomekrytarik, yeah, i was thinking about that21:37
knomekrytarik, currently, scripts/get-pot.sh only builds the pot for files that are shipped21:41
knomeso the translators xml isn't translater21:41
knome- not that it should, it's always replaced with other info21:41
krytarikIt's not there in the first place either.21:42
knomeexcept if we want to move the other string there as well21:42
knomeThe contributors to the various translations of this documentation are:21:42
knomeAttributed on each translation's page.21:42
knomethis is a bit clunky21:42
* slickymaster goes to smoke in the meanwhile21:43
knomei would just leave it out from the english version21:43
krytarikknome: Yep, apply some DocBook magic then. :)21:44
knomethe problem is that translators.xml is built dynamically21:47
knomeso maybe we should include translator-credits.xml (when translators exist) which then shows the message and includes translators.xml with the translator names21:48
slickymasterin a separate xml file knome21:48
slickymastertranslator-credits.xml, that is21:49
slickymasterthat would solve your issue of not wanting to split up the xml21:51
knomei mean split the same way as we split up the html21:51
* knome thinks21:52
krytarikslickymaster: Ftm, the rationale behind linking to the respective PDFs from every page is better accessibility, and them possibly being accessed directly from a web search.21:58
knomekrytarik, then we should look to put them in the header or sth21:59
knomethat place is meh21:59
slickymasteryes, I know that. Regarding that I have no doubts21:59
krytarikLike I said earlier, I tried verious places already.21:59
krytarik* various21:59
slickymastermy objections are purely aesthetic krytarik 22:00
slickymasterjust that22:00
knomekrytarik, are we using the build_creds_alt function?22:03
slickymasterknome, should we move on to the other items so you and krytarik can mature a possible solution for this22:04
knomei'm brewing it22:04
knomewell sigh22:09
knomethe slideshow stuff isn't happening today22:09
knomewell, we can surface it22:09
slickymastertomorrow I'll have a good day at work knome 22:10
knomewhen have you looked at it the last time?22:10
slickymasterlast sunday I took a quick look at it, after branching it22:10
knomeok, do we need a lot of changes?22:11
slickymasterI wouldn't say a lot22:11
slickymasterwe should address LO, of course22:11
slickymasterand maybe find a way to add the panle switch to one of the existing slides22:12
slickymaster* panel22:12
slickymasterand also referring the fact that the -docs will also be available as pdf's22:13
slickymasterbut like I said, tomorrow I'm planning on a calm day, so we can start with this in the morning22:13
knomei should be around at least for some time22:14
knomewell, i'll be around a lot22:14
knomebut available...22:14
slickymasterso will I, after these frantic last few weeks22:14
slickymasterI'll ping you as soon as I get there22:15
slickymasterand we still have the installer translations to deal with knome 22:15
slickymasterwe didn't have no answers from dylan22:16
slickymasteror Graber for that matter22:16
slickymasterok, that's a 'date' then for tomorrow knome 22:17
knomenot a three-way this time?22:17
* slickymaster doesn't see krytarik agrreing on a three-way22:17
slickymaster* agreeing22:17
krytarikI'll be there only from around 12 UTC though.22:18
knomethat's fine...22:18
slickymasteruntil when krytarik?22:18
krytarikOpen end of course. :P22:18
knomelet's see if i broke stuf...22:19
slickymasterI'll go and try to compensate the three hours of sleep I had last night22:20
knomegood night22:20
slickymasterthanks knome 22:20
slickymastermañana krytarik 22:20
krytarikNight slickymaster.22:20
sidibluesabre, slickymaster cant remember which of you two told me how to fix the compiling issue with thunar by using --enable-maintainer-mode23:48
sidii still have the same problem though23:48
sidii cant build them... there's something missing in the Makefile somehow23:49

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