pleia2ok, email sent off to summary writers04:33
* ahoneybun codes away...04:34
ahoneybunpleia2: I just got the email lol04:34
pleia2jose: this weekend is mega busy with family & travel on Sunday, if you can pitch in with summaries and move stuff to the wiki sunday night it would be super helpful (I can publish on Monday, holiday here in the US and I'll be home)04:36
pleia2ahoneybun: nice work :)04:36
josepleia2: no worries, I was intending to send out that email tomorrow morning04:36
joseI may be able to publish04:36
joseI'm seeing if it's suitable for me to get my ssh keys into a computer we have at uni04:36
ahoneybunthanks pleia204:37
pleia2jose: maybe we can do it together :) but I will be around anyway04:37
josewoot, sure04:37
pleia2aaand it's very late here, time for bed (even though I'm in ahoneybun's time zone this week... he should sleep too!)04:38
pleia2good night :)04:38
ahoneybunfriday though lol04:39
ahoneybunand I'm in the newsletter again lol04:41
PaulW2Uahoneybun: twice in fact!08:31
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