penguin42hmm, second X crash today; it's been stalble for years00:16
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
BluesKajHowdy all10:37
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fabrizziophey, I have a regression with kernel 4.211:37
fabrizziopwhere could I report a bug or something?11:37
penguin42fabrizziop: If you have a launchpad.net account you can report it by running ubuntu-bug linux    on your machine11:39
fabrizziopbut my machine won't boot. The issue only occurs when the IOMMU (in 990FX) is enabled11:39
fabrizziopand at boot, I only get invalid_device_request for the smbus controller11:40
penguin42ok, but if you go back to the previous kernel version, let it boot and then report the bug, clearly stating it happens on the other kernel11:43
fabrizziopohh ok11:45
penguin42then post the bug report link here, if I'm still around I might be able to check it11:47
BluesKajanother annoyance plasama 5.3 has dropped xembed-based system tray support according some reports, so the system tray doesn't show/link some icons like my irc client, konversation, and the workarouns is so clunky it's worth the bother. I hope there's a substitute in the works soon.11:52
BluesKajnot worth the bother11:52
BluesKajactually it's plsama 5.4 not 5.311:53
penguin42yeh, it's annoying when they do that - although I think Gnome did the same (still there on my xfce machine I think)11:55
BluesKajguess I =should cross-post this in #kubuntu-devel11:56
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