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coinHi there. How can I access compass from /dev or /sys ?07:17
TonyBostonwho does the translation for touch?09:57
anpokTonyBoston: community members mostly10:13
TenLeftFingersI'm testing out the kodiscope with the developer and it's coming along very nicely. But for the streaming option, the browser plays some titles well and others just audio. What does the browser support for video?10:36
howefieldnick howefield_afk15:24
UndertaskerHi. Does sshuttle run on Ubuntu touch?15:49
EdwardMorbiusany news about Samba support in File Manager? :)16:44
TenLeftFingersEdwardMorbius: I heard on one of the ubuntuonair sessions that it will happen. No ETA though.17:35
EdwardMorbiusTenLeftFinger I heard that too but I think it was months ago17:37
popeyMaybe next week :)17:40
EdwardMorbiuspopey that would be awesome :)17:40
EdwardMorbiusmost core apps now work pretty well17:42
EdwardMorbiustoo bad I dont have necessary coding knowledge to contribute to core apps development, can only file bugs.17:44
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popeyEdwardMorbius: bugs are welcome too17:59
EdwardMorbiuspopey yes which is why I post them when necessary18:11
j___hi there! one question about the ubuntu phones. are they proper ubuntu distributions? I mean, can I do the same things I do in my laptop with ubuntu?18:28
j___can I run docker on it? :)18:28
Harold_Greenehi ppl18:59
taiebotWas wondering if any progress was made on application startup. There was a thread not long ago on the mailing list saying that it was looked at. Hoping to see some good news20:12
thepeterHi is there known proble with new ota on bq5? caouse I seem to have one ...20:30
thepeteranyway strange thing happend to me on bq5 after new ota -been working normaly until has received SMS now screen is on but not reacting  to touch nor to any buttons any advices?20:41
thepeterso I'll just try to discharge battery to get the system restarted ... if anyone has better ideas write it down here, will check channel log and/or ask tomorow21:08
* thepeter has currently almost a brick from bq5 HD 21:09
JanCthepeter: keep the on/off button pressed down to reboot?21:11
JanC(it's in the manual actually)21:11
JanCat least in the bq 4.5 manual21:12
JanCif that doesn't work, I guess waiting for the battery to drain is an option  :-/21:14
thepeterJanC power button doesnt react at all ...21:17
thepeterwell doing best by calling from another phone ...21:17
JanCanother reason why it should be possible to remove the battery of a phone  :)21:18
JanCeasily, I mean21:19
thepeterI just hope that after battery drain the the power button would react21:19
thepeterwell I agree ... if somebody would be giving same version with removable battery I would go for that one21:20
JanCthepeter: can you still connect to it using the Android/Ubuntu Touch tools?21:20
thepetersince I cannot unlock it on screen it is visible on PC but not accessible21:21
JanCoh right21:21
thepetersecurity first :P21:22
JanCand bootloader recovery tools won't work until you can reboot21:22
thepeterwell quick disconecting the battery would resolve it quickly :P21:24
thepeternevermind tomorow will post it as bug I guess21:25
JanCmy 4.5 works fine after the last update21:27
thepeterwell mine worked too almost 24 hours this came from sudden ... only thing I have changed was start using telegram21:33
thepeterwhich is no even a core app ... so it shouldn't make any difference21:34
JanCI don't use telegram21:36
JanCif that's useful as a reference21:36
thepeterwell i know a guy who on bq 4.5 uses telegram with new ota21:37
thepeterso I guess that doesn' make any difference21:37
ahayzenthepeter, sounds like bug 149156621:37
ubot5bug 1491566 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Shell not responsive after an incoming SMS" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149156621:37
thepeterahayzen with the difference that notification is still there but yes21:40
thepeterit is that case21:40
thepeterahayzen is there way I can let you access my phone remotely in this sittuation so somebody who knows how can do the debuging?21:42
thepeterI have the phone in developers mode21:43
ahayzenthepeter, it looks like they are either preparing a silo with debugging enabled, i'm not really the person to talk to, as comment #10 says "In the mean time, if you find yourself in such a state, please come to #ubuntu-unity on freenode and we'll try and see what can be done."21:44
ahayzenthepeter, note it is the weekend so some folks may not be around21:44
JanC... until monday21:45
thepeteryep I understand ... so I have two options 1st put it on charger and let the guys have a look when they arrive and not have working phone or 2nd discharge it as quick as possible and restart it21:46
ahayzeni'm not sure if there is anyway you could debug it in its current state if you can't even adb into it (as its locked)21:47
thepeterwell (I guess) there is always a way ... :D21:48
thepeterit's just I don't know it yet, and I hope somebody does21:49
JanCwould be nice if there was a way to enable adb access unconditionally (which is a security issue, of course) or maybe something similar based on ssh directly21:49
ahayzenwith the mako (nexus 4) you can press and hold the on/off button for ~10s and that causes it to reset even when all hope appears to be lost, not sure if the MX4 does the same21:49
JanCthepeter has a bq Aquaris 5, I think21:50
ahayzenyou can enable ssh and then just ssh in over your network when you want IIRC, but i can't remember if lifecycles could get in the way21:50
thepeterwel on this bq I'we been holding it for almost half a minute21:50
thepeterJanC yes exactly21:50
JanCin general me & my family & friends are of the "no news is good news" type, so I'm not sure I got any SMS since I upgraded  :-/21:53
JanCand as it's almost midnight here; I better not message them to send and SMS to test  :P21:54
thepeteraaand I just have found a quick way out of the stage I described21:59
JanCthepeter: ?22:00
thepeterOTG keyboard and ctrl+alt+del ... in the end it is a linux it will restart very quickly after that signal :P22:00
thepeterJanC it is not a solution to the problem in core I know but kind of workaround it is ...22:01
JanCthepeter: you had an external keyboard connected to it?22:02
JanCor connecting it still worked?22:02
thepeteryes exactly afterwards I have conected it22:03
thepetercause it was just one dev which was probably lost in NULL because he was able to react on call / SMS etc but just touch display and buttons were not working22:04
thepeterso system recognized new device and started acting as (a kind of) regular PC after keyboard was there it even show part of standard login screen asking for security code22:06
JanCit means at least the OS was still very much alive22:07
thepeterif there would be visible mouse cursor (which was on the same usb hub) I would be able to login and let anybody who wants to start debugging it ...22:07
thepeterJanC yes yes system worked fine it was "just" one component :P22:07
thepeterok so what I suggest to anybody who can change it is to make visible mouse cursor by default after connecting external mouse and then it would be kind of eays to get to logs etc22:09
JanCAFAIK Mir doesn't really support that yet  :)22:10
JanCat least not versions used in the phone images22:10
JanCanyway, I can't really help you22:12
thepeterJanC I don't know what I know is that it reacts to mouse movement (even if cursor is invisible) because left menu has shown when mouse went there :D22:12
thepeterJanC no problem you hapled me by just not being alone in that situation, everything else will wait until monday22:13
thepeterhelped ^22:13
ahayzenthepeter, bug 141664222:14
ubot5bug 1416642 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "No mouse cursor shown when connecting a BT mouse to the phone" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141664222:14
JanCseems like ahayzen knows all the bugs by number :)22:15
thepeterhehe yes everything is logged already22:15
thepeterahayzen thank you too by showing me the bug reports you gave me the "thinking push" :)22:17
ahayzenno problem22:17
ahayzenthepeter, you may want to comment on the first one, stating that it then works if you plug in a keyboard, it may be useful to information for another dev22:18
thepeterwill come back to this monday, i guess "we" can be more prepared when/if this bug apears again22:19
thepeterahayzen yes but I'll do it monday it's after midnight in my timezone :)22:19
ahayzenhah thats cool :-)22:20
thepeterguys thanks again, CU monday :)22:24

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