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brobostigonmornning boys and girls.08:42
* brobostigon spots ubuntu at motorola on click.11:38
zmoylan-piif she has a receipt she could get it replaced under warranty... :-P20:55
zmoylan-pijust say it was like that when she opened it.... :-P20:59
shaunoif she had a receipt, she wouldn't have needed to jump in the canal21:02
zmoylan-pitaking a shortcut home...21:02
shaunounless that happened to be her TV that she took with her while shoplifting other items.  like a 32" phone.21:02
zmoylan-piwe'll have to wait till next week to see what apple releases...21:03
zmoylan-pimight make trigger happy I'M ON THE PHONE look titchy :-)21:04
shaunoI am actually bummed that I'll be on holiday during that.  and yes, I realise that's kinda sad.21:04
zmoylan-pisome barren deserted wasteland that has no wifi? dublin? :-)21:04
shaunonah, but I'm not going to make her spend 2 hours sat in the hotel watching PR spew21:05
zmoylan-pithat's when you give her a pile of money to go shopping...21:05
shaunookay.  nah, but I'm not about to give her a pile of money to go shopping21:06
shaunobesides, she has less sense of direction than a can of soda.  if I did that I'd never see her again21:07
zmoylan-piah but if you give her a few trillion zimbabwaen dollars by the time she has it changed into €5 the presentation will be over... :-P21:09
shaunonext time I get divorced, you owe me a beer :)21:11
* zmoylan-pi remembers that the person who gave his wife the tesco value valentine card i pointed out to him is now divorced... http://www.bitterwallet.com/good-grief-its-the-return-of-tesco-value-cards/2563421:28

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