nhainesSocial media is a thing that pleia2 does!  \o/00:51
BirthdayHandlerProbably worth updating the /topic (Aug 9 is long past). Also, can't wait until Wednesday :)04:23
pleia2I was going to change it... but I won't actually be around on sept 6th and the meeting wiki hasn't been updated so can't confirm it will occur04:25
pleia2BirthdayHandler: it seems a happy birthday is in order :) happy birthday!04:26
nhainesBirthdayHandler: Ooh, is that today?  Happy birthday.  :)04:26
pleia2also, much better nick than nha<tab><tab>04:27
pleia2(give or take a <tab>)04:27
nhainesDerailing tab-complete in some of the other Ubuntu channels was my specialty.  :D04:28
pleia2it was always a challenge to be in the same channel as plars04:28
pleia2(we're both still in #ubuntu-release)04:28
pleia2elfy and elky was the worst though, sometimes they'd both be in #ubuntu-ops, sometimes they'd even talk to each other, I just gave up04:29
BirthdayHandlerThank you for the birthday wishes. I think at one point, I set a hilight on nhaines just to catch messages with failed tab completes04:30
ianorlindo we have an agenda for this meeting?04:30
pleia2doesn't look like the wiki page has been created yet04:31
BirthdayHandlerWorth discussing the release party?04:31
nhainesIf there are any, yes!04:31
pleia2yes, since I don't think any are planned yet04:31
pleia2I'll be airplaning during the meeting and in Japan at release time04:31
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nhainespleia2: 楽しそう!04:33
pleia2unable to parse04:34
nhainesHow exciting!04:34
pleia2I saw an opposum in a tree04:36
pleia2ok, since east coast time zone this week, it's late, good night :)04:39
nhainesGood night!  :)04:39
BirthdayHandlerNight pleia204:41
=== BirthdayHandler is now known as nhandler

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