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NoobGuyHello, I have a noob question, I've just installed Kubuntu and I don't have access to internet on it, ifconfig eth0 tells me > No Such Device ! (MB => g1 assassin killer 2), where can I get the drivers for it ? (and its integrated network card)01:27
danehello guys02:19
danei need help on solving kubuntu 15.05 wallpaper not expanding fully on vmware02:20
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misternodane works fine for me, have you installed vmware tools02:42
dane@misterno yes i have installed vmware tools02:56
dane@misterno yes i have installed vmware tools everything works fine except for the wallpaper not expanding full width02:57
misternonew install?02:57
dane@misterno yes fresh install many times......even did a fresh install after purchasing vmware 1203:01
dane@misterno only works when i logout and log back in03:02
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dane@misterno thanks now its since to be stable after logging out and back in with update and dist-upgrade03:42
misternodane i didnt do anything but thanks :)03:49
misternoi never had issue with 15.05 in vmware, provided i installed vmware tools03:50
misternomake sure if you get kernel update to always reinstall vmware tools03:50
misternoi have them ready and just go to folder and type sudo ./vmware-tools.pl -default03:51
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
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* hiho slaps alfred_ around a bit with a large fishbot10:28
BluesKajHowdy all10:36
rizqi_how are u all ?10:50
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svend-evGood morning11:07
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BluesKaj'Morning svend-ev11:07
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TheDiveOKubuntu 15.04 installation: cannot play MP4/H.264 video in dragon player; VLC works. MP4 video rendered in Kdenlive.14:36
Roeyhttp://www.linuxtoday.com/it_management/jonathan-riddell-kubuntu-demands-your-hugs.html  <-- HAHAH <3 jriddell15:14
lordievaderAh, his IP policy :)15:17
dezemanany tips for channels linux geekzzz15:39
BluesKajdezeman, do you have specific question?15:42
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veqzI've gathered that there hasn't been any backporting of Plasma 5.4 to kubuntu 15.04, because people have been busy working on 15.10. but I haven't seen any confirmed messages about this, so: are there any plans to port plasma 5.4 to 15.04, or will I simply have to build it myself, or wait for 15.10?17:18
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BluesKajveqz, check out https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports17:56
BluesKajveqz, once you've added the ppa, then update and install plasma-desktop,  and kubuntu-desktop if needed18:00
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arpanhello there. I just finished installing and updating kubuntu 15.10 willy beta 1.18:41
arpanI would like to use kmail for my gmail a/c but I can't configure it in online accounts kcm.18:41
arpanin kmail I get authentication failure18:42
arpanany pointer? thanks!18:42
SouL__arpan: Did you read this? https://userbase.kde.org/Working_with_GMail19:09
veqzBluesKaj: It seems I had to swithc the the kubuntu-ci ppa19:23
veqzthough now I have 35 "phantom" packages which muon claims should be updated, but which doesn't show up...19:24
arpanSouL__: thanks! I tried that but still get the same error. https://paste.kde.org/plkmgpnks19:24
veqzoh well, at least I'm on Plasma 5.4 now19:24
arpanhttps://paste.kde.org/plkmgpnks <- is what I get on error messagebox19:25
arpanSouL__: is your kmail working with gmail? I think oauth2 issue here.19:49
TBotNikAll: Have a pull from a DB where datatype is declared string but sometimes the value is numeric.  Pushing this to an array and want to eliminate any numeric values.  Function "is_numeric" is not doing it.  What makes this work?20:12
ronnocgoing to have to downgrade back to 15.04 if this Intel bug doesn't get fixed asap. which is a bummer - I otherwise love it.20:15
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tiwakeI just updated to kubuntu 15.04 from 14.10, was wondering if I can have all three of my screens act as one screen (not mirrored)20:26
tiwakeI have three 1080p screens, was wondering if KDE can treat them as one 5760x1080 screen20:28
TJ-tiwake: It depends if they are on the same GPU, and driver. The X server can certainly do that20:32
tiwakeyeah, they are all being driven by the same GPU20:32
tiwakean nvidia 97020:32
TJ-I have 6 monitors over 4 X screen with 3 GPUs20:32
tiwakeoh thats a weird bug20:33
TJ-tiwake: it mostly depends on whether the GPU has sufficient memory for the framebuffer20:33
tiwakewhen I fullscreen a picture, it goes black20:34
tiwakeother stuff works fine full-screen20:34
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TJ-Maybe it tries to render the image as a single OpenGL texture and there's not enough GPU memory20:35
TJ-You can see that in other situations when there are lots of smaller textures in use and no free spaces large enough to take a new texture20:36
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tiwakenvidia settings says I'm using ... now its working... sorta20:37
tiwakeoh, it only goes black when I use the maxamize button... lol20:37
tiwakedragging the title bar to the top of the screen maximizes the window and is still viewable20:38
TJ-Sounds like a bug that does :)20:39
tiwakeI wonder if its from the window theme I installed20:40
tiwakehow do I turn off the desktop effects? in Kubuntu 14.10 there was a simple checkbox20:41
tiwakenot seeing such a thing now20:41
naixany1 from Bulgarian to help me whit one question ???20:46
soeenaix: it is english support channel20:57
bprompt!bg | naix20:58
ubottunaix: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently20:58
naixyea i know this but my english is bad :d20:58
naixok i will see any1 bulgarian forum20:59
naixhey guys i need tool whit who create usb flash drive (YUMI work verry slow)21:11
naixany ideas21:11
mparilloYou mean a 'pendrive' to copy an ISO to install Kubuntu?21:13
naixyea pendrive is good idea i will try21:14
mparilloI use unetbootin (it is in the repositories), but I have heard it does not work with secure boot.21:15
naixmy bios dont have uefi :d21:16
bpromptnaix:    a tool to create a usb flash drive?    hmmm use nand flash, and some plastic and glue for the drive casing :)21:22
naixhehe its sooooo funny :d21:23
naixits joke21:23
bpromptguess so21:23
bpromptunless, you meant to burn an iso to a usb stick21:24
bpromptnaix:   just use "dd", nothing to it, ->   dd if=MYHANDYDANDY.iso of=/dev/MYUSBSTICK;21:25
bpromptor  you could also just use, usb-creator-gtk, is in the repositories21:25
naixim done whit pendrive its verry power tool21:25
naixbut tnx for help21:26
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