westonIn my Ubuntu 14.04.01, I  have installed japanese font anthy, but now it is seen as disabled in top  language options and it is not working. can anyone help me?12:00
balloon-fu-senHello, weston. This IRC is always quiet.12:09
balloon-fu-senanthy is necessary to usually install it with ibus, fcitx or scim.12:10
balloon-fu-senDo these install it?12:11
balloon-fu-senPlease try it if you do not perform it: sudo apt install ibus-anthy12:11
westonballoon-fu-sen: okay. I was gettin it yesterday and I can see it in the list as activated..but today, it is disabled.12:11
westonI have another japanese font12:12
westonanthy and mozc-jp are disabled12:12
westonballoon-fu-sen: already done it to solve it12:12
balloon-fu-senI hear it once again.12:13
balloon-fu-senDo ibus, fcitx or scim either install it?12:14
westonballoon-fu-sen: ibus i have12:14
balloon-fu-senDoes the ibus-anthy package install it?12:15
westonballoon-fu-sen: yes yes12:15
balloon-fu-senDoes the ibus-anthy package install it?12:16
balloon-fu-senDoes Ubuntu (flavor) reboot once afterwards?12:16
westonballoon-fu-sen: no. it is vm12:16
balloon-fu-senPlease reboot it. This is necessary.12:17
westonballoon-fu-sen: ok. I given it.but anthy was getting yesterday12:17
westonwhy today!12:17
balloon-fu-senSo start of ibus may be got in systray.12:17
balloon-fu-senPlease tell me without improvement in this again.12:18
westonballoon-fu-sen: restarted..same behavior12:19
westoninstalled fcitx12:23
westonsame issue12:23
westonballoon-fu-sen: you there?12:24
balloon-fu-senIt is necessary for you to reboot Ubuntu (flavor) again when you install fcitx.12:25
balloon-fu-senIn addition, please be careful about the setting of the language including a setting item of Input method.12:26
westonballoon-fu-sen: installed  scim also and rebooted12:26
westonno progress12:26
westonfor anthy12:27
westoninstalled and rebooted all the three for anthy and mazc-jp, but no use12:32
westonstill it is seen as disabled in the text-entry settings desktop12:32
westonballoon-fu-sen: ^^12:33
=== weston is now known as kanupatar
kanupatarhelpless :(12:49

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