Na3iLo/ Kilos14:19
melodieo/ Kilos Na3iL14:24
Na3iLHey melodie hows you :)14:25
melodieNa3iL sleepy but working. And you?14:30
Na3iLfine thank you14:30
Na3iLI am thinking to applying for Ubuntu membership14:32
KilosNa3iL  donty think about it just do it15:02
Kiloshi melodie too15:02
Na3iLKilos, I beCan you post here, how do you fix itlieve that I need some other contributions // works to get it15:02
Na3iLdamn my keyboard x) :D15:03
Na3iLI believe that I need some other contributions & works to get it15:03
KilosNa3iL  give the link to your wiki page again15:05
Kilosim still half asleep15:06
Kilosslept the whole afternoon away15:06
Na3iLhahaha :D15:06
KilosNa3iL  all you need is testimonials, everything else is fine15:14
Na3iLHmm, I will find some other testimonials so :D15:15
Kilosgrab elacheche_anis and get him to do the first one15:16
Na3iLHe will do it indeed :D I think he is a little busy15:18
Kilosthats all you need15:18
melodieKilos I'll also give you the link to my wiki page? :)15:34
melodiehi again Na3iL15:35
Kilosok melodie15:35
melodiethis is it15:35
melodieand this is my LP page: https://launchpad.net/~meets15:36
Kiloshaha i remember reading it before15:38
melodieoh did you?15:38
Kilosi get tired just reading everything you do15:38
Kilosyes when i first met you remember15:39
melodiethat sounds bad15:39
Kilosno many i do very little15:39
Kilosyou make me shy that i am so lazy15:39
melodieI guess I won't get testimonials for a membership then?15:39
Kiloshahahahaof course you will15:40
melodiewill I?15:40
Kilosyes and im sure you will get from the phill peeps as well15:41
Kilosyou need to make your page so it has place for testimonials15:41
melodiewhat do I need to do? I have no idea15:42
Kilosyou remember i read yours after you read mine15:42
KilosNa3iL  here is your turn15:42
melodieit was a long time ago, many things happened since (irl too)15:42
Kiloshe is a wiki expert15:42
melodieNa3iL what do I need to do on my wiki page?15:43
Na3iLo/ melodie I will share with you some links about editing wiki pages15:44
Kilosmelodie  see his page for an idea15:45
Na3iLTake a look  → https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide15:46
Na3iLThis team helps me a lot, besides, you should try everything on your wiki page, just in place of saving click on preview :D15:46
Na3iLFor example you can check my page → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Na3iL and click on edit, you will see how I set it up from the beginning15:47
melodieI see, this is lots of work15:50
melodieI fear I can't do as much for my own page15:50
melodieif I can just do the minimum to leave a space for testimonials, that would be enough15:51
melodieif you have a quick advice for that, it would be very nice15:51
Na3iLWait I will share with you how to set up the testimonials section :)15:52
melodiethank you!15:52
Na3iLYou welcome :D15:52
Na3iLYou wanna testimonials section in other page related to your wiki page or just above the description?15:53
melodiewhat about under the description?15:54
Na3iLoh! am sorry I mean under the description yeah!15:55
Na3iLWell, can I edit your wiki page? I will add the testimonials section and if u didn't like it I can change to another style15:56
melodieNa3iL with pleasure!16:17
melodieNa3iL do you know I started to prepare a new website for the Bento Openbox project (not ready yet, it still lacks links and a few things)16:18
melodiesee you later16:31

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