samthewildonewhats up00:14
samthewildonemwhudson, hey03:03
samthewildonewell then03:03
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fredwHi, can someone please review https://code.launchpad.net/~fred-wang/ubuntu/wily/firefox/fix-for-1473552/+merge/268213 ?13:50
sidii'm building a library with a handmade makefile, and i'm struggling to find the proper rules to build debian library and header packages for it. Essentially i'm installing the files in $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/ in my Makefile (which I suspect is wrong) and dh_install is not finding them in debian/tmp/usr/lib (since they apparently go to debian/pkg-name1/usr/lib) and fails15:45
sidiAnyone got an example of a library package without autotools, by any chance?15:45
cjwatsonsidi: can you pastebin your debian/rules?15:46
cjwatsonand the Makefile as well, ideally15:46
sidicjwatson, sure, one sec15:53
sidiMakefile: http://pastebin.com/6MhFyQKG // debian/rules: http://pastebin.com/NRNu3Qqn (pretty much as was generated)15:54
samthewildoneStraight outta bed15:57
cjwatsonsidi: that looks OK (except for the MAKEVARS setting which doesn't seem to do anything and if it did ought to be in a different place).  how about the debian/*install files?16:00
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sidimy preloadlogger1.install is usr/lib/lib*.so.* (which I've taken from other library-like packages)16:02
sidithe -dev is usr/lib/lib*.so, plus etc/security/*16:02
cjwatsonsidi: should be fine, how about debian/compat?16:03
sidicjwatson, 9?16:04
cjwatsonsidi: that should be OK.  at this point I think it'd be helpful if you could put a full example source package somewhere so I can test it16:04
sidicjwatson, bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/activityfinder/preload-logger/16:04
sidibuilding the whole thing is really fast, it's a tiny library16:05
sidi... most of the commits being me attempting silly things to build the package16:05
cjwatsonthis isn't the problem, but your Makefile would work better (i.e. install wouldn't have to repeat the build) if you had better dependencies - perhaps as a starting point, use "libPreloadLogger.so.0.9" as a target name rather than "lib", so that make knows it's already built16:07
cjwatsonthis is the sort of thing not using a handmade Makefile does better at :-)16:08
cjwatsonoh I see16:09
cjwatsonsidi: you don't have preload-logger-dev defined in debian/control16:09
cjwatsonso debhelper is using its there's-only-one-package logic which is inappropriate here16:09
cjwatson(also, should be libpreload-logger1 and libpreload-logger-dev, really)16:10
sidiwell, the file i build is indeed a library but it's not really intended to be linked against for building other apps16:12
sidiit's a LD_PRELOAD module loaded with PAM for process monitoring16:12
sidithough I can change it16:13
cjwatsonI understand that but it doesn't change the library binary package naming rules16:13
sidii'll change it16:14
sidii think it's working better...16:20
sidistill had a mistake in the libpreload-logger-dev.install16:20
sidicjwatson, once again, thank you!16:22
sidiI suspect you're gonna end up in my thesis's acknowledgements section :-)16:22
cjwatsonno problem16:26
fredw1Does anyone know who is in charge of reviewing patches for the Firefox package?17:14
fredw1chrisccoulson is listed in the latest git revisions but these date back from 2012...17:14
cjwatsonfredw1: It would be chrisccoulson, yes, and if you're only seeing patches from 2012 then that must be because you're looking at an inactive branch.18:04
fredw1cjwatson: thank you. I was looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/wily/firefox/wily18:05

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