ckvisme1Hi this is my first time trying Linux and I'm attempting to dual boot windows 7 UEFI pre-installed and Lubuntu 15.04 ....i have flashed the ISO to my USB,  shrank my C drive partition and created and logical extended partition to install Lubuntu on (340gb) as well as a 5gb swap,  and a 1gb ext4..... Install didn't give the option for side by side,  so I choose other.....(sda7) 1gb ext4 /boot partition ..(sda5) 340gb ext4 "/" ....(sda6)00:21
ckvisme1I tried disable security in bios... Legacy mode is already enabled... Lubuntu is not listed in the bios anywhere I could find... So I tried move the boot order to have the hard drive directly under Legacy... And tried disabling UEFI mode...im doing something incorrectly... But don't know what00:24
ckvisme1Newbs!?.... What can you do... Lol00:26
Lord_Corwinjust goes into windows?00:32
dzhockvisme1: so, I don't know if this is what happened to you, but if you booted the installer in legacy mode then it will have installed in legacy mode.  You need to boot the installer in UEFI mode so that the installed system will boot in UEFI mode.00:33
dzhoinstallation in uefi mode means putting a copy of the bootloader in the efi partition00:34
ckvisme1I don't have an ego I listed... I just selected the dev/sda for bootloader install... So I need to disable Legacy (until I met done) ...and start over... Or can I simply create an efi partition.... Lol,  which I guess will have to do everything again anyway.00:37
ckvisme1Or do I have to have an existing efi00:37
ckvisme1I apologise... I'm sure this is an over asked question00:38
ckvisme1Thx for the feed back,  much appreciated00:39
ckvisme1Lol,  spell check... I don't have an efi partition listed... Can I just create my own or do I have to use an existing efi00:41
dzhooh, windows 7.  hmm.00:55
dzhoif it was booting uefi then you have an efi partition00:55
dzhoif not then this whole discussion is moot and it all should be booting ok with legacy, I think?00:56
ckvisme1Lol, well at least in the installers advanced partitioner there wasn't an efi listed.. But,  I'm not sure that means anything.. I will boot up the live USB and see if gParted can see efi01:05
ckvisme1The labeling of the partitions sda1 sda2 etc... Does the bootloader have to be on sda1 or just an efi... I know they are usually one and the same (as far as I've read anyway)01:07
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LeComHello again; my freshly installed Lubuntu crashes while loading LightDM when booting; I tried starting the terminal, but after logging in, it shows the welcome message for 1ms, clears the screen and wants me to log in again (infinitely)06:36
ianorlinLeCom, have you tried restarting lightdm from a tty?06:37
LeComWell, as I said above, the tty won't work06:38
dzhowell, what you said above was that you tried "starting the terminal"14:11
dzhowhat did you do exactly there?14:12
dzhoone doesn't so much start the virtual terminals as switch to them, whereas terminal emulators within the graphical environment do get started, so it seems important to know which you mean here.14:12
dzhothis is what I get for ignoring parts and joins14:13
log`Hey there, has anyone using lxqt from lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily had lxqt-panel break with a recent update?15:04
log`I get the following error: "symbol lookup error: lxqt-panel: undefined symbol: _ZTIN4LxQt12ConfigDialogE"15:04
STHGOMI'm having a bit of a problem with my builtin inputs. (keyboard, touch pad) they seem to just turn off randomly. i have to reboot to get them back. or i have to use external usb keyboards/mouses. (but i only have one usb available. one is being used by boot device, and another is busted)\, so i can only use mouse or keyboard at one time :P)15:46
STHGOMif this problem has been answered millionz of times, sorery, its hard to do reaserch with only one inoput device at a time :P15:51
tsimonq2I just wanted to make it aware that this page: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu only has 14.04.2...and I don't know what to put...17:11
jack-the-ripperI have a question about multiple desktops, is there a way to have certain icons on one, and not on all of them?19:14
Lord_Corwinthere something special I should download to get a cisco am10 wireless usb adapter to work?20:46

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