ahoneybunhola pelople02:30
ejatis it safe to remove those 24 packages ?02:44
ahoneybunejat: so your on 15.10?02:50
ejatahoneybun: yup02:50
ejati am 02:50
ahoneybunshould be, I think those are from KDE4/Plasma 402:51
ejat\0/ finally 02:51
ahoneybunthat or new packages replace them02:52
ahoneybunor not needed02:52
ejati just type U 02:53
ejathopefully ok 02:54
ejatafter upgrade i should remove the ppa?03:12
ejatstaging-plasma ppa03:15
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
sitteryofel: double colon means a cmake package was not resolved so it thinks it is a lib name09:26
sitterCan't look into it today tho09:27
BluesKajHowdy all10:37
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BluesKajanother annoyance, plasama 5.3 has dropped xembed-based system tray support according some reports, so the system tray doesn't show/link some icons like my irc client, konversation, and the workaround is so clunky it's not worth the bother. I hope there's a substitute in the works soon.11:57
maxyzThat's fixed in plasma 5.4, afaik13:05
soeeafter severla minuts working on Wily i'm getting kicked to sddm :>14:03
BluesKajsoee, did you upgrade to the new kernel yet?14:27
lordievaderBluesKaj: Good that you mention it, I almost missed it.14:33
lordievaderTime to reboot.14:33
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clivejowhat do you guys think about the Mycroft kickstart project?19:13
soee_ding ding: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=intel-plasma-5-driver-crash19:14
clivejowell at least you know the cause now soee_ !19:16
soee_so this is why  many of us had this problems recently19:16
clivejolooks like it :/19:17
soee_Riddell: there is aptch mentioned https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=86281 - can we have it in ubutnu/kubuntu (patch: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~ickle/mesa/commit/?h=brw-batch&id=e2a696a4cd93c2dbe445243de48ed478fbdb8009)?19:18
ubottuFreedesktop bug 86281 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "brw_meta_fast_clear (brw=brw@entry=0x7fffd4097a08, fb=fb@entry=0x7fffd40fa900, buffers=buffers@entry=2, partial_clear=partial_clear@entry=false)" [Critical,Reopened]19:18
soee_BluesKaj: i just installled new Kernel, will reboot now19:19
clivejosoee: where is the patch?19:21
soeeoh lord .. now something completelt wrong :/19:22
soeei had some glitches on screen etc. seems to be gone after i tried to change some settings in compositor19:23
soeeeach day this system has more and more issues :(19:23
soeeclivejo: i posted link to patch i my message19:24
soeeplsma crash .. :/19:24
clivejothe patch needs to go upstream really19:25
clivejohave you tried downgrading mesa?19:26
soeeif we run muon and try to open software properties list and enter wrong root password, muon freezes19:26
soeeclivejo: no i didn't19:26
clivejosoee: I think this is the same bug in LP - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/149203719:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1492037 in mesa (Ubuntu) "Segmentation fault in brw_meta_fast_clear" [Critical,Triaged]19:27
soeeplasma crash ..19:27
soeeclivejo: yes this one yofel repported and is conformed by me19:28
clivejoyofel reported it19:28
yofelyes, that's the same issue. And yes, upstream has a workaround. Now we have to wait for the X team to actually do something19:28
yofelthere is no higher importancy on launchpad than critical..19:28
clivejouber critical?19:29
yofelhm, true, file a wishlist bug for that ;P19:29
clivejoyofel: could you not package up from git with the patch included into your PPA?19:30
yofelI could but I'm busy right now.. ask me again monday evening or so19:30
clivejocan I build it if I dont have an Intel GPU?19:31
yofelyou just won't be able to test it19:31
clivejomaybe soee could do the honours19:32
soeeclivejo: yeah, sure.19:33
soeeyofel: all nvidia driver versions are broken atm. ?19:33
clivejomy nvidia is working fine :/.19:33
yofelsoee: I didn't manage to try something other than 35519:34
yofelclivejo: driver version?19:34
soeeyofel: i did try 352, also 346 after disabling community ppa19:34
soeeand can't activate nvidia profile :/19:35
soeeclivejo: are you on optimus ?19:35
yofelok, so probably not nvidia... but what else would break it o.O19:35
soeeso yes this si only related to users with intel + nvidia19:35
soeeheh relogin and already plasma crash:(19:37
soeesudo prime-select nvidia19:39
soeeInfo: the current alternatives in use are: ['mesa', 'mesa']19:39
soeeInfo: selecting nvidia-352 for the nvidia profile19:39
soeeupdate-alternatives: użycie /usr/lib/nvidia-352/ld.so.conf jako dostarczającego /etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu_GL.conf (x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf) w trybie ręcznym19:39
soeeupdate-alternatives: użycie /usr/lib/nvidia-352/alt_ld.so.conf jako dostarczającego /etc/ld.so.conf.d/i386-linux-gnu_GL.conf (i386-linux-gnu_gl_conf) w trybie ręcznym19:39
soeethis is strange, it looks like it activate nvidia profile but after relogin/reboot mesa is in use19:39
yofelweird, I can select nvidia here. But all that happens is that my screen turns off as X crashes19:41
soeesystem settings also quits when i try to enter Display & Monitor settings19:48
soeeand plasma just died totaly :/19:49
sitter#ubuntu-x soee19:52
clivejonvidia-340 driver19:56
soeethis is sad .. just 2 days ago i bough Company Of Heroes 2 to enjoy it on Linux and now i can't play due to nvidia driver problem :D20:07
* soee thinks is cursed ..20:07
clivejodowngrade to 15.04 ?20:08
ronnocsoee: I'm downgrading due to the Intel bug yofel and I are having. When fixed, I'll continue testing 15.10 on a separate partition and switch over when stable.20:38
ronnocwhich is a shame - 15.10 looks so good ;)20:39
clivejodoesnt look, it is good :P20:42
ronnocindeed. hmm usb creator looks like it's not installed by default. I wonder why?20:43
yofelenjoy fiddling around with it until it actually produces a working image20:47
yofel(I did succeed with usb-creator-gtk at least)20:48
ronnocwell that's encouraging...sorta20:48
ronnocyofel: I'll burn the image to dvd as a backup, and when done let you know if sub-creator-kde got the job done or not. unless you know that your problems are knwn issues atm? Then I'll just go straight to the dvd route.20:52
* ronnoc asks any readers to ignore horribad spelling encountered in the above sentence...20:53
soeelast time i tried usb creator it didn't work 20:57
soeei used some tool on windows20:57
yofelunetbootin is in the archive if you need it20:57
ronnocI used usb creator from 15.04 to make the 15.10 image and it worked just fine20:58
soeeoh no wait .. i did install vivid than upgraded to 15.10 :D20:58
sitterUSB creator20:59
sitterAnother python success story20:59
* ronnoc detects a slight hint (read: massive amount of) sarcasm in sitter's comment...21:00
ronnocI'll be back after downgrade21:02
mparilloAnd I just missed sitter's comment.21:05
ximionRiddel: you changed SDDM to start on VT-7 instead of VT-121:20
ximionthe message to that change reads:21:20
ximionmaybe this will fix switching vt when installing packages and integration with ubiquity-dm?21:20
ximionso, did it fix anything? otherwise, moving sddm back to vt-1 might be worth a try, at least on Debian21:21
yofelI can only say that things feel less broken, so in general, until lightdm also switches to vt1, I would rather have sddm on the same vt21:22
soeei have pllied the fix that is mentioned for this crashes and it seems they are gone22:36
soeeyofel: for you also driver manager kcm does not list any versions now ?22:37
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