DarkSectorMy application shortcuts seem to have stopped working01:44
DarkSectorI read somewhere that xfce4-settings-helper is responsible01:44
DarkSectorI can't seem to find it anywhere in the repos01:45
DarkSectorHow do I fix that?01:45
xubuntu57wEarlier today I was trying to install the package ubuntu-touch and it ended up screwing up and I had to restore from my nightly snapshot01:48
DarkSectorThis is driving me crazy02:08
DarkSectorHow do I get the application shortcuts to work again?02:09
sinewavDarkSector: Can you be more specific? All shortcuts? The ones in the whisker menu? Launchers?02:13
DarkSectorAll application shortcuts02:14
DarkSectorThe window manager shortcuts are working just fine02:14
DarkSectorBut No application shortcut seems to be working02:14
DarkSectorsinewav, ^02:14
sinewavThese are custom ones you made in the keyboard shortcuts menu?02:15
sinewavUnder settings?02:15
DarkSectorWell even the default ones don't work02:16
DarkSectorI added my own just for whisker menu but the other ones don't work either02:16
DarkSectorLike screen lock etc.02:16
DarkSectorsinewav,  ^02:17
DarkSectorMy xfce-perchannel-xml has all the shortcuts02:19
DarkSectorBut they just don't seem to be working02:19
DarkSectorI even used xev to make sure the right key was being identified. Everything seems to be working02:19
DarkSectorIt's like something is turned off02:19
sinewavDid this happen after an update? I just installed a security update for XML C++ libraries, I wonder if I'll have the same problem after a restart... :S02:20
DarkSectorI think I did update stuff today02:20
DarkSectorBut I didn't pay attention which packages were being updated02:20
sinewavUnfortunately, I don't think I can help you. I am not familiar with this problem.02:20
DarkSectorMan,I am so disappointed. I finally found a nice stable DE and this shit happens :(02:21
DarkSectorPeople on xfce are silent as well02:22
sinewavI'm trying to get in the habit of not updating because yes, xubuntu does break a lot.02:23
DarkSectorI am running xfce 4.1002:23
sinewavOtherwise it's very stable when you use a LTS release and only update security patches.02:23
DarkSectorI am on xfce4 on top of Ubuntu 14.0402:24
DarkSectorSo that's LTS02:24
sinewavYeah, that should be solid. Sorry to hear it broke. The good news is, ubuntu fixes stuff in a hurry. I've had something break but get fixed within a couple weeks.02:24
DarkSectorI just can't seem to find this xfce-settings-helper02:25
DarkSectorxfcesettingsd is running02:25
DarkSector      <property name="&lt;Primary&gt;space" type="string" value="/usr/bin/xfce4-popup-whiskermenu"/>02:26
DarkSectorDamn that's already primary02:26
DarkSectorOH YES02:54
DarkSectorI got the shortcuts running02:54
DarkSectorOH FUCKING SHIT!03:04
DarkSectorNOT AGAIN03:04
DarkSectorSo on rebooting03:05
DarkSectorThe shortcuts stop workign03:05
DarkSectorkill me.03:05
Unit193No cursing.03:07
DarkSectorYeah whatever. I am done with Xfce.03:08
tiftixdi am user xubuntu :D03:51
cfhowlettask your question03:51
xubuntu497hey everyone, having issues with broadcom wifi.05:53
xubuntu66wI need some clarification about xubuntu08:45
xubuntu66wther's some one ?08:45
xubuntu66wHello ?08:47
iyanhi xubuntu66w08:47
xubuntu66wi just installed xubuntu 14.04 and i have some question08:47
xubuntu66wi was using ubuntu 14.04 and my pc keept freezing every 5 minutes and after like 10 minutes of use the pc was as hot as lava08:48
xubuntu66wso i installed the ubuntu 12.04 but same problem08:48
xubuntu66wso i tried linux mint 17 and 13 .....and same problem08:49
xubuntu66wi went on debian08:49
xubuntu66wand same problem08:49
xubuntu66wnow with xubuntu after 2 hr of use the pc is as cool as when it started08:49
xubuntu66wand since i installed it the pc never freeze08:49
xubuntu66won every other distro the fan was going crazy after 10 minutes but on xubunt is seems thet i don't even have a fan08:50
xubuntu66whow is this possible ?08:50
moetunesmore than likely a driver update08:51
xubuntu66wdriver update ?08:51
xubuntu66wi have tried every single distro of ubunt with every desktop lxfce mate ant other shit08:52
xubuntu66wthe pc was hot as lava after 10 minutes08:52
moetunesyes. or just dumb luck08:52
xubuntu66wnow with xubuntu the pc seems new as 4 years ago08:52
xubuntu66wi can't explain this to myself08:53
xubuntu66wi was even thinking of getting a new pc08:53
xubuntu66wi realy love xubunt should have installed it sooner08:56
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balancehi, what's the command to open the "start menu"? like pressing that blue thing in the taskbar.10:29
knomebalance, the blue thing is the xubuntu logo and the command is xfce4-popup-whiskermenu10:30
balanceknome ah nice! :) thanks10:30
balanceIs it possible to stick applicatiosn to the taskbar?10:33
knomeif you mean the panel by the taskbar, sure.10:34
knomeif you are running a recent release, dry dragging a launcher from the menu10:35
balanceknome, ah I see10:35
balanceknome, nearly perfect. Is it possible to not show individual windows in the panel but rather collect them on the launcher symbol?10:36
knomeyou can group applications by changing the window buttons applets settings10:37
knomeright-click the panel, go to panel -> panel preferences, then tab items, select the "window buttons" applet and click on the cog (edit the currently selected item)10:37
balanceknome, thanks10:39
balanceI've installed ubuntu and later on installed xubuntu-desktop - I only worked with linux (ubuntu) console only, so I have not really a clue what's the difference between an ubuntu + xubuntu-desktop vs. xubuntu itself but can I set up multiple monitor according to a tutorial for xubuntu without breaking anything?10:42
idunnomanHiya! I'm running Xubuntu 15.04 (downloaded and installed yesterday), and I'd like to use this panel plugin: http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-hardware-monitor-plugin - however, I can't figure out how to install it. There is no "xfce4-hardware-monitor-plugin" package in the default repositories, and installing the xfce4 and xfce4-goodies metapackages hasn't helped (ie. "Add New Items" on a panel doesn't include "H10:43
balancewhen I first started firefox the warning "it's a non executable and unsafe location" (I don't know the proper words anymore) prompted - why's that?10:55
knomebalance, it likely references to the launcher11:04
knomebalance, try running 'firefox' from a terminal11:04
knomebalance, and yes, feel free to set up monitors with a tutorial for xubuntu11:05
balanceknome, nice to finally have a decent panel :)11:06
balanceknome if I click the smybol on the desktop the warning comes but via terminal works fine - thanks11:07
balancemarked it as a executable now it doesnt show up anymore11:08
xubuntu913hey everyone, having problems with my xubuntu. whenever i try to shut down or restart the computer, it won't shut down - it just hangs there and I have to do push the power off button on my computer to shut it down13:51
xubuntu913i have already tried few versions of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="reboot=pci quiet splash"13:51
artagif you do ctrl-alt-f1 is it producing a stream of output ?13:52
artagit's nearly always moronmanager that hangs on boot/shutdown ime13:53
artagit got so good, and now it's been broken so long ..13:53
xubuntu913i found one solution, maybe it will work. i will try resolving it using that. will tell you guys. thanks anyways13:55
xubuntu73whi ive got the power manager set to 40 minutes but it shuts off in 10    any ideas14:40
gruntzHi. What's wrong with xubuntu and ugly looking tray icons? Like here https://i.imgur.com/YunP4ls.png (second from left) - it's spideroak (qt application)17:05
knomegruntz, i think you just described it yoursel... "qt application"17:46
knomeon a more serious note, what version is this?17:46
gruntzknome: 15.04 amd6417:49
gruntzwell... xubuntu/xfce should not break qt tray icons17:52
gruntzis there any workaround?17:52
gruntzI've also tried with this environment variables:17:54
gruntzexport QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=gtk17:55
gruntzbut it didn't help either17:55
knomeshould not break, but xfce is using gtk, so if the tray icons are qt, it's not guaranteed they will work either17:56
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Haroldvsomebody help me ?21:04
knomeask the question - if somebody knows the answer, they'll most likely reply21:05
HaroldvI have a problem, i can't enter in session in xubuntu sorry for my english21:06
knomewhat's your native language?21:06
knome!es | Haroldv21:13
ubottuHaroldv: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:13
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xubuntu67wHello!  I'm using 14.04  (I think) and I was wondering how I could go about having the desktop interface thinger disabled on startup, and just being able to run it if I need it23:29
bazhang!nox | xubuntu67w23:36
ubottuxubuntu67w: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode23:36
xubuntu67wbazhang: is there a way to get back into the desktop interface from the cli I'll get using that?23:38
xubuntu67wOr will I need to remove the text option23:38
xubuntu67wI'll go test and see :3  Thanks for the help23:41
xubuntu00wHowdy, me again.  I found the config in Grub where I set the 'text' thinger at, but i'm not sure where on the list of options to put it. I tried a couple places, but I'm thinking there's probably somewhere very specific it needs to go23:57
xubuntu00wUpon further investigation, it would seem I need to set vga= to text23:59
xubuntu00wI'll try that :323:59

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