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ahoneybunrpadovani: yes sorry just have gotten to it01:43
InglebardHi, someone already make cordova app for ubuntu phone without Ubuntu SDK ?10:34
ahoneybunI'm getting this: file:///usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/Popups/1.2/popupUtils.js:70: TypeError: Property 'hide' of object QQmlComponent(0x19a7af0) is not a function14:38
ahoneybunwhen I use a 'cancel' button in a Dialog14:38
sverzegnassiahoneybun: o/ the problem is in the line 7715:15
sverzegnassiit should be "PopupUtils.close(dialogue)"15:15
ahoneybunthat worked15:16
ahoneybunnow to hook the button up to something15:17
ahoneybunanyway g2g15:17
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efesGuys, I love the Ubuntu Phone so I'd like to contribute. Howeever, I have no crazy idea where can I find the description of all core libraries provided by the system ( e.g. for sending SMSes or finding out if any audio is being played now ). So, where is the ultimate reference for UPhone developer?19:09
ahoneybunahayzen: how does one add more listitems with a button?20:41
ahayzenahoneybun, append to the listmodel20:41
ahayzenoh you don't have a ListView ?20:42
ahayzenyeah use a Repeater or ListView where you want to repeat the same delegate (in your case ListItem)20:42
ahayzenthen the model sets the length/data for each20:42
ahoneybunI still want to use actions20:43
ahayzenthats fine20:44
ahayzenahoneybun, like this is a more complex example but is how the MusicApp's Songs tab is done http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/refactor-use-sdk-listitems/view/head:/app/ui/Songs.qml20:45
ahayzen(with the new listitems)20:45
ahayzenMultiSelectListView you can swap to ListView and MusicListItem to ListItem ;-)20:45
ahoneybunyes a lot more complex20:46
ahayzenthey just add some helpers20:46
* ahoneybun 's head blows up20:46
ahayzenahoneybun, these may be useful as well http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-repeater.html20:47
ahoneybuntooo much info!20:47
ahoneybunahayzen: I'm thinking of like this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/555139091539547622/20:50
ahayzenahoneybun, yup you should be able todo that with a ListView20:55
ahayzenhave a read of the listview docs and play with the examples20:55
ahoneybunbut it needs premade data20:55
ahoneybunaka model20:55
ahayzenlocate the SDK examples as well20:55
ahayzenListModel {id: myModel} then you can put the premade ones in...but you can also do myModel.append()20:56
ahoneybunmy idea is to have 2 players by default with the option to change the names later20:57
ahoneybunaka Player 1 and Player 220:57
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