mrtAkdenizi loaded kernel and boot os from there00:00
mrtAkdenizboot-repair didn't help00:00
mrtAkdenizany idea?00:00
wileeemrtAkdeniz, you save the bootinfo summary?00:00
mrtAkdenizi didn't, i tried it on try ubuntu00:01
NectarJordan_U: Software Updater works now. Thank you :)00:01
mrtAkdenizi can install boot-repair again if you need wileee00:01
Jordan_UNectar: You're welcome :)00:01
oaulakhhow to activate nvidia graphic card driver proper bcz my system still showing 33Mhz graphic clock memory http://paste.ubuntu.com/12277921/00:01
wileeemrtAkdeniz, nah, always save that url.00:01
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: Don't bother with boot-repair, just run boot info script directly.00:01
mrtAkdenizJordan_U, where is this script?00:01
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: sudo apt-get install boot-info-script00:02
mrtAkdenizi did, what know Jordan_U ?00:02
mrtAkdenizboot-info-script didn't work and no menu entry00:03
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: Then run "sudo bootinfoscript".00:03
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: And pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.00:03
mrtAkdenizis it ok to use somewhere else? my sh*tty country blocked pastebin..00:04
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com00:04
mrtAkdenizyeah i did it Jordan_U : here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/12277972/00:05
oaulakhanyone know about graphic card in ubuntu00:05
pitwalkerHi all. I have a initrd problem, only boot my 15.04 when BIOS SATA controller set to ATA compatibility mode, not boot on normal AHCI setting. initramfs/busybox said only the pata_acpi module loaded00:06
mrtAkdenizwileee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12277972/00:06
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Try ##linux or #grub.00:07
mrtAkdenizpardon me Jordan_U ?00:07
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. You appear to be using Elementary OS.00:08
mrtAkdenizJordan_U, not the same?00:08
Jordan_UmrtAkdeniz: Definitely not. Elementary may be based on Ubuntu, but it is not Ubuntu proper, and we don's support Ubuntu derivatives here.00:09
mrtAkdenizoh i got it Jordan_U , it is based on ubuntu so i tought this won't be a problem00:10
mrtAkdenizbut i got your point, it may be a eOs caused problem00:10
Sohail-AhmedIs it possible that a calling to program XYZ by /usr/bin/XYZ **.py should be treated as /usr/local/bin/XYZ **.py. I heard some thing about symbolic links in ubuntu, but am confused00:13
Gaming4JCSohail-Ahmed, you can check for a symbolic link by using "file" /blah/that/might/be/link00:14
Gaming4JCsometimes helps.00:14
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: But what does symbolic links do??00:15
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: same as what I am trying to do??00:15
Gaming4JCSohail-Ahmed, it is a shortcut - so you can use it as a reference to point to another file.00:15
Gaming4JCSohail-Ahmed, yes it can go from /usr/local/ to /usr/bin00:16
Gaming4JCand anywhere else on the system00:16
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: Thanks!!!!00:16
Gaming4JCSohail-Ahmed, http://ubuntuhak.blogspot.com/2013/04/symbolic-links-in-ubuntu.html00:16
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: Thanks for link. Can I ask one related question00:19
Gaming4JC!ask | Sohail-Ahmed00:19
ubottuSohail-Ahmed: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:19
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: Is says that ln -s target source creates target file. But here I want to execute a command00:20
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: I want to execute /usr/local/bin/swig every time /usr/bin/swig is used?00:21
Gaming4JCSohail-Ahmed, hmm symlinks are just shortcuts, they don't execute. However they do what you are asking00:21
Gaming4JCif you create a shortcut/symlink for00:22
Gaming4JCfor /usr/bin/swig --> /usr/local/bin/swig00:22
Gaming4JCanytime someone types swig00:22
Gaming4JCit will load /usr/local/bin/swig00:22
Sohail-AhmedGaming4JC: thanks!!!!00:23
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fsir4is it possible to backup a linux os on a vmware and restore it on a NON-Vmware (regular machine)?00:38
LightweighOS2I've downloaded most every desktop environment to test them, and afterwards I deleted the ones I didn't like as much... Except now there's a problem. When I boot up, it says kubuntu. My login manager is the one lxde uses, and when I'm logging it it show's the xfce symbol, and then when I'm on my account it loads unity. It's a weird mix of all the desktop environments.00:40
Jordan_Ufsir4: What version of Ubuntu are you using in the guest?00:41
wileeeLightweighOS2, what is the final de you're using?00:42
LightweighOS2Right now I have Ubuntu selected, however it's still a weird mix of ones that I've uninstalled, or at least seemingly uninstalled.00:42
Jordan_Ufsir4: Yes it's possible, but not particularly easy. Do you have a hard drive with nothing currently on it that you plan to use for this purpose? Have you installed VMware's guest additions? Is the physical machine UEFI or BIOS based?00:42
fsir4Nah I have one HD, the purpose for using VMWARE for me was to switch from windows to ubuntu within a click00:43
fsir4I mean, I could use a KVM switch00:43
fsir4with some mini pc wunning ubuntu, but not sure if it would be fast00:43
wileeeLightweighOS2, not knowing what is left there, heh, you can reload the splash needed. https://askubuntu.com/questions/12394/getting-back-ubuntus-default-boot-splash00:44
Demon_Jesterhey can someone help me out? I am trying to achieve reverse ssh proxy, I did it long ago, and I am being unsuccessful right now.00:44
fsir4Jordan_U: actually I have an empty external HD00:44
pitwalkerfsir4: i have only infos about VirtualBox, if you use the VHD format virtual disk you can "dd" back to physical disk, when you import you must create the tailer section manually00:44
LightweighOS2wileee: Even though I uninstalled them, there's still parts of the uninstalled desktop environments on my machine. How do I uninstall everything associated with it?00:45
fsir4Would it possible to install ubunto on the external hd and run it in vmware?00:45
Jordan_Ufsir4: Yes.00:45
wileeeLightweighOS2, Try running sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get auto-clean00:45
usafbeachfsir4: VMs are just a bunch of files.  They can be run from anywhere00:45
wileeeLightweighOS2, sorry sudo apt-get autoclean00:46
fsir4yes, only problem is that they will be on the windows parittion00:46
fsir4rather dangerous00:46
usafbeachWhy dangerous?00:47
LightweighOS2wileee: Thanks, I'll try that.00:47
wileeeLightweighOS2, generall a purge of the desktop and a autoremove gets most stuff, not the best way in the end but do-able, I would save the installlist myself and use them to remove.00:48
=== it is now known as Guest83707
LightweighOS2wileee: If you save the install list can you copy and past it into the terminal and get rid of everything all at once?00:49
wileeeLightweighOS2, yes, it shows everything installed.00:50
LightweighOS2wileee: nice, how do you get the install list?00:50
wileeeLightweighOS2, used to be this site had them, older ones still there, but from the terminal install. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/  the bot has info as well00:51
len__HEY hello zijn de nederlandser aan weezig?00:53
LightweighOS2wileee: Thanks, I'll see if this works. If all else fails, I'll just type in rm -rf /00:54
Gaming4JC!ubuntu-de | len___01:01
LightweighOS2Ready, everybody? I'm deleting everything on my Ubuntu operating system with the command rm -rf /01:06
fddfdbnklzdfis no one here to ban me?01:07
LightweighOS2Okay, I'm going to enter the command in 3 seconds...01:08
LightweighOS2Haha, it didn't do anything.01:08
nutzzHow can I find out which ports is a process using form C, is there some system call or do I need to invoke some linux utility using a pipe?01:09
LightweighOS2I'm going to use a command that will write junk on my hard drive now.01:10
AbuDharyou gotta hate Windows for not letting me download the iso file without actually being on a windows machine01:10
LightweighOS2I'm moving my home directory to null now, this should work.01:11
AbuDharLightweighOS2, do you have a Windows 8 iso file?01:12
LightweighOS2AbuDhar: I don't, I'm trying to destroy my Ubuntu operating system.01:12
muscaAbuDhar: not here, please. I think you missed the right channel ...01:12
LightweighOS2What command will make my Ubuntu operating system unusable?01:13
wileeeLightweighOS2, you don;t have top just install what you want in it's place.01:13
LightweighOS2I just booted up after I did what you recommended and I still have a mix of 3 or 4 different desktop environments that I uninstalled.01:14
wileeeLightweighOS2, I gave you a link with multiple options, and a clue the bot knows more, no idea what you have done in any of this.01:15
AbuDharrm -R / :D01:16
AbuDharmaybe this will break everything?01:16
wileeeLightweighOS2, Sounds like you need nothing there, so install what you want over it.01:16
ViperZHello can someone assist me with turning off Wine Debug?01:16
LightweighOS2wileee: I just ran a few commands they recommended.01:19
Mindfreacktrevosa, are you here?01:33
guest1234I ubgraded from 14.10 -> 15.04 today and I think my Xfce installation is bad. I can authenticate, but I have no titlebars or background. I've purged my .cache, reinstalled Xfce4, launched xfdesktop, but none of these typical solutinos work. Any thoughts?01:37
guest1234Other window managers work such as MATE01:37
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cfhowlettfamily, this is ubuntu support.  ask ubuntu questions.  or go somewhere else to play.  thank you.02:17
btorchhello, I'm having some issues with partman-auto/expert_recipe, for some reason it keeps on using all the leftover space for swap even though I say it to only use 2G02:29
btorch2000 80 2000 linux-swap02:29
btorchany ideas why that is ?02:29
eric__some of the necessary kernel modules will probably be different restoring on a non-VM machine02:34
LonelyCoder_So how exactly does telnet connect to a system?02:34
LonelyCoder_Like, my Ubuntu system isn't even logged on, yet I used PuTTY to get login and get a shell prompt.02:35
reeedLonelyCoder_: if your system is running, it's running.02:35
LonelyCoder_reeed: So I'm guessing it's just listening on ports?02:36
reeedyes when it's running, it's listening for incoming connections on ports.02:36
Tryptych...telnet is running/listening by default on ubuntu?02:36
reeedi dunno about that02:36
LonelyCoder_openssh* and no02:37
eric__telnet is typically disabled on modern installations, since the password is sent in clear text over the network.02:37
reeedprobably not telnet but sshd02:37
eric__yes, sshd02:37
reeedyup. telnet is 18th century02:37
OneM_IndustriesHey, does ubuntu have a limit to the number of fonts it can use?02:38
OneM_IndustriesMy dad is trying to import all 1500 of his windowsXP into ubuntu, and it is not going well.02:39
OneM_Industrieswindows XP fonts*02:39
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=== KD7JWC is now known as kd7jwc
cfhowlettOneM_Industries, no limit that I know of02:53
OneM_IndustriesOk, thank you.02:53
STMelonor /clear all03:21
cfhowlett!hi | erick95503:24
=== Blaster is now known as Guest62464
jonny_bravoHello gang03:25
jonny_bravoquick question03:25
cfhowlett!ask | jonny_bravo03:25
ubottujonny_bravo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:25
Archyme!patience | Archyme03:26
ubottuArchyme, please see my private message03:26
jonny_bravoi currently have my laptop connected to my monitor but i cant seem to get rid of this annoying little line where it shows the screen from my laptop03:27
jonny_bravoI have switched from my HDMI cable to my VGA and still the same problem.03:27
=== JacobEdelman_ is now known as JacobEdelman
wydhryDunno, maybe buy  new laptop?03:29
cfhowlett!behelpful | wydhry03:29
ubottuwydhry: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.03:29
Archymejonny_bravo, have you selected the proper resolution for each?03:30
jonny_bravoArchyme yes both are set to the highest resolution03:30
kgirthofer_why do internet downloads play such a heavy factor on my internal network transfers03:32
kgirthofer_nick kgirthofer03:32
Bashing-omkgirthofer_: CPU(S) power to process several processes ?03:33
kgirthofer_htop is pretty empty03:34
Archymejonny_bravo, "highest" resolution isn't always proper. I can push 4k resolution to my 1080P monitor but it looks awful. I seem to remember having a similar issue and it being a resolution issue. Play around with it if you haven't already... that's the extent of the help I can provide03:34
Bashing-omkgirthofer_: Then next I would consider the amount of ram and how the system is handling swap .03:35
kgirthofer_Archyme, have you verified scaling?03:35
kgirthofer_hello kanthalaraghu03:35
kanthalaraghuHiee there.. what's up :D ,03:36
kgirthofer_just ubuntuimg03:36
jonny_bravoArchyme okay thanks, on a side note I would also like to say that I have been able to use my WIFI now. But.... It seems like every 15-20 it drops the WIFI signal and then connects back again? Any ideas?03:36
kanthalaraghuhaha .. :D03:36
Archymekgirthofer_, jonny_bravo is the one having issues unless you're referring to my 4k comment03:36
kgirthofer_Archyme, yep. my bad03:37
Steven_MIt's a long story, but I want to change the drive that my /boot partition is located on. Other than mounting the new drive partition as /boot and re-installing the grub and kernel packages, what other steps are required?03:38
Bashing-omSteven_M: Also have to set the new UUID for '/' in /etc/fstab .03:41
=== kgirthofer_ is now known as kully3xf
Steven_MBashing-om: / is on a seprate partition, do you mean /boot ?03:44
kully3xfhow can I grant more bandwidth/cpu utilization to a currently running file transfer03:46
ObrienDaveit only goes as fast as it can03:46
kully3xfit can go faster than this03:46
kully3xfit's 2.2 gb03:46
kully3xfit's been 20 minutes03:46
kully3xfit's gig e to usb3.003:46
kully3xfno way it's that slow03:46
Bashing-omSteven_M: Yeah, I did get my wires crossed.. No, I would expect the kernel to take care of mounting /boot .03:47
jonny_bravowhats a good website to watch anime?03:48
cfhowlettjonny_bravo, what does that have to do with ubuntu support?03:48
charlesathomecomkully3xf: are you copying a 2.2gb file to a usb thumb drive?03:50
Steven_MBashing-om: okay thanks, just one for question...03:50
jonny_bravocfhowlett this is a chat room. I'm just chatting.03:50
cfhowlett!topic | jonny_bravo,03:50
ubottujonny_bravo,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:50
ObrienDavejonny_bravo, NO, this is ubuntu support. NOT general chat03:51
cfhowlettjonny_bravo, please stay on topic; ubuntu support.03:51
kully3xfcharlesathomecom, no coppying from desktop to a usb nas on router03:51
jonny_bravocan you boot me from this chat room? I'm just curious?03:51
ObrienDavecare to test that theory?03:51
cfhowlettjonny_bravo, no that's a job for ops.  fortunately, I use hexchat which makes it super easy to add you to /ignore03:52
jonny_bravoYeah I don't mind.03:52
jonny_bravowhat type of program does Ubuntu have similar to leafpad? Or is there a way to get leafpad through terminal besides sudo apt-get leafpad <----- which by the way that didn't work LOL03:53
ObrienDavepluma is my favorite word processor03:54
ObrienDavemore of a programmers editor03:54
jonny_bravoi'll check it out thanks ObrienDave03:55
ObrienDaveit doesn't do TTF and WYSIWYG editing03:57
Steven_MBashing-om: after I re-install the kernel and grub packages to the new /boot, is there a command I have to run to copy grub into the mbr and generate a new config file for grub?03:57
kully3xfapt-cache search leafpad03:57
kully3xfleafpad - GTK+ based simple text editor03:57
kully3xfit exists - so sudo apt-get install leafpad would work03:58
kully3xfseems you forgot to tell apt you want to install03:58
jonny_bravoNevermind ObrienDave I just found something simple by looking up "text editor" in the Ubuntu search bar03:58
Bashing-omSteven_M: Yes there is // is this a UEFI or bios based system ?03:59
Steven_MBashing-om: bois04:00
Steven_MBashing-om: sorry, I'm use to grub legacy and syslinux, not grub 2.04:02
charlesathomecomSteven_M: use boot-repair  .... sudo apt-get install boot-repair ... to get it04:02
Steven_Mcharlesathomecom: never heard of boot-repair, I'll look into it. :)04:04
charlesathomecomSteven_M:  If you like legacy boot , you can do that also in the settings04:05
Bashing-omSteven_M: Yeah grub2 is a bit different. Try ' sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt ; sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot  /dev/sdX ; sudo umount /mnt' Where X is the drive, and Y is the partition designators .04:05
sachin_aI just installed virtualbox from software center. I want to run Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.3 LTS on it. Which OS type should I choose in virtual box?04:06
cfhowlettlinux  + ubuntu04:07
sachin_aI thought there would be a separate OS for gnome04:08
avery_Hello everyone, i just wanted to see what my Nick was set to04:08
cfhowlettsachin_a, gnome is NOT an OS.  it's a desktop environment.  you're still using ubuntu04:08
ObrienDavesachin_a, no, just a different DE (Desktop Environment)04:08
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sachin_ai know that.. but I thought ubuntu gnome has different framework than Ubuntu04:09
cfhowlett!flavors | sachin_a04:09
ubottusachin_a: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:09
sachin_aok.. Ubuntu gnome = Ubuntu-Unity+Gnome04:10
ObrienDaveall 'buntus have the same core04:10
Steven_MBashing-om: will do, thanks :)04:10
cfhowlettsachin_a, false.  try again04:10
sachin_aubuntu gnome = (ubuntu-Unity) + gnome04:11
cfhowlettsachin_a, false.  INSTEAD OF unity04:11
cfhowlettsachin_a, ehhh, I see what you're doing.  you were right.  I was wrong.  good job.04:12
Archymei'm rofl at the awesomeness of sachin_a04:13
hfffany file recovery tool for ubuntu?,04:14
tanuki_apt-get autoremove doesn't remove anything, but there are still lots of packages that were autoinstalled. What do?04:14
nemithAnyone update ubuntu recently and had their dock/unity not work04:15
kully3xfhfff, what are you trying to accomplish04:15
ObrienDavetanuki_, autoclean04:15
hfffi want to recover a bookmark file  i deleted recently04:16
tanuki_Doesn't do anything.04:17
=== tanuki_ is now known as tanuki
tanukiHow do I tell what depends on a given package?04:18
Bashing-omhfff: Maybe : see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery .04:18
hfffkully3xf> is there any grapfical recovery tool like in windowx04:18
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
hfffkully3xf ?04:19
kully3xfhfff, it depends on how long ago they were deleted04:21
hfffkully3xf 3 hours ago04:22
kully3xfyou might be ok04:22
kully3xfonce your harddrive re-writes those blocks your're done04:22
ObrienDaveemphasize, MIGHT04:22
kully3xf^ might04:22
kully3xfgood chance it'll be corrupted/not be readale at this point04:23
tanuki... derp. Found the problem. Turns out installing 'postgresql' installs 'postgresql-9.3', but removing postgresql doesn't remove postgresql-9.3, even with --auto-remove.04:26
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Guest45913How do I install usb-imagewriter? I can't figure out what source I should add to the package manager.04:28
kully3xfsudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter04:29
=== u is now known as Guest52608
Guest45913kully3xf: E: Unable to locate package usb-imagewriter04:30
Bashing-om!info usb-imagewriter | Guest4591304:30
ubottuGuest45913: Package usb-imagewriter does not exist in vivid04:30
Guest45913I have the file for it on my machine, but I can't run the install.sh file.04:30
drkjstrGuest45913: Is the file set to executable?04:31
Guest45913drkjstr: It is.04:32
Guest45913drkjstr: I cd'd to the file and then did ./install.sh and nothing happened.04:32
Guest45913However, I just wanted to find a way to add a package source, whatever you call that, that includes it.04:33
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DevslishHow do I verify in the output of service servicename which user a service is running as?04:35
drkjstrGuest45913: The repository? It depends on if they have a PPA. Is this the one you are trying to install? https://launchpad.net/usb-imagewriter04:36
lonewolfanybody need help?04:38
lonewolfwith ubuntu?04:38
DevslishI do04:38
lonewolfwhat it do?04:39
lonewolfwhat's wrong with yours?04:39
DevslishHow do i change the user that a service runs ad04:39
Guest45913drkjstr: Yes, that's the one I'm trying to install.04:39
lonewolfnot enough information... what you talking about?04:39
lonewolfI am a old technician.04:39
lonewolfI just don't 100% comprehend those terms.04:39
DevslishA service in Ubuntu for Emby04:39
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest46461
lonewolfsuch as provide ubuntu service example in sentence to further help?04:40
lonewolfEmby a program?04:40
lonewolflike a .exe?04:40
DevslishIts a media server04:40
lonewolfin windows?04:40
lonewolflet me think.04:40
DevslishIm on 15.0404:40
lonewolfcan it be updated through the software loader?04:41
lonewolfthe ubuntu shop center?04:41
lonewolfto fix it as a start?04:41
lonewolffreeware i mean?04:41
lonewolfdid you run a search?04:41
lonewolfhold on04:42
lonewolfI run 14.0404:42
lonewolfeverything run's except i haven't found a dvd media player to play dvd movie discs'04:42
lonewolflegal ones non pirated04:43
lonewolftheir is software04:43
lonewolfits a lil pricey though.04:43
lonewolfnot mine04:43
lonewolfit's on the ubuntu market04:43
drkjstrGuest45913: Seems that Ubuntu dropped it from the main repos, and it is available on the Mint Upstream repository: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/mint_upstream/nadia/upstream/base/usb-imagewriter.04:44
=== tommy is now known as Guest67927
lonewolfI don't know exactly what you're trying to accomplish with a media server perhaps one of your friends can remote in and fix it.04:44
lonewolfSince I don't know you.04:44
=== neurotus is now known as krsna
lonewolfHave a nice day everybody Idk what their talkin bout' without more info.04:44
DevslishYou are clueless04:45
lonewolfI'm new on this channle, ran on linux, unix at least 20 years04:45
lonewolfyou aren't helping any04:45
lonewolfim not clueless fool04:45
DevslishDoor you know what services are04:45
lonewolfjust explain you idiot04:45
DevslishDo you04:45
cfhowlettDevslish, relax.  he already told you he couldn't help04:45
lonewolfservices are the same as .exe's in windows04:46
lonewolfso get a clue04:46
lonewolfkick it up a notch.04:46
drkjstrGuest45913: So, you downloaded the v1.9 tar.gz package, decompressed it, and then cd'd into the directory to run the install, right?04:46
lonewolfwhen you download04:46
lonewolfyou select04:46
DevslishCfh do you know how I can modify the use that a service runs as?04:46
lonewolfa specific type of file download type04:46
lonewolf. etc04:46
lonewolfyou select a specific04:47
tgm4883lonewolf: is that really necessary?04:47
lonewolfof ubuntu program to run it04:47
lonewolfeasy as that04:47
lonewolfyes it is04:47
lonewolfonly 1 time04:47
lonewolfthe right install method though04:47
lonewolfthat's all you need to know, so fix it04:47
Guest45913drkjstr: I think I should type something like this in: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mint upstream04:48
drkjstrDevslish: I'm not terribly familiar with it myself, but I think you would need to change it in the init.d if it auto starts.04:48
Guest45913drkjstr: But I'm getting it wrong.04:48
phunyguylonewolf: what are you doing?04:49
lonewolfof coarse04:49
lonewolfsudo first04:49
drkjstrGuest45913: It would be more like this to add a PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwibber-daily/ppa04:49
phunyguysorry about that, guys.  Let's continue with support.  :)04:49
DevslishDo any of you know how to run a service as a specific user04:50
Guest45913drkjstr: I'm still getting it wrong, haha.04:51
Archymephunyguy, thanks!04:51
tgm4883Devslish: can you pastebin the service file04:52
cfhowlettDevslish, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/394984/best-practice-to-run-linux-service-as-a-different-user04:52
DevslishWhich file would that be04:52
Guest45913drkjstr: I tried sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mint-upstream/ppa04:52
tgm4883Guest45913: where are you getting that from?04:52
tgm4883Devslish: what service?04:52
DevslishIt's emby04:52
DevslishIt's a media server04:53
tgm4883Devslish: how do you normally start it?04:53
Guest45913tgm4883: From here: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/mint_upstream/nadia/upstream/base/usb-imagewriter04:53
DevslishFor some reason I can't add my USB drive as a media source04:53
DevslishI do sudo service emby server start04:53
DevslishWhen I do service emby server status it appears that it's running as user emby04:54
drkjstrGuest45913: This link describes it, but I don't think you can add it to Ubuntu.  Because I don't think it is a public repository. It doesn't seem that usb-imagewriter has a PPA.04:55
tgm4883Devslish: what user do you want to run it as?04:55
DevslishMy account04:55
tgm4883Guest45913: what you're trying to do is unsupportable04:55
bischDevslish, maybe you just need to give user emby some more permissions?04:55
burnHello! evrybody04:55
DevslishHow? the folder already has 77704:55
burnIts been a long time04:55
treeprogramis that bar on the left of the Ubuntu GUI called the Unity Launcher?04:55
tgm4883Devslish: Does emby know where to look?04:56
treeprogramalong the left side of the screen04:56
tgm4883treeprogram: yes04:56
treeprogramtgm4883: thanks04:56
burnHey! Is there anyone with Java experience04:56
burnNeed a great help04:56
treeprogramso I got a laptop with 4K resolution, and I adjusted the size of the icons so that they won04:56
treeprogram't appear tiny on the GUI04:56
DevslishI'm trying to select it from the Web interface04:56
drkjstrGuest45913: What the end goal you are trying to accomplish by using usb-imagewriter?04:56
treeprogramthe problem now is that the Unity Launcher covers the icons that sit on the left side of the desktop04:56
DevslishEvery time I do it logs me out04:57
treeprogramanyway I can fix this, like for example by bounding where the desktop icons sit by default?04:57
Guest45913drkjstr: I'm trying to make a bootable usb for opensuse, however unetbootin didn't work and the people over at #suse told me to use usb-imagewriter.04:57
ObrienDavetreeprogram, try using "show hidden icons"04:58
ObrienDavetreeprogram, then arrange by name04:58
treeprogramObrienDave: where is the "show hidden icons" option?04:58
Guest45913drkjstr: Then I tried ubuntu's startupdisk creator, and that didn't work either.04:58
ObrienDavetreeprogram, i run Xubuntu, i don;t know where it is in unity04:58
burnAnybody familiar with java packaging04:59
Guest45913drkjstr: This is the name of the file: openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso04:59
wileeeburn, give an end goal maybe to the channel.05:00
drkjstrGuest45913: What version of Ubuntu are you using right now?05:01
Guest45913drkjstr: 15.0405:01
fishcookerhow to see lenovo wireless keyboard mouse sm8861?05:02
cfhowlett!ask | burn05:02
ubottuburn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:02
burnI tried to create an .exe installer from netbeans with sqlite database . However, its working. It gets install but doesn't work.05:04
drkjstrGuest45913: is this anything like what you are seeing when you run the usb-creator? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick05:04
Guest45913drkjstr: The file doesn't pop up in the CD-Drive/Image section of the Make Startup Disk application, and when I choose other and select it, it still doesn't load.05:05
Guest45913drkjstr: I downloaded it using torrenting, maybe that could be why.05:06
drkjstrGuest45913: That shouldn't be the issue.05:07
Guest45913drkjstr: I thought so. It must be something else, but I can't figure it out.05:07
ObrienDavetorrents are usually a more reliable transfer05:07
phunyguyburn: hello.  what can I help you with05:08
phunyguyburn: do you have a support question related to Ubuntu? Because netbeans/installer/.exe/etc isn't really sounding like you are in the correct place.05:10
Guest45913Oh well, I like ubuntu better. I'm having issues with 15.04 so I'm going to try the long support release 14.04305:10
drkjstrGuest45913: Try using the dd commands they suggest in this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59551/how-to-burn-a-windows-iso-to-a-usb-device. But be very careful not to select the wrong device!05:10
drkjstrGuest45913: What kind of issues are you having? That's what this channel is for.05:11
burnphunyguy: thanks05:12
Guest45913drkjstr: When I log out, it flashes a black screen with some lines of text. Sort of like the one's that come up if you pull out a live-usb that's running an OS.05:12
burnhowever, I was looking for help with database connectivity and java jar for swings05:12
phunyguyburn: is this specific to ubuntu?05:12
burnmine is not in another pc05:13
burnwell you do create jar files in ubuntu, right05:13
phunyguyburn: thatdoesn't answer my question.  Is this SPECIFIC to ubuntu.05:13
* ObrienDave takes aim at Google translate. *** BOOOOOOOOOOM ***05:13
burnI guess no05:13
burnthanks though05:13
phunyguyburn: then like I said, you are in the wrong place.  Canwe help you find the correct place?05:14
burnIf you would, that be grear05:14
phunyguyalis is a great bot to help you find channels.05:14
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:14
drkjstrburn: There are other channels in the channel list that are geared toward Java.05:14
phunyguyor /msg alis *java*05:15
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Are you trying to make a live cd or usb?05:15
LambdaComplexUSB, I see. Have you tried dd?05:15
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I'm trying to make a usb.05:15
drkjstrGuest45913: Does it shutdown correctly? Those lines you are seeing is the system trying to stop certain processes an such.05:16
kims_hy guys, what are you talking about?05:16
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I have looked at what I need to do to complete it, and I can see very quickly that I won't be able to figure it out as I'm bad at using the terminal, and lack any understanding of it.05:16
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Oh, and also use md5sum to verify your .iso is good05:16
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Using dd is literally only one line05:17
LambdaComplex`dd if="/path/to/file.iso" of="/dev/sdwhatever"05:17
Guest45913LamdbaComplex: If you told me how it worked, I could do it.05:17
allstarsnorks2Hi guys. How do I change the defauly plymouth theme for my system (14.04)?05:18
drkjstrIt was tutorialed in the last link I sent you.05:18
LambdaComplexQuotes are optional for that btw05:18
Guest45913LambdaComplex: funny thing is that I don't understand that one line. I don't know what the /dev/sdwhatever part does.05:18
Guest45913LambdaComplex I understand that I need to type the path to the file, I've done that before.05:19
LambdaComplexGuest45913: The simple version of what dd does is copies something and writes it, bit by bit, to something else. if is the input file and of is the output file. In this case, our input file is a disk image (in .iso format) and our output file is a block device (in /dev/sdx form).05:19
LambdaComplexSo, the usb is going to be a block device. You should be able to find which one with the `lsblk` command05:20
kims_hi skype05:21
LambdaComplexIt's very important you get the command right. Getting it wrong will potentially delete all your data.05:21
skype_jimxlhswho are you ?05:21
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I found out that my flashdrive is in /media/owner/9DF2-6F5705:22
skype_jimxlhsfrom where ?05:22
LambdaComplexGuest45913: That's where it's mounted. We need the actual block device.05:22
kims_sorry, i can't say that skype..05:23
LambdaComplexIt'll be in the form /dev/sdx05:23
drkjstrGuest45913: Like LambdaComplex stated, in a terminal, type: lsblk05:23
Guest45913There's Name, Maj:min, Rm, Ro, Type, and Mountpoint05:23
LambdaComplexIt'll be under Name05:24
Guest45913LambdaComplex It says sdb105:24
cfhowlett!details | skype_jimxlhs,05:24
ubottuskype_jimxlhs,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)05:24
skype_jimxlhsokay bye05:24
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Just so we can double-check, run `lsblk | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us` and give me the URL it outputs05:24
kims_guys, is that okay if i remove unity DE from ubuntu? i am using xfce4 right now05:25
LambdaComplexkims_: Why wouldn't it be?05:25
cfhowlettskype_jimxlhs, take your spam and go away05:25
LambdaComplexXFCE is great. Heck, I'm using xfce4-panel with BSPWM right now05:25
cfhowlett!spam | skype_jimxlhs05:26
ubottuskype_jimxlhs: Please don't spam05:26
drkjstrLambdaComplex: Have you tried using the pastbinit package? It works similarly.05:26
kims_don't know, i just dont really like unity05:26
allstarsnorks2How do I change my Plymouth theme in Xubuntu 14.04?05:26
cfhowlettkims_, its okay but I wouldn't.  unity is tightly integrated.  just don't use it.05:26
LambdaComplexdrkjstr: Nope. I just like sprunge because the instructions are right on the front page :P05:27
Guest45913LambdaComplex: bash: http://sprunge.us/KcWd: No such file or directory05:27
LambdaComplexNot quite sure what happened but removing that colon on the end fixes it05:27
drkjstrCool. I didn't know about it until I started coming in here. It would be used like: lsblk | pastebinit05:28
LambdaComplexGuest45913: So, ~700GB hard drive and 16 GB usb drive?05:28
Guest45913LambdaComplex: haha, no it worked. Open the link.05:28
LambdaComplexdrkjstr: As in, pastebin.com?05:28
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Yes, it's 16 GB05:28
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Alright, so you'll do `dd if=whatever.iso of=/dev/sdb`05:29
LambdaComplexOf course you really should check the md5sum05:29
LambdaComplexWhich is as simple as `md5sum file`05:29
LambdaComplex"file" of course being your iso in this case05:30
drkjstrLambdaComplex: It uses paste.ubuntu.com05:30
LambdaComplexWhat the md5sum command does is runs whatever you give it through some fancy math formulas and then outputs a really crazy string of numbers and letters. But that crazy string lets you verify that the file is what it's supposed to be05:31
LambdaComplexBecause if there were an error in the file, it'd give you the wrong string05:31
mibbitNew trusty 14.04 install. Can not launch ubuntu software center, it closes after a short launch. Need help!05:31
misternumberonedetailed nvidia optimus issues - wall of text, pastebin: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12279898/05:32
ObrienDavemibbit, try using synaptic05:32
ObrienDavemibbit, sudo apt-get install synaptic05:32
mibbitObrienDave: same problem, closes after a short launch05:32
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Do I need to cd into the directory the .iso file is in, or write the path to the file?05:33
kims_mibbit : or maybe you can run it in terminal using sudo05:33
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Eh, I'd just cd into the directory to make things easier05:33
mibbitObrienDave: Yes, I have done that05:33
misternumberonesorry for lack of wrap05:33
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Either one works though05:33
mibbitkims_: sudo ubuntu software center?05:33
LambdaComplexdrkjstr: Eh, I'm pretty sure that one's fine. I've heard that some ISPs block pastebin for some reason05:35
kims_sudo software-center05:35
* LambdaComplex wonders if he can just use an alias for sprunge05:35
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I cd'd into the location and typed in: `dd if=openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdb05:35
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Including or excluding that grave before dd?05:36
Guest45913including th '05:36
LambdaComplexHm, I'm guessing bash is a little confused right now :P05:36
Guest45913Lambdacomplex: Including the grave symbol looking like '05:36
LambdaComplexGuest45913: And now it just says ">", right?05:37
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Haha, right ;)05:37
LambdaComplexGuest45913: ctrl+c will get you out of that05:37
LambdaComplexAnd then run md5sum before you dd!05:37
LambdaComplexNo sense in writing a broken file :P05:37
LambdaComplexAnd get rid of the grave before you dd05:38
LambdaComplexmd5sum openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso05:38
Guest45913LambdaComplex: md5sum: openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso: Is a directory05:39
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I wonder what that means.05:39
drkjstrThe MD% sum you need is: 350b8cb014a4e342cc9a7cc9df891b99  openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso05:40
LambdaComplexGuest45913: file openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso05:40
LambdaComplexRun that. Because I'm confused now O.o05:40
LambdaComplexThe file command just tells you the filetype05:40
LambdaComplexWhich...should not be directory05:40
Guest45913LambdaComplex: file openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso05:41
Guest45913openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso: directory05:41
LambdaComplexWell, allons-y then! cd into it and see what happens :P05:41
LambdaComplexAnd then ls -A05:41
Guest45913LambdaComplex: No command 'md5sum:' found05:41
=== silas is now known as Guest80602
LambdaComplexDoes Ubuntu not have md5sum by default?05:42
drkjstrLambdaComplex: I just did it, and it does05:42
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Oh, so if it's a directory then you can cd into it!05:42
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Of course! cd = change directory05:42
Guest45913Lambdacomplex: It said: openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso05:43
Guest45913 when I typed in ls -A05:43
LambdaComplexAh, okay. So you had a folder named after the iso file05:43
LambdaComplexRun file on that one05:43
Guest45913LambdaComplex: My usb is flashing, so it's reading/writing data.05:44
LambdaComplexDid you run dd? O.o05:45
Guest45913LambdaCompled: I did, haha. Is there a way to ask terminal the arguments for dd?05:45
LambdaComplexNot quite sure I understand what you're asking05:45
LambdaComplexLike, a list of possible arguments?05:45
Guest45913Yes like with the ls -A the -A part is the argument05:46
LambdaComplexman dd05:46
LambdaComplexTrust me, manpages are your new best friends05:46
drkjstror dd --help05:46
=== max12345 is now known as Guest84853
LambdaComplexOr that05:46
Guest45913Is there a website that lists every terminal command?05:46
LambdaComplexWell....you could do "ls /bin"05:46
=== Guest84853 is now known as max12345
LambdaComplexThat'd list every binary you have on your system05:47
LambdaComplexBut "every terminal command" would be a very, very, very, VERY long list05:47
Guest45913LambdaComplex: DD is on there!05:47
Guest45913The ls /bin list I mean.05:48
LambdaComplexNo, it isn't05:48
LambdaComplexdd is though05:48
Guest45913yeah, dd05:48
LambdaComplex*nix is case-sensitive05:48
LambdaComplexSo, you ran dd if=openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdb05:48
Guest45913I did.05:48
LambdaComplexWell, I still want you to run md5sum after that finishes :P05:48
Guest45913I will, might have to find a way to get the md5sum command.05:49
LambdaComplexAlso, drkjstr did mention --help, but not everything has an output for --help. And for the ones that do, the manpage will be much more in-depth05:49
LambdaComplexAnd...you really should have md5sum05:49
Guest45913I can type clear in the terminal, however it doesn't show up in ls /bin05:50
drkjstr^-- --help is usually just an brief help and list of options.05:50
LambdaComplexdrkjstr: Unfortunately SOME things have --help but not a manpage >.>05:50
LambdaComplexadb comes to mind for that05:51
LambdaComplexLuckily its --help is rather verbose05:51
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I'm far behind on using terminal, but I'll always remimber ls /bin05:52
Guest45913And man and --help05:52
drkjstrclear is located in /usr/bin05:52
LambdaComplexGuest45913: If you'd like, I can name some basic terminal commands that you'll want to know05:52
drkjstrdo: which clear05:52
LambdaComplexdrkjstr: I figured they'd be symlinked :P05:52
LambdaComplexAlso, reset is more useful than clear imo05:53
Guest45913LambdaComplex: How did you get so good at terminal?05:54
LambdaComplexGuest45913: By using it :P05:54
ObrienDaveGuest45913, http://ss64.com/05:54
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Sure, but if I didn't know about ls /bin I would have never figured out the different commands I could use.05:54
ObrienDaveGuest45913, http://ss64.com/bash05:54
LambdaComplexLemme see... cd and ls are both important. ls -l puts things in a list (and also displays permissions, among other things). ls -A includes "hidden" files (which start with a .)05:55
LambdaComplexnano is a terminal text editor that's good for quickly editing files05:55
drkjstrI'm out. Have a good one.05:55
LambdaComplexpwd gives you your current directory (but generally you'll have that in your shell prompt)05:55
LambdaComplexcat gives you the contents of a file05:56
LambdaComplexless is similar to cat but a bit nicer05:56
LambdaComplex(it lets you scroll)05:57
LambdaComplexOoh, grep is useful05:57
blunderbrusHey, how's everybody doing?05:57
LambdaComplexGuest45913: ls -l /bin | grep nano05:57
LambdaComplexTry that for fun05:57
Guest45913-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  192016 Jul 16  2014 nano05:58
Guest45913lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root       4 Sep  4 21:50 rnano -> nano05:58
LambdaComplexSo, what grep just did was take all the output of "ls -l /bin" and just give you the lines containing the phrase "nano"05:58
Guest45913LambdaComplex: That's nice. When I try to open text files with millions of characters it always crashes.05:59
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Are they actually text files? O.o05:59
LambdaComplexOr are they executable binaries?06:00
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Yes, like log files on ubuntu.06:00
LambdaComplexSounds like you might want the tail command06:00
LambdaComplexBy default that'll just give you the last 10 lines of a file06:00
Guest45913LambdaComplex: I might want to search for a keyword, though. So I like your grep nano command.06:02
Guest45913LambdaComplex: My usb finished reading/writing :)06:02
LambdaComplexNo, not grep and nano. Nano is an editor, You'd want cat and grep06:02
LambdaComplexOkay, now run md5sum because I swear it should be installed :P06:02
Guest45913I just ran it using the command: md5sum openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso06:03
LambdaComplex350b8cb014a4e342cc9a7cc9df891b99  openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64.iso06:04
LambdaComplexOkay, congratulations. You don't have to redownload :D06:04
Guest45913Thankfully :O It was 5 gigs06:05
Guest45913For a linux distro too. Ubuntu is around 1 gig06:05
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Now I'm going to try and make it bootable using the documentation on: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Live_USB_stick06:06
LambdaComplexAnyways, I generally prefer the terminal because I know what's actually going on. Unetbootin does...who knows what? Heck, you're specifically told not to use Unetbootin for Arch because it overwrites the syslinux.cfg file06:06
LambdaComplex(Which means it takes a perfectly working .iso and makes it unbootable)06:07
LambdaComplexGuest45913: It _should_ already be bootable06:07
LambdaComplex"This situation would happen very rarely"06:07
Guest45913LambdaComplex: You're right!06:08
LambdaComplexAlso, if it's installed, I'd prefer cfdisk to fdisk06:08
LambdaComplexBecause it has a gui...er...tui?06:08
LambdaComplexIt looks prettier :P06:08
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Yep, you can create nice text ui's on Terminal.06:09
LambdaComplexLike cfdisk :D06:09
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Beautiful! Haha06:09
Guest45913I'm going to try out opensuse now :)06:10
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Have fun!06:11
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Do you know any fun commands to destroy ubuntu?06:11
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Well...06:11
LambdaComplexThere is that one command06:11
LambdaComplexThe one that everyone with Linux experience will think of when they read what you just said06:11
Guest45913Might as well go out in flames and glory!06:11
LambdaComplexGuys, am I allowed to say the command here? :P06:12
Guest45913The rm -rf / command doesn't work, I tried it.06:12
LambdaComplexYeah, that one >.>06:12
LambdaComplexDid you use sudo?06:12
Guest45913It won't let you even with sudo.06:12
LambdaComplexDid you try /* instead of /06:13
ubottuThe Unix 'rm' command removes files and directories from the filesystem. It is an extremly powerful tool, and you should not run 'rm' commands unless you fully understand them. Do not run arbitrary 'rm' commands you see online. For a beginning guide on using terminal commands, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal and for a cautionary story about 'rm' see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_g0tyaIeE06:13
Guest45913If I disconnect all of a sudden, you'll know it worked.06:13
LambdaComplexYou do realize that will delete everything on your system, correct?06:13
LambdaComplexIncluding any mounted hard drives06:14
LambdaComplexAny mounted USB drives06:14
Guest45913oh shiz06:14
Guest45913it's working06:14
ObrienDavebeen nice knowing you ROFL06:14
LambdaComplexI hope you unplugged your usb drive :P06:14
LambdaComplex(shouldn't be mounted anyways though)06:14
LambdaComplexHaha, I did rmrf on a virtual machine once06:15
LambdaComplexThen I stopped it. Tried to do it again.06:15
LambdaComplexExcept I couldn't because rm didn't exist anymore.06:15
Guest45913lol! it deleted the unity taskbar's!06:15
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:15
ObrienDaveJUST a bit late LOL06:15
LambdaComplexObrienDave: Okay, fine! dd if=/dev/zero :P06:16
Guest45913I'm still alive! haha It said operation not permitted for the essential stuff.06:16
LambdaComplexGuest45913: This is the part where you either thank or curse Ubuntu for being "idiotproofed" for lack of a better term06:16
Guest45913LambdaComplex: It's funny, it didn't close the applications I had open, but it deleted everything else other than the essential stuff like I said.06:18
LambdaComplexGuest45913: That stuff is probably in RAM or something like that06:18
ObrienDavebecause what you see is in RAM06:18
LambdaComplexIf you close the applications you have open, I'm willing to bet you won't be able to reopen them06:18
Guest45913This is the ultralxde desktop environment, actually.06:19
Guest45913It's as lightweight as it gets, as everything is in ram.06:20
LambdaComplexThat's optimism if I've ever seen it06:20
LambdaComplexAnd now you're gonna go from super SUPER lightweight to something that takes a 5 GB iso06:21
Guest45913I feel for all the poor linux noobs that got tricked into running that command, though. Haha.06:22
LambdaComplexAnd that's why (as the bot says) you should never run a command unless you know what it's doing06:22
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:23
Guest45913It's been fun all, I'm going to try and boot up Ubuntu for fun and see what happens, and then I'll try out my bootable usb for Suse.06:24
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Feel free to message me here (or /query me) any time06:24
Guest45913LambdaComplex: Okay! I'll make my username something like LightweightOS06:25
Guest45913This will give new meaning to that username, though.06:25
LambdaComplexI really hope you're not expecting that thing to boot :P06:26
Guest45913Lambdacomplex: Hey, if it's idiotproofed it might ;)06:27
Guest45913I could try the recovery mode.06:27
Guest45913There's a mode similar to that.06:27
Guest45913Ok! I'm rebooting now :)06:27
bin0x58Hi, can anyone give me advice about how to learn06:28
LambdaComplexbin0x58: Read everything and asks lots of questions06:28
bin0x58unix that is06:28
LambdaComplexBut learn how to ask good questions06:28
lotuspsychje!manual | bin0x5806:28
bin0x58ya sorry06:28
ubottubin0x58: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:28
LambdaComplexGuest45913: Godspeed06:28
bin0x58What is the best book in your opinions?06:29
ObrienDavebin0x58, http://ss64.com/bash06:29
LambdaComplexI wonder if recommending the Bandit wargame to people would be a good idea06:30
bin0x58Im currently reading "The Linux Command Line" by william shotts06:32
ObrienDavewargame? i got into WoT for a while06:32
LambdaComplexI think we're talking two different kinds of wargames06:33
LambdaComplexObrienDave: http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/06:33
ObrienDavehmmm, interesting :)06:35
LambdaComplexObrienDave: Definitely seems like a decent way of teaching basic skills. Like, the first level just takes using cat on a file. Then level 24 is "A daemon is listening on port 30002 and will give you the password for bandit25 if given the password for bandit24 and a secret numeric 4-digit pincode."06:38
LambdaComplexBasically there's nothing horribly difficult, just a lot of "basic" stuff that could be useful06:39
ObrienDavemost of that security stuff is quite interesting but i have not been able to find a good way to learn the basics06:41
ricardis best HDMI DVI-D 18 + 1pin cable or a VGA cable06:41
ricardObrienDave, hdmi dvi?06:43
ObrienDavehdmi > vga06:44
LambdaComplexDVI > HDMI > VGA06:44
LambdaComplexThough HDMI does have the benefit of transmitting audio (if it's HDMI 5.1)06:44
ricardthe cable is hdmi dvi-d06:45
LambdaComplexLike, HDMI to DVI?06:45
LambdaComplexHDMI on one end and DVI on the other?06:45
ricardyes hddmi and dvi on the other06:47
LambdaComplexYes, that is better than vga06:48
ricardthanks LambdaComplex06:48
TJ-Do we have a hexchat package for theme management? Not been able to find anything in the archive06:53
ObrienDaveare they going to FINALLY include HexChat and can Xchat?306:55
TJ-ObrienDave: I prefer xchat; TCL is fun :)06:55
LambdaComplexTJ-: http://hexchat.readthedocs.org/en/latest/building.html#building-theme-manager06:56
LambdaComplexWell, there's that06:56
ObrienDaveXchat is not maintained anymore. why keep it?06:56
LambdaComplexThere's also an AUR package for it apparently06:56
TJ-LambdaComplex: That's not what I call a theme manager; it requires Mono just to use it - it was written and targeted at Windows with .net, ughh.06:56
* ObrienDave takes aim at LambdaComplex ;P06:57
TJ-ObrienDave: We have hundreds of packages not actively developed by upstream; it doesn't prevent them being useful to some users.06:57
LambdaComplexObrienDave: What? :P06:57
LambdaComplexTJ-: I suppose if you're comfortable with git you could use stow for version control of your hexchat config files06:59
* ObrienDave SMH and sighs ;P06:59
LambdaComplexObrienDave: Again, what? :P06:59
TJ-LambdaComplex: I think I'll dump hexchat and use irssi :)06:59
LambdaComplexTJ-: Pfft, weechat is better ;)07:00
* LambdaComplex waits for ObrienDave to sigh07:00
* ObrienDave thinks you're both wacked LOL07:00
=== ircmaxell is now known as giantwaffeldonke
TJ-LambdaComplex: either will do I guess; My main issue with hexchat is there is no way to test/apply darker themes so the screen isn't mostly glaring white background. I want a neutral grey so my eyes aren't getting burned07:02
cyberalex4lifeTJ-, there are themes07:02
cyberalex4lifeTJ-, https://hexchat.github.io/themes.html07:03
ObrienDaveLED screens can't burn your eyes like a CRT ;P07:04
LambdaComplexTJ-: http://sprunge.us/YcOM07:04
LambdaComplexThat's what I use07:04
TJ-cyberalex4life: Yeah, I was looking at them, but if I've got a GUI client I'd rather expect it to provide an easy way to test/alter the theme from the GUI07:04
cyberalex4lifethese you have to unzip theme, restart hexchat and see07:05
TJ-ObrienDave: They do mine for the number of hours I use them. I have all the other screens with other applications using dark themes, so hexchat stands out all the more.07:05
ObrienDavethey have brightness control ;P07:05
TJ-hexchat doesnt :)07:06
LambdaComplexTJ-: Do you have redshift?07:06
ObrienDaveyour screen does ;P07:06
TJ-No, I don't use gnome07:07
LambdaComplexI think that's a non sequitur07:08
ObrienDavei don;t use gnome either and my LCD has brightness control ;P07:08
LambdaComplexRedshift is amazing though07:09
ObrienDaveyou know, the little menu button ;P07:09
TJ-Oh, you mean the colour adjustment widget. It's not a monitor issue, it's an application issue07:09
ObrienDaveSMH mountains out of mole-hills ;P07:09
LambdaComplexYou're welcome to try that config file I linked you to07:10
cyberalex4lifeI tried red-shift, didn't like, would prefer a screen filter, such like those on android, rather07:11
cyberalex4lifebut there is none07:11
* LambdaComplex should probably go to bed07:12
TJ-The problem I have is hexchat in a section of 1 monitor glaring which makes focusing on terminals on the same monitor uncomfortable07:14
cyberalex4lifeI honestly don't like to orange icon, I am more a blueish guy07:19
LambdaComplexTJ-: http://i.imgur.com/Vufohe7.png07:20
cyberalex4lifeeven the red from xchat I prefer more, but the icon disapears after a gnome shell restart07:20
TJ-Some people can be hyper-sensitive to colour schemes too, especially if they have some degree of colour-blindness, or other acuity07:20
TJ-LambdaComplex: Yes, that's definitely where I'm headed.07:21
TJ-LambdaComplex: LXDE?07:21
cyberalex4lifeTJ, yes and I have such problem, I don't like playing games at high settings because of that, and that is why I like gnome shell07:21
LambdaComplexTJ-: BSPWM with xfce4-panel07:21
wisehows everyone07:22
cyberalex4lifeI guess we're good07:22
wiseyou guess07:23
TJ-Ahhh... I don't know whether I'm just becoming reactionary, but I've got so fed up with the way Gnome/Unity/KDE have gone I'm finding myself sticking with lightweight DEs and terminal applications more and more.07:23
cyberalex4lifethat's because I'm good, I don't know about the others :P07:23
mehdi_hey guys how can i create iso from my current OS and installed on some other PC?07:24
TJ-mehdi_: *create* the ISO, or simply write an ISO image to a device?07:24
LambdaComplexTJ-: My ricing is a never-ending process. I'm probably gonna start seriously learning about lemonbar scripts within the next week07:24
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, there are some tutorials there, even videos, but you have to be carefull to dependencies07:25
LambdaComplexEither lemonbar or dzen2. Haven't really seen any advantages or disadvantages either way07:25
mehdi_create the ISO of my current system and then boot it up and install it on another computer07:25
mehdi_i  dont want to go through some package installation again07:26
TJ-mehdi_: You, mean make an image of 1 system and deploy it to another07:26
TJ-mehdi_: You can use something simple like 'dd' or more intelligent like 'clonezillla'07:26
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, http://lifehacker.com/5921054/ubuntu-builder-lets-you-build-your-own-customized-linux-distribution07:26
mehdi_@ TJ- there used to be an application called remastersys07:26
TJ-mehdi_: In the archives? I don't recall it07:27
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, https://www.maketecheasier.com/build-your-own-ubuntu-based-distro-with-novo-builder/07:27
cyberalex4lifeI believe there are quite a few ways07:27
TJ-mehdi_: imaging one system to another with Linux is simple - unlike Windows there's no tie to the installed hardware; it is all auto-discovered at boot. If you can do it, hook up the target drive to the donor system, boot a Live image, and copy file-systems across.07:28
TJ-I say 'file-systems' since disk sizes and partitions may (need to) be different on the target07:29
TJ-I've found using LVM mirroring a great way to clone a system07:30
mehdi_@ TJ- the project discontinued07:31
TJ-mehdi_: I guess there isn't tremendous call for it when most people have such abundant bandwidth, but I share your dislike of needing to install via package-manager simply to create clones07:32
TJ-I've been working on a GRUB bug, the symptom of which is in nativedisk mode it fails to activate a SATA controller because it needs to force the link speed lower, and doesn't. My favourite error message: grub_dprintf ("ahci", "Couldn't put AHCI in AHCI mode\n"); (first 'AHCI' should really be 'SATA controller')07:34
shafoxHow can I install ctypes ?07:34
mehdi_@ TJ- im not as professional as you07:35
TJ-mehdi_: I'm trying to suggest 'easy' ways to achieve the same result ... can you connect the target drive to the source PC temporarily, or visa-versa?07:38
TJ-mehdi_: depending on how much space is used by the donor installation, it might fit on a USB flash device07:38
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, maybe an external hdd, if any (formated in ext3/4)07:38
cyberalex4lifeand a live image to be able to do this stuff07:39
TJ-mehdi_: A neat trick is, from a Live image boot, to shrink all file-systems on the donor to their minimum size, lzma compress them to images on a USB device, and then reverse the process on the target. Oh, and resize the donor's file-systems back to normal afterwards :)07:40
cyberalex4lifeTJ-, it may be too overwhelming for a new guy07:41
cyberalex4lifefor example, manjaro is ok for me, but to start to build everything in arch, neah, too much wor07:43
TJ-cyberalex4life: I know. I'm just offering alternatives, if the aim is to reduce time/downloads required for cloning.07:43
cyberalex4lifelet him do the more easy stuff, in time he'll search for other ways07:43
cyberalex4lifeand it took me 3 days to port all the stuff I needed from ubuntu07:44
TJ-cyberalex4life: I've never understood the desire to rebuild everything instead of using pre-built binaries. In the majority of cases, building for a specific CPU won't gain much if anything in the way of improved performance, but it sure does waste a lot of time and energy07:44
cyberalex4lifeI used to finish installing ubuntu in half a day07:45
TJ-There's a quick way on Debian/Ubuntu systems to extract the list of packages required to duplicate the config, and it's not "dpkg --get-selections", it's "debfoster" - which identifies the top-of-tree packages only, which when installed on another system retain the 'automatically installed' status of all their dependent packages07:46
mehdi_@ TJ- @ cyberalex4life  it seems that i wasnt clear enough , for example take ubuntu image and and booting on a usb and install it i want, instead of ubuntu image be the OS that i want07:46
cyberalex4lifeI don't like it either, because it's too much work, 3 days is a lot, but I got bored of ubuntu, and since opensuse had some thing with nvidia and intel07:46
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, unetbootin works from from every OS I think07:48
TJ-mehdi_: When you say 'ubuntu image'. do you mean a standard installer/Live ISO image, or the image of an installed Ubuntu system?07:49
cyberalex4lifelater I found out that ubuntu-mate way also works from every distro: sudo ddrescue -d -D --force ubuntu-mate-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso /dev/sdx07:50
cyberalex4lifewhile Disk Creator gives problems from time to time07:51
mehdi_@ TJ- standard installer/ISO image07:51
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, what OS are you using now?07:51
mehdi_@ cyberalex4life unetbootin create yhe bootable usb from ISO , i wanted to create the ISO07:51
EriC^^round and round we go..07:52
mehdi_@ cyberalex4life ubuntu 14.0407:52
cyberalex4lifemehdi_, maybe this will help : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization07:52
cyberalex4lifeI can't find "that" video I watched once on youtube07:54
TJ-mehdi_: I'm lost. I think we have an English comprehension problem here, for which I apologise. When you said "how can i create iso from my current OS" and I asked "*create* the ISO, or simply write an ISO image" you said "create the ISO of my current system and then boot it up and install it" ...07:54
TJ-mehdi_: ... I understood you to mean you had an existing Ubuntu installation on 1 PC that you wished to clone/copy/install to another PC.07:55
mehdi_@ TJ- exactly07:55
EriC^^why did you say standard ubuntu iso?07:56
TJ-mehdi_: Ahhh! OK, so I wasn't as a confused as I thought :D07:56
EriC^^that's what confused me07:56
TJ-mehdi_: OK, so all my previous suggestions are valid hehehe07:56
mehdi_@ EriC^^ tj- asked07:56
mehdi_tanx fellas07:56
cyberalex4lifeit's a bit of info to digest, but I avoid this stuff usually because of the updates that appear all the time, I think I better install the genuine, update it, than strip what I don't want and install what I want07:58
cyberalex4lifeI've been using this app: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/y-ppa-manager-0092-released-with-new.html; for repo backup, it's usually what I need, than sudo apt-get install all the way07:59
TJ-grrr, weechat documentation organisation is terrible. I feel a patch coming on!08:15
Johnny_Linuxit should be called patch-chat08:19
TJ- It would make sense to provide a single index.html page in the weechat-doc package so users can actually navigate the installed pages, and to break out the per-language files into directories rather than embedded it in the filenames.08:22
fidelusPlease i want to connect a projector using usb cable08:31
fidelusit works on windows but not in linux08:31
ikoniathat seems not the norm08:31
ikoniamust be a usb video card,08:31
ikoniaI often find their support to be weak08:31
ikonia(well as often as I have used them)08:31
krizoekthere is these usb graphical cards08:32
cyberalex4lifeikonia, you connect to the projector through usb?08:32
xer0i'm using ubuntu 14.04 on lenovo z50-70, i get ping: no buffer space available error, after about 5 minutes of logging in08:33
xer0someone help me08:33
fidelusyes i have connect them but is not work08:33
cyberalex4lifexer0, ethernet, or wifi?08:34
fideluson usb08:35
cyberalex4lifefidelus, some suggested this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1597230; I know it's old, but maybe will work08:36
Ore5amai'm using ubuntu 14.04 on lenovo z50-70, i get ping: no buffer space available error, after about 5 minutes of logging in08:37
Ore5ama someone help me08:37
TheNumb!patience | Ore5ama08:37
ubottuOre5ama: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:37
krizoeksomeone else here also experienced 15.10 beta more stable than 14.04?08:38
TJ-fidelus: Does the projector have an embedded DisplayPort adapter?08:38
TJ-krizoek: Not at all; lots of regressions too08:38
krizoekmaybe i use it differently, or have a system that works great with it08:39
cyberalex4lifekrizoek, I have experienced ubuntu 14.04 beta more stable ubuntu 14.04 when released08:39
krizoeki have had some problems with 14.0408:40
TJ-krizoek: depends on the problems you experience with 14.04. 15.10 has the v4.2 kernel, maybe you need a more recent kernel on 14.04 from the HardWare Enablement stack08:40
cyberalex4lifekrizoek, but had some codec dependency issue08:40
krizoeki think so too TJ-08:40
cyberalex4lifekrizoek, depends how new is your hardware, support may come even in a year time from buying08:41
cyberalex4lifeor never ..08:41
=== Blaster is now known as Guest39179
krizoeki think my computer is 3 years old08:43
fidelusNobody cannot help me for my problem ? connecting projector on ubuntu08:43
cyberalex4lifeI also have a 2 years and a half asus laptop, still can't see the fans08:43
YYOhei guys08:44
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, ethernet or wifi?08:44
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, does it connect to router or whatever,,,08:46
Ore5amait is connected, there is internet access for about 5 minutes, after which, i get a no buffer space error08:48
Ore5amalspci | grep Wireless returns Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter08:49
TJ-fidelus: I asked you earlier, Does the projector have an embedded DisplayPort adapter?08:49
TJ-Ore5ama: where do you see/get the 'no buffer space' error?08:50
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, do you have firewall on?08:50
Ore5amawhen i ping to like google or bing.com, etc. i dont think i have firewall on08:51
Ore5amahow do i see if i have firewall on?08:51
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, try this: sudo ufw disable; sudo service network-manager restart08:52
TJ-fidelus: The Linux kernel has experimental support for DisplayPort 1.0, and DisplayPort provide a Linux driver for later versions, but be warned it replaces the system libusb08:52
tawanAnyone know howto replace items blocked by /etc/hosts? I'd like to put a little graphic or something there rather than the default "Browser can't reach foobar.com"08:52
Ore5amai shall do this, once i get a no buffer space available again08:52
Ore5amaor shall i do this now?08:53
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, sudo ufw disable disables firewall08:53
fidelusOk, then how to configure it ?08:53
Ore5amadid it08:54
TJ-Ore5ama: 'no buffer space' issue is a stack-size issue. You can increase it using 'ulimit -s' if it is set and limited08:54
Ore5amaty, i'll tryi it08:55
oaulakhi dunno but this time ubuntu driving me crazy like i have just done update and it goes slow and eating my internet speed and youtube going damn bad, i just feeling so much frustrated any help would be great08:55
allizomtawan: where should you see this "graphic" once it is set up?08:55
Ore5amait displays 819208:55
TJ-Ore5ama: OK, increase it: "ulimit -s 10240"08:55
tawanallizom, When browsing the web, my /etc/hosts is denying adverts. So my browser shows "unable to load foobar.com" I'd like instead to display a custom graphic or colour08:57
Ore5amacyberalex4life, done08:57
fidelusUbuntu detect the soft seiko epson corp08:57
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, I have it unlimited on manjaro08:57
fidelusbut impossible to project08:57
allizomtawan: you could get an ad blocking extension for that. Or a generic third party content blocker08:58
TJ-fidelus: If the DisplayPort device is found then you can use xrandr or the various GUI display configuration applications to configure it, presumably you want it in Clone (Mirror)  mode?08:58
tawanallizom, correct. Just thought I'd geek up the process a little :)08:58
Tyreali'm trying to install ubuntu server and am up to the point where i need the sysv-rc-conf download however it is saying that it is unavailable and is referred to by another name09:00
Tyrealcould someone please suggest that name09:00
TJ-tawan: If you don't have a httpd server installed already, install one and set an IP based vhost on it for, and use that IP in /etc/hosts for the binned ad-serving hosts09:00
TJ-Tyreal: which release of Ubuntu Server is that?09:01
tawanTJ-, sounds like the plan! Thnks for the tip :)09:01
TJ-tawan: lightttpd is probably sufficient09:01
TJ-Tyreal: Can you reproduce the exact text of the error message. It sounds as if the installation media may be corrupt09:02
Tyrealreading package lists....Done09:02
Tyrealbuilding dependency tree09:03
Tyrealreading state information.... done09:03
TJ-!info dbab | tawan might be worth looking at the package09:03
ubottutawan might be worth looking at the package: dbab (source: dbab): dnsmasq-based ad-blocking using pixelserv. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-1 (vivid), package size 19 kB, installed size 122 kB09:03
robot__is it possible to have linux installed on legacy bios and windows on uefi09:03
Tyrealpackage sysv-rc-conf is not available, but is referred to by another package. this may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source09:04
fidelusOK, but xrandr just show that VGA is connected09:04
tawanTJ-, Appreciate the help, thanks09:04
Ore5amacyberalex4life, i got the error again. I did the sudo service networdk-manager restart, and now my laptop is not connecting to the wifi09:04
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, after ulimit command?09:06
Ore5amaafter increasing to 1024009:06
Ore5amacyberalex4life, i have restarted the laptop, and now i have internet connection again09:07
TJ-Ore5ama: which Ubuntu release is it?09:07
TJ-The 'ulimit' command only applies to the current shell, it isn't system-wide09:08
cyberalex4lifeTJ-, isn't there a way to set it globally?09:08
cyberalex4lifelike for good?09:08
Ore5amaubuntu 14.04.3, i'm downloading ubuntu 15.04 while i'm at it, to see if it solves the problem.09:09
TJ-cyberalex4life: Via the security/limits configuration.09:09
Tyrealtj what do you think i might be able to try with the server?09:09
TJ-Ore5ama: Have you checked "/var/log/kern.log" and "/var/log/syslog" in case there are hardware errors/kernel problems?09:09
TJ-Tyreal: The package 'sysv-rc-conf' is in the Universe component of the archive, so is an optional install, presumably wanted by some other package you've chosen to install?09:10
=== S_K_GROW is now known as Sir_Raspberry_Pi
TJ-Tyreal: If the installer has network connectivity and cannot find the package, I'd have to think the network is being proxied/intercepted by something that isn't allowing connections to the archive09:11
TJ-!info sysv-rc-conf trusty | Tyreal09:12
ubottuTyreal: sysv-rc-conf (source: sysv-rc-conf): SysV init runlevel configuration tool for the terminal. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99-7 (trusty), package size 22 kB, installed size 83 kB09:12
Tyrealaaahk thankyou for that09:12
Tyreali shall do some research and see what i come up with09:12
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, maybe this will help: http://posidev.com/blog/2009/06/04/set-ulimit-parameters-on-ubuntu/09:14
Tyrealtj- i have just tried pinging google using ping -c 1 www.google.com and it says unknown host any suggestions09:14
TJ-Tyreal: Bear with me; I've just switched to a foreign IRC client.09:15
Tyrealno worries09:15
Tyrealmay i chat with you in private?09:15
Tyrealif that makes it easier09:15
TJ-Tyreal: 'unknown host' means there is no DNS resolution. Can you ping it by IP address? 'ping -c 5'09:16
TJ-Tyreal: please keep support conversations in the channel so everyone can help; I may not be able to respond09:17
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, you can try this, I think: sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf09:19
Ore5amacyberalex4life, i get ulimit command not found when i do ulimit -n 900009:19
Ore5amaok, i'll try09:20
Ore5amacyberalex4life, what do i change there?09:20
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, then, if you don't find any line containing stack, try adding "@users soft stack 10240"09:20
cyberalex4lifeTJ-, should this be ok?09:20
Ore5amain this file, all the lines are commented so i added it09:21
cyberalex4lifeor better: "@users - stack 10240" I am not sure09:21
MegaHi guys! Someone uses mega.nz? If yes, could you tell me please how to get rid of numerous duplicate files?09:22
TJ-cyberalex4life: Ore5ama I wouldn't change the setting until it's been proved it will solve the issue09:22
MegaEach time I modify a file, it's duplicated09:22
cyberalex4lifethis should set stack size for group users to 1024009:22
TyrealTJ- that ping worked09:22
Tyrealand no worries09:23
TJ-Tyreal: OK, so that confirms the system doesn't have DNS resolution. Did the installer get it's network automatically via DHCP?09:23
TyrealTJ- yes09:23
TJ-Tyreal: so either the DHCP server didn't provide a nameserver, or the system isn't using it09:24
Tyrealok so how do i go about fixing that09:24
cyberalex4lifeOre5ama, ulimit is not available with sudo for me like TJ- said is user based09:24
TJ-Tyreal: with DHCP in the installer I've never known it to not configure correctly if the DHCP server is handing out the options09:24
TJ-Tyreal: You have a shell prompt you're working from?09:24
TJ-Tyreal: Try "cat /etc/resolv.conf" see if there is a "nameserver ..." entry09:25
sachin_a /msg NickServ identify mylifeisubuntu09:25
Ore5amacyberalex4life, i get bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted09:26
Tyrealnameserver , name server and search mydomain.com09:26
TJ-Tyreal: really, "name<space>server ..." ?09:26
Tyrealsorry that was an accident09:27
Tyrealthere is no space09:27
TJ-Tyreal: phew!! :) ... OK so the DHCP server has told your system to use 2 DNS resolvers. Test them, first ping their IPs to prove they are available09:27
Tyrealusing the same command i used before?09:28
TJ-Tyreal: Yes 'ping -c 5 a.b.c.d'09:29
Hardcore7hi, can anyone please send a message to me?09:29
Tyrealwhen i pinged it said "PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.09:30
Hardcore7thanks :D got enough messages now haha09:30
Tyrealhowever when i pinged it was succesful09:31
atralheaven_Hi, can I use "Password and Keys" on ubuntu for enabling ssh-agent for my ssh keys? my ssh key type is ed2551909:31
TJ-Tyreal: I guess the missing is the problem since it is listed first. So that needs removing. I'm not sure if there is a text editor available in the installer environment so it might be easier to simply re-write the /etc/resolv.conf file. Do you want to check for an editor first, before we do that?09:32
Tyrealwhich ever is preferable09:33
Tyreali don't min09:33
TJ-atralheaven_: Just FYI "Password and Keys" is usually the "Seahorse" application - in case you want to search some more about that specific issue09:33
TJ-Tyreal: " echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf "09:33
TJ-Tyreal: then try pinging a public hostname again09:34
Tyrealit said permission denied09:35
Tyrealtry sudo first?09:35
TJ-Tyreal: Hang on; I thought you were still in the installer. That sounds like you're in the installed system09:36
Tyrealyes sorry its isntalled09:36
Tyreali should have mentioned that earlier09:37
Tyrealmy apologies09:37
TJ-Tyreal: Ahhh, OK, then " echo "nameserver" | sudo dd of=/etc/resolv.conf "09:38
Tyreal0+1 records in , 0+1 records out , 21 bytes (21 B) copied, 0.0028519 s, 7.4 kB/s09:41
=== xer0 is now known as Ore5ama
TJ-Tyreal: now try pinging by hostname09:42
Tyrealusing ping -c 5 www.google.com?09:42
TJ-Tyreal: Yes09:43
Tyrealtried that it didn't work09:43
Tyrealtried pinging my and got the same message as before09:43
Tyrealdestination host unreachable09:44
Tyrealand then worked09:44
burhanso why is it that gnome-terminal cannot display full-color unicode glyphs?09:44
TJ-Tyreal: We know routing is OK, we know .34 is good and .1 is bad. I can only assume the DHCP server is handing out incorrect nameserver options09:45
Tyrealso should we edit the resolve conf09:45
TJ-Tyreal: do you have 'nslookup' or 'dig' on there "which <program-name>" will tell you09:45
Tyrealboth say /usr/bin/nslookup or dig09:46
burhanif your DHCP server is ending out bogus resolvers; you can configure your DHCP client to ignore the resolvers sent by the server.09:47
TJ-Tyreal: Good, that means they are installed. Try "dig www.google.com @"09:47
Tyrealit ran and sayid connection timed out; no servers could be reached09:49
toddJust did an update, now my usb mouse does not work... help!?09:49
TJ-Tyreal: Now try "dig www.google.com @"09:50
Tyrealthat worked09:50
TJ-Tyreal: OK, so you need to fix your local network's DHCP configuration, or check if its DNS server is not working09:51
Tyrealso what do i need to type?09:52
TJ-Tyreal: "help" :D  ... those things are not on the Ubuntu system, they are on other devices on your network09:54
Tyreallol so basically its going to be a pain in the ass?09:57
kerdelcould anyone please send a message to me?10:00
TJ-Tyreal: if you have a basic home gateway/router it might be as simple as rebooting it10:01
Tyrealok i will try that10:02
xieyiI just remove classicmenu-indicator and reboot. now the unity interface is not showing now10:05
kerdelkerdel: test10:08
Tyreal12TJ the restart didn't work :/10:08
xieyiwho has installed classicmenu-indicator and uninstalled later under 15.0410:12
xieyiI met a problem10:12
TJ-Tyreal12: Not a lot we can do for you then; It looks like a misconfiguration, so you'll need to use the Admin facilities of the router to correct it10:12
loacan somebody explain me, how i can get ffmpeg with nvenc support under ubuntu? now i build my own version ffmpeg and installed it with checkinstall... but it bothering me, that i have two versions of ffmpeg in my system...10:12
caritinoalguien que able en español10:12
xieyiafter I uninstalled the classicmenu the unity menubar and controller are not showing10:13
FBIthen you are in the wrong channel10:13
TJ-loa: You could use the latest packaged version from Wily, backported, with additional patches to support nvenc if needed10:13
Tyreal12ok well ill wait till i can set it up properly10:13
TJ-!es | caritino10:13
ubottucaritino: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:13
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
loaTJ-, what is wily?10:13
loaTJ-, i am on 14.04 and i dunno if i need update.10:14
TJ-loa: The current 15.10 development of Ubuntu10:14
loaTJ-, it is bad to update stable version to development?10:15
TJ-loa: If you need very recent functionality, or functions not compiled into the packaged versions, it can make sense to keep a local backport of the latest package.10:15
loawhat is "local backport"?10:15
TJ-loa: Don't do it! I'm talking about using a single package - ffmpeg - from 15.10 as the basis for maintaining the package as close to the Ubuntu configuration as you can, rather than using checkinstall10:16
TJ-loa: When you build the package yourself locally, to provide some function the Ubuntu package doesn't contain10:17
dbdkI have just downloaded ubuntu 14.04 LTS and cant get past the login screen it seems like its going to login but then it just show the login screen again? :) help is appreciated :)10:17
TJ-loa: But if you've installed it via checkinstall into the /usr/local/ prefix, it won't interfere with the system packages or libraries10:17
FBIdbdk: boot to tty instead of X10:17
EriC^^dbdk: can you login using the guest account?10:17
loaTJ-, it is so hardway...10:18
loaTJ-, so such update will be bad, right?10:18
dbdkEriC^^: Nope, Its the same with the guest login :)10:18
not_starkdbdk: hit Ctrl-Alt-F2 and see if you can log in from the console maybe?10:19
EriC^^dbdk: ok, press ctrl+alt+f1 and login, then type sudo apt-get install pastebinit, then type lspci | grep VGA | pastebinit10:19
TJ-loa: Not bad, just different. The main thing when building/maintaining your own packages is to *not* install into the system locations - so you don't over-write files managed by the package management (dpkg/apt).10:19
loaTJ-, i did that, it installed into /usr/local10:19
TJ-loa: Then I'd stick with that if it is working for you.10:20
loaTJ-, i need that to compile obs-studio10:20
loaTJ-, with version of ffmpeg which support nvenc10:20
FBIjust build it in $HOME unless you need it system wide10:21
FBIcan take advantage of nix then10:21
dbdkEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12281046/10:24
EriC^^dbdk: type dpkg -l | grep fglrx | pastebinit10:27
dbdkEriC^^: "You are trying to send an empty document, exiting" :)10:30
EriC^^dbdk: ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-radeon10:31
Tyreal12TJ- i got google to ping10:32
Tyreal12edited the resolv.conf10:32
Tyreal12added nameserver
alocerwhat are using Tyreal12 ? systemd or init ?10:33
EriC^^dbdk: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-video-ati10:33
Tyreal12i think systemd?10:34
Tyreal12trying to set up a ubuntu server10:34
not_starkTyreal12: take a look at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd-networkd10:34
Tyreal12however i can't seem to sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf10:34
not_starkTyreal12: oh, wait. I really should read; you don’t have a network problem10:35
dbdkEriC^^: It states that xserver-org is not installed ? :-)10:35
Tyreal12no i did but i fixed it10:35
AbdoTGM50Hi, I want to move from windows to ubuntu and I'm kinda overwhelmed as this is a new experience or me are there are recommendations you guys have for the process of upgrading? :)10:35
EriC^^dbdk: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-org xserver-org-core10:36
MonkeyDust!manual | AbdoTGM50 read this first, get familiar with new names and words10:36
ubottuAbdoTGM50 read this first, get familiar with new names and words: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:36
not_starkTyreal12: sysv-rc-conf has apparently been removed after 14.1010:36
Tyreal12what is running now?10:36
Tyreal12i've been trying to find an alternative10:36
BluesKajHowdy all10:37
AbdoTGM50thanks :D10:37
Tyreal12but can't seem to find one10:37
not_starkTyreal12: no, I was wrong, it’s still there - http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/sysv-rc-conf10:37
not_starkTyreal12: what exactly do you mean by “can’t seem to apt-get install"?10:37
not_starkOh. I imagine it wouldn’t exactly install on a systemd distro.10:39
alocerTyreal12, systemd dosn't do  runlevel .10:39
Tyreal12when i type sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf it states: reading package list, building dependency tree, reading state information done, package sysv-rc-conf is not available, but is referred to by another package. this may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source10:39
not_starkTyreal12: the only config tools for systemd that I know of are graphical10:40
alocerTyreal12, yes dat package is obsolete10:40
Tyreal12what do you mean by systemd does do runlevel10:41
bekksTyreal12: systemd doesnt use the concept of runlevels.10:42
baizonalocer: systemd uses targets which serve a similar purpose as runlevels but act a little different. Each target is named instead of numbered and is intended to serve a specific purpose with the possibility of having multiple ones active at the same time. Some targets are implemented by inheriting all of the services of another target and adding additional services to it. There are systemd targets that mimic the common SystemVinit runlevels so you can10:42
baizonstill switch targets using the familiar telinit RUNLEVEL command.10:42
alocerread a little about systemd and init in linux . Tyreal1210:42
Tyreal12please excuse my ignorance as i'm still learning but what are run levels10:42
Tyreal12will do alocer10:42
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest87910
alocerty baizon10:43
Tyreal12ty baizon10:43
dbdkEriC^^: Maybe I should try to install an older version of ubuntu to see if that works.10:43
EriC^^dbdk: oh, it's never worked before?10:44
EriC^^dbdk: that's not necessary10:44
dbdkEriC^^: No I just made a fresh install10:44
EriC^^ok, try sudo apt-get install fglrx10:45
EriC^^dbdk: it is odd that you don't have xserver-xorg installed though, did you checksum the .iso you used?10:45
dbdkEric^^: I will try to checksum the iso never done that before :)10:49
Guest39970i believe the reason I can not boot is I change the video driver setting in fresh install of 14.04 lts how do I change it back from live cd thank you10:50
dbdkEriC^^: The md5 sums is the same :( ?10:51
EriC^^dbdk: that's odd10:52
AldrykAny advices as to how to sync two ubuntu machines? All the answers I find online say use Ubuntu One, which had been deprecated..10:53
dbdkEric^^: Do you think I should try to re-install10:53
EriC^^dbdk: maybe the usb was damaged?10:53
EriC^^dbdk: i don't know, it might do the same thing if no error happened during the installation10:53
dbdkEric^^: There was no error with the installation - i used pendrivelinux to make the usb and it went smooth :) ?10:54
EriC^^dbdk: if it were me, i would get a list of the fresh install packages, and run a command to check if any aren't installed, and then maybe use debsums to make sure all packages are correct10:54
EriC^^or try a different ubuntu version maybe, 14.04 is nice though10:54
AldrykAnd settings? Is it safe to just copy the home directory?10:55
EriC^^dbdk: maybe the usb is bad?10:55
user1When I do sudo pm-hibernate. The computer goes off and when I start again. I get stuck on a black screen. I am using kubuntu 14 LTS. What can be the problem?10:55
dbdkEriC^^: I will try the things you said - thanks for your help - will get back and tell how it went :)10:55
Guest39970Aldrky: just coping it will not effect it10:56
SinisterDoorAldryk,a one time thing or continous sync?10:56
AldrykOne time10:56
AldrykGot a new machine10:56
SinisterDooruse a cloning software10:56
SinisterDoorlike clonezilla10:56
AldrykIts a different ubuntu version..10:56
SinisterDooroops sorry10:56
AldrykBut yes, thats a possible last line of defense10:57
EriC^^dbdk: try zgrep -A1 "Package: xserver-xorg$" /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz10:57
EriC^^does it say mention it?10:57
user1can anyone hear me?10:58
Guest39970user1: yes10:58
MonkeyDustuser1  it works, we see you10:58
user1When I do sudo pm-hibernate. The computer goes off and when I start again. I get stuck on a black screen. I am using kubuntu 14 LTS. What can be the problem?10:58
user1should I expect an answer to this question in this channel?10:59
cfhowlettuser1, this is ubuntu support.  this is the part where you ask your ubuntu question.10:59
dbdkEric^^: I ran the command and nothing happens? :) I just ready to take in the next command but no output :)10:59
user1cfhowlett,  ok. so I should expect answer.?10:59
cfhowlett!patience | user110:59
ubottuuser1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:59
user1cfhowlett,  ok10:59
MonkeyDustuser1  as soon as someone knows the answer, they will answer10:59
user1I am wating11:00
user1I am waiting11:00
EriC^^dbdk: did you put a space between Package and xserver-xorg$ ?11:00
Beliquser1 it might take a while11:00
flipsHm, when virt-viewer/spicec works, spice-client-gtk is install, but virt-manager still complains SpiceClientGTK missing, then what? :)11:00
dbdkEriC^^: Got this from ask.ubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop11:01
dbdkEriC^^: Will try and see if that works11:01
EriC^^dbdk: it's not the problem cause the guest account doesn't work too11:02
Tyreal12i'm still having trouble installing sysv-rc-conf onto a ubuntu server 14.04 32 bit11:02
Tyreal12could someone please help11:02
cfhowlett!server | Tyreal1211:02
ubottuTyreal12: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:02
EriC^^dbdk: maybe the usb is damaged?11:02
dbdkEriC^^: Will try with another usb then :)11:02
EriC^^dbdk: ok :)11:02
Guest39970i believe the reason I can not boot is I change the video driver setting in fresh install of 14.04 lts how do I change it back from live cd thank you11:02
Tyreal12thankyou cf11:03
user1heres a similar problem that someone asked too http://askubuntu.com/questions/670252/black-screen-after-sudo-pm-hibernation-on-ubuntu-14-0411:03
cfhowletthappy2help!  Tyreal1211:03
cfhowlett!nomodeset | Guest39970, you could boot in nomodeset then re-configure the11:03
ubottuGuest39970, you could boot in nomodeset then re-configure the: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:03
Beliquser1 dude it is common problem, apparently.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1864506&highlight=black+screen+hibernate11:04
ioriauser1 are you using encryption ?11:04
user1ioria,  no11:04
user1Beliq,  should i just do sudo update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r) then?11:06
=== Yukkii is now known as Yukkino
Guest39970cfhowlett: thank you yes I could do nomodeset, but that doesnt really teach me anything. I am trying to learn more about linux. thank you11:08
user1Beliq,  it worked. thanks sudo update-initramfs -u -k $(uname -r)11:09
BeliqNice !11:09
Fjorgynnwhich is the best card game I can use in xubuntu?11:14
Fjorgynnit came with no games :(11:14
Guest39970what is the appropriate time inter voles for asking you question thank you11:14
baizonFjorgynn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Games11:14
MonkeyDustFjorgynn  use the software center to look for games11:14
cfhowlettGuest39970, 15 minutes doesn't seem excessive and gives you time to look in the other support channels11:14
=== wook is now known as Guest67599
cfhowlett!games | Fjorgynn,11:15
ubottuFjorgynn,: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/11:15
Guest39970cfhowlett: thank you11:15
Fjorgynnbaizon: great installing that meta package11:17
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Guest54938hab heut das erstemal ubuntu installiert und könnte noch bischen hilfe gebrauchen11:19
cfhowlett!de | Guest5493811:19
ubottuGuest54938: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:19
baizonGuest54938: jop, hier nur englisch :)11:19
MonkeyDustimmer gerade aus!11:20
Guest54938toll, ich als 47 jähriger hab in sachen englisch 0.,00% ahnung11:20
Guest54938wie komm ich in einen deutschsprachigen channel?11:20
cfhowlettGuest54938, #ubuntu-de11:21
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:21
gcbirzan_Though, to be fair, you're gonna have a hard time on the Internet with no English :P11:21
bekksgcbirzan_: There are german sites and channels, too ;)11:22
gcbirzan_I'm talking in general.11:22
arunpyasiGuys, is there any script to ping a server in every 3 seconds and know if the connection is down or not.. and run a specific command if the connection is down ?11:27
MonkeyDustarunpyasi  i'm sure the guys in #bash can help you write such a script11:28
arunpyasiMonkeyDust, Ah OK :D11:29
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myZerosystem is not safe11:51
lrssMy Ubuntu install won't login11:52
MonkeyDustlrss  that's too general, please specify11:52
EriC^^lrss: does the guest account work?11:52
lrssIt goes to the login screen, then I do ctrl alt f1, and do startx11:53
EriC^^we should make a startx factoid11:53
BernzelOkey so my graphic drivers are really messed up. Both steam games and Wine installed games complain on my graphic card which seems to be an ATI Radeon, suspect it's the built in graphics in my motherboard? Cause I run with a Sapphire 6950 2gb. How do I fix this=11:54
EriC^^lrss: ubuntu needs to be launched from the login, not startx11:54
lrssAnd it says: the xkeyboard key map controller ...  Type one_level has 1 levels but rant has 3 symbols.... Errors from xkcbcomp are not fatal tobserver xinit connection to server lost11:55
or4nWhen creating software raid, do I need to wait resync to complete before using that device?11:55
bekksor4n: You have to wait for resync before you reboot.11:55
MonkeyDustor4n  is that a server?11:55
or4nI'm not using that as boot drive.11:55
lrss2 not 3. On a phone so my writing is bad... I've Googled like heck but couldn't find anything useful11:56
or4nMonkeyDust: It's just my home server so not "real" server hardware11:56
EriC^^lrss: does it work from the login?11:56
lrssGoing back to old version doesn't work. It happened after I installed something I think11:56
westonhi guys11:57
lrssEric: loginscreen shows, but I keep coming back when I enter pass11:57
bekkslrss: Can you log in on a command line?11:57
EriC^^lrss: did you try the guest account?11:57
lrssGnome too11:57
westonIn my Ubuntu 14.04.01, I  have installed japanese font anthy, but now it is seen as disabled in top  language options and it is not working. can anyone help me?11:58
lrssOnly terminal works and when I startx, it gives me the previous problem11:58
Bernzeloutput from terminal :" driver=fglrx_pci latency=0 " is this correct?11:59
westonHi guys, any help please11:59
EriC^^lrss: try sudo apt-get install pastebinit , then pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:00
MonkeyDustweston  have you asked in #ubuntu-jp ?12:00
westonMonkeyDust: no,12:00
FelixFire619Anyone point me in the direction of how to improve my Broadcom 4313 (02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)..) ((02:00.0 0280: 14e4:4727 (rev 01) ))12:00
FelixFire619I have intermittent slowdown to a crawl and sometimes unable to reach host even when connected12:01
lrssEric ; 1228147612:01
westonMonkeyDust: I think , we can generalise the issue12:01
FelixFire619o and im running ubuntu vivid /w netrunner os 1612:03
EriC^^lrss: try tail /var/log/apt/history.log | pastebinit12:03
bekksFelixFire619: Either you are running Ubuntu or Netrunner.12:03
MonkeyDustFelixFire619  what's netrunner os?12:03
westonMonkeyDust: any help?12:03
bekksFelixFire619: Pastebin "lsb_release -a" please.12:03
lrssEric 1228149812:04
lrssEric banked is the last I installed, when I rebooted this hqppened12:05
lrssNot sure if thatsvthe problem or something earlier or something other12:05
EriC^^lrss: did you install nvidia-current after it happened?12:06
MonkeyDustweston  not really, the only thing i can think of, is System settings > Language support12:06
lrssYeah because I've had problems with it previously thought that was the problem12:06
lrssAnd I can install Ferber because it has changed name or something12:08
lrssI have different xserver to choose from12:08
dbdkEric^^: It's the same with the 15.04 version. I will try with an earlier version to see what happens12:08
lrssEric: any ideas?12:12
lrssIf I do install xserver it gives me zephyr, vivid, utopic ..12:12
FelixFire619bekks, netrunner is built ontop of ubuntu vivid12:13
lrssWhat if I install xubuntu?12:14
FelixFire619getting lsb output 1 min12:14
EriC^^lrss: try apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-glx12:15
lrssI'm installing xubuntu12:15
EriC^^lrss: does it say it's installed?12:18
Norbinanyone using vmware workstation over ubuntu? how stable is it?12:19
bazhangtry #vmware Norbin12:20
bazhangFelixFire619, is netrunner a ubuntu based distro12:20
FelixFire619bazhang, netrunner is on ubuntu vivid12:20
FelixFire619all the repos are set for vivid12:21
bazhangfind their support channel FelixFire61912:21
FelixFire619they dont have one, im running ubuntu, i came to ubuntu12:21
bazhang!alis  | FelixFire619 search here12:21
ubottuFelixFire619 search here: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:21
bazhangFelixFire619, netrunner is NOT ubuntu12:22
FelixFire619bazhang, they dont have one to my knowlge, google is included in that,12:22
FelixFire619ya, sure ok..12:22
MonkeyDustFelixFire619  we don't know what the netrunner devs have changed, so we cannot help12:22
FelixFire619MonkeyDust, its a set of which packages are installed12:23
FelixFire619point blank tho, im using ubuntu core, Firmware/drivers, the issue is a firmware/driver issue12:23
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lrssI was booted from net... Did I miss something?12:26
matinlooking for german chat room please?!12:26
cfhowlett!de | matin12:26
ubottumatin: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:26
auronandace!de | matin12:26
EriC^^lrss: did you try apt-cache policy libgl1-mesa-glx ?12:26
lrssEriC^^ xubuntu didn't work and apt cache seems OK, same candidate as installed12:26
lrssYeah same candidate as veraion12:27
lrssAnd a link to package12:27
EriC^^lrss: try pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors12:28
EriC^^lrss: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core12:30
lrssssEriC^^: 1228167812:31
EriC^^lrssss: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core12:32
westonanybody here is aware how to recover font in text-entry?12:33
westonit is seen as disabled in the text-entry settings desktop for some japanese fonts12:33
lrssssEriC^^ : nope same problem12:34
EriC^^try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-org xserver-xorg-core12:35
EriC^^lrssss: try sudo apt-get purge nvidia*12:35
EriC^^lrssss: try sudo reinstall-ubuntu (j/k)12:35
coltfredAfter my most recent reboot my /sys/power/state file no longer contains "mem". Thus I cannot suspend my laptop. How can I figure out why mem isn't in there? My googling has proven fruitless. :(12:35
lrsssEriC^^.. Net went down did I miss something? It didn't work btw12:38
ioriaweston have you read this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/536462/defautl-kanji-japanese-font-wrong-in-ubuntu-14-04-how-to-change-it12:39
westonioria: yes yes12:39
TJ-EriC^^: remind me of your termbin pipe will you?12:40
EriC^^TJ-: | nc termbin.com 999912:41
dbdkEriC^^: I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 i think it was, it works perfectly fine :)12:42
TJ-EriC^^: thanks :)12:42
EriC^^np :)12:42
EriC^^lrsss: did you try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core ?12:43
EriC^^dbdk: great12:43
=== weston is now known as kanupatar
EriC^^lrsss: did you try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core ?12:48
EriC^^& sudo apt-get purge nvidia* ?12:49
lrsssPurging nvidia now and reboot12:50
lrsssNo reinstall12:50
lrsssSame problem12:51
lrsssBoth things12:51
lrsssDidn't remove bumblebee and primus12:52
lrsssStill same problem12:52
EriC^^lrsss: i suck with video card stuff12:53
EriC^^maybe we can see what was installed before it started, or somebody else who knows more can help too12:53
lrsssWell, I don't think that's the problem12:53
lrsssI dunno12:53
lrsssSearched whole net12:53
EriC^^lrsss: try pastebinit /var/log/apt/history.log12:53
lrsssEriC^^. 1228182112:54
EriC^^when did the problem start?12:55
EriC^^it was working up until installing apt-get install bankid-chrome ?12:56
MonkeyDust!find bankid12:59
ubottuPackage/file bankid does not exist in vivid12:59
EriC^^lrdds: when did the problem start?12:59
lrddsIt's third-party tool for Swedish bank identification12:59
EriC^^lrdds: it was working up until installing apt-get install bankid-chrome ?12:59
stupidquestionsIs it safe to download from: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/ ?13:00
lrddsYeah. Can't remember If I rebooted before that or not so it could be at 03 September13:00
=== Groucho_NL is now known as Guest40058
EriC^^lrdds: ok, try booting the older kernel, 6213:00
EriC^^lrdds: do you know how?13:01
MonkeyDuststupidquestions  can you not activate Universe and install what you want?13:01
=== Guest40058 is now known as Grouch
lrddsI did, don't work with any keenel13:01
NokajiI have a fully compliant UVC (USB Video Class) webcam, it is even listed by ID/Name, leaving no doubt about compatability. Albeit Ubuntu auto-recognised and it is viewable, some features are still not selectable, eg full video resolution and zoom capabilities - should I be installing something perhaps?13:02
lrddsOk wow!!!!!!! I changed to xubuntu I'm top right13:02
fsocietyCan anyone tell me what's the channel for kali linux?13:02
cfhowlett!kali | fsociety13:03
ubottufsociety: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)13:03
MonkeyDustfsociety  type    /msg alis list kali13:03
=== butterface is now known as Guest34466
bazhang#kali-linux fsociety13:05
TJ-Nokaji: If it is fully UVC compliant it will report the modes it supports to the uvcvideo driver13:05
fsocietybazhang: thanks.13:05
EriC^^lrdds: it worked?13:05
lrsI can enter Xubuntu...13:10
lrsBut I cant logout...13:10
lrsAnd choose ubuntu. Strange13:10
lrsAnd i cant start steam anymore, because graphics is weirded up13:11
EriC^^maybe unity is missing a package13:11
MoofWolfHey. I can't connect to my home wifi with my laptop. I have tested on kubuntu 15.04, ubuntu 15.04, 14.04 and it does not work. I am using Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265. It works if I disable encryption on the router or when I use the wifi on my phone.13:11
MoofWolfI do not want to use unprotected wifi for my home network.13:12
EriC^^lrs: type sudo apt-get install apt-rdepends13:12
=== EREVAN_ is now known as EREVAN
MoofWolfIt is a new laptop, I can connect to the wifi from windows or from linux but with other computer.13:14
NokajiTJ-: Thanks but the specs say it does a much higher resolution 1020p I can only get 960x72013:15
TJ-Nokaji: 1020p? It could be an interpolated mode. Check with the uvc tools it could also be that some modes don't support the pixel formats the client does at high res, or at certain refresh rates13:22
NokajiTJ-: It does vary if I shift from viewing in MJPG, YU12,  RGB3 etc - I'll take at look at your tool and see if I can find a manual online - thanks13:25
Nokajihigher res but they don't display so effectively zero res13:25
snowkidindstupid newb question. when I ctl + alt + t the terminal appears in full screen mode and i can’t get back out of it. How do I make a detached terminal window?13:27
MonkeyDustsnowkidind  F11 maybe ?13:29
telboonsnowkidind the minimize bar is on the top left (default behavior) at the menu13:29
snowkidindno there is no mouse at all13:29
snowkidindit is literally what you would see when you start linux type of terminal13:30
snowkidindoh man nevermind13:30
snowkidindi was trying to figure this out but my memory was backwards. f11 is the evil one13:30
snowkidindc+a+t actually does what i want it to do sorry13:31
snowkidindthanks though13:31
TJ-Nokaji: Have you tested it with uvcview - that usually shows every UVC function that is supported13:32
alistairhello im on ubuntu 15.04 using a vga monitor and hdmi screen, the displays are mirrored in settings, however when i boot up the boot menu only appears on hdmi and the login screen only on hdmi, after login it is fine but i want it to be an exact mirror all the time how can i acheive that, thanks :-)13:32
TJ-alistair: That is controlled by which output is set as the 'Primary' - often that can be set in the PC firmware/BIOS Setup13:34
BuzzardBuzzalso the video card may not support that, depending on its feature set13:34
NokajiTJ-: I currently have it on GTK UVC Viewer (presumably the same thing) but I could try other viewers - I just found a 'getting started' manual too, It's second hand so wondering if USB 3.0 is needed but it is too old to expect that13:35
alistairok i will have a check in the bios, many thanks :-)13:36
TJ-Nokaji: Yes, thats guvcview I think13:37
NokajiTJ-: Interesting, uvc viewer was playing at 720p, 15 frames, VLC plays at 800#600, 25 frames - an option not even offered by UVC-V13:38
TJ-Nokaji: As I said, it may depend on what pixel formats are supported. That may depend on compile-time options rather than run-time dynamic linking, but I've not looked at uvcview for years now so not sure13:39
NokajiTJ-: Well, you've given me a few things to try so thank you. Maybe I can find a more detailed manual on it too, in case there is some inscrutable setting involved13:44
NokajiIn case you were curios, it is the Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere AF13:50
TJ-Nokaji: I know there is a tool to query the device at the command line13:52
xd3sssvkhi all!13:52
xd3sssvki want to try ktest.pl script to compile a new kernel for my netbook with make_min_config option.13:52
xd3sssvkbut i cannot find any doc. about how did it locally.13:52
xd3sssvkcan somebody help me?13:52
=== john is now known as Guest6607
TJ-!info uvcdynctrl | Nokaji maybe this13:53
ubottuNokaji maybe this: uvcdynctrl (source: libwebcam): Command line tool to control v4l2 devices. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.4-1.1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 16 kB, installed size 88 kB13:53
NokajiTJ-: Just tried cheese, it offers 1600x1200 which is my camera's highest (now I recall) but it doesn't look any higher res than the 800x600 - at least it is some sort of progress, I'll try the tools too, ofc13:54
NokajiTJ-: getting    [bash: !info: event not found]    but i'll web-search for similar commands13:55
TJ-Nokaji: looking at Logitech's "Full specifications" for that camera shows the resolutions depend on the frame ratio ( 4:3, 16:913:57
TJ-Nokaji: 1600x1200 for 4:3 SD 1280x720 for 16:913:58
Nokajifair point13:58
Nokajiit's not going to exceed what my pc is set to13:58
Nokajilemme check ...13:59
TJ-and frame-rates too: 30fps = 800x600, 15fps = 1600x120013:59
Nokaji1920x1080  - 16/914:00
NokajiI can change it though and retry ...14:00
=== Blaster is now known as Guest46203
Nokajigoing for 16'x12' 4/3 ...14:01
TJ-I'd guess any other modes are interpolated/decimated by software14:02
Nokajiprogres .... 1600x1200 but at the cost of fps ... 2.5fps so far14:03
NokajiI have a few options to play with though so hopefully much room for improvement14:04
TJ-Nokaji: what compression codec is that with? The spec says it uses WMV - which is a container so I don't know what the real codec is14:05
mehdi_wath up!14:07
NokajiMJPG gives me best at 2.5fps if that is what you mean, all the other video outputs now work at this new pc res too but only 2fps14:07
mehdi_can someone help me to get the new version of ubuntu ?14:07
TJ-Nokaji: sounds like the USB connection is limiting it14:08
Nokajiit's on a long usb lead, with a repeater14:08
Nokajiover 5M14:08
TJ-Nokaji: Could be a hub issue then... try as a test connecting directly to the PC14:08
lotuspsychjemehdi_: wich ubuntu version you have now?14:08
mehdi_Im on BlackBuntu...14:09
mach20xHaving trouble recognizing a device from a USB port14:09
mach20xit's an LG ln27214:09
NokajiI'll plug it into a USB£ port ...14:09
mehdi_lotuspsychje : im on BlackBuntu...14:10
lotuspsychjemehdi_: you want to install ubuntu desktop now?14:10
mach20xanyone got an idea what I need to do to get it to show up?14:11
mehdi_lotuspsychje: yeah! how am i suppose to do?14:11
lotuspsychjemehdi_: download an iso from ubuntu's website like 14.04.3 and make a startup usb stick14:11
lotuspsychjemehdi_: then install it clean14:11
mehdi_lotuspsychje: so i have to install it using a USB, I will try thank you :) and last question im on a dualboot linux-windows what key do i have to press when the computer is turning on to get access to the windows session?14:14
lotuspsychjemehdi_: if you mean grub, holding shift14:14
lotuspsychje!dualboot | mehdi_14:14
ubottumehdi_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:14
mehdi_thx bye!! :)14:15
pdc2guys on a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04, "sudo apt-get update" takes too long and downloads approximately 160MB why is that?14:15
k1lpdc2: apt-get update gets a clean new list of packages from the servers. can you pastebin your output?14:17
NokajiTJ-: great image but so far can't get vls to show me .... hold on ...14:17
NokajiI need GKV thingy for that ...14:18
NokajiI'm getting 3.5/4fps14:19
pdc2k1l, there are too many header files.14:19
pdc2k1l, i'm going to try and paste a complete page14:19
ioriapdc2, redirect to a file  ' > filename' and past it14:19
C0r3Any software for screencast and webcam recording at the same time? I tried kazam 1.5.3 but the webcam window goes blank!14:20
lotuspsychjeC0r3: kazam should be able to record fine14:21
pdc2ioria, i'm sorry sudo apt-update is hogging my bandwidth right now. I could not open paste.ubuntu14:22
ioriapdc2, pastebinit ?14:22
C0r3lotuspsychje: kazam is not displaying anything in the webcam window.14:23
wydhryHell o14:24
lotuspsychjeC0r3: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/12/simple-screen-recorder-linux14:24
ioriapdc2, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  and then  cat filename | pastebinit14:24
BBLLCCi have a pdf i need to take text from, but the pdf is taken as photocopies of a book14:24
BBLLCCsome time ago I used an app to take text from images, on linux, but I forgot its name14:25
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: inkscape?14:25
C0r3lotuspsychje: Can simple screen recorder record my webcam and screen at the same time?14:26
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: there are also many online pdf editors these days that can do magic pdf tricks14:26
lotuspsychjeC0r3: not sure, didnt test myself14:26
BBLLCCill stick to linux14:26
lotuspsychje!info inkscape | BBLLCC14:27
ubottuBBLLCC: inkscape (source: inkscape): vector-based drawing program. In component main, is optional. Version 0.91-3ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 11657 kB, installed size 77884 kB14:27
k1li think he means OCR software14:27
C0r3lotuspsychje: Any other alternative for kazam?14:28
lotuspsychjeC0r3: perhaps, but i like kazam best for screenrecorders14:28
BBLLCChow do I use inkscape to identify text and save it as text?14:29
C0r3lotuspsychje: I have tried to ask in their channel as well, for a fix, but they aren't giving any response.14:30
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: try in #inkscape mate, not the expert myself14:30
lotuspsychjeBBLLCC: maybe this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR14:33
lotuspsychjeC0r3: re-ask your issue here in channel once in a while, others might be able to help14:34
C0r3lotuspsychje: Okay!14:35
lotuspsychjeC0r3: dont forget to mention your specific purpose14:35
C0r3lotuspsychje: Yeah.. Of course14:35
wydhryGood night me! Me: Good night myself, hve a nice dream.14:37
papy_Hi! I am unable to connect to a linux (ubuntu 14.04, smb 4.1.11) samba share from a w10 client. Connection from a w7  client works. I'd be really happy if someone could tell me how to troubleshoot the issue.14:38
papy_I know this could be a windows issue, but maybe I can check the linux side first...14:39
cfhowlett!samba | papy_14:39
ubottupapy_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html14:39
TJ-papy_: check the Windows Event Log, and the samba logs under /var/log/samba/14:39
papy_More info: the windows diagnostic just says: "file sharing resource (<url>) is online but does not answer to  connection attempts" (translating from french)14:39
papy_TJ-: there are many many files in /var/log/samba, which do I check?14:40
TJ-papy_: The files specific to the windows client hostname/IP address, the smbd and nmbd files I see to recall14:41
TJ-papy_: With  logs I usually look at the most recently changed first; list them with: 'ls -latr /var/log/samba/'14:42
ioriapapy_ from cdm on win10 try    net view14:42
ioriasorry, cmd14:42
Bogdajak zmieniac pokoje14:45
papy_Ok, from last modified files I get nothing at the time of the connection attempt.14:45
papy_And "net view" shows me other machines on my local network.14:46
papy_I should add that the samba host and clients are not on the same local network14:46
ioriapapy_   i see \\ioria    Samba Server 4.1.6-Ubuntu.... my samba server14:46
ioriapapy_   did you configure Local Network on win10 ?14:47
papy_ioria: I probably won't see my samba server since adding it as a remote drive fails14:48
Bogdawho help me?14:49
BernzelIf anyone here could take a look at my post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/670538/graphic-issues-playing-games I would be thankful! Have no clue on how to solve this14:49
ioriapapy_   ?_?14:49
Bogdahow change room14:50
papy_ioria: Sorry, I mean "net view" shows remote machines that w10 can see. Since I'm failing at the "add network drive step", I don't think "net view" can show me my samba share.14:50
k1lBogda: /join #channel14:50
MonkeyDustBogda  type  /j #room_you_want14:50
papy_TJ-: I'm surprised that I get *nothing* related to the connection attempt in my logs. Although windows does say "remote machine does not answer connections on port 445", so maybe it gets filtered somewhere.14:51
Bogdaand there i find list of channnels14:51
k1l!alis | Bogda14:51
ubottuBogda: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:51
ioriapapy_  if win7 can see it, also win10 should be14:51
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:52
TJ-papy_: I think you have it yes14:52
papy_ioria: I don't think so; I added the samba share manually, as a network drive. I don't think w7 advertises on the local network that it has access to this share.14:52
ioriapapy_  ok14:52
Bogdajoin /#sex14:54
ioriacan you stop this, please ?14:54
papy_TJ-: ha... I disconnected/reconnected from the w7 machine, nothing in the logs either.14:55
TJ-papy_: maybe you need to enable it in the samba config?14:55
Danielss89I've added "export APP_ENV=staging" to /etc/environment14:57
Danielss89but when i do "sudo printenv APP_ENV" i get nothing back14:57
Danielss89is that not the way to dit?14:58
Danielss89do it*14:58
MattTSDanielss89: I'd usually just add it to .bashrc14:59
Danielss89MattTS will that add the var to "sudo" commands also?14:59
Danielss89still gives me nothing :S15:00
Danielss89root@enact-staging:~# sudo printenv APP_ENV15:00
Danielss89root@enact-staging:~# printenv APP_ENV15:00
MonkeyDustDanielss89  what do you want to achieve?15:00
MattTSFor that it's a bit more complicated. I had issues with that very recently. Something wasn't added to LD_LIBRARY_PATH which was needed for python modules so when I tried to sudo pip install something it got broken15:00
Danielss89MonkeyDust i want the APP_ENV environtment variable to be set when using sudo commands :P15:01
EriC^^Danielss89: set it in sudo visudo15:02
MonkeyDustDanielss89  to what end?15:02
MattTSI fixed it by adding alias sudo = 'sudo env BLAH=blah' into my .bashrc but it's nasty15:02
ibbxI'm trying to be able to log into websites with curl but nothing happens or it prints out the site's html content. Here nothing is happening when i try wordpress http://pastebin.com/fECAVbJu15:02
elmichqui parle francais ici15:04
C0r3elmich: Echante!15:04
k1l!fr | elmich15:04
ubottuelmich: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:04
BernzelWhere can I go for help with my graphic issues with Ubuntu?15:04
MonkeyDustBernzel  ask your question here15:04
swebis there any one experice via urbanterror package in ubuntu .. it's installed but start server will carash the game ...15:04
TJ-Danielss89: /etc/environment won't be read until a fresh log-in15:05
TJ-Danielss89: if you want to use it in the current shell, source it15:05
BernzelMokeyDust okey. Well I can't run steam games nor Wine games since they both complain about my graphics card. And I couldn't for example watch youtube videos on Firefox without MASSIVE lag.15:06
k1lBernzel: what ubuntu, what video card, what vido driver is installed?15:07
NorbinI just installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as main/only OS. The mouse cursor is working but it's invisible, I can't see it! After searching for a solution in google I tried to reinstall the lightdm service, since restarting it fixed the issue temporairly until the next reboot, but reinstalling didn't help. everytime I reboot the mouse cursor goes invis. Please assist15:07
Bernzel14.04 ubuntu , Sapphire 6950 2gb, and drivers Im using this "Using Video Drivers for the AMD graphics accelerators from fglrx(proprietary)"15:08
k1lBernzel: so the fglrx from the amd website or the one from the ubuntu repo?15:08
BernzelkiL how do I know?15:09
BernzelIt's just ticked in at Software & Updates15:09
k1lBernzel: well, you should know what you installed, right? you can look at "apt-cache policy fglrx" and put that into a pastebin15:09
Norbinrestarting to try a fix, someone hold on to my problem so i won't have to rewrite it ;)15:10
BernzelkiL I have no idea what I installed. I suffer severe memory loss from an accident. This is the output http://pastebin.com/kXPfW2bs15:11
k1lBernzel: i am not the amd/ati guy. is this a known problem with that card?15:14
k1lBernzel: and why and what does steam say about the card/driver?15:14
k1lBernzel: sorry, need to go afk.15:16
=== fred_ is now known as Guest83126
papy_Ok I have more information (pinging TJ- ). Debug log levels 3 are very different between a w7 connection and a w10 connection attempt.15:18
papy_w7 selects protocol SMB2_10 immediately, then there is some security negotiation, and then it works.15:18
papy_w10 starts with "switch message SMBnegprot (pid 2855) conn 0x0", then requests plenty of protocols before SMB2_FF is selected.15:19
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
MonkeyDustpapy_  this is ubuntu support15:19
papy_MonkeyDust: yeah sorry. Someone was helping me out here earlier, but I guess it's getting offtopic.15:20
MonkeyDustpapy_  or not for this channel, type /j ##windows15:20
norbinsomeone got my question on his screen and can copy paste it for me?15:20
cfhowlettnorbin, do it yourself.  go into the irc client and hit the "up" arrow15:21
MonkeyDustNorbin> restarting to try a fix, someone hold on to my problem so i won't have to rewrite it ;)15:21
norbincfhowlett:  i am using webchat, nvm i will retrype15:21
xchatterAnybody knows a hardware channel that does not require registration?15:21
TJ-papy_: Looks like either samba needs additional protocols, or Win 10 has newer protocols not (yet) in Samba15:22
norbinI just installed ubuntu 14.04 and my mouse cursor is invisible, it's working but invisible. restarting lightdm service fixes it but it's back on reboot. i tried to completely purge lightdm and reinstall, but issue remains.15:22
TJ-norbin: Check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" in case there are warnings or errors mentioning the cursor15:24
TJ-norbin: I recall we had some issues way back ( which were fixed ) . Is your 14.04 up to date?15:25
norbinit's an ISO I downloaded today from the official site if that's what you mean. I also updated all the packages etc15:25
norbin14.04  LTS15:25
john__Somehow I made my function keys like shift control and super into a toggle mode. Anyone know how to fix this?15:26
norbinchecking the log now15:26
norbinTJ-: if i grep "cursor" from the log, i see this line: I just installed ubuntu 14.04 and my mouse cursor is invisible, it's working but invisible. restarting lightdm service fixes it but it's back on reboot. i tried to completely purge lightdm and reinstall, but issue remains.15:27
monstercoHi everyone - I have ubuntu as a container inside a proxmox virtual environment. Can I setup one of my NIC interfaces with vlan tagging?15:27
norbinops, sorry15:27
TJ-norbin: OK, that will be fine then.15:27
norbinthis line TJ- : [    38.204] (--) intel(0): Using a maximum size of 256x256 for hardware cursors15:27
monstercoI mean put the tag ID inside ubuntu where I set the interface settings15:27
norbinI can pastebin the whole log if needed TJ-15:27
TJ-norbin: Is it a laptop with hybrid graphics (Optimus) ?15:27
Seveasmonsterco: I don't know how proxmox does network things, but in e.g. kvm with bridged interfaces it works15:28
norbinTJ-:  it's a brand new desktop actually15:28
norbinintel skylake i5 6600k15:28
norbinintel hd 53015:28
norbinintergrated GPU15:28
TJ-norbin: Oh good - because Optimus causes far too many problems :)15:28
monstercoSeveas - yes, it's a bridged interface; what would be an example of what I should put in the eth0 config file for vlan?15:28
BernzelI get this launching an Wine application: http://pastebin.com/HWKfAteT15:29
BernzelBut when I checked for direct rendering before, it was enabled??15:29
norbinTJ-: maybe i need to install drivers?15:30
norbinfor the intergrated GPU?15:30
TJ-norbin: there are several open, recent, bug reports about 14.04 and that problem, none give any clear idea of a workaround or solution ... incomplete info mainly15:30
norbinI tried several solutions from google none of which fixed it15:31
norbinI wonder why restarting lightdm service fixes it tho :/15:31
norbinuntil the next reboot15:31
qu4nt1n!s i robot15:31
ubottuqu4nt1n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:31
TJ-norbin: this looks very similar (same GPU -driver  I think) bug 149238315:31
ubottubug 1492383 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04.3 mouse not working " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149238315:31
TJ-norbin: something to so with initialising the GPU's hardware cursor correctly I'd guess15:32
MonkeyDustwhat's the command to list running services again15:33
norbinTJ-: i see, so no fix for it yet i understand?15:33
auronandaceMonkeyDust: you mean ps aux?15:33
TJ-norbin: If we had an idea why it would help :)15:34
norbinshall I go for 15.04 then? although i prefer LTS ;{15:34
TJ-norbin: do "lspci -nnk" and tell us the kernel driver name15:34
TJ-norbin: .... for the VGA device15:34
MonkeyDustauronandace  man page to the rescue: it's service --status-all15:34
norbinTJ-:  i915_bpo15:35
auronandaceMonkeyDust: is that specific to upstart services or systemd?15:35
BernzelCan someone point me to another support channel for ubuntu?15:35
cfhowlettBernzel, ubuntu forums15:36
LambdaComplexBernzel: ##linux maybe15:36
=== james is now known as Guest80230
Bernzelcfhowlett thanks, have already tried though. LambdaComplex , thanks I'll try it.15:36
LambdaComplexBernzel: Why though? Can nobody here help you?15:37
BernzelLambdaComplex I've tried the whole day. None seem to be able to help15:37
BernzelI have rare sympthoms15:37
mtnBernzel, maybe you need wine support. Wine support is at #winehq on the freenode server and http://www.winehq.org/15:38
wafflejockBernzel: actually saw someone in here with a very similar error trying to run steam but not sure what the deal was15:38
LambdaComplexBernzel: What's going on?15:38
TJ-norbin: try the workaround in comment #2 in bug 87652015:38
ubottubug 876520 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "mouse cursor gone" [Low,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87652015:38
=== Guest75279 is now known as _leto_
BernzelMy post holds all the information. Too much to type here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/670538/graphic-issues-playing-games15:38
snowkidindok i have an existential question. In my experience a lot of people are developing in ruby / django etc on their home computer and then "pushing to heroku" which is sort of lame in my opinion. You don't get the real experience, and i like seeing my work in real time. I have an ubuntu server that serves webpages on the "real" internet with domain names and dynip hosting.  Getting ruby to work in production mode was a learni15:39
snowkidindexperience and django is being equally - if not more - difficult to get a grasp on. As a developer who is dealing with web technologies in general, how should I be utilizing my development machine? I currently have a project that is live, being served for a business application, and i have several reasons to keep it connected to the public internet. Must i get yet a second server to putz around with new technologies to15:39
snowkidindcontinue moving forward? it's pretty much configured as a production server.15:39
norbinTJ-: done, restarting to verify15:40
LambdaComplexsnowkidind: Couldn't you keep the public stuff public and require a user/pass for access to the "testing" area?15:41
snowkidindim doing all that with .htaccess15:42
wafflejocksnowkidind: it's pretty off topic here, but typically I personally just use VPS services like AWS or digitalocean or linode or whatever to have small server instances that can handle the load for public sites, I typically also have a staging location where any of my changes to a develop branch get pushed then when they're merged into master they get pushed over the live site15:42
snowkidindi guess im burnt from ipage because the lag time is ridic15:43
snowkidindi guess my biggest issue is that im always twerkin the config files and its starting to make me a bit nervous what else i am breaking15:45
snowkidindi dont know quite enough to be confident at that knowhatimean15:45
BernzelWhere do I find System -> Administration =15:45
wafflejocksnowkidind: yeah can maybe check out doing things with docker for building out your set of apps and config you need for the server that way you don't have to worry about it so long as you're changing things in the container you can deploy the whole container to another server and it shouldn't be affected really15:46
NorbinThat fixed it, ayy :)15:47
NorbinHow did you come up with finding it though, Just so I will try myself next time, since I did Google beforehand.15:47
MonkeyDustNorbin  what were you struggling with?15:47
snowkidindyou are helping me make this decision - the one project has gotta gget on a prod server stat15:47
TJ-Norbin: thanks for confirming, I'll upgrade that bug report15:47
TJ-Norbin: I searched all bugs for 'invisible cursor' and identified likely culprits based on title15:48
snowkidindis it normal for servers to have rails and django installed simultaneously?15:48
NorbinMonkeyDust, invisible cursor on a fresh LTS install15:48
NorbinTJ-, what was the bug report site again? I will add it to my favs15:48
TJ-Norbin: I used the launchpad search though to refine using the Advanced search settings15:49
TJ-!bug | Norbin15:49
ubottuNorbin: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:49
snowkidindi am having a hard time understanding thedifference between passpt and wsgi15:49
NorbinThanks :)15:49
TJ-Norbin: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/15:49
BernzelCan I remove every single driver with some command?15:49
wafflejocksnowkidind: in terms of apps you run together it's just a matter of resource usage really shouldn't be a problem so long as the rails and django apps aren't eating all the RAM or otherwise maxing out any of the resources15:50
snowkidindnot an issue, i am studying both; want to be able to see both in action15:51
wafflejocksnowkidind: yeah I mean most systems have ruby and python by default I think now, problems can happen if you have things that need various versions of those (python 2 vs 3) but there's things like rvm (ruby version manager) or for node nvm so you can easily have multiple versions and switch between which is active15:53
Norbinback in a bit thanks again TJ-15:53
snowkidindon another note you think django is a substantial improvement to php?15:54
snowkidindi dig python, been enjoying it its far better than $vars15:55
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lrsOk, so my ubuntu install is completely borked15:57
lrsIt only works after i installed xubuntu15:57
lrsMy question is, Im gonna download the ubuntu distro... can i put it on a usb and save it by reinstalling or something15:57
MonkeyDustlrs  more details, please15:57
lrsBecause Im not sure i can fix it otherwise15:58
wafflejocksnowkidind: should probably take it to #programming or #ubuntu-offtopic since we aren't talking ubuntu support issues specifically15:58
snowkidindappreciate it wafflle15:58
EriC^^lrs: you can reinstall all the packages ubuntu-desktop depends on15:58
lrsMonkeyDust, Basically i couldnt login, it was stuck at login screen. when i did ctrl+alt+f1 and did startx it gave me an error15:58
lrsNow i installed xubuntu, and i can go in x and use xubuntu, but i cant log out and go into ubuntu because hte login manager is borked15:59
EriC^^lrs: you could do a apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall15:59
EriC^^to install the first dependencies15:59
lrsEriC^^, I put that in... and it said 0 install 0 remove 0 upgrade15:59
EriC^^it could fix it, but you still might have uninstalled packages15:59
BernzelMust I install OpenGL 32bit drivers manually?15:59
EriC^^lrs: try apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}'16:00
EriC^^does it print the list?16:00
lrsNothing happens16:00
EriC^^that's odd16:00
lrsIts just > and emptay16:01
EriC^^try apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop16:01
EriC^^oh, you're missing the last '16:01
=== BirthdayHandler is now known as nhandler
lrsYeah, theres alot16:01
EriC^^ok retype the first command16:01
lrsapt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}'16:02
lrsGives nothing16:02
EriC^^try apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends/ {print $2}'16:02
EriC^^it works here *shrug*16:03
EriC^^type apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | pastebinit16:03
EriC^^type LANG=C apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | pastebinit16:04
EriC^^it's cause of the language16:04
lrsYeah, i changed it when i first tried ot login with xubuntu.. after that... its been that way16:05
EriC^^lrs: ok type LANG=C apt-cache depends ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall16:05
BernzelWhy does my system tell my it is using direct rendering but as soon as I open something OpenGL related it doesn't16:05
U^1while booting; grub2 menu doesn't appear. could someone help?16:07
EriC^^U^1: are you dualbooting?16:07
U^1EriC^^: trying to but I haven't added the extra menu entries for chainload.16:08
EriC^^which os are you dualbooting?16:08
U^1EriC^^: OpenBSD16:08
EriC^^oh ok, well add it to /etc/grub.d/40_custom and then sudo update-grub and you should have a menu appear16:09
EriC^^i guess, never booted openbsd before16:09
U^1EriC^^: os-prober won't pick an openbsd SLICE.16:09
U^1the problem is the grub2 menu won't appear16:10
EriC^^add it to /etc/grub.d16:10
alfaground_use shift to let it apear16:10
EriC^^that's temporary though16:11
EriC^^lrs: still alive?16:11
MoofWolfFor future reference: I had to increase the dhcp timeout to a minute to connect to my wifi when using wpa2 (from default 30)16:11
lrsEriC^^, Yeah its installing a heckload of stuff16:11
MoofWolfguess the router is too slow or something to connect with ubuntus default settings16:11
EriC^^lrs: ok, cool :)16:11
MoofWolfwhich makes me wonder why 30 seconds is the default16:11
lrsEriC^^, Ok, done. What do I do now?16:13
MonkeyDustMoofWolf  i guess you could wonder about any default16:13
EriC^^lrs: try to login into ubuntu16:13
lrsNope, cant16:14
lrsBefore it would skip the login screen and go straight to ubuntu, now it skips the login scree nand goes straight to xubuntu but i cant log out and go to the display manager16:15
=== OS-17344 is now known as nullsign
EriC^^lrs: disable auto-login16:15
BernzelHow do I make my system run on the crappy intergrated graphics instead of my video card?16:15
EriC^^sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf16:16
EriC^^remove the user next to autologin-user16:16
lrsok brb16:16
fnewugfr94hello! what would be the best way to block complete access from some ip or subnet on ubuntu server? i found possibility with ufw, but are there any other, maybe even better ways to do that?16:18
cfhowlettfnewugfr94, better asked in #ubuntu-server channel?16:18
fnewugfr94cfhowlett: sorry, didn't know that this exists :)16:19
cfhowlettfnewugfr94, no worries16:19
lrsEriC^^, Didnt work but it gave me a new error message when i did start x... i think nvidia might be the problem here modprobe something16:20
lrsI took a picture16:20
ihsan_Hi, I would like to enquire. I am currently building a simple software, based on a number of bash scripts, running in the /opt , /usr/bin and /home/$USER/.local directory. I would like to package these scripts into  .deb installer or building a ppa. unfortunately most of the guide online are meant for those building application from scripts. Anyone could point me to a deb building package16:20
ihsan_which fulfill my need16:20
lrsEriC^^, http://imgur.com/zHYFhPC16:21
cfhowlett!packaging | ihsan_16:21
ubottuihsan_: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring16:21
alfaground_are there grub geeks around? i may need some assistens to make my 2nd distro boot and not turn into initramfs16:21
EriC^^lrs: try to reinstall the nvidia drivers you used to have16:22
lrsyeah, ive done that alot of times16:22
EriC^^we purged them earlier though16:22
lrsIve tried it alot, doesnt seem to work... Problem is, I dunno what version is hould install16:23
EriC^^type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices16:23
lrsNow I got the latest16:23
lrsIve had nvidia-current, which is the repo one16:23
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284264/16:23
lrsI dont want that nouveau driver there thats for sure16:24
lrsThats the one that are on the sources right?16:24
alfaground_both disks are encrypted and with update grub it is still the same16:25
EriC^^lrs: yeah16:25
EriC^^type dpkg -l | grep nvidia16:25
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284288/16:25
lrsIs that whats installed? Then I think one of those need to be remove16:26
EriC^^lrs: nvidia-352 is installed right now16:26
lrsIm gonna remove it then16:26
lrsOr, 352 is the recommended but if that caused all this im removing it and keeping hte latest, regardless of stability16:27
EriC^^it says nvidia-355 is the recommended one16:27
EriC^^try removing the 352 and installing 355 maybe16:27
lrsI got help here before and they said on nvidias page 352 was the recommended16:27
lrsI installed 355 just now16:28
lrsSo it should be the active..? Im not sure16:28
lrsBut it always gives me faults if i install them from the nvidia file16:28
EriC^^try rebooting16:28
lrsEriC^^, Should i remove all of them? and then install 355?16:30
BernzelTerminal shows I use this driver "driver=fglrx_pci latency=0" , is this AMD's drivers?16:30
lrsEriC^^, Wtf... now it put 304 there....? in the list??? when i tried t oremove it16:30
ThinkT510Bernzel: fglrx is the proprietary amd driver16:30
lrsEriC^^, Should i purge everything in that list?16:31
EriC^^lrs: hmm paste dpkg -l | grep nvidia again16:31
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284355/16:31
BernzelThinkT518 so It should be correct?16:31
lrsAnd 352 is still there -.-16:31
ThinkT510Bernzel: if that is th one you want to use16:32
EriC^^lrs: ok purge them16:32
BernzelThinkT518 Ok. Is there a 64 and a 32 bit version of this driver?16:32
lrsEriC^^, How do you write to do them all purge nvidia-304 $$ nvidia-352 .. or??16:32
EriC^^sudo apt-get purge nvidia*16:33
ThinkT510Bernzel: i don't know sorry, i only use the open source drivers16:33
EriC^^and sudo apt-get purge bumblebee-nvidia16:33
ThinkT510Bernzel: by the way you can use tab complete to complete nicks on irc16:34
Bernzelwhat is complete ?16:34
lrsMaybe this is the problem? The dependencies got borked because of there were multiple nvidias16:34
lrsNow dpkg -l is empty. Should i reboot? And then install nvidia-355 or should i install 355 now?16:34
ThinkT510Bernzel: start typing a nick and then press the tab key on your keyboard16:34
BernzelThinkT510, ah I see! Good to know, thanks!16:35
evilbugis it possible to just install grub on an empty partition?16:35
lrsMeh, im rebooting. lets see how it ends16:35
TJ-evilbug: You can install it anywhere; if you want it to boot bare metal hardware that may not work though16:36
BernzelThinkT510, you don't happen to know the command to remove existing video drivers?16:37
evilbugTJ-: well i already have ubuntu isntalled on a flash drive. what i'm trying to accomplish is to get an efi partition with just a bootloader on there that'll recognize my ubuntu one.16:37
evilbugTJ-: to boot on macs **16:37
lrsEriC^^, Nope. Same problem with no nvidia installed. Now im installing 355.16:37
EriC^^lrs: hold on16:37
EriC^^type lspci | grep VGA16:38
lrsToo late16:38
lrsAlready installing it16:38
ThinkT510Bernzel: sudo apt-get remove nameofpackage16:38
ThinkT510Bernzel: but with graphics you really ought to use the gui utility16:38
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284451/16:38
EriC^^lrs: paste lspci | grep VGA though16:38
lrsTheres my lspci16:38
EriC^^lrs: ok, i read that you need bumblebee16:39
BernzelThinkT510, Haha Ubuntu is too much for me Im starting to think. My temper have never been bent like this before! What do you mean with gui utility?16:39
lrsInstalling bumblebee and bumblebee-nvidia after 35516:39
EriC^^maybe you can't install them both i dunno16:40
EriC^^i saw this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2159620&p=12717528#post1271752816:40
ioriaBernzel, Additional Drivers16:40
EriC^^then there's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee#Setup_for_14.04_and_later16:40
EriC^^lrs: i think bumblebee is deprecated though, and nvidia-prime is being used now16:41
ThinkT510Bernzel: under the system settings additional drivers16:41
lrsEriC^^, Hmmm.16:42
lrsAnd not install bumblebee?16:42
EriC^^try nvidia-prime16:42
BernzelThinkT510, I dont see any option to uninstall/remove the drivers there?16:42
TJ-evilbug: So you just need GPT + an EFI SP, and install grubx64.efi16:42
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284526/ < grep lcpsci16:43
TJ-evilbug: I'd guess you may need refind or whatever the shim is for Mac's16:43
ThinkT510Bernzel: you choose the appropriate one there16:43
lrsRebooting now16:43
evilbugTJ-: yeah, that's what i'm trying to bypass though :/16:43
BernzelThinkT510, and if I dont want either?16:43
ThinkT510Bernzel: you are going to need A graphics driver so there isn't much point in removing them all16:43
BernzelThinkT510, why can't I just install drivers from AMD16:44
Bernzeltheir website16:44
bekksBernzel: Because that will break your system most likely.16:44
ioriaBernzel, you can but it's not safe16:44
ThinkT510Bernzel: because those ones have not been tested by ubuntu16:44
ThinkT510Bernzel: the ones in the ubuntu repos have been tested (hence why they are in the repos)16:45
BernzelThinkT510, Ok. So my card must be unsupported with Ubuntu in that case.16:45
bekksBernzel: Did you verify that or are you just guessing?16:45
Bernzelbekks Im just guessin16:45
bekksBernzel: Then you are wrong, most likely.16:45
Bernzelbekks Okey.16:46
U^1What should i do to get grub2 menu appear on each boot sequence16:46
bekksU^1: Edit the grub settings to make it appear on each boot.16:47
bekks!grub2 | U^116:47
ubottuU^1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:47
akikU^1: you can set it in /etc/default/grub. set both GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT= and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET= to an empty value16:47
lrsEriC^^, I installed nvidia-prime, then i had nvidia-prime and bumblebee.. nothing16:47
akikU^1: then run update-grub16:47
lrsIm gonna try with removing nvidia prime and only have bumblebee16:48
EriC^^lrs: try running nvidia-settings16:48
ioriaU^1, upadte grub then16:48
lrsEriC^^, Nvidia-settings finds both of my cards now... so it seems ok16:48
BluesKajlrs, just remove bumblebee, you need prime16:48
BernzelThinkT510, Í noticed now that I have Catalyst installed from when I set up the system. Could that be messing with Ubuntu's propertary drivers?16:48
lrsBluesKaj, U sure...? I dont need primus nad bumblebee16:49
bekkslrs: Are you sure? ;)16:49
ThinkT510Bernzel: how did you install Catalyst?16:49
bekksBernzel: When you are mixing drivers, noone will work correctly.16:50
lrsbekks, After reading 100+ forum threads about nvidia, optimus, bumblebee, nvidia prime, primus... I have no idea16:50
BernzelThinkT510, Im the wrong person to ask unfortunately16:50
BluesKajlrs, bumblebee isn't working on the latest ubuntus, but nvidia-prime driver is required for hybrid gpus on optimus systems16:50
lrsAh ok16:51
lrshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12284635/  < thats how it look now16:51
lrsbrb reboot16:51
ThinkT510Bernzel: if they were installed from outside of ubuntu's repos (like downloaded from a website) then very likely yes, they are causing the problem16:51
C0r3I have installed kazam 1.5.3 on my desktop. When I start recording (webcam + screencast), the webcam window shows nothing.16:51
BernzelOk so how do I remove Catalyst drivers? Like, where in the system are they located?16:52
lrsDuuude. You were right!! It fucking worked16:52
ThinkT510Bernzel: without knowing how they were installed it would be difficult to tell you how to remove them16:52
bekksBernzel: Follow the uninstall instruction from where you downloaded the drivers.16:53
lrsI mean it borking worked16:53
ioriaBernzel, try to find the installer ... locate amd-driver-installer-catalyst16:53
BernzelThinkT510, hm okey. bekks , that's impossible since I can't remember. I must re-install Ubuntu I guess16:53
bekksBernzel: you said you installed the drivers from the AMD website...16:54
lrsEriC^^, BluesKaj: Awesome. It worked. Maybe I should uninstall xubuntu too so it doesnt crap up eventually.. Do you know how I do that?16:54
Bernzelbekks , ehm okey. Then I did I guess.16:54
bekksBernzel: At least thats what you said.16:55
EriC^^lrs: you could get the packages it installed from /var/log/apt/history.log and uninstall them16:55
BluesKajlrs, are yo on ubuntu now, with unity DE ?16:55
lrsomfgggggggggggggggggggg steam works too. Not sure if the performance driver kicks in when it is needed or do i need to select it in nvidia-settins?16:55
lrsBluesKaj, Yeah16:55
lrsAnd it looks different too. Very strange. I think this driver and setting i have no is the one I really need to have16:55
BluesKajlrs, why xubuntu then ?16:55
EriC^^lrs: or purge xubuntu-desktop, but you'd still have packages from it though16:56
lrsThe old stuff was something I just magically managed to work by like, luck16:56
lrsBluesKaj, Thats the only way i could enter an x enviroment before16:56
lrsI had to chat with EriC^^ on my phone before. lol16:56
lrsEriC^^, Like, abiword and whatever? and the theme stuff?16:56
Jake___Hi, is there someone using IRSSI? I had one little question, can i disable te server outputs like 'user has joined #ubuntu', to make it more clear to read?16:56
lrsBUt it is removed from the login screen and makes it possible to crap something up?16:57
EriC^^yeah, maybe the notification stuff too etc.16:57
ThinkT510!rootirc | Jake___16:57
ubottuJake___: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.16:57
EriC^^lrs: well if you don't need it for sure i'd remove it16:57
=== phenom is now known as Guest17507
lrsEriC^^, http://askubuntu.com/questions/436806/how-to-completely-remove-xubuntu-and-install-ubuntu-including-boot-screen-etc What do you think about the second answer here?16:58
lrsI mean I just ran xubuntu-desktop. remove xubuntu-desktop seems to only remove xubuntu-desktop?16:59
BluesKajBBL, errands16:59
EriC^^yeah it just removes the metapackage16:59
lrsWhat about purge?16:59
EriC^^lrs: i'd do it from /var/log/apt/history.log , same thing purge just removes the configs too16:59
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.16:59
EriC^^that way you'll only remove the packages it installed today, in case you have stuff that is already installed from xubuntu17:00
ThinkT510Jake___: at least you don't seem to be irc'ing as root now17:00
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284800/ :S Its literally a ton. Is there any way to do this?17:01
ThinkT510Jake___: as to your original question, sorry i don't know how to silence/quiet joins and parts in irssi17:01
akikJake___: you do it with /ignore command in irssi17:01
TJ-lrs: The session manager is 'xfce4-session'; removing that should remove XFCE from the session chooser17:01
karmic_koalahi all (-: Has smbdy an idea why my Xorg.log shows the FGLRX driber askind 4 times for the EDID data of the monitor, taking up 4 times 12 seconds before ubity is up ?17:02
EriC^^lrs: grab everything after Install: and paste it into gedit and save the file17:02
karmic_koalaits this line : 55.492] (II) fglrx(0): EDID vendor "GSM", prod id 2311317:02
ThinkT510karmic_koala: please tell us you are not actually running karmic17:03
EriC^^lrs: then type sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g'17:03
EriC^^lrs: then type sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' /path/to/file17:03
akikJake___: /ignore #ubuntu MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS17:03
karmic_koala:ThinkT510 :-D lol i'm not :-)17:03
lrsEriC^^, I dont have an file extension on it. its just called "uninstall"17:03
lrs-e 's/([^()]*)//g' /home/uninstall will work?17:03
karmic_koalathat was just the OS i fell in love with ubuntu17:03
EriC^^type sed -ie 's/([^()]*)//g' ~/uninstall17:04
lrshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12284857/ < It looks like this17:04
EriC^^ok looks good17:04
lrscant read17:05
Jake___ThinkT510, akik, Thank you, it works ;)17:05
lrsNo file or directory17:05
lrsIll end it with txt17:05
alfaground_i may have a difficult issue17:05
EriC^^lrs: where did you save it?17:05
karmic_koalahere is the beauty : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284879/17:05
lrs  /home17:05
alfaground_i wand to install 2 distr's on encryped disks17:05
EriC^^/home/uninstall or /home/<user>/uninstall ?17:06
alfaground_no i got the issue the after i installed the second distro the first one becomes unaccesable17:06
lrsEriC^^, Changed it to Downloads17:07
alfaground_i can select it to boot and it request the password to decrypt the disk17:07
EriC^^ok, type sed -ie 's/([^()]*)//g' ~/Downloads/uninstall17:08
Ramseizeneed help, got problem installing ZNC --->  http://pastebin.com/G6qQFuHv17:08
lrsOk, i did it and it did a enter thing17:08
karmic_koalawow, thts some real sed magic going on here (-:17:08
lrsWhat do I do now?17:08
EriC^^what you mean? > ?17:08
lrsTHat and new input line when i wrote it17:08
EriC^^you missed the ' i think17:08
alfaground_but than i get the error that /proc/modules; ls /dev are missing17:09
lrslars@T530:~$ sed -ie 's/([^()]*)//g' /home/lars/Downloads/uninstall17:09
lrsThats what I wrote17:09
alfaground_and the alert that a /dev/disc/by-uuid/{uuid} is missing or does not exist17:09
LonelyCoder_Can someone explain inodes to me or link me to a nice article explaining what they are?17:09
EriC^^lrs: ok try pressing enter17:10
LonelyCoder_someone: Not you :P17:10
lrsEriC^^, It just gives me a new input line17:10
lrsIf thats what its supposed to do?17:10
EriC^^try ' <enter>17:10
lrs' <enter> after the path?17:10
TJ-LonelyCoder_: It's a 'index node' - a data structure describing a file/directory, or other file-system object17:10
lrshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12284969/ EriC^^17:11
LonelyCoder_TJ-: Where exactly is this table of index nodes stored?17:11
TJ-LonelyCoder_: Do you mean the on-disk file-system?17:11
faizalhello , brothers ,17:12
U^1if I change grub.cfg I should do update-grub?17:12
EriC^^lrs: i meant to type ' and press enter17:12
faizalanyone can install pentest tool on ubuntu17:12
TJ-LonelyCoder_: In the superblock17:12
faizalwhat ?17:12
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12284969/17:12
LonelyCoder_What's a super block :P17:12
lrsEriC^^, bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('17:13
lrsThats the right paste.17:13
karmic_koalaanybody an idea why xorg reqests EDID data 4 times which takes 40seconds total ?17:13
mbtamuli12_I followed this answer to install the driver for TP Link TL-WN722N17:13
TJ-karmic_koala: maybe the monitor is slow responding?17:13
ThinkT510U^1: you are not meant to change grub.cfg directly, it says so at the top of the file17:13
EriC^^lrs: same paste17:13
mbtamuli12_Now the network card on my HP laptop is not showing up17:13
lrsEriC^^, Yeah, wrong paste. bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('17:13
lrs was what it gave me17:13
lrsWhen i put an extra '17:13
U^1ThinkT510: So how should we change the values in it?17:13
ioriakarmic_koala, have you seen line 36.635]  in your log ?17:14
mbtamuli12_I mean the network manager does not even show any interface if I disconnect the WN722N17:14
mbtamuli12_Any help?17:14
ThinkT510U^1: you are meant to edit the scripts in /etc/grub.d/17:14
EriC^^lrs: type sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' -e 's/,//g' ~/Downloads/uninstall | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge17:14
lrsOh sorry... Wait17:14
mbtamuli12_I am on Ubuntu 15.0417:14
karmic_koala@TJ-: thanks for the idea, but i think thats not the reason for the repeats17:14
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12285020/17:14
U^1ThinkT510: No the value of grub hidden and to add a chainload to openbs17:14
ThinkT510U^1: then after issuing update-grub it then generate a new grub.cfg17:15
karmic_koalaioria: ill have a look rightnow, ty17:15
lrsEriC^^, Thats the correct.17:15
TobarjaI just started the ubuntu/trusty64 vagrant image. I installed apache, but it's not restarting on reboot. Am I missing something, or shouldn't this just happen?17:15
akikU^1: the file for the settings i mentioned is /etc/default/grub17:15
alfaground_who can help me?17:15
kroq-gar78Can someone help me debug why my laptop doesn't always successfully suspend? Everything seems to powerdown like a normal suspend, but the fan stays on and the light doesn't start to blink17:15
mbtamuli12_Tobarja: Even I tried the ubuntu/trusty64 image.17:16
bekksTobarja: Did you configure it for restarting on boot?17:16
alfaground_srry i was disconnected17:16
EriC^^lrs: did it work?17:16
bekks!ask | alfaground_17:16
ubottualfaground_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:16
akikU^1: if you don't know how to edit files, please go learn that first17:16
U^1ThinkT510: So by all accounts it would remove my changes in grub.cfg. tell me this: "when should a person run update-grub?"17:16
kroq-gar78I upgraded to the vivid graphics stack on Trusty a few days ago, and while it's helped a majority of my other problems, this problem is new and ver annoying.17:16
mbtamuli12_Tobarja: It does restart automatically for me17:16
karmic_koalaioria: yes, ty, i noticed that and thoughgt since its just taking a second to proceed it wouldn't be too bad... is it bad ? may that be the caise ?17:16
lrsEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12285047/17:16
U^1akik: I do know that.17:17
karmic_koalakarmik_koala: test17:17
karmic_koalakarmik_koala :test17:17
EriC^^lrs: you typed type17:17
Tobarjabekks, mbtamuli12_ : I've google'd a bit on that. i tried update-rc.d, and it appeared to set things up, but it's still not running on reboot. I looked in /etc/init which contains lots of things that are supposed to be starting but nothing for apache2/httpd.17:18
lrsEriC^^, Alright..! It started something now17:18
EriC^^ok, cool17:18
ThinkT510U^1: to chainload anything not picked up automatically then you'll add it an entry to /etc/grub.d/40_custom17:19
alfaground_ubottu: yeah i may am patiance becose it was the second time in an hour i did ask and well it did look there was nobody to respond and wondered if my question was overwelmed by other responses17:19
ubottualfaground_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:19
kiraHey all17:19
lrsEriC^^, What do i do after this? It purges too so I guess its done? Or do I need to install something, like if it messes with some ubuntu stuff?17:19
TobarjaI don't recall having to manually add them to startup before. I even have other vagrant configs where I didn't have to.17:19
EriC^^lrs: that's it should be ok i think17:20
kiraAnyone know why a Mac won't show a hdd with Ubuntu on it as a boot drive?17:20
lrsEriC^^, Ok, where did u do that autologin thing?17:20
EriC^^lrs: /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:21
Jake___btw, after removing hashtag in line with autologin=user in my lightdm.conf my fedora is still asking for password, what im doing wrong?17:23
Jake___my main user is without password, so its annoing17:24
ThinkT510Jake___: we don't support fedora here17:24
Jake___ok, nevermind then :)17:24
lrsThanks alot EriC^^17:24
lrsWorks like a charm17:24
EriC^^lrs: great, no problem17:25
mbtamuli12_Anybody have any idea about why my wifi card won't show?17:25
lrsI have had sooo much problem with bumblebee and stuff17:25
ThinkT510Jake___: you should never have a passwordless user17:25
lrsNow I know nvidia-prime is the drive that works17:25
alfaground_who can help me with grub and dual boot?17:25
lrsIm just wondering about nvidia-prime, do it start automatically or do i have to select it in nvidia-settings?17:25
lrsbefore i just wrote optirun <program> when i needed it to use the geforce card17:25
mbtamuli12_Tobarja: I just tried it right now. Brought up a new instance of ubuntu/trusty64. Installed apache217:26
EriC^^lrs: i think you need nvidia-settings, not sure though17:26
mbtamuli12_apache restarted auto-magically :D17:27
Jake___Ty for good advice, ThinkT510, i'll set a password then ;)17:27
Tobarjambtamuli12_: ok, maybe I goofed it up... i'll do another. Thanks.17:27
alfaground_pls give me a notify whan my problem get some attention17:27
lrsEriC^^, Ok, cool. Ill look into. Again thanks _ALOT_17:28
EriC^^lrs: ok, no problem :)17:28
kiraAghh osx does my head in17:29
mbtamuli12_Tobarja: Try this `sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults`17:29
Meerkatumm what is the packages shim/shim-signed about? Closed source? I'm unable to find the source for it.17:30
Tobarjambtamuli12_: Just brought up a clean image and it restarts properly. I17:32
TobarjaI'll poke around a bit more17:32
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:32
Jake___ThinkT510, reffering to Thinkpad's, yesterday i had my teacher T450 in hands, great toy :D i think about buy a x201 to school, people's says the thinkpads are indestructible17:33
Jake___And sory for my english, its not my primary language17:34
alfaground_!ask | i wand to install 2 distr's on encryped disks. now i got the issue that after i installed the second distro the first one becomes unaccesable17:36
ubottui wand to install 2 distr's on encryped disks. now i got the issue that after i installed the second distro the first one becomes unaccesable: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:36
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:37
Xanatheris GLXBadFBConfig error common on nvidia drivers?17:39
amoodyis there a channel for netrunner 14.217:41
patsTomsshould telnet work after telnetd install?17:42
bekksamoody: Use alis for searching one, you already have been told on how to do that.17:42
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest54715
Guest54715hi all17:44
alfaground_yep just use an other driver bundle17:44
bekkspatsToms: Are you sure you still want telnetd? It is horribly insecure.17:45
alfaground_i had to try 3 befor i got mine to work (2009)17:45
patsTomsbekks, seems like I need it because of teamspeak query17:48
patsTomsif I understand correctly I need telnet enabled17:48
bekkspatsToms: No. :) Teamspeak queries dont need telnet.17:48
patsTomsbekks, you know something about it?17:48
bekkspatsToms: I know that you dont need telnetd at all, nowadays :)17:48
patsTomsbekks, seems like for teamspeak this is the only available solution now17:49
leo_singh@bekks what is this ??17:49
patsTomsbekks, they disabled all other options for some reason17:50
leo_singhany software center based chatting ?17:50
bekksleo_singh: This is the freenode IRC network, and you are in the #ubuntu support channel.17:50
ThinkT510leo_singh: this is a support channel17:50
leo_singh@bekks thanks for the reply. please tell me about other network and their purpose ?17:51
bekksleo_singh: Nope.17:51
bekksleo_singh: This is an Ubuntu support channel, not a wikipedia channel for general information about IRC networks.17:52
ThinkT510leo_singh: /join #freenode if you want to learn more about irc17:52
TJ-patsToms: TeamSpeak uses the telnet protocol for ServerQuery; you don't run a telnet server for it. You use a telnet client to make the connection to the TS ServerQuery interface17:54
leo_singh@thinkT510 thanks for the help . well i am introduced first time to any IRC network based chat . So was bit confused .17:54
ThinkT510leo_singh: no worries, if you have any problems with ubuntu then this channel is the right place to ask17:55
leo_singh@thinkT510 thanks .17:56
patsTomsTJ-, oh, thanks man17:56
patsTomsgot it17:56
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gregtom6hy all18:02
gregtom6how can I go into BIOS if I have windows 7 and ubuntu on a pc?18:02
bekksgregtom6: Like you always did. Reboot, access the BIOS before an OS boots.18:03
gregtom6bekks: tried but no success18:03
gregtom6bekks: with F2 and DEL18:03
gregtom6I don't know which one was for bios18:04
bekksgregtom6: Trie harder then :) It has nothing to do with Ubuntu :)18:04
gregtom6bekks: yes, but I don't know any other channel what fits better to my question :)18:04
bekksgregtom6: ##hardware :)18:04
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TJ-haha, and they'll send you to ##firmware  :)18:05
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
aedendoreo1, where are you trying to join?18:10
=== sireebob is now known as omnicrise
ravi__kumarhow can i switch from ubuntu's default desktop env to some other lightweight desktop  env ?18:12
eraggoravi__kumar: which 1 would you like?18:13
ravi__kumareraggo: xfce may be..18:13
DJones!purexfce | ravi__kumar18:14
ubotturavi__kumar: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »18:14
ravi__kumarDJones: yes18:15
DJonesravi__kumar: I'm not sure how up to date the bots guidelines are, so please double check before using them18:15
ravi__kumarDJones: okay.18:16
ravi__kumarDJones: would there be any kind of unstability in the system if I go for changing the desk env ?18:17
DJonesravi__kumar: I've never changed from the default Ubuntu install, so thats not somethig I'd be prepared to answer18:18
ravi__kumarDJones: Thank you very much for the help. :)18:19
DJonesravi__kumar: If you're thinking about changeing to xfce from default ubuntu install, it might be worth  joining #xubuntu and asking theree18:22
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heapdool182anyone know if there's support linux drivers for TP=LINK T8E18:33
bekksheapdool182: which chipset is that device using?18:34
geniiGah Broadcoms18:35
heapdool182yeah, getting linux running on my board is even worse:/18:35
bekksBest chipsets in the world :)18:35
bekksWorking like a charm here, since ages.18:35
heapdool182I'm trying to dual boot but can't proceed until I can get the NIC working18:36
heapdool182and I can't re-run a cable atm18:36
bekksheapdool182: http://askubuntu.com/questions/592555/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers-for-chip-id-bcm4360-pci-id-14e443a018:37
josePHPagodaHello everyone!  I hope you are all having a good day.  I am trying to migrate an Ubuntu server running under VMWare to KVM.  The copying of data seems fine and it starts to boot, but fails saying it can't find /dev/mapper/SERVERNAME--vg-root18:39
josePHPagodaany ideas?18:39
bekksjosePHPagoda: Did you recreate the physical volumes, volume groups and logical volumes?18:39
bekksjosePHPagoda: prior copying data?18:40
josePHPagodai used clonezilla and cloned the entire dist18:40
unknown_artist\join #p2p-TIP18:40
josePHPagodaerr disk18:40
josePHPagodaso everything should be copied and configured identically to the source18:41
josePHPagodadoes that make sense bekks?18:42
KanchelsisSo if I have a complex laptop and two hard drives and a mismounted ubunutu partition on the secondary hard drive that I want to write over with the latest version of ubuntu, who should I talk to?18:43
josePHPagodaKanchelsis: what do you mean?18:43
KanchelsisI have two hard drives18:43
josePHPagodayes. continue :)18:43
KanchelsisPrimary has windows18:43
bekksjosePHPagoda: I would have migrated the vmdk file.18:43
Kanchelsisand secondary has two partitions18:43
Kanchelsisone of the two is ubuntu18:44
josePHPagodabekks: it's just a pain to copy things from the vmware datastore that's local, i'll see if I can do it though18:44
Kanchelsissomething is wrong with the way it is mounted and the partition is buggy18:44
Kanchelsisdrivers are not working18:44
bekksjosePHPagoda: export the vm as ova, and unpack the ova later on.18:44
KanchelsisI want to write over it with 15.* version of ubuntu18:44
Kanchelsisand make sure drivers work18:44
bekksKanchelsis: Why do you think "something is wrong with the way it is mounted and the partition is buggy"?18:44
Kanchelsisand that when I load from grub it does not ask about mounting18:45
bekksKanchelsis: grub shouldnt ask about mounting :)18:45
KanchelsisIt asks if I want to mount everytime I boot18:45
Kanchelsisand let ubuntu boot18:45
josePHPagodabekks: yeah, it's just a pain to do it.  i've already migrated the two other vms off of this host using clonezilla, would have been nice to finish it up18:45
bekksKanchelsis: It should not ask :)18:45
josePHPagodahacker-of-honor: please do not flood18:45
KanchelsisLemme see if I can find what I am talking about18:46
mateusz_how can i disable notification like someone join or quit18:47
KanchelsisI can't quit find it but I think when I boot it, it is asking if it can mount my primary hard drive18:47
Kanchelsisthat has windows on it18:47
Kanchelsisand I want it to stop asking18:47
Uptimemateusz_: depends on client.18:47
Kanchelsisbut the more important issue is the drivers failed18:48
Kanchelsisand I have no idea why18:48
Kanchelsislike one boot it was fine18:48
mateusz_Uptime: I'm using hexchat and can't find this option18:48
josePHPagodabekks: i'm just going to pluck out the vmdk and mount it directly18:48
Uptimemateusz_: For global (all channels): settings > preferences > Chatting > general > hide join and part/nick change messages. For a per channel basis, right click the channel name on the left-hand side > settings > hide join/part messages18:48
Kanchelsisand the next, none of the drivers were working18:48
josePHPagodaonce that's working i'll convert it to qcow2 like the rest of my machines18:48
KanchelsisMaybe I am wrong18:49
Kanchelsisnot that experienced18:49
Kanchelsisjust know it is not working and the mounting message happened at the same time18:49
KCmetroI recently returned to ubuntu after not using it for a while, now it has unity and other stuff.18:50
KCmetroHow do I disable Unity (without removing it) and replace it with Fluxbox?18:50
KanchelsisCould someone tell me if I can overwrite the secondary partition that contains ubuntu on my secondary hard drive with a clean install without messing up my windows programs on the primary partition of the secondary hard drive?18:52
KanchelsisOr do I have to wipe the secondary drive completely?18:52
btorchwhat is the difference between the %post on a ks.cfg and the late_command on the ubuntu.preseed ?18:53
derek01annnnd Im back.18:55
KanchelsisCan someone please help?18:55
derek01So not sure whos around, but I had been having a problem with Gnome, and Nautilus crashing.18:55
derek01Whenver you drag and drop a file, it crashes nautilus18:56
derek01Most prople suggestions was that I nerfd the install, Im on a fresh 15.04 install, and it still occurs.18:56
ioriamaybe compiz settings18:57
KCmetrocompiz is why i want to get rid of unity18:58
KCmetroreplace it with my personal fav. win.mgr. fluxbox18:58
KCmetrousing an older computer, which really does not like compiz18:58
ioriaKCmetro, you can install another De and select it from the login screen18:59
gambl0recan anyone help me install imagemagic?18:59
KCmetrohmm, strange, i tried that didn't work18:59
KCmetroat least w/ the WM18:59
ptlsajanhello guys18:59
ptlsajani m new to unbuntu mate18:59
ioriaKCmetro, don't know much about vm18:59
ptlsajanand i have some question , can anyone help me?18:59
KCmetrowell i am running VMs but not as the core system19:00
ioriaKCmetro, what command did you use to install fluxbox ?19:00
KCmetrowm, window manager (fluxbox), is my personal preference over all the desktop environments, it lets me set things up how i like them19:00
KCmetroat least, it does so in a more open format, even if the otehrs do they also have their own general styles that I don't really care for19:01
gambl0rehow would i go abouts installing imagemagick using ubuntu19:01
KCmetrooh i can't remember, it was the other day, probably just sudo apt-get install fluxbox (nothing else) and i haven't config'd anything w/ it yet19:01
gambl0reinstalling using npm didnt work19:01
KCmetroi think i might have to19:01
KCmetroit's been ages since i've used it19:01
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ioriaKCmetro, did you select it from the little ubuntu-logo above the passwd box ?19:04
KCmetrooh i think i just used command line19:05
KCmetrobut yes, i used password19:05
KCmetroas per sudo request19:05
=== _Anonaly is now known as _flipsider
ioriaKCmetro, at the login screen, you can select a session (lxde, default, ot others) ... if you don't select it it falls back to default19:06
KCmetroah, yes, i don't have those options at login screen.19:06
KCmetroi have a fresh install of the most recent ubuntu (15.04?)19:07
ioriaKCmetro, Unity then.... yes you have that option :-)19:07
KCmetroi don't see it then, maybe it needs enabled19:07
ioriaKCmetro, you have to press the little ubuntu-logo19:08
KCmetrooh reeeeally19:08
KCmetrointeresting, okay next time i'm on that computer i'll try that19:08
KCmetrono wait19:08
KCmetroit doesn't give me one19:08
KCmetro2 screens19:08
KCmetro1 has logo19:08
KCmetroother has login prompt19:08
KCmetrowhenever i mouse over between screens, it swaps them19:08
KCmetroso can never really put the mouse on the logo19:08
ioriaKCmetro, try it19:09
KCmetroi'll have to check again next time i'm on it, maybe there's another one in the corner or something19:09
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ioriaKCmetro, you press it and you get the options for different sessions19:09
KCmetroi understand what you're saying. i'm saying the logo is not on the same screen as the mouse.19:10
gambl0rehow do i check if imagemagick is currently installed on my system?19:10
k1l_KCmetro: the logo is just a wallpaper. the on ewith the login prompt is meant19:11
drkjstrgambl0re: which imagemagick19:11
k1l_KCmetro: there should be a small logo at the looginprompt19:11
ropotwhats say19:11
KCmetrook i'll try that19:11
gambl0rewhich imagemagick didnt return anything19:11
k1l_ropot: stop that19:11
ropotiam ropot19:11
k1l_!irc | ropot19:11
ubotturopot: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines19:11
gambl0rei ran sudo apt-get imagemagick19:12
ropoti live in water19:12
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gambl0reand it seemed to install without any errors19:12
drkjstrtry: sudo apt list imagemagick19:12
drkjstrThen now you have it.19:12
derek01k1l_: Thank you lol19:12
derek01so anyone got any ideas on nautilus19:12
derek01still crashing on moving any files even a pixel19:13
gambl0rewhich imagemagick still doesnt retunr anything19:13
gambl0rebut it says "sudo apt list imagemagick"19:13
gambl0reit says "imagemagick/trusty,now 8: amd64 [installed]"19:13
bekksgambl0re: because thats not the name of a specific application, but the name of a package.19:13
gambl0rehow do i find the name of the specific application?19:14
gambl0reall i know is the app name is called image magick19:14
gambl0rei dont know the "official" app name19:14
bekksgambl0re: there is no such app, thats thename of a package.19:14
k1l_gambl0re: what is the issue?19:14
k1l_gambl0re: do you want to start it?19:14
gambl0reno, i just want to know if its installed on my system19:15
gambl0rei tried like 2-3 different installation methods...19:15
k1l_gambl0re: "apt-cache policy imagemagick"19:15
gambl0reinsatlling programs on linux is always a pain in the ass19:15
gambl0refor me anyways19:15
bekksgambl0re: Because you are micing up package names and application names?19:15
k1l_gambl0re: focus on the facts and not the rants about you dont having a clue19:15
akikgambl0re: dpkg -s imagemagick19:16
gambl0re  Installed: 8:
gambl0re  Candidate: 8:
gambl0re  Version table:19:16
gambl0re *** 8: 019:16
gambl0re        500 http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/main amd64 Packages19:16
gambl0re        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status19:16
k1l_gambl0re: ok so its installed.19:16
k1l_gambl0re: what now?19:16
CenalNot sure if this is of interest here: http://www.joinjune.com19:16
k1l_!ot | Cenal19:16
ubottuCenal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:16
gambl0rewhy does 'which imagemagick' return nothing19:17
k1l_gambl0re: stop!19:17
k1l_gambl0re: do you know what imagemagick is?19:17
bekksgambl0re: because thats not an application, but a package. Telling you that for the third time now.19:17
k1l_gambl0re: please read http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php before making any more rants19:17
gambl0reim ranting?19:18
gambl0reim asking a question19:18
bekksgambl0re: You are.19:18
Flannelgambl0re: because "imagemagick" isn't the name of an executable.  Imagemagick is a suite of libraries.19:18
gambl0rehow am i ranting?19:18
Flannelgambl0re: More importantly, what are you ultimately trying to accomplish?19:18
bekksgambl0re: And you are not listening to what people tell you.19:18
gambl0renot listening is not the same as ranting...but anyways19:18
k1l_yes. you are just ranting because you dont know why you dont find "the program" which is not a single program at all19:18
bekksgambl0re: thata why I said "and".19:18
gambl0reim obviously a beginner at this, thast why i  seemed confused19:18
Flannelgambl0re: What are you trying to accomplish?  (What is your ultimate end goal? modifying an image? what?)19:19
gambl0reexactly which line was i ranting?19:19
gambl0redo you know what ranting means?19:19
gambl0rebut anyways...i dont want to get into an argument19:19
k1l_gambl0re: just stop it!19:19
Flannelgambl0re: What are you trying to accomplish?  (What is your ultimate end goal? modifying an image? what?)19:20
gambl0rei am stopping but i dont like when people accuse me of doing things which im not...19:20
derek01This is my latest dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/12286825/ , Last lines show a bunch of errors, all which happen when I drag and drop certain items, nautilus from files,folders. and gnome-terminal when I tried to move my terminal to a different X screen.19:20
bekksFlannel: I dont think he is interested in an actual solution anymore.19:20
gambl0remy question has been already answered....thanks19:21
YamakasYhi guys!19:21
YamakasYis it in any way possible to do some rdp or so to a Ubuntu box ?19:21
YamakasYso no terminal19:21
gambl0rebut like i said...where was i ranting? so i understand..19:21
Flannelgambl0re: Don't worry about it.19:22
bekksgambl0re: Just stop it.19:22
ioriaEXT4-fs (sde2): unable to read superblock     doesn't sound good19:22
derek01ioria: Thats a failing drive I think19:22
bekksderek01: What, where?19:23
sehnsuchtI'm trying to use F1 in vim-gnome on Unbuntu 14.04.2 but it pulls up help. So I google and people say to use dconf to set something harmless to f1, such as raise. I do this, and it stops help from appearing when I press f1 in vim but I still can't remap f1 to anything19:23
derek01bekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12286825/19:23
k1l_gambl0re: just to answer you that question i bring you just one random line of your rantings: gambl0re> insatlling programs on linux is always a pain in the ass  . to stop that senseless rantings i muted you now anyway.19:23
Flannelk1l_: Drop it.19:23
bekksderek01: Yeah, and what exactly in that paste?19:23
derek01line 901.92063819:23
derek01bekks: ^^19:23
bekksderek01: Thats a line indicating that a superblock couldnt be read - no you have to investigate why.19:24
derek01bekks: I would assume hardware failure, wouldnt you?19:24
bekksderek01: I wouldnt, at first glance. Thats why you have to investigate it.19:25
derek01bekks: Im not entirely sure though19:25
derek01bekks: I guess I could boot spinrite :\ takes so long though lol19:25
bekksderek01: you dont need to boot spinrite at all.19:25
bekksderek01: Just try manual mounting of the filesystem in question.19:25
derek01bekks: Well its my system im talkign to you on atm19:26
bekksderek01: And?19:26
derek01bekks: its mounted already19:26
Harold_Greenehi guys19:26
bekksderek01: Which doent match with your dmesg then.19:26
derek01bekks: hmm let me take a look I thought sde was my main drive.19:27
logicalhi guys, is t here a way to make the side panel be intelligent, like it is not hiding until i open a full screen program or something19:27
Harold_Greeneguys I am new to this IRC chat. I dont know if you even get my msges. Please Answer19:28
logicalyes we get, welcome :)19:28
Harold_Greeneoh. thank god19:28
mateusz_Harold_Greene: yes, we got your message19:28
linuxnewbie22I typed this into terminal: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove wine1.6-i386   and it said the following packages will be removed: fonts-horai-umefont* fonts-unfonts-core* fonts-wqy-microhei* gnome-exe-thumbnailer* icoutils* libcapi20-3* libodbc1* libosmesa6*19:28
linuxnewbie22  ocl-icd-libopencl1* odbcinst* odbcinst1debian2* ttf-wqy-microhei* unixodbc*19:28
linuxnewbie22  wine1.6-i386*   Is it a bad idea to remove this stuff?19:28
derek01bekks: hmm that would be the boot partition I believe19:28
bekksderek01: How about ensuring it?19:29
k1l_linuxnewbie22: looks like the stuff it did install: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/wine1.6 with the wine package19:29
linuxnewbie22k1l_: Okay, thanks. I'm going to uninstall it.19:30
derek01bekks: doesnt seem to let me mount it19:31
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bekksderek01: So check dmesg again, to investigate why.19:32
logicalhi guys, is t here a way to make the side panel be intelligent, like it is not hiding until i open a full screen program or something19:32
derek01bekks:  same, unable to read superblock19:32
derek01bekks: http://dpaste.com/1PHCWAJ <--thats my fdisk19:33
bekksderek01: So pastebin "sudo blkid -g; sudo blkid;" please.19:33
derek01bekks: http://dpaste.com/3ZJF84Y <-- command you requested19:34
=== skeasor_ is now known as skeasor
bekksderek01: And how did you try to mount what exactly, manually?19:34
derek01bekks: sudo mount /dev/sde /boot19:34
bekksderek01: Which will not work.19:34
derek01bekks: that would be why then ahaha19:35
bekksderek01: sde is not a valid filesystem, sde1 is.19:35
linuxnewbie22If I removed a package, such as wine from the synaptic package manager and realized I wanted to fully delete it... I now can't do sudo apt-get --purge autoremove wine. So what should I do to fully remove it? It just says that I don't have it installed when I run that command.19:35
Seveaslinuxnewbie22: sudo dpkg -P wine19:35
TJ-linuxnewbie22: "sudo dpkg --purge wine"19:35
Seveaslinuxnewbie22: to find all package that have been removed but not purged: dpkg -l | grep ^rc19:35
Seveasand to remove them all: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' | xargs sudo echo dpkg -P19:36
Seveas(remove the echo after confirming it works)19:37
derek01bekks: but sde1 is already mounted19:37
bekksderek01: Then why are you trying to mount sde?19:37
ffoxxIn firefox, in the youtube html5 player, media source extensions, mse & h.264, and mse & webm vp9 are disabled. how do i enable them?19:37
derek01bekks: you wanted me to double check to see if it was the boot partition19:37
derek01bekks: Am I being stupid and missed something lol19:37
dirtyomlet_sup everyone19:38
ffoxxi'm using ubuntu 14.04.19:38
bekksderek01: I want to know why you are trying to mount sde, while sde1 is an already mounted filesystem.19:38
linuxnewbie22Tj-, Seveas: It says "warning: ignoring request to remove wine which isn't installed" I ran the command sudo apt-get --purge autoremove wine1.6-i386   earlier which became a broken package.19:38
derek01bekks: Shoot, im sorry I left out a 2, i was mounting /dev/sde219:38
bekksderek01: sde2 isnt a partition containing a valid filesystem.19:39
TJ-linuxnewbie22: what do you mean by 'fully delete it' - if it has been uninstalled it has gone19:40
ffoxxanyone know how I can enable em?19:40
Seveasderek01: sde2 is an extended partition, which doesn't contain a filesystem but more partitions (in your case sde5)19:40
Seveasderek01: sde5 is a swapspace though, not another partition.19:41
bekksSeveas: It is a partition, used as swap space.19:41
bekksIt isnt a mountable filesystem, though.19:42
Seveaserr, I meant filesystem  in that sentence :)19:42
linuxnewbie22Tj-: Last time that I installed a bunch of desktop environments to test them on Ubuntu, and then uninstalled them later, it messed up my system to the point where I had to re-install it. I believe that not everything for those desktop environments was erased from my system.19:42
SeveasTJ-: 'apt get remove' will leave configfiles in place. 'apt get remove --purge', or 'dpkg -P' will remove even those.19:42
derek01bekks: Seveas: it doesnt really matter I suppose, Unless it could be causing the nautilus bug im experiencing19:42
TJ-linuxnewbie22: It will only 'mess up' if you try to 2nd-guess the package manager by removing packages it wouldn't remove itself19:42
bekksderek01: It has absolutely nothing to do with it.19:43
Seveaslinuxnewbie22: unlikely. Those settings are stored in your homedir, which even an apt-get --purge will not touch.19:43
derek01bekks: I didnt think so hahaa, thanks for the info though19:43
linuxnewbie22Seveas: When I booted up it showed the Kubuntu logo, when I got to the login-manager it was the one lubuntu uses, when I was logging in it showed the xfce logo, and when I was logged in it used unity. Despite me uninstalling kubuntu and xfce, although I did keep lxde.19:45
Seveaslinuxnewbie22: that does sound messed up. Nothing that's not fixable, but I understand the frustration.19:46
TJ-linuxnewbie22: That's the various session-managers and supporting packages :) The easiest way to overcome that is to "sudo apt-get --reinstall --install-recommends install <preferred-DE>"19:47
linuxnewbie22Seveas: So what I wanted to learn the second time around, was how to fully delete things so they didn't linger on my system. However, I got some info online that it's more stable to not mess with other desktop environments.19:47
neldogz I was having some general problems and re-installed my OS. When I opened gnome files I noticed that my raid 1 array I had previously setup was ready to go. Is there anything else that needs to be done to the array or can i simply continue using it nornally?19:47
maxflaxneldogz: Should just be to continue as normally19:50
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linuxnewbie22Thanks for the help Tj- and Seveas19:50
=== Guest4151 is now known as christos
neldogzmaxflax, thanks! i noticed it was present and mounted fine. I could read and write to it and the --detail command shows everything to be ok19:51
neldogzmaxflax, i was pretty surprised19:51
maxflaxneldogz: It might have been a problem if you'd switched OS but then you'd noticed it by it not working.19:52
neldogzmaxflax, yes I did switch OS, but seems to be working...19:53
mathewhello! can someone help me? I try to burn a iso image on dvd using brasero but it says no cd available..19:55
wskywhich kernel 15.10 does include?19:55
k1l_!info linux-image-generic wiley19:56
ubottu'wiley' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed19:56
k1l_!info linux-image-generic wily19:56
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB19:56
TJ-wsky: 4.219:56
linuxnewbie22mathew:  I don't know about brasero, however I'll mention that you can try using Unetbootin or Startup Disk Creator as well.19:56
mathewI also tried with xfburn. I also tried wodim and cdrecord via console.19:58
mathewlinuxnewbie22, It seems that xubuntu cant see. because if i typ eject it says eject: kann Gerät `cdrom' nicht finden/öffnen. its german it means it cant find cdrom20:00
wskywill mir be default in 15.10?20:01
k1l_wsky: MIR will not be default in 16.04 either20:03
linuxnewbie22mathew: Type lsblk in terminal.20:04
wskyi hope 15.10 will not include issues with my thinkpad x201 wifi20:05
pid1What do I need to set so that bash sources ~/.bash_profile on login?20:05
wskypossibly kernel 4.2 and new firmware fixes it20:05
wskyi'm just downloading 15.10 beta20:05
wskygonna check that out20:05
linuxnewbie22mathew: lsblk lists block devices. It show's what's hooked up to your computer.20:06
linuxnewbie22mathew: When I run lsblk, it will show me where my usb is mounted, however I have not tried it with a cd in.20:07
wskyis today's 15.10 image fully functional?20:09
pid1Never mind, ~/.profile is sourced on graphical login.20:10
k1l_wsky: #ubuntu+1 for 15.10 until its released20:10
linuxnewbie22mathew: Your cdrom is probably under /proc/sys/dev/cdrom20:11
TBotNikAll: Have a pull from a DB where datatype is declared string but sometimes the value is numeric.  Pushing this to an array and want to eliminate any numeric values.  Function "is_numeric" is not doing it.  What makes this work?20:12
linuxnewbie22When I ran: ls /proc/sys/dev/cdrom   it says: autoclose  autoeject  check_media  debug  info  lock   - What can I do with this information?20:13
bekkslinuxnewbie22: basically nothing :)20:13
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: cdrom is gonna be /dev/sr020:13
linuxnewbie22LambdaComplex: Can you use the terminal to make hardware do something? Like opening the tray where you place cd's?20:17
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: `eject -t` should toggle the cd rom20:17
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: Pardon, -T20:18
linuxnewbie22It worked!!!20:18
LambdaComplexI think all of that stuff under /proc/sys/dev/cdrom is system stuff. For mounting a cd-rom you'd use the /dev/sr0 file20:19
LambdaComplexE.g. `sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cdrom`20:19
linuxnewbie22LambdaComplex: Thanks for the info! I was trying to help mathew with it, but he left. Although, I can still learn something from it.20:20
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: No problem!20:21
linuxnewbie22LambdaComplex: I just did eject -T again, and it closed! Haha, that's awesome.20:22
logicalhey ppl is there a way to se the behavior of the launcher to INTELLIGENT so it hides when a window is full screen20:22
=== neyder_ is now known as neyder
EriC^^logical: maybe you can check if compiz can let you run a command when you maximize a window, and use gsettings to hide the launcher20:24
logicalEric is there rly no easy way XD, i am noob with linux20:25
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: And of course `man eject` will tell you all the options it supports20:26
LambdaComplexlogical: Well, off the top of my head, XFCE will let you do that. No idea about Unity though20:27
EriC^^logical: which window for example? firefox?20:29
EriC^^logical: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/519589/hide-the-unity-launcher-when-an-application-is-maximized20:31
burk_20Hi all, how can I make that the root uses the python 2.7 instead python 3? I have both version of python in ubuntu but currently the root uses python 3 :-(20:36
TJ-burk_20: the 'default' is set by the 'update-alternatives' by setting the symlink in /usr/bin/python20:36
ki7rwi am not able to uninstall dnscrypt-proxy because i can't stop the running process - what should i do?20:44
ztanehmm I just overwrote my MBR, a running system, is there any shortcut to recover the MBR without say gpart20:44
mtnztane, http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd20:45
parapanHi folks, is it possible to run Ubuntu from within Windows 7 ? from an external HDD or USB drive ?20:46
ztanemy system wouldn't be running anymore20:46
ztaneI overwrote my partition table too :D20:46
k1l_parapan: "within"?20:46
bekksparapan: Create a virtual machine, then run it.20:46
jattparapan: nope, you need a vm20:46
mtnztane, oh, you are still in ubuntu? just run the grub-install p0art20:46
k1l_parapan: you can use virtualization like virtualbox or others, but that is always slower than a native install20:47
linuxnewbie22If I run the command: rm -rf /media/owner/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051   (openSUSE is my flashdrive) Will it erase everything on my flashdrive, and only on my flashdrive?20:47
parapanso still no solution . .. . I cannot use virtualization; company laptop without Admin rights and unable to install VirtualBox or similar20:48
bekkslinuxnewbie22: It will recursively delete the given directory, whatever is mounted in there.20:48
gregtom6hy all20:48
gregtom6I want to reprogram the C key to something else20:48
parapanI cannot even boot from USB . .20:48
linuxnewbie22bekks: Okay, I hope this works.20:48
gregtom6where can I find this? I think in xkb, but where?20:48
k1l_parapan: talk to the admin20:48
ztanemtn: that wouldn't recover my partition table20:48
jattparapan: windows has hyper v you can run virtual machines with it without virtualbox, ask your admin20:49
parapank1l_: no chance . . corporate rulles, bullshit and stuff :D20:49
mtnztane, you keep adding things to the original question :(  you aren't going to be able to rewrite the partition table of a running os20:49
allizomparapan: can you boot from optical drive?20:49
parapanjatt: pls tell me more :D20:49
parapanallizom: nope, unable to change the boot order or to access boot- it is passwrd protected20:50
mtnztane, hope you have backups20:50
ztanemtn: I am, the info is in /sys/block/sda20:50
ztaneoh well20:50
bekksztane: /sys/block/sda contains a current state only, no backups.20:51
TJ-ztane: what type of partition table was it (MBR, GPT) ?20:51
ztanebekks: I have a running system20:51
bekksztane: Do you have backups?20:51
ztaneTJ-: cant remember :P20:51
ztanebekks: obviously not, wasn't going to overwrite the first block of sda :D20:51
parapanjatt: it has to be installed first ..the hyper v ...20:52
linuxnewbie22So, I just ran the command: sudo rm -rf /media/owner/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051   It's saying cannot remove (filename): Operation not permitted. How do I delete the things that aren't permitted.20:52
jattparapan: is available in windows 820:52
Bashing-omztane: There are back up partition tables . what returns ' sudo dumpe2fs /dev/sda1 | grep superblock ' Where "sda1" replace with the current '/' partition designation .20:52
TJ-ztane: If it is GPT over-writing sector 0 doesn't matter20:52
jattparapan: but not for windows 720:52
ztanethis is the tenth time in my life I do this, but this is the first time on a running system so20:52
ztaneI believe it wasnt GPT though...20:52
TJ-ztane: if it is MBR, or a hybrid-protective MBR that can be recreaed by tools such as gdisk20:52
parapanjatt: got it ..I am stucked with W7; no upgrade on my laptop - maybe the next one in 2 years :D20:53
linuxnewbie22Is there a command more powerful than sudo -rm -rf that will delete anything, even if it isn't permitted?20:53
bekkslinuxnewbie22: If it isnt permitted, you cannot delete it.20:53
linuxnewbie22bekks: These are files on my flashdrive, there must be a way to delete them.20:54
TJ-ztane: If it is pure MBR, you can recreate it from /proc/partitions or /sys/block/20:54
bekkslinuxnewbie22: Gain the permissions, delete them.20:54
EriC^^linuxnewbie22: what does the error say?20:54
linuxnewbie22EriC^^: Here's one error: rm: cannot remove ‘/media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051/home’: Operation not permitted20:55
EriC^^is this a cdrom?20:55
EriC^^type mount | grep /media20:56
linuxnewbie22EriC^^: It's a USB flashdrive.20:56
linuxnewbie22EriC^^: That command's output was : /dev/sdf6 on /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051 type btrfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,space_cache,uhelper=udisks2)20:56
ztaneah gdisk -l says no gpt so must be mbr20:57
ztaneTJ-: yeah, I'd been wondering if there is any tool :P20:57
ztaneto make sure I do not fsck up things20:58
linuxnewbie22bekks: How do I go about gaining the permissions?20:58
bekkslinuxnewbie22: sudo chmod e.g.20:59
=== trabbit_ is now known as trabbit
ztaneah I'm doing with gpart, going to be slow tho20:59
TJ-ztane: testdisk21:00
ztaneif any of these tools actually cared to check if the /sys/block things made sense :d21:01
TJ-ztane you already have the sizes and starting sectors21:01
TJ-ztane: The tools are designed for forensics recovery of offline images, rather than saving a live system21:02
TJ-ztane e.g. "grep sda /proc/partitions" will get you the starting offsets. You can calulate sizes from those numbers too.21:03
Tyrealgood morning all21:03
linuxnewbie22bekks: All of the files say that no user group may change the content, however it won't let me change that. Is there a way for me to make anyone be able to change them?21:03
bekkslinuxnewbie22: sudo chown / sudo chmod21:04
burk_20TJ-, thanks :-)21:04
linuxnewbie22bekks: I think chmod changes who many modify the file.21:06
bekkslinuxnewbie22: Yes.21:06
bekkslinuxnewbie22: and chown changes ownership, so you could take over the ownership and delete the file.21:07
gregtom6I have tried keyboardtester.com and letter "c" is recognised under ubuntu (just clicked, because some kind of error the keyboard original layout was gone), but in windows the website doesn't recognise the "c"21:07
bekksgregtom6: How are we supposed to know how and why windows behaves as it does?21:08
gregtom6bekks: are you a bit nervous about something? please rest then and stop this style21:09
gregtom6bekks: if you can't behave normally then please do not answer21:09
bekksgregtom6: I am sorry that you take our lack of knowledge of windows as offense.21:09
gregtom6bekks: just the "how are we supposed to know" part21:11
linuxnewbie22bekks: I just changed the permissions from noone to only owner. What could I use to change it to anyone?21:11
gregtom6bekks: I don't think everybody uses linux in here for work and doesn't touch windows21:11
bekksgregtom6: Which doesnt make this a windows support channel - thats what ##windows is for.21:12
bekkslinuxnewbie22: chmod21:12
auronandacegregtom6: you're asking why something doesn't work while on windows, this channel is for ubuntu support21:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:12
gregtom6bekks: in ##windows people may answer to me for example "how are we supposed to know about linux"21:12
k1l_gregtom6: please ask in ##windows for issues with windows. we cant solve that in here. thanks21:13
linuxnewbie22bekks: I used the command: chmod o+w /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:13
bekkslinuxnewbie22: Which will not grant you permissions to delete the file.21:13
bekkslinuxnewbie22: sudo chown ...21:13
linuxnewbie22Bekks: Is this a good idea? sudo chown root /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:15
bekkslinuxnewbie22: That will not solve your problem with deleting /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051/home21:16
linuxnewbie22bekks: How about this: chown owner-user:owner-group /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:18
bekkslinuxnewbie22: No.21:18
minitruegregtom6: whats your problem? i have a dualboot system.21:18
linuxnewbie22bekks: I'll figure it out, haha.21:18
bekkslinuxnewbie22: That will not change permissions on /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_640051/home21:18
linuxnewbie22bekks: There's no /home part at the end.21:19
bekkslinuxnewbie22: Thats what you wrote regarding your error message.21:19
ztaneTJ-: I wish, but somehow fdisk now keeps adjusting the partitions strangely21:19
ztaneallocates more sectors etc...21:20
linuxnewbie22bekks: Oh, I was going to change the write permission for the entire directory. All the files aren't writable21:20
gregtom6minitrue: the problem was certain keys didn't work neither on windows nor on ubuntu. I tried to fix that on windows, but can't (with asus atk control app)21:20
gregtom6or something similar it's name21:20
bekkslinuxnewbie22: Then change them recursively.21:20
Kamuelahow do I decompress a .zip from the command line?21:20
bekksKamuela: unzip ...? :)21:20
minitruegregtom6: gpg keys?21:21
Kamuelabekks: genius21:21
gregtom6minitrue: finally I recognised that it's with the Fn key I think, what is stucked, but not physically21:21
minitrueahhh keyboard keys21:21
linuxnewbie22bekks: Something like this: Sudo chown owner-user:owner-group /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:22
bekkslinuxnewbie22: No...21:22
gregtom6minitrue: all in all the normal letter keyboard keys and ctrl, shift, etc. is working (I think F keys are not, but that's not problem)21:22
linuxnewbie22bekks: I mean, sudo chwon -R chown owner-user:owner-group /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:22
ztaneI guess I just need to create with last sector instead21:22
bekkslinuxnewbie22: that looks better :)21:22
gregtom6minitrue: so every key almost works, except the c, if I activate num lock21:22
bekkslinuxnewbie22: But isnt correct, still :)21:22
bekkslinuxnewbie22: sudo chown -R ...21:23
linuxnewbie22bekks: sudo chown -R owner-user:owner-group /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:23
gregtom6minitrue: except the c. The ubuntu recognised the c button pressing, so I was able to program the c letter to that keycode21:23
gregtom6minitrue: windows doesn't recognise the c button itself21:23
gregtom6minitrue: so I just programmed that to right control21:23
linuxnewbie22bekks: I don't know what the owner-user:owner-group part will do, though.21:23
bekkslinuxnewbie22: you need to change ownership to a user you have access to. e.g. your user, your group.21:24
minitruegregtom6: you can use xev to test if they key works or not21:24
ztaneoh welllllll21:25
linuxnewbie22bekks: I'll try sudo chown -R owner-ross:owner-ross /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:25
bekkslinuxnewbie22: No.21:25
bekkslinuxnewbie22: not owner-ross, but ross.21:25
gregtom6minitrue: it worked after reprogramming the letter to that keycode21:25
gregtom6minitrue: but windows doesn't recognise the key itself21:25
linuxnewbie22bekks: I'll try sudo chwoner -R ross:ross /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:26
gregtom6minitrue: ubuntu wrote something about the key but I don't remember21:26
gregtom6minitrue: something was false in there21:26
gregtom6minitrue: maybe there were no programmed letter or function for that keycode, I don't know21:26
linuxnewbie22bekks: sudo chown -R ross:ross /media/ross/openSUSE-13.2-DVD-x86_64005121:26
minitruegregtom6: but the key works?21:26
minitruesorry but i dont understand the prblem21:26
santosxenguys! how to change the shortcut for switching the language to shift + alt? That doesnt work for me21:28
gregtom6minitrue: Fn seems to be stucked somehow in the notebook, because even if I reinstall the whole computer it doesn't work...num lock activates without fn and for example k, l and j letters written with activated numlock.21:28
TJ-ztane: Solved it yet?21:28
minitruegregtom6: ok run xev in a shell21:28
gregtom6minitrue: if I disable numlock, the letters will be pagedown, home and up arrow21:28
gregtom6minitrue: I ran that previously21:28
ztaneTJ-: no21:29
minitrueif fn is pressed when you click for example j you will see kp_end or something like that21:29
TJ-ztane: what are you stuck with?21:29
minitruetry pressing j and see whats there21:29
minitruethen try pressing fn + j21:29
gregtom6minitrue: well, every important keys are working with activated numlock, only the c letter didn't work, but I reprogrammed that with xsomething21:29
ztanewhen I create the extended partition, the first available sector within it is greater than which it was originally!21:30
minitruegregtom6: first lets see if fn works21:30
gregtom6minitrue: the user who will use that notebook is my mother and she won't use fn keys and function keys21:31
TJ-ztane: Change the disk alignment value in the fdisk expert settings I think it is21:32
minitruegregtom6: what are you trying to achieve?21:32
gregtom6minitrue: nothing for now. As I said, the important keys are working for my mother21:33
gregtom6minitrue: she prefer to use windows, I think I will only use the ubuntu on that, but windows doesn't recognise if I pressed the letter c or not21:34
gregtom6minitrue: but I could reprogram that to other key (right control)21:34
ztaneTJ-: couldnt find it there either :D this is sucky, the disks were created by ubuntu installation partition resizing21:34
ztane*i mean you can edit C/H/S there but I guess the installer did this with no regard to any C/H/S21:35
TJ-ztane: CHS aren't use; it used LBA21:35
TJ-ztane: but the disk alignment is usually infered from the geometry/size, and defaults to 2048 sector boundaries21:36
linuxnewbie22So after deleting everything on my flashdrive I have a new problem: Ubuntu isn't recognizing it after I plug it in.21:36
minitruegregtom6: ok, so if you press c21:37
minitruewhile on xev21:37
minitruewhat happens?21:37
gregtom6minitrue: as I said, I could reprogram that on ubuntu, so now it works, writes 'c' character in a text editor21:37
ztaneI need to use the "last sector" way of entering stuff...21:37
gregtom6minitrue: previously it didn't work21:37
gregtom6minitrue: some other function keys didn't work correctly, but that's not a problem, since my mother won't use them21:38
linuxnewbie22So my flashdrive disk is sdf and the part is sdf1, but somehow I need to find a way to reformat it.21:39
gregtom6minitrue: is my english is bad?21:39
linuxnewbie22Including the undeletable content that's still on it.21:39
TJ-ztane sfdisk allows reading a text 'script' file that describes the partitions, you could write that and import it21:40
k1l_minitrue: he will not solve that ubuntu issue and we cant support windows in here. so its done.21:40
minitruegregtom6: no, but i want to know if the c works or not21:40
TJ-ztane: if you can 'pastebinit /proc/partitions' I can format it for you21:40
gregtom6minitrue: YES, it works :D21:40
ztaneTJ-: and now you say, I think I got it right now :D21:40
TJ-ztane: triple-check :)21:41
minitruegregtom6: ok if the c works in ubuntu, the c works in the computer, you probably want to ask some guys in #windows or other place like that  how to trouble shoot that21:41
minitruemaybe is the keyboard layout, or something like that :P21:42
minitruebut here is probably not the best place21:42
ztanethe last partition got automatically the correct size so21:42
cliff777 I installed Ubuntu along side windows 8, and I am not unable to boot into the windows boot loader. Are there any fixes for this?21:42
ztanethe extended container isn't at the same position but hardly matters21:42
gregtom6minitrue: I have already said that a few other keys DIDN'T work for now, but that's OKAY21:43
gregtom6minitrue: since my mother WON'T use them21:43
gregtom6minitrue: I mean they don't work in UBUNTU21:43
gregtom6minitrue: but that's OKAY :)21:43
linuxnewbie22What do I do if I type df in terminal and it doesn't show my flashdrive there?21:44
ztane(the sda5-sda7 have correct start sectors and sizes)21:44
mtncliff777, doesn't the linux boot loaded see windows? or is some other problem?21:44
TJ-ztane: as long as it doesn't overlap the previous allocation21:44
cliff777mtn, there is an error, ill try to get a picture of the output21:45
ztaneit doesn't (the fdisk is at least smart enough to detect *that*)21:45
cliff777mtn, it says it cannot load the image21:46
TJ-ztane: You're sure the partition before the Extended container is the correct size? That'd be the worry, if it was smaller than previously21:46
mtncliff777, the windows image? maybe something went wrong with the windows install21:46
cliff777mtn, yes it cannot find the windows image. But windows was installed before ubuntu21:47
ztaneTJ-: no, larger21:47
mtncliff777, run update-grub while in ubuntu, see if it sees windows. then reboot and try again.21:47
cliff777mtn, will do, thank you21:47
cliff777mtn, "Found Windows Boot Manager on /dev/sda2@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi"21:49
mtncliff777, are you sure the windows partition is still there?21:49
S_K_GROWwhos there21:49
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cliff777mtn, I am not, is there a way I can check?21:50
jason__Where's a good place to put a binary that I have to manually 'install' by adding to my path? It doesn't make sense to keep it in my downloads folder. Is there some standard place to put it?21:50
mtncliff777, yes, look at the partitions using the disks tool or gparted21:50
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artisan_picklejason__: /usr/local/bin, /opt/bin, ~/bin usually work.21:53
cliff777mtn, I found the windows partition with the flap: msftdata, so I assume that has windows21:54
mtncliff777, ok, good. did you reboot after running update-grub?21:55
ztane"sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr count=1 bs=512" done now :P21:55
cliff777mtn, rebooting now21:55
cliff777mtn, still no luck21:56
mtncliff777, might want to ask on a windows channel, see if they can help21:56
cliff777mtn, alright, thank you21:57
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mtBakersimple question about sed replace everything after =  in   foo="ubuntu"        sed -i "s|distro=*|foo=\'bar\'|g"22:03
mtBakersimple question about sed replace everything after =  in   foo="ubuntu"        sed -i "s|foo=*|foo=\'bar\'|g"22:03
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user1Is there a way to sleep my computer after right 2 hours from now?22:07
mtBakeruser1, look at cronjobs22:09
user1mtBaker,  is that the only way?22:10
mtBakerno make a timer there is a lot of ways to do that.22:10
user1MrAristo,  how to make a timer?22:10
user1mtBaker,  bash?22:11
user1mtBaker,  nevermind. Thanks!22:11
Bashing-omuser1: Take a look at 'shutdown' command ' : ' man shutdown ' .22:12
user1Bashing-om,  thanks22:13
Bashing-omuser1: I can not advise, however, how it relates to sleep .22:14
user1Bashing-om,  $ shutdown now22:15
user1shutdown: Need to be root22:15
the_trickyhello there, guys22:16
Bashing-omuser1: " sudo shutdown - h 120 " .... May do what you want .22:16
user1Bashing-om,  I am not root22:16
the_trickyi've found a vulnerability on a rather large website22:17
user1Bashing-om,  I just go to GUI K menu and click shutdown. It shuts down. Why I am required to be root if I use cmd?22:17
the_trickybut they have no bug bounty program22:17
the_trickywhat should I do?22:17
the_trickysorry for offtop22:17
the_trickydon't know where to go22:18
Bashing-omuser1: "sudo" is super user do . If you are the original activated user, You may temporarily escalate to "root" priviledges .22:18
user1Bashing-om,  and isnt it shutdown -P rather -H ?22:18
user1<user1> Bashing-om,  $ shutdown now22:18
user1<user1> shutdown: Need to be root22:18
Bashing-omuser1: Read the 'man shutdown" where h=halt m P= Power off .22:19
user1Bashing-om,  just read it. whats the difference in easy terms?22:20
Bashing-omuser1: Halt brings the system down in a more graceful manner. Again, I have not tested the command on a laptop to get it to enter 'sleep' .22:22
spacebug^I'm having trouble shareing a folder with samba and getting write access. Not even root on the other machine can write. Share has "writable = yes"22:51
myZerohey.. how to install modem huaweo22:59
neurotxameada hi back23:04
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ki7rwi've been trying to get this dnscrypt-proxy to run on my system but it doesn't appear to work according to the man page - i get a bunch of error messages when executing sudo dnscrypt-proxy -L /usr/local/share/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv23:29
ki7rwOne error message is [ERROR] Resolver information required. even though i'm trying to get a listing of resolvers - it makes no sense23:30
stubblefieldanyone have any idea how to use htaccess to remove duplicate slug/directories in url ?23:31
stubblefieldlike change foo.com/bar/bar/ to foo.com/bar/23:32
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geniistubblefield: https://mediatemple.net/community/products/dv/204643270/using-htaccess-rewrite-rules23:43
stubblefieldtoo general23:50
mrtAkdenizhey there23:51
mrtAkdenizi want to connect a folder which is on a different partition permanently to my home directory23:51
mrtAkdenizi mean there is a music file on another partition and i need to keep it on there, but i need to mount it on every boot to ~/Music23:51
Yuji1Has Ubuntu stopped being all 'buy from amazon'/ads like M$ is now doing, yet?23:51
mrtAkdenizfstab didn't work ofcourse, because i want to mount a folder, not partition23:52
Yuji1Been a long time since I considered Ubuntu again.23:52
Yuji1Loving LinuxMint but I don't want to have to jump through any hoops to turn off all that 'stuff'.23:52
Yuji1(The stuff about Ubuntu, if I were to migrate)* LM is great. :]23:54

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